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OSA stands for Office of Special Affairs.  OSA is the Stasi-like intelligence network of the cult of Miscavige (formerly known as Scientology).

D/CO OSA WUS means Deputy Commanding Officer of the Office of Special Affairs over all cult of Miscavige units west of the Mississippi river.

Pam, D/CO WUS, has kindly provided us with a list of all Scientologists in the WUS whom OSA considers don’t march quite lock step enough to Miscavige’s liking.  You’ll see some familiar names.  The other couple hundred? How many of them you reckon think they are alone, down and out for not guzzling kool aid with the very best Miscavige cult set?   Feel free to let them know they are not alone, they don’t need to be down, and that being “out” is a whole heck of a lot cooler and more comfortable than being “in.”

The list:


If Dave Miscavige spent a fraction of what he currently is spending attempting to draw blood from me, Mike, Tiziano and Jason instead on mending his cult’s wounds he might have a snowball’s chance in hell to staunch is own bleeding.

He’s got a full blown Exodus on his hands.

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  1. Every now and then I get an email from ASHO D.


  2. Awesome. Saw Bill & Steph Kilpatrick on the list. They used to be major WISE kool-aid drinkers. Looks like, no more!

    Funny, but I’d think that after I told the CoM LCI to F off and that I quit, and, was then assigned “Enemy” to Scn that they’d have me on it. That was ~5 years ago. So, their “list” is VERY deficient. Must be many that they inadvertently left off of it.

    • I wonder if Bill & Stephen Kilpatrick were the two brothers that Michael Roberts looked at in disgust as they walked by while he was trying to reg us in front of AOLA one day. He told us what bastards they were because they had a fancy car and millions in the bank but wouldn’t give him a donation for the IAS.

  3. I read this recently and thought of the Indie Vs. CoM situation.

    “Our religion vulgarly stands on numbers of believers. Whenever the appeal is made — no matter how indirectly — to numbers, proclamation is then and there made, that religion is not. He that finds God a sweet, enveloping thought to him never counts his company. When I sit in that presence, who shall dare to come in? When I rest in perfect humility, when I burn with pure love, what can Calvin or Swedenborg say?

    It makes no difference whether the appeal is to numbers or to one. The faith that stands on authority is not faith. The reliance on authority measures the decline of religion, the withdrawal of the soul.”

    “The Over-Soul” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

  4. Marty — if you feel this might derail this thread too much, feel free not to post it.

    STERLING MANAGEMENT: I didn’t have time to respond on the earlier thread to Ingrid Smith and others regarding Sterling and Greg and Debbie Hughes. But wanted to weigh in with my personal knowledge from outside Sterling.

    While I am sure that Randy Emory’s reg tactics were outrageous – he and Greg Hughes were partners. Basically 50/50 in Sterling. It didn’t start that way but progressed that way.

    The Hughes joined the SO and SOLD their share to Randy for a quite a lot of money. Circa 400K — they were paid WEEKLY approximately $7K.

    So they could have lived LARGE at Int.

    Then Randy (RIP) got a brain tumor and within 2 years passed away.

    WHILE he was sick and getting treatment which left him pretty disabled (wasn’t able to speak properly and in severe pain) – he was given NO support other than $300.00 a week from Sterling and the staff turned their backs on him as he was obviously a DB having gotten so sick.

    BUT — prior to this illness happening and because RANDY was the key to Sterlings high dollars (and btw the stats crashed date coincident with the Time Magazine Expose – Cult of Greed or whatever it was called) and NEVER recovered —

    Randy was urged to take out a very expensive insurance police called a “Key Man Policy” — which meant because he was a “key man” at the company – if he died, the policy benefits went to the COMPANY, not to his widow. This policy was meant to cover the debt owed to Greg Hughes.

    This INCLUDED the $$ still owed to the Hughes and any debts.

    His widow got ZIP from the insurance money as it went to pay operating debts and the Hughes. Moreover was treated like scum.

    So — am I surprised that the Hughes sold out (as Marty pointed out) to miscavige? Not even slightly.

    He has a history of this. Now — if I were a really unkind person I would wonder — hmmm.. Debbie Hughes is sick …. hmmm Randy Emory died … who were they both connected to closely …

    But I’m not.

    Point being — Greg Hughes is no darling and certainly someone I would never want to call a friend.

    Fellow being — yes. Friend — no.


    • martyrathbun09

      Greg was a weakling spiritually from the day I met him. A slick con artist – ala Cardone. Yes, no surprise at all that he took the money and ran. The story is very sick; and I don’t tell it at the moment out of respect for the family members he sold out.

      • Marty, “A slick con artist”….perfect description! When I first met Greg that was my instant reaction. Greg along with many others I had met over the years were in Scientology for the so-called Glory of it all, the oh look at me you lowly pleb!

      • Thanks Marty. I concur. Greg was a slick con type dentist who supposedly lost his license and then started Sterling. Following the footsteps of Lloyd Latch (Latch Management – chiropractors).

        He was on, I think Solo Nots part C (or whatever) with me at the Sand Castle early on and believe me a more glib and dense student I’ve rarely met.



