Jamie’s adventure

by Jamie Sorrentini

My name is Jamie Sorrentini Lugli. My parents were on staff at the NY org in the early seventies and were disaffected for about 30 years. I got them back on the bridge when I discovered Scientology on my own in 2006. I also got my sister in around the same time.

I was always extremely close with both my parents. We had a very open communication line and they supported me in everything I did. And my father and I had a very special relationship – closer than most fathers and daughters I know. It was like we were telepathically and emotionally connected. Whenever my parents would fight I was there to listen to him. Whenever my Mom wasn’t around to make dinner, I would make dinner for him. And every night before bed we used to eat chocolate chip cookies together.

Jamie with her father


I got out of the church in January with my husband Tiziano. I was on OT Elig for a year and was not being accepted for unusual and invalid reasons. It all started when I refused to buy more Basic books after having already donated 25 libraries, and doing Patron with Honors. It then spiraled out of control when I got in Ethics trouble for buying a motorcycle (with money I “should have donated instead”) Also, as an actress, I played a stripper on a popular network TV show and I was told I was promoting myself as a “porn star” and I was not allowed to play characters below 2.0 on the tone scale. The list of insanity goes on and on but these are just a few highlights. In the end they gave me a program which was to train to Class 4 internship, do the complete Basics book and lectures line-up, redo the PTS/SP course ( because the entertainment industry is a “1.1. industry”) and  to increase my “contributions”.

I was going to request a Board of Review but then I saw the St. Pete Times video interviews with Marty Rathbun and others who had left the church. Suddenly it all made sense and I knew there was no point in trying to fight this any longer. I could not support David Miscavige and his criminal activities anymore.

My mother left the church immediately as soon as she found out the truth about what was happening at the top. My father and sister still remain in the church and of course have disconnected from us. My mother is now seeking a divorce from my father for obvious reasons.

                                                            * *

 On July 2nd  Tiziano and I went to Clearwater for  the Independents’ weekend and had a blast.

Jackson with Jamie and Tiziano

After the inaugural Independent’s Deep Sea Fishing Tournament, Tiziano, Gary Jackson Moorehead and myself decided to swing by the Oak Cove and try to see Flavio, Tiziano’s brother who is an auditor. We knew we wouldn’t be able to “trespass” and go inside the parking lot to get to the actual building, but we thought maybe if we stood on the curb, we would be able to see him getting on the bus to go to dinner.

So we stood outside yelling “FLAVIO FLAVIO!” Security guards were watching us and anyone who recognized us and attempted to communicate were told, “Don’t talk to them. They are declared Suppressives.” We knew there was no way they were going to let Flavio out of that building. As it was, SO members had to run out of the side door and jump onto the bus one at a time, to keep them sheltered from the EVIL SPs that were outside on the street “attacking the church.”

Tiziano and Flavio when they were younger

After about an hour of trying to get Flavio’s attention, we decide to leave and go back to Mike and Christie’s. Since my father lives at 500 Osceola (the apartment building just next door to the Sandcastle) I say to Tiziano, “Let’s drive by there and just see if my father’s scooter is there.” (He drives around on a red scooter because he gave all his money to the church and cannot afford to buy himself a car.) We pull up in our convertible and in that moment I see my father on his red scooter about to exit the parking lot. I tell Tiziano, “Stop the car!” and I jump out and run towards him. I had not planned to even try to talk to him on this trip but when I saw him, it was like something overcame me and I just knew I had to get to him.

Funny thing is, I had been wearing my flip flops every day that we had been in Clearwater, but that morning I had put my running shoes on. I hadn’t felt like wearing them, but something had told me to put them on. I had no idea that I would be sprinting through a parking lot in them, in a desperate attempt to reconnect with my father.

