Private Eye Dog and Pony Show Busted

Tiziano, Jamie and JB have provided graphic documentation of the lengths Miscavige has gone to in attempting to intimidate JB into silence. Doesn’t look like DM is being too successful.  Quite the contrary.

170 responses to “Private Eye Dog and Pony Show Busted

  1. Thought Provoking

    Hi Guys!

    That was a very entertaining example of being insouciant. I loved it when you got the one guy to crack a smile in his “TRO”.

    Aside from the obvious stupidity of the whole operation, what was most relevent was the ARC that you established with some of the PIs. It is the complete dichotomy of the militant operation constantly demanding donations inside the official church.

    Hmmm…the ex churchies are uptone, creating ARC and caring…even inviting the PIs in for coffee and a break.

    While, at the same time, the true believers currently in the church are hearing their phone ring insessently about this week’s special briefing, Ideal Org, world emergency (okay, whatever button will grease the wallet out of your hands) event. So that more PIs can be paid (I’m sure they haven’t let up on Mike during this excursion.) to watch the whistleblowers.

    Not hard to decide which group I want to support. Gotta run…I can hear DM bellowing for his scotch now, face red, veins nearly bursting . I think that Veritas even got video of him going nuclear again.

    Not hard to choose which group I want to be part of. :)

  2. Another Anonymous

    Not all anons are you fans Mr. Rathbun, but there’s no denying you are rattling DMs cage most excellently! Good work getting it on video!

  3. Tiz you are Mr. Insouciance defined. Can’t you take life a bit more seriously?! LOL.
    Dog and pony show sums this up nicely. Just bizarre. Think I will send this video along with my IAS refund request.

  4. Fantastic job guys on your documentation!
    JB you look great and I vote “YES” to blowing your whistle as loud and free and large as you can.
    Brilliant take on that phone number as well. The evidence of church wastage and harrassment piles up.

  5. Watching the watchers, what a hoot! Terrific! Thanks for sharing it. Hope you’ll keep the light and humor cause point, it’s just super!

  6. Hey JB, Marc, T&J,

    Nice footage. Looks like you were having fun. You know Dear Leader isn’t. The enjoyment of life, insouciance and laughter — this is what Scientology is supposed to create. And in the right hands — it does.

    Now, think about Dear Leader — blood vessels bursting, screaming at anyone within his sight til his voice is hoarse (“Lou, look what those SPs have done to me now, destroyed my voice”) and complaining to one and all how he has to do “everything”. And that is all because Marty and JB were in LA and had the temerity to ask for JB’s passport back. Oh, what a sad existence Dear Leader leads.

    And then he probably read the new post on Steve’s blog documentng the lies about his massive straight up and vertical expansion (from his own websites no less) and that was just the last straw. “Lou, get the 737 ready, I need to go to the Freewinds for some scuba diving to destimulate. Get the masseuse, chiro, cook, hairdresser, make-up artist, typist, runner, deputy cook, steward, driver, diving instructor, camera gear carrier and keeper of the royal footstool ready. After all the incredible things I have done for everyone, nobody appreciates me, and now the SPs are out making fun of my PIs. It’s just all too much. And nobody cares about me — those SPs at Int are trying to kill me. The SPs who left are trying to kill me. The martians are trying to kill me. Pull up the Beemer, we’re out of here.”

    By the way, those PI’s love you guys. They have been told not to talk to you — and one of them is smart enough to realize it doesnt hurt and at least makes him look normal rather than sinister. They probably get together and cheer when you come into town. They know the Church has unlimited funds (thanks to the crush regging of people who take out second mortgages and go into debt) and will keep 5 or 6 them employed full time at $75 hour. And they dont have to do anything. It sure beats what they were getting paid when they were with LAPD and getting shot at! Look on the back of ther cars next time and see the bumper stickers “JB and Marty Fan Club”.


    • Mike you had me rolling on the floor in laughter; sad thing is that much of your sarcasm to some degree is very very true. However, I do not remember the royal foot stool it must have been purchased after I left which I am sure the Treasury Sec had a cow about it! Jan

    • Mike,

      Yeah, it’s vacation time of the year for Dear Leader – thanks for the reminder. Too bad the Eden Rock restaurant at St Barth’s is now off limits it was one of the good ones.

