Lori Hodgson is back in the saddle

 Hi! My name is Lori Hodgson. I joined the Church of Scientology in 1976. I was 13 years old.  I resigned from the COS this past August 30, 2010.

My main reasons for resigning from the COS are what I’ve seen and gone through personally over the past 4 years. The recruiting of my children for staff and the Sea Org at their ages of 15 years old and what I experienced through this is unbelievable. My parental rights were completely violated through the COS. I will share a couple of my experiences.

My son at 15 years of age was recruited for the Sea Org while I was in a horrific engram and on heavy pain pills trying to recover from a knee replacement surgery. I had Sea Org recruiters slamming on my front door and pressuring me for 2 weeks since coming home from the hospital. Then because of the stress of the recruiters’ continual harassment and my lack of proper rest I ended up back in the ER for 14 hours and then the hospital for 3 more days with pneumonia and an ovarian cyst rupture which was very serious on top of the recovering for my knee. Prior to me going to the ER, my friend met with the recruiters to not do this cycle while I was still in an engram. The recruiters told my friend that I was PTS, middle class and should not be on pain pills. They did not listen and continued until I got a doctors notice to not have any stress on my lines for 3 months so I could get rest and properly recover.

After about 4 months from my 1st surgery the recruiting started up again behind my back even though I wrote it up to the DSA to not have any recruiting until my son is 18.  After the continual pressure I gave in and my son joined the Sea Org. But I had the SO make me some promises that I really thought they would keep. The SO promised that my son would have his schooling, which he never got. They promised I could talk to him whenever I wanted and this was violated as I only got to talk to my son 5-6 times in 6 months even though I called almost daily to reach him. He was told that he could come home to visit which he couldn’t until he routed out and came home.

My 2nd knee replacement surgery was a couple months later as the 1st one was a botched surgery and the implant was 2 sizes too big. During my 2nd day in the hospital after my surgery my daughter said goodbye to me and joined the SO. On day 3 in the hospital I went into shock and almost lost my life and had to have a full blood transfusion. Since I got a 2nd chance I was going to handle my life better. During my recovery I wrote MANY reports on this out ethics situation. I continued to write it up for a year and nothing ever got handled.

I did not feel safe anymore to go in session because I could not agree that all this was for the greatest good. In the past when I didn’t agree, I would get pulled off my auditing and had to do numerous Chaplain cycles and roll backs until I agreed. So YES I resigned, as I could not be a part of this unethical organization anymore.

I found Marty Rathbun’s blog “Moving On Up a Little Higher” and saw his welcome page. I knew right then seeing his picture that I could trust him and wanted him to be my auditor. I thought “Wow Marty has a very clean space and I can feel safe with him”. Then a couple months later my very good friend Carol invited me to go with her to go visit Marty. So I booked my flight and spent 5 days at Marty and Mosey’s place. During my time there I experienced not only being audited by the number 1 auditor on the planet with standard tech, Marty and his wife Mosey are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I had INCREDIBLE Wins, the best I’ve had in all my years in Scientology. Marty and Mosey are truly honest, compassionate and remarkable beings and I’m honored to have them as my friends.

Three Camp Fire Girls Dishin'

I came home last Wednesday, December 8th, shining, winning and feeling very keyed out!!!!!

I wasn’t even home for more than 24 hours and got hit with a lot of entheta. On Thursday December 9th someone called my work and asked for our business hours of operation. I answered the query and then asked why was he asking, but he hung up. I was a little concerned with the strange call.

That same day while leaving work, I saw John Allender, (an undercover OSA operative of the COS and the husband of my C/S through Grades and into NED). He showed up in my parking lot and came toward me as I headed to my car. He said, “You did some squirreling over the weekend.” This indicates he knew my whereabouts and has either been following me or stalking me for a few days, since I returned from town only the day before and not even my own son knew where I’d been. Then he got closer, within 3 to 5 feet of me, and blocked my access to my car and confronted me saying, “Do you enjoy beatings?” I looked at him and said “NO” and was thinking to myself is he threatening to beat me up or giving me a warning? The comm was crazy! Then he said, “How did he know how to audit you with no PC folders?”  He said other things but I cut his comm. I said “I’m not having this conversation with you!” and I turned to go back into my office where I felt safe. My heart was racing and I could not run due to my knee replacement surgery.

The San Jose Police Department are aware of the incident on Thursday December 9th and I will continue to expose and report any harassment I encounter from the COS because I am not going to be threatened by anyone. The CoS is not above the LAW!!!! I live in America where we have Freedom and I’m not going  to be suppressed anymore. My integrity is in and I’m not going to violate it anymore! I am a free and happy being. When one knows they are doing the right thing, nothing can stop them because the truth always wins.