So, I am running towards him, shouting “DAD, DAD!!!” And he turns the scooter around and heads to the opposite side of the parking lot. He’s trying to get away from me! OMG! I can’t believe it. So I break into a full sprint running as fast as I can, yelling for him. I see him park the scooter and take off running around the back of the building. I am in shock, with adrenaline pumping through me. I run through the building and see him come up the back stairs, heading towards a glass door that leads to the lobby. I yell at him, “Dad, don’t you run from me. Don’t do this. I’m your fucking daughter!” As I run down the hallway, I see him open the door and yell at the security guard in a panicked voice, “Lock the door, don’t let her in!” I try to run past the guard but she grabs my arm and stops me. I lose him. I was seconds away.

 In my mind, I just wanted to jump on him and hug him, thinking that once he felt my arms around him he would give up and just hug me back. But I was horrified at his reaction, to have my own father who I was so close with my whole life, who once looked at me with love and affection now looking at me and running from me like I was a murderer chasing him with a gun.

The guard locks the door and won’t let me in. I break into sobs and beg her to let me in to talk to him. I explain that he is my father and that he won’t talk to me because he was told by the church that he is not allowed to have any communication with me. She says she will go talk to him.

In the meantime, Tiziano and Jackon show up and I fill them in. The guard comes back down and says that my father is very upset and that he said he does not want to talk to me and that I need to leave because I am on private property. Jackson explains about disconnection and how all I want to do is see my father and within a few minutes she is crying herself. I keep begging her to let me go up to his apartment door, but she says she can’t allow me to do that. At this point, I think all four of us have tears coming down our cheeks.

Tiziano’s brother disconnected from him, Jackson was torn apart from his wife; we had all felt the pain of the COS-enforced-disconnection. And now this naïve security guard, who could not believe what she had witnessed, knew this pain. It reinforced our individual losses in the shared experience, and it was pretty intense.

                                                                 * *

Isn’t it ironic how Scientology is supposed to teach people how to communicate and help them to be able to confront things yet these “dedicated Scientologists” can do nothing but run ?

It took me a bit to get over the  shock of what transpired. But I know that as bad as I feel about it, he feels worse. I knew that I was upholding my integrity and doing what was right. He can’t say the same. Deep down he knows it’s wrong to abandon his flesh and blood.  And he’s missing out on sharing my milestones, my wins.

soul mates

I am living my life now. The one I want to live, not the one the church thinks I should live. My life is fantastic. I am married to my soul mate. We just bought a house and are creating on our life together. My career is moving forward and I am living my dream.

My father has lost everything he has worked for his whole life- his wife, his daughter, his future. He has given every cent he has to the church. He has 80,000 dollars of debt, he drives a scooter because he can’t afford to buy a car and even worse, he is living alone after 34 years of marriage. It makes me wonder, how far will one go to keep making themselves right?


Dad, if you are listening, I love you and I am here for you as always. You will always be a part of my life and whenever you choose to come back to me I will have your glass of milk and some chocolate chip cookies ready to share with you like the good old days.

225 responses to “Jamie’s adventure

  1. Jamie

    Keep outflowing your father will flow back in due time. no greater bond then father daughter, he has NOT forgotten the good times with you. Its just buried under the crap from the C of S and DM”s nonsesne

  2. Jamie this awful situation has been repeating itself since long before you were born. you are one of thousands and thousands, it saddens me to see it continue

  3. Wow. Man, all I can say is “I relate.” You put it so succinctly talking about how your “father has lost everything he has worked for his whole life- his wife, his daughter, his future. He has given every cent he has to the church. He has 80,000 dollars of debt, he drives a scooter because he can’t afford to buy a car and even worse, he is living alone after 34 years of marriage. It makes me wonder, how far will one go to keep making themselves right?”

    I have seen that time and time again. People who are deep in debt, have no car (or a very old one) are “OT” (so they’re supposed to be super-powerful) yet they have nothing.

    I am sorry you lost your father. I sincerely hope he comes to his senses.

    All I know is after 10 years of “waiting” for Scientology to show me how to do well in life, I’m doing better than ever now that I left.

