(Failed) Mission Review

On Monday night a dear old friend and SO comrade of mine arrived in the Corpus Christi bay area. I put him up at the Best Western Port Aransas Texas. I checked him in under my own name, knowing the blow drill would have dozens of DMbots calling every motel from LA to here and beyond asking for my friend by name. He had ditched the vehicle he left the base in and made his way by circuitous means. Nonetheless, within thirty six hours of arrival, four SO missionaires ambushed my friend before six a.m. on the motel balcony when he went out for a cup of coffee.

Tommy Two Tone lead the charge. He was accompanied by WDC Idle Orgs, Angie Blankenship, and two of DM’s Int Landlord Idle Org construction aces, Bob Wright and Laurance Stumbke. They peppered my guest with unkind thoughts about me and how damaging it would be for him to connect up with me.

My guest managed to juke them, get back into his room to phone me. I threw on some clothes and headed from my home on Ingleside on the Bay. As I pulled my pick up around to head in the right direction, four rental cars blocked the entire road before me. I pulled to the side of the road in front of my home as sixteen doors flew open and people began piling out and approaching my truck. Tom Cruise’s long-time personal assistant, double-hatted as DM’s spy into Cruise’s personal and professional life for fifteen years, Michael Doven lead the charge. Unable to look me in the eye, Doven mumbled “Marty, let’s talk”. As I reached for my video camera to record the event, I suddenly realized why they were there. DM had dispatched those he thought may be able to “impinge” on my friend, and separately sent a team to try to distract me while the “Ace Team” at the motel did their business. So, I got right back in my truck, ignored the stray dogs yapping at my wheels and headed for Port Aransas.

I phoned the Port A police who went to the motel and debriefed my friend, helped him gather his things and stayed with him till my arrival. By the time I arrived, there was not a sign of Tommy and the Shondells.

The police escorted us out of town and back onto my turf. By then there was no sign of the sixteen (there were four people in each of the four cars that assaulted me first thing in the morning). My guest and I then proceeded to the airport to pick up Mike Rinder.

As we arrived at the airport I received a cell phone call from Michael Doven begging me to chat with him. The entire Doven conversation was recorded and the link to it is at the end of this post. I encourage all to listen to the entire conversation. It is very revelatory on a number of levels. Think of the mentality of the individual who pitted Doven as his best shot against me. Think of the mentality of the individual who would send Cruise’s long-time assistant along with Celebrity Center stalwarts Micheal Roberts, Michael and Denice Duff and Chris Smith to “handle” Mike Rinder and I. Consider the mental state of an individual who would send twenty people (including two Freedom Medal winners) half-way across the country in an attempt to commit human trafficking.

At the end of the phone call you will hear me approach Mike Rinder at the arrivals gate. He was being assaulted by some CC punk with a video camera in his face, Chris Smith, Marla Filidei (CCHR spokesperson), Jan Eastgate (CCHR Freedom Medal winner) hollering in each ear. When my friend and I arrived, the two women fled (along with a third unidentified one) the camera boy turned the camera on me while Smith started goading me. You can catch the beginning of that exchange at the tail end of the call with Doven.

Finally, some thoughts from our friend: “Tommy, Angie, Bob, Laurence and anyone else who reads this: I’ve seen a lot of indicators over the years and things that I just could not rationalize, but I did somehow rationalize them and figured out how they were “right” (as it was taboo and guaranteed doom to ever voice my true conclusions while in that group). All my successes in my Sea Org career came from the application of real Scientology and an unshakable faith in my fellow group members. If you ever worked with me on some of my larger projects you will know what I mean. My decision to leave, when I did and how I did was carefully thought out and calmly decided upon and executed. Was it difficult? Damn right it was. Did I have a “good life” up to the last day? Yes, in a materialistic sense. I wasn’t in trouble, I was in good standing and trusted. But I have 8 dynamics and I could no longer support actions that were diametrically opposite to all I learned in the SO and Scientology over the last 34 years. My leaving gave me no personal immediate advantage. Quite the opposite actually. I did it for the 3rd and 4th dynamic. I love people and want to help them. The world out here awaits you, without recrimination and nothing but genuine support of true Scientologists really applying LRH tech. You can change your environment to one that lets you apply what you know to be real Scientology, instead of daily experiencing all four flows of the opposite being enforced. Once you honestly realize that for yourself, your need to continuously rationalize the outpoints you see will vanish.