Lori - back in the saddle again

Lori can be reached at: thetahondagirl@gmail.com

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  1. So pathetic. Despite a wealth of technology available, it boils down to some weird parking lot encounter. As Deep Throat would say, ‘follow the money…’

  2. Thanks for coming out publicly, Lori. I know that it took much thought. I wonder why it is that as Scientologists we were so indocrinated to put up with this suppression. If you worked at a “wog” job and were interrogated, stalked, called 5 times a day for donations, events, etc, this would be instant lawsuit, settlements, jail time etc.

    If you sue the “church” for this stuff you are bucking up against money and a big machine.

    What if, we started calling the police on the individuals?
    What if we started filing lawsuits on the individuals at the “Church”
    What if we started filing restraining orders on the individuals?
    What if we started using the law to handle the individuals that are pushing the suppression from the “church”

    Would you want to stay on staff at a Mission or Org if you had the potential of being sued personally? Missions and Orgs do not have the money to defend the staff member. The staff member would then be declared PTS. This could bring the mothership down.

    If anyone comes to my house or business, I am filing charges. I do not care whom it is.

    Very well done on coming out! This is helpful to all of us!!!!!!

    • Thank You Daisy,
      Together we can stay strong and support one another. That is what real friends do!!!!!!!
      Have a very Merry Xmas!!

  3. Lori! Congratulations on your new found freedom and for sticking to your personal integrity, no matter the pressure. Very impressive. I wish you the very best!

    With love,

    • Hi Amy,
      You are a wonderful example of COURAGE!
      Thanks for being there and having so much COMPASSION!
      You really helped me through some rough times and I forever will be grateful!
      Lots of Love, Lori

  4. Welcome Lori! That is quite a story. I am so happy you are winning again!
    Thanks Marty and Mosey, for doing what you do.

    • Thank You Tom,
      It’s great to be happy with myself again.
      My INTEGRITY is so in and I’m not violating it anymore!
      Nothing is better than that!!!!

  5. Congratuatlions, Lori! Aside from those ridiculous things that were said to you, I cannot fathom the lack of havingness and lack of game OSA has by reason of the fact that they have nothing better to do than track down a lone pc or pre-OT who should not be particularly significant if they were thriving or even respectably running a happening operation. It is SO lame. I wonder how many other people they employed tracking you. In no way do I mean to diminish your importance in this analogy, but this is sort of like an NFL team hiring resources to spy on the water boy of their next opponent. And then to threaten the water boy.
    I am going to make a suggestion and that is that Tom Cruise reprise the role of Maxwell Smart from “Get Smart” and DM could play the Chief. They could have Gold put togther a new Cone of Silence. Katie could finally find herself by playing Agent 99 where she would emerge as the smarter of everyone.

    • Metaqual,
      Thank you and I like your suggestion.
      When I was under the radar my husband nicknamed me “GET SMART”. We laughed all the time!!
      I’m so glad I don’t need to play that game anymore.

  6. Lori,
    Marty recently directed me to PAB 91, The Anatomy of Failure ( I heartily forward his recommendation to all!) and I’d say by that theory and practice you are winning!

    Mr. Allender, I’d say you ain’t winning so much. Not in this game with Lori, Marty, and the rest of us independent types. No worries. Get with LRH’s Scientology, study up. Listen to RJ 68 (write and I’ll get you a copy) and you can get on board the real game of Scientology. Right now, you are playing something else that only appears to be that game. It isn’t.

    Lastly, Lori, I’m a Honda guy too!! A ratty old, stripped down, GL 1200.

  7. Lori,
    One thing I saw after I stepped back is that there is a lot of verbal tech in the Church. A lot of how people act and actions they take in the Church are not to be found in LRH writings. When you compare some of it to LRH it really doesnt match up. The way the recruiters and others handled you is an example. One might say “show me why”, “Show me where that written”, “show me the LRH to back up your actions”.

    • DFB….
      Yeah! your right a lot of verbal tech or out tech and they should have been quiet when one is still in an Engram!!!!

      • If they were harassing you and invalidating you after a major surgery while you were still taking pain medication, thats totally out. That person should be declared for suppressive squirelling. They are not a Scientologist. Your C/S, auditor or anyone at your org who was an actual Scientologist should have handled that suppressive crap with a vengeance.

        • Yeah! It was very Suppresive!!
          I was only home from Hospital for 4 days and on a high number of pain pills, couldn’t even walk and in excruciating pain!!! My husband saw me crying hysterically due to the recruiting cycle and called my EO for help.
          The EO told my husband who is not a Scientilogist, “there’s nothing I can do”. My husband couldn’t think with this comm. The whole cycle was Completely out Tech!!!

