Sneering, Whining and Lying – DM’s Trademarks

The only Trademarks Miscavige has left are sneering, whining, and lying – the hallmarks of the Radical Corporate Scientologist.  They are about the only sure signs that one is in a Radical Corporate “church” of Scientology or one is dealing with a lock-stepping, Miscavige cult member. 

While I was in Los Angeles late May/early June,  as has become David Miscavige’s habit, he sent cult members to my home in an attempt to rattle my wife.  After having publicly exposed Miscavige for sending two men each time, and his two year pattern of attempting to intimidate my wife and other independent women with teams of men, this time Miscavige sent a female cult member (with an unidentified man in a car nearby surveilling the scene).

In some ways the woman cult member was even creepier.   She – as has become Miscavige’s modus operandi – did not fully identify herself, she gave only her first name.   But, we have since identified her as Anna Paddock from Austin Texas.  Once known as Anna Stilo.  In the early eighties she was a WDC member – notorious for being constantly downtone. Being a former SO member Ms Paddock has been going through hell for some time trying to get security eligibility to engage in upper level Scientology studies.  Apparently, her program consisted of drilling for several days, then camping out around my home for several more till she got the call to come to my home and make an ass of herself in public by ambushing my wife.

I post the full video of Ms. Paddock’s performance below because of the educational purpose it serves.   Ms. Paddock is the archetypical cult of Miscavige member.   Note the oily acknowledgments that communicate “I do not understand what you said, nor do I care to.” Note throughout the trademark Sneer, Whine and Lie.  That is vintage Miscavige, the world’s greatest disdainful victim.   He quite apparently has succeeded in exporting the sneer and whine valence to public volunteer level.  Michael Doven’s audio tape “discussion” with me and  John Allender’s videos on this blog served as  earlier demonstrations of the New Miscavige cult member TRs (Training Routines, Scientology Communication Drills).  Tommy Two Tone Davis is a great study in sneeing, whining and lying.  And Tommy learned it directly from the master of sneer, whine, and lie – David Miscavige.

Below that you will find the latest installment of the Ingleside Index on the local Miscavige Bustees.  Check their comments, all sneering, whining and lying.  And they’ve even got their P.I. doing it.

Sneer, whine, and lie Training Routines:

Bustees arc breaking the public with Sneer, whine and lie TRs:

Next time you run into a Corporate Scientologist, listen closely, then call them out on their lies, their whining and their sneering.  They are in  Night Of the Living Dead  zombie-like valences.  Let them know that Scientology can handle that and possibly even bring them back to life.


New York Village Voice:

348 responses to “Sneering, Whining and Lying – DM’s Trademarks

  1. Really strange. Low confront for people who are supposed to have the skills to handle all that life throws at them.

    • They are not real scientologists, not in all the sense of the word. Not in my opinion that is, the real ones have all left.


      • Master of War

        With all due respect, and with admiration for your care and concern,

        Statements that ALL “real Scientologists” have left the organization, and similar statements are just false. YES, the number of people identifying themselves as Scientologists has crashed, down 50% in the U.S.

        But, there are still plenty of people who are trying to get and apply Scientology, who are in the organization. I know many.


        Most every independent I know was once a supporter of the organization and often the Miscavige regime. For example, most of us contributed something to the IAS. Then, we got data. But, still, we often did not oppose the DM regime. At some point something happened and we stopped supporting the regime.

        Some stopped supporting DM in 1983 and did what they could to blow the whistle on DM then. I know several. You can Google and see what these pioneers did.

        Some stopped supporting the DM regime in the mid 2000s, as in Mike and Marty’s case. Some stopped supporting last week.

        I am not aware of some magic date, after which you were or are a (so-called) sheeple, an out-ethics piece of shit, and not a Scientologist because you had not stopped supporting earlier.

        Are Mike and Marty out-ethics, blind idiots because they supported DM until just a few years ago, after the data had been available on the net for 20 years?

        No, they are people to be admired for standing up to a dictator EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE ONCE THE DICTATOR’S TOP SUPPORTERS.

        THAT takes integrity and the ability to swallow your pride.

