The New Yorker: Miscavige and Cruise caught lying

Why is Miscavige's personal secretary posing with 1,000 lbs of burl?

The combined responses of Tom Cruise’s representatives and David Miscavige’s representatives to the fact that substantial church of Scientology labor was used to construct Cruise’s hangar and Ford Excursion vehicle in essence said:  John Brousseau only served as a consultant to such projects and no church labor was applied (it was all contracted work).   John Broussau rebuts Cruise and Miscavige here in about as authoritative a fashion as possible (with substantial physical evidence). 

John Brousseau’s time, place, form and event:

John Brousseau settles it 

PS: This is only the very tip of the iceberg.

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  1. Wow! That is one incredible custom job. I hope Tom Cruise is happy with all the free work he got!

  2. JB says: “I am proud of it and all the other things I worked on, but I am ashamed of who they were for and why. It is not what I thought I would be doing when I joined the Sea Organization.”

    Thank you for telling us all this, John.
    In the power set in all of the good men on this blog, I would like to tell you: YOU ARE FORGIVEN!

  3. Marty,

    For what it’s worth, you are kicking ass !

    Thanks man!

  4. #G; Persons who claim that “if you help such and such a case (at great and your expense) because somebody is rich or influential or the neighbors would be electrified should be ignored……….. ENOUGH WITH TOM CRUISE! So what is David Miscavidge, a CIA Agent bent on bringing down Scientology becuase it Free’s Thetans? or we going to see his demise as a true SP……. What is needed to bring an end to this entheta by DM?

    • Well c anne,

      I guess you could call him Deputy Dave of the Revenoo Service since he is a member of the CTCC that’s the Church Tax Compliance Committee though he job performance has been somewhat questionable.


      There’s a connection to Bob Gray over at H&K.

      A unconfirmed and verified list over at listing him as an “agent of influence” under Robert Crowley.

      Though no 201 has showed up either confirming or denying that Dave works for the Company.

      If he is the appropiate digraph and cryptonym would probably be SQ/EARL ;)

      Marty says he hasn’t seen him making any “brush passes”, “car tosses” or “dead drops”.

      But ya never know.

      However even he is.

      Chances are that the Agency would rather let Davy burn than reveal any connection by helping him out of the jam he’s gotten in and I doubt if the lil’ moron knows enough to gray mail ‘em.

      So it’s a win win for them with practically zero risk to let him hit the Federal Docket.

      My guess that if he is an agent working on their behalf he’s an unwitting agent due to his lack of wits and his unwillingness to follow anyone else’s directions such as a Case Officer.

      Also my think is if there was any ongoing operation they probably pulled the plug on it long ago and stuck every bit of incriminating evidence in a burn bag.

      I’d say it would have been about the time they convinced him to down grade the original OT Levels to “old”, “not used”, “historical”, “back ground” etc.

      (Probably after noting their effectiveness in making Remote Viewers)

      The coup de grâce of the “the Golden Age of Tech” with the three swing F/Ns and the endless overruns was probably his own idea though it looks like sabotage, smells like sabotage ,walks like sabotage and *is* sabotage.

      I think it was exclusively his “bright idea” and I think the boys and girls at Langley are just as surprised as we are at how thoroughly he’s managed to f_ck things up on his own.

      Though I’m sure what Ron used to call SMERSH is probably pleased with his “effectiveness”.

      Whether he was or is really makes no difference at this point since the damage is beyond *done*.

      It will be quite a while before the Church recovers the prestige it once had if ever and no longer be known as another wacky cult by the public in general.

      If the CIA was involved to this point which I honestly doubt and if their intention was to totally wreck Scientology which I question since it would have been a perfect cover for their Foreign Intel actions.

      They played a damn good end game.

      They haven’t been this successful since Guatemala.

      • Bush administration took all the “Intelligence” out of the Intelligence Apparatus.

        RJ telling it how it is.

        Our CEO of the ISHR (Independant Scientologists for Human Rights)

  5. JB you are an artist!

    Having said that, this seriously pisses me off! How many of us have gone years, sacrificing financially to support the Church of Scientology, because as we were told it was to “save the planet”?

