The Underground KSW Alliance

Despite my regular campaigning for people to stand up and be counted as Independents, I have to admit there is quite an undeground movement gaining momentum. If it weren’t for the energy contributions of one particular steller member of the underground I would have had to scale back operations drastically long ago. That person will remain unnamed at this time, but will never be forgotten.

I received some interesting comm from an Agent 99 (self styled handle) recently that is indicative of the theta undercurrents churning within the bot zones. It is similar to a number of comms I have received over the past several months. But this one also came with an insightful,  Data Series driven article from the spouse of 99. I think the package is worth sharing.

Hi Marty, Just wanted to let you know that the TA is certainly
moving. I’ve never commented on any of these sites, but I wanted to
tell you that recently there are 6 more of us (and many more I’m
sure) talking amongst ourselves about the major outpoints going on
with management. I know–obnosing and talking about it is forbidden
in our Church these last so many years. But amazingly, we’re slowly
becoming de-PTS enough from the group to actually reach out to one
another. And lo and behold…I’ve now seen people who would have
never in the past said anything bad about our Dear Leader DM (at
least not out loud) finally feel like speaking up and being frank.
And once the comm starts, one can spend hours downloading BPC from
years of pent up wrong indications, enforced realities, extortion
reg cycles and general WTF activities coming from above. And these
are public from Clear to the top of the bridge, from Cl IV to Cl
VIII auditors. All with similar experiences and concerns.
    So I thought I should let you know that there are more of us
reading than is probably evident. So please keep up the good work.
And please let Hadyn, Mike, Steve, Jeff and all your wonderful
bloggers know how much we enjoy reading everything. Turns out you
can’t keep truth a secret. Who knew?

Agent 99

Super Power vs. Super MEST

As a Data Series Evaluator I find a great many illogics to work
with in the recent Super Power promotion that arrived in my mailbox
the other day.

This specific promo piece brings to light a very critical set of
contrary facts.

On one hand, we have a planet in desperate and immediate need of
salvage and we have the LRH tech needed to fix it—Super Power. But
on the other hand, delivery of this LRH planetary solution has been
stopped for over 20 years in order reg donations for a very costly

Here’s the key issue: are we really in the business of saving this
planet or not?

The promo piece I’m specifically looking at is actually a “Join the
Sea Org” recruitment promotion using Super Power as the handle. The
headline says “Super Power…It’s Closer Than Ever!” Considering
that the official delivery of Super Power has not occurred in over
20 years, anything less than 20 more years would be technically
closer than ever. (Outpoint=dropped time.)

This is the kind of vague carrot dangling in front of faithful
parishioners that keeps them on the treadmill of donations and
biannual sec checks. It keeps them tuned in to event after event
after event being pumped up with carefully engineered tidbits
designed to make what little impact the Church is actually having
seem momentous, gargantuan, stupendous and a whole thesaurus full
of enough adjectives to cause dopeoff in all but Chairman Dave and
the biographer. (Thank goodness there are a lot of standing
ovations— or much needed wake-up calls.)

Then comes the really damning part of this promo. There are
statistics quoted including “every 12 seconds another child takes
drugs for the first time” and “628,000 violent crimes occur every
year in our schools.” There are many more of these covering
military spending, psych drugs taken by children every 12 seconds,
illegal drugs, poverty, enslavement (irony noted), child
pornography, illiteracy and human trafficking.

The promo says that “Super Power is LRH’s solution to a sick, dying
and dead society,” “It will enable Scientologists to create a new
world.” It also says “Super Power is the solution to everything you
see affecting society right now.” OK, that’s the bait.

But here comes the switch. It goes on to say “But to release the
Super Power rundowns, the Flag Mecca must open.”


Says who? Certainly not LRH. Since when did LRH ever require a
multi-million dollar MEST building to release his tech? No, this is
Chairman Dave’s plan and decision pure and simple. (Outpoint =
wrong source).

