Placido Domingo Jr. vs. Cult Facebook Police

Cult leader David Miscavige put an IAS Freedom Medal around the neck of one Bruce Wiseman for allegedly doing wonders in battling psychiatric abuses.  With the honor came the responsibility to carry out such duties till the day he died.

However, Wiseman, like every other Scientologist who has come into close contact with the doctor of death was turned from a man wanting to right the wrongs of the world into a sick puppy wreaking Miscavige mayhem.

Wiseman’s latest hat?   Facebook Police Enforcer.   Not only has Wiseman joined the Miscavige censorship corps, he has done so in the worst possible way in terms of public relations for the “church” and in terms of visiting injustice on well meaning people.

Wiseman lead the charge against Placido Domingo Jr.    Here is Wiseman’s  message sent far and wide across the Facebook community:

From Bruce Wiseman:
It’s come to my attention that Placido Domingo
( has left our group and aligned
himself on his Facebook page with people who hate our church. I
suggest dropping him from your friends list and letting any mutual
friends on Facebook know about this. If you have any questions
regarding this information check with your Dir I&R or DSA.

To “unfriend” someone go to their profile page and scroll down
beneath their picture to the “unfriend” link. They are not notified
that you have done this, you are just taken off their list. Before
you do this, look on the top right of his page to see if you have
any mutual friends, and let them know by private message as well.

Let’s keep our field clean and keyed out by applying Price of
Freedom to our Facebook accounts. A connection to SPs is a
connection to SPs even if it’s a “virtual” one.

Placido’s crime?   He refused church of Scientology orders to disconnect from the mother (the inimitable Samantha Domingo) of his three lovely daughters and thus from the daughters themselves.  The cult applied all manner of pressure and threat to break Placido.  It is Placido who deserves a medal for applying the Code of Honor despite every invitation not to.  When Wiseman turns his medal over to Placido he will be fit to be trusted by real Scientologists.

Another indication of the twisted universe that has become Miscavige’s mind.  Obviously, he has no idea who he is messing with.  He is lashing out like a madman and the bunker lurkers who remain are taking on his colors.

attachment: evidence of other Cult Facebook Enforcers merrily passing along the orders from the famous “psych buster.”

From Gary Byrne:
Greetings from our OT island!
It’s come to my attention via Bruce Wiseman, President CCHR US that
Placido Domingo, Jr. (Placi) has left our group and aligned himself
on his Facebook page with people who hate our church. I suggest
dropping him from your friends list and letting any mutual friends
on Facebook know about this. If you have any questions regarding
this information check with your Dir I&R or DSA.

To “unfriend” someone go to their profile page and scroll down
beneath their picture to the “unfriend” link. They are not notified
that you have done this, you are just taken off their list. Before
you do this, look on the top right of his page to see if you have
any mutual friends, and let them know by private message as well.

Let’s keep our field clean and theta. It’s Price of Freedom stuff
Hope you can make it over to the annual “Family Reunion” at our
castle in October! Let me know  ARC Gary

From Maggie Bell:
It’s come to my attention that Placido Domingo, Jr
(Placi)( has left our group and
aligned himself on his Facebook page with people who hate our
church. I suggest dropping him from your friends list and letting
any mutual friends on Facebook know about this. If you have any
questions regarding this information check with your Dir I&R or DSA.

To “unfriend” someone go to their profile page and scroll down
beneath their picture to the “unfriend” link. They are not notified
that you have done this, you are just taken off their list. Before
you do this, look on the top right of his page to see if you have
any mutual friends, and let them know by private message as well.

Let’s keep our field clean and keyed out by applying Price of
Freedom to our Facebook accounts. A connection to SPs is a
connection to SPs even if it’s a “virtual” one.


305 responses to “Placido Domingo Jr. vs. Cult Facebook Police

  1. This gave me an “ah ha” moment. Someone close to me who is trying desperately not to see the truth about the “church” recently said that they were thinking of quitting Facebook. This person loves Facebook and has many many friends there. I realize now that these “kindly unfriend so and so” messages are upsetting. They create dissonance. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! Keep it up BW and DM!

  2. Sigh. This post, like all of yours Marty, really gets to me. However, I then realize that lies do not persist, and I wind up reading all of the comments, and that completely wins over any evil, any day. Its almost as if all of these actions make this sane group saner, and stronger. So in a big way, thanks DM. You actually are working to create a saner, stronger world in a sick kind of way! lol

  3. scilonschools

    Mr Rathbun

    You need a bigger tent!!

    • scilonschools

      A muuch bigger tent, can we have some insect nets around the new one, i am sure i got bitten by a mozzi somewhere in this blog!!!

