CNN AC 360 – Part IV

DM’s personal lawyer has to explain “scripture” because Tommy can’t and DM won’t? In the end, Christie very capably exposed the lawyer-speak flip-flopping C of M has been engaged in for the past few years.

By the way, Jeff has posted some insightful post-show commentary for each segment at

242 responses to “CNN AC 360 – Part IV

  1. I am still in “shock and awe”!!!! I cannot get over how they (the so-called representatives of Scientology), can LIE like that about DISCONNECTION. As we say in Texas, “they are lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut!”
    Whatever last shred of respect I had for the organized “church”, it is now gone. They have shown themselves for the CORRUPT people they are, for all the world to see. If everyone who had experienced disconnection sent in an affidavit with a sworn statement of their experiences, it would probably be a stack ten feet high! Wouldn’t that be something for Anderson Cooper to show on world-wide TV!!

    Here is one of my son’s disconnection letters:


    Dear Mom,

    I heard you want to talk to me. I sent you an email that said I had disconnected you. I don’t know if you got this or not but I wanted to let you that I am hereby disconnecting from you. This does not in any way mean I don’t love you or miss you, I just need to do my bridge. When you are not declared by the church of Sciontology a Suppessive person, feel free to call me. But please don’t call me or my dad. I got your package and the cell phone, but am sending them back. I hope you make it a game to to get it handled so we can talk again, because I want to, but until then I can’t.

    Love Your Son,
    His signature

    P.S. calling my school will not make a path out of your situation.

    The capitalizations and mis-spelling of the word “Scientology” are as they appeared in his hand-written letter. I have attempted to maintain the quality and tone of the original letter.

    So there is no disconnection policy, huh?

    Wow, you could fool me.

    The above letter was sent on 10 August, 2005. I received it by FEDEX on 11 August, 2005. My son was 14 at the time, going to Delphi, only because I wanted him to have the best education on the planet, and had allowed him to be with his father so that he could go to school there. A year ago, he told me he had written that letter not on his own determinism, but was pressured into sending it. He told me this over the phone and apologized, and we both cried. Recently he has disconnected from me again, in a disconnection letter dated November 31, 2009 and referred to this disconnection in an e-mail dated February 12, 2010. “I disconnected from you. That is still the case”. Now if you look on a calendar, that is 48 days ago. So, there is no disconnection policy, huh?

    How about a class-action lawsuit for all the parental rights that have been violated in 50 states, for all the disconnections that have occurred, with that 10 foot high stack of affidavits of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, that have been cut off from loved ones? How about that Monique? Of course, you would love it, because how much money could you charge DM at $600 an hour
    defending a lawsuit like that? You could retire and go to the south of France, or Brazil!! You could join the remaining Nazi’s that separated parents from their children during the Holocaust. Guess what? Scientologists have their own HOLOCAUST, CALLED DISCONNECTION. Would you like to know how many hours I have cried, and how many pillows have been soaked that took days to dry out, over your “There is no disconnection policy?” Well, you are soon going to find out. And Tommy Davis, too. The world is going to know how you have lied. Oh, and DM, why don’t you take all that money you have socked away in those bank accounts in Lichtenstein, and do us all a favor and just go away, and live your jet-set life, and let REAL SCIENTOLOGISTS practice their religion without your enforced perversions of the technology. You give Scientology a bad name with your lies and corruption, and the corruption of all those hard-working Sea Org members who get on international TV and lie for you. By the way, every one of them, except Jeff Hawkins ex-wife, looks PRISON CAMP EMACIATED, on thier diet of rice and beans and slop, while you have your 5-star chefs cook your meals. You might want to think about it, when you treat them like that, IT SHOWS. But SP’s can’t think that far ahead. You just starve them and sleep deprive them for your evil, sadistic purposes, never thinking about: some day when they are on international TV, they are going to look like HOLOCAUST victims.

    My overt is that I didn’t do something about you in 1981 when you bragged about busting Mary Sue Hubbard at the Mission Holder’s Conference at Flag. All I did was sign a petition putting the Sea Org in Confusion. But it’s on, NOW.


    P.S. Look for my website, MOMS AGAINST DISCONNECTION (AND WE’RE MAD ABOUT IT , TOO) where we WILL collect that 10 foot high stack of declarations of disconnection.

    Oh, and by the way, we don’t just get mad, we get even!