  8. Awesome story — well done on getting your life back and making all the right decisions. Looking forward to hearing more!

  9. Lori;

    Welcome to the ranks of the top of the crop – the free,the Indies!

    ML Tom

  10. Well done, Lori!

    Keep your integrity IN from here on out and report anything to the authorities.

    CofS has no right to send a large man out to scare a single woman. He’s probably trying to make up for having a small penis.

    This Allender dude will have a lot to be sorry for once he cognites.

    • Hello Idle org!
      I’m a tough girl!
      I ride my Honda with the big boys.
      No wimping out on those scary rides.
      John Allender isn’t as tough as some of the Black Diamonds I’ve been on in Hollister. :)

  11. Lori,
    Great to see another bright and smiling face, independent of Reverse Tech. In seeing the YT videos of this “8” John Allender sure shows that he’s pretty well versed in applying reverse tech and black Dianetics – total footnuke technology -as applied by Dear Leader, flying monkeys and minions. Their intentions are quite clear & don’t really communicate nor help anyone.

    • Where did he get that? John Allender, what LRH supports your actions in those videos? Show me, or figure out yourself what you are basing your actions on if you need to. Where did you get this “tech”?
      If you don’t know and cant show me the LRH that may be a problem John.
      For me anyway, and I consider myself a Scientologist.

      Something to look at John.

  12. Thank You everyone for welcoming me and all your support!!!
    It feels great to be a part of the WINNING team. “GO INDIES”
    Maybey for my next Enduro race I will put Indy 63 on my Honda.
    For the record both of my children are out of the SO. :)

  13. Lori, welcome to life on the outside, and well done for standing up to those bullies. You have the glow of freedom. Every time a person leaves, the Church loses more and more power over the lives of others.

  14. I really admire your courage Lori. Freedom is so precious. Most of us in the the USA and western Europe have had it for so long we take it for granted. Stories like yours show how precious it is. You are a worthy inheritor of the values in the Declaration of Independence and other documents written by our founding fathers.

    • Thank you Jane,
      We have to stick up for our rights and fight back!!
      Lying low and waiting for “WHATEVER”
      Just didn’t work for me. Now I truly feel at cause and what a GREAT place to be! :) Lori

  15. Lori, Dirt Bike Queen! Thankful both your kids are out safely! Phew, had me worried!

  16. Lori,
    I am so glad that you had a wonderful friend in Carol! The Bay Area seems to be heavy in to the kool-aid and I am sometimes curious as to whether or not they would even look for the truth. I have always held a special desire that my Bay Area friends would wake up. But, there is a heavy air of sensorship of anything that didn’t originate from the local org or mission.

    As I look at the videos above, I see John, Mark, Geoff and Angel wearing huge blinders which prevent them from acknowledging anything but their own ideals putting them at the top of my sheeple list. I am CERTAIN that they would not support the church if they honestly knew what was going on with DM. They don’t want to know the truth as it would make them very wrong, dead wrong.

    They have been the enforcers, so to speak. They are not like those in the SO who are threatened continuously and take on the winning valence in order to survive. They are free to come and go as they please. They have families and meet with friends when they want. But, with all of this freedom, they still lack the freedom to LOOK. I am sure they have been “briefed” on all of the latest situations but I’d bet not one of them really looked with the intention to observe, unbiased and with their integrity in, anything beyond what they have heard inside their local DSA offices. They have delusions that they are somehow protecting Scientology from its (self created) enemies.

    You have a wealth of freedom now. You have in essence taken the stops out of your life and you can fly free once again. They are only trying to push in your anchor points. Use your new found comm lines to hold your position in space and time. It really gets better and better as time goes on and one day you wake up and realize you are no longer the effect of them. They really can’t harm you at all. And a little later, you hope that one day they too will have the ability to see.

    You have LRH at your disposal and you are free! This IS something to celebrate! What a beautiful Christams gift you have given yourself!

    • Karen B, I have to say you are spot on.

    • Karen B, WOW! Your words are very inspiring. I feel the same way and hope they all will really look and see the truth. Who cares about being wrong or right this is are chance to stand up for our Freedom!!! Come on people courage is empowering and it feels Great!!!!

  17. Well, well I just got a phone call from David Labow, the slime who works according to him for Elliott Abelson. He wanted to know all about Marty and I told him to call Marty himself. He said, “I have talked to Marty, but I want to know what is he calling his services?…I told him “I don’t talk about Marty or anyone and he should call Marty”. He says, “why didn’t it go well…again I said call Marty if you want to know anything about Marty, have a nice day, bye bye.