      One big question is – how many OT 8s will be at the Freewinds – will it look like a ghost ship?

      • The word on the street in LA, is many OT 8’s are not happy with the date change and are unwilling to change their air tickets and arrangements (very expensive and just a big inconvenience) So moving it to June 27th was not that good of an idea.

        I think DM just gave a hell of a lot OT’s the excuse they needed to not show up – can’t change my plans!

        On another note – when the boss is away, it might be a good time to try and get people to wake up in there. Sure you have some rats who will always be loyal, but if the mood is a little lighter people might get some sanity.

      • Thanks for the word Lucy. They will probably miss the extra IAS regges usually brought in from Clearwater and elsewhere to all hands reg!

    • martyrathbun09

      mjrinder, I’m sure they love you down there too. Did you see the wry smile Rafferty flashed you at the FH. It spoke “thanks for single-handedly handling the PI recession in the entire Tampa Bay region.”

      • Yeah Marty. Rafferty and his gang love me. They have a Mike Rinder fan club. They are putting on a dinner for us after July 4th as they are going to be doing some serious overtime I would guess…. :) Mike

      • If that’s the same Rafferty who was working during the LMT days, he’s made working for Mestology his career. He and other PIs used to come over and jaw with T Bone who was parked at the WB most of the day.

    • Mike,

      I wonder who has the hat of D/Chamber pot for DM? One can’t forget to bring the chamber pot along!

  7. The best part of this for me was seeing JB’s face after all these years. Next was the matter-of-fact easiness that I remember. After that, the ethics presence.

    Raise the gradient JB. A bigger whistle methinks.

    This is a tougher case than most – its truly suppressive.

  8. Freedom Fighter

    ROFLMAO!! I loved the neighbor’s response!! ” . . . that’s so weird! Go home and go to sleep, sweetie. Nothing’s going on here.” LOL!

    Psst! DM, what’s that behind you? Quick, look over there! Oh, and don’t forget to check under the bed at night . . .

  9. We can give a working title to the rough cut here….I call it “Apoplexy Now”.


  10. I am so happy to hear you call yourselves WhistleBlowers, because that is the truth and that is what we all are doing in our own way. I am NOT and Apostate, nor am I a disgruntled ex member,
    Nor am I someone attempting to get money from Scientology. That is Scientology’s words for those of us who speak out.
    There are crimes ongoing and mental abuse ongoing, and we ARE whistle Blowers!!!!

    • Well said !

    • You’re also human rights activists, y’all.

      I want to add my appreciation for JB, Marc and Tiziano and Jamie. The light, humorous tone is the only way to go. There’s no need to be afraid and there’s no need to be angry. It really is pathetic what DM is doing and the world can see it along with you.

      Something CAN be done about it!

  11. This is the guy that Warren McShane was scared of?

    JB seems to have very high ARC, and incomm!

    • Yeah Lucy,

      I cracked up when Marty wrote up Warren McShane’s response and act. It’s not like they’re way different physically Warren’s skeered of the big bad SPs these days and the flap caused by JB showing up which his boss would no doubt scream at him for.

  12. At nine minutes thirty eight seconds;
    He’s got a little, eerrmmm… “camera”.


  13. Ne Obliviscaris

    War & Peace,

    A billion here, a billion there…

    Pretty soon you’re talkin’ REAL MONEY!


    • Ne

      The Sea Org is notorious for not being willing to pay out of FP (Finanicial planning done by Ad Council) for medical for SO members contrary to what they claim at recruitment and signature of the 1 billion year contract.

      In addition to having a FREE PASS of a 501C3 tax exempt “charity” ~~ the tax payer has been billed for decades for medical for SO members who claimed to be indigent.

      In the meantime, Miscavige lives like a rock star, privately benefiting from Parishioner monies while he hires an abundance of lawyers and PIs.

      Did you read Haydn’s write up of regging in the United Kingdom ?

      • martyrathbun09

        W and P, nice connecting of the dots.