Rathbun/Doven conversation link: http://www.zshare.net/audio/7552721707c82e2e/

398 responses to “(Failed) Mission Review

  1. Well, Marty and Mike, you sure do lead very adventutous and exciting lives. It’s inspiring.

    I think there may be some merit to the comments suggesting that TC was behind the celebrity involvement, particularly Doven.

    He truly was out of his league. For the first half of the comm cycle he just couldn’t complete a full thought, just inuendo. It’s as if he really didn’t want to say it and if he never really said it, he could deny it. He seemed to vascilate between how he would handle it and how he was being told to handle it and it never was comfortable for him. made the whole thing out of valence and out R.

    I’m pretty sure that he was not given all of the info on what Marty is doing and was only allowed to see certain “need to know” data in order to get him to agree to do (I mean volunteer) the cycle.

    It’s tough tring to handle someone you know isn’t going to handle. But you know that you must do it or else. The result is a fumbled and botched cycle, which is what occurred.

    I also think he totally misduped Marty saying the church is dead. I think he really duplicated Scientology is dead. That’s when he completely ARCx with Marty. He most likely did A=A on church being Scientology. No where did Marty indicate that Scientology was dead.

    I thought it was funny that the little runt is still trying to figure out what Marty’s plans are. He still hasn’t figured it out. It is too simple. There is no coup to take over Scientology just a desire to see it available for anyone who wants to apply it.

    You guys are doing a terrific job!

    • “There is no coup to take over Scientology just a desire to see it available for anyone who wants to apply it.”

      Exactly! This can’t be emphasized enough.

      We are interested in applying the philosophy contained in the works of L. Ron Hubbard. Period.

    • “I also think he totally misduped Marty saying the church is dead. … He most likely did A=A on Church being Scientology.”

      Yes, this is exactly what I thought as well. In fact, it was being reminded of this several months ago that helped me break free from the CoS spell — I had been convinced that the standard Bridge could not ever be available outside the Church.

      • I do think it was not available to somebody like me, trained enough to make Clears but not enough to do it alone in the swamplands!
        I don’t want to be an island – I need other good creatures in my swamp!
        I am soooooooo grateful for ex-execs like Marty and Mike and any/all others who come out and want to get the pirogue moving again! I’ve been sitting here surrounded by gators. But now I see the BIG GATORS and me think the same and we CAN make it to shore!

  2. I got to say something here Marty. You need a forum to so I can read this comments in their proper order or posting for this is getting too big and long.

  3. Marty told Michael Doven that TC’s life was in excellent shape (“hunky-dory” to be exact) until the “talons” of DM made their way under TC’s skin and into his head.

    After reading an extensive article in “Nikon User” magazine, watching a short video about Michael Doven at work in his true field of expertise (artistic photography) and watching Michael Duff’s incredible music video (directed by Doven) called “Rise”…..all found here on Doven’s FB page, http://tinyurl.com/27qnkrn, after observing these two really wonderful beings in their native and well-honed areas of artistry, AND THEN comparing what who you just heard in the call with Marty, you cannot help but wonder, “is this the same guy”??!!

    What you heard in the call, I believe, is what happens to the beautiful mind of an artist when under the influence of DM’s spell. Look at TC, look at Doven, look at Michael Duff….look at the demeaning activities they were asked to do….be thugs for a man made mad by his own “personal aggrandizement…[and] extremely egotistical” nature.

    These two Michaels look to be in truth, really very cool guys. At least based on what I saw on Doven’s FB page. Had I not happened upon his FB page and seen a different aspect of their lives, I would still be maintaining a rather negative view for what they tried to do last week in Texas.

    What you observed, in agreeing to do DM’s bidding, with Doven morphed literally into another person, is the slippery slope of a weakened being begin to take form as a result.

    After making this comparison, you cannot help but have some empathy, compassion and maybe even some forgiving thoughts for their mistaken and failed rescue attempt.

    • Mickey:

      Thank you for this comment. You are considering the whole being (of Michael Doven) and you are so, so insightful about the “beautiful mind” of the artist being corrupted by contact with the rapacious and consumptive mind of beings like DM.

      Many of us who have been in SCN for years know the caliber of the beings we associated with and to see them spun down and degraded into the narrow channel of KSW/SCN is, on a smaller scale, like viewing Dresden after the bombing or the ruins of Angkor Wat. All that beauty, innovation, talent, and life despoiled.

      When I realized that the Cof S wanted all of me; every last bit of my time, energy, money, my children, my theta, down to the last dregs of my dynamics; I ran for my life. Tom Cruise is the poster child for this phenomena. He was one of the world’s most recognized actors, know in the industry for his personal and work ethic. He was quietly low-key about being a SCN and lent credibility to it just by his involvement.