    • They sure seem pretty worried about someone who they say is a no good-non-producer. If he was so unimportant I doubt that they would spend so much time and money on him.
      I would say that a person who could get such a large movement all fired up and working to put ethics in on a group gone whacko was one sane and able guy..
      If you can’t beat him, join him!!

    • If David Lebow is now calling Carol in an attempt to get something on Marty, this tells me that dude is worried about his job. What worth does he have to his employer if he can’t dig up any dirt? None.

      note to Lebow: Ever hear of the saying, “There’s no honor among thieves”? The second you stop being the useful idiot, you’ll be on the unemployment line. Even you need to bail.

      • Is anyone else getting emails from auto260@hushmail.com ? They try to trash Marty and Mike , its pretty lame really but here’s a bit for your amusement:

        Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder have now built a record of abusing
        their own followers. Reports are now coming in
        regarding dissatisfied clients that are outraged about Rathbun’s
        off-beat practices. The information is coming in in
        volume and it will get posted as it gets processed.

        Talk about generalities!!!!…Thats a suppressive action in itself. Must be a case of the actual squirrels screaming because they can’t stand to see OTs being made. Go Marty!!!

        • Lise, and to Carol,
          Seems David and his handlers just don’t duplicate some basic LRH.
          Here’s a little taste of the treats LRH left us. I will quote it.

          LRH ED 88 INT 9 March 1969 INJUSTICES
          “As you will see by HCO Pol 24 Feb 69, JUSTICE we know that False Reports are the main cause of injustice.
          They are also the cause of down stats.
          False reports about staff members that bring about discipline of another are heavily actionable.
          Although the Sea Org is not now sending out many org investigatory missions, when it does they will be operating only to put in HCO Pol Ltr of 24 Feb 69 and get the false reports out of the area and find the inventor of them.
          This should greatly help any area to recover. But there is no real reason the area itself can’t do it.
          Injustice is a hot button. We ourselves in Scientology are subjected to duress only by false reports coming from very aberrated vested interests who are terrified we will steal their shaky monopoly on the insane.
          We see that society reeks with false reports. Knowing what lies are printed about us, we can only assume that the adjacent columns are equally false.
          Aberration is derived from false data.
          Therefore false reports can almost spin an organization in.
          19 years ago we did a lot of work trying to run “group engrams.” All this time later (for us) we have the answers. They are 3rd Party Actions and False Reports. These cause a group to go downtone and downstat.
          These also are the basic cause of war.
          They must also be a basic cause in insanity.
          An org would recover from any slump if it carefully isolated within its group any and all false reports on one another and got HCO Pol Ltr 24 Feb 69 fully followed.
          This is another road to truth.
          Best, Ron L. Ron Hubbard Founder”

          In light of this reference – those of you creating the false reports are spinning in your own organization and causing it to go downtone and downstat. I, personally, would put you in the “…false reports coming from very aberrated vested interests who are terrified we will steal their shaky monopoly…” and you represent and work for or are part of the “very aberrated vested interest”.

          Fact is you don’t have a monopoly on truth. You never did. Neither do you have a monopoly on eternity. Our eternity started way before this day and will continue long after your current body has been eaten to pieces and long gone. We always have our eternity. You didn’t give it to us, you only control it with our agreement and tacit approval, and neither can you mold us to fit your own weird game.

          Any OT (such as John Allender), who thinks he can threaten another being into giving up their personal integrity is sick and out-ethics. There is ZERO pan determinism shown by that activity. It appears OT’s working for OSA have gone from mest – to infinity – and now back to mest. Sorry guys, end game, you lost. Those spamming email with false data, the same – end game, you lost.

          Why don’t you win in life as we, in the Independent Scientology, world do. It is simple. Discontinue present time overts, read, duplicate and apply the LRH tech to your life. You will find when you do this that conditions change for the better and life is fun. Then, you can enjoy some of the many fruits of LRH’s legacy.

          • LRH ED 88 INT by itself

            LRH ED 88 INT 9 March 1969 INJUSTICES

            “As you will see by HCO Pol 24 Feb 69, JUSTICE we know that False Reports are the main cause of injustice.

            They are also the cause of down stats.

            False reports about staff members that bring about discipline of another are heavily actionable.

            Although the Sea Org is not now sending out many org investigatory missions, when it does they will be operating only to put in HCO Pol Ltr of 24 Feb 69 and get the false reports out of the area and find the inventor of them.

            This should greatly help any area to recover. But there is no real reason the area itself can’t do it.

