More on independent thought and Scientology

One of the first things I read upon my introduction to Scientology was the essay Personal Integrity (taken from a tape transcript, excerpts from which I am sure I posted many months ago).   Even though I did some very unkind and irrational things under the culture of culthood that Church “management” had morphed into, I always studied Scientology and any other subjects with the LRH advice I received initially in Personal Integrity in mind. 

Now, in the cult culture Personal Integrity has been cancelled tacitly with an atomic branding iron for some time now.  Since LRH wrote and taped so many words critics can have, and still have, a field day with pointing out apparent contradictions.  And Miscavige has had a field day creating a cult by focusing solely on out of context lines that seem to justify his atrocious hatred for humanity and mission to make the TECH unworkable.

The final word by L Ron Hubbard on how to study TECH and the OEC (Policy) volumes is to assimalite it all, become adept at using it toward a POSITIVE RESULT and then after a while one will be able to simply “play the piano”  with it; that is use it naturally toward POSITIVE RESULTS without having to remember individual lines to justify or direct one’s making of music.

Miscavige has created the perfect CULT by continually violating HCO PL Tech Degrades and telling anyone who points out his off policy or out tech directions that that is “old”, “not used anymore”, or “background information.”  Whenever he gets in a bind during his mission to make the tech unworkable, and he can’t point to something out of context, he trumps it up with “advices” no one else has seen. 

Jeff Hawkins and Glenn Samuels did a great service  in my view  by putting into circulation among us the concepts of thought stopping.

I believe the church of Scientology under Miscavige’s iron fist has created a flock that does thought stopping day in and day out.  If they did not, there would be no flock.

I contend that state of affairs is anathema to the philosophy of Scientology.  Below, are the words of L Ron Hubbard uttered on 30 December 1957, in support of that proposition.  To me, these words are as true today as they were the day they were originally communicated.

In the first place, in the university, they teach only those things which have already been found out. And if you teach them in such a way that nobody is permitted to think on them evermore, you, of course, will get a totally dead-ended scientific world.  Well, the reason I bring that up is because we have a text here called Scientology 8-8008, and if you people think that I have the idea — of course, I can tell you how to achieve a result with a preclear — but if you think I have an idea that nobody ever ought to think on the subject of the mind, he merely ought to read this and bow down, boy, you better change your mind. I really mean it. I really mean it.

I will scold a staff auditor from departing from known procedure occasionally. I will. But only when he didn’t get away with it. Therefore, I give you this, a definition of auditing which some of you have heard before but not all: auditing is what you can get away with…

…Now, data is something one uses to think with. It isn’t thinking.  And when the data becomes a substitute for thinking we have frozen the whole forward progress of education.  A datum is something you think with; it is not a thought.  A definition is something with which to think…

…But anything which you must not touch and upon which you are not supposed to have any effect at all will sooner or later make you the unwilling or unknowing effect of it. Right?  And if I tell you, “Under no circumstances should you alter, change, think about, Scientology” – dizzz – all I’ve done is set up another monster. Right?  And in a world that is all too prone to build Frankensteins, we don’t need another one!…

…So in processing, all we are trying to do is to free the thinkingness of the individual. It is all we are trying to do.  Therefore the goal of all processing is freedom.  We cannot improve anybody unless we free his thinkingness, we free his ability to think.

Therefore we must accustom him to associating thought with matter, thought with space, thought with time, thought with energy. Not forbid it like the mystic, not cancel it out entirely like the Tibetan, but actually, factually make it possible for him to do this without feeling he is being murdered by it.  To associate thought with matter, energy, space or time, freely and knowingly, is to bring an individual up to a point where he can be cause over matter, energy, space and time!…

…But a preclear is not cause across the boards if anywhere he’s an unwilling and unknowing effect.  Now remember, he can be the effect of anything as long as he is not an unwilling or an unknowing effect.  And that’s the one thing we mustn’t forget in Scientology.  We’re not trying to say, “Don’t ever be at effect.”  We’re saying, “if you’re at effect know what it is.”

Therefore we can disseminate Scientology; therefore, I can tell you this material without liability because you’re here by choice; I am here by choice; we’re discussing these things by choice because we are interested.

The day it becomes a vital subject that we must have a credit in, Scientology becomes a slave subject.

So I ask you, don’t ever let it happen.

- LRH, 30 Dec 1957 Cause and Effect. Ability Congress, Washington D.C.



163 responses to “More on independent thought and Scientology

  1. I found this in my tape references:

    6810C07 Class VIII TAPE 11
    … auditing at this level is not what you get away with, it’s what you do perfectly. We are auditing at a different strata, a different altitude.”

    That is fascinating to me because it says “auditing at this level”. It makes me wonder if the GACK(tm) was designed to turn every Class 0 into a Class VIII.

    — GACK (1) acronym for Golden Age of Compromised Knowingness. (2) the sound made by a cat expelling a hairball.

  2. If it ain’t LRH’s Bridge then it’s something else. If you want to take a different path starting from the mid-60s, go ahead. But realize it’s something else. And please for God’s sake, call it something else!
    I personally don’t want to recreate a perfectly fine and working wheel! Others before me have tested the wheel and I don’t care to test some other shape, size, whatever! I’m not in guinea pig mode here! I don’t want to be the testER or the testEE! No thank you!
    I’m gonna be super duper pissed off if you tell me it’s LRH and it turns out to be something else!
    It happened to me before…it won’t happen again!