        It is not that “Today, all the data is out there, and the Internet exists, so today no one in has any excuse and anyone still in is scum.” (That is DM type think, to blanket label thetans as “scum”)

        Heck, in 1983, there were THOUSANDS protesting DM and his practices and there were many newsletters. The data has been on the Internet since at least 1995. Does that mean that almost all the people on this blog are out-ethics scumbags, because many of us remained in after 1983, in many cases for another 25 years? Not in my book.

        I respect all who have cogged. I don’t care when, except I have the greatest respect for those who perceived, cogged, and spoke up in 1983. If anyone has the right to judge and condemn, it is those pioneers, not those of us who took decades to come around (which includes me)..

        Lastly, there is just no point in the condemnation of those still in. It strikes me just as a service fac – a make wrong, “we are so cool and ethical and they are not even Scientologists.”

        Not only won’t “make wrong” get a product – someone who stops supporting the DM regime – it is likely to get a reverse product:

        Generally, people don’t cog when they are attacked. They defend.

        If we want to support DM, condemn those people still in – belittle them, call them names, and say they are not even Scientologists – and drive them into his arms.

        • MoW – that is quite a quite a powerful position to come from and one which I believe LRH would support fully.
          From what I’ve seen of Marty he goes with the idea of putting them in order while they attack but we are still willing to help when you finally have their cognitions.
          The early 1983 split was much harder with many who actually had vested interests pretending to be Independent Scientologists while actually seducing many into other practices such as defending Earth against aliens, legalizing maririjuana, propitiating to psychiatry etc.
          The rebels of 1983 were the ones put on hit lists as the most likely not to succumb to DMs takeover.
          After 1983 the CofS was, after hundreds of SP declares, divest of its top auditors and executives.
          Marty and his group of close compatriots are far stonger than the groups we had in 1983. Back in 1983 I don’t think we really had any idea of how much evil opposed us.
          I think you are right on all points.

        • “But, there are still plenty of people who are trying to get and apply Scientology, who are in the organization. I know many.”

          But do they know what is really going on as let say, Marty and Mike know?

        • “At some point something happened and we stopped supporting the regime.”

          Yeah, we find out what the hell was really going on or got injustice or mistreated.

        • “Are Mike and Marty out-ethics, blind idiots because they supported DM until just a few years ago, after the data had been available on the net for 20 years?”

          No, I would say just unwilling ( or not ready ) to confront what they are having to confront right now.

      • atcause

        Yes… The dividing line here is, “IF THEY KNEW WHAT WAS TRULY HAPPENING,”.

        I truly believe that that is 99% of the issue here. I believe that, except for a very small number, perhaps, the “Scientologists” that are still connected to that organization HAVE NO IDEA what is really going on, and David Miscavige has got to be well aware that that is the ONLY reason they are still there. That is the reason that he so viciously suppresses the comm lines of those he still has control over. It IS his “POWER”. A Suppressive has only three tools that he can use to control others, FEAR, SUPPRESSION OF THE COMM LINES, and LIES. Used together they are a powerful package, but only so long as the truth is not known.

        Finding comm lines and continuing to communicate the truth will be his undoing. I do not believe that we need to do anything else other than that, if we do it well.

        Eric S

  2. That is quite a Co-ordinated Information Apparatus DM has going there!

    I wonder if in his moments of quiet reflection over his scotch and tanning bed if he reaizes what role he is playing as this drama unfolds.

    Probably not…

  3. Tom Gallagher

    Mosey and Marty,

    Your grace knows no bounds.

  4. Why does she get to come to your house and ask you questions anyway?
    It’s very hard to even think when you’re trying to repeat something somebody else told somebody else to tell somebody else to say. Confusing much? ;)
    It’s so much simpler to just be there and be honest like you, Monique.

  5. Hi Mosey,
    Just want to say it was an honor to meet you on the 4th.

    You handled the intended introversion interview beautifully.

    Did it seem to you that the poor girl was wearing the glasses because she was actually in abject terror? Sure seemed that way to me.


  6. Marty and Mike,
    As per the ideology of the movie ” The Wedding Crashers” (one of my favorite movies) a good 2D is ” the soul’s recognition of it’s counter-point” ( which is very close to LRH’s definition : “association of thetans”, I believe).