To drive the point home further, the promo quotes LRH, “It’s time
to get very busy and clear this planet,” and, “Super Power…it
puts world clearing within reach.”

OK, so LRH has given us a gift that puts world Clearing within
reach and he says it’s time to get very busy doing just that. So,
why hasn’t this tech been released? SO members are working nearly
round the clock and have been for years. Aren’t they busy working
on Clearing the planet? Why haven’t SO members and org staffs been
given Super Power and why hasn’t it rolled out to a willing and
committed public?

It was David Miscavige who determined that LRH’s notion of
gradients was so last century and coined his off-source patter
about “straight up and vertical.”

So, where is the straight up and vertical when it comes to Super
Power delivery? (Or does that concept only apply to reg targets for

When the majority of us came into Scientology there were no fancy
buildings but there was a lot of Theta. How come Super Power which
“will put Scientologists into a new realm of ability” is not being
delivered even if we have to audit people in bathrooms, empty hotel
rooms, rented halls or anywhere else? In over 20 years we could
have been delivering to thousands of org staff and gotten a lot of
public through the rundowns. (Outpoints = omitted delivery, added

The “Mecca” is apparently more important than putting world
Clearing within reach.

Remember the Expansion Formula where you remove barriers and
distractions? Well, this 20-year-plus “Mecca” is a big, expensive
distraction. It’s got statues, marble, NASA gear and, according to
Tommy Davis, “pinch me material.” (Outpoints = wrong target,
altered importance.)

Initial estimates of the building costs were $24 million, revised
later to $45 million and then up to $90 million. But the regging
continued and back in 2007 the total raised was estimated at $145
million! How much has been regged to add to that in the last three
years? Have we all gone mad?

If you want a reality check in terms of how off-purpose our Church
has gone, just do the math per the figures quoted in the promo.
While Dave was collecting millions from field Scientologists
(outpoint=wrong source) to build his Florida mini-Vatican (wrong
target) over the course of more than two decades (added time), the
numbers are staggering.

Really get this. Taking the promo at face value, in the last 20
years while our attention was diverted from Theta to MEST, 52
million more children took drugs for the first time, there were
over 12 million more violent crimes in schools and a whole lot more
that all adds up to the further decline of our planet. But these
aren’t just words and figures “that is to say” it’s real human
misery and degradation—nothing less. And all the while we’re
sitting on LRH’s solution!

And just how close to delivering Super Power is “closer than ever?”
The promo piece says that we need 700 more Sea Org members. You’d
need at minimum twice that number to net your 700 when you allow
for those who don’t make it or leave once they realize what they
really signed up for, and then there is the time required to fully
train this staff. We’ve had 20+ years, couldn’t a tech training
corps have been set up during that time? (Outpoints = omitted
delivery, added time.)

If you have in your hand planet-saving technology and you don’t get
it delivered as fast as you can, that’s simply an overt of
unparalleled magnitude. Some of the faithful who donated to Dave’s
“colossal and spectacular” (his words) “grand milestone without
equal” (his words) are dead now. Their milestone has become a

If withholding vital technology for over 20 years isn’t a stop on
planetary clearing, tell me what is.

What about Senior Policy that we always deliver what we promise?
Well, Chairman of the Board, you’ve been promising Super Power
since before a lot of current org staff were born. That’s one hell
of a commlag.

And what about point 5 of KSW: Applying the Technology?

When the senior terminal supposedly responsible for KSW is too busy
creating a publishing and real estate empire and crisscrossing the
globe making speech after speech to bother with actual delivery,
then he needs to be bypassed by those who will.


Dylan Wycliffe
Evaluation Section
KSW Alliance

187 responses to “The Underground KSW Alliance

  1. Re: #4 and 5. As I recall, LRH identified that people who had taken LSD often had trouble with their auditing and going back track.

    In either late 1977 or early 1978, he piloted the “sweat out program” for those that had previously taken LSD. It involved a lot of running to create the sweating in the body to discharge the residual LSD.

    The purif was the answer to speeding that process up and LRH realized probably all PCs could benefit from having toxins, as well as drug residues, flushed from the body.

