David Miscavige violates Tom Cruise’s confessional

DM is not 1.5. That is a smokescreen. He is the ultimate 1.1.

I audited a number of intensives of confessionals on Tom Cruise from July through November 2001.  By order of Miscavige many of those sessions were secretly recorded by a well-concealed video camera and voice recorder system built into the VIP auditing room at Celebrity Center International.  I was r-factored that it was for the purpose of having the CS check up on the quality of my delivery.  All I knew at that time was that I forwarded the videos to my CS at Int (RTC).  I was also required by Miscavige to write reports on the content of every session I delivered during that period and send them directly to Miscavige.  I was told by him that he needed to know because recovering Tom to Scientology was the most important mission possible. I never received a single suggestion from Miscavige during the recovery process. He quite apparently wanted to keep his distance until the messy divorce was over and there was no chance of Scientology becoming an issue.

The only C/S comments I received during that period, besides “VWD”, and during the subsequent 2 1/2 months of full time auditing I delivered in 2002, were out-tech suggestions to re-check things that were confirmed as FLAT by me. They were forwarded from COB Asst Shelly (who had virtually no tech training); all of which I refused to carry out in order  to protect the pre-OT.  Finally, I unilaterally decided to stop recording sessions in Feb 2002 – despite flak from Shelly for ceasing – on the basis that it was simply unethical to record him for no apparent purpose (the video was certainly of no importance for auditor correction purposes) and without his knowledge. 

Well, my suspicions about DM’s real purposes for recording Tom’s confessions have been confirmed as warranted.  I have recently learned from a very reliable witness that DM regularly held court with others in his personal lounge in the roadside Villas at the Int base, and while sipping scotch whiskey at the end of the night, Miscavige would read Tom’s overts and withholds from my reports to others, joking and laughing about the content of Tom’s confessions.  My witness is unimpeachable in my eyes as his account contains too many accurate details from someone who had zero reason (or ability) for being anywhere near Tom’s folders, videos and reports direct to DM.  I also know he was a regular, preferred guest at DM’s scotch night caps during that period.

Wake up, Tom. It is not too late. Though, time is getting very, very short.

410 responses to “David Miscavige violates Tom Cruise’s confessional

  1. I still can’t believe you’re out. Good for you for doing this blog. I wish just ONE major celeb would wake up. I’m not even remotely surprised about the video stuff. I remember signing releases for video/tape recording stuff when I first joined (around the time of the Time magazine flap – what would that have been? 1993?) – I remember asking about it (and I think anybody can attest to the fact that there are thousands of papers to sign at joining) and was told that sometimes things are recorded for “quality control” and it was no big deal. I also remember being told that when TC’s house (still during his marriage) was being redone, DM was in charge of all the security and the house was fully bugged. Is that true?

    • Michael,

      are you serious ???? TC’s house being bugged by DM ? In REAL life ???
      It’s like the movie – “The Firm” !!! Please elaborate. This sounds CRAZY !!!

  2. If this gets out into the mainstream media, someone else might leak more details. Who knows?

  3. How sad for anyone to have their privacy invaded in such an awful way.

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  5. I like Tom Cruise, I think he is a wonderful actor and person, but its so sad that he fell into the trap, I have watched his career like many of you have, and to hear this information that Miscavige manipulated him like that is AWFUL. Just think about it, all of that money and time he gave to promoting and believing in ‘the church’ and then it turns around and slaps him in the face (I think this information applies to everyone in the church, not just celebrities). I just don’t understand how any current member of the church can be okay with hearing this news, especially when they know that Tom has been Davids ‘right hand’ man for all these years. It is just the ULTIMATE betrayal, I feel extremely sympathetic towards Tom and his family.

  6. By all means, let Tom Cruise stay in the $cientology CULT…the longer his ‘fame’ is being used to shed light on these events…the better!

  7. Hey! Tom Cruise is finally here on the same terms as everyone else! Screwed!

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  11. The mere fact that so many people from DMs inner circle/high ranks have defected and feel they have to set the record straight shows he has serious problems. Add to that all the reporting of the abuse of his inner staff and the SeaOrg. Then finally on top of all this is he is supposed to be leader of a church setting people on the patch to personal betterment and he is boozing it up at Scotch parties and back-stabbing his biggest moneymaker and supposed friendin the process? Really??? Is something wrong with this picture?!!

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  14. I’ve been wondering for a long time why DM is still in power despite his obvious shortcomings (no pun intended). Why hasn’t the upper management mutinied by now? Is it because others above him are pulling the strings? Can they possibly all be so scared of one manb that they are unwilling to take matters into their hands, or is there another explanation? Where does DM[‘s power originate from?

