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Just after I blew RTC  I spent 35 days on the road looking for a peaceful, faraway place to settle.   I wound up by the Gulf of Mexico on the US-Mexican border.  I later moved a tad north, but still in South Texas.  I travel a bit, and I always love coming home.  It is not just the ocean and the space.  More important I think is the culture.  You know what a big cattle rancher or oil man calls a lowly busboy in a taqueria down here? 

He calls him “Sir.”   Every man initially refers to every other man as “Sir.”  Everybody starts out with respect.  If one demonstrate’s he is not entitled to respect, only then does he lose it.  Sometimes it doesn’t take much to accomplish that.  Just be a cabron (loose translation: a prick) and see how long they keep referring to you as “Sir.”  But it is easy to keep respect. All you have to do is treat others with respect.   Most folk who come here to visit remark on how friendly people here are.  I think it has to do with their cultural upbringing and the workability of the idea of granting beingness to others indiscriminately.  Christian folk refer to it as the Golden Rule.  

I read a blog post of Jeff Hawkins recently that got me thinking about all this

I think he very succinctly articulated my unwritten moderation policy.  Though I don’t have the ‘three week’ rule in force, the rest of it sums it up real well for me.

Further, I take into consideration the purpose of this blog while moderating: to help one another do as its title suggests, move on up a little higher. 

I encourage a wide variety of viewpoints and information, particularly where they assist the process of moving on up and onward.  I discourage covert and overt attempts to invalidate the idea of transcending. 

Some people attempt to distract from the topic at hand. Whether it is an OSA operative or just a person with an inability to control his own negative impulses, the result is the same.  I discourage it. 

OSA operatives, and people with inabilities to control their own negative impulses are fond of accusing me of  “censorship.”  Some of them try to draw a distinction between this forum and  Ex Scientologists Message Board or Why We Protest, painting the latter as real “free speech forums.”  

Well, turns out ESMB and WWP have their tolerance levels – and moderation policies (whether written or not) too.

Let’s take the case of Wayne Frompke, who specialized in distraction with didactic polemics.  We tolerated him for months and tried to talk reason with him so that he might get a grip on his obsessions.  He continued with what amounted to something on the order of spam.  When I checked him, he announced this blog was censorsed and went to WWP where “anything goes.” 

Wayne lasted less than a week on WWP.

Here is what a moderator there tried to explain to him, apparently to no avail:


Re: Mark Rathbun “Disconnects” Safe. My Messages to Marty
Originally Posted by Safe View Post
That’s fine. Perhaps I should have clarified what I meant by
domination. That is, somebody depriving another of their ability to
do something if they don’t comply to their demands. So if a
moderator told me, “You can’t say this cause I don’t like what you
say”, I’d just go somewhere else to say it.

That’s why I’m here now. Marty dominated me by using force on me
(censoring me) because he didn’t like my opinions.



I won’t say “welcome”, because you joined a couple of months ago
and we corresponded then. I will say a few things in response to
this thread and your posts in it:

    * You keep saying that this board practices “true freedom of
speech”. We do believe in free speech. Your constitutional right to
freedom of speech and your human right to free speech mean that you
should not be stopped from speaking out. But that does not mean
that we must allow you to say whatever you want on this board. This
board is moderated. There are rules. If you break the rules, you
will be infracted and may be banned. If the content of your post is
bad enough, we will delete it. Yes, we will censor you.
    * I am going to give you an infraction for importing drama from
another board.
    * I read marty’s board a lot. You have made some posts there
that I really agree with and I have appreciated your input.
    * Many of your posts there are too long and you post a LOT.
Your voice has been too dominant in some threads, in my view. I
often don’t read everything that you write.
    * I think you advertise the non-violent communication stuff as
if you were on commission for the guy’s book sales. It pisses me
off how much you carry on about it. Don’t do that here. Or rather,
stop doing it here, because you’ve already started.
    * I actually thought marty was incredibly patient with you. You
made your point about how you thought mike should have dealt with
the PI’s. Then you went on and on and on covering the same ground.
I thought you were being naive. I did not think Mike handled the
guy too badly at all – IN ALL THE CIRCUMSTANCES. But that’s just my
    * You seem to have turned very quickly into an anti-martyite.
Too quickly for my taste. I don’t trust you.


I treat this blog like my home.  I entertain a wide variety thoughts and viewpoints.  However, when an originator demonstrates it is a one way street and he isn’t really interested in learning something, but only in enturbulating or propagandizing, I show him the door.