    For the first time in ten years, I actually have money in my bank account, a successful 2D relationship and a successful business.

    Indeed, how far will people go to keep making themselves and DM right?

  4. I want to thank everyone for your love and support. I wanted to get my story out there to expose some of the insanity that is taking place in the church. I didn’t mean to make you all cry. However reading all these comments made ME cry. It is sad how many people have experienced or are still experiencing the pain of disconnection. But on a brighter note, it makes me feel good to know that I am not alone. It was surprisingly therapeutic to read all these loving comments.

    I have faith that all this will come to an end one day and that we will get our loved ones back. I am not giving up.

  5. Back in 1984 my best friend had to disconnect from his dad. He told me about it one night while we were drinking and I was someone who would listen. The next morning he had his mother who was was at the top of the bridge at the time explain to me what was going on with Scientology and I also remember her showing me “Story of a Squirrel”. It made sense in a warped kind of way as I grew up LDS (mormon). I always knew that some day I may have to disconnect from a family member when I became a Scientologist.

    I have a question for you independents out there, What is done about all the disconnection policies that are written by LRH?

    The story is heartbreaking but I can’t help but think that that how the game was set up.

  6. Sono estremamente sconcertata per quello che è successo a voi,ma sono ancora più convinta che le famiglie distrutte da queste forme di controllo possono creare molti problemi alla chiesa.
    Una domanda che mi pongo è come mai anche gli OT si odiano tra loro? Come mai anche prima di questi eventi molti fratelli e sorelle ed anche nipoti hanno disconnesso dal loro stesso sangue senza un intervento forzato????
    Ma solo perchè affermavano di aver ricevuto dei torti e non guardavano tutta la verità?
    Qual’è il tipo di pensiero che è stato accettato invece di chiarire le cose in maniera profonda e sincera?
    Forse anche quello che è successo a voi è il risultato finale di cose che voi stessi avete perpetrato verso altri familiari ????
    L’amore non può essere gestito o controllato da niente e nessuno ,esiste al di là di qualsiasi disconnessione voluta o forzata.
    E l’amore fluisce e penetra in ogni angolo di questo ed altri universi…..sempre!
    Ed io vi amo al di là di tutto.

    • “Forse anche quello che è successo a voi è il risultato finale di cose che voi stessi avete perpetrato verso altri familiari ????”

      (Google translation)

      “Perhaps what has happened to you is the result of things that you have committed yourself to other family members??”

      Is this a clever way to ask her:”What are your crimes”

      Enough of this “you must have pulled it in” mumbo jumo

      The onley ones who need their arses kicked by karma are DM and his discipels of deception.

    • We don’t do “you pulled it in!” here, Queeny.

      Michael A. Hobson

  7. Jaimie,

    As others have said here, love is eternal. It does not change with change. It does not give up. It does not surrender to difficult circumstances. It perseveres.

    Courage only manifests in the face of danger. The greater the danger, the greater the opportunity for courage to prevail.

    Same with love. The greatest love I’ve felt for others has come in trying times: when the need to rise above the fray gave emphasis to those profound feelings.

    Living is a drama that unfolds. We do not remember the games that were easy. We remember the moments when we prevailed when it seemed we would not. The games that fans remember are those won despite overwhelming odds, when the winning team is down and somehow comes back to win at the last moment. The last second shot. The buzzer beater.

    I have often mused that if there is a God, he invented the devil to make things interesting. What kind of game would there be if we knew the outcome every time, if we had not opposition, if everything were too easy? Does any of us enjoy a game against someone so overmatched as to be an embarrassment?

    Jack and Dave talked about this greater game that exist beyond the human level, that goes on life after life, that is scripted beyond human comprehension. All the negative emotions, problems and setbacks that try our souls as humans simply make life more interesting to us as thetans.

    I would suspect that the most powerful sense of love that you’ve felt for your father has been in trying times. That’s when the energy and forces of those feelings come most into play.