            Injustice is a hot button. We ourselves in Scientology are subjected to duress only by false reports coming from very aberrated vested interests who are terrified we will steal their shaky monopoly on the insane.

            We see that society reeks with false reports. Knowing what lies are printed about us, we can only assume that the adjacent columns are equally false.

            Aberration is derived from false data.

            Therefore false reports can almost spin an organization in.

            19 years ago we did a lot of work trying to run “group engrams.” All this time later (for us) we have the answers. They are 3rd Party Actions and False Reports. These cause a group to go downtone and downstat.

            These also are the basic cause of war.

            They must also be a basic cause in insanity.

            An org would recover from any slump if it carefully isolated within its group any and all false reports on one another and got HCO Pol Ltr 24 Feb 69 fully followed.

            This is another road to truth.

            Best, Ron L. Ron Hubbard Founder”

            • Wonderful reference Sapere. Just wonderful. More of the truth on the lines to dispel the false lie that exists and persists. Be gone lie!

              • Jim, RJ, Halleluja, Scot and Karen B.

                Thank you. This fits with my earlier posts about Snow White and why I felt handling false data and false reports was behind the 4th dynamic engram. LRH really wanted Snow White completed. The basic behind the false data is the true enemy of Scientology. Today we see it in the current regime. Tomorrow it could be another regime or group. The minute details might change but the basic behind this doesn’t.

                I posted earlier the reference about the bank is only made of un-analyzed data. This is where false data enters the chain.

                I must say, the group dynamic here creates a totally new universe. I had not always put these references and data together. Here, one person posts a viewpoint and data for it, I read and duplicate, then someone else’s post. The ability to shift viewpoints and duplicate and look at things from a different light occurs VERY quick. The open forum allows us, as a group, to change ideas and thoughts very very fast.

                Thus, all of us, continually create this group and being active in the group we are also changing. I get wins reading LRH, but I get even more reading LRH and being part of this group. It fills in the others flows. It is a good thing.

                Speed of particle flow alone creates power. That is why we are powerful – that is why we are feared. That is why we will win on this road and journey down the path of truth.

                Thanks for being there guys and gals. It is a pleasure to be able to participate. Ciao for now.

            • Sapere,

              Thanks for posting this man.

              It’s a key out to read it again.

              The PAC totally operates on the complete inverse of this RED.

              They were totally operating on secret hidden false reports just before I left.

          • Sapere Aude — G*R*E*A*T reference! Thanks for sharing!! H

            • SA,

              Fantastic reference. One can think of so many examples in life of this exact phenomena.

              False reports causing injustice and down stats. A more simple why cannot be found.

              Thank God your here with us, Sapere – an order of brilliance on par with yet different from – dare I say it? — JIM LOGAN.

              With both of you guys keeping us on the straight and narrow “great middle path” (how’d ya like that piece of tortured logic, Marty?) there’s no way we can lose.


          • Outstanding post! Excellent reference!

        • Lise,

          All who receive mail from
          auto260@hushmail.com, should click the forward button and send to
          with the word SPAM in the body of the Email.
          Hushmail is on the ball for misuse of their service.
          Note that they have nothing on M and M ~~ NOTHING.
          They claim that futuristically they will have SOMETHING, but currently, they have nothing.

          Like DM’s INT events of futuristic “IDEAL ORGS”. No actual product. Hot air and huffing and puffing.

          • Thanks Karen.

            • as I said a few posts back, the very thing that is going to take down DM is their illegal and bad practice for intel and harassment. They may think they are above the law, but all the small things like email spamming with add up to something very big in due time!

    • That call was an obvious effort to discover if Marty is “advertising” his services as Scientology. As Marty no doubt realizes, he can practice anything he likes but he cannot “trade” on the “trademarked” terms.

    • Interesting that the slime can get your phone number easily. If your phone is on the “do not call” list, and he (Ableson & Lubow) have no business calling you, it could be reported – soliciting for Mestology, suggesting you change brands.

    • David has been a busy man this evening–he just called me.
      Had my wife given me access to this before the phone call, I would have played it for him and Davey.

      • You had me laughing out loud with that video. I played it. Then when I x’d out it kept on playing anyway. Hilarious. Lebow hasn’t called me yet but maybe there are just too many “Eyes” in the phone book. That’s right, OSA; Eyes is my last name.
        Let’s be real here. Lebow IS stupid to be doing what he’s doing. How could he not realize he’s being used? When they’re done with him they’ll toss him out like yesterday’s news.

      • Cowboy, you have a way with words…love it! Yo Lebow get a real job!