Since OSA has had a well-financed, steadily-worked-on campaign going for more than a year to infiltrate my home and this blog with the specific objective of enturbulating me to the point where I start axing people ala Miscavige himself, I think by and large we’ve done pretty well keeping the ship pointed in the direction of moving on up a little higher.

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  1. Kathy B, above, says it very well.

    The reason I continue to come here has a lot to do with the tone level of this group. I learned the importance of differentiating social tone from chronic and granting beingness to those who are moving through tone levels as a result of a process. I respect a lot of the viewpoints posted on this blog. Sure, sometimes it gets heated, even comical but mostly informative and I find my own viewpoint expanding. I never would have stayed if it had been a complete emotional dialtone but admit that I do skip some postings because they are lengthy. What is interesting to one person may not be so to another. Sometimes, those same posts have such interesting responses that I’ll go back and read it after all.

    I have no concern on how you moderate the posts and find that you are quite fair in doing so. I appreciate your application of Ethics Review to those people who are pushing the limits of good manners or promoting some other agenda. In DM’s church infractions are met with the highest ethics gradients and huge ARCXs. DM’s misapplication of ethics drives people downtone. Your correct application brings them up. I’m all for setting a standard of acceptable behavior.

  2. Marty~You are doing an excellent job!

    (For two years, I moderated 4 boards at I was member #2 and when I passed the hats, we were up to 1200+.) So I have experience there.

  3. Marty,

    What keeps me coming back to your blog time and time again? Your love for truth, your respect for LRH, your humanity and your invitation to us all into your home.

    Thank you brother, for allowing us all into the safe place you have created.


  4. Marty,a couple things.

    I think everyone agrees that it’s obnoxious, as Mockingbird said, “to be caught in a corner at a party with Mr. “nyah-nyah-nyah” who goes on in a bitter circuit round and round for hours no matter what you say. ”

    Since it’s your party, it’s your blog, you can decide who is rude, who is respectful, who is obnoxious, and who is pleasant.

    The question is though, do you want to have free and open discussion? Obviously, that’s your choice. And I definitely feel that it is possible to have free and open discussion, and still be respectful. I also feel that it’s a heck of a lot more interesting to have more than one viewpoint, and to maybe even have your ideas challenged (politely). I personally love it when someone presents a great argument, that actually changes a viewpoint I held tightly.

    As Jeff said, this is a blog, and not a forum, so you may not want that. But, my last point is that sometimes people that seem to be the bad guys, aren’t . And vice versa. I think that most of us agree on a lot more than we disagree on. Most people are decent on all the boards, and just want to see an end to the abuse. There are some obnoxious boors, and by all means, censor them. But if someone respectfully submits an idea that is counter to the previously held belief, and submits a good argument and good evidence, that seems desirable to me.

    Obviously you have been allowing more opposing opinions, and I applaud you for that. It’s tough being a guy who has stuck his neck out to do what is right, and then be criticized. Unfortunately, it comes with the territory. Still you should be applauded and acknowledged for taking a stance against the abuses.

    Here’s a person I admire, Andreas Heldal Lund, who appears on the RFW website as a religious bigot, but this video shows him politely and respectfully discussing free speech and the abuses of the church with Joel Phillips–the owner of RFW! I watched it again to make sure it isn’t offensive to indies, and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be. He simply talks about his opinion of free speech and exposing the abuses, and even says he would allow Joel more leeway to post what he wanted on Andreas’ website (OCMB).

    • You can provide a link to the video if anyone is interested. I’m not putting up twenty eight minutes of video for Andreas or Joel.

  5. Fellow Traveller

    I admire you for your results, Marty. This blog and it’s participants have created quite the beneficial effects. Awesome Axiom 10 in my book. :-)

    I might add, were you to try to please everyone, you’d have no results, and probably no pleased folks either. And likely Dear Leader would be sleeping much more soundly.

    Bruce Pratt

  6. Marty
    and any other interested souls;

    I happened upon a TV show last night on CBC. ( Canadian Broadcasting Corporation… Canada’s answer to BBC- British Broadcasting Corporation), and there was a show at 10 PM western time, called ” Scientology: The Ex-Files”.
    If anyone is interested they gave a link to:
    www. eye
    The video link is on the main page, right hand side.

