Miscavige Attempts to Frame BBC’s John Sweeney


For the past several years LRH PPRO UK, one Bob Keenan, has been doing nothing but running intelligence operations directly for David Miscavige, beating and hazing Int staff in the UK directly for David Miscavige, or doing incredibly criminal regging for Idle Orgs directly for David Miscavige. That is how Miscavige deploys his favorite L Ron Hubbard Personal Public Relations Officer. This is an example of how David Miscavige covertly black P.R.s the Founder in a more effective way than all Scientology haters combined can do.

Miscavige started bypassing OSA on operations of a very sensitive nature several years ago. They were too incriminating and too illegal for OSA to be trusted with keeping them from winding Miscavige up in the news or jail. Keenan fancied himself a Cugine (a young ambitious gangster who will do anything to climb the ranks in the mafia). Keenan funded such operations by approaching former GO/OSA public (such as David Gaiman and Andy Hutton) for cash donations. Keenan would then give the cash to “media/invest professionals (MIPs)”(his operatives) so nothing about their dirty deeds would appear on church books. MIPs are generally alcoholic ex-Fleet Street tabloid reports who will do anything against a former colleague for a little drinking money. Keenan had a whole stable of them.

An MIP with Mike Rinder and Bob "Babbo" Keenan

In Autumn 2009 Keenan was summoned to the US by Miscavige and asssigned the task of taking me out, by any means necessary so as to squash the Independent movement. He set up a number of Wile E. Coyote operations many of which are still operating today, including the several juvenile anti-Marty web sites and blogs. All of his ops – backfiring as they inevitably do – have ultimately contributed to the forward progress of the Independent movement. Bob, who was once a cugine, is today merely a Babbo (a mafia underling who is considered to be useless).

The following is taken from a 2007 despatch from Miscavige in which he critiques a Bob Keenan proposed operation to “get Sweeney (John of BBC fame) busted.” The proposal was for a hired resource to befriend Sweeney so that he might set Sweeney up for some illegal activity that Sweeney would then be “gotten” for, fired by the BBC, discredited, and nullified as a threat.

Here are David Miscavige’s verbatim instructions to Babbo Bob Keenan.

MEDIA/INVEST PROFESSIONAL: Speaking of paying people, the only problem with this proposal is that if word leaks out on that, it sounds like we’re paying to “get Sweeney.” The budget isn’t the problem. Doing it on the product basis of “getting him busted” won’t look good if it comes out. You of all people should understand how this works. Solve it. Solve it while not losing the media professional.

Miscavige’s contribution to the plan to frame an internationally renowned journalist (a plan he ordered in the first place) was advice to adjust the wording so the word could not leak out that the church was paying someone for the product of “getting him (Sweeney) busted”, as that would backfire on the church.

In other words, Miscavige’s contribution is to encourage the illegal program, and to compound the felony with slick cover up.

Ultimately, Babbo Bob failed to get Sweeney busted.

Tommy Davis was right when he asserted to the St Petersburg Times that David Miscavige gives a whole new meaning to the term “religious leader.”

272 responses to “Miscavige Attempts to Frame BBC’s John Sweeney

  1. I think perhaps that most of the “not-isness” of the out-points of the current C of S are simply manifestations of tone level, as an individual enters into a dwindling state of awareness.

    ARC = understanding. But it is far more than that, it is a mindset that consistently appears at each level of the tone scale. At 1.5 for example, what is REAL is threats, punishments, danger, emergencies, badness, duress, etc. A hand proferred in help, even real help, delivered from a higher tone level such as cheerfulness is regarded as a threat and the behavior/attitudes of the cheerful individual are not perceived at all. Perhaps the only time the cheerful person is real at all to a 1.5 is when the cheerful person becomes frustrated and drops to antagonism. Very mechanical. From 2.0 on down, the person is denied real observation. They simply cannot see or respond to anything that does not fall into their mindset. Its all filtered.

    Now crank in engrams in restimulation, which adds another layer of filtering and coloring of reality. Now it is more than just a little difficult to confront what is, because what is has a layer of dub-in of engrams resonating on that tone level.

    Drop down some more and we are into the realm of heavily reduced consciousness and awareness, and a continuous trance like state. To these even lower tone levels a 1.5 is vaguely real, cheerful not real at all.

