Ringmaster of the Vulture Culture

by Mike Rinder

This video excerpt is but the latest example of the degradation of Scientology at the hands of Pope on a Box. It is one section of the Opening Night of Maiden Voyage 2011, an event devoted almost exclusively to the surreal, off-policy “fundraising” circuses staged by the OT Asses in orgs around the world, even those that already have an “Ideal Org”.

Watch it and weep for what was once an organization that had some dignity, compassion and offered genuine help to man.

If you might have ever had a fleeting thought “there’s no way anyone could condone this insanity, it must just be local people who are a bit wacko doing their own thing” – here is the proof that it is commanded and promoted  from the “top”, the very pinnacle of the applebox.  These OT Asses are POB’s “stormtroopers.”  They do as he commands and then he validates them for their accomplishments at the annual  Maiden Voyage.

And, while you are spared the full implant, the exact same Joker and Degrader, Shermanspeak ™ mumbo-jumbo, delivered in his annoyingly hypnotic sing-song was presented for Africa, ANZO, Latam, UK, Canada,  EUS, WUS and Flag.  So, you can imagine the pain of having to endure 8X what you see here.   

In many areas, the “big win” was that they have “design and construction documents approved” (wow… now THAT’S straight up and vertical Planetary Clearing!!!). In every area a LOT of orgs are left out.  Just taking EU as an example, there was no mention of Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Aarhus (still an org there?), seems like DK and Copenhagen Orgs have been combined?, Angers, St Etienne, Lyon, Clermont Ferrand, Hanover, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Lisbon, St Petersburg, Nuoro, Monza and probably others I am forgetting. Every Cont had the same omissions — yet inclusion in this gala presentation required nothing more than putting on some sort of “theme” event and having a postulated building and/or some “design” documents.  For all those waiting for “OT IX and X” until all orgs are “Ideal”, you are in for a VERY long wait. 

Also of note: not one person from “International Management” is in the audience. It used to be the first three rows on the left side were occupied by “international management”, IAS and Freewinds execs. Now, because the entirety of “International Management” has been dismantled by Dear Loser, its just CO FSSO and the Port Captain as part of the applauding seal brigade.  Of course, the front row consists of the biggest contributors, the Baybacks, Jensens and Feshbachs – and front and center, POB’s speechwriter extraordinaire smirking and applauding his own witty incomprehensibility – Dan Sherman.

This single video clip should be enough to snap any real Scientologist into reality.  THIS is what Corporate Scientology has descended into under POB.  A parody mash-up of a game show, Saturday Night Live skit and Sunday Morning televangelist money grubbing.

This is apparently the best evidence POB can come up with of the unprecedented, unheralded, previously unimagined, superlative, massive, greater than all 50 years combined, straight up and vertical expansion he keeps talking about. Wow….

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  1. davemessenger

    Miscavige’s voice sounds like a text-to-speech voice synthesizer. His tonality is appalling. He makes Stephen Hawking sound like Sir John Gielgud.

  2. And here’s some more freshly deposited bs.

    Below is a new promo piece sent out by the International Association of Suckers.

    It is incredible, but somewhat predictable that the IAS is now muscling in on this new scam. They can now use this as a gimmick for “fundraising” and claim to be behind the “OT boom.” Pretty soon POB will redefine the IAS into being “the guardians of the OT levels” and responsible for everything that happens in Scientology (he is almost there….)

    This “AO” isnt going to EVER open is my prediction. There isnt ONE decent sized org in Canada, most of them are miserable nothingnesses. There is no NEED for an “AO” in Canada, half the orgs are closer to AOLA than Ontario. This is another way of investing some money in real estate and having a fundraising gimmick. AOLA is shrinking (the HAS and Qual Sec recently routed off staff) as their public are stolen by FSO. It would probably kill them if another AO opened in North America.

    This new “push” on AOs serves two purposes:

    1) Gives the regges something else to get money out of people for.