    It showcased several Australian ex-scientologists, as well as Marc and Claire Headley. I do not know when the show was taped. It mostly touched on “disconnection”, forced abortions, “bullying” by assigning menial and demeaning tasks, the RPF and other topics. Tommy Davis was “handling” the reporters questions. He actually seemed relatively sane in this one. Still lying through his teeth… but almost human.


  7. Marty you say:
    ” I think by and large we’ve done pretty well keeping the ship pointed in the direction of moving on up a little higher. ”
    You’ve done a fantastic job!!! Thanks again,


  8. Marty you and your crew are doing a great job, keep on. Here’s something from the 1970s, from the Golden Horses book, that could just as well be a dedication to this blog and Casablanca Tejas well. It is by Russell Salamon, his best piece that I know of.

    Fire song bright day
    free and young the sky.
    I have been laughing in wind
    speaking from the sea.
    Flight of immortal dawn
    breaks from my eyes.

    Liquid immortal music of am
    happy carrying the sun
    in my tossing hands the sea
    urns of unchanneled
    mirth I spill and there is
    a song of bright day, life.

    Taking time from leaf,
    I know it is here.
    Breathing space from a flower,
    it’s perfume shocks me into
    lightning and I roar
    like the endlessmost ocean
    a song of life.

    It is here in the palm of my
    laughing. I carry the
    universe in my own looking
    and from the desire to be here
    I make it bright and free.

    Time comes from a laugh
    and when I have killed you
    or you have wronged me,
    it comes from a laugh
    we share over the long drink
    of universe, an aside
    in the home-bar where we drink
    lightning and call it sunlight
    and seeing sunlight we call it

    Mirth dances wild,
    show me your laugh and
    I’ll show you mine.

    Treasures of being shape
    the round cup of galaxy,
    I have been here often.
    I see you singing trees and
    water. I see you living
    down your reputation
    on the corner begging.
    Immortal universe maker,
    it is a good imitation of
    defeat and so real that it is
    and it pains me and I do not
    wish to join you
    and I will not join you.

    I would rather make simpler
    things like universes
    where we can laugh and not
    lose ourselves in the joy of

    Liquid immortal music of am
    burning bright the
    round cups of leaves
    to carry the stored sun
    to bring heavy gifts of thunder,
    stone, to oil the liquid sea
    with blood of torn sun,

    where we have stood divided
    for so long
    that to carry my love to you
    I have to build immortal bridges
    to speak my song to you
    and hope that the unwashed
    will peel from your ears.

    Decayed time, it is no longer
    water, creeps in stumbling
    armies off to war. Solid laughter.
    And to solve my love for you
    I have sent warring hordes
    to tell you, you are my friend.

    And it is a heavy thunder
    I burn for you
    to tell you you are mine
    and I will not harm you
    I do not wish to harm you,
    and I will kill you
    if you don’t believe it.

    Bring me liquid of your music
    and I will breathe you,
    for I need you.
    Without you this joy is not
    a game and without you
    I cannot carry the song I build.
    Without your eyes to laugh
    a sky
    I cannot carry the sun song
    nor the bright earth
    nor the languid or sanguine
    war and love bring.

    Without you to see with
    I have no eyes,
    no ears to touch you.

    For we have been lost
    torn apart
    by gnashing thunder and
    broken heart’s beat
    in the crushing green song
    of a gone universe.

    Each heart beat singes
    suppressed in
    the ravaged skeleton,
    gnats feasting on boulders,
    yet a defiant dawn lurches
    forward, at great expense
    we are singing.

    We who are feasting
    at our own celebration
    can hear the roar
    of the lost green thunder.
    Giant laughter
    on the abyss carries a
    wave of sun.
    Liquid immortal music of am
    moistens the roots of

    From our own song is
    weaved life
    and I can hear you

    Carry your heart in the
    liquid heat.
    I can bring you to the
    verge of song
    and there spill lightning
    of your own freedom
    whose dawn only you carry.

    And is not he who sings,
    And is not the place of
    salvation, you?
    And are you not beautiful
    and alive,
    are you not my friend?

    To tell you to sing
    is silly,
    you have never stopped
    To tell you something you
    don’t already know is hard
    for in your giant laughter
    strides open
    and the road you carry
    you lay before you.