    • Lady Minn,

      I am sorry. Truly. Motherhood is a sacred thing.
      What happened to you is completely uncalled for.
      I bet if we were to just do a little investigation, he has made very little “progress” on “his Bridge”.

      There is already a web site out there called

      But I like MomsAgainstDisconection too.

      I kept telling the OSA dudes that the last thing you want to do karmically is piss off a Mom.

      They just don’t learn.

    • Gawd, Lady Minn!

      My heart goes out to you. What an analogy – holocaust/disconnection – very worth considering!!

      And what an appropriate action you embarked upon! I wish it and you the utmost ultimate success.
      ML, Fidelio

    • Lady Minn, Get that domain name secured NOW.
      Don’t let OSA beat you to it. It’s perfect, much like MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).
      I don’t think Jenny Linson or Cathy Fraser would stand a chance against you.
      You’re going to get a lot of support in your efforts from all of us here plus a lot of people who aren’t Scientologists who will nevertheless sympathize deeply with you.
      Go for it!

      • Friend of Ron


        I just secured “” (as in MAD) “… &.info) (as in SAD)

    • Dear Tom, Fidelio, Joe Howard, and Friend of Ron,

      Thank you very much for your support and best wishes. Also, I wish to thank Natalie for her support and comments a day or two ago. I will get in touch with you Natalie. is up and running!!!!!. It is the barest rudiments of a web site, but it is there. There is a lot more to do on this site, but I vowed I would get it up and running TODAY and I did! I am not the most tech-saavy person in the world.

      I have been MAD a long time, but never had the courage until today to do anything about it that might actually change things. I would not wish my experience on anyone, except those who have perpetrated these and other crimes like it, and only so they would know how it feels.

      Friend of Ron, what do you plan to do with those domain names?

      Love to all,
      Lady Minn

  2. See the Colbert Report Here:
    CoS bit starts at 4:25 in

    • Fellow Traveller

      Worth watching. LOL
      The republicans I think in SO uniforms!?
      The republican party and Miscavige beating remark is about 8:48 or so.

  3. I have written an extensive article on the subject of disconnection posted on Scn-cult entitled ‘3D Engram’.

    It details the history of the subject and the final issues including a blatant fraud perpetrated in a bulletin of 16 April 82 More On PTS Handling. This issue was rewritten and altered under David Miscavige as covered in the article.

    This one thing that this SP has brought to bear on well-intentioned beings, this forced disconnection, documented, published in writing and carried out relentlessly and now denied by his ‘spokesman’ is perhaps THE destructive act that will finally come home to him to roost.

    He has cut too many theta lines with this. The power in them is too much. They are raw and flaming and will burn him to a crisp.

  4. I grew up as a mormon, and got onto scn at the SLC org. I have had the opportunity to see both religions, study their beliefs, and to be a part of both communities. I believe that TD brought up in an article or some interview that Mormons believe in excommunication. There are parallels for how you get excommunicated however what happens afterward with family and friend connections is very different.

    In the Mormon church you can get excommunicated for doing really bad things that are not following the faith if you are an active member (they don’t do much with someone who hasn’t been to church in years,etc.). For example if you are actively involved in the day to day faith and you go out and commit adultery. They will first request that you come in to discuss what is going on and will give you a program to follow to get back on the straight path. If after sometime you aren’t doing your program or continue to commit adultery then they will excommunicate you. They take this very serious, and don’t want to excommunicate you unless their is no ethics change. However when you do get excommunicated there is no letter sent around your church, your family is not notified by the church leaders themselves, nothing is broadcast. This is just as much as embarrassment for them as it is for you. They simply wish you luck, and encourage you to change your ways and tell you they will always be there for you. I have known a few family members and friends who have been excommunicated while I was a practicing mormon. Sure it makes for a juicy conversation around the dinner table, but at the end of the day we don’t stop talking to them, we continue to love them just as much as we did before. Yes we feel hurt because they have strayed off the moral path, but family is family. You don’t knock them down even further and kick them to the curb. I remember my mother when I was probably about 8, we had a cousin who started going to the baptist church and stepping out on her husband – you would have thought the world was falling apart. She got excommunicated, and big scandal in the family. However I remember she was always invited to family functions, was still very visible in the family. Yes the family spoke to her about their disagreements and encourage that she get it together but they didn’t stop communicating to her. What eventually happened is she did clean up her act and then came back into the Mormon church. I wonder today if the family “disconnected” from her would she have ever gotten back into the Mormon church.