    But I don’t think the purif was a direct solution to slow or bogged students on KTL.

  2. Moving Forward

    It’s interesting about the google ads that lead to the Freedom Mag site. The articles and videos on that site, along with the ‘DA’ websites on Marty, Mike et. al., are some of the worst I’ve ever seen. Serious glutz PR. That latest video showing the ‘worker’s paradise’ was beyond bad.

    I originally found this site when a very close friend of mine (a Scientologist) asked me if I’d heard of any of this going on because I used to deal in this area (OSA stuff, not being more specific because I’m not ready to ‘out’ myself) and he wanted my take on it. I’ve been entirely out of the loop the last 2 years, so I hadn’t heard anything.

    I’ve never been afraid to look at negative things about Scientology even after I left staff and it was no longer part of my hat, so I looked up Marty and Jeff’s blogs. I checked out the SP Times series. It was altogether shocking, but there were too many people coming forward and saying the same thing to dismiss the allegations against DM.

    Knowing there would be ‘DA’ sites, I checked those out to see the other side of the story. I started reading the Freedom article, but it was so awful that I couldn’t finish it. All of the sites attacking Marty, Mike, Amy, Jeff and the others were frankly unbelievable.

    I had of course heard of Marty while I was in the SO, but I’d never met him and really didn’t know anything other than he had been an IG in RTC. However, I had met Mike Rinder on several occasions and also Amy and it was preposterous to me that they were SPs. I just knew it wasn’t the case.

    I had only ever met DM once, and that was just literally an introduction, so I didn’t have any personal experience with him. I’d never seen him outside events. But I’d had an odd nagging upset with him for some time. This is going to sound stupid and possibly trivial, but it always bothered me that he got up on stage and said to everyone that they finally had a script for Battlefield Earth that was true to the book. I’m a big fan of sci-fi and had always loved BE. Wonderful book. The movie didn’t even resemble it. Not even close. It was just awful. It trashed LRH’s reputation as a fiction author, and yet DM said it was true to the book. I wondered if we’d read the same book. And I knew Scientologists who claimed the movie was ‘great’ because I guess they thought they had to, because it was ‘LRH’. It was crazy to see this.

    Somehow I was able to see this about BE at the time, but I wasn’t able to see it about Scientology. Amazing to me how blind I was. Now I look back at events and am able to see that he did the same thing with LRH’s works on Scientology. I see the GAT for what it is now. I can see that he has perverted LRH’s works at every level.

      • Moving Forward

        Thanks for this, LO. I read elsewhere that DM got involved in the making of the movie (which I totally can believe), and so am guessing that the ‘notes’ mentioned came from him.

    • “I’ve never been afraid to look at negative things … so I looked up Marty and Jeff’s blogs. I checked out the SP Times series. It was altogether shocking, but there were too many people coming forward and saying the same thing to dismiss the allegations against DM. ”

      Moving Forward, I had a very similar experience. I was out looking for the “new Scientology ads” that I heard about in an LA Times article, and they mentioned the SP Times article regarding Marty and Mike. Once I saw all the people coming forward, I knew there had to be some truth to this. I had always been a defender of the Church and even Miscavige online, but this degree and commonality of data about DM from so many, just could not be ignored. I left the CoM shortly thereafter and have been following Marty’s blog ever since. I’m also now working on getting a refund.

      • Moving Forward

        It really was the numbers of people speaking up that did it. I’ve read a few accounts here and there which I previously dismissed as people making stuff up or exaggerating things.

        I remember reading Astra Woodcraft’s story in the news some years ago. I knew that some of the things she was saying were true (like the coerced abortions, this is something I dealt with personally and always had a major objection to), but I thought she was exaggerating about how hard it had been to leave. I knew some people had had overly long leaving cycles, but I’d never been on those lines and didn’t know what went down. I was in PAC most of the time and it wasn’t anything like Int or even what ILO became (I was at ILO for a while when it was FCB). I honestly had thought Int was some idyllic place. I was completely floored to find out that it was the 9th circle of hell.