    Thank you JB for sharing these photos so this can be exposed.

  6. I bet the shedding machines are in full work mode. And, I bet tickets are being scooped up to send certain people to missions in foreign lands.

  7. Tomorrow’s St. Pete Times Editorial:

    A Times Editorial
    Vigorous investigation of Scientology needed

    In Print: Friday, February 11, 2011

    And from the

    “Sarah Palin too close to Scientology lobby to oppose it”

    • Expelledforlife,

      Warning back off. Keep politics off please out of the picture.

      • Huh? Sorry not sure what your point is. The story is in relation to Greta Van Sustern and her husband and their relationship with Palin.

      • I wasn’t surprised to see that link posted. When you consider it’s about a high profile politician with ties to two high profile people who, as far as we know, are still drinking the Kool Aid, it was a story waiting to be written. That plus knowing how the dwarf fawns over any political connections. Not that the dwarf could care less about any particular politician. It’s all about money, influence, celebrity and power. That’s what he cares about.

        • I just don’t like Greta being all high and mighty about Human Rights yet she donates lots of money to an organization that does not dispute the fact that a pregnant female Sea Org member must abort her child to retain her job. Not to mention misuse of disconnection and DMs physical and emotional abuse of staff.

          • DM’s motivator flows are so huge he is sucking in the United States Federal employees! I can see Congress members, Mayors, Governors and Senators checking caller I.D. to ensure they are not connected to the slave / prisoner flap. DM is rocking the U.S. government !

            • P.S. Suggested cram for DM:

              Complete the following check sheet.

              NOTICE, POWER with politicians is proportional to POPULARITY. ______

              NOTICE, who you are popular with. ______

              NOTICE, who you are unpopular with. ______

              NOTICE, how popular you really are with the United States Government right now. ______

              NOTICE, how fast those connections move right
              out of your pocket. ______

              NOTICE, what condition you are REALLY in. ______

              Sorry for the “S.R.A.”

              Just remember, it’s all a game and you can’t really hurt a thetan.

              And, lighten up!

              • MCOB Check Sheet Revision.


                NOTICE, Politicians are ELECTED by popular vote.
                YOU never were. _____

                NOTICE, you have not been so good at noticing. _____

      • @BarneyRubble – you have no authority on Marty Rathbun’s blog to command anyone to “back off”.

  8. JB, you’re truly a genius and Tom Cruise should pay you and others for the work you have done for him. One does not have to be lawyer to see that it is totally and completely illegal for Tom Cruise to accept this type of work from church members on a 50$ payroll.

    Like how is this justified?

    I know people who spend a lot of time fixing and spiffing up their exotic cars and these people put a lot of their own time helping out their buddies but there is always an exchange factor like, one guy lets them use his garage and in exchange the other guy does the paint job or something like that. Bottom line is they are working and helping each other.

    This vehicle being presented to Tom Cruise as a finished product, a gift from David Miscavige …. What the Fuck!

  9. Well,

    A short piece on Inside Edition tonight … part 2 tomorrow night.

    I emailed the pics – actually stayed up almost all of last night sending out emails

  10. While there is a ton of money from donations given for planetary salvation campaigns but misappropriated to trick out cars and build emtpy buildings the highest Flag trained auditors do not have enough PCS to make a decent living.

    Case in point: See this cry for help just in from an LAD auditor, a staffmember in THE star Ideal Org at the beginning of the Pacifica Bridge:

    ” My name is Kelli Finn, I am a FLAG trained Grad V auditor. I am the Lead Auditor at LAD. I am looking for a moonlight either on the week nights or weekends. I can do receptionist work, personal assistant, any office work, nannying etc. I am also trained to Sup in a WISE courseroom and am PTS Trained.”

    Facts are nasty things when one is trying to lie to the world.

    • Interesting. Why wouldnt that girl just moonlight as an auditor? Is that against the rules for staff? Competition with the Org?
      Obviously its wrong that the girl is not making a living wage, but beyond that is she prohibited from helping people through auditing?
      Since it will be nearly impossible for any org to get new starts now, the outlook is bleak for staff. She should go independent and set up her own practice. There were some old Flag staff in the 70’s named Finn, wonder is there is a relation. Anyway, wishing her well.