    You have both done extremely well picking strong women, who totally gets it. Hat’s off to you and the women you love ( and you’re fortunate that they clearly love you back) .

  7. Mosey, I like you – a lot! Boy, I could hear you keeping your anger in check – you are awesome.

    I read this yesterday AM, and the idea of Anna being in since the early ’70s, and on staff as a member of the WDC, and on the RPF for over eight years – this was on my mind the whole day. I had mentioned the multi-year RPF “cycles” to a family member, and the person totally gets that it is wrong – as are the abortions and other things (which is admitted as also wrong) – but the person still does not see it. But, I am working on it.

    The thing that got me about Anna is – she should be out. She should be an Independent, or just plain gone. FB’ed out after 8 years on the RPF- probably a hellacious “freeloader” debt.

    We have this whole “blow off” phenomena that happens when people with overts leave the group to protect it from themselves. I have to wonder if there is a reverse-vector thing going on where a person with overts stays in an evil group because they feel they don’t deserve better. Not to say that a person with overts actually does deserve abuse and evil treatment, and not to say that the overts are anything big, but that they may appear to be big in the mind of the person.

    After years of BS Anna has been subjected to, why is she still there? Why, even worse, is she doing this crazy thing? I think it is similar to an abused wife – she feels she deserves it, and feels she does not deserve anything better.

    Whatever the reason, Anna is screwed up, and it is too damn bad.

    • Tony DePhillips

      Nice post Grasshopper. :-)

    • crashingupwards

      Your right, it is too damm bad Anna is screwed up. Its too damm bad for thousands we know just like her. The best thing one can do it what Mosey did and tell them a few times they have been lied to. Because on some level I believe they know it and it will hopefully get them to look. Once they look: BALLGAMES OVER.

    • I think that to the degree that there’re more overts on an SP(group) there’ll be less confront and the person goes more effect. The SP preys on this and enforces its domination as that makes him survive. To the degree that (en)MEST is slammed into the organism it gets less volition of its own. Free theta gets engulfed and free thinking gets absorbed by MEST molasses which are very visible.

      The succumb postulate takes over the organism to the degree that it falls further below 2. The organism goal now is to separate theta and MEST to try again. The SP goals now align with organism goals and are used to facilitate separation of theta and MEST. In its interaction with others it’ll try to take them down as well, so the natural enemy of such an organism consists of well surviving organisms as their purpose vectors are opposed.

  8. I feel like a blog hog but, this thread has really hit home for me. All of the different viewpoints here have melded for me into a more exterior look at not only Anna but anyone still in. Rather than thinking in a black or white dichotomy like I’ve done before, I see that it’s best to try to back up and see the entire package. I feel good noting the pains and difficulties Anna has endured and acknowledging her basic goodness. But, I also feel good realizing that radical and deluded people are capable of reactive actions that don’t make sense. They are stuck in one enforced viewpoint and they they want to enforce that viewpoint on you, one way or another.

    • Great comment Laura.

    • Tony DePhillips

      I know what you mean Laura.
      It’s like it is ok to itsa (loosely means to talk about, for the non Scientologists out there in computer land) all this stuff now. In the cult we couldn’t itsa this stuff.
      We see people like ourselves to some degree fixed into a viewpoint and enforcing it. You can see the basic good in them but it doesn’t change the fact that they are operating in an insane fashion.
      When you hear all the opinions and stuff you get sort of an “EP”. It is what it is. An SP running roughshod over a bunch of other beings. Those beings originally wanted to do good but got caught up on this trap for various reasons.

    • Laura, what you are describing is compassion.

      It exists out here in the independent field. I am afraid it has been missing for a long long time in the C of M.

    • Lovely, Laura Ann. I feel the same way after reading all these posts.

  9. Master of War

    Well done on keeping your TRs in, Mosey! I am sorry you have to put up with this sort of harassment.

    A piece of LRH Tech for any who find themselves in a similar situation:

    In “Battle Tactics” LRH says to fight the war on the opponent’s territory, not yours.

