Tom Cruise’s Scientology Buses

Actually Dave delivered two custom tricked buses to Tom Cruise.  There was the Silver Screen, see

And while the Silver Screen was in production, the Bluebird – a temporary custom tricked bus for Tom while he waited upon completion of Dave’s slave labor force produced Silver Screen.

See the specifics below in another progress report to Miscavige.

Realize Miscavige was coordinating all this – down to special fairy slipper compartments for his personal bus delivery presentation to Tom – at the same time Miscavige was carrying out his savage tortures of Int Management personnel in the Hole,  see

To those DM-bots who defend Miscavige with such vehemence, the likes of whom call Michael Fairman an “enemy”, remember, we know that you are basically good, and we are going to see that you come through this all right.

COB COMM RTC                                                27 July 2005



Dear Sir;

Thank you very much and I will continue to send the info reports.

Mr. Cruise arrived at the Bluebird yesterday on set and said that it was awesome – the interior upgrades and audio visual.

He really liked the message system and asked if he could have it such that he can send out messages as well – i.e. be able to type a message. This was programmed through the night so that this can be installed and tested today before he gets to the set.

He requested that a space be figured out for placement of slippers in the front of Silver Screen as he does not want any shoes on the carpet. This is figured out – there is a drawer right at the entrance which can be used for this. He also stated that no one will be allowed to enter Silver Screen other than his personal assistants.

Mr. Cruise also said that when Silver Screen arrives – he is not going to set foot in it unless COB has been in it first.

When he arrived at the base this morning at 6:10am he expressed how great it was to be here. That he went Clear and did his OT levels here and how awesome it was to have Kate here doing her Student Hat, starting her Purif – beginning her Bridge here. He was very pumped about this.

He also said that he has been listening to the Congresses and how incredible the information is and the basics he is getting as a Scientologist from them even though he has been a Scientologist 20 years, is Class IV and on OT VII there is such knowledge in the congresses it is amazing.

He will be leaving the base to go to the set in Fontana by helicopter at 7:15pm tonight.

This is ok.




267 responses to “Tom Cruise’s Scientology Buses

  1. Looks very professional to me. Many people like to read books only in print.

    What do you say?

    • Twenty years behind the times.

      • I bet on an average day it is quite “Idle” too.

        Used bookstores, thrift stores, eBay, landfills and recycling centers are overstocked with Scientology books already from this place.
        Unless there is a plan to re-re-release the basic books I don’t see this place being needed anywhere near it’s capacity.

        It’s a trophy for COB. It’s PR.

      • Oh, I thought this was the book and CD plant. This is the new promo plant. Seems like they forgot some other subproducts of Scientology or something. I wager allmost all of that promo is thrown away without even being looked at. It’s a big machine. Impressive MEST.

        So a guy is supposed to be guided to an org by a big machine and when he gets there shiny machines and video screens enlighten him. Then he is serviced by robotic staff in matching uniforms. I’m sorry but it’s a little creepy.

      • Terrific. While businesses are working feverishly to REDUCE paper, dm has rolls of paper 10 miles long.

        Amazing. Out of touch?


      • What a waste of paper. Kindle anyone?

    • Is that where the porn mags come from ?

    • Tony DePhillips

      All that and they still can’t take my name off their mailing list.
      Promoting into all the black PR lil dave has created will never work.

    • Arbeit macht frei. (Work sets you free). — Motto found at the gate to the Auchwitz and Dachau concentration camps.

      With themailing lists of the church declining, this means that that 250,000 pieces of promo per hour will end up in *one* mailbox: yours.

    • Harry,

      I say this looks like a perfect horse buggy manufacturing plant in the age of the automobile. Anyone who invested money in a “state of the art” buggy manufacturing building when everyone was buying cars would be laughed at. And everyone who isnt a DMbot will laugh at this folly in the age of electronic communication.

      Don’t you find it ironic that this is being “promoted” on the internet? Kind of like the buggy manufacturer putting his promo in car dealerships.

      It’s very quaint. Pity it cost millions of hard earned parishioner dollars to construct another one of Dave’s Follies.

      But what do you expect from the High Priest of MEST? “All bow down to bricks and mortar. Worship the machines! Robots are king!!”

