Scientology Spy Network Exposed

The pdf version of a Church of Scientology International document linked below gives the names, ranks and serial numbers of dozens of OSA (Office of Special Affairs – Corporate Scientology’s dirty tricks network) operatives for the Western United States (west of the Mississippi).   You may need to use the zoom function under the view tab of your computer to make the names and information legible.  Please feel free to share information you may have on these folk so that dots may be connected.  Also share any dot connecting you can do from your own experience and data so that others may understand, and thus be protected from, Corporate Scientology’s dirty ops arm.   Realize many deep cover intelligence operatives are not named here – but your recognizing connections to some of these official OSA resources may lead to the exposure of such moles. Note that this document is a work in progress (see instructions on top for DSA’s to update it) and though relatively recent is not up to date.

Some names you will recognize as folk who have already declared independence.  In fact, Bert Schippers who has declared independence from the church – and has previously publicly acknowledged and taken responsibility for his OSA volunteer work – on this blog confirmed the accuracy of the entries on him and his wife Lynne Hoverson. May many more on this list follow the ethical, principled path blazed by Bert and Lynne.

“Sunshine is the best disinfectant” – Louis Brandeis


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  1. My favorite is Denice Duff…under Other is “CELEBRITY”. I guess she’s as much a Celebrity as Elena Roggero was in Italy, or as the Critically Acclaimed Former Columbia Artist Michael Duff. Ooops, I guess I’m really a bit 1.1. Maybe I should be more overt.

    But the BEST one is Doug Williams where under Other it states that he is BLACK, where we have no other mention of races in the entire file.

    • Well, dude, he’s black so, like, he would fit in inconspicuously with black people- if the need arose. You gotta think like OSA man. They are smart like fox, or crazy like a fox, or something like that.

    • Jethro Is In The Zone

      Here’s a Michael Duff music video. The music is not that bad, although his singing is a bit off pitch. However, the video is really disjointed, kind of all over the place. Duff’s wife, B-Movie actress Denise Duff, is in it as a battered prostitute considering suicide. She’s shown “strolling” on Hollywood Boulevard. I’m not sure if the she was acting though, perhaps they really did need the money after a recent IAS reg cycle.

      • Jethro Is In The Zone

        Oops, here’s the link to the music video:

        This is the same Michael and Denice Duff who were in the “Idle Org” fundraising video with other “celebrities” (doesn’t she seem a bit unstable in it??? perhaps she really is suicidal????):

        Oh yeah, this the same Michael and Denice Duff who showed up at Marty’s place to capture a blown Sea Org member who had escaped from the Int Base.

      • Somebody buy that boy some shoelaces!

      • Tory Christman

        Gawd:: Denise: If you see this::: PLEASE DO ***NOT*** LET C OF $ USE YOU!
        I met some ladies from CC the other night……..they knew Denise, too. ((I’ve known her since she was a little girl—-such a shame). They said she’s no longer acting.

        Tory/Magoo~~Your Mom’s BF for many YEARS:::SNEAZIE::: GET OUTTA THERE **NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW**** CALL ME:
        (818) 588-3044
        PS: “Ideal Orgs” are NOT creating FREEDOM::: They are EMPTY. WTFU!!!

  2. Access Database & Excel??? WTF
    This is very telling about how backward and incompetent this group is.
    It may not seem like a big deal, but to anyone that knows anything about available technology, it is very telling.
    High School dropout recruiting High School dropouts, using inferior technology while corrupting a superior technology they’re supposed to be the custodians of.
    What a farce.
    But they do have a lot of money. I’ll give them that one.

  3. Two observations on this list is that the real hard-corps KA drinkers are not on this list as pointed out in several comments on this post.

    The other observation is that these people are on the front line and probably have okay to read some stuff and to contact us in some fashion. I say turn as many of them as possible by hard-hitting indoc on the current scene in the Church and letting them know there are solutions out here.

    ML Tom

  4. Marty,
    Again, thank you so much for all the heat you take. I admire the hell out of you for getting some spectacular auditing in while you do what you do. This week we started a NED course student, a level II student, two upper indoc students, two solo students, one OT II comp and an OT III start. All are bright and winning.
    We would never have been able to do all this in such a safe environment if it were not for you and Mike and Steve and Mosy etc taking a lot of the shrapnel. Your help and courage has been invaluable.