    From your laughter
    you sow seas and life
    and as you sow so shall you

    Carry the dawn, carry
    the hill-free dawn of am.
    Carry the sunlight
    singing rain and rivers.
    Roaring black rocks
    liquify. It is their
    stored laughter to be

    And in freedom burning
    build a city that carries
    from stone to dreams.
    And there a city
    home beyond rain
    liquid immortal song of freedom
    and the day is bright.

    by Russell Salamon. Published in 1976.

  9. It’s your blog so you pretty much have the right to moderate exactly as you see fit. Explanations are always appreciated but definitely not needed.

    At the risk of being *didactic*… I grew up on the border and while “cabron” probably has mutated and acquired multiple urban meanings it’s base usage as an invective is “asshole”. It actually means male goat but depending on who is calling you a cabron it usually means asshole, or that you’ve been cheated on or even used as a friendly greeting among close friends.

    So I think that means the picture you had up the other day is of a couple of cabrons… the meaning of which is dependent on how you feel about those two maricons on the bikes.

  10. Marty,
    Karen #1 mentioned earlier about one never getting a second chance to make the first impression.

    Like it happened yesterday, I remember the first eye to eye with you. In 1995, before the Flag Land Base staff were forced to use busses and vans when traveling between buildings, I was walking towards the Clearwater Building and you the Fort Harrison, carrying an e-meter case. I´d heard Mr. Rathbun from RTC was at the base which was very exciting to know and I had secretly hoped to meet this person – there was a special aura around your name to say the least! As I then passed by you that day, no words were spoken, yet I had the distinct idea I had been noticed and my presence acknowledged. You know, it felt damned good! That to me was more manners than oh so many staff or exec had ever demonstrated. Someone might ask, so what did he do? Well, manners is not always about the words or a handshake, it can be the mere notion of being included in someone´s space. I should also mention the other impression I got: As long as you don´t try to load me with bunch of BS I will listen and work with you.

    The way you conduct your blog is in sync of how I´ve known you; stick with the truth, be constructive, take some responsibility and you´re welcomed and included.

    I´m not your most outspoken guest with data about DM as I never was posted at Int and met him only few times when he was at the FLB. First impression of DM? Left me nervous. As the FSO PR Director I stood outside the auditorium expecting Friday night Graduation (my weekly engram) to end, when DM walked by with his entourage . He asked what my post was and to his entourage, not to me, remarked somewhat disapprovingly “why is she not in the Green Room then?” Are you frigging kidding me!! First I would not have the time to sit around and second I had no business in the Green Room especially while DM was at Flag and known to lounge in there. Was he walking around the base showing off how excellent he was at finding out-points? Yes in my view as he walked away leaving me nervous of what I might have done wrong as I had clearly annoyed the leader. Later encouters did not wipe away that feeling, but enforced it.

    I find your home a place to visit A LOT for a lot of good reasons. Your posts spells out the truth about key issues we are resolving, your guests… oh God I love them (most of the time) and then there is Mosey. I am secretly wishing to join her for a good run one day. Love you both.

  11. Thank you for establishing and moderating this blog! I, personally, have found out more data in the last few months than in many previous years. I have also found there are far more friends available than I first thought. This is a perfect example of us “Moving On Up a Little Higher.” Hallelujah!


    Our right to individual opinions (free speech) DOES NOT INCLUDE a forced or mandatory audience . What’s the problem?

    People can stand in a PUBLIC place and say what they’d like (within reason), but no one is required to listen, nor are they obligated to forward those opinions.

    A blog is not a “public street corner” it is as private or public as the person who set it up wants it to be. Their decision to forward, or not, some one’s ideas is a choice THEY are entitled to – not a free speech or censorship issue.

    Note to moderators:
    If you choose not to post this I WILL FILE A LAWSUIT.!! :)

    • Let’s hope that you do not get scores of recommendations regarding the best attorney to hire that specializes in such cases! {LOL}

      In an instance such as that, I would suspect it was OSA making the recommendations.

  13. Warning: Anyone who mess’s with this blog is committing suicide.
    Theta means what it means and if you go against it you are just falling on your own sword, and that includes the Church of Miscavage as well. Never cut a theta line and always cut an entheta line.

  14. Well I helped Wayne stand his ground on WWP for a while but it resulted in a good old Mart Bashing wich part of the Anons thought was sweet coming from him. And after he figured out The guy posting as anonnymous really wasn’t one guy he seemed to do fine aside from the bad-mourthing. Seemed he went of in the realm of pink painted BS.