    2) Allows POB to talk about “OT” without having to mention OT IX and X – now he can talk about “creating an OT planet” by putting AOs in Canada, Africa and Italy that will “prove” massive numbers of people moving up the Bridge (just like the Idle Orgs “prove” massive planetary expansion).

    Here is the text of the new promo piece:

    Presenting the IAS AOSH Canada Pin

    In commemoration of the creation of an Advanced Org and Saint Hill for Canada and the impending opening of the OT Bridge in the True North, the IAS will now award anyone becoming a Lifetime Member or increasing their Honor Status this stunning and unique pin. This will also be awarded to Field Disseminators who help another become a Lifetime Member or increase the Honor Status in the IAS.

    • Mike, At least Sea Org members posted in Canada will have access to Canada’s heath care system.

    • Tom Gallagher

      P.O.B. has switched his foot-bullet delivery system to full automatic!

    • Yes, donate thousands and get a pin. Donate even more and get a PoB bobblehead?

    • Mike

      Oh Mike…. Really…. haven’t you heard? Quebec org is now “ideal” (At least that is what I think I heard)

      Vancouver has been regged for over 4 million dollars for their own “idle org”. Quebec was soliciting donations from Vancouver public. They were obviously savaging Vancouver’s own “Addresso” . ( now internationally available through the Scientology Data Bank)

      Canada has one tenth of the population of the United States and has maybe six “orgs”, if you count Day and Foundation separately. Vancouver likely has fewer than 15 staff in either org. These staff will likely be “ripped off” in order to man the new facility. Keep in mind that the entirety of Canada’s existing staff compliment will not likely be sufficient to man that one facility.

      One other thing that I was noticing about the Canada AO crap, is that it is an “IAS sponsored” venture. Roughly translated, that will mean that all of the money regged will be going to the IAS to do with as they see fit. Then the Canadian orgs will be assessed a quota of money and staff that they are to send to the new “AO”.

      The location is about two hours out of Toronto, out in the countryside. It is a “destination AO”. (my term) You will have to live in their accommodations in order to be serviced there. There will be nowhere else nearby.

      Can anyone say “moose pasture for sale?” How about “boondoggle” (boondoggle: worthless work or product)

      I knew you could…

      Eric S

      • Oops I said “savaging Vancouver’s own “Addresso”
        I meant to say “scavaging Vancouver’s own “Addresso” though either would really apply.

  3. Sir Lebron of Malibu

    Introduced to the Tech stat?? The only banks I see getting cleared are the Bank of Americas’, Citibanks’ and the Bank of Mandiris’, etc. More and more garish buildings. The red herrings are stinking this joint up. William Cobbet must be rolling in his grave. Is this smoke and mirror statistic really jarring these cult members to not think of clears being made and auditor’s made – REAL expansion. After all, those are two vital stats to see how the church is doing – REAL expansion. Does he think we’re actually believing this poppycock? McScamage keeps them on this string with these shiny new buildings that are EMPTY. “Oh my Mildred, did you see the new Melbourne Org? It’s absolutely stunning! Why yes I have Alice but I just toured the new Tampa Org! Wow, we must be really clearing this planet. I cannot wait to do OT IX and X”. I suppose even a rabbit would venture across the tumultuous autobahn to retrieve a carrot aka as OT IX and OT X labeled here. After all, that is what’s feeding the machine. Anyways, I am going to go relax on my owners lounge chair with a burns dried carrot slice to chew on while hearing the waves smack off the rocks. That is the only thing that could silence DMs audio file jammed into my tiny skull from that charlatanistic video I just watched. Woof!

  4. Something is wrong with Dan Sherman. His words do not makes sense. Is he not into Miscavige anymore? From the opening line it just doesnt make sense. Something changed a bit there, I wonder what it is.
    The events have been pretty bad for a while, but this is a new level.