      • Dave Miscavige/IAS/CofMestology –

        I got some change in my pocket, but it wasn’t enough, so fuck you – oooooo.
        Now I’ve got the Bridge, you ain’t so tough, so fuck you -ooooo.

  18. Lori, this story moved me as no other. As a mother, I am sure this is a very painful period for you. But, you honored your integrity and we celebrate you for this!!

    Welcome and I hope life in the fresh air will help heal the pains you have experienced!!

    • Thanks Gretchen,
      I love my kids more than anything!!! They are both very special and able beings.
      They know I love them with all my heart and no matter what happens they will always have me here loving them unconditionally!!!! One day they will see their mom had the Courage to stand up for what is right!!!

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  20. Lori,
    Congratulations on your new found freedom and keeping your integrity in! :D Very happy to have another great new Independent.
    Much love,

    • Thanks Christie,
      Every day gets better and better!!!
      I love all my new friends.
      What a theta group the Independents are. This is how it should be. :)

  21. Here we go, auto260@hushmail.com spam. More bullshit from the bullshiters hitting our emails. I’d say we are getting some TA!

  22. Glad to hear you are out Lori. Sounds like you started the same time as I did in the same location. We probably know the same people. I post as Daisy on all other boards. There is someone who posts as Daisy here but that is not me.

    • M Greene,
      Email me if u like. I was on staff at Stevens Creek Mission back in 1978-1983. Fulfilled my 5 year contract then went to college and graduated from Chico State. We can talk about the good old days before the ’82 mess.

  23. Hello Lori,
    My most sincere congratulations on your WINS, decision and public statement! It is a sad commentary on the SO recruiters, that they have degraded themselves to this level of invalidation and suppression. I personally joined the SO when I was 17 and did not like it at all. I requested to route out, did conditions and was out the door. Living conditions were horrible and it was nothing like described. I’m in Northern California also. If you would like to get in comm, feel free to send me a note! Also, a special ack on your wins in your recent auditing!
    Marty, Wow…!

    With admiration,

  24. Lori,
    Welcome and glad you’re winning.
    My 15 year old was to be recruited to the SO about 1 1/2 year ago. Not one SO terminal ever contacted my spouse or I. When my child asked for some money for the the plane fareto Flag and basic nessecities I told my child that if the SO dosen’t even consider the parents then they need to take full responsibility for you now and since I had their auditing and training paid for I said great they can also pay for your Bridge now and we can use the extra intensives anyway. And instruct my child to ask when will they be assigned an auditor to finish the current Grade they were in the middle of and make sure you get it in writing. Well my child was aware enough to spot the indicators and out points (lies) from the SO recruiter and told him to wait till they their current auditing and high school was finished and would reconsider. My child ended up having to change their cell phone number to stop the calls from the SO recruiter.

    Now when I get calls asking for them

    • disregard the last line. I can go on. I don’t want to infect the Theta win of the main post.

      Nice job Lori & Marty….Mosey too.

  25. Hi Lori – wow, thanks for your story and you look wonderful back in your saddle! Thank you Marty and Mosey for all that you do. Yes, they are wonderful hosts and the food is more than you can ever imagine!

  26. Hi Lori-

    Thanks for this announcement. I got into Scientology about a year ahead of you at the Davis Mission. I’m from the Bay area as well. Glad to hear that things are going better for you and that you were able to connect with Marty.


  27. Utterly stupendous. At this rate, the planet will be CLEAR of the Church of Spies & Liars before the next decade is through. Bravo, Lori!

  28. Lori if I were you I’d print out friendsoflrh.org and start reading it to him next time he comes around. He’d try to distract but just keep reading and hold a camera in his face. He’s all puffed up on false ethics presence.

  29. I don’t have any more of my materials but isn’t there something about some girl getting squirrel auditing in Keeping Scientology Working and the squirrel auditor was physically abusing her? Maybe this is what Allender means.

    • I think the “Dead Agent” materials he has read on Marty are that Marty was the one who did all the beatings or some such thing. Theres a recording of Tommy Davis saying this.

      So I’m guessing that either he has not seen any other data, or he has chosen to believe what Tommy Davis says in this clip.
      I wouldn’t link it, but I think it’s one piece of evidence that needs to be confronted by any Scientologist, independent or not. This is the spokesperson of the Church of Scientology.
      That clip alone should tell anyone that there something very wrong with the church.

    • Allender is a bit confused, as all PTSers are. The only one ever known to have hit his pc in session is Davey himself; it’s so out reality that even KSW doesn’t talk about it. Of course, dealing in recrimination only, the SP accuses his opponents of the very crimes he himself is guilty of. Hypnotised bots only have one source of information and can only talk the talk that is slammed down their throats by their slavemaster, who in this case happenes to be a bigot and professional hater of auditors.