    • The sad part also is the fact she is the LEAD auditor and still has to moonlight – and this is in LA !

      Times must be awful tough if there isn’t enough to keep the Lead Auditor with spaghetti on the table.

    • That’s truly upsetting…but typical. :(

  11. That’s really funny !
    The guy is PTS trained !
    How you call that ? A freud …
    They train now people to PTS. How True !!!!!

    • Freudian slip (of the tongue?).

      “A Freudian slip, also called parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that is interpreted as occurring due to the interference of some unconscious (“dynamically repressed”) wish, conflict, or train of thought. The concept is thus part of classical psychoanalysis.

      Slips of the tongue and the pen are the classic parapraxes, but psychoanalytic theory also embraces such phenomena as misreadings, mishearings, temporary forgettings, and the mislaying and losing of objects.

      In general use, the term ‘Freudian slip’ has been debased to refer to any accidental verbal slips of the tongue.[1]. Thus many examples are found in explanations and dictionaries which do not strictly fit the psychoanalytic definition.”

  12. Apparently the coffers of dm hold 1 billion give or take a few million.

    Let’s say there were 25,000,000 people who have come into scientology through the years.

    IF the money were divided equally among the past/present and still in members that would be 25,000,000 each.

    Now – I didn’t contribute that much but my SO years are worth something. And those who never paid for services but gave with their energy, devotion and life — well THAT is worth a HUGE deal.

    So — I say — take that huge bankroll and start to sort through who gets what, when. Starting with those who need financial help NOW for medical etc etc.

    Leave a bit for those like Sue Price, Jenny Devocht etc to begin their lives but not as fat cats. They need to understand that living on the blood, sweat and tears of others is not the way to “heaven”

    I could definitely put to good use the million plus my ex and I put into the church, and my 8 years on staff.

    Now — let’s see — donate a bunch to Gampo Abbey, send 100K to the newly formed Tibetan school in Surmang … set aside money for my kids and old age …

    Have a big party with my independent friends, my old friends who are now free —

    Money cannot buy happiness BUT money can improve a life style and eliminate lots of obstacles.

    I can see a big windfall in our future :) My crystal ball is never wrong:)

    (but my math might be – in any case, it’s STILL a bunch of money)

    And you JB just might be the straw that broke ye ole back. Spectacular work.
    And wow on the photos.


  13. After looking at all the pix, it makes me wonder. With all the skills these people have acquired on the job, I can’t imagine how they are convinced that leaving organized Scientology will condemn them to a life of burger flipping. (mind you, burger flipping doesn’t require unpaid overtime, or coming in on your days off, and you get health insurance and minimum wage!)

    Clearly these are some skilled and talented people who could do a helluva lot better than slaving for a crazy dwarf!

  14. I haven’t had a chance to go through all the comments so please excuse me if I duplicate another’s post.

    I just occurred to me not even getting into the many violations of law and LRH policy on the part of David Misgavige regarding the many gifts to TC that Tom Cruise’s acceptance of those gifts could easily be construed as MONEY LAUNDERING!

  15. So, if we worked from 8 AM to 11PM every day(average, some days more, but I do remember doing laundry and cleaning my room some times), that’s 15 hours/day, 7 days a week, 360 days a year (I am being generous, but I do remember getting a cold or visiting my Mum once in a while). Evaluating the quality of my work and the type of role (I work in HR now, so I have an OK idea) I’d say I should have been paid $30 per hour average (some times giving lectures to hundreds of people, sometimes cleaning toilets, so I am averaging).
    Now, CA law says that you get paid straight time for the first 40 hours, and above that it’s overtime. Some of it is time and a half or double(weekends and holidays, (111 days a year are either sat or sun, or one of 7 paid holidays most people get). Averaging it, I’d say it’s fair to say that of the 365 days, 105 should be counted as time and a half.
    40 hours a week, times 52 weeks, (2080 hours) at $30/hour: $65,400
    7 hours of overtime daily, 7 days a week, 52 weeks, at $45/hour: $114,660
    That’s $180,060, without going into double pay days at all.
    Let’s say you got paid $35 a week some years, $50 a week some others, half pay if you were in training. Shall we average it at $40/week? $40×52 weeks: $2080/year. That’s what we got instead.
    I was in for six years. I provided excellent and not so excellent work, but all along, it was very HARD work. Knowing that I should have been paid $180k instead of $2k is infuriating, but also validating.
    Did I get those numbers right?
    The $1,067,520 these jerks saved by not paying me probably went to pay for a few windows at the Int base, or a bribe to the Hollywood police.