    For example, in the Anna case we just witnessed, this would involve asking ANNA questions, putting the attention on her and her handlers, with LOTS of TR-3 (as they often try to dodge the questions), not in answering Anna’s questions:

    Anna, what is your full name?
    How do you know me?
    How did you come to make the trip to my home?
    Who briefed you?
    What were you told, specifically?
    How did you know to come now?
    Did you know that Marty would not be here?
    Do you believe in freedom of religion? (Anna will answer yes)
    Do you believe that people have the right to practice their religion as they see fit? (Anna will answer yes)
    Then why are you here, attempting to interfere with my practice of my religion? (she will dispute this, TR-3; she will say that she was told of squirreling – pull the string, “who told you?” “What did they say?” “Do you have any independent knowledge of that?”)
    Have you heard the reports of DM beating people?
    Do you believe the Church is expanding? Why?
    Do you know the figures on Church membership?
    (if “no”), Then why do you believe it is expanding?
    Do you know that the City University of New York and the PEW Foundation, in separate surveys, found that the number of Scientologists has fallen by 50% over the last ten years?


    ave a

    • I rather suspect Mosey is getting better advice for dealing with the beast from Mike Rinder and her Husband Mark.

      Michael A. Hobson
      Independent Scientologist

      • Mike – that is quite possible but no need for the put down of MoW.
        Anyway Mosie didn’t do a perfect, by the book, GO/OSA style demolition of Anna. She is much too nice a person and doesn’t have that many evil lifetimes to call upon for experience.
        Back in 1974 we were all trained on the Apollo in how to cave in an SP. The TRs were very heavy.
        When I went to the USA from the Apollo the training was a lot heavier. I remember 3 guys from the GO working on my TRs to deal with the application for a green card. Before I got my final pass I was in the toilet puking.
        After that the actual immigration interview with people who had no slightest clue as to the degree of preparation we had gone through was easy.
        Its so long ago that I went through that training that its not really in my nature any more.
        I very much doubt if any Scientologists since DM took over have gone through such TRs as they would empower individuals to take down DM.
        When LRH was running Scn he had no problem – his TRs were so far beyond those of anyone else I have met that he could freely have people trained on such techniques.
        DM is a scared rabbit in comparison to LRH and would avoid training anyone in strong GO/OSA TRs in case they were used on him.
        In recent times I’m more inclined to invite OSA in for a cup of tea than use GO tactics on them.
        Anyway I get the idea that Mosey is quite capable of handling things :-)

        • Ralph: the only place there is any “put down” of MoW in what I wrote is your imagination.

          Michael A. Hobson
          Independent Scientologist.

  10. I believe that Anna’s questions have no significance. What was important was that Mosey was visited and visited while Marty was not at home. I communicates to Marty (and others) that they have an army of people who can follow Marty where ever he goes, but also keep watch on the family home. This is intimidation and meant to create a sense of unease. The harrassment of people at their homes. The hacking into cell phones and flight booking sites to track people’s plans and whereabouts. This is all wrong and has no public interest purpose. This has to stop. I know that the PIs, the OSA and DM read this blog, so when all hits the fan, don’t plead ignorance.

  11. Scott Campbell


    Excellent primer on “battle tactics” for Independents to use whenever assaulted by the offensive questioning and presence of an unwelcome C of S sponsored interloper.

    Master of War is indeed and apt handle for you. I for one welcome your acumen to this forum.


  12. The Magical Round Table

    I thought that was the best vidio I have seen to date on your site Marty. She kept her TRs in wonderfully.

  13. I like her body language. She’s speaking to me. She literally nods yes or no as she says things. For example- at 0:11 she says “…from around here” and nods no to say she’s lying.

    She’s very nervous. I’m not sure what tone level exactly, but her body language and attitude really tell me to steer clear.
    She’s obviously drilled “using TR’s” here, but her TR-0 is way, way out. Her other “TR’s” just get worse as you can see.

    I sense internal conflict, like she’s been taken over by demons and she’s trying to regain control of her body and actions. It seems like she doesnt really want to be there and knows it’s wrong. Maybe thats why she finds it impossible to have real TR’s- she’s restraining herself. Someone who could use good TR’s and actually get the product of TR’s AND use that product for evil would be a very dangerous and suppressive psychotic and I don’t think she’s there yet.