    Several LRH points that come to mind.

    1. TWTH (the very essence of what it stands is violated with disconnection)

    2. PR series ( you are actually creating an enemy line which creates even more problems)

    3. Affinity, Reality and Communication

    It just does not make sense to the world at large, how families would not talk to each other and ban each other’s communication. (PR outpoint). The world would understand if your son was a molestor and was physically harming other people and wouldn’t stop. But a bond between family members is something that is hard to mess with.

    • Thanks, DR.

      That compassion, and acting according to one’s religious principles (the importance and eternal nature of family) are probably two good reasons the Church of Latter Day Saints has already survived over twice as long as the c of s, and is (legitimately) a global religion.

    • DR, thanks for this very real example from the Mormon church.

      The only congregation I’ve been a part of for any time is the CofS, so I really only know their practices, so seeing a compare/contrast story is really helpful for me.

  5. Veritas, WOW! Goose Bumps!

  6. Latest video from last night is up on my site if you missed it as well as some news on a new Idle Org under going a move and renovations

    Jack Airey will be on the show this Saturday at 5pm PST. We will be taking a look at the production style of the AC 360 show and should be a great followup to this weeks events.


    Here is the logic loop many who are brainwashed will use to discredit the real reasons why you left your group. Most often, they don’t even know they are using it. And if you point it out to them they will NOT like it!

    1. (Good cop tactic) The true believing party acts sad and hurt you are gone and projects hope you will come around and BLAMES YOUR LEAVING ON A TRAGEDY YOU COULDN’T HANDLE. And they will reject your conviction that evidence was your reason for leaving each time you bring it up.

    2. (Bad cop tactic) “The true believing party acts indignant and angry you are gone and projects judgment and BLAMES YOUR LEAVING ON A CHARACTER FLAW, MENTAL ILLNESS OR SPIRITUAL FACTOR. (And they will reject your conviction that evidence was your reason for leaving each time you bring it up.)

    3. (Dirty Cop tactic) If you raise a point that is valid and INSIST on staying on topic, they will invariably change the criteria for “truth,” in any way possible to falsify your claim. Why? So they can promptly return to using #1 and #2. and they will not permit your conviction that evidence was your reason for leaving to stand.

    4. (Lying cop tactic) They “agree” with you as a ploy to get you into a session where you can be rehabilitated. THEN 1, 2, and 3 come beating down.

    And it goes round and round and round…

    If they are a true believer, YOU WILL NOT CONVINCE THEM WITH REASON.

  8. A little off of the post title, I just ran across this on the official church site. This is on the DM bio, proving his status.

    “In 1983, L. Ron Hubbard described a heroic Church executive who cleaned the ranks of rogue staff attempting to seize control of Scientology while Mr. Hubbard was engaged in intensive research and absent from the Church. As Mr. Hubbard himself phrased it:

    “So forgive me for not managing the Church when it almost fell into hostile hands. It all came out all right. Why? Because real Scientologists made sure it did. My faith was justified.”

    That real Scientologist L. Ron Hubbard spoke of was David Miscavige.”


    “Trust and friendship are things forged in fire and pounded out on the anvil of life. We have been through a lot together. I trust you as you trust me.”

    —L. Ron Hubbard to David Miscavige”

    I am not sure where they dug this missing data from, however when LRH died and Dm informed everyone, nothing was mentioned about this data. Why not?

    • Complete BS.

      LRH , IMHO, would NEVER say — I trust you as you trust me.

      He would say simply —- I trust you.

      These are fabrications.


      • George MacDonald:

        “To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.””

      • I am reminded of Snowball (reference: Animal Farm by George Orwell). Dm seems to be using
        that smart little book as his primer. If I remember correctly, things did not end well for Snowball…

    • That just me sick!

    • DM’s name is now all over the front of (more so than LRH!). It’s insane. And I’ve NEVER seen those “LRH-on-DM” quotes before. (Google certainly came up with nothing, either). I don’t like it.

      • martyrathbun09

        Thanks for pointing this out. You want to know how obvious his propaganda efforts are becoming? Read this passage from his site carefully. Note the outpoint.
        “So forgive me for not managing the Church when it almost fell into hostile hands. It all came out all right. Why? Because real Scientologists made sure it did. My faith was justified.”