    Repeating what my Mum used to say, “May they get double what they deserve”. But I am still mad.

  16. I haven’t had a chance to go through all the comments so please excuse me if I duplicate another’s post.

    I just occurred to me not even getting into the many violations of law and LRH policy on the part of David Misgavige regarding the many gifts to TC that Tom Cruise’s acceptance of those gifts could easily be construed as MONEY LAUNDERING!
    It has been said earlier that DM’s justification for the lavish gifts to Tom were a small token return favor for the many Donations Tom has made to the church. Granted, however, the labor costs of these many gifts such as the Hanger, the bus, the custom car etc. run up at fair market value into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. These items might be looked on as legitimate business expenses that a star of that caliber might ordinarily take on for public relations purposes. On the other hand how many top stars have items of this nature and what portion of these expenses were allowed from a tax point of view. If the IRS looked on them as personal perks the cost would be entirely taxable. By donating X amount of dollars to a “non profit” and receiving that same X amount of dollars in some form from that same “non profit” as a gift which is not taxable……..what are we dealing with here?

    • “It has been said earlier that DM’s justification for the lavish gifts to Tom were a small token return favor for the many Donations Tom has made to the church. ”

      And all I got was this lousy t-shirt!

  17. Folder #1

    “Folder #1″

    “9 days old, and the boy’s got his first PC folder. Just got him set up for a custom-written program of assists, to be orchestrated by the brilliant folks at the Founding Church of Scientology.”

  18. Thanks to all of you who acknowledge the quality of the work I did.

    Yes, someday I hope to get into a position where I can be properly remunerated for doing this type of work for people who can really appreciate it. I spent a few decades creating some awefully nice accomodations for the likes of DM and TC. It feels it should be my turn at some point.

    But, meanwhile, I am getting by and enjoying life.

    The primary point of all this is that the church and Cruise are lying to The New Yorker because they know they are guilty. What I and many others did as shown by my dox is simply unethical. Far from what Scientology is fundamentally about. Not to mention the legality of it.

    As Marty alluded to at the top of the post, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    I could talk about other efforts to lure celebrity types into DM’s lair. David Beckham perhaps? There’s a story there worth telling. But DM never got a bite on that fishing expedition, although money and Sea Org staff resources were expended in his attempt.

    There’s more on the Tom Cruise story too. My stuff pales in comparison to the sordid and sick details of how DM paraded females he had hand-picked and set up to cater to Tom’s amorous ambitions until Katie Holmes was landed.

    But I will leave that to others to tell that had much more involvement than I.

    As most all of you point out, this stuff is just WRONG.

    Tom Cruise, sorry man. Ethics gradients need to be applied. They will stop once you take responsibility.

    • I know when Tom Cruise comes around and takes responsibility you’ll be tone of the first to shake his hand.

      Good Show Sir, Carry on.

    • Yes, someday I hope to get into a position where I can be properly remunerated for doing this type of work for people who can really appreciate it. I spent a few decades creating some awefully nice accomodations for the likes of DM and TC. It feels it should be my turn at some point.

      So you should have the best references ;-)

      I could talk about other efforts to lure celebrity types into DM’s lair. David Beckham perhaps? There’s a story there worth telling. But DM never got a bite on that fishing expedition, although money and Sea Org staff resources were expended in his attempt.

      Then it’s more than just a rumour. It was all over the media a couple of years ago.

      There’s more on the Tom Cruise story too. My stuff pales in comparison to the sordid and sick details of how DM paraded females he had hand-picked and set up to cater to Tom’s amorous ambitions until Katie Holmes was landed.