      • I second War & Peace. I know from experience.

        I had to pull my own molar (tooth) with lineman’s pliers because apparently there wasn’t enough money in the Financial Planning for me to go to the dentist, even though my post statistic was in Affluence ↑ .

  14. Your Humble Servant

    By the way, for those of you who regret having made huge IAS donations because you believe you were misled and the money did not go where you were told it would go, if you were married and lived in California and your spouse did not consent in writing to the donation, and if the donation was from community funds–as it usually would have been–I believe your spouse has the automatic right to demand and receive the donation back from the recipient organization (the IAS). It is illegal in California to donate community property without the written consent of the spouse. This would be true for each individual donation made, whether large or small.

  15. I’m very glad JB got to have a comm cycle at the very end, explaining to the PI that the guys who hired him are evil.

    All of you guys ought to create a flyer for the PI’s, briefly explaining the situation going on with DM, that a non-Scientologist can easily duplicate, complete with some links for them to go to for further “investigation” on the net.

    At least it’s some reading material for them, in their extreme monotony.

    And some of them might actually drive away and resign from that particular job if they have any integrity.


    • Good idea… and also PI’s probably do enjoy investigating, you know catching the cheating wife in the hot tub nekked with her boyfriend.

      These PI’s have probably already realised that they have been hired more to harrass rather than utilise any skills
      or talent they have.

      Yeah give them some reading material, if they have laptops maybe they’d like to read this blog.

  16. Or, hand them a copy of Amy’s book, Marc’s book, Jeff’s book……

    • The whole “gong show” reminds me of the movie “Burn After Reading”.
      A bunch of clowns working for a bunch of clowns to investigate a bunch of nothing!
      (If you haven’t seen the film it is hilarious and is a great take on the ridiculousness of cloak and dagger activities IMO)

  17. JB, T & J, thanks so much for sharing. For those of us still under the radar who are enlightening friends, employees, and family members to the truth before our own declares occur, these types of posts help. This is happening in PT, you are providing real proof. I guess my last $15,000 “donation” has helped pay for some of these guys. Try not to hold it against me. I’m wiser now.

  18. A real class act. I like JB’s quote about not getting mad at the rock, but at the guy who threw it. The fact is, DM doesn’t send PIs after people to get information, he does it for harassment. When people leave the Base, he can no longer harass them up close and personal, so he hires people at vast expense to do it for him. That it doesn’t work and in fact backfires (as every Scientologist can now see what he does with their money) will probably not dissuade him. The only thing important to him is dominating and controlling others.

  19. Impartial English Girl

    Amazing. And what for? What is DM hoping the PIs are going to find out? JB running a brothel staffed by goats? It’s pathetic.

    In England, in the 70’s, this sort of thing would be shown on speeded-up film with a jaunty soundtrack by Benny Hill.

    All of these hired eyes are making DM’s obsessive paranoia less private…

  20. Those P.I.s are lonely bored and innocent.
    I would befriend them, take out some ice cold beers, apologize for the inconvenience the Church has put on them. Enlighten them, bring them up the CDEI scale. Get a card so they can be contacted later in a trial matter.
    Take the motion that comes in and use it to win.

  21. JB: Whistle-blowing? Hell, get a trumpet and be the Angel Gabriel! The whole world is waiting to hear what you have to say!

    Jesus said to people like DM in Luke 12:3, “What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight. What you have whispered to someone behind closed doors will be shouted from the rooftops. ”

    This video is spectacular!

    The best thing anyone can do is to get a PI’s face on camera and then post it online. Their privacy is paramount. Out them online with photos or videos and they are compromised. During the height of Anonymous protests, PI’s paid the price of exposure online. I take Pete Sagi’s point that this could be distraction followed by a covert op.

    Gary mentioned TALON. The SUV’s in the video looked to me like the standard issue TALON vehicles with the Eddie Bauer upgrade package. I ran into a TALON field supervisor on a side street on one of the early raids and he was outside of such an SUV. I even talked to him briefly. Based on my experience at Anonymous protests, the TALON guys drive SUV’s and their contractors drive sedans.