        That real Scientologist L. Ron Hubbard spoke of was David Miscavige.
        It demonstrates what Miscavige is a master of, invalidating the efforts and products of all others and misappropriating them as his own.
        I think Cat Daddy has really pegged this cat.

    • Wow Lucy!

      They must have Winston Smith working overtime on the RTC site!

      “In 1983, L. Ron Hubbard described a heroic Church executive who cleaned the ranks of rogue staff attempting to seize control of Scientology while Mr. Hubbard was engaged in intensive research and absent from the Church. As Mr. Hubbard himself phrased it:

      “So forgive me for not managing the Church when it almost fell into hostile hands. It all came out all right. Why? Because real Scientologists made sure it did. My faith was justified.”

      That real Scientologist L. Ron Hubbard spoke of was David Miscavige.”

      True the above quote is from Ron but it’s from RJ 38 and in there he doesn’t talk about Miscavige saving the Church nor even suggest that a single individual did.

      In other words it is revisionism.

      More accurately an out right lie!

      The following quote:

      “Trust and friendship are things forged in fire and pounded out on the anvil of life. We have been through a lot together. I trust you as you trust me.”

      Ron’s more likely more likely writing about someone else and Miscavige probably hijacked this quote for his own self serving aggrandizement.

      Miscavige in fact had very little personal contact with the man!

      He worked as a glorified grip in the Photo Shoot Org which later became Gold then as basically a cut out for Pat Broeker!

      The man has no shame!


      Especially when you consider the fact that if such a quote about him actually existed.

      Why didn’t they show it to those of us who were “disaffected” instead of the oblique quote from the letter given to the Riverside County probate judge?


      Because it didn’t exist until he plagiarized it!

      He’s not only into “severe reality adjustments” but “severe reality distortions” as well!

      • martyrathbun09

        RJ, did you notice how in the very next line after the RJ 38 quote, DM turned the plural “real Scientologists” into “Scientologist”. All this quote proves is what many who worked around DM have been saying – he specializes in invalidating and negating the products of OTHERS and misappropriating them to himself. Sick.

  9. Jeff’s ex-wife’s (and Lesevre, Starkey and the other ex-wives) way of speaking certainly showed the world the value of “Never defend, always attack.” The world saw the attack mode, and I doubt they admired it any more than I did.

  10. Somehow I am reminded of the film “A Few Good Men” with TC and Nicholson and the issue concerning the Code Red.

    Code Red: a euphemism for a violent extrajudicial punishment.

    TC: “Did you order the ‘Code Red’? I want the truth.”

    Nicholson: “You can’t handle the truth!”

    Because he thinks he defends his country, Colonel Jessep (Nicholson) does not see why Kaffee (TC), who has never been on the front line, should even question his methods from “under the blanket of the very freedom I provide”.

    • That reminds me of the Code Red they use in the Sea Org – overboarding.
      Did Miscavige order overboarding? He sure did. Several times.
      And, considering that it was at five in the morning in february, it certainly is an unhealthy treatment.

  11. Christie: You rock!

    What a difference in the level of communication. Looking at the official Scientologists, acting like angry freaks (DM valence) and the Independents who are there freely and communicating with ARC.

    OSA: you need to get your shit together. It is plain, black and white, anyone with a little brains can see that the freaks from uplines are destroying the church.

  12. Im glad to see that the husbands who are out are getting a chance to respond to their ex-wives who were interviewed last Monday.

    Looking forward to tomorrow nights show

  13. Jason, Ya know normally I would say Grrrr, but
    you do have a right to your opinion. If LRH is
    only 80% right, I’ll take it! I think you need to
    thoroughly test his writings before you throw
    them out. I’d start with a good dictionary.

  14. What is becoming oh so clear in this series is that it is about protecting David Miscavige. None of the church representatives seem to realize that rather than speak to the issue of violence, they speak to protect Miscavige.

    Miscaviges absense speaks louder than words.

    What is Miscavige doing to protect Scientology?


    What is Miscavige doing to protect himself?


    • What’s interesting is David Miscavige’s attempt to discredit and “dead agent” Marty Rathbun and others by bringing on those Ex wives and executives only served up more evidence to public of what a what type of person he really is.

      Look at the people he sent to handle the situation, do they appear heathly and high toned or do they appear a wreck?