    I suspect that the tipping point is on the verge of cresting like a tidal wave, and the real SPs are howling like mad. I wonder what will go through the minds of the lesser implanted ones as they realize they have been protecting and defending, not LRH or the Tech, but a true psycho.

    Looking forward to seeing you again in Texas.


    • martyrathbun09

      Well done man. What you are doing is what it is all about. See ya soon.

    • Les,
      Wonderful to hear of your week. Indy Scn moving up a little higher.

    • one of those who see

      Wonderful news Les!!! Thanks for letting us know!! And beautiful ack to our marines.

    • Wow Les, that’s something!
      One of the very most effective weapons against De Moron is delivery in volume. Making auditors and OT’s is the one thing Davey can’t do; he has destroyed all his tools and capable personnel. But to be auditor and OT is the bait he lures his (new) victims with. As soon as they find out they will never get it from him but that there’re many auditors and OT’s made in the field, they might cognite. It would be a good idea to publish all field made auditors and releases ww on one site, update it weekly and link it to all the major blogs.

      • martyrathbun09

        Not one of the best, THE BEST, in my opinion.

        • OK, I’ll rephrase it: The best weapon against Davey is delivery in volume accompanied by proper publication. A very close second is continued exposure of what he has done and is doing to Scientology on a level that’s real to him, his flock, the media and society. BTW, congratulations on doing both and your house of persistent F/N’s.


    Just making sure these people are on your list. They work for OSA.

    Marie Warren
    Lori Richardson
    Linda Caso
    JoJo Zawawi

    • Lessee: (1) brand new pseudonym, (2) complete lack of specifics.

      I’m calling the above comment a Black PR smeer attempt by parties unknown.

      • I can second the fact that JoJo Zawawi is a deep kool-aider, almost certainly an OSA informant, and per various reports here, is very busy on the facebook policing beat.

        • Marg,

          I knew JoJo and her mother when I was still on lines.

          It saddens me that they both seem to have become “Koolaid drinkers”.

          JoJo if anyone doesn’t know this was originally an LRH Messenger on the Apollo and is honorably mentioned in the lecture “Welcome to the Flag Internship”.

          As far as I know JoJo never progressed in her training beyond HDG (my eval is that she was stuck in a win) and her mother was on the SHSBC sorta doing it sporadically while on NOTs.

          Both of them were when I knew them ended up getting in with the “in crowd” over there such as the OTC and I believe they are both lock steppin’ OTA’s nowadays.

          However I personally don’t believe either of them are evil just stupid.

          It really shocked me when I found out that JoJo in particular had become part of the OSA clown act and I said some pretty nasty things about her ….choice.

          I’ve since softened my view

          I believe she is a good person and eventually she’ll see the light and that if she does decide to get out of that Suppressive Group the Church of Scientology has become I’d be more than happy to give her a free review.

          That’s my 2 cents on the matter.

        • OK, so all four of these people are doing Facebook Police bullshit ?
          That’s what I meant about lack of specifics.

          @Karen: I did not realize this Marie Warren person was the statutory rapist of your son Alexander. So now OSA has her doing the dirt for them, why am I not surprised.

          Michael A. Hobson
          Independent Scientologist

    • I would

      • Oh, sorry – hit send before I was finished!

        Just want to “second” that list of More OSA Names. And add this: while it may not apply to all who have naively forwarded OSA’s nutzo agenda, it’s true in at least a couple of the cases here, that those with the biggest crimes are the biggest toadies.

    • Marie Warren at age 40 had sex with my son Alexander Jentzsch 2x when he was 12 years old at the Flag Land Base. Statutory rape. He attended no schooling per the laws of the land, but instead was put to slave labor as a full time cleaner of toilets, filthy delivery back staircases.
      The “Church” completely covered it up. Heber and myself were never informed.
      Here is the KR from Kirsi, former OSA Flag who posts with us on this blog. It is only one of sdeveral reports I received thanks to Marty’s Blog and the sharing of information.

      (OSA INT STAFF at the time of the rape)

      I was a member of the Sea Organization from August 1989 till August 2007. It was when I worked in the Office of Special Affairs Flag Land Base, that I learned about the rape of Alexander Jentzsch, then a 12 or 13 years son of Karen De La Carriere and Heber Jentzsch. I started working in OSA in January 1997 and it was during that year when I learned about the rape through my then co-worker Annie Mora, who had been assigned to keep an eye on Alexander from the point of time he was received at the Flag Land Base.