    So rather than despair over your father’s actions, you can look to the future where you can thank him for his sacrifice. It isn’t easy for him to give you this opportunity to have such profound and intense feelings.

    But, this lifetime is temporary. And the circumstances of this lifetime are merely chances to learn and experience. So, embrace the passion, and give life its due. Chase the red scooters, cry till you can cry no more, and love with such intensity that the turbulence falls away.


    A bit from Shakespeare. Though not an easy read, well worth the effort, A quick scan will not let the meanings emerge:

    Let me not to the marriage of true minds
    Admit impediments. Love is not love
    Which alters when it alteration finds,
    Or bends with the remover to remove:
    O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
    That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
    It is the star to every wandering bark,
    Whose Worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.
    Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
    Within his bending sickle’s compass come;
    Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
    But bears it out even to the edge of doom:
    If this be error and upon me proved,
    I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

    • Thank you for writing this Michael.

      There really are some amazing readers on this blog. The contributions of wisdom are awesome. More than that, they cause reflection and change. Change for the better.

      No wonder this site keeps getting more and more popular.

    • OnceUponaTime, Bravo your post makes for a beautiful read.


  8. “It is a wise father that knows his own child.”

    – William Shakespeare

    Jamie I wish you and your loved ones much strenghth.


  9. omg..I seriously feel for you. My heart is with you.

  10. Jamie,

    Go out and play any G..d D..mn role you want! You’re free!

    Get your name and your face out there in such a big capacity that your dad will be reminded of you constantly.

    Flourish and prosper.


  11. Mary McConnell

    This is such a sad yet familiar story. So sorry for your loss here, Jamie. Don’t ever give up hope.
    Can people send your father heartfelt postcards asking him to contact you? If so, what is his first name? I want to make sure he receives mine.

    Best wishes,

  12. Jamie & Tiziano,
    Thank you for the story. WOW! I truely empathize with you and your sadness. You have my support in your endeavors.

    On a positive note, you definitely touched a button with your father, not to mention the security guardess, and obtained good TA. VWD!

    Remember that you can Θ BE THERE Θ, and communicate, anywhere Θ, including apartments in apartment buildings …ΘΘ

    My postulates are that you soon physically reconnect with all your loved ones.

  13. Hey Jamie,

    I don’t know you – you don’t know me, but you know, from what I read, I really got it, so I think I know you some now. You know, good ol’ A, R, C & U. So thanks. :)

    But what I also want to say is you did real good. Youu kept YOUR code of honor in, and THAT is the most important thing one can do in life. As you said, you kept your integrity. I’m sorry for the insanity you had/have to confront; the confront of evil is sometimes pretty hard to bear. But you did real good.

    You got real friends here who support you like real scientologists should and would. I’m so glad you are creating such a wonderful life with Jamie.

    You two just rock!


    P.S. Kewl on the motorcycle – what kind? I just bought an HD Ultra a couple of years ago. Oh, and for the 20 years I was on staff, I NEVER gave up my bike! No way. :) :) :)

    • There is a picture of her on a red hot Ducati and a link to her local Duck Shop, so I guess she went back to her Italian roots. Go girl!

      Fabulous post. Very moving. We have got to keep exposing the insanity of all this.

      How do people keep being sucked in!?!

  14. Such a sad story to hear:(
    Be sure to tell us when he reconnects!!!

  15. Wow. Just wow…

    While I’m overjoyed to read about how well things are generally going in your life, I’m very sorry to read your story about you & your dad.

    I hope he cognites on how suppressed he actually is and has the courage to disconnect from it all.

    And of course, I wish you and your family the best.

  16. The Smoking Man

    I sent you some data, just tried to log into my hushmail account and for some odd reason my password doesn’t seem to be working.

    hmmmm, I wonder if I missed a withhold on Miscavige. If you got the info, you can just acknowledge me on your board.

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  19. I am sad reading this. I am a mother.
    Something will happen to make Dad come to his senses.

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