      Marc Headley already told that story in his book. Or is there even more to it?

    • J.B.:

      I just wanted to say one thing. You are very modest about your ablilities. You are one of the most adept able designers and craftsmen I have ever seen let alone that you were in the Sea Org. :)

      I am not in a position at the moment to offer anyone television contracts but I strongly suspect that you are worthy of one, by your ability to show people how to craft items. I am amazed at your skills. I wish I had a friend like you.

      • And another thing J.B. that keeps striking me as odd. Marty may not publish this because it might be termed “case”. I have this feeling I know you from somewhere. I can’t put my finger on it because in this life I would know if I had met you and I haven’t. This does not usually happen to me. But, I am just certain I have known you somewhere. It’s puzzling me.

    • “I could talk about other efforts to lure celebrity types into DM’s lair. David Beckham perhaps? There’s a story there worth telling.”

      Please tell it. I’m pretty sure the British press would have a field day with that one. Posh & Becks are arguably the king & queen of “celebrity” over here. It could spread like wildfire.

  19. As the dwarf, yea YOU dm, has such disdain for George Orwell’s 1984, here is an appropriate quote: “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

  20. And this JUST IN…

    Wonderful news out of Orange County. The Fundraising commitee, consisting of the Lead CS, the Cramming Officer and the DSA working on this full time now are over the moon to announce that “management” has matched the funds raised by DONATING to the dedicated OC orgs and staff $1.3 mill . Except the staff who are all moonlighting do not get it. The empty Ideal Org gets it.

    And MORE GOOD NEWS, there are only $2.7 Mill left to go and they have to raise it by March 13. Piece a cake with the whole org working on this full time now.

    ……but here is a question I am stuck on:
    Why did “management” not DONATE the balance needed, since they took all that and more from the OC staff and public in the first place?

    Can’t figue it out, but what do I know……..


    • Because none of it is reality based at all, and DM or his cohorts just arbitrarily makes up the “amounts needed” on a whim as he(they) go along?

      All smoke and mirrors.

  21. O.C. org’s funds raised: $1.3 mil
    Managements “dono” to match: $ 1.3 mill
    remaining funds needed: $2.7 mill
    Total needed by March 13: $5.3 mill

    They bought their Ideal Org building YEARS ago in Santa Ana at the cost of several millions of dollars. What is this 5.3 mill amount for? Are they finally going to pay their past-due utilities bill?

    • They’ve got the OC public so wrapped around the post the numbers are meaningless.
      PTS as a tree.

      I can hear it now…
      “Don’t confuse yourself with the details, folks. This time I want you to dig down deep one more time for freedom!
      Do I hear anyone willing to insure the future of this civilazation for 10,000?”
      “I’ll go $20,000!” blerts the hunched over old man (shill) who everyone knows is carrying over $500K in personal debt for donos.
      “Oh, George…” the reg audibly whispers. “We can’t have the same people always pulling the wagon. What about YOU?” he asks the young man who is attending his first event.

      And so it goes and so it has gone for decades.
      To me, the depth of the marketplace for that dog and poney show is just simply amazing. I never would have guessed it but then I have a better opinion of my fellows than PT Barnum.

  22. Hey Boris old Friend, It’s your friend KittyKatSpanker from Holland, All is well. I wish you well. *The cobblestones are missing your footsteps*

    “This week, Tom Smith interviews honorary Anonymous and retired CIA intelligence officer, Boris Korczak on why the scientology criminal enterprise needs to be prosecuted for fraud, racketeering and human trafficking.
    This program broadcasts on Friday, 11 February 2011 at 12:30 p.m. eastern U.S. time and Sunday, 13 February 2011 at 11 a.m. eastern U.S. time.
    Anonymous will post a sound file download link after the program airs.”

  23. JB:
    In all seriousness; send Cruise an invoice via his attorney for your labor. They can’t very well admit that you did all that work as a CoS employee, can they?