      The rape incident involved a female FSO Dept 5 staff Marie Warren, seducing Alex to have sex with her in one of the crew berthing apartments. Once this incident became known by Annie Mora she was executing the immediate handling which included making sure the knowledge of the rape isn´t spreading not only inside the church but to the outside; it would have been devastating to the image of the church to have this crime become general knowledge. Another action was to transfer Alexander and Marie out of Florida to California to help cover it up from the Authorities. Needless to say Alexander´s rape was a huge flap and would be the kind of incident OSA staff would automatically deal with, hence my knowledge of it.


      Kirsi Ojamo

      Is it not interesting that a former Child Molester works for OSA as on OSA Operative and even gets “OSA clearances” after committing a felony that they did get prosecuted.

      • Type.
        That they did NOT get prosecuted. No report to Clearwater PD.

        Marie Warren. OSA Operative.
        More of what she has done for OSA and her pciture~~!-Karen-exposes-more-cult-crimes!

        • Karen,
          Have you tried pressing charges, or going to the authorities as they’ve done in Australia? This is pretty serious stuff.

          • Margaret ~~

            Relevant Law Enforcement informed especially Clearwater PD to show the repeated cover-up mentality.

            What boggles the mind is that while they cover up ACTUAL crimes, they use PIs to make malicious fabricated ANONYMOUS phone calls to Law Enforcement reporting

            Wasting Police/Detective time on FABRICATED Lies, while hiding ACTUAL CRIMES.
            Note, they do not pay taxes to go into City Budgets.

            I had an incredulous DM *STING* ~~ 2 weeks after coming out on Marty’s blog.
            A soft effeminate voice calls in to an ANONYMOUS TIP LINE that I smuggle underage children for sex to my CPA, Harvard Business Graduate Bill Greene.

            I am an LRH trained Class XII, a Class XII CS, I served big time over a period of 35 years, and overnight I became a smuggler of children for under age sex to a CPA.


            Law enforcement apologetically stated how reports need to be checked out when it involves the safety of children. Whereupon an FBI agent and local detective arrive at Bill Greene’s house to check it out.

            The OSA contrived anonymous phone call goes nowhere. As soon as these Law enforcement agents are told I am a whistleblower against the Church of Scientology (DM’s cult) Case is closed. The detectives never even visited with me.
            Miscavige uses law enforcement as his personal army to attack his enemies and
            the word has gotten around in law enforcement communities big time.
            When the detectives visiting my CPA heard the words “Church of Scientology” they had a physical BODY reaction and ended the interview in 2 mins and logged and noted for their Seniors another BOGUS case of LYING to Law ENFORCEMENT.

            Just another LIE from Organized, criminal Office of Special Affairs which is “RUN” by RTC which is “RUN” by office of COB which is “RUN” by David Miscavige. It is a felony in some states to deliberately and maliciously LIE to law enforcement and give false reports to mislead the police.

            This kind of story reveals how sordid, how down and dirty, how despicable Miscavige Radical Scientology has become. And it hides behind “religious cloaking”
            “Ministerial exemption.”

            • Karen,

      • You are a Tigress defending her cubs

        • From the Office of Life

          And we are all her cubs. The behavior of the “Church” of Scientology with its blatant dishonesty and imagination applied to malice is contemptible and vile. They slander people they fear will expose them .

          Scientology smear ops fabricate similar of what they fear will be exposed.

          Karen’s son was raped as a child . Hence, OSA places anonymous calls that Karen is a child sex peddler….to her business colleagues (who smelled OSA a mile off)

          Whatever OSA is smearing is what they try to introvert and hang on others, exactly what they fear will be exposed about the “Church” of Scientology.

          The profiling of Spyintology is obvious to law enforcement now, much like serial killers are profiled. Scientology OSA are soul killers; they attempt character assassination of people’s good works and names.

          They have been profiled as he serial killers they are. Take a box OSA, there’s more light coming. The world is going to go free, just get used to that idea and get in session.

          • Office of Life.
            I appreciate your supportive comments.
            We need a Senator Xenophon in the United States.
            We need someone to corral all the horror stories and lend an ear
            I can only imagine the eloquence of someone like Michael Fairman
            addressing a Congressional Committee.