    Marty: Good show Sir ;)

  15. atcause | November 7, 2010 at 3:48 pm | Reply
    “I can tell you this, Marty is a much more rational and fair moderator than you will find on WWP or ESMB. ”

    The Moderators on ESMB are excellent, and follow my own line of moderating minimally.

    There is quite a difference between MSMB and here over and above
    the fact that ones a forum and ones a blog. Marty has certain purposes
    which he forwards. Emma wanted to create a good space where the many different view points re scn and COS can be discussed. As there are die hard
    rabid critics and freezoners and every view inbetween things can get quite heated, but by and large the moderation is only about manners rather than viewpoint.

    Not sure if Emma thought things would go this way, ESMB has enabled many exes, who mostly no longer wish to be involved with scn, to meet
    and communicate and in doing so release masses of charge, from for example the enormous injustices many have suffered. Also it is the best gateway to the independent/ FZ . Though possibly this blog rivals it. I
    have been banned from posting success stories on every other forum,
    other than ARS and ACT which are completely moderated yet Emma continues to allow my posting of promotional material, and there are areas
    for both independent ane FZers. Note that Emma will have recieved many
    urges to not allow my promotonal posts: Thats how I got banned on other forums.

    With regard to this forum I think Marty does an excellent job. Ive had posts stopped, and had some dismissive comments from Marty. But he has allowed posts of mine that would be very controversial to many here, and
    also from others.

    I also, being a died in the wool liberal, like that Marty recomends non LRH books from time to time. Very un cultish:)

    No moderator can be perfect. A moderator has to in some respects be a shepherd for his flock, who have a variety of viewpoints. As one cant fool
    all of the people all of the time, so one cant please all of the people all of the time.

    • I was kicked off of ESMB while posting as “the oracle” when I defended Pierre. When I critisized that happening, all of the posts about the founder of ESMB and my censorship were deleted from view instantly. Then, so were all of my posts. Fine, when you are a guest in someone else’s house you are always temporary. I have been harrassed on this forum only by two people and two others spoke up for me at the same time. I have never been censored. I don’t know who is promoting ESMB as a total democracy but I did not find it to be so. Nevertheless, the person complaining and pointing is building walls between us. And that is always a red flag. We are all on the same side over here.

      • I’m sorry but that is just an outright lie.

        You left of your own accord after posting some FZ drama in the Pierre thread which I eventually locked.

        Any post of yours that were deleted *you* deleted after having a bitch fight with Denis Erlich.

        Its pretty easy to prove. go yo and search for all your posts.

        You are neither banned or blocked – you left in a hissy fit.

        Amazing how the tuth becomes “acceptable”.

        • Thanks for posting here Emma. Drama seems to be Pierre’s middle name.

        • That is truly amazing that my posts and name are back up there.

          You did say, “I thought you were leaving”.

          I did not find the posts I made critisizing you and ESMB still there.

          I wouldn’t call myself an outright liar because of the above. I would say my name and a lot of my posts are back up there.

          It is not true that I deleted my own posts. Neither did I delete any of the posts that were about our heated exchange and my critism.
          Someone else did.

          So, I am not outright lying. I would say I haven’t looked at your board since the last time I looked and my name and posts were not there.

          And you are not admitting the entire truth.

          So we are probably equal in our faults.

          • About my leaving, the post you still have up there as your last post, which is there for anyone to read, today anyway, clearly says:

            “Take your FZ hissy fits AWAY FROM ESMB.

            WE DON’T CARE.

            Resolve it on your own boards.

            Thank you. ”

            This is why I stopped posting there, at your request.

            I could say probably it would be great if we showed Marty the same courtesy and kept our ESMB hissy fits away from this arena.

        • I would even go so far as to admit perhaps my name and posts have always been there and I (and others inquiring to me) just could not find them. That could explain that and if so I (and others) have been blind.

          I always look for missing comm or misunderstoods. That fact that you accuse me of outright lying as the only possibility suggests we may not evolve into an understanding about this.

          If all the posts were still there though, it would all be there in writing, our upset, the whole picture, and there would not be anything to guess about, because it would all be there in writing.

          The point is and why we are able to argue and disagree in the first place, is that there are chunks that are missing.

          And that is what I was pointing out here. I was censored and had posts critisizing you deleted. And anyone going back over those threads can see there is a chop off and a missing ending.

          The ending where you slammed me and I slammed back and you ripped the thread down and I said was not posting anymore and you said “I thought you were leaving.”