  3. This was lovely. Brought some tears to my eyes. This is what I signed up for, not slavery. Thank you for reminding me!

  4. Theta Networker/Al

    You’re not in “guinea pig mode” … Cooool!! I’m in gently-trying-to-get-some-of-the-folks-to-look mode, as in the Way To Happiness …
    I like your “It happened to me before…it won’t happen again!” For me, that translates to: My eyes will not be “wide shut,” again, as they were indeed for years (Btw, I have no idea what TC’s movie Eyes Wide Shut was about).

    I’m probably in violation of staying on the threads of blogs :-) but I’m latching on here to get some good feedback from you [or from whoever wishes] of any use to send out e-mails such as the following:

    Subject: What happened? … — Re: Reserve your seat for Super Power’s Imminent Release
    Date: 9/21/2010 8:54:56 PM

    Dear “Undisclosed,”

    What happened? …

    I was at the March 1986 event at the NY Org the day Ron dropped his body and I will always remember Cmdr. Norman Starkey the then-Executor of Ron’s Estate, saying: “Source does not pass to Int Management. there was and is one Source.” Now, I’m not one to stand up a lot and cheer (in lock-step) at events, but when I heard that, I sure did … practically with tears of joy in my eyes … I have never forgotten that.

    I am reminded by friendsof that — per LRH ED 301 INT of 17 December 1978 Ron’s Journal 30 (Tech Vol. XI, p. 380) — “Super Power will be delivered at Saint Hills within the next 6 weeks…”

    There was and is one Source. Source did not pass to Int Management or RTC — which is not even part of Int Management. I believe I go with the Old Man.


    “We of the Church believe…
    That all men {people} have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others and, that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.”

    From: New York Church of Scientology []
    Sent: 9/17/2010 2:28:17 PM
    To: undisclosed-recipients:
    Subject: Reserve your seat for Super Power’s Imminent Release Briefing TODAY!! You do NOT want to miss this!!!

    And here’s one I haven’t responded to yet — after Pamela Johnson sent an e-mail back to me — after I inquired about Ray Mithoff:

    From: Celebrity Centre International
    Subject: Pamela L. Johnson – Al
    Date: 9/16/2010 2:55:35 PM

    Dear Al – I have been in the S.O. for 39 years and know Ray well, he used to be our Sr. C/S here years ago.

    He is on Tech lines – as SR C/S Int he doesnot usually speak at events. But I did see him here at the live New Years Event – with ED Int. and the many top management execs who all were there. They were greeting public in the Expo Hall for a while. Very busy people!

    I’m sure you can write him c/o the post title from NY Org. See the Auditor’s Day event there!

    ARC, Pamela Johnson FCS CC Int

    —–Original Message—–
    Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2010 4:29 AM
    To: “”
    Subject: Re: Auditor’s Day at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel! BE THERE! – Pamela L. Johnson

    Dear Pamela,

    I live in NY, so the Hotel is not quite around the corner from me:-) … but — speaking of auditors — I have a question for you:

    What ever happened to Senior CS Int Ray Mithoff? I used to always arrange to attend the Maiden Voyage events that he ran, as I found him so theta and enjoyed the briefings … I notice his absence!!



    • Theta Networker/Al~I’m not sure I followed what you’re looking for from that email exchange. You can email me at tmb.stuff via gmail if you’d like.

      • Thanks Tara!

        I’ll go to tmb.stuff and contact you that way … One of mine is theta_networker@hushmail …

        The short version, as I’m getting ready to pack it in early tonight:

        It’s so great to have Marty out there … I basically withdrew from the church on instinct not knowing there was any alternative … before I learned from this blog … freezone [some, I'm very selective] … friendsof lrh … and after seeing that … my local org sure didn’t seem to have anywhere near 198 students in the Academy, as mentioned in LRH ED 258 INT
        17 January 1975 How You Are Limiting the Size and Income of Your Org …

        I’m attempting to get “my people” to cognite, as I did, on what’s up, and I have had some success with that:

        Example: I got a wonderfully theta response, to my comm regarding the blog,, etc., from one of my people out west, and she even sent me back a link some kind of open source site for LRH tech. There appear to be 1056 LRH files on this web site which I hadn’t heard of:

        Another person gave me a big ARCful ack for the data I sent and considered it odd that the Management Team has vanished!

        As far as my e-mail exchanges with CC Int or NY Org — well, that’s another story … I have no attachment to the outcome sez me from my Buddhist side …

        OK. Later alligator
        I figure you’re from down south somewhere where there’s
        alligators :-) ‘Course we probably have ‘em in NY in some of the sewers …

  5. “…But a preclear is not cause across the boards if anywhere he’s an unwilling and unknowing effect. Now remember, he can be the effect of anything as long as he is not an unwilling or an unknowing effect. And that’s the one thing we mustn’t forget in Scientology. We’re not trying to say, “Don’t ever be at effect.” We’re saying, “if you’re at effect know what it is.”

    I particularly like this part of the quote. So important.

  6. CofM is a microcosm of the NWO
    Yes and other before now and after…
    …. repeaters….

    ….of our collective universe?

    Going around in circles…spirals…epochs….however you want to put it….

    and the only way out is through………through what?

  7. Well DM would say 8-8008 was squirrel when ron was talking about it and didnt even know it was squirrel. With Ksw in now DM says you must blind obedient this tech or you will have like freezone scene which DM says is so bad it will mess you up for future lifetimes(which I have not seen a ref. probably an advice on freezone none ever read?)

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