    • KSW1 doesn’t state who was abusing whom:

      “I recall one student who was squirreling on an Academy course and running a lot of offbeat whole track on course students after course hours. The Academy students were in a state of electrification on all these new experiences and weren’t quickly brought under control, and the student himself was never given the works on Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten so they stuck. Subsequently, this student prevented another student from being straightened out and his wife died of cancer resulting from physical abuse.”

      What Allender probably means, as others have pointed out, is that he believes the kool-aid version that M&M were incessantly beating the crap out of everyone else at Int until they (M&M) left. So therefore Lori must have have the crap beaten out of her while visiting South Texas.

      It’s really nothing more than him being a whiny kid pointing fingers on the playground and attempting to introvert Lori.

      • It is a lot more than that. Have your 2D subjected that treatment and then call it “kid pointing fingers.”

        • I guess it’s not about right or wrong or winning or losing. It’s about suppresive evil purposes and hate. Wanting to destroy another person at whatever cost. That is the leader of the Church of Scientology- David Miscavige. A person who hates and destroys yet covers it with the smooth vaneer of a used car salesman. What tone level is that?

          • My personal opinion is that DM’s social tone is 1.1 on a good day. Social, mind you, 1.5 on a bad day.
            His chronic tone I believe fluctuates around the below levels from what I have read.

            BLAME- (PUNISHING OTHER BODIES) DM’s home planet.
            But he does move on the tone scale and appears to enjoy these tone levels also.
            PROTECTING BODIES (he thinks, in all his delusional grandeur)
            OWNING BODIES
            [taken from the DIANETICS and SCIENTOLOGY TECHNICHAL DICTIONARY, by L. Ron Hubbard]

      • Hello Splog,
        Yeah! Allender may have introverted me a little, but he really Pissed me off!! So I let the Authorities know and exposed him out in the open. He messed with the wrong girl!!!!!!!!!

  30. DM sucks.

  31. Maybe Lori wasn’t being stalked at Marty’s. It would come to no surprise that Marty himself is being stalked and it is being reported who shows up. Take a few pictures and send them out to DSA’s to see if anyone can ID. Then the local DSA goes out to harass the person when he or she returns.

  32. Lori, next time a ‘John Allender’ confronts you ask him exactly what LRH reference he is using to justify his actions.
    I also want to acknowledge your wonderful story and your admirable confront in your accomplishments. Extreme sportsters have more confront than any OT VIII I know and you yourself in standing up to your personal integrity. Especially one who gets knee replacements just so she can get back in the saddle again. You’ve got the guts and stamina of a real LRH OT. Keep on keepin’ on making it go right!!!!
    I do remember you from the Bay Area! I’ll get in touch.

  33. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Hi Lori!! Welcome to the Greatest Theta Show On Earth! Very Well Done on getting your freedom back and on your wins with Marty and Mosey’s Tejas hospitality.

    Many, many happy wishes to you and your family and to your Independence!

    Love and ARC,



  35. Firebreathing Frog

    What are you doing Lori?
    Stoping your kids to join the most ethical group on the planet?
    After all, they are not really your kids, they are Thetan!
    That’s the kind of crap I got from SO recruiters starting interviewing my kids.
    Well, I started hatting them on all the off-policies actions the staff were involved, starting with all these illegal donation, showing them the right reference, etc.
    When I started Scientology, it was fun.
    Not anymore – I don’t want my kids in the SO, but I do want them to do Scientology and get the wins.
    Not an easy education to get to your kids.
    Love you

    • Hi Firebreathing Frog,
      Great name I love it!!
      Yeah! I went through that too and I have seen other moms be objected to that BS.
      Good job on holding your viewpoint. Stay strong!!! :) Lori

  36. I need to get this out, and don’t know a more appropriate location on this site, so here goes:

    I’ve just now remembered that toward the end of the sixth grade, a teacher passed around a vial of nitric acid, with the admonition that nobody open the vial and contact the acid. Of course, the *very* predictable happened: a girl was dared into putting a drop on her finger.

    Did we *really* need to see the label on the bottle? Or was this a herd-thinning exercise?

    Why was it neccesary for an eleven year old girl to watch her finger melt off? Was it just recklessnes or neglect by the teacher?

    The only other thing I can think of is that this was an exercise in Group Psychology. No specific instruction was given to contact the Nitric Acid, in fact quite the opposite, but the reaction this provokes in that age group is entirely predictable. The intent was to burn that memory in deep, so that if we ever stumbled upon the stuff in the wild, we gave it SERIOUS respect and distance. And called for Dad.