          If I had not been censored and slammed for posting, it would be there, the whole conversation.

          And the point I am making here, is that you did attack me and pull of a thread and stop it by sending it to the sin bin and then my further posts were deleted.

          There is nothing untrue that I have said here except I do see my name and some of my posts are there again.

          This is the last comment I making about here about this. I am not going to dirty this blog with a personal dispute.

          I still know I was censored and had posts deleted. I did not find ESMB to be a complete democracy.

          If you want to defend that statement and say here before everyone it is a complete democracy and you do not censor or attack people for communicating or delete threads and posts, then I am dead wrong.

          It wouln’t be the first time and not the last.

        • You are right on one note. I did delete some posts I made to Dennis. About three years ago or four if I am correct. Obviously, I was not complaining about those posts I deleted when I mentioned being censored and having my posts deleted (by others).

        • It is easy to prove. If you go to “community” link and click on “members” you will not find my name there or access to my posts.

      • “I don’t know who is promoting ESMB as a total democracy but I did not find it to be so.”

        I didn’t find it to be so either.

  16. I think by and large we’ve done pretty well keeping the ship pointed in the direction of moving on up a little higher. I could not agree more. Thanks Marty!

  17. Thank you Marty.
    In my life, I feel when it is over I may watch it in a film.
    A film only I will ever know about.
    And how will I see myself in that film?
    What we do today to one another will run in film version in some part of our universe through eternity.
    I have tried to be careful about others when I am under pressure.
    And God knows the road we have traveled has been under pressure.
    I find out who I really am under pressure, and so does everyone else.
    I also find out who other people are under pressure.
    Some say the bank keys in but many people rise above the bank. Otherwise we would not have a civilization at all.
    If I have been unkind to anyone posting here I would care to correct myself.

  18. Carmel Underwood

    Anything can be twisted to make it look like the opposite of what it was. Ya don’t have to actually *lie* to give a completely false picture. (LRH gives examples of that in Data Series 2, section “illogic”).
    Idomind, there’s more to the story…….Why don’t you give it *all* to give the true concept of what *actually* occurred?

    • The reason I have posted here is because I find Marty interesting. If I have posted to anyone else mostly it is because I said something to Marty or for Marty and someone else not Marty replied (as just happened). I look here because there are some fascinating people here.
      If Marty was not posting here I would not be reading this blog and rarely do I read what anyone else posts. To date, he is an “only one” in many ways. Sea Org people themselves are “only few”. So they are interesting anyway.
      I don’t care to be interesting. But thank you for the invitation Carmel.

  19. JIM LOGAN to Patty.
    “So you have to make some keystrokes and put forth some effort to look something up. So?”

    Personally I think the references to netiquette are apt.

    However Marty [ could be anyone] was making a statement. Its
    a more powerful statement if the correct links are included. Also
    IMO good manners. :)

  20. martyrathbun09 | November 9, 2010 at 2:58 pm | Reply

    “Thanks for posting here Emma. Drama seems to be Pierre’s middle name.”

    The Oracle, or “Idomind” is one of my greatest friends who hosted a party for me in her home and introduced me to Ken Urquhart and
    and many others were also introduced to him, and others introduced to others. :)

    Oracle is one of the most generous life affirming persons I know.

    You should have some idea of this Marty. If not mail me, and
    note its not for the public area.

    I also love Emma who consistently posts with wisdom, and created a great space for others to communicate. Don’t understand the conflict between them and its news to me.

    Pierre’s middle name is “superb tech”. As an aside he is also excellent at drama. Lol!

    LRH talked about the difficulty of handling ” the living lightening of interpersonal communication.” [ approx]

    Having spent years trying to resolve such I conclude he had a point.

  21. RJ | November 8, 2010 at 2:32 am | Reply

    “Actually Wayne was one of the first people I read when he went by the moniker safe@scientology.

    He was one of the few people who was able to differentiate between the Organization and the Subject which is why OSA spent much of their time trying to shut him up.”

    He was a pioneer really. Before a freezone was established, that I could promote, I reposted his posts for a year.

    So he can get long winded. I can at times but probably people are grateful that this is ameliorated by the fact that I mostly don’t post so frequently.

    So he’s a passionate loose cannon. However but their for the grace of god there I might go also.

    • Oh come now Terril,

      Wayne was given plenty of chances by Marty to cut down the size of his posts but he kept issuing them in the size of ‘War and Peace’.