        • Windhorse,

          I also worked at Sterling management for a year or so in the 90’s. That key man policy was fron memory a multi million dollar policy, either 2 or 5 million. Randy’s unfortunate death and payment of this policy was the ONLY thing that saved Sterling from bankrupcy following their financial devistation after the Time Magazine article. I was there when this went down and was dealing with much of the flack of unpaid bills on their Div 6 lines.

          Our paths have crossed a lot.

          • thankyou. Posts like yours are what make Marty’s blog priceless for a forum where history can be told by firsthand participants.

            I’ve had reporters WISH to talk to people like you, a number of reporters over the years have wanted to talk with ex WISE group members willing to detail firsthand details.

            any ex WISE group insiders, willing to talk to media, email me, so nexttime I get asked for firsthand participants, if you are game to talk, I’ll relay the media to you.

            Also new religion scholars sometimes wonder what life is like in WISE businesses, and Sterling was one of the biggest.

            chuckbeatty77@aol.com Could you email me Mike, thanks.

          • “Key Man/Woman/Executive Insurance” is standard practice in all businesses in which one, or a few, people figure prominently in the success of the business. Although I am mainly familiar with large law firms, of the many, many kinds of businesses I have evaluated, “key” owners or executives are, nearly always, insured so as to assist with “continuity” in case the “key” fellow dies unexpectedly.

            So, it’s not surprising that Randy’s widow would not be the beneficiary of Sterling’s Key Man Insurance Policy. What IS surprising is that the company did not ALSO pay for a life insurance policy to assist Randy’s family in the event of his death.

            My personal knowledge of Sterling Management Systems, however, did not begin until the late 1990’s, when Kevin and Barbara Wilson owned and managed Sterling Management Systems.

            The principal out-point of that organization, at that time, did not seem to be, to me, that its services did not help its clients. By and in large, Sterling Management’s Consultants did help their clients (dentists, chiropractors, cpa’s — mostly single individual owned businesses). Whether the help these clients received was worth what they paid for it, I leave for another discussion.

            The out-point, to me, was that Kevin and Barbara Wilson paid their employees a pittance, kept them there with some marlarkey about how the purpose of the business was to advance Scientology, but then, bought themselves a fancy house in La Canada Flintridge and a new BMW for Christmas (one year), and paid untold hundreds of thousands of dollars for their own “Bridges”.

            I could never figure out how Scientology justified what seemed to me to be the economic enslavement of the many, so as to benefit the few priviliged ones.

    • Early on at Sterling, Greg tried to get a hold of the mailing list for the Western Hemisphere. I threatened him with expulsion if he didn’t straighten up. I was not surprised that he is such a crook.

      • I’m sure in a weird way, his knuckling under and guiltily joining the Sea Org might have been a payback to Scientology.

        I wonder what Greg thought when Greg later read the LRH traffic blasting the Scientology business community people that LRH blasted specifically for trying to get hold of the parishioner mailing lists!!!

        I’d cut Greg enough slack to let him tell his side of the story, but he might not have enough of a leg to stand on to allow him to speak publicly.

        Some people can speak up, some cannot find a way to speak up, due to their personal circumstances.

        I’ve accepted that Scientology attracts or absorbs all types of people.

        Not everyone can speak up and even join the discussion, but I err on the side of letting people INTO the discussion.

        Even though I no longer believe in Scientology, I’ll allow ARC to do it’s “magic” and raise understanding, and resolve things!

    • WH- I knew Randy very well and I can assure you he too was very slick and very 1.1.I was a person of good will and he tried throwing me under the bus, at the bus and over the bus relentlessly and I wasn’t the only one. This is a guy who delighted in someones misfortunes and found it wonderfully amusing I tried talking to him-completely solid. All I can say is birds of a feather. He is one of the few i have come across that I don’t mind exposing. along with Greg, who is also severely out of valence.
      I think the stats crashed under the weight of so many overts.

      • As you can see I don’t like the “Grant Cardones”-as I along with others are madly helping people. I have always wondered why these guys get into Scientology, a subject that is of the humanities and truly loving people and helping them. This type of individual has done a lot of damage to Scientology as they are competent, but utterly insane- they are the perfect parishioner for DM- I know SPs want to attach themselves to destroy something beautiful.
        There is an interesting quote in PAB 13 “On Human Behavior” 1953: “Very often you will find aberrative personalities addicted to religion, but the addiction will not be accompanied by any belief in the human spirit. Just how this paradox is accomplished–a professed avowal of Christianity and a complete unwillingness to accept any effort to heal or help the human spirit as opposed to the body–is just another one of this bundle of paradoxes which mark the aberrative personality.”

      • Ingrid: As I said — I’m sure Randy was no angel. I didn’t know him other than to say hi – I knew his wife.

        My point was more to the exposing of Greg Hughes who is OUT but supporting dm by having taken an enormous amount of money for silence.

        Randy has been dead for over 18 years. He’s unable to clear him name by apologies or anything else.

        Greg shouldn’t be deemed a nice honorable guy who stayed loyal to his “church” —

        I just wanted that part of the equation known.


      • Ingrid I would agree with you…birds of a feather!!!!!!!!!