  4. Placi is on the road driving our daughter back to Miami after a trip to Disney. I sent him a text to let him know about the beautiful messages of support awaiting him which he is looking forward to reading just as soon as he has access to a compter again.
    Love Sam

    • scilonschools

      Thank you Sam, re earlier comment, now I know I can laugh not cry.

      This real time connection and escape from, as Mr Fairman says, the bodysnatchers will stay with me to my dieing day XXX

    • I’m sure Placido found a wonderful surprise when he logged into Facebook – judging by the loooooooong list of new friends on his wall (one of whom is me :-) )

      I almost can’t describe how happy it makes me that you managed to keep all that ARC going between you and Placi – I have the same thing with my ex, she and our son even stayed in my house with my new family last week while she was here on a business trip. That’s what Scientology is all about, right – keeping, maintaining and raising ARC in all sort of conditions? I could never disconnect from my ex – I loved her once dearly (and still do, just in a different way), and she’s my son’s mother. Thankfully she’s very very far away from DM’s clutches.

      And you have 3 beautiful daughters too!

  5. Michael Fairman

    The film, “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” is a partial metaphor for those in the C of M. A “pod person” has now replaced Bruce Wiseman and he has pointed at Placido and screamed. But Placido has escaped, as have many, many, many more. Other pod people walk about and continue to point and scream. Still other pods are growing, nourished by the fertilizer that is Miscavige.

    And here’s where the metaphor ends. Unlike the film, which suggests a possible controlled population of robotic-like beings, there are growing number of us armed with a potent weed-killer, that destroys the pods, and brings the people back to who they really are.

    Whereas at the end of the film Kevin McCarthy screams at the on-coming traffic “Can’t you see, they”re here already!”, all of us will very soon be able to calmly state, “Will you look at that, they’re all gone.”

  6. Placi – You’re a GOOD man for standing by your family. We are friends on Facebook and I have been following your Disney adventures with your little one. You have a beautiful daughter and it is is so very clear that you and Sam have such respect for each other and such a great deal of love for your children. For someone to attempt to sever those comm lines is as abhorrent to me as throwing little Casey Anthony’s body into a swamp to rot. I am sure your father joins Sam in being so proud of you for doing so. I wish you continued success in all you do!

  7. Hey Wiseman, why don’t you apply Price of Freedom to your so called “Church”, you poser.

    Freedom Medal my ass. If you actually were doing anything about human rights abuses you would clean up your own “Church”. What about the mental and physical abuse of Sea Organization members?

    Well we know the level of confront of the IAS Freedom Medal winner – he can covertly confront others on Facebook.

    • EXACTLY! Psychiatric abuses sure run rampant in my neck of the swamp – where are you Wiseman? Get real! The church has done absolutely nothing to curb the big pharma onslaught of “psych” drugs. All those donos went somewhere else.

  8. How does it go? The Church has a slightly different version of the price of freedom: Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back?

    Yeah, covertly telling people they should covertly disconnect from you is pretty brave. I think that, along with a $500,000 donation qualifies one for “Humanitarian Defender of Mankind” status.

  9. I am not into facebook. I am not really into Linkedln either even though I have it posted. Despite my “SP” status, I have all kinds of KA drinkers wanting to hook up with me, as I am a “friend”- such notables as Greg Hughes (speaking of the devil) and Arte Maren. The “police” don’t seem to be scoping that area out. Maybe it is OK to do business with the devil, you just can’t have a social life with them.

  10. one of those who see

    The Church has become a Hate Group. Definition from Wikipedia: A hate group is an organized group or movement that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or other designated sector of society.

    The threat and actual action of breaking up families, businesses and friends is EVIL. Bruce, you are a good person who is contributing to evil actions. You are blind as a bat. Placido and all the other “SPs” are beautiful beings most of whom have contributed and still contribute greatly to the application and dissemination of the Tech. What are you going to do declare and defriend the world?! Our group is huge and growing. Some of us have chosen to stay under the radar for various reasons so we are safe from you for the moment. But, we are part of this “SP” group too.

    Ya know-there are real, true SPs in the world. They are few. They have the characteristics of the Anti-Social personality as written by LRH. But, if you see SPs everywhere, you may very well miss the real ones. The Church is not doing well, which means there is out tech. It is off policy with this fundraising all over the place. People are sitting off the bridge, disaffected. The church’s PR is awful. You may want to look for the actual SP on the Church lines. Just a suggestion.

  11. Placi, my hat’s off to you!!!
    You had the courage and wisdom to do the right thing and not to compromise with yourself and your own integrity… I hope Beppe will too one day, and do what he knows to be the right thing.

    Ci vediamo presto…e ricordati:

    Tramontate o stelle, all’alba VINCERO’!!!