  5. Fail Cult’s attempt at being funny would be like watching Rupert Murdoch trying to be funny about his wiretapping scandal. In other words, the Cult’s attempt at laughter is Gallows Humor; it is the grim laughter of people on The Titanic realizing that all of the lifeboats are gone: “Well now my good fellow, I guess we shall indeed see if this great and good vessel is unsinkable after all! I say she is unsinkable! Now pour me another glass of scotch – and make it a double!”
    LRH said that humor is rejection. Therefore, it looks like all of the Orgs in Europe are rejecting the Church. These skits are a parody of Miscavige’s failed attempt to build a global empire when all he has really done is to buy some real estate using parishioner dollars.

    The Ideal Orgs mean nothing. If any of us had a few hundred million donated to us, we could go buy a lot of buildings all over the world. We would hire a real estate attorney who dealt with local real estate agents that shopped for deals. In and of itself the purchasing of real estate is wholly unremarkable and happens everyday.

    The goal of buying real estate is to use it to generate cash flow. This is where the Lunatic Antichrist of Hemet has problems. Scientologists would rather leave his Cult that go into his “Comedy Clubs” to be crush regged and processed into John Allender personality types. I guess these would be the people who get sent to the Freewinds for free.

    It is pretty much game over when the Cult laughs. It is like the Nazis in the Fuehrer Bunker laughing and drinking champagne as the Russian tanks were rolling into the outskirts of Berlin.

    COB has all of his non-existent paper divisions and empty Ideal Orgs arrayed on his map table against the Psychs, Marcabs, the Indies, Anonymous, the Old Guard, and whomever else is on his enemies list. The problem is that none of DM’s people will tell him that he is living in a drunken fantasy of power that has vastly declined due to his own staggering and overwealing incompetence.


    • Comedy Clubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Miscavige Orgs are Comedy Clubs where the joke is on Scientologists: They donated hundreds of millions for the real estate so that POB can rent it back to them!

        This is called being conned.

        When a secular business or a religious corporation massively over promises and then massive under delivers on a product, people get very angry with that company or, ahem, religious corporation.


  6. Rinder Loyalist

    I wanted to put in a plug for the folks over at http://possiblyhelpfuladvice.com (on the blogroll here as Old Auditor: Helpful Advice).

    PlainOldThetan has been demonstrating his samurai wit and laser acumen on the PhonyGraphs presented as well as other treasonous acts performed by senior management terminals in the church.

    A selection of recent titles and a link to each:
    2011 Maiden Voyage Events: Who’s putting one over on who?


    2011 Maiden Voyage Events: Where’s the Beef?


    2011 Maiden Voyage Events: Life Imitating (Satiric) Art


    2011 Maiden Voyage Events: The Holy Mantra


    2011 Maiden Voyage Events: Is this anything?


    An adherent to standard, not gilded, ethics, tech and admin

  7. Fellow Traveller

    The soundtrack for this event and its attendees — the incomparable Simon & Garfunkel:

  8. Spain: perusing displays at all hours of the night. (cricket sounds). Lol.

  9. My maternal grandmother was imprisoned in Bergen-Belsen (one of many Nazi concentration camps) during the Holocaust. She happened to retain a wonderful sense of humor despite the unspeakable atrocities she had lived through. Yet somehow I doubt if she would have found a mock “Al Capone” ordering his fellow Germans to “DONATE OR ELSE” to be even remotely funny.

    I would love to forward the above video to the Simon Wiesenthal Center–you know, the people who just bestowed upon Tom Cruise their “HUMANITARIAN AWARD”.

    Does anybody know how to edit this part of the video and then send it to them? I don’t have the technical know-how but I’m hoping somebody else does.


  10. Another Layer

    In light of the Maiden Voyage event footage, this post is for the Church Scientologists who follow David Miscavige and consider him a spiritual leader. I invite you to step back, observe and analyze your current personal financial scene (not asking you to divulge this), and that of your local org, and compare that to what you see happening in the MV event.
    What has org staff pay been – how many staff are moonlighting? Do the staff look healthy, well cared for?
    How many org public and/or staff are currently on the Academy Levels or on an auditing Internship? (On a weeknight? On the weekend?)
    How many Clears have been made by your org over the past year?
    What are the actual numbers – not percentages, but numbers?
    I invite you to post your observations.
    (HCOPL 12 March 1975 Issue II Data Series 40 THE IDEAL ORG will be helpful in making this comparison.)