  6. martyrathbun09

    Interesting take on the matter by Village Voice Editor Tony Ortega:
    Scientology’s Enemies List: Are You On It? at http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/06/scientologys_en.php

    • TEG (Tom Gallagher)

      From the comments:

      “It’s funny how they list Jenna Miscavige Hill as Jenna Hill, so as not to draw attention to the fact that she is David Miscavige’s niece.”

      • I wonder if Ronnie Miscavige never appears on one of these lists broadly distributed to all local DSAs….I would tend to think not. When did all of the ridiculous COB worship come into being anyway at a public level??? I mean, at a basic Class V public level, in the late ’90s, LRH was totally the thing, the point, the Source – DM was *admired*, a speaker at Int events, but alongside Mark, Marty, Heber, Guillaume Lesevre, Ray Mithoff and the rest of Int Management. People used to tell stories about when his family got involved, not in a “Wow COB!” type of way, but just…oh, interesting things! And now there’s this utterly offputting, downright *wrong* veneration of DM/”COB” *as an individual rather than for his accomplishments on post* (not that he has any worth celebrating). So how do you list Ronnie Miscavige as a do not call (I don’t think he;d be WUS so he wouldn’t be on this list)?? How can anyone know that Shelley Miscavige is disappeared??

        If DM is the “new Source” (and what else was “This is Scientology” but a replacement for “An Introduction to Scientology”?) what can you do with dissident Miscaviges?

  7. Michael Fairman

    Whoever is in charge of fans better find an humongous one because a tsunami of fecal matter is on its way.

  8. The reeeeaaaaaally bad ones are on a list that is so secret it can’t be published. So, the reaaaaaallly bad ones are actually not known by the locals and they are the ones called in. It’s a deadly plot, hatched in the mind of Grogar, to destroy David Miscavige.

    Who is Grogar?

  9. I found a job for Davey when the Exodus is over.
    He can go to work for reality television!!


    I saw this and it reminds me of the recent events.

    TOO FUNNY!!!

  10. TEG (Tom Gallagher)

    Well, well, well! It’s abundantly clear that the endless events designed for the deification of the psychotic runt has finally run its course.

    I used to say that the most dangerous place in the universe was that space between a staff member assigned to call-in and a telephone.

    Double and triple “confirms” from the call-in units has worn down the field to the point where the only thing to do is turn the ringer off. That or telling that poor soul on the line to f#@%-off.

  11. I am one post late, but can I say that Mike Rinder is seriously groovin’ in “We Stand Tall”. AWESOME!
    Mike, Marty – Id LOVE to hear about that music video shoot, and the events surrounding it! I bet you have some interesting memories / anecdotes.
    Thanks for all you do. :)

  12. I couldn’t be more proud to have made the list. And a few of the peole on the list have recently sat down to do interviews with me for my film. This list now gives me leads for some more people to contact? Well done, Slappy. Keep the Independents flowing.

  13. I got a good laugh reading this list. Whoever compiled it was, obviously, lazy. When you get to “Pearlman” he/she doesn’t bother to list them all individually.
    Just don’t let ANY Pearlmans in!

    Marcy Pearlman Sorensen

  14. This list has to represent a subset of the actual number of people who have opted out of the church in one way or another. For example, I have stated explicitly that I am NOT to be called on the phone, and chew people out who call me. I flat out tell them that they are not to be trusted calling me, because I get called – not in normal hour, like civililized people – but invariably after 9pm – sometimes after 10pm – from the East Coast, no less, where it is three hours later there. I also tell them that phones are psychotic, and that I am available 24/7 via email, where I can choose when and how to communicate.

    I am not on the list.

    The number I gave I gave in confidence (stupid me) to an SMI person several years ago, with the proviso it was just for the immediate cycle (which was a bust – the Church makes it basically impossible to open a mission anymore – again, it is about the $ – but I digress).

    So, naturally, the number ends up in central files for the entire planet.

    I got a text from someone I hadn’t heard from in FIVE YEARS about a month or two ago. The text was just “Where you be?” The same person called a bit later, did not leave a message, and had not called back. After FIVE YEARS! Of course, the person is OT VIII and no doubt trying to drum up some business or another. This person was a very good friend, but has gone more and more kool-aid over the years. Now it’s “Where you be?”

    I know a few names on the list, but none except Kilpatrick were people I knew more than just in passing.

    Thanks for posting this! Quite the exodus indeed. This is our own Exodus from the slavery of Miscavige.

  15. I didn’t make the list though I’ve been ‘declared’ 3.5 years or more. Of course during that time CJC WUS Richard Valle said he knew I was not an SP and that the comm ev I’d had was off policy etc. He then had me declared again but I was not allowed a copy of that one. I’ve asked him what problem was he trying to solve, what policy was he applying etc. He finally told me to INTROSPECT on why EVERYONE at ASHO thought I was an SP. And yes, he said INTROSPECT. Funny, at the Comm Ev they couldn’t find any staff or public to say I was guilty 0f anything and I provided lots of Commends. Hmmm.
    But on this ‘do not call’ list business, in the middle of all the above I got a call from an SO person from AOLA who told me my CF Folder had me as re-instated in good standing. I told her if she could get that in writing for me I’d appreciate it. I got a call from Snr Dir I&R or some such title the next day saying I was not re-instated. I had wondered if they had been hiding the fact that a large percentage of CF was ‘declared’.