      He was here on the same terms as the rest of us.

      Besides I’m sure Wayne is a great guy but he ain’t the only one who has creds and they respect the posting policy as well.

  22. Victoria | November 7, 2010 at 6:09 pm | Reply

    “Throughout the spring and into early summer I blew so much charge interacting with others here, gathering information that rang so true it couldn’t help but unravel those knots in the string that had crashed my kite big time, a long time ago.”

    Note that this same process has occurred on ESMB. Often with people who now reject any wish to use scn.

    In each case third dynamic engrams are destimulated.

    Its an illustration of the power of communication.

    As an addendum here one should note that if someone wants to
    reject scn one should not attack them. [ they probably have good reasons for starters!]

    One should apply the concept of making them right. An extension
    of granting beingness. This will help them in possibly seeing anew
    the value of scn. Or not. Calling them scn swearwords like SP etc
    will merely reaffirm their decision to reject scn.

  23. Thank you Terril, truly a walking encyclopedia when it comes to history and events and people in the Freezone. Also a great guy! I have no conflict with Emma. I didn’t fit in on that forum with the points I was trying to make and I was asked to take these issues someplace else. That was a decent request. And it was true I wasn’t in any harmony over there and worked mainly on recovery cycles and mediation cycles which was not the purpose of the forum. She was right to tell me I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am not complaining about any of that. I was just making the point that for someone to compare this blog with ESMB in a way to make ESMB look more liberal or democratic was not MY experience. And I relayed my experience. I loved a lot of people on ESMB and I defended a lot of former Sea Org Members on ESMB. That was then and I was patriotic and had more time to pay attention to the needs of people who wanted to be helped by me. This is now and I am not so patriotic and awfully choosy about how my help gets spent. That was then when I was alone in defending the Sea Org Members and many other things. This is now and there are many other people who can say it all and do it much better than I ever did or ever could have. I am glad for all of it and grateful to Emma for the time she permitted me to contribute my voice when I had one I wished to share. I think the most beneficial help any of us can give outside of opinions is whatever support we can give to Marty. He has the clearest view as he has viewed this game from EVERY ANGLE. Otherwise I choose to help and support auditors and people that are training other people and people that are building bridges. I honestly do not belong on any forum in any full time capacity. But if I don’t spectate a little there is no exchange with this community. And you have to admit in this group no matter what bench people sit on the exchange between peoples is like nothing else going on except maybe for a Wall Street insider on the floor of the exchange. T.O.

  24. Carmel Underwood

    Idomind – If anything, I invited you to give the facts to clear up a false picture (for those interested in the truth of the matter). If you don’t want to do that, then that’s your call.

    • You put this as a reply to a post I put up about pressure. But now as you say more it seems I am invited to a BofI or comm ev to sort out truth from lies, as a response to a post I put up about pressure. Sorry if I misunderstood. If someone else understands I have been kept out of the loop on a program that is already running. If you are calling a BofI or investigation here on Marty’s forum for something I have no idea about I admit I am clueless. I don’t mean to sound irresponsible although I do that as I wish, since I have no obligations or contracts here, who are “those” interested I am wondering. Are you with some hidden audience I can’t see?
      I don’t even know who you are and I have never had a conversation with you in my life so obviously I could not have mislead you with a post about pressure and a music video. You have some agenda going that is on a different page. Maybe I am a little curious. But this summons for some justice cycle as a result of a music video I posted with thoughts about pressure strikes me as a trap of somekind. If I have never met you, never spoken to you, have no idea who you are or what you are talking about, that could mean a whole lot of things but I don’t like to list.Either way, I am not here to sell myself. Let the accusations fly. For whatever reason, you have already decided I should be harmed suppressed or attacked or you would not be here making subtle accusations. That is your condition to me, the one where you decide someone should be harmed attacked or suppressed. Since you have taken that route without examinging my stats and you have no idea who or what I am, I think that is your responsibility. I am not the one in a lower condition here. And I am not coming after you. Neither entertaining this mystery game with my time or attention. Neither do I choose to go into some enemy condition just because you are there with me.

      • Idomind, sorry for the misunderstanding on what I was referring to (in both my posts). I should have clicked on the reply button next to the post I was referring to……….. It was the one about you reportedly being banned from ESMB when posting as The Oracle.