    • That’s a brilliant idea. Remember the saying; “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. You just might get it. Although I’d probably have a lawyer send the bill.
      How much would you ask for? Maybe $175,000? Your work is not something you’d find at a local auto body shop. With artistic craftsmanship it’s really up to the artist what he bills. :)
      If Cruise’s atty writes back refusing to pay it, what reason could he possibly give without throwing a wrench in the cult’s 501c claims? Whatever the reason it would reflect back on DM in a very negative way. If Cruise does pay it, that too reflects back on DM in a bad way.
      Win-win for you. Lose-lose for the dwarf.

      • If they don’t pay it, could they be required (if this proceeds as a legal matter) to show that payment had already been made, and to whom ?

        Wouldn’t a bill such as that, even if one never intended to collect on it, open the door for the individual being billed to have show some sort of receipt for payment?

  24. A month ago, 85 million Egyptians never would have predicted that Mubarak would leave. Heck, last night it appeared he would not.

    Early this morning he flew away from Cairo. And around 1:30PM CNN announced he had stepped down and now the military is in power. The people of Egypt are elated. Much like the jubilation that happened when the Berlin Wall came down.

    I’ve long believed in the microcosm being a reflection of the macrocosm. Of what is within manifests outwardly. Of what is above, so below.

    30 years ago Mubarak stole a country. 30 years ago dm stole a religion and a way of life for many.

    The Swiss authorities froze Mubarak’s assets. I expect the Swiss, Lichtenstein and other foreign accounts holding the assets of scientology to be frozen as well. And dm to step down.

    The world is a different today. On Monday the New Yorker changed the world as well.

    May all beings enjoy happiness and the root of happiness.
    May they be free from suffering and the root of suffering.
    May they never be separated from the great happiness devoid of suffering.
    May they dwell in equanimity, free from passion, aggression and bias.


    • I completely support what Windhorse said above. Tipping points are very real phenomena — in social movements and in people’s individual lives. The truth will eventually beat back the lies of David Miscavige and his cur dogs.

      The whole world is watching.

    • Thank you for this infusion of spirit, hope and beauty (truth), Windhorse.


  25. Thanks Bruce, I didn’t think anybody cared! I’m flattered!

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  27. Is it just me, or does Carol Bourke look like she in DMs valence? I mean, what’s with the black t-shirt???

  28. I couldn´t open the JB file, so is another way to open this file. Tnks

  29. “30 years ago Mubarak stole a country.”
    30 some years ago David Miscavige stole a church…
    &Tom Cruise is a dirty money launderer buying vehicles with church discounts and all.

    • Dear Alex,
      Yes, “30 years ago Mubarek stole a country.”, and 30 years ago, in 1981, “David Miscavige stole a Church…”

      AMEN & HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!
      Love, Catherine von Ach AKA Lady Min

  30. As damage control to the Category 7 storm, the purse strings has been loosened to air some 2 min long commercials:

    “Scientology Does Damage Control With Prominent New Commercial The past two days, this new ad has aired during The Today Show. At two minutes long, it’s hard to miss, hitting the airwaves just one day after the New Yorker’s damning profile of the organization hit the stands. Coincidence? Not a chance.

    “At least the music is all uplifting and nice.”
    Scientology Does Damage Control With Prominent New Commercial The past two days, this new ad has aired during The Today Show. At two minutes long, it’s hard to miss, hitting the airwaves just one day after the New Yorker’s damning profile of the organization hit the stands. Coincidence? Not a chance.

    At least the music is all uplifting and nice.”
    Ad at:!5756942/scientology-does-damage-control-with-prominent-new-commercial

    Had to laugh as the storm brought to light that these cats don’t do what is preached by their costly Ads! Is this pouring more gasoline on the fire? Seems to me that the blind are still leading the blind as an unhandled situation which has grown exponentially.

    • Your link doesn’t go through. But if it is the one I saw the other day I couldn’t help but laugh because ole Davey is still up to his tricks with his funny numbers. I’m sure they are all a bunch of BS just like the numbers he used to toss around at IAS events.

    • I love the stat report. The part about sponsoring social betterment is pure fantasy. They took them over, taxed them beyond solvency and ran most of them into the ground. When ABLE took over the Narconon Network there were 13 Narconons in the U.S.. Within a few years there two. I’ve heard other reports about the rest. They get huge donations for these projects and the money goes straight into the CofS accounts, it NEVER gets forwarded to the “Social Betterment Group”. The Church has been pimping drug addicts. Getting Members to want to help them then putting the donations right into CofS bank accounts. Fraud and Embezzlement. Straight up scamming.