    • Blluebonnet-After you introspect, I will be happy to give you the Introspection Rd. God-what a nitwit!!!

    • Blue Bonnet:

      It is that kind of crap, whether it is done to a long time Scientologist or someone new that really, really, really, can tick some people off.

      In one org for example, one terminal says you’re declared, another says you’re not, another says you are and then another says you’re not! All in the same day within 10 minutes of each other might be good! :)

      And the poor public or staff that have to rely on this spin as fact should be entitled to give those terminals a good swift kick in the pants. This was done to girlfriend of mine {that does not want to be named}. Thank goodness the 2 of us are friends and she trusts me. I could not listen to them anymore afterwards and respect what they said.

      I suggested she and I BOTH leave and we did.

  16. Wise Beard man
    His Face is Beard
    His words are Wise

  17. Karen#1, isn’t everyone an SP in DM’s universe? Does he only hold back from declaring everyone because he needs enablers?

    It seems to me that the EP of the Miscavology MindF_ck System is the that cognition “I am an SP unworthy of COB’s greatness.”

    DM’s Anti-Bridge to Total SPness:

    Pre-SP: Still has money in the bank and lines of credit
    Clear SP: Cleared bank accounts but has lines of credit
    SP OT: Operates exterior to money and lines of credit
    Bankrupt OT: This person has achieved New OT VIII and his next step is to see the Registrar!

    Sea Org: A 100% SP Group on permanent A-E. May never receive processing but must be sec checked continually to determine degree of SPness.


    • J.Swift.

      There is truth in your satire.

      EP of OT VIII ~~go see the Registrar Because it has been found you are not clear and must re-do the Bridge starting with 150 hours of Objectives. Your clear status is hereby cancelled. Start again from the bottom up ! :smile:


      You omitted ~~

      Panty-waist Dilettantes SP = not taking out a 2nd and 3rd mortgage for IAS. Not paying enough to purchase IDEAL ORGS for the real estate scam of the Church renting and leasing it back to the local church after locals “paid” for it.

      Raw Meat SPs = Journalists, authors, network TV hosts, camera crews, contributing writers and experts to media that tell the “Church” conduct to the world.

      Flat Ball Bearing SPs = Abberrated person, not with the program, not waking up to the fact that Scientology Life is to serve the will of COB, not donating quickly enough, not making the “Volunteer list”, below “OSA clearance” for Miscavige thuggery,

      Degraded Being SPs = made one large donation and after that doesn’t communicate to the org, No-gain-case because they are persons with heavy overts on Scientology making no case progress and no further donations $$$$$. The reason no progress was made was not because tech was misapplied, but because the being is Degraded !

      The Off-The-RTC-Christmas-Card List SPs = Refusal to attend an INT event and /or did not bounce up FAST and IMMEDIATELY to give Miscavige a hearty standing OVATION. Stopped clapping and beaming too fast. :smile:

      • K1 — WONDERFUL! My personal favorite is the Off the RTC XMas Card List…. :) :) :)

        • Michael :smile:

          Freewind Bilges for illegal and cruel Bilge detention duty to top Execs.
          Bilges are supposed to be cleaned by machines not humans.

          Sadistic punishments and ABUSE for not bobbing up fast enough to give Taliban Miscavige thundering applause. Another DM atrocity.


          I hear from public ~ they are considering it an HONOR to be on the Enemies List !!!!!!!!!!

          A Badge of Honor to have an SP declare.

          Never in my wildest dreams could I have predicted such a mood an attitude from outside in. To quote Danny Sherman, Dm scriptwriter, “it gives a whole new meaning”~~ to the words “culture shock !”

          • Bilges need to be cleaned. Should be a rotation detail insterad of a punishment.

            Even Hubbard had a “mudbox brigade”

            Bilges aint gonna clean themselves. At my workplace moist of us take turns at cleaning.

          • Karen,

            My husband and I are two who are very proud of our status. An
            SP declare means we’ve done something right and the Do Not Contact list means all those that knew us will know something is terribly wrong with this picture.

            So Mark and I are now surrounded by “declared SP’s” and couldn’t have a truer bunch of friends. We’re looking forward to an ever-increasing group, so get in line and get your very own declare everyone – there’s still plenty to go around!

          • Bilges cleaned on the Royal Scotsman as it was known then were done by the crew and I am certaintly a witness to that. Exec’s and young went down there, and they were there for ages.they weren’t allowened out for
            long during day .

          • “Bilges are supposed to be cleaned by machines not humans.”

            I didn’t know that but it makes sense not to let people near that wste.

      • LOL…now ROFL….you’re going to have the typists up all night with these newest additions to SP policies. Gotta Love Ya K#1

    • one of those who see

      J! This is fabulous, F—ing funny and I realized INDICATES AS TRUE!!

    • JSwift,

      Everybody in DM’s universe IS DM. In other words, to belong in his universe, you have to be in his valence. So, everyone on board in his universe is not really an SP as long as they continue to be nothing else other than Him.

      Which is sad, because he picked up his valence elsewhere due to being overwhelmed by someone else who was out of valence from being overwhelmed who was out of valence due to being overwhelmed by someone else who was out of valence.