  11. It is still mind boggling how people who supposedly have read and understood KSW don’t pitch this guy overboard. I guess you can’t fix stupid.

  12. LOL
    Been meaning to watch the video all day.
    It’s not that I can’t watch that drivel. I just don’t want to! Euuuuuuw :D

    • Urg! I did it. Thanks Mike! (not). It was bad enough having to watch these videos when I was ‘in’ but they’re far worse now.
      Hey Davey. Thanks for the invented stats.
      Now can we please have the stats for:
      Auditors Made, Clears Made (real ones not recycled ones), OTs made (real ones not recycled ones), Student Points (on the original points system not the new inflated one), Refund/Repayment Requests (ooh I bet that one looks quite nasty), Value of Services Delivered (real Bidge actions, not Div 6 ‘activities’), Gross Income (for selling services, not freeloading on out-exchange ‘donations’) Number of Fully Hatted Staff (that one might be hard – we cold maybe start with Number of Staff Members and go from there?), Cash/Bills ratio (Oooops), Ads Run (for Dianetics and Scientology services – not promoting events and fundraisers) and finally I’d really like to know how many Orgs have gone Saint Hill Size this year so far? I’m sure the staff in those orgs are dying to get their Universe Corps (literally).
      As for the ‘Event’ – disgusting and degrading to the subject of Scientology. And by the way the audience weren’t laughing because it was funny. There was nothing funny about this video. They were going into glee at the out-points.

      • Mike you need to post a health warning when you’re posting that stuff.
        Miscaviges uses a very monotone hypnotic cadence. It almost sent me to sleep! Or was that boredom? Not quite sure.

        • Fellow Traveller

          Well, Sam, the title of this post is “Ringmaster of the Vulture Culture”.
          I don’t know of anything other than perhaps a hazmat logo (note to self, get one to Mike just in case) to make it clear that this is potentially both the stuff of great line charging as well as incredible remorse.

          Mike even had further guidance: “Watch it and weep for what was once an organization that had some dignity, compassion and offered genuine help to man.”

          Although I gotta admit, barf bags would be appropriate to have to hand as well as the tissues.


  13. Tory Christman

    OL Davey Boy and the various “OT’s” in this video SERIOUSLY need a crash course in “humor” “comedy” “What is and is NOT funny”, etc.
    This is one of THE Stupidest things I have ever, ever seen this organization
    do—with their wimp ass’d “leader” heading it, no less. OH MY GAWD___each time I watch it, I still sit in literal shock: Can this be true?
    Did these people *really* Do this?

    As I said last night to some friends on Chat, from Australia (who used to be “in” for 30 years, too): “Maybe this is some sort of Joke to come before “Super Power” ..sort of an “If you DON’T do Super Power: This IS how you’ll end up looking”???

    The one guy used to head up their OT Committe, and he is sure no, it’s just they spent “The entire year fundraising, and the videos sent up lines were SO bad, DM tried to make fun of them”. I like my concept better:”THiS (looking like a *total* Pinhead) IS how you’ll end up, IF you don’t do SP”!
    They gotta do Something to push that log of crap. Who wants it? Hell, didn’t the Feshbacks (the kings of promoting Super Power) leave, too?

    Tick Tock, Tick Tock…Time IS on *our* side!!! Tory/Magoo

    • Tony Dephillips

      Hi Tory,
      I have noticed that SPs usually have a very bad sense of humor.
      The above video clip I present as exhibit A.

  14. Tory Christman

    PS: Oooops! I hope I don’t offend anyone here. You all aren’t for Super
    Power are you? I mean running around a pole AND paying for it? I told them back when I was “in” ,and on OT 7 and still a “True Believer