      They are themselves living and breathing proof of how he treats people.

      You need more evidence that David Miscavige is a abusive person?

      Look at them!

      There’s your evidence right there!

  15. To: The most esteemed collection of legal minds to ever be esteemed
    (aka Zuckert! Scoutt! & Rasenberger! L.L.P.!)

    Ms. Yingling et al,

    How truly astounding to see people of your supposed professional
    and intellectual caliber representing Scientology (Scientology?
    Really? Don’t y’all wince each time you hear the name?),
    especially when it is clear through your (you, Ms. Yingling, re:
    CNN/Anderson Cooper/Sins of Tax Code Exploitation/etc. [btw, the
    tragedy of your name’s homophonous relationship to my beloved beer
    is not lost on me]) body language and tone of voice that you don’t
    believe a word of the “church’s” claims of innocence, propriety, or
    decency. I wonder how you can square defending these craven
    sociopaths with all of the ethical training you must surely have
    picked up along the way. There must be other clients whose money
    is not so ill-gotten, though perhaps that consideration is the
    exclusive domain of the laity. Plus, you gotta feed the beast,
    right? Right? [insert sound of damp-ish gagging]

    When this terrible, brutal organization is revealed for what it
    truly is–an inevitability at this point–you and your firm will
    perhaps have to explain to many folks why you went above and beyond
    to help create the illusion of legitimacy for a group as morally
    bankrupt as Scientology; a group that, with the assistance of your
    services, has ruined the lives and fortunes of so many innocent
    people through the cynical manipulation of vulnerabilities.

    I’d speculate that some of you might lose sleep over your
    unconscionable activities, but I can’t recall now whether or not
    the undead actually close their eyes at the end of the day.
    Perhaps one of you could send me data regarding this and other
    biological functions? I have so many questions.

    Bon chance, you soulless scumbags.

    Mosely Tankanian
    Most appalled citizen in the whole of citizenry entire

  16. After watching these videos it is amazing to see ED Int (used to be be anyway) and the like, lie so blatantly. I know some excuse their behavior because they are in fear, etc. However, they have forgotten the reference that asks, “Why is YOUR neck so precious?” …

  17. If you have access to the Wall Street Journal there is an article by Peggy Noonan about the scandals affecting the Catholic Church. There are, I think, parallels with what is happening with the Church of Scn. I quote the following from her WSJ article:

    “In both the U.S. and Europe, the scandal was dug up and made famous by the press. This has aroused resentment among church leaders, who this week accused journalists of spreading “gossip,” of going into “attack mode” and showing “bias.”
    But this is not true, or to the degree it is true, it is irrelevant. All sorts of people have all sorts of motives, but the fact is that the press—the journalistic establishment in the U.S. and Europe—has been the best friend of the Catholic Church on this issue. Let me repeat that: The press has been the best friend of the Catholic Church on the scandals because it exposed the story and made the church face it. The press forced the church to admit, confront and attempt to redress what had happened. The press forced them to confess. The press forced the church to change the old regime and begin to come to terms with the abusers. The church shouldn’t be saying j’accuse but thank you.”

    The Church of Scn may be now facing the same crossroads. The Church could take the charges of abuse seriously, actually investigate what its history has been, and take important steps to correct any abuses discovered and to become more transparent to its parishioners. Or, it can choose to deny, accuse, attack and blame others. As it has been to many devout Catholics, abuses are difficult to confront . But in the end it may be the only thing that can salvage the Church of Scn.

  18. With the obvious failures of Norman Starkey, Guillaume Lesèvre, Tommy Davis and sisterhood to make their (drilled) points during the show. Some of them if not all are going back in the hole very soon. DM is going to have a mandatory staff meeting and tell everyone at Int how bad they were and once again he has to do everything himself… such as “You see once more, I wearing your hats and these guys dropped the ball” etc… (Dejà Vu)… Some of them will probably be exported or RPFed in a very near future.

    • If David Miscavige really wanted to handle things the right way and wear the right hat, he would remove himself from the church.