      • “I honestly had thought Int was some idyllic place.”

        Exactly, that was the image I had while on staff, and also 20 yrs later amongst my Scientology public friends. DM was the “calm collected one” who was keeping things orderly and stable.

        Boy were we wrong. When I started hearing about the SP Hall, and the treatment of SO members at Int, it suddenly made sense why things were so f***’ed up and irrational at the mid-level and lower SO orgs.

        The insanity and cruelty is coming from the top.

  3. Very well stated Helmut.
    I have a very valid IMO reason for not announcing myself just yet.
    With several children currently winning bigtime on their co-audits it would be selfish of me to stand up right now and announce my doubt formula. I will wait until they are complete and discuss things with them helping them to attain their own insight.
    In the meantime I voice my dissagreements with the violation of Church policy regarding direct donations and will do my part to wake up the field as someone who is simply considered off-lines at the moment.

  4. Ne Obliviscaris


    Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” just picked up the # 1 song award on Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest songs of all time award.

    How does it feel?

    ML, Ne

  5. PlainOldThetan

    There’s a couple of things I think I need to add to this thread:

    (1) The independent network (or KSW network, or people-who-are-out network) expands by PERSONAL contact. Not even by posting stuff on the internet. This is the same formula employed by the Dissemination Drill (HCO PL 23 Oct 65). Watch what Synthia Fagen discoverd (, and it is my personal story too. I would not have realized I needed to be OUT without Old Auditor and Fellow Traveler…two guys I met in the late ’80s…and trusted. It was the personal contact that made it possible for me to look. That made it safe for me to look.

    In Synthia’s case, she did that with her husband.

    Once the Contact is made, the other steps of the Dissemination Drill can follow.

    (It must really irk DM that LRH tech can be used for this purpose.)

    (2) I had not realized thet the Universe Corps had been emasculated. This is part of the DM picture, though. If you remove “Saint Hill Sized” as a goal, then you don’t need to have a standing and operational Universe Corps. If there’s no Universe Corps, then those Sea Org members can be put on effort-filled days of phone sales. If “Saint Hill Sized” is no longer a goal, then THERE’S NO METRIC BY WHICH TO MEASURE THE SUCCESS OF AN ORG. All this opens the door to an Idyllic Org program, and results in no further persons up the Bridge.

    Brilliant…just Brilliant.

  6. I’m going to have to back up Roberto on this one. You see he doesn’t understand what the problem is.

    Back in September, shortly after Marty first came on line, Roberto jumped into it without hesitation. He announced he was in this game until the very end and would do whatever it took to bring Latin America with him. OSA freaked out because Roberto is high profile in LATAM so they sent their trolls rolled into his town and screwed with Roberto in a big way. He lost his entire family and all of his friends as a result of their viscious third party. No one helped him, he weathered it all alone. He had our prayers and wishes, but he was under attack and all by himself.

    Roberto came out okay. Not the way he wanted, but “anything for the cause”. Roberto is a hero in my book.

    And do you think Marty and Mike live the life? No man, their lives are not fun right now. They have private eyes following them where ever they go. Their phones are tapped, their computers have to have the best firewalls and security. Their garbage is gone through. They could be sued into oblivion for one misstep. And it is all for your freedom.

    So, no, don’t take Roberto or any of the other vets lightly. They paid big time and Roberto doesn’t understand why more don’t step forward. Please show him a little respect. He is a veteran of this campaign and has the battle scars to prove it.

    I am not trying to point out that there is a riff or anything because there is not. I am just simply pointing out Roberto has a bit of a beef and I understand it and telling you why he does.

    ML Tom

    • martyrathbun09

      Virgil, I understand his and your concerns. I am the first proponent for standing and delivering. I am not coming off of that position either. I am posting what I did to demonstrate there are heavy undercurrents in action – and we are being listened to. I mentioned that some people have accomplished more in the underground than they could otherwise. I know of less than half a dozen in that category. So, if my posting of Agent 99’s material and how I presented came across as a change of position or a dis toward you all, I apologize. It wasn’t intended to be.