    Thing is, this borders on ethics that are illegal, even when testing on *prisoners*.

    What are your thoughts?

  37. Firebreathing Frog,
    One of my friend’s 18 year old daughter getting “handled” on wanting to have kids was told “thetans don’t have kids, bodies have kids”.

    Isn’t it funny how you can go along with the program for years, being a good Scientologists and the moment you oppose your underage committing to a billion years (Gee, they’re not even lawfully allowed to enter any contract) all your years of service is completely null and void. And isn’t it funny how you’ve told yourself again and again to “just suck it up, I’m tough, I can deal with it, I’m looking at the big picture” whenever you’ve had injustices and insanities thrown your way, but man, when it’s your kids, then that grizzly mama comes up in you, “don’t you dare harm my cubs” kind of thing. I’m a mother of 4, I hear you so loud and clear.

  38. Hi Lori,
    Congratulations on your wins in auditing, and your FREEDOM as an Independent Scientologist. It is a wonderful ride (pun intended), and now you will Flourish and Prosper as never before! The friendships and the support you get from the Independent Field are like none other. It is truly a NEW CIVILIZATION, and a microcosm of what a cleared planet would really be like. All of us have been tested by fire, just like you have, and we have been forged into a sword stronger than Excalibur! We are making huge swaths into the out-ethics, out-tech , and out-admin left behind by the C of DeMonology.
    Enjoy the ride of your life, and soar like an eagle!!!
    Much love to you and your children,
    Catherine Von Ach

  39. Lori;
    I was so pleased to learn your children are not longer in the SO & that you are free of the supression coming from all directions within the COS. My wife asked me a profound question last week. Your post about how the SO worked so hard to steal your children from you gave me pause because of her question.
    She said, we have always said that, “when we drop our bodies we should avoid the bright light and go find a pregant Scientologist so we will be in a safe place next lifetime and be able to continue on the bridge”. This question followed with another question (the profound one): “Now what do we do?”
    Lori , I did not and do not have an answer for my wife’s question. If we pick a Scientology family who’s to say we won’t be fed to the SO (The Lions) at a young and vulnerable age.

    I’m very relieved, your free but the question remains. What about our next life. I don’t mean to pour cold water over your wins but your story really got me to thinking about tomorrow.
    Have a very Merry Christmas with your kids, enjoy your well earned independence and please wear the best knee pads money can buy before you get back on your Honda dirt bike.
    One more item. For a woman of 47 with two kids you ROCK GIRL.

    • Hello Jack Airey,
      Answer to your question on the next life.
      My next life is going to be incredibly awesome!!!
      Maybey my Honda will have super jets (lol)
      Thank you for your concern on the knee pads. I wear $500 red kick ass knee pads!! ;)

  40. Lol, Jack, tell your wife that the SO will be just a bad memory by that time!

  41. Lori,

    Your story struck a few nerves with me!

    My daughter (15 at the time) was threatened that if she didn’t sign an SO contract I would be RPF’d as a result. Even though I was in the SO, I was working to make sure she got an education before she would enter into the SO. So finally after my push back for years, the way they got her in was to threaten her as the cause of my RPF assignment. (she has since routed out).

    To have to fight off recruiters from taking your children is stressful enough under other circumstances, but to have to deal with something like this after knee replacement surgery is surely an over-the-top experience. My God, someone just sawed off your bones! And then to be told you are out-ethics for taking pain killers???? Again, it just points out over and over again how delusional Radical Scientologists are – how disassociated from life. Knee replacement surgery is considered one of the most violent and painful surgeries to be performed. It can drive a person to addiction to pain killers as the pain last for so long and is so intense. Infection is a real risk and extremely dangerous. I was appalled to read about the utter disregard these people had for you and your condition, and for your sense of parenting. To go after you the way they did to submit you to their will when you were at such a disadvantage is how can I say it ?—sooooo “scientological”!

    So glad you found Marty and that he has helped you so much.

    • Wow! Freespirit you really duplicated my intense knee surgery. It was very rough because my 1st surgeon screwed up and put 2 sizes too big of an implant in. This added to the severe pain even on the high dose of pain pills.
      Plus the recruiting it was a nightmare. That is why I couldn’t talk about it for a while. Then 6 months later after a specialist saw that the implant was too big, I had to go back in and have the old one taken out and the new one put in. A 5 hr surgery. Now I’m the Bionic girl with a titanium knee.
      I’m so glad I found Marty too!!!!!!

  42. Pingback: Miscavige Shock Squad Hits Casablanca | Moving On Up a Little Higher

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