    If I could say one thing to people it would be that if something feels wrong it probably is. That “gut feeling” or instant knowingness you experienced might be worth retaining as it was you. The attitudes and thoughts that were forced into your mind from the group are not you. You are not being you.

    • She has been restrained from getting OT levels and has no clue why she is such a bad case shape. Marty or I or many other auditors could get her into a case shape where she could take off her shades and communicate in 10 hours or less of auditing. LRH could do it in 30 mins.
      Clears hit OT level restim almost as soon as they go Clear. She is a caved in invalidated and misevaluated Clear who needs a proper review. She will not get that in the Cof$.
      At the moment she is a robotic slave and needs a decent auditor without an agenda. She has been systematically caved in by DM and Co. She has her own overts which DM & co use to control her rather than help her be free of them.
      My first guess is that her entrance level is at grade 1 which I think is incomplete. I would ask her “Do you think that you deserve help?” and 2wc.

  14. I think there’s a camera in her purse, or quite posibly her glasses are a camera:

    I’m not sure if that is legal and if it can be proven by analysis of the video.

  15. scilonschools

    This may seem ‘off thread’ but it’s relevance will grow with time!

    Now phone-hacking topples Britain’s top policeman: Sir Paul Stephenson resigns over his links with NotW suspect

    Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul announced his resignation at a press conference this evening in the wake of revelations that he received a £12k spa break where News of the World hacking suspect Neil Wallis was a PR consultant

    • scilonschools

      Scotland Yard and ‘anti-terror operations’ im the UK come under the Met Police, I am sure some Anonymous will find that ‘Interesting’ :)

  16. Anna has at least two guns to her head:

    1. We have your eternity in our hands.
    2. Your daughter is the reg at AOLA, and you KNOW you will NEVER see or hear from her ever again.

    Nobody even needs to STATE these to her. But she know it. For absolute certainty.

    Anna is not there and communicating partly because her “present time” does not actually include Mosey, at all. Mosey is not real to her. Only the target she must do, and her total terror of the two guns loaded and cocked at her head that very moment.

    In the presence of that level of suppression, why is it surprising the number of mistakes and outpoints are occurring with each of these type of incidents?

    Mosey on the other hand, is in the present, and communicating. She is not under suppression, and has no blackmail-type threats being used as weapons leveled at her head.

    Two people worlds apart. One speaking to the person in front of her; the other speaking silently to the fears in her head from voices that never stop.

  17. scilonschools

    I see Anna’s husband/ex ? has an interesting history!!!documentDetail;D=USCIS-2005-0030-0054;oldLink=false

  18. ….atcause…”IN MY OPINION, NO REAL SCIENTOLOGIST, IF THEY KNEW WHAT WAS TRULY HAPPENING, WOULD STAY CONNECTED TO SUCH AN ORGANIZATION.” ……I have come to this same conclusion…and, the people that are still in have long ago handed over their sense of individual responsibility to themselves to “take care to observe what one is observing”.

    When I consider the differences between a Radical Corporate Scientologist and an “old school” Scientologist, I see that in the main it has to do with COURAGE and INTEGRITY and UNWILLINGNESS TO JUSTIFY OUTPOINTS.

    I left when I faced with overwhelming evidence of alteration despite having family members still. I simply stated my truth, and left it up to them to look or decide otherwise. Eventually, they all left on their own accord for their own but similar reasons.

    Mike Rinder was faced with similar conditions, although far more severe. The more I look over other peoples reasons for leaving, I see examples of this everywhere.

    David Mayo said it well, when you abandon your integrity in order to go free, you have already lost your freedom.

  19. If you (Anna) are so concerned about other people why don’t you go out help someone? Stop picketing. Gees. There are so many people needing help. Wake up and spend your time better.

  20. All I can feel watching this is tremendous sadness for what people are being reduced to in the current state of Scientology. What a tragedy this is. Where are the promises that Scientology made to me when I was young and idealistic? Where has the hope gone? Where did my once bold idealism for a better world go?

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