  15. Does anyone really think that TC will defect because of this? Do you think he has read the story yet!? WE CAN ONLY HOPE!

    MARK: Great work! But why did it take you so long to remember this and write about it? That part I didnt get.

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  17. Does anyone find it interesting that Tom seems to have gotten himself mixed up with a real-life “Firm”. Bugging his house, videotaping him, blackmail. interesting life imitating art.

  18. The Rise and Fall of the Miscavigian Scientology Empire (1982 – 2010 †††)

    The ‘Independent Scientologist’ Knowledge Report System is working …

    Well done Marty, Mike, etc.

  19. Bob,

    The “myth” among Scientology and Sea Org Members in general is that Captain DM’s immediate senior is L.Ron Hubbard Commodore, in the Theta Universe. That he answers only to LRH, on a thetan-to-thetan communication basis.

    Thus, RTC and Int Execs don’t “de-throne” DM because they’re all under the impression that LRH posted him as COB RTC, that LRH is his only senior who dictates his “marching orders” so-to-speak.

    The fact is that DM is a delusional megalomaniac and has created that seniority and myth by himself.

    * There is one loop-hole in that, on any and all Scientology Org Board, HCO Div 1 and Quality Div 5 are SUPERIOR to Executive Div 7. COB RTC is in Div 7 on the RTC org board. (Marty would have been in Div 4, IG Network, along with AVC)

    The HAS RTC, the Dir I&R RTC, etc. could technically take him off post, Com-Ev him, DECLARE him and EXPELL him. “HCO BRING ORDER !” – LRH

    Unfortunately, I doubt any of them have the confront to go through with it. That is, if they are still on post …

  20. Hello

    ”sex lies and videotapes” lol
    Hello guys,

    finally Iam not very surprise..It fits in my puzzle that i am tryin to assemble to come over a doubt condition that I am trying to solve for years!

    TC is not a poor victim..he is a person who like being acclaimed, put in front of the camera
    and collecting public hommage form DM ashe becoming like a little kid when DM congrats him , for being the most engaged scientologis and give him a medal…it’s funny… They make a good pair!

    (do you thik he would be so engaged if he would have the same living conditions than you instead of a villa , tennis court, majordome, chef cook , personnal cinema , open bar, swimming pool etc etc etc


    If you go back..at least – go for the big life you too!
    You desev it ..no?????

    2 biggggggggggggggggg egooooooooooo
    Anyway, one needs other one to provide mutually power and celebrity

    TC cultivates his ego with DM – so- there is a ego game here..sometimes funny, sometimes not funny…

    Would one of you guys that knows things about DM tell me if this guy having auditing ? Real auditing I Mean? Who is auditing Him ??? Is he RSlamming Did he ever have ethics order or rpf ???? Security check????

    Usually a guru does not apply the same rules to him..because is already perfect or almost!

    DM should read us some part of his ethics and pc folder as we could finally find very intersting and funny things about this ” little man” that beacame the ”geat” David ! The tech salvator …

    Coud we have a big RS here ????? May be!

    But..as it Did happenned to me that An Org ED read my folder and used it (building a weird and perverted story) against me to degrade my reputation ..there is no way now I will trust again until I would keep myself my pc folders !

    Please , you guys, true scientologis that learn and worked hardly under , often, some very bas living considions (to leave a lot of money for hemmet) accept all my thank’s for all people you have audited, held to resolve some difficult life condition, for your great listenning and for always chhose to apply your auditor code and code of honnor, no matter who claim to be the boss…his punishments, tons of lawers etc etc etc..

    When TC receives The great medals and military salute…what I see is a tale of lafontaine..and I think about thousands of freedom minded scientologists that came in, truly to help each other human being to be free!
    May this be , anyway accomplished, and may the one searching for glory left alone under spotlights with no more audience to applauze! (and some very good auditor , with lots of kindnesse, to listen of what DM have done to others , as to proove thaht scientology is for kindness and freedom of every human)

    I will never forget what a lot of scientologists have endure while few other threw millions of dollars for their ego pleasure…to my opinion, this is a treason towards devoted people and the one who pay expensive price for services!

    Good bye!

  21. I was reading our local paper this morning and found an article about this in the entertainment section so it’s really getting out there! Good stuff!
    I’m not in the U.S even so it’s going international, though this might already be known to you.
    Please keep it up Marty! And thanks.

  22. See, this is exactly what I was talking about when I said those people the Church sent down to Texas were PTS. They just followed orders. You take this artists Michael Duff, just released his forst solo CD. You see a magazine cover up the road a few weeks that screams: MICHAEL DUFF INVOLVED IN SCIENTOLOGY COVER UP!!!!!

    And that is what I am pointing out when I say these people are PTS.