    • Religious Technology Center
      Office of COB


      Printing & Publishing Program

      1. Buy forest in third-world country.
      2. Cut down all the trees to make paper.
      3. Print enough books for every man, woman and child on the face of the earth, with back-up copies for the next three generations to come.
      4. Print enough books for every library, college, high school, junior high, grammar school, kindergarten and pre-school in the world, with back-up copies for all suspected planets in the universe.
      5. Print enough napkins with The Way to Happiness in micro-print on them for every restaurant, bar, cafeteria, picnic area and food vending machine in the world.
      6. Print enough copies of COB directives to fill underground hermetically sealed vaults in each major city throughout the world, with back-up copies for remote storage on the moon, Mars and the asteroids we’ve leased for storage.
      7. Print proprietary Scientology Reserve Notes to replace worldwide currency for when global monetary system collapses.
      8. Re-print Goldenrod SP Declares on everyone who’s left the Church.
      9. Print enough Sea Org recruitment posters to attach to every single telephone pole on the planet.
      10. Print city-block-long banners proclaiming Free Personality Tests to display between permanently floating blimps over each major city in the world.
      11. Print enough copies of full set of new Scientology books for placement in every hotel room in every hotel in the world.
      12. Buy more forests.
      13. Buy futures in ink manufacturing stock.
      14. Continue lobbying for eradication of Internet as it is interfering with Printing Program objectives.
      15. Construct underground ink pipe-line straight from manufacturer.
      16. Get more paper.
      17. Research feasibility of using dyed Sea Org member blood as lower cost method of providing ink.
      18. Research Ecuadorian cellulose-chewing as alternative lower-cost method of paper manufacturing.
      19. Finish debate with Mithoff on proposal of eliminating all small words from publications in order to save printing costs.
      20. Recycle old LRH hand-written materials in order to capitalize on non-utilized paper resources.

      Captain David Miscavige
      Chief Ink Monkey

    • Harry,
      It’s a 185,000-square-foot professional tree wasting facility! For starters, it seems to be where the unwanted flyers and promo get sent to people who don’t want it and automatically round file them.

      For at least the past decade in the real world, print media like newspapers, mags and the like have been decreasing in sales. There are many E Readers being sold and used now: iPad, Kindle, Sony, Nook (Barnes & Noble), Sharper Image Literati E-Reader among them, in addition to the millions of regular PCs, Macs, netbooks and laptops.

      For more info as to why this facility is the “Trailing Edge” and a monumental waste, our friend Jeff Hawkins with decades of Dissem experience has written a great article:

      Not sure if you posted the YT video to troll, but it’s a bad joke as WE has already posted the Refund Repayment info.

    • “Many people” is a generality. If you are actually talking about a specific person, then you might ask why they only like print books. The probable reason is they simply haven’t experienced the new technology for themselves. If they have, and disliked it, this situation will not last for long. The size, quality and flexibility of many types of electronic display are improving rapidly. So, the “buggy production” analogy really fits. Or movie theater film distribution on film reels.

      I saw this same lame video on the “other” Marty site, which I found looking for the downed “moving higher”. Once I got over my upset and anger at the tone of the language used at the site, I couldn’t help but notice the torrential flood of illogic. If you want to see a good illustration of the death of the church, this website is a good one. However, you will have to suppress your gag reflex as it really stinks.

    • One of the biggest complaints I ran into while on staff was the amount of money that the church wastes on Promo. That comment was as frequent as comments about the prices being high.

      To build this ultra expensive distribution center puts the church even further out of comm with it’s public. Any idiot can figure out that prices would be lower, staff would be paid better if we didn’t send out so much unwanted promo and build Idle orgs. The church is communicating loudly and clearly that they don’t really care.

      Besides, excellent delivery is the best promotion. In most industries, word-of-mouth is the best promotion. Despite the fact that there hasn’t been one mailing, people are flocking to the blogs, reading the truth and declaring themselves independent.

      We don’t need no stinkin’ machines!

    • Its the usual. Nothing out of the ordinary. To say that “We set new standards in that sector” is a joke. They bought something EXISTING offered at the markets. And it doesn´t matter wether the machines are from Heidelberg, KBA, MAN or others. The only question is: Bought they new or second hand stuff? If you buy new its obscenely expensive. It costs endless millions. ARC

  2. Scientology open day new Melbourne headquarters

  3. Felicitas Foster

    Welcome back online!!! Great!!! Hope you have been able to find out exactly what happened so you can prevent it in the future!!!

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