An Ode to L Ron Hubbard

You said your legacy would be the tech
but the dictator said otherwise
and the church began its demise
and hurt came to those who would object

You said there was no hidden data line
but the dictator said he knew better
and burned all of your policy letters
and the church went into long term decline

You said the tech was timeless and free
but the dictator wanted power and cash
and made your truth a confusing hash
and status and greed replaced the state of OT

You acknowledged the loyalty of your gracious wife
but the dictator used her as a stepping stone
and she died forgotten, friendless and alone
and thus he erased your dear Manuela from your life

You raised three fine children and one who died too soon
but the dictator wanted them forgotten too
and your progeny turned from sunshine to blue
and the many who loved you wept under a sorrowful moon

You had faith that your friends would make it come out right
but the dictator mis-used your treasure to enervate them
and black dianetics, reverse scientology internecine mayhem
and with violence did he destroy their willingness to fight

You said only truth could penetrate thick armor plate
and though the dictator protested this fact
it was your ace in the hole that has our back
and everyday now more are working to reverse your fate

And alas, it may take time and a perilous struggle
but we assure you it is too late to reverse our tide
you’ve got friends to the end of time on your side
and come hell or high water we’ll emerge from this jungle

Because we know you were right that the truth shall set us free
and that is one thing no dictator will ever take away
it will be your real friends standing at the end of day
humanity freed, the only proper acknowledgment of thee

Italian translation available at

Grateful acknowledgment is due to Karen De La Carriere for supplying the LRH images for this Ode.  She worked tirelessly at her own expense over decades to amass perhaps the largest collection of LRH images in the world.  Images that show LRH in all his humanity, images that the church would never allow to see the light of day.

230 responses to “An Ode to L Ron Hubbard

  1. Rare True Story by OTDT

    I became friends with John Okeefe when I was a public at Flag. He was ex-Sea Org, a Class VIII auditor and had for a brief time been captain of one of the Sea Org ships in the sixties.

    He hung out with LRH a bit and told me some stories about him and LRH that would listen to with great relish.

    He was on some island in the Carribean, I think it might have been Cuba, I can’t remember for sure which island, but he and LRH ordered a rum and Coke. LRH didn’t dig the way his tasted and asked John to go get him a glass half-filled with rum and the other half Coke.

    When John returned with the LRH C/Sed drink, he said Ron took a nice healthy swig and exclaimed, “Aaaaah, now THAT’S a Cuba Libre!”

    LRH, the man.

    PS: I don’t where John is now or what kind of situation he’s in or if he’s even alive (although I hope he is) but he would make one hell of a great Independent Scientologist.

    • John O Keeke and Joki O keefe who was his wife back in Apollo days were at the ship and at St Hill also whilst I was there They had a rough time on the Ship along with many others , But also good times.

  2. Thank you Sarge for sharing that intimate story and your sweet addendum. Obviously, a lot of tone arm blow down for many of us. It made me imagine if anyone would really shed a tear when cob falls on his sword, other than tears of joy, that is.

    It also gave me an inspiration. Let’s all postulate today that cob is exposed this year and permanently handled never to have any further influence on the tech or SCN except as to what will never happen again. The power of all of us is bigger than his bank …account.
    This is my birthday wish for you, LRH, Sir, on your 100th. Be it so.

  3. theo Sismanides

    Dear Sir, my gift to you for the centennial will be to serve the purpose of your Legacy to Mankind as much as I can. And to this effect I do pledge to be a better man and a more efficient thetan. With my teammates here we make up now a good team that will follow that purpose. I am certain of that. My own contribution here will be to help myself and my fellow team members here in making a better and more efficient group. Out of this group a lot of goods are going to come. They have already started showing up all around the globe. And may many more groups similar and better be created by others to serve similar purposes and may we, of this group, be in high ARC with them so that we can get the job faster and more efficiently. Thank you for all the care, love, attention and diligence you have put there to sow the seeds of the Tech on this planet. I can see them now that the storm is calming down! Thank you Ron my friend!

  4. Happy Birthday Sir!

    Love, Scott

  5. Marty and Karen and team, this is awesome! I love these pictures, and the poem is from the heart, and echos my own feelings. Thank you!