    • Marie Warren
      Has sex with my son Alexander Jentzsch when she is 40 years old and he is 12.
      She does get the RPF but the “Church” cover it up from Law Enforcment and do not
      inform his parents Heber Jentzsch and myself.
      Email address
      Jo-Jo Zawawi
      Email address,

  6. Marty, thanks for posting this list.
    I saw Pat Wehner’s name from the Stevens Creek Org on it. Not only is Pat John Allenders partner in business, Pat lives across the street and 7 doors down from me. I actually was very disappointed to see he is a part of this OSA crap…..but it makes sense to me now why when the SO recruiters were slamming on my door when I was in an Engram trying to recover from my knee surgery…….I called Pat and he didn’t even come over to help me.

  7. seams to me ,that with this one,u gave them lots of things to talk about….
    like it , big hello to all you here,from Croatia.
    P.S. today i checked this “Minerva – Marty s” blog…
    my god!!!! that is absolutely CRAP!!!!!
    I just cant believe it ,that in 21ct ,people buy that……
    20 years ago ,when was war in Croatia,my city was front line,i was 15 then,same thing
    did our aggressor. First they attack (cause they s army was 6-7 times bigger),
    and then in their newspapers and TV channels ,are saying that WE attack,even put words like “break truth,massacre innocent baby’s,rape blind grand mamas…etc.”
    to make it ,if u listen – u think who are those people? animals? beasts?
    but it was 20 years ago -no internet,no cell phones (so many)….

  8. How’s about an EUS list? I only knew 2 of them working out of the New York Org while I was in, they pestered me for deprogramming cycles weekly. Since I was trying to deprogram myself during that time I should have given them my own stat!

  9. “Can be trusted”
    Who to trust really puzzles OSA. No wonder…
    If the church comes to its senses and starts deliver standard tech immediately – that would save them lots of trouble and sleepless nights. But what they fear the most is punishment and public humiliation. And the huge amend program…

  10. Unfortunately my name is on that list which makes it at least a year out of date. =(

  11. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Ann. I agree with you.

  12. What is so ironic, is that only living one’s life according to TWTH proofs one against all this keystone cops OSA stuff.

    I’ve so wished that whoever internally wises up and reforms Scientology International, they just focus on The Way to Happiness.

    I’m NOT a Hubbardite, but were some wise Hubbardites to focus on ONLY the positive, and just be bland and neutral and just do genuine good works, and let Scientology membership focus around TWTH, believe me, and deal with all conflicting anti TWTH other policies of the past that had their “time” for their desperate “situations” of the past, the world does NOT want Scientology’s intelligence branch tactics in any way shape or form.

    OSA and all this network of what I guess would be the old Guardian’s Office “GAS” network, all these people should just buy and distribute TWTH, and say bland dull positive things straight out of TWTH, and Scientology’s image would slowly move to what traditional religions’ images rightfully display.

    I’ve concluded, as an atheist, that religions which act sane and neutral, and do compassionate free work for society’s most desperate, are the best religions. I have nothing against a religion that helps the most desperate people in society who have no where else to turn. I applaud those people.

    Scientology so needs to focus on TWTH, across the boards. The Volunteer Ministers I can live with also.

    Some of the people on this list, I actually like them, and were I to bump into them, I’d bet they’d talk to me like normal people, despite it being a suppressive act for them.

    I’m so glad at least the freezone and independent Scientologists act like normal citizens, and don’t bury their heads in the ground, and are free.

    Too bad official Scientology hasn’t figured out how to be more like independent Scientology.

    Miscavige is such an impediment. One hopeful insight from Janet Reitman’s new book, now shipping, I received mine, from Amazon, “Inside Scientology”, is how Pat Broeker was so off the rails, he wanted to pursue non Sea Org personal goals for his life.

    When Scientology is that free with any of its members, high or low, they’ll have “normalized.”

    Scientology HAS to apply TWTH to its own members!!! That’s my analysis point suggestion for Scientology, all camps of it.

    Thankyou again Marty for being such a good citizen, and being so transparent, and doing such a huge amount of good in Scientology history.