      How DM managed to convince him to fire the brilliant Pat Kingsley who had managed his career into the stratosphere and replace her with his (Cruise’s) incompetent sister is a conundrum. And then under DM and the puppet-sister guidance Tom went on a PR rampage that left his career a smoking ruin, destroyed his marriage to Kidman and did more in a few short years to undermine the Cof S than any past critics had done in 50 years of concerted efforts.

      And all because DM wanted ALL of Tom. To the point of seeding his environment with hand-selected (by the CofS) managers and assistants (Doven and Pomm included) to spy and manipulate and extract. And those involved in this game went down (are going down)too. Mickey you just nailed it in your post. It is a huge waste of human talent and theta ability to allow the CofS to co-opt and corrupt countless individuals.

      I could go on and on about this as I have seen in done over and over again. The same scenario that occurred with Michael Doven has been is emblematic of the CofS. When you enter this kind of orbit (the DM and Cof S universe) there will be destruction and lots of collateral damage.

      • And just to add, the sequence of the cycle you so wonderfully summated is the story of us all who arrive here on sites like Marty’s and find common ground. The only differences being our stories are our own and never the same.

        The mechanism of the “birth” of hope we all recognized Scn offered at first; the inevitable “death” we all have come to recognize in our own time frames of the degraded state the subject has been allowed to devolve into (don’t misunderstand me please….I am referring specifically to the perversions extant today vs. earlier times)….this mechanism is the common denominator that will continue to just repeat itself until some influential hearts and minds change to remove the Grand Instigator (and the far reaching adverse effects) of it all.

    • Mickey, excellent comment and observation! Thanks much for broadening the perspective. It is very helpful as it is so easy to gradually slip into having narrow views of a subject on which one is so focused. It is good practice to (as Been there said) to consider the whole being.

      I refer to this as “walking around the elephant.”

      Walking around the elephant is an old saying that makes note of the fact that a person cannot see a complete elephant by standing in one place. The elephant is too big. In order to see the whole elephant, one must walk all the way around the animal. That’s the saying. But, as you will obviously notice, the flaw in the approach is that even if one walks around the whole elephant, they still have only seen the elephant from one point of view – their own. Indeed, the elephant is so big that to really see the complete animal, it is best to see it from as many different points of view as can possibly be obtained. In other words, have lots of different people walk around the same elephant then share and compare their observations. In doing this, the individuals involved, just might possibly be able to gain a deeper and broader understanding of the elephant they’re observing as well as see aspects of the elephant that, otherwise, they would have never seen.

      So Mickey, thanks again, for giving us your view of the elephant. :)

  4. Sherrymk,

    Pomm was your best “friend” in 2008? I don’t really think she could be anyone’s best friend. She is so 1.1 and does anything to spy for TC and DM, although she got kicked out of TC’s group and punished heavily by TC and DM back in 2005. But since her husband is TC’s only piolet and Pomm didn’t want to lose the marriage, so she did (still does) anything, I mean anything for DM and TC to be accepted by that group. But NEVER back in good standing with TC.

    Pomm is another GAT New OT8 = DM’s spy

  5. WoW! I just listened to the phone conversation with Marty and Michael Doven…WoW!!

    I actually felt sad for Doven. It was bitter sweet. ~

  6. I found something very disingenuous at the official scientology web site:

    In 1983, L. Ron Hubbard described a heroic Church executive who cleaned the ranks of rogue staff attempting to seize control of Scientology while Mr. Hubbard was engaged in intensive research and absent from the Church. As Mr. Hubbard himself phrased it:

    “So forgive me for not managing the Church when it almost fell into hostile hands. It all came out all right. Why? Because real Scientologists made sure it did. My faith was justified.”

    That real Scientologist L. Ron Hubbard spoke of was David Miscavige.

    Notice how it says: “Because real Scientologists” which is a PLURAL and then made out to be a SINGULAR in the last sentence.

    DM is desperate now!

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  10. Very intersting Marty. I am glad I left when I did. I was a public then. I did work in the N.OTs Div on Flag. I had a good comm line to the “Old Man”. I still have all of the letter to prove it. It was dificult for people to mess with me during that time. DM was in England at the time and was just workig there. There was no mighty COB then. Things were pretty good. Everone talks about this little punk and so on but he still has his “Masters”. He is not alone.

  11. The Rathbun/Doven conversation link doesn’t work. Any chance you could re-upload the audio? Thanks.

  12. This conversation link doesn’t seem to work.
    Would like to hear it.

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