    You know, we are actually in a great position. I wrote an open letter to Ron on my blog, and as I was writing it, I realized, well, we are not going down the path we thought we would, but we’re going down the path. The road to truth is alive. THANK YOU ALL FOR THAT!

    Cheers, Ron. If you are reading this, these are your friends.

  6. Solitude … no you’re not alone, your seeds of truth was sown and we will be at your side for eternity.

    Happy Birthday my dear friend Ron!

  7. Simply Revolting

    Lovely words! Lovely pictures!

    Happy 100th LRH!

    How bizarre that, after finishing the first, that today, on your birthday, that I get great auditing on the second of the big three theta boosters.
    But that is the way it is with LRH…
    I only hope I can be effective in helping the exact group I know, and want to help.
    Already, an old friend, long off lines, shed a little tear today when I passed on the knowledge of my being able to get the tech outside the walls, after all theses years. I hope they and many others will follow it up too.

    As always: Thank you Ron!

  8. No worries Lynne,
    I am braiding the rope to climb out the window and make it safely down to the ground.

  9. Tony DePhillips

    This is a great peice of work that embodies LRH’s goals for life. I am sure he is a non- Scientolgist. It shows that there are great people around everywhere and that there is a lot of theta out there in the world. Watch it if you have time.

  10. la versione italiana

    Thank you for posting these beautiful picture Marty!!
    That is the best present to all of us.
    Ones I was talking with an Old timer good friend of Ron, and he asked me, while looking at 100’s of unpublished picture of LRH: “Do you know what would be the best present for the staff on Sea Org day? One of these picture…”
    Source… but source was never really delivered.
    beautiful picture…
    Lots of love to you and Mosey

  11. Marty and Karen,

    Although I’m a day late, I thank you both for this heartfelt love letter to LRH acknowledging his many contributions to civilization. Let us not be weighed down, but lifted up by love.

    Just Me

  12. this is just great to see all this theta it just pumps me up. as lrh would say the show must go on, and it is for sure going on.
    thank you for such a great effort that everyone is doing, i am sure with the boots in the sky lrh never dies.
    lots of arc darren may

  13. Really just a horrible poem, I cannot believe everyone here just gushing over your “ode” just really, really bad Marty.

  14. Michael Varnsbury

    Johnny D has a point. It’s a crime against poetry – actually, no, that’s too limiting – it brings literature itself into disrepute.

  15. Hi Marty, Zak here. I hope all is well with you. I remember you at SHQ, and the time we worked together briefly when you were the puchaser there way back then in 1979. I’ll never forget your spirit back then, you are a great guy. One of my favorite memories of you was during the 1978 Christmas party in the “Tavern” at SHQ. You were swinging from the rafters with one hand, and a bottle of spirits in the other yelling to everyone while they danced, “I love everyone”! zak :)

    • martyrathbun09

      Zak! Howdy. Wait’ll Mat Pesch gets a load of this appearance.

      • Hi Marty, I can’t believe you replied to me. Sorry it took so long to find your answer here. I have spoken to Mat lately. He has been filling me in on what happened to him and Amy. I have also been keeping up with all the changes with you as well. I don’t know if you remember Yvonne, the girl I married while at SHQ. We were together for 24 years and have four children together. She left and divorced me in 2004. I have some pictures of the first film studio being built at SHQ. You can find them here at this link: … Take care Marty, I always have good memories of you have high admiration for you. Take care. allen, AKA (Zak).

  16. everything is in the universe has duality

    that poem was like an ode to hitler

    L Ron was a great man, but he had many a flaw
    either way. i salute his creativity

    god is a women


  17. Such a Beautiful Poem… such great photos… I’ve cried most of the way through reading all of the wonderful replies.
    Thank you so much.
    Ron has given me so much….
    Regardless of any thing negative ever said about Ron, I will always respect and honour the strength of spirit, the strength of truth that he shares. A man who was willing to share all of himself , so openly… mistakes an’ all. Thank you so much Ron… I just can’t wait to meet you
    and hope that I can work and play closer with you in the next round of this billion year game…. what a game!
    ……. look at that Thetan go…. man you are a beautiful soul.. I Love you for eternity… tears rolling down my cheeks… one little sparkle… the size of a thousand galaxies… I love you … Thank you.

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