    Chuck Beatty
    Ex-Sea Org (lifetime staffer, 1975-2003)
    Flag Dec 1975-Jun 1983 (TTC, Sup, Word Clearer, D of T, etc.)
    Int Base 1983-1984 (Routing Forms Pjt)
    Snr HCO Int in the FB in LA 1984-87
    Course Supervisor Re-Training (Int and LA) 87-88
    Int Training Org, LA 88 (Sec Checker Sup)
    LRH Tech Research and Comps, CMO Int, (Sept 88-Feb 89)
    Int RPF (Feb-Mar 89)
    PAC RPF (Mar-May 89)
    Int Training Org (May-Sept 89) (Admin Sup)
    INCOMM Sep 89-Sept 90 (Routing Forms Pjt)
    INCOMM Sept 90-May92 (Computer Room LA & Int)
    ASI May 92-Dec95 (Computer Room, In-Training Esto)
    Decks Int (Dec 95-Jun 96)
    Int RPF (Jun 96-Nov 2000)
    PAC RPF (Nov 2000-Mar2003)
    Routed out March 29, 2003.
    I live in Pittsburgh, feel free to call after 9pm east coast time, 412-260-1170
    My summary conclusion today is that Scientology, building on Professor Dave Touretzky’s
    excellent summary comments about Scientology, is my opinion that Scientology is
    (…….confidential data, if you want to see my opinions, read elsewhere, I respect independents’ rights to be Scientologists, good for you guys!)

    • I agree with you 100% Chuck. LRH said TWTH was probably the most important thing he wrote…

      • I can’t thank you enough for talking and being in comm. It’s priceless what this whole world of ex Scientologists have done, which is mainly just ARC.

        Another irony is official Scientology can’t display ARC if they label too many people as “untouchable” and “you can’t talk to those SPs”.

        ARC won’t work if people can’t talk.

        Thanks SO MUCH for talking Mike!!!!!

      • I like hearing this. I’ve always felt that if I could only have one piece of LRH work, it would be TWTH. With that alone, we could transform life as we know it. Do we need an independent TWTH campaign? Would that be possible?

        • Yvonne — it is ABSOLUTELY possible to have an Independent TWTH campaign. In fact, if you remind me, I will introduce you to someone at the July 4th get together who IS doing just that. REAL use of WTH to better conditions without any pats on the back or hypey event videos.

          The church does nothing with WTH other than have IAS toss them a few dollars (I mean a FEW) every now and then to make something for a video for a “Freedom” medal “winner.” Apart from that, this book that can literally change the world is ignored. So, its open season for ANYONE who wants to carry out the real LRH intention.

          WTH is not real popular with Dear Loser as there isnt really any money in it. You can’t keep coming out with new editions. Its meant to be printed in cheap booklet form. No $$$$, NO interest. If he spent half his annual budget on suits on the WTH it would actually effect the world. If he spent all the income from the IAS for ONE MONTH on printing and distribution of WTH it would have MASSIVE impact. And when you think that the IAS has been going for nearly 30 years and how much money they have collected from people on the basis that it would be spent on “social programs” and how many copies of that book it would have printed — if all of it had been spent on WTH it would be enough to give one to every person on planet earth several times over.

    • A big +1 on that Chuck :)

    • Very good point, Chuck. Perhaps if Dear Loser’s mantra were TWTH instead of Simon Bolivar, this blog would not exist.

      But then again, perhaps reliving the old Mission Ops glory days of sending missions out consisting of Squirrel busters & Lubow teams (which are totally failed missions with no trained and effective personnel) turns him on. After all he is the KoS of Mission tech too!

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  14. Ann,

    Good for you!
    Geir Isene was also put on monitoring websites which backfired badly by OSA. Kudos to you for applying LRH and having personal integrity.

  15. Another name to add to the list for the L.A. area: Peggy Alexandre (married to Peter Alexandre.) She works for OSA on the Anonymous protests. What they do is there is a team of these guys and when the Anonymous protesters are done picketing, the OSA guys follow them to their cars (very discreetly) and write down their licence numbers for OSA.

  16. I used to know Peggy back in the days when they had a Construction Co. known as Alexander/Faust the Faust being Jim Faust a good friend of mine back then who has since moved out to the Bayou.

    Anyway Peggy’s a heavy hitter and her dad (I don’t know if he is still living or not) worked for the State Dept and her brother is none other than Lyman Spurlock one of the directors of CST and also part of the conspiracy that took out the Franchise Network.

    Funny because he seems like such a nice guy in person and in the tech films.

    Again no surprise that Peggy has gone to the dark side.

    Sad none the less.