    TALON is owned an operated by Ron Williams, a former Secret Service agent. I posted a public letter to Ron Williams at OCMB on 20 July 2008 asking him why he worked for CoS:

    The TALON website is here, and it does place a cookie on your computer, so erase the cookie:

    Talon Executive Services, Inc.
    151 Kalmus Drive Suite A-103
    Costa Mesa, California 92626
    phone: 714.434.7476
    fax: 714.434.7350

    Talon’s executives as posted on their website:

    Ron Williams
    Barry Mozian
    Gus Drulias
    Kain Guercci
    Shelley Miner
    Robyn Williams
    Jennifer Bales
    Judy Clark

    Attorney David J. Schindler of Latham & Watkins LLC represents CoS. Schindler was busy sending harassment letters to the parents of teenage Anons who protested. He said that their children were part of known terrorist group that made anthrax threats, etc. Below is some text of Schindler’s letter. You can read the full letter at:

    “Latham & Watkins, LLP has been retained by the Church of Scientology International (the “Church”) in connection with a series of terrorist threats against Church leaders and parishioners made by an internet group known as “Anonymous”. Since January 2008, members of Anonymous have engaged in a campaign of violence against the Church, its members and church property. Anonymous members have made numerous bomb threats, arson threats and committed acts of vandalism against Scientology Churches. They have made harassing phone calls, sent vulgar and threatening faxes, posted threats on the internet and publicly threatened to kill Church leaders, Church security personnel and Scientologists engaged in religious services. On January 30, 2008, Anonymous members sent letters containing simulated anthrax to over twenty Scientology Churches in Southern California….”

    This is how Drama Queen and COB David Miscavige reacts when he is threatened.

    Marty, keep fighting the good fight!


  22. This pisses me off! Keep us informed. Thank you for exposing.
    I’m suffering in huge debts due to donations I thought would help the 4th dynamic. It breaks my heart… How far out.

  23. “Investigation we do with a yell. Always.” — LRH

    • martyrathbun09

      Out of context, even if it is an accurate quote. LRH faced the most well healed, ominous forces on earth when that was written.

      • I don’t see anything tying this to a particular incident, Marty. As far as I can tell, the Church is following LRH policy on investigating a squirrel – which, whether accurate or not, is what they think you are.

        “A person or an organisation using Dianetics or Scientology wrongly or without rights… is best shut down or shut up by hiring a private detective. Tell the detective ‘We don’t care if they know you’re investigating them for us. In fact, the louder the better.'” — LRH

        I don’t mean that it’s right, because it isn’t. And I don’t mean it isn’t silly, because it is – wonderfully so. Again, they’re acting like 8-year-olds. But whether in or out of proper context, they have policy to back them up.


        • martyrathbun09

          Caliwog, Thanks. You are right. The facts sort of turn the world upside down. I contend I am using Dianetics and Scientology properly and with rights. I further contend Miscavige is using Dianetics and Scientology wrongly and without rights. I don’t care whether he knows that I am investigating him. However, where I part company is the idea of volume for the sake of volume.

      • Clarification – I said “what they think you are,” and I meant “What the independents are.”


      • caliwog,
        Last word. (Go on, I dare ya.)

  24. JB,

    With your style, humor and creative flair you got the makings for a great reality show. Loved the guy standing next to you that was hiding his face. He’d be a good regular.

  25. Come on 650.00 a day per PI.
    It’s money well spent, wait till DM gets that right hand turn you guys made without signaling into his blackmail the folder against you. Hahaha.

  26. Even Showed up in front of Tom Cruise’s house

  27. Too funny! JB at TC’s house! And why does TC have bat wings on his fence?

  28. Great job, JB !

    Note that similar OSA operations against Independants have been going on for decades. I can’t even guess how many millions these actions have cost. And everyone knows that covert operations ( be it CIA, KGB, Mossad or OSA ) fail sometimes.

    That’s why Heber got arrested in Spain. That’s why a police raid was conducted against the org in Munich, Germany.

    Guess who informed authorities about alleged terrorist or criminal gang meetings – which were actually gatherings of Independants ( in Russia and Germany ). The Independants could clear that up, of course. Which backflashed against the “informants”.