      So, you have subsets of subsets of subsets of degradation of beingness and valence.

  18. There are more people on that list than the call-in list in Dublin Mission which has 40 public to call-in allegedly.

  19. I think this list is more damaging than it appears.
    When I browse through the Facebook pages of those still “in”, I see hundreds of people who are friends with each other but who have been off-lines for years and deliberately stay away. It’s the friendships that are important – far more than the membership or participation in ‘church’ activities.
    A list like this points out that friends are thinking the same thing about what’s happened to the church. Knowledge of the list may be just enough to create a fresh – Exodus!

  20. Grant Cardone just sent this out on mass email.
    He’s as blind as he is arrogant!
    I’d say we’re having an impact…

    I’ve been called a lot of things in my life due to my commitment to action – a workaholic, obsessive, greedy, never satisfied, driven, and even a manic. Yet, every time I’ve been labeled, it’s always been by someone less successful who takes smaller degrees of action. Like I say in The10X Rule, in order to achieve massive success, you MUST take massive action.

    The moment you start hitting it big, you will immediately be judged by the mediocre. Those people will be threatened by your activity level and make it appear “wrong” in order to make themselves right. These people cannot stand seeing others succeed at such high levels and will do anything to stop them. But stay strong. Massive action will take you to the next level, the level that haters can only dream about.

    The next time someone gives you criticisms, just tell them to “Bring it!”


    • Bryan – I would say this is a pretty good indicator of impingement…

      Blind and arrogant — the perfect DMbot.

      I’m sure Grant is just having a wonderful time now that HIS email was made public. All those “little people” criticizing him. Almost makes you want to cry….

      • As I was and still am more of a lower level “worker”, not even a Department Head type of person, my reading of LRH’s writings to select out something that fit my “worker” mentality, and the reality of the whole organizational org board setup, (note: There’s only ONE Executive Director per org, there are only so many exec posts, and the “worker” posts ARE part of the org, as well the “workers” ARE part of ALL businesses that manufacture the items we wear and eat, etc); SO the big point that the big cheeze “execs” sometimes forget, to THEIR detriment and the hatred for them that builds up in the minds of the underling “class”, is when those execs forget the value of the underlings and the “workers.”

        I think this criticism of a Cardone leads to the “class” problem, that isn’t reallyi discussed at all in Sea Org and Scientology busniess and org history.

        LRH’s exec series, his Vol 7 policy, it brings me back to my whole arguments against the leaders of the movement who were NOT sufficiently versed in LRH’s earlier years executive policies, about how to be a good exec, at periods when LRH took a lot more care for the little guys on their posts, the guys who are still there, the “drones”, the ones doing their posts straight from policy, since they are NOT on “DM’s” “COB’s” lines.

        Were I a Hubbard College course sup, and I just read Cardone’s comment in his email, if I had the time, I’d issue a retread order on him, and have him retread or retrain OEC Vol 7, and the Exec Series and Admin Series.

        Did Cardone do the OEC?

        We know DM didn’t, and DM is beyond retraining, yet DM acts out the role model that other “big beings” think is the winning Scientology leader valence.

        (Greg Wilhere’s “Special Briefing Course Checksheet [of 1978]” which is cancelled, but the course was in 3 checksheets, and 1 section of those 3 checksheets had the all time best exec PLs of LRH’s, and that section in my opinion how Scientology top leadership will have to someday revert to implementing.)

    • Well, he had to say something, I guess. “I got my own TV show. What do YOU got?”

      Freedom, bra.

      • Anna Nicole Smith had her own cable show so arguing for success based on having a cable show is not really that good of an argument for success. In fact, when viewers discover that you gave a million dollars to the Lunatic Antichrist of Hemet, they will conclude that the only thing that needs to be turned around is the channel.


        • I actually have no problem with Grant having a TV show, or having success at sales, or writing lots of books, or living through a fire-breathing session, or anything else “massive action” related. Go for it. But, I have a real problem with his hubris in assigning anyone “Treason”, let alone someone as truly successful and as good a guy as Milton Katselas. That action says a LOT about this guy.

    • He has been a regular media consultant on Fox News. Expect nothing but spin from this guy. No compassion, no understanding of others, with fixed ideas about the world. People shouldn’t be surprised by the reaction above. It’s a real turn off. If you don’t like his show, then you are “mediocre.” LRH didn’t intend for people to use his technology to demean others, but that’s just what Cordone did. There are different types of success. I don’t wish for Cordone’s type. My success includes supportive relationships with others. Cordone preaches “No Negativity Allowed.” I guess this doesn’t apply to himself. What a dick.

      P.S. Just what exactly does he mean by “Bring it!” What a meat-head.

      • Yvonne Schick

        From Urban Dictionary
        bring it
        Used as a “manly” come back to someone who is either being challenged or it can be offered as a direct challenge to another;

        Similar expressions:
        “Show me what you got!”
        “Do your worst”
        “Bring your shit!”
        “Go for it!”
        Basketball Player 1: “Im gonna slam dunk yo punk ass.”

        Basketball Player 2: “Ahhhight, bring it bitch. Let’s see what you got!”