    • RJ: I knew Jim back when he was married to Sherry.

      Any news on Sherry?


      • Sorry WH,

        I didn’t know Sherry that well.

        As I remember her and Jim divorced sometime back in the ’90’s.

        I don’t know what happened to her after that.

        I do know that they have a son in the SO at Int.

        In other words a body in pawn.

    • I remember Jim Faust from the Excalibur and he went on a recruiting mission to Phoenix and was literally having to hop fences to escape the wrath of the local mission holder (I think it was Doreen Casey) who was having him chased by her staff and the police. I also remember a friend from Phoenix who was public and literally had the two separate mission fighting over who he belonged to by tugging on his body. There are so many funny stories about Scientology and borderline entheta stories and just plain entheta stories that would far surpass the output of LRH and DM if put into book format. The positive or theta stories or OT stories seem to pale in comparison. Rhetorically, particularly on a cultural basis, it is getting harder and harder to separate the positive Scientology I recognized and practiced with the co-opted morass it has become, Reminds me of Communism which arrose out of egregious exploitation by capitalists. Karl Marx talked about dialectical materialism (creating two opposing forces to distract the public – which is sort of the “two-pole” basis of conspiracy theory) but said, in the end, by natural means of evolution, a society would rise out of capitalism into socialism and eventually true communism which is really just a self-recognized ecosystem where everything is co-operative. Communism was immediately co-opted by the capitalists and turned into a terrorist state where no one owned anything. What is missing in all of this is pragmatism and the prevention of applying sane principles to society at large. We now live in “Minionism” where most everyone is a minion.

  17. One thing to think about is having a better campaign than C of M. If we want to use DM’s paranoid antago, and in the case of OSA 1.1, motions against him and in the process help repair the damage done to LRH’s image, a simple position the public can understand might help.

    For example, the C of M claims on their official website to believe in and practice the Creed of the Church. We know that’s a lie.

    The Creed says “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.” And of course that, “no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights overtly or covertly.”

    If church members believe that Miscavige is God then let them come out and say it or deny it.

    If they don’t believe he’s God, then the private investigators, the Freedumb reporters (remember the name of the magazine is “freedom”) and the camera-helmuted geek squad and other harassers are all documentary evidence that saying that the C of M believes in the Creed is just lying hypocrisy.

    Nailing them on that one simple point will cast public doubt on all the rest.

    Following along those lines, while we agree that it’s a good idea to be alert for OSA bots, if Independents believe in and actually follow the Creed by contrast, then we need to make sure that we don’t start labeling other potential independents “Kool Aid drinkers” without some good hard evidence.

    I don’t think we want to get into a witch hunt. If we believe that C of M members have the right to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations and churches, then they do. But so do we (and if they were following the Creed they would agree).

    Our right to think freely, say what we want to say and write what we want to write is guaranteed by the Creed (along with the Bill of Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). So the better campaign is perhaps to lead by example.

    We can easily demonstrate by the C of M’s continual overt actions that they’re lying and by demonstrating that we gain the moral high ground and public sympathy while showing that independent people who believe in what LRH created can be rational, good and tolerant folks.

    Just an idea.

    • Dylan — Excellent comment. Very on point.

    • Very well said. I agree.

    • Tony DePhillips

      This comment you make is pure genius!!

      The Creed says “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.” And of course that, “no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights overtly or covertly.”

      If this alone was dinged in I think it would really impinge.

    • Brilliant!

      Thank you so much for such clarity, logic and means by which to possibly talk to those still involved, who would – if they could – leave.

      Sometimes needs just the right wedge.


  18. Wow, what an interesting list…

  19. Marie Warren ~~ MORE ABOUT
    She commits statuory rape at 40 years old with a 12 year old.
    My My MY.
    How a few years make a difference ~~~


    Marie Warren-Bosio cozy with LAPD.

    Marie Warren-Bossio is the President of STABLE (Sunland-Tujunga Association for a Better Living Environment), a San Fernando Valley front group for the cult. STABLE is currently teaming up with the LAPD to help handle drugs and crime in our area, according to Bossio.

    She is also one of 4 Scilons on the board of FABA, the support group for the Foothill Division of the Los Angeles Police Department. The other Scilons are Danny Chadwell, Mitch Hermann & Peggy Howard.