  12. This ‘us & them’ mentality born and thriving within Miscavige’s group by the man himself sure has aligned the rest of them with hate. It always awazes me the one’s who proclaim to themselves to be able to save mankind and Clear the planet actually now advocate hate and revenge with there fellow man as an advertisable product. Sure there’s 2 1/2 percenters out there, and boy aren’t haven’t they got a new player to buddy up with…
    If it wasn’t so against what LRH was all about it would be as comical as watching a dog chasing its own tail. They have no idea apparently how the bank works and just what creating a hate filled postulate will do. This church they talk about is nothing more than a ridge.

  13. I don’t know who Bruce Wiseman is, but he sounds like a loser.

  14. The note fails to mention how their family was torn apart by the church to begin with – the earlier suppressive acts against them. What a crock of slimy BS and group think.

  15. “A connection to SPs is a connection to SPs even if it’s a ‘virtual’ one.”
    It is even worse than virtual connections. Here are the shocking facts undercovered by hard-hitting Freedom Magazine investigative journalists:

    * CoS members are breathing the same air as SP’s.
    * CoS members are living on the same wog prison planet as SP’s.
    * CoS members are using the wog internet as SP’s.
    * CoS members use the same wog electrictiy as SP’s
    * CoS members drive on the same wog roads and freeways

    If Disconnection is needed as the Price of Freedom, then CoS members need to leave the planet altogether in their Ideal Org Mothership and head for Lunar Base Miscavige where they will be safe from all contagion.

    This project should only cost a few hundred billon dollars but that too is the Price of Freedom. In the meantime, CoS members should wear full body condoms. stay off the internet, breathe filtered air, and communicate only by using older proven methods such as the telegraph.

    There are no known SP’s using telegraphs. Therefore, the COB Telegraph Unit (COBTU) will be initiated with initial funding of $50,000,000 to be raised immediately. Failure to donate the expected amount to COBTU will result in Disconnection and Expulsion from the Church. This too is the Price of Freedom.


    • Michael Fairman

      I agree with you 100% but using the word “wog” makes it an “us” as “them” pretty much as Wisemen makes it an “us” and “them”. Maybe we should just eliminate that word from our vocabulary altogether. How about it?

      • scilonschools

        Mr Fairman i feel this observation is very astute!
        Marty’s ‘tent’ has demonstrated how gathering without prejudice for interchange of ideas allows the ‘good ideas’ to speak for themselves, a common language, look what has been achieved in such a short time by that approach.
        As numbers swell it would be easy to return to an ‘us & them’ approach and we would lose the lesson we have ALL learned.

      • Scott Campbell

        That’s right Michael.

        It wasn’t a bunch of “wogs” that got man to the moon.

      • I feel (not think) that if one has watched the Movie “Lawrence of Arabia” that one gets the original meaning of the word wog

    • J Swift- FUNNY! What you pointed out is truer than you may realize-I feel the parishioners are put in a very paranoid position, close to type 3- “they’re everywhere” and I think alot of them create as much of a protective bubble as possible and their OLs such as Bruce cater to this mania, making it even worse!

  16. I’ve just asked to be “friended” by Mr. Domingo. This completely loathsome excuse for a “free being”, Mr. Wiseman has disconnected FROM HIS OWN DAUGHTER!!!! THAT is the type of being he is. What exactly are the human rights that he and Ms. Eastgate represent?

    I do hope you all realize that this is the inevitable result of the last section of “Keeping Scientology Working.” It is one of the oldest plays in the “religion game.” Judge which individuals measure up to some standard of being allowed to stay in the group and kick out of the community and their FAMILY all others who are judged to be either not zealous enough or judged to be critical/opposed. AND of course have the judge of all this to be the power of the religion or someone representing that power (who MUST be complied with).

    You can find this in the Bible and the Koran and it is in LRH’s works too. While recognizing all of the priceless wisdom in Scientology (Tone Scale, ARC Triangle, auditing procedure, etc) it will be the responsibility of Independant Scientologists to reject the destructive parts (just as modern Christians have to gloss over the parts of the New Testament which instruct slaves to be obedient to even cruel masters).

    NEVER cede your own ARC decisions to another being or group. Keep in your own Code of Honor.

  17. I ain’t gonna work on DMs farm no mo’

  18. Placido;
    I just sent this email to Bruce Wiseman. What irony. He emails marketing letters (On-Target Marketing) giving advice on how to improve corporate brands. Yet he defends a church whose brand is dead and then he has the audacity or ignorance to target with black PR a celebrity doing what any decent father would do. When this information goes viral he will be responsibile of further damaging the COS brand. Placido you have many friends who have left this dead church. I am one of them.