    • Bryan- I love this! Grant has a closet full of valences-He just pulled out the ser fac along with the ‘successful person being attacked “valence. It is all circuitry!

    • The next time someone gives you criticisms, just tell them to “Bring it!”

      Ohhh Grant, since when did “criticism” become such a dirty word? Your email re Milton was hateful 3P. No amount of wormy wriggling is going to change that.

      I can be a dick sometimes too. You know what? I kinda like having it pointed out; it keeps me grounded and saves me from being an even bigger dick.

      — Mike

    • Let’s see if I remember the order from top down goes something like “thought,time,space,energy, mass” .Is massive action somewhere in the mass part?

  21. You make a great point, that when Scientology is presented as a group with high numbers of “believers” it says that it’s true because so many people agree that it’s true. This sums up as “group think is correct,” which we know is completely contrary to the tenets of Scientology.

  22. My comment was supposed to go after the comment by Stoic-1.

    • Lynne, I especially was reminded of Slappy Applecrate by the line “The reliance on authority measures the decline of religion…” When one has no leadership ability, no skill with people and is a walking cyst of insecurity it helps to remind everyone how much authority one has over them.

      • “Slappy Applecrate” :Noun: derivation: indie slang term combination of slappy and applecrate. 1) David Miscavage (see also: Miss cabbage,Dear Leader,COB Miscavology,etc)
        Stoic-1 nice additon to the dictionary

  23. I am having a heck of a time getting my comments to post from this computer.

  24. So sorry if this is a duplicate but ONCE AGAIN ….Scientology yucky secrects are all over The Huffington Post ….this is starting to get good.


  25. one of those who see

    Obviously, KRs need to be written regarding the List’s omissions. Indicate RUSH at the top.

  26. So much good information from Marty and the comments from all.

    But I’m missing OTDT and DeepFax. There was an insouciance there that always made me laugh.

    Wherever you are these days, hope all goes well for you.

  27. This is so cool, Marty.

    The way little davie’s stats are invariably and inevitably straight up and verticle, within a very short (pun intended) time, only he, allender and minerva will be left on the call-in list and we’ll all be free to practice our chosen religion in peace.

    I can just see all three of them calling eachother five times each to confirm for the next event. Then they can brag and brag and brag about how every single solitary scientologist in good standing attended his glorious event.

    I wonder if the hollywood extras will cease to participate? Oh well, if not, just cut and paste, cut and paste the anonymous faces from last years extravaganza.

    Thanks for passing on such good news.


  28. Well, dang, they forgot to add me and my husband in the Ex-Scn part of the List!! SOMEBODY ADD US!!

  29. Hi Marty;

    The posts on this topic are hilarious! People bitching, in a jovial manner, that their name is not on the list, reminds me of the time on ARS 10-12 years ago when people who were declared put the goldenrod on their wall for all to see! It was statement of pride, a badge of honor.

    It was also the beginnings of a real true blue revolution. Being declared was supposed to make people cring, propitiate, but the ethics presence of the C of S had deteriorated to such an extent it no longer had any force, and since fear was the only weapon it possessed, it became a joke.

    C of S Ethics presence … gone the way of the Dodo bird.

  30. Okay, Flag Bureaux Data Letter #209 Int written by LRH was all about recruitment. This FBDL was cancelled circa 1996 by ____ (?). It had kickass tech in it about getting people involved in a group. LRH said that if you disallow people or ban people from being part of a group you make enemies of them. What you are doing is telling these people that you don’t want their help. And, as we know, if you tell someone you don’t want their help, you become the target of their wrath.

    These lists of “enemies” are the armies of the execution squads for the RCS.

    ML Tom

    • Tom,

      I remember reading this one several times over the years I was in the Sea Org.

      You go that damned right!

      Michael A. Hobson
      Independent Scientologist

      …JUSTICE—-A THIRD DYNAMIC PSYCHOSIS IS THE SUBSTITUTE OF VIOLENCE FOR REASON…….MORALE—–INSANITY IS THE REFUSAL TO ALLOW OTHERS TO BE,DO OR HAVE. A THIRD DYNAMIC PSYCHOSIS IS A DETESTATION OF HIGH MORALE. All of these are straight from the LRH PL. The exclusion of others relates to your post Tom. The rest seem to fit Slappy Appleboxes “policies”.
      For indies the policys are that it’s ok to have high moral and to Be, Do or Have.

  31. It’s ironic that a bunch of ill-mannered upstarts who called me incessantly for decades and would show up unannounced at my door at all hours would now put me on a No Call List…HOW TRUELY BLESSED I AM!

    • Cowboy Poet:

      You are blessed. Just one last note here. You touched on something there I have been meaning to say to someone for a while other than my closest friends around here.

      You said exactly:

      “…it’s ironic that a bunch of ill-mannered upstarts who called me incessantly for decades and would show up unannounced at my door at all hours…”

      Corporate Scientologists are the most violent, out of control people I have ever encountered on the face of this Earth. I could not live with myself if that were a lie. Only knowledge can one day fix that problem The correct knowledge you and others and myself included have had all along. I think I speak for the both of us here. I don’t anyone in this world I would ever turn away or tell them they were not welcome {like on this list} if the person truly needed my help EXCEPT radical corporate Scientologists. And that comes from my unbreaking heart for what they have done to the good name of LRH and the church he was once so proud of.

