In Defense Of Tommy Davis

I know I have in the past, in moments of frustration, referred to Tommy in less than respectful terms.  I had a bit of a change of heart after Mike Rinder and I had a discussion about Miscavige’s standard operating procedure for handling the media.

For those who’ve more recently joined us, perhaps you did not hear the Tommy Davis meltdown with the St Petersburg Times.  Tommy’s interview in response to their 2009 Truth Rundown series investigation “annihilated” Tommy’s and Miscavige’s credibility – confirming for most intelligent listeners that Tommy was lying through his teeth and David Miscavige in fact did commit the serial psychotic and violent acts enumerated by myself, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Tom Devocht, Jeff Hawkins, Marc Headley, Claire Headley, Steve Hall, et al……

You can find the Davis meltdown here, particularly the first segment titled “there were witnesses to it”:

Tommy testified under oath as follows  in the Headley cases this summer.  In early 09 Tommy was minding his own business  deep in the bowels of Flag central files. Tommy was on a several month project to get those files in order (presumably, and this is my presumption, because he was busted to that lowly position after his blow from the Sea Org two years earlier) .  He was  fished out of planet-file to report to Linda Hammil (CO OSA INT) in order to handle official spokesperson duties, right about the time the church was informed Miscavige’s crimes against humanity were about to see the light of day.

This makes perfect sense, much like Mike Rinder was pulled out of filthy manual labor duty in 2007 to handle the BBC.

Tommy has been hell on wheels since, either talking to the media or cajoling and threatening former members who have foresaken Corporate, Radical Scientology.  Lies flow from him like the Niagra. Apparently, he does not want to wind up back in the caverns of manila folders.  A typical Miscavige leverage operation.

Then what is to defend about Tommy?   Tommy is a good kid.  I like him, and while I don’t like what he does for Miscavige, I will always like him.  Tommy  is simply PTS, Potential Trouble Source, somebody connected to and the effect of a Suppressive Person. In this case, obviously the SP is David Miscavige.

When acting as spokesperson, whether with the media or with fleeing members, Tommy is not allowed to think.  Tommy is not allowed to originate. Tommy is required to act as an automaton of David Miscavige.  He must do and say precisely what Miscavige tells him to do and say, exactly how Miscavige wants him to do and say it.

It is not an enviable position to be in.  While I can sit in judgment of how Tommy has coped with this situation, I recognize it is a very difficult place to be. It is not just me saying this.  Check out Mike and I discussing how Miscavige micromanages the defense of his image below.   You’ll perhaps get an idea of the kind of extreme stress Tommy is put under to bring about what you see in public.

At the end of the day, I look forward to Tommy’s four or five glorious days at Casablanca, a short week in which he is brought back to his own native, charming personality; the one that many of us once knew.

126 responses to “In Defense Of Tommy Davis

  1. Lovin all the middle-road goin on here.

    ML Tom

  2. Leak from DM meeting with Travolta:

    DM: Thanks for coming and helping me with this, John.
    JT: Glad to be able to help, Dave.
    DM: OK, let’s get right to it. Here, take this puppet, you’re Larry King.
    JT: Hey, it looks like Heber.
    DM: It’s left over from some training I was doing with Heber. Just mock it up as Larry.
    JT: Ha ha, I like the suspenders you’ve added.
    DM: I forgot to tell you, we’re fishing. Larry and I are fishing.
    JT: OK, “We’ve got David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of the Church of Scientology here on the fishing boat today!”
    DM: No no, John, I think Larry should say, ‘Ecclesiastical leader of the Church of Scientology’ instead. Here, take this rod to make it more real. Ha ha, that’s almost a pun isn’t it?
    JT: “Fishing with David Miscavige, ecclesiastical leader of the Church of Scientology!” How’s that?
    DM: Oh yeah. OK, so…hey, remember how I was directing you in those Battlefield Earth scenes? OK, so can you just slump the puppet over, more like Larry’s posture?
    JT: Sure, how’s this?
    DM: More slouch, more slouch…
    JT: How about now?
    DM: Perfect. OK, let me have the first question on the list.
    JT: OK. “Mr. Miscavige, you’ve precided over the largest growth the Church of Scientology has ever…”
    DM: Wait, wait, wait. Don’t say ‘precided over’, say ‘orchestrated’ or ‘spearheaded’ or better yet, say ‘personally driven’ maybe ‘relentlessly personally driven the explosive growth’.
    JT: ‘With admirable dedication and at great personal cost, you’ve personally accomplished the highest levels of expansion your church has ever seen in its history’.
    DM: Yes! Yes! Yes! Exactly! Wow! Perfect! OK, “Thank you Larry. Yes, I have, but I’m not here to talk about me. I’d like to just stay on the subject of Scientology if you don’t mind.”
    JT: Um…hold on a second Dave, do you think he’ll ask about the beatings?
    DM: Beatings? There are no beatings to talk about, John. Jeez. Let’s not forward the enemy line here. Do the question.
    JT: OK, sorry. Ah, “What does Scientology have to offer the world?”
    DM: That’s the next question?? Hmm…maybe we should go over a few points about myself first after all, I did spearhead the largest expansion the church has ever experienced. I’m sure people are interested in that.
    JT: OK. “To what do you attribute your great success?” How’s that?
    DM: Great! Great! Add that to the list! Help me formulate a good answer…
    JT: Ah, how about something like, ‘I apply the principles of Scientology to get these types of results’ ?
    DM: Arf. No. Let’s not bring up Scientology quite yet. Let’s cover me first, just to get that out of the way.
    JT: OK, how about…
    DM: I got it! Here, ‘My work ethic, the long hours I put in, I get the least amount of sleep of anyone in the United States, I take no time off, I…”
    JT: I think that might be a little…
    DM: Don’t cut me off…’I take no other time for anything else, I found I have a talent for leadership, I’m no-nonsense.’ Give me the next question on the list.
    JT: Ok, let’s see…”I see you have a really nice motorcycle.”
    DM: “Yes, Larry, but I get no time to ride, what with being too busy spearheading the unprecedented growth of my church.”
    JT: (cough) “I see you’re best friends with Tom Cruise.”
    DM: “Yes, Larry, but we don’t get to spend enough time together, what with me being constantly busy spearheading the unprecedented growth of my church.”
    JT: “The erection of your vast array of brand new Scientology cathedrals over the last few years certainly is astounding!”
    DM: Whoah! Whoah! Maybe you shouldn’t say ‘erection’. Use ‘construction’. I actually did pound a nail in a board one time.
    JT: (sneeze) Dave, I really think you need to have some writers work on this script before we drill it. (cough) Besides, I really have to go now.
    DM: Before you go can you just help me write a really good closing line for my the end of my fishing video, where I pull that rat Rinder and that turncoat bum Rathbun out of the ocean on the end of my fishing line?
    JT: Ah…I really do have to go right now, Dave.
    DM: Wait, wait…how about having Larry say, “Your administrative skills are legendary…you’ve earned quite a reputation, having personally rescued the fastest growing religion in the two-thousand years from ruin!” Howzat?
    JT: Fine, I gotta go. (cough, cough)
    DM: (unintelligible)