    • Dear Tom…

      Thanks for this.

      This is the last comment I will make in a long time.

      I only want to tell you that I appreciate this comment.

      A lot.

      I hope you can email me so I can explain you in detail some things I want to share with you about this subject.

      Marty has my mail.


      Roberto Sánchez Núñez
      Public Independent

    • TheEmperorIsNaked

      Thanks for this comment in response to Roberto’s. Very nicely done.

      I for one would rather see more comm from Roberto rather than less. Either via Virgil or from Roberto directly. I find I have a lot of ARC for Roberto and would rather not have the comm line cut or reduced.

      Thank you for sharing with us Roberto. I hope to hear more from you. You sound like such a cool, “over the ramparts” type of thetan.

      I’m sitting her imagining what type of over the ramparts mess you might have gotten into (and remembering my own). See – remember the law of the omitted data – we will dream up crazy stuff here if you leave a vacuum! Ha! So hang with us and keep us in your life.


  7. Marty – off topic message to you.

    It’s impossible to ignore the majority feeling of distrust and animosity towards you on what you call “the natter boards” and amongst ex-scientologists and non-scientologists alike. It’s also impossible to ignore the pressure you and your family must be under from the Miscavigebots intent on carrying out their orders. You appear to be taking bullets from both sides.

    As someone born in Northern Ireland and whose parents and grandparents have suffered so much in “The Troubles” I should perhaps know better than to say this, but I do wish we could all respect each other’s beliefs and just unite to stop the abuses, diconnection etc.

    Don’t paint all of us with the same brush!

    The fact you are taking bullets from both sides means the rest of my comment is to offer you a virtual hug, a virtual cold drink of your choice and some virtual music and dancing. :)

    • martyrathbun09

      Maggie, if you know much about your fellow country-person Michael Collins perhaps it will give some context. I guess some folks are destined to be shot at from both sides.

    • Maggie: “the majority feeling of distrust and animosity towards you”

      Personally, I don’t believe they make up the “majority” at all. The natterers always make themselves appear to be the “majority” by making shocking statements and emphasizing the unimportant, but the fact is, the true majority approach things much differently.

      If the natterers had their way, the US wouldn’t have a Bill of Rights, because many of the founding fathers (including Thomas Jefferson) owned slaves and therefore we must question their “real motives” and find evil where there is none.

      And Abraham Lincoln. Setaside the good he did. Let’s concentrate on the fact that he supported “indentured servitude” (a mild form of slavery) prior to his death. Doesn’t matter what else he did to abolish slavery. How DARE he support “indentured servitude”!?

      And Jesus. Don’t Christians know that he said: “Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s foes will be those of his own household.” [Matthew 10:34-36]. Clearly not a person of goodwill, but an evil despot (or so the natterers would have us believe).

      The natterers like to take a couple trees, and then confuse them for the forest. And on those trees, they hang their entire argument, forgetting that the REAL majority of us are more interested in the forest than the trees.

      I for one appreciate Marty, Mike, Amy, Steve, Jim, Haydn, Tom … and all the rest … for seeing the forest (and trees) for what they are, and staying focused on the matter at hand: the corrupt, self-appointed dictator of the CoM.

      Finally, ask yourself: what would the Church be like today if Heber or Yvonne Jentzch — using the same Scientology and LRH policies — had taken the helm in the early 1980s? I’d predict we’d have a far different Church of Scientology today than the one Miscavige has given us.

      • Margaret,

        I suggest you don’t “cherry pick” my comment to suit your own reply, for whatever reason that may be!

        RE-READ my original comment!

        With regard to the remainder or your reply – you do indeed seem to have a penchant for “cherry picking”.

      • Margaret,

        My original reply to you appears to have disappeared. I’m off to rehearsals now but the essence was this:

        I suggest you RE-READ my original comment. Please don’t cherry pick to suit your own reply for whatever reason that may be!