    Your open letter to your Facebook friends telling them to disconnect from Placido Domingo, Jr. leads me to believe you’re taking direct orders from David Miscavige who we both know continues to take the Church of Scientology down a dark road to hell.
    You have positioned yourself as a “BRAND” expert giving branding & positioning advice in your On- TARGET Marketing emails. Bruce are you stuck on stupid? The Scientology brand is so tarnished and dysfunctional any competent marketing person who “thinks for themselves” and can look and not listen to a mad man would have started questioning the sanity of David Miscavige and his merry band of idiots years ago.

    This Facebook letter positions you with the nutty Kool-Aid drinkers still clinging to a Church that’s killed its own brand with its insane policies of disconnection and attacking any church member who made a decision to leave the suppression of a dead church, which you continue to overtly support.

    I have enjoyed your past business emails but after reading what you have done with this Placido Domingo, Jr. sit, I ask you to remove me from your email list. I have no time for your BS.


    Jack Airey

  19. ask Mark Headley about the note Jim Ross Meskmen wrote to Tom McCafferty warning him not to Talk to Mark

    what Tom said In reply to Meskmen is priceless

    Jim Meskmen also included Tom Cruises Brother William Mapother and others in on the conversation..
    as you’ll see here

  20. Kendra Wiseman, Bruce’s daughter, started this blog with Jenna Miscavige and Astra:

  21. Barney Rubble

    Thanks for the tip. I just erased 5 C of M facebook OSA Bot police from research of this blog, from my fb friends list. Though I rarely use FB, other than for family purposes, it’s good to “clean the field” of DM bots.
    See ya!

    • Deleting them is a waste. How about sending them a few arguments and a few good websites instead?

      I haven’t used Facebook much, but after reading this thread, I logged in and typed the name of one Scientologist I used to know. I was immediately able to link around to 30 more. I think it’s worth reestablishing contact with some of them and then, with care, laying out my conclusions about the fake stats, the abuse of folk like Heber and Mary Sue and the various other Orwellian antics of the Vampire Emperor.

  22. Disgusting at best. Thanks for the update.
    Apparently the disconnection policy that is no longer “in force” is still totally being used to violate human rights. Particularly poignant coming from someone that heads an organization that is supposed to defend and promote human rights. What a joke. It is noteworthy that Bruce Wiseman’s communication violates not only the laws of the land in regard to religious prejudice and slander but stands in direct opposition to any and all concepts the organization he is in charge of represents.

    I think he needs to worry more about Jan Eastgate and her recent arrest in Australia and pending court date and posts such as these on You Tube!
    Loved this one by the way.

  23. Mike…
    I hope to make the 2012 4th party. Missed the interchange with all the Independents. I think all Indy’s have duplicated LRH tech. So, so sad the curent COS is dead.

  24. You can email Bruce Wiseman at this address:

  25. Another fine example of how the Church is focused on remaining a small but ‘pure’ group rather than reaching out and giving Scientology to a world for which it is supposed to be ‘the only workable solution’.
    Anyone who can’t see that most parents put their children before any beliefs has lost touch with reality.

  26. there were several stories written last year on Director Stanley Kubrick daughter Vivian Kubrick
    Scientology enforced disconnection on that famous family
    This was during the time Tom and Nicole were filming “eyes wide shut”
    Vivian joined Scientology. and became estranged from her father over a disagreement about her joining.
    Mr Kubrick wrote a 40 page letter to her, in an attempt to make amends, without a reply in return.
    Vivian went to her Fathers funeral with a Handler and was isolated and wasn’t allowed to speak to her family during her fathers funeral
    Vivian’s sister Anya died of cancer and didn’t attend her funeral because of the enforced disconnection
    the tragedy Is they had a close bond, that Scientology severed in half
    Amy Scobbe would be the person to talk to,for some of the details

  27. I still haven’t got my boxing match set up with Mr. Shih Ted DM! How about this, DM? 12 rounds of boxing. 3 rounds each with Marty, Mike, and two more who have the good sense to detest your very existence? 3 swings of F/N = comm lag, you damned ignoramus!!!! How dare you take over Ron’s church and run it into hell?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is your wife? Where is Heber? Where is Guillaume? Where is Norman? Where is Peter Schless? Where is your head? It is SO far up your ass that it doesn’t even exist anymore!!!! It is time to build the Int. crematorium so that it can be like the Nazi prison camps, isn’t it, DM? If you cannot control them and locking them up isn’t doing the job… Oh, I forgot! The big ass palm tree at int and just run them in circles until they die. Yeah that will work!

  28. Another name to watch out for is Georgina Tweedy. She’s out of the RPF and now policing Facebook lines for OSA

  29. “But Domingo clashed with the cult leaders. Following the request to unfriend him on Facebook, which was taken up by 120 people, it is claimed that the the group published a blog with personal information about him. It included details about his life Domingo and that he’d revealed during Scientology ‘auditing’ sessions that he’d been unfaithful to his wife.”

    A total betrayal of trust.

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