      Until the spirit moves me again, which I hope, will not be too long from now! :)


    • Cowboy, “ill-mannered upstarts”…you got that right. Keep your fly swater handy!!!

  32. David Franchi

    Oh yeah! I made the list! The list of free thinkers non robot beings! I’m not going to get called anymore! Hurray! Let’s have a party! Salute.

  33. LRH commented on how inclusion was very important. In data series and probably elsewhere.

    Looks like for CO$ under DM we have an opterm flip.

  34. I have a funny story about Steve & Joni Marchese. Had to be somewhere between 1984 and 1986, back in the days when anyone could go right up to the airport gate.

    Steve and Joni had paid for a lot of service at Flag, and OC Org was their FSM (there was another story about that, they’d had another FSM, but this person was disaffected, so the org argued she couldn’t be the FSM and we got the commission. I wasn’t entirely okay with that even though I was the Dir Income at the time, and it affected my stats). So the FBO, Bruce Thompson, had driven race cars before. And, as things tend to go in orgs, they were running late to catch their overnight flight to Flag to arrive Thursday before 2.

    Bruce drove like a race car driver, and he ran to the gate while the three of us were running behind him with luggage (back when you could leave a car at the airport curb for a few minutes). Bruce got to the gate just as they were about to close the doors. They asked for his ticket and he said, “I’m not going!” The ensuing confusion lasted just long enough for Steve and Joni to arrive at the gate with their luggage, catch their flight, and arrive on time. The org got the $18,000+ commission, the largest it received while I was there.

    I’ll always remember that bit of teamwork as one of the positive experiences I had.

    Steve & Joni — if you’re ever willing to come forward, I’d love to hear your stories.

  35. Also, Roark Gourley is a very talented artist. If he’s left the CoM, I’d be interested in picking up more of his work.


  36. Well I am not on the list, boo hoo.
    Does that mean I am in good standing? I don’t think so! lol

    International Freezone Association Inc



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  39. scilonschools

    Marty & Mike
    From my expierence over the last 4 years I have every reason to hate Scientology, and yetthrough your Blog ithe respect I have gained for the Indies has made me try and understand what LRH was up to introducing it to the world.
    LRH gave the whole pictiure for us to see right and wtong, some can grasp it others can’t.
    The latest ‘Scientology’ training of denial ie “I am not a Scientologist but…” demonstrates the true nature of the CoM(RCS).

    A truer statement could never be uttered… “I Am Not A Scientologist”

    Does that make sense to anybody here?

    • Makes perfect sense to me.

      The single thing that is the hallmark of a real Scientologist is their ability to understand themselves and others. Inherent in that ability is being able to “think for yourself” — it was the perfect marketing phrase for Scientology as it communicates so well and so simply what the whole subject is about. Not worship, belief or ceremonies. And if there is one single factor that is the hallmark of the KoolAid drinkers it is that they will not/cannot/refuse to think for themselves. It is one thing Dear Loser did get right — this truly is the blind leading the blind — or perhaps better stated the blind criminal leading the blind fools.

  40. So, I have a question: Let’s assume that DM resigns tomorrow, confesses all his overts, is firmly committed to the RPF for several eons, all errant Staff Members and Dead-in-the-Head OT’s cognite, and so on and so forth.

    Then what?

    Who’s going to ‘take over’ the CofS? Who’s going to run the place?

    Just a thought.

    • Who cares?

      The C of M is so riddled with false data, false terminals and false purposes it is dead.

      It’s like asking who is going to be the new Captain of the Titanic. Or who is going to take over now that Hitler is gone.

      • Clearly the CofS is dead.

        And, like all legal organizations with valuable assets (i.e., the Tech … the money and buildings are just a distraction), someone has to, or gets to, or wants to, control those assets after the organization is dead.

        So, who cares about what happens when DM is deposed, are those people who think that if the copyrights to the Tech to fall into yet even more suppressive hands than DM’s, it may be like going from the frying pan into the fire.

        So, get your asbestos suits ready, folks.

        • Wow Scott — you actually worry that the “copyrights” could fall into more Suppressive hands than Miscavige’s? Anyone’s hands would be better than his — because he is destroying the tech while claiming to have the rights to it all, solidifying his squirreldom for eternity (he is even having it etched on titanium plates at vast expense). I think you are worrying about the wrong problem — Scientology is not buildings, bank accounts or copyrights. It is knowledge and it is people. That is all there is of real value.

          • Nope, Mike, I don’t worry about it at all.

            On the other hand, I have been a lawyer and litigator for over 30 years, and I have witnessed many things even Miscavige’s Minion’s can’t duplicate.

            Miscavige’s suppression is hamstrung, to some extent, by the fact that there were sooooooooooooo many books out there before LRH came under his spell, that it is impossible to get rid of all of them. And, of course, I would imagine that a lot of independents for a lot of years, have been protecting their “original texts” of Scientology and Dianetics.

            Given these things, the copyrights are not as important as they might be. At least right now. As someone else commented “Scientology” IS about knowledge, NOT books and NOT buildings.