    • Thank you Carmel for explaining that. This may clear that matter up. I never said the word banned. What I said is in writing: “I was kicked off of ESMB while posting as “the oracle” when I defended Pierre.”
      And Emma’s words are in wrting to: ““Take your FZ hissy fits AWAY FROM ESMB.

      WE DON’T CARE.

      Resolve it on your own boards.

      Thank you. ”

      It is all there on the board if you want to click on the link provided.
      What is not there is a verbal argument we had where I critisized Emma. And she said it again afterwards, “I thought you were leaving”, along with my opinions about that and her.

      Since it is in writing for everyone to see for themselves, it should be as clear as a bell.

      Otherwise, the front door is always open Carmel.

      Best, T.O.

      • Carmel Underwood

        Thanks, idomind.

        My objection to your comment (here on Marty’s blog) was that it came across like you were banned from ESMB *because* you were defending Pierre, when that wasn’t the case. People don’t get kicked off ESMB for defending *anybody*, so the inference that it happened to you was enough for me to want to make comment.


        • I did not use the word banned, again, this is an alter is. Also I did not say because I was defending Pierre. This is exactly what I said: “I was kicked off of ESMB while posting as “the oracle” when I defended Pierre.”
          I said WHEN. Not BECAUSE. I said KICKED OFF, not BANNED.

          As long as you are alter ising my comm you are throwing out new meanings for me to defend that I did not mean.

          Carmel I don’t want to keep trying to handle this.

          If I said something to offend you please accept my apology.

          Best, T.O.

        • Lastly Carmel,

          I don’t think you read what I wrote or Emma wrote.
          You announce: “People don’t get kicked off ESMB for defending *anybody*, …”
          I was defending somebody and this is exactly what I was told:

          “Take your FZ hissy fits AWAY FROM ESMB.

          WE DON’T CARE.

          Resolve it on your own boards.

          Thank you. ” Emma


          • Carmel Underwood

            No need for an apology. I did read what was said, but I see it from a different perspective than you do.

            Refer to my first post here…..I’m not saying that you said something which was untrue, but given the omission of relevant info, I believe that you *did* give a misconception.

            IMO, *words* and their literal meaning aren’t a defence when one relays a *concept* that’s misleading.

            I’m not saying that what you said was incorrect, but with relevant omissions to give the full picture, I do believe that the concept you gave *was* incorrect AND misleading.

  25. Any link posted here is bound to generate hundreds of clicks, maybe even thousands. I think of this too when I decide whether to include a link. Just sayin’ :)

  26. Emma has been attacked by OSA. Suggested she contact Marty for advice.

    She don’t like Marty. Maybe she wont contact you.

    I request that you contact Emma.

    Shit below:-

    “I wasn’t going to make this public as I was going on some advice from some wise and trusted friends. But seeing as some assclown (youknow who you are. I love you dearly but that was fucking stupid) put it on Facebook and within minutes it was on WWP I have to post a clarification.

    Yesterday morning just before 8am 5 armed policemen (not the usual ones, but the scary looking ones in suits) turned up at my door with a search and arrest warrant.

    They went through the whole house and confiscated all 3 of our computers (mine, Ians & my daughters) plus two external hard drives. They also took some disks which are inconsequential.

    They were very polite & professional and I have no issue with them at all. They did their best to make me feel comfortable. (Well as comfortable as anyone can be on a Tuesday morning when you arrested before breakfast or before you can even get your kid to school.)

    Then they took me down to the station, questioned me on video, took a mugshot etc. and took me home.

    I haven’t been charged with anything as yet.

    I won’t comment any further on any evidence etc as it could hurt me.

    I’d really appreciate it if you could just read the info, digest it and then give me some space & time to sort this out with the people who can help me. I don’t mind if you talk amongst yourselves but please don’t ask me too many questions.


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  28. M+M+M,
    I love your ‘cyber house’ and you’re doing just great.
    To be able to come in, soak up some theta, learn something new, expand with a bunch more and new viewpoints, spill some BBQ sauce, have some chats and a do some fending and then leave again to take care of other dynamics is just awesome.
    After 13 years of being out of the S.O. this ‘truth finders’ nest’ has become a real home I would not want to miss anymore.
    Even so every time I arrive I see the “Moving On Up A Little Higher” title it is good to focus on that subject and how to get this done. In fact I got this concept of a double helix like the DNA strands. Yes, all moving on up a little higher. That’s why I always come back.

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