  19. God, the deep levels of brain-washing are really coming to light. While the whole world justifiably laughs, those in the tiny Cocoon Of Ignorance still believe they are the superior beings that will help mankind. Regarding the 90-second clip on Stephen Colbert last night, well, just LOOK at Norm Starkey. No, really…..LOOK at him. Obnose what’s ACTUALLY there. He’s a mess. He looks like he’s having a seizure. His TR’s are entirely absent. I don’t even think that HE was sitting there. What I saw was a very PTS robot, terrified of not being forcefull enough to appease DM and thus keep himself out of the RPF. And what’s more, Marty LEFT the SO. He wasn’t “removed” by DM, as Starkey insinuated. The only 1.1 I saw on Anderson Cooper was coming from the church. As for Stephen Colbert, love him or hate him, he is a HUGE phenomenon on this planet. He has a MASSIVE audience. His stats are in total affluence. A LOT of people saw that clip and a LOT more will be sharing it with others on the net.

    • First Colbert Report, next…SNL.
      Comedians are going to have a field day with the clowns we’ve been watching this week. Its going to go viral.
      David Midget is going to become the laughingstock of the world. He won’t be able to go out in public ever again without worrying about who’s saying/thinking what. He’s a hunted man now.
      P.S. Thank You Marty, Jeff, Steve, Christy, Tom, Amy!
      …and Anderson. What a job he’s done! Fantastic.

  20. Freedom Fighter

    Is it just me, or does anyone else feel the momentum really starting to build . . . ?

  21. I have spent several frustrating hours attempting to view the CNN AC 360 four part series by clicking links and also copy and pasting to no avail. when i get to the CNN website I am viewing some shit about veggies at the movies and all manner of other topics of no interest to me. I fill in the title in the CNN search site and again do not locate anything. Are the OSA hackers re-directing my search attempts or what? Any tips?

    • War and Peace


      Click here~~

      It is a library of every TV show that ever exposes the Church in date chronological sequence.

    • Kaz
      Try youtube.

    • Youtubes of all 5 nights:

      Monday [URL=""][/URL]
      Tuesday [URL=""]
      Wednesday [URL=""][/URL]
      Thursday [URL=""] [/URL]
      Friday Part1 [URL=""][/URL]

      Friday Part 2 [URL=""][/URL]

  22. A solution to the DM problem.

    Committee of Evidence

  23. Here is a story from Gary Morehead (head Security officer Int base) telling a story about Norman Starkey:

  24. Seeing that the Church is following the same pattern that they used against the St. Petersburg Times articles, I’m wondering how many millions will be spent on the Freedom mag to dead agent the Anderson Cooper series.

    Since this is a national broadcast I guess DM will have to send a copy to every household in America, oops….. forgot this is also seen worldwide.

    Those IAS reg’s better get busy or poor DM will have to dip into his billion dollar reserve.

    • Moving Forward

      I got a call at about 11:30pm last night to donate toward my daughter’s IAS membership… I can’t donate toward my own because I’m a freeloader.

  25. It’s amazing from reading up the hundreds of posts on this blog that quite a few bring up the point of TRs. Or actually the Out-TRs of the top representatives of Mestology.

    It really raises the question then of Standards of Mestology in terms of TRs doesn’t it? My assumption is that as DM doesn’t himself want to appear in public, then he’s probably drilled and passed these guys’ TRs.

    I definitely would not want to be in session with any of these people – whereas I would pick up the cans with Marty, Steve and others.

    • martyrathbun09

      Sinar, not a minor point. There was an international tech situation in 1995. And it was TR’s and Metering. Now, realize LRH wanted to devote the last years of his life to working at Gold finishing the tech films – EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM ON THE SUBJECT OF TR’S AND METERING. But DM held him hostage, while cross ordering GOLD OFF of tech films and ON TO Events. So, in 1995 instead of handling LRH’s tech why (TRs and metering), while C/Sing the likes of Lisa McPherson, the SOB turned everybody into robots (Golden Age of Treachery).

  26. Lucy, that’s from RJ 82.

    LRH was talking about Norman, DM, Nan, Brennan and all of those who were on the rollback missions that found the plants and got them out of the Church. It said Scientologist(S) = plural.

    Actually LRH said “Handful of Scientologists”. He was not just talking about DM, who, at the time, was off playing with music and Hollywood people.

    He was a child then and had more fun playing.

    I know this excerpt by heart because I was part of that. So it is alter-ised on the website. The Church will alter anything now because it is legal and that’s because DM is now source and now anyone can alter. Consider it an anarchy of alterers.

  27. A Lawyer/Attorney is no more than a very highly paid sales person. ~

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