  3. I love having found this blog. From what I understand most of you here are former members of the CoS, have left the church, but still believe in Scientology right? As somebody who has been watching the CoS for years and has seen those videos in which some of you were the crazy looking people that I was simultaneously pissed off at and also felt sorry for, I’d like to congratulate you and thank you. Thank you for standing up for yourself. Congratulations on summoning the strength to take that gigantic step. Now, please keep on questioning the things you were taught in the CoS. How do you think the church got to the place it is? Other religions have had some crazy leaders, but they’ve never gotten to this point. There was a reason DM succeeded LRH as leader, because he was the closest match in abilities, personality, and sanity. The whole religion was set up by LRH to begin with as a way to control people and take their money, the current version of the church has just gone further down that path. You do know that LRH stated on record that the best way to make money would be to start a religion, right? And you know that he was a science fiction writer beforehand? And you’re aware that he and his wife broke into government buildings to steal negative reports about CoS? That’s exactly the type of “controlling the message” behaviour that DM exhibits. He has merely taken Scientology to its logical conclusion, and quite frankly I’m glad that a more reasonable man did not take control of the CoS, because hopefully his excesses will show you the folly of the writings and character of LRH.

    • martyrathbun09

      Most religions have gotten to this point and far beyond – only it was centuries ago and many folk don’t care much for history.

  4. This post on Tommy has really helped me. As an outsider, and horrified by the CoS stories I read, I found myself holding too much negativity towards the CoS executives. When I first saw Mike Pinder on YouTube in his former official role, I just defaulted to the mindset of… man, what a jerk he seems like. This was 2 hours before I even knew he had left the organization, by coming across another video. With Mike broken free and speaking up now, I began to feel empathy. But something still bothered me; I assumed upper management people were all ‘in on it’, as reflected by their behavior and assumed high salaries (I thought), and I just couldn’t fully release my anger towards him despite his obvious caring nature which I now realize. Then Mike stated in an interview that he too was just a paid slave, so to speak, with that patented low weekly salary. I read later that he was doing manual type of labor prior to doing spokesperson work? Whatever the case, that sealed the deal for me. I went from calling him a jerk, to now wishing I was his friend. Tommy still ticks me off a little, but this post about him really helps me put it all into perspective. Key is the opinion of ex-CoS members who reveal to me that Tommy has a good side to him, but he is being heavily influenced and probably just makes some bad choices, like we all do. And I assume now that his own wallet is probably empty of any decent salary. So I thank you for giving me some insight on how to thwart my own angry tendencies towards this organization, as a being a member of the public. The years are piling up though; I hope the goodness in Tommy will take reign soon. Else I might just start getting ticked off again. lol Does this all mean I am eventually going to forgive David himself? I sort of like not being an all-loving human right now. :)

    So as an outsider… you ex-CoS members have taught me two main things:

    -The CoS corporation itself has serious flaws, but the teachings and wisdom of LRH are not only valid but probably useful. Prior, I would turn my back on anything scientology related. Now I have learned there are options (aka, indies). On another ex-CoS site I even read quotes from Hubbard expressing his concern if greed and profits overcame the organization, etc. That info may have taken me years to come across. I think Hubbard did have some negative aspects to himself, but I am no longer cancelling out everything.

    -Pretty much all CoS ranks are subjected to hard work, unfair treatment, and low salary. At least the full-time working members. If I ever meet a CoS spokesperson in person, I will be sure and give them $100 or something, so they can treat themselves. :)

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