      • It is likely there will be no Narconons at all in Canada by this time next year.
        Not only is organized Scientology “pimping drug addicts” for fundraising, they are endangering the health of those addicts, and steering these vulnerable people into Scientology.

        All that was needed was one dedicated ex-student/staff member to come forward and he has. David Love is poised to take down Narconon Trois Rivieres. When that’s in the bag, and it must be, we will mop up the other Narconon facilities in the US, using Canadian documents.

        By the time we’re done, DM will be running around on a Honda Elite. No more $70,000 motorcycles for him!

        • I don’t know what goes on NN Canada, but Arrowhead NN in the US gets many people off off drugs. I would hope you take a rational, analytical look at precisely what it is Mr Love is complaining about. Based on NN Arrowhead results – the flagship NN, and presumably the most closely following the intended program – I would venture to guess Love is bitching about matters that are NOT part of the NN program per se.

      • The Narconon program is a fabulous program. The price is steep and down by South Central in L.A. it was known as “The white boy’s” drug program on the streets because of the cost. The books alone were 1400.00. You couldn’t get off drugs if you could not buy the books. The staff worked hard and were the closest thing to real Scientologists I ever met. They were all street people / former drug addicts. They had real confront on real people and they really cared about what they doing, saving lives. These people working down on the streets at Narconons and Schools with Applied Scolastics and in Criminon do not deserved to be harmed suppressed or attacked. Not by us and especially not by the Church coming in and demanding whatever they have in their savings accounts plus 10%. When people who CARE donate 100,000 or 150,000 to these shelters, the money should not be taken and then misdirected into C of S accounts and co mingled with the same money some millionaire at Flag donated for the Super Power Building and three L’s. That is criminal, cheap, dishonest, and gypsy. It is also highly illegal.
        Bad Faith, Breech of Trust, Fraud, Embezzlement just to name a few.

        • High five Oracle babe.

          So true about Narconon staff.

          Mostly salta the Earth types former druggies trying make a difference.

          Good people.

          What the flakey pompous yuppie scum aka Scientology patrons would probably call “DBs”.

          However we know it’s just projection on their part.

          The real DBs are the ones supporting the Church of SPECTRE’s agenda of world domination under Ernst Blofeld Miscavige and his willing accomplices.

          Narconon’s not part of that agenda.

          They just want to help people live better lives by getting off of drugs.

          Maybe without that blood sucking vampire known as the IAS they can achieve that.

          • Actually true. The Sea Org members regarded them as DBs. The staff and the public at Narconon. . The Sea Org staff never went there or came FACE TO FACE, EXCEPT WHEN PIMPING THEM AT a.b.l.e. EVENTS TO GET DONATIONS (WHICH NEVER ARRIVED AT THE NARCONONS). THEY WERE NOT CONTENT WITH 10% from the Narconons. If there was more they demanded more. E.D. of Narconon Int was on tour regging them for their saving accounts. She had been a casual alcohol drinker. That is what got her in her position. The staff at ABLE above her, didn’t even smoke cigarettes except for two of them. They knew nothing about what was going on on the streets and they didn’t care. They wanted wealthy members to pay 100,000’s of dollars to the “cause to get kids off drugs” and stick the money into CofS accounts. It NEVER went to the Narconons. They “sponsor social betterment groups”? What an out and out lie. They sponsored Chilloco until it got going. Then they milked that place and the staff and clients and Church members for all they could get.

            • Worse these air heads aligned themselves with suppressive groups like the ONDP and the DEA who have continued this insane war of drugs despite all indications that they are *losing* .

    • Is that cash register sound supposed to be subliminal?

    • That’s a beautiful commercial.

      And if I didn’t know what a filthy rat’s nest of corruption the upper management of the church was,
      and if I didn’t know that NOTHING in scientology is as it is promoted,
      and if I was completely unaware of the psychotic crim running the joint,
      and if the “church” hadn’t degraded into a pathetic cult that was only interested in wealth and property and status,
      THEN I might think highly of the church of scientology.