    • And for the “public” or celbrities reading this, don’t think this suppression is contained to the staff. Right here you have Michael Duff and his wife Denice, friends of the Cruises! Used to block the flow of information to their friend, Tom Cruise, that he has been secretly videotaped. They are working against him and do not even know it! THAT is PTS. And the Church is using Tom Cruise’s friends against him without them even knowing what it is they are REALLY doing. THAT is evil.

  23. ClearwaterResident

    I’ve lived in Clearwater for 25 years and have watched the Scientologists with a mixture of amusement and sadness. They have been a slowly gushing oil slick that has ruined downtown Clearwater. Luckily, we still have Clearwater Beach. It’s one thing for these wackos to destroy each other, but another thing all together to wreck a beautiful city on Florida’s coast. Downtown Clearwater has been an empty shell since they arrived and will be dead for many years to come. Indeed, the local saying is that the only people downtown are winos and scienos. The good news is there has been a sharp dropoff in their popularity. There used to be hundeds of them walking around downtown. Not any more. They own a couple of small hotels on North Ft. Harrison St. that now sit vacant. And they’ve been unable to finish their large building in downtown Clearwater for over six years. The internet has been their greatest enemy; it’s given people access to the real truth about this cult. And that has choked their lifegiving supply of money. I have no problem with anyone that wants to waste their life and then drink Jim Jones’ coolaid. Just don’t do it here. Go to South America. Or at least go to LA. One oil slick around here is enough to worry about.

  24. Tom Cruise, in my view is a good guy. I think without the label of a Scientologist, he’d still have done the goodhearted deeds he constantly attributes to scientology. It seems Tom is fast, if not completely already, losing his own identity. It also seems to me these auditing sessions are much like, if not exactly like, meeting with a psychiatrist.
    Which is obviously quite ironic. I’d like to see Tom and others take a stand against the abuses that have gone on for way too long. It isn’t acceptable just to say; “I didn’t know”. There are too many resources and news reports for them to keep turning a cold shoulder and playing dumb. I just hope Tom and everyone else wakes up soon.

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  27. D.M.’s pattern of behavior is long term. I resigned from Scientology in 1984 after hearing that he’d done “gang bang” Sec Checks, with himself and others in the room intimidating the person receiving the Sec Check.
    Most amazing thing is how long he has stayed in control of the group. When I was “with” the COS I watched people climb to positions of power, and two months to six months later they were in a lower post or the chain locker. Seemed like few could keep their position long. This was before D.M.
    What we didn’t have was misuse of the tech, with the possible exception of “fair game” useage, where information from folders were used by the G.O’s office to harrass Scientologists who were declared SP.
    I had a friend (who has passed on) who told me when she got declared she would be awoken from sleep at night by a phone calls that repeted items to her from her case folders.
    Shock and awe goes way back, and the “fair game” law (as far as I know) was the beginning of the misuse of folder data.
    The COS doesn’t seem to dramatize the “fair game law” any more. Anyone with data on that?

  28. Jebidiah Bean

    A lot is said about the priest pennant privilege but there is a good reason why priest do not record confessionals in any way, precisely to preclude any kind of abuse of this nature.

    What is it again that justifies the recording of sessions? Are those records actually used in the way the justification states most of the time or are they really mostly abused?

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  30. Tom Cruise is so totally amazing. i would love to meet him one of these days if he ever comes to utah.

  31. None Of Your Beeswax

    How come David Miscavige never appears in public in a Sea Org uniform?
    Is he afraid he may be mistaken for a real Sea Org member?

  32. Why do you guys talk so weirdly all the time?

    Meh. I get it. All the weird religions do it except mine. Heh.

    Sorry to hear your saga in that place where that thing happened plastered all over in order to discredit you Mark.

    They tried it with me using a celebrity but I have 20 years relationship with the local community so Fair Game was obviously going to fail – at least to me. And it did.

    As far as Tom Cruise is concerned. I think most of you wish things that aren’t there. It’s a symptom of believing that those you sit next believe the same things you do because they shake your hands and use the same weird language.

    If there is one thing I hope you adopt is a healthy understanding that those who talk like you and break bread with you don’t necessarily think the same way. You know the ones who do by their actions.

    It’s very simple. If they violate your code of conduct once, that can be chalked up to weakness. If they continually violate your code of conduct in ways that are diametrically opposed to that code they aren’t.

    I’m not talking about stumbling on the way to whatever the focus is. I’m talking about rank deception. Tom Cruise is not one of you. That doesn’t mean your way is not right. It just means that you need to accept that your “human GODZ” are not what you should be focusing on. It’s your weirdo religion that you should be focusing on. Not humans.