    Other outstanding OSA achievements include placing a mole near the French President who influenced him. Which was later found out.

    Guess who made threatening phone calls to a reporter. Guess who send a PIs after officials, politicians and clergymen ( all happened in Germany ).

    All this and much more is documented on the web.

    Anyone wondering why some governments and countries have become so antagonistic against Scn ?

    The madness here is spending huge sums of money creating antagonism. And then more money is needed for attempts to “handle” that antagonism.

    A true ponzi scheme, isn’t it !?

    Han Solo

  29. one of those who see

    Marty, well done on your alertness and quick handle -with truth of Caliwog’s comment. You’re good you! (sorry, a little Deniro slipped in there)

  30. The PI Joel said ‘at least 2 others’ would come running if he radioed for assist. That means there are at least 3 PI’s around at any one time. If there are 3 eight hour shifts, that’s 9 or more per day. Could be the same around Mike, and maybe Marty. I’ve seen at least 3 hanging around the FH at any one time. There must be 20 to 30 PI’s on the payroll at all times. At $650 per day would be well over $10,000 per day. So the next guy who pays to become a Patron gets less than a week’s worth of PI’s paid for. You’d sure need a lot of Patrons to keep that one going.

  31. Chairman of the Bored,

    Although it’s a little late in the chain on this thread, LRH tells us that the biggest overt you can commit is to make others guilty of overts.

    From a sincere view, please look very thoroughly at what these men are doing in present time.

    What I mean is, do a real obnosis drill on all the writings, videos, actions, handlings, confrontations and even rescues they’ve been responsible for in helping others.

    Marty has openly stated that, wherever possible, he has personally apologized to anybody he might’ve wronged.

    We all got duped by DM. You, too.

    Making others guilty of overts in light of currently being upstat isn’t of any use here.


  32. I don’t know how many here have read Malcom Gladwell’s “Tipping Point”.

    If you are curious about cultures you will love his books.

    But I was talking to someone in England a few days ago who told me Marty has caused the “Tipping Point” here.

    SO TRUE!

    This is TIPPING POINT!

  33. Well, you should all know that as a result of this video posting, Joel and a few other members of the “watch JB” team got the boot. A tougher team ended up being assembled. Gave them the slip unfortunately! So, now the don’t know where I am again. My deepest appreciation to Tiziano and Jamie for a few lovely days of genuine hospitality at their very nice home!

  34. Damn JB! You’ve hardly aged in 25 years!

    Nice touch, telling them where you were going so they could use a real bathroom.

    Loved the Moxon phone number face shield! Perfect. This just keeps getting worse for the C of M.

    One thing everyone should realize: These PIs are just hired guns. They are in it for the money. Easy money to them.

    Marty: do you ever have a dilemma about what to post, given so much great material and only so many hours in a day?

  35. Fellow Traveller

    Awesome as I mentioned earlier.

    For what it’s worth, I searched the phone number displayed as Moxon office. Per Google, it belongs to the following:

    SUITE 1100

    TELEPHONE (323) 960-1935 $ FAX (323) 650-0398

    He is one of the CoM legal guns, yes, but not the stated one.

    Did I miss something?

    Bruce Pratt

  36. Ne Obliviscaris

    War & Peace,

    I was being facetious about the “Billion dollar Slush”.

    The point is that money is a form of energy, and energy is controlled with flows.

    DM obviously has a stuck flow on money and the ridge he is creating with it shall be his downfall. He can’t even waste enough money to be able to have more. It’s too precious to him.

    We, on the other hand, should stay at postulates and continue to deliver.

    Keep reporting the facts, yes — but know that loving one’s fellows is the ultimate trump card.


  37. Gee, Moxon’s number shows up on a PI’s pad and PI’s show up outside the Headleys’ home and the Headleys are in litigation with the CoS… that’s not smart, DM.

  38. It would be interesting to see the PI’s reaction if you were to confront them with a camera crew from a major media outlet. Calling Anderson Cooper anyone?…

  39. Insane circus really.

  40. This was DM’s response after I gave him the slip every time!!!

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