    Marie is also on the fundraising team for the Political Action Committee of pro-Scilon Congressman Buck McKeon. McKeon recently toured the Delphi Academy in Tujunga and, according to Marie, was extremely impressed with what he saw at Delphi, saying “the problem with the Congress is a skipped gradient” after viewing the 3 Barriers to Study.

    Allegedly, McKeon wants to chair the House Education Committee so he can introduced Scientology programs into our public school systems.

    U.S. Congressman Buck McKeon – 25th District of California

    Marie Warren-Bossio
    Sunland-Tujunga Association for a Better Living Environment
    PO Box 158, Sunland, CA 91041-0158

    PO Box 158, Sunland, CA 91041
    Phone/Fax: (818) 352-7089


  20. Now that’s what a call a useful document!

    “Realize many deep cover intelligence operatives are not named here – but your recognizing connections to some of these official OSA resources may lead to the exposure of such moles.”


    Now, lets get the list for the east coast of the US! and then other countries.

    Regarding SP declares being used to “prove” that people are not OSA or connected to the church of scientology.

    Couldn’t OSA mock up/fabricate a phony declare in order to provide a cover for one of their ops?

    • Mike & Marty:

      Beware! This person “atcause” is no friend of Independent Scientologists. Over on ESMB he was promoting McSavage’s PR message that Indie and Freezone auditors are committing *fraud* by advertising their certifications:

      Over here, he has been engaging in Black PR against ESMB as documented in my post over there:

      Furthermore, I personally observed him attempting to Reverse Process Tory “Magoo” Christman in the ESMB Live Chatter by asking her introverting questions about her OT Levels and by running the Dirty Their Needle Drill on her and myself.

      Michael A. Hobson
      Independent Scientologist

      • This is not true. I made some comments here a while back about the then condition of ESMB for which they are still upset with me about. There has since been alot of banning s on ESMB. ( alonzo and Zinj have been banned ). I feel that ESMB has come up a notch as a result.

        Regarding the church of scientology titles. I felt that once a scientologist leaves the church, all titles should be left with the church. I feel one should not be able to pick and chose among old church titles, keeping those that can be made money off outside the church of and dropping those that can’t. It’s just a matter of wording in one’s resume that’s all. This is just being blown out of proportion. I posted that article on ESMB because I didn’t feel that I can post it here inside of comments. I felt that that would have been inappropriate.

        The thing about Tory, is just plain false. My intention with Tory was out of interest of in her as a person and not to create any negative effects.

        • How do you feel about Marty than. That should be an intresting answer.

          • I suggest you read my past comments about Marty if you want to know. It’s interesting to note that all these attacks here on me are originating from people who post mainly on ESMB.

        • @”atcause”: What you actually said In a post entitled “A form of false advertising” was this:

          “I have nothing against people auditing others in the church or leaving the church and auditing people, there’s is something I’m seeing that Independent/freezone auditors are doing that I don’t feel is ethical on their part.”

          ( ellipsis )

          “What I’m saying is that an auditor in the freezone that advertises that they are a class IX auditor but left the church of scientology 20 years earlier isn’t a class IX auditor because part of being a class IX auditor is that you have to be on *proper terms* with the organization that owns and issues such auditor classifications.”

          ( )

          The above are verbatim quotes (in case you edit that post again).

          What we have here is a blatant effort to invalidate all ex-Co$ auditor’s earned certifications and label them unethical for using those certifications.

          *That* is a negative PR message (“enemy line”) direct from David Miscavige.

          No, I do not believe I misunderstood you at all. As I said, you are no friend of Independent Scientology.

          Michael A. Hobson
          Independent Scientologist

          • And who are you Mike?

            The Independent *field’s* ethics officer.

            Actually a lot of people in the independent field have questions on that point.

            Can a person call themselves a Class IX etc?

            ( actually very few “Class IXs” are actually Class IX since they haven’t done the Class VIII course which is actually a prerec for Class IX per the HCOB ‘Fast Training’)

            However I’m posting what Ron says about this which is covered in PAB 112 The Rights of the Field Auditor which as I understand was reissued as an HCOPL by the same title and as far as I know has never been cancelled.

            Three points in particular are germane to this discussion and they are that a field auditor is entitled to:

            (Fair Use)

            7) To respect for his training and experience.

            (I’ve noted that violation of this point isn’t just limited to the Organization)

            8) To respect for his certificates.

            (Finally and most importantly.)