      HOWEVER, like many millions of people I don’t live under a rock, I have an IQ above 65, I am computer literate and get my news from the internet, and I am free to observe what I really observe and to think for myself.

      That makes that lovely piece of propaganda a tremendous waste of donor’s money.

    • Oh, Lord! I just watched the new Co$ ad at the Jezebel link offered above by Sinar. It is … hilarious! Nobody would ever believe those numbers of very specific five and six and seven digits are anything other than pure bullshit! And the fuzziness of the benefits described … my dog enjoyed me enjoying that ad, so can she get added to one of those numbers?

      Somehow, I really didn’t get until now just how stupid David Miscavige really is.


    • As Mark twain said, there are lies,damn lies, and statistics. My BS alarm got tripped on the very first one: a drug-free person is 3X healthier. How do you measure that, exactly?

      Oh well, it’s been proven that 87.3% of statistics are just made up on the spot anyway.

      • And by the way, they ARE selling a service here, indirectly. Wouldn’t the Federal Trade Commission have jurisdiction over their truth in advertising?

    • Wow. PhoneyGraphs taken out of the magic bag and puked out on the public airwaves.

      I have to ask myself of this ad was surveyed. Doesn’t Miscavige realize the fact that advertising is only one branch of a campaign? Another branch is *results* disseminated by word-of-mouth.

      Getting the Church of Miscavige’s results disseminated by word of mouth hasn’t been hard — or expensive — although I can say that the books by Amy Scobee , Jeff Hawkins, Marc Headley and others certainly helped.

      Miscavige, being an ivory-tower dictator, hasn’t been in the world actually seeing the results of Miscavology on Scientology and people. He lives in a push-button utopia where all you have to do is air an ad with inflated or manufactured statistics and public perception will do an about-face.

      I very clearly remember the problems that Bill Clinton made for himself by carefully crafting lies for the press, then getting others to repeat those lies. Oddly enough, the phenomena of obsessive righteous Clinton-backing and the phenomena of obsessive righteous Miscavige-backing are eerily similar.

      “What your donations buy”. Cover-up airtime for Miscavige and Cruise.

  31. sorry about the copypasta going wild…!

  32. Nice! Can you pimp my ride? I’ll pay double!

  33. thanks guys for all the data, just love these new exposures, it is so sad to see this, it kills my heart to see this, with all the purpose that these people dreamed in the sea org and staff and public, and it comes down one or two men to destroy all these dreams, but on a lighter note it can only go on for so long until it all falls down, and the way it is looking the time is soon. once again thank you for keeping the fire going.
    another friend
    darren may

  34. I hate to say this, but this guy is just as guilty as DM and the others. He came up with some of these ideas on his own and took them on on his own. So for him to condemn the church for doing it is hypocritical.

  35. That type of waste (for the benefit of cruise) was also described by Andre Tabayoyon in 1994.Its outlandish.

    But the thing which really pisses me of is the following. Go into an org offer
    to a public a job, or ask someone for one. You will be immediately nailed up the wall because of business on org lines. OH , high crime!! Org resources in danger……These MF shall go to hell.

  36. Marty,

    Do you have a tracking on the number of hits to your blog since JB and yourself unleashed One Thousand Pounds of Burl on DM & TC?

    We can see the 350 comments (whoa!) and counting…. but with all the Viral Linking to your blog I would think your hit count took off like a rocket!

  37. Heads Up!

    Everyone take a look at Marty’s new post on CoS Mafia-like Shennanigans.

    CoS tries to take down the blog with Lies, Lies and more Lies.


    And these guys want to run the planet????

  38. Felicitas Foster

    To JB,
    thank you for sharing this part of your story. I admire your artistic work which definitely shows exchange factor 4. If I ever have enough money to have any exclusive car I definitely would want you to give it THE final touch. I love your work. VWD!
    Love, Feli

  39. Tom Cruise, David Miscavige, and Private Inurement presented at the Riverside County Board of Supervisors Feb 15, 2011

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