  33. Found your website after reading the Andrew Morton book about TC. Wow! You guys have sure been through it, haven’t you? Hang in there and continue to support each other.

    The closest I can think of to anyone being where you are is the folks who survived the Jim Jones/Jonestown disaster. Some have put up a website that is woth reading.

    I have some questions regarding some references within the above posts. Re: Katy It is said that DM chose her and groomed her for TC? How so? How did that happen?
    Re: Nichole What really did end things?
    Re: Tom’s drinking? Please elaborate.
    Re: Forced/coerced abortions – please elaborate.
    Re: The Beckhams Did they end up joining or no?

    I do so wish all of you the best. And I agree with those who have advised that you use your energies at this point to help yourselves.

  34. This is the exact reason why I steer clear of corporate Scientology. I think David Miscavige is like Terl from Battlefield Earth, using whatever garbage he can on others whenever he sees fit making Confessionals within the church a very risky proposition. Having TC’s trash might give him some leverage over TC, but factually, David Miscavige has trash on anyone who’s ever been in Scientology and been audited or seen an Ethics Officer. This makes David Miscavige highly dangerous because of his power AND lack of ethics.

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  36. Ok. So. Please allow me to suggest, again, that, in this kind of case, neither David Miscavige, nor his obeyors, nor any “Church” of Scientology, nor any member of the Sea Org … are immune from suit, or protected by the 1st Amendment … for such actions, At least no more than Catholic Priests are immune from criminal prosecution simply because their child molestations occured inside a Catholic Church. To spy on someone without their knowledge or consent, during a meeting, confessional, auditing session — call it what you want — which the Right Holder genuinely believes, (and is led to believe by the Right Violator) is protected from disclosure and is confidential under the Priest-Penitent Privilege, not merely is likely to have destroyed the Priest-Penitent Privilege in the first place, but it is a civil tort for which (big) monetary damages is a remedy, and which is, any event not a protected/cloisetered religious action (and so not protected from prosecution by the 1st Amendment) because there is NO religion that I know of, and certainly not Scientology, which has as part of its doctrine that it is Ok to Spy on one’s parishioners during their confessionals and later bandy about those confessional statements as if they were originated on Facebook.

    This is an important point … the importance of which should not be underestimated.

    If David Miscavige were the Pope, these actions, if true, would still subject him to civil liability and possibly criminal prosecution (if carried out somewhere other than the Vatican, that is, since the Vatican is Sovereign Soil.

    The First Amendment and the Separation of Church and State does not allow a religious order to murder, main, abuse children, spy on people and tell their secrets in public. These are civil torts for which the civil law gives remedies. And, there may be criminal prosecution available as well, since it is a crime, in California, to record someone’s private conversation without his or her explicit contemporaneous permission.

    For this, even if not for other things, David Miscavige may soon enough be going to jail.

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  40. Marty, did you tell Tom that his confessions are being laughed at and are sealed on video to be released at any hint of his defecting?

  41. Interesting picture – Tom is totally ignoring Katie and is engrossed in what DM has to say. Katie looks on. No wonder.

  42. can’t anyone get thru to cruise? but here’s the thing, it boggles the mind and defies logic and sanity that ANYONE MUCH LESS THE WORLD’S BIGGEST MOVIE STAR WOULD tell ANYONE ANYTHING that would ruin them destroy them whether personally or professionally! i mean c’mon was/is cruise that pathetic stupid! i’m a born and raised catholic which means i do the occassional “confessions” do you think i EVER have or would tell anyone including my priest anything that would be horrible, embarassing, deviant, etcetera? OF COURSE NOT! AND I’M A NOBODY JOE BLOW!… the idea that tom cruise would and did do this FOR YEARS AND YEARS! TELLING HIS DEEPEST SECRETS ,deeds and thoughts (including sexual?!!) and never think to protect himself and his name and reputation? never thought “gee i hope this never gets out” especially since they are writing down what i say (and now it turns out secretly videotaped his audits as well).. NO ONE IS THAT DARN DUMB no matter how “into at first and now over the decades brainwashed” they are by their religion any religion in this case scientology!

    while others here feel ‘sorry for cruise” if he has been betrayed by miscavige with these sick late night parties where miscavige and others watch the secret videos of his auditing sessions and laugh at cruise i somewhat can’t.. if he was that stupid to sit there ever much less over and over the years telling some auditor/auditors since 1987 that he had done so and so, he loved to do so and so, he thought about so and so, anything that would be embarassing, considered weird and strange, morally wrong, evil, dirty, sickening, whatever that if it was leaked” to the public would destroy his career, reputation and life? well, i kind of think cruise then deserves to be rewarded for his stupidity and gullibility!

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