        As for the rest of your reply – you do indeed appear to have a penchant for “cherry picking”!

      • Maggie: “I suggest you don’t “cherry pick” my comment to suit your own reply”

        Hi Maggie, I liked your overall reply. It was very nice.

        But I wasn’t commenting on the overall reply, I was commenting on that one line which seemed to assume that there was a “majority opinion” on something. And I disagreed with that.

        But I didn’t mean any offense to you, and because your overall reply was a good one, I probably should have kept the comment to myself.

  8. Does anyone have a picture of that Super Power mock up the church put out in Scn. news? I’m talking about the big wrap around screen and the implant chair, and the full body spinning device. My 2-d just doesn’t believe me, and I can hardly believe it myself. Anyone know if this stufff really is part of Super Power? It looked really restimulative to me, scary actually.

  9. “How does life become totally painful? By total retreat. Total noninspection becomes total pain.
    But existence is basically composed of a very few truths onto which have hung a great many artificialities and which man has adorned with enormous numbers of lies. And man is prisoner of his own shadows.
    Now one of the things you can do with man is to get him to look up and find out that he can look through the shadows and look at the shadows and find out what they are.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  10. Pingback: Top Posts —

  11. Foremost I don’t know of a law which differentiates between you supervising one co-audit in your living room and you running a 500 chair delivery center. As far as I understand it, as long as you don’t copy materials outside of “fair use” and you don’t call it Scientology, RTC is powerless no matter how many people you deliver to. And that’s the long and short of it. Do you have different info?

    To the best of my understanding if you make copies of copywritten materials for the use of others, and you are charging others for the service these copyrighted materials are used for to provide that service, they are in a legal position to take action.

    I am not making any legal points here at all, but CO$ has successfully shut down commercial Scientology groups previously, esp. in this neck of the woods. I don’t what legal basis they used, but it was done successfully.

    Scientology is a Trademark under sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, but not limited to it, as “Fair Use” also applies to copyright Law.

    The following reference should shine some light on it:

    In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include:

    1. the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
    2. the nature of the copyrighted work;
    3. the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
    4. the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

  12. “To the best of my understanding if you make copies of copywritten materials for the use of others, and you are charging others for the service these copyrighted materials are used for to provide that service, they are in a legal position to take action.”

    Yeah I understand, but if you charge whatever you want for training auditors in a large courseroom using the coursepacks, which you bought from the church, you’re still good to go as far as I know. Definitely the first amendment protects that.

    And by the law, there’s no difference between a co-audit in your living room and supervising a 500 man co-audit in a building as far as I know but I don’t have certainty.

    I’m not advocating drastically undercutting the church with the motivation of attracting their parishioners with cheap prices as I think if nothing else, PR-wise that would repel some who’d see it as a leeching activity when that’s not the point at all. The whole point would be to follow LRH policy and return to the usual on more than just pricing. DM has squirreled pricing policy by LRH and that’s covered on this blog.

    I think a pricing solution would be to charge what you believe the church should be charging based on LRH’s blue collar monthly wage datum, covered on the blog. And afterall, I wouldn’t want an org staff to have to moonlight either, I’d be realistic. We have to be able to succeed and set an example that church orgs can follow.

    Keep in mind within the finance series is a policy on accepting large humanitarian donations from people who haven’t specified it for a particular service, they simply want to help the org instead of keeping it in their bank account, and how you handle that. That policy should help a new org get up and running. I’ll see if I can find it.

    But a drop in prices per LRH policy is called for.

  13. My fellow brothers and sisters, I love you all very much.

    Thank you for having and contributing to this compilation with your hopes, dreams, and LOGICAL evaluations of scenes.

    Lets continue to make ourselves stronger by increasing our Knowledge, Responsibility, and Control of our environment!

    Lets get more people to apply evaluation tech!

    Lets continue to make sure that we have the correct technology!


    WE WILL WIN!!!


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