            9) To have and hold his certificates without cancellation by anyone *forever*. (Emphasis mine)

            The above without the annotations of course was hand written signed by Ron with his personal signature as opposed to the one owned by RTC and used with its permission or whatever.

            And anyone who has an original Tech Vol III should have their very own copy.

            This means not only does the Bill of Rights under the First grant us this right to continue to practice *our* religion out side the confines of the 501Ciii USDA Approved Animal Farm or the Church of Anti-Scientology but Ron himself grants us that right.

            There that should answer your question atcause and Mike please lighten up.

          • First off, I think it’s best if they read what I wrote in the original article rather than your cut an pasting hack job here in order to present part of the picture to back up your attempt to drive wedges between Independent scientologists and to cause upset here and on ESMB.

            I think you are blowing this all out of proportion. All I really asked for is a re-wording of one’s resume, not to leave out or forget their accomplishments and training level in the church. If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it but from what I’ve read so far, I don’t believe that I am.

            “No, I do not believe I misunderstood you at all. As I said, you are no friend of Independent Scientology.”

            The only thing that I’m trying to be a friend of is the truth. Apparently staying in a group no matter what the cost is your goal not mine. If that group is with the truth, I’m with them.

            I have no intention of looking the other way or suppressing whats on my mind in order to stay in some group. I didn’t do it with the church of scientology and I’m not going to start doing it now.

            I’m not going to look the other way or alloy my quest for truth in order to keep a membership with this group or that group or some other group. All I care about is the truth.

            That’s the same BS game they play in the church and seems to be the same game you are playing now.

            If I see something in the church of scientology, the freezone or the Independents that I feel isn’t right, I’m going to SPEAK MY MIND and say something. I’m not going to just cower down and keep quiet just to stay in some group.

            Apparently, your creed Mike is the nail that sticks up should be nailed down, just like you are trying to nail me down now.

            I’m not going to abandon my sense of truth or suppress my freedom of speech just to stay a “friend” of one group or another or to keep from getting guys like you upset.

            I’ll leave the brown nosing game to you.

            • “Atcause” :

              You wrote “I think you are blowing this all out of proportion. All I really asked for is a re-wording of one’s resume, not to leave out or forget their accomplishments and training level in the church.”


              No auditor uses their Scientology training or processing certifications on a resume ( for employment purposes ). Therefore, that is not your concern.

              The only thing ex-Co$ auditors use those certifications for is promotions for PC’s. Ex-Co$ PC’s use those certifications to know whom is qualified to audit them.

              If an auditor says, for example, they are Class V Graduate (Pre-GAoT) and an Independent Scientologist(no tm) no longer affiliated with the Co$, there is no room for misunderstanding at all.

              So, the only possible reason I see for telling Freezone / Independent auditors it is unethical to use their certifications to promote for PC’s, is to try to keep Ex-Co$ PC’s from finding auditors outside of the Co$.

              Once again, that is a David Miscavige anti-competition PR agenda, and nothing else.

              Michael A. Hobson
              Independent Scientologist

              • “No auditor uses their Scientology training or processing certifications on a resume ( for employment purposes”

                I’m not speaking for regular job employment in the outside world, I’m speaking of promotion for a job as an *auditor*.

                Anyway, RJ shed some light on the subject so lets just drop it Mr. Sneaky.

      • Tory Christman

        Thank you, Mike H! You nailed it, just as it occurred. My suggestion is this:
        Do ***NOT*** waste an ounce of time “Arguing” with “Ateffect” (AtCause)…That IS
        his goal.
        C of $ Sucks: Today and forever:

        My final statement.
        Love you ALL >>>>>>>>>>>keep up the most excellent work of blowing their asses OUT and helping others get FREE. Tory/Magoo

  21. Today Tonight Report Australia Jan Eastgate first day in court. Bull Baiting on National TV.

    • This is exactly the same tactics as Freedumb/SquirrelBusters/Lablow. Bryan Seymour called it — they are trying to provoke a violent response to their antagonistic arrogance.

      More exposes of this coming up.

  22. Spot on, Mike.

    The Oppressor often WANTS his target to commit crimes against the oppressor. The thing is not to fall for it.


  23. Awesome!

    Now that’s what I call Dox!

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  25. Cudgel the Clever

    Has anyone ever leaked a list for the EASTERN half of the US?

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