            But, the idea that “Scientology” is not books, while correct, is dangerous to the point of irresponsibility. Were it not for books, and tape recordings, and their ease of duplication and dissemination …. between 1945, say, and 1975, say, there would, literally, be no “Scientology” as we know it today.

            That Scientology was able to flourish, when it did, was not due simply to LRH, or Scientology. It was helped along mightly by the political climate in the United States and the relative freedom from knowledge suppression we enjoyed in the U.S. between about 1945 and 1995.

            Those conditions no longer exist, and indeed, due to the suppressive action of a famous Scientologist, Sonny Bono, the copyright laws were changed to EXTEND control over copyrights (for all practical purposes) to infinity. I am certain Mr. Bono did this as Miscavige’s behest. Otherwise, LRH’s copyrights would have already run out, and we’d all be free to re-publish his works at will. What Mr. Bono’s piece of particular suppression did was yank LRH’s legacy out of the public domain. And, unfortunately, we are now at the point in existence where electronics is threatening to eliminate the free exchange of ideas that books allowed.

            So, no, I don’t ‘worry’ about it. I just keep a copy of all the original texts of Scientology and Dianetics for myself.

            • Scott — Great. We are in agreement. In fact, in my response to you I said that Scientology is knowledge and people. That knowledge is contained in the writings and lectures of LRH. The preservation of the real technology is what is important. Clearly, copyrights are becoming less and less viable in the age of the internet, there is very little of LRH’s material that is not freely available on the internet, and the inaction by Miscavige to do anything about it makes them less and less susceptible to any sort of copyright challenge. And that’s putting aside the economic harm hurdle he has to overcome and also putting aside the arguments that copyright law does not trump the free exercise clause of the Constitution. Mike

    • Scott

      Hopefully no ONE.

      If it is to ever to exist as a valid organization again, there needs to be some serious “soul searching”. Even if the scenario you describe happened today, I think it would be years before it would have a chance of recovering, if ever.
      Basically, I think “the THETA has left the building”. All that is left now IS the BUILDING.

      Eric S

  41. Yvonne Schick

    AOL news headline includes a link to the Huffington Post article.

  42. The PRIME REVERSAL in the Miscavige Adminstration of the Church of Scientology is MAN IS BASICALLY BAD.

    From this flows:
    1) continuous eval of out-ethics for those on NED for OTs with an HCO Security Check done ”Not Auditing You” which is done ONLY in the case of an HCO Invest for Justice reasons.
    2) the Bridge cannot be done and is invaldidated by making those trying return to the beginning – they are ‘dog cases’ = “bad”.
    3) a culture of spies a la STASI where everyone must report on everyone else out of fear they are party to a “bad” act.
    4) false SP declares issued = they are “bad” and from there
    5) enforced disconnection from the “bad” or the refusal makes the refuser “bad”.

    The outpoints coming from this Basic Outpoint are myriad. THE PRIME REVERSAL of the philosophy and the workability of Scn Ethics, Tech and Admin is DM’s fundamental operating principle: MAN IS BASICALLY BAD.

    Hah!! Gotcha prick. Gotcha where you live. Now I KNOW how you’ve done it. This is a Data Series WHY that OPENS the doors to a handling of just about every perversion and reversed bunch of suppressive crap you’ve run for the entire time you’ve been there – all the way back to you assaulting your preclear in session.

    Got ya – prick. (Thanks James Lawson Jr. )

  43. scilonschools

    Just as an aside the “We Stand Tall” Video you tube release is just about to click over the 400K views mark (in less than 5 days) .
    Life is full of ‘Triggers’!!

  44. Jim Logan ! Spot on !

    “The PRIME REVERSAL in the Miscavige Adminstration of the Church of Scientology is MAN IS BASICALLY BAD. “

  45. Well I have not been here in a while but I do see my name on the Party Poopers list. LOL

  46. By the way OSA I don’t give a damn about your little cult any more so you don’t need to put me in your party poopers list. I rather work for a resource based economy so cults like you don’t show up to harm people any more.

    I woke up and I can see now how people can be fooled and scammed and so I am not with the FZ much any more either. I have better things to do than watch people who can’t see the forest for the trees. I don’t want to go to your parties at all. I have been called in the past and the answer was always NO! I burned any papers that May have to do with my church time. They make great barbeque starters. In fact I burnt some today. I called it my Independence Day.

    In fact this article would be a good explanation of why people hang on to beliefs even if they are false.


    I am learning to examine my beliefs and I found holes in them. I seen even OT”s get sick and still do the things that regular people do.

    I am being told by one in the FZ that celiac can be cured by auditing. I highly doubt this is so for I had lots of auditing and I still have celiac. I have woke up. It can help with some things and not others.

  47. Rowena Kaleopa

    Hi everyone – first post – but have been reading this blog for some time now. I made it on the list – I publicly denounced the Church around 2008 for various reasons,- a kangaroo court with Wise, spending about $70,000 trying to get on to OTV and various other outpoints I witnessed one of which was when I was the HAS when LADAY supposedly went St Hill size. I feel quite honored to be so well known now, so just wanted to say hi to everyone.

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