    Its easy to dump someone down the tone scale – domination and nullification. And today’s Scientologist is caught between a rock and a hard place. Go into the Church and domination/nullification is common practice, simply because that is the current group tone level. Outside of the Church, mention that you are a Scientologist and the response isn’t particularly enabling either. Yet, there is truth in those books, truth that brings relief, truth that enables, but only if it is delivered in a high-toned fashion.

    This affects their entire world view. Their postulates and considerations are colored by this, their ethics conditions are warped by it – example, when doing a danger formula, they are bounded by what appears to be a dangerous set of circumstances that they work around — kind of like a P.O.W. who does a danger formula that works in the prison camp but doesn’t address being in prison.

    That’s the gist of it and I don’t think I have really expressed this very well. Perhaps Mike or Marty or Jim or Michael could sum this up better or extrapolate from it in a way that really nails it, but I think I am on the right track here.

    I think it explains why most just walk away when it gets too bad, when all their dynamics start to fall apart (dwindling down the tone scale) and do not want to do anything at all with it, don’t want to fight, protest or do anything but distance themselves, anonymously.

    • I think you did a fine job of explaining it.
      The mule kick in the gut is that it’s INTENDED to be that way nowadays.

    • It comes down to confront of evil. My years of experience as an MAA proved, to me, that it is an ability VERY few have.

      There was no variation due to case level. Either a person had it, or they didn’t.

      • Dear Old School,

        (Meant to post this here – not above – sorry.)

        You are right. It’s very hard to confront real evil, the kind that masquerades as help: The kind of evil that says, “I’m doing this to protect you.” The kind that advises, “Be legal, be polite, be social, be quiet, don’t wake up the kids or your mother-in-law or the dog.” The kind that says, “Everybody else is doing it and nobody else has complained. What are YOUR overts?”

        That’s why in my neighborhood “Trust me!” guarantees immediate eye contact. That’s not to say due diligence equates to paranoia. However, looking, noticing, observing leads to real trust that is deserved and earned.

        Just Me

    • Anna,
      Yep, the picture of the Theta – MEST theory. Go at it, get into it, withdraw, sort it out, back at it. This description is in DMSMH in the context of confronted by a bear IIRC.

  2. What an arrogant Bastard. “You of all people should know how this works. Solve it.”

    The only power Mr. David Miscavige has is the power he has taken from L. Ron Hubbard. That is the ONLY power he has. The people who revere this man are clueless, or, really, purposely left in the dark. The gradual shift away from pure tech was unnoticeable except for tech and admin stalwarts who were shut down when the raised their objections.

    However, the people who fear this man fear him for two reasons: First, being cut off from the bridge – from LRH’s tech. Second, being cut off from their friends and family. Really, it is disconnection – the policy that Tommy lies when he says it does not exist.

    The reason disconnection is a powerful force and is a threat at all is because of the tech. And, from my point of view, if you disconnect (or are forced to disconnect) from your family and friends just so you can stay on the bridge, then you have rejected the whole reason you are on the bridge in the first place. If being on the bridge is only about the first dynamic at the expense of the others (as I have, sadly, seen way, way too often, even in my own life where I was effectively abandoned while a parent decided to do Scientology out of town) then the bridge is about nothing. The tech is about nothing.

    People, then, who elect to trade their friends and family for the possibility of walking alone up the “Road to Truth” have in fact abandoned the Road to Truth. They abandon the very core of Scientology.

    In other words, when you disconnect from your family and friends because Mr. David Miscavige asks you to by his policies, “or else,” you have disconnected from Scientology, because Scientology is not about disconnection, but connection – Affinity, Reality, and Communication. Communication requires connection by definition.

    So, the ironic, and tragic, fact is that Mr. David Miscavige’s only power is LRH and the tech, and yet his main activity is disconnecting people from LRH and the tech.

    Good thing we’re here.

  3. I have watched this group both from the Inside – waay inside to the outside,
    picking up the messes it now creates for a good long time. Perhaps almost forty years of my life.
    And whenever I have been asked, could this turn into another Jim Jones, I have always, with no hesitation, I would say no, never.
    Sorry, I can no longer answer like that. If the sociopath becomes cornered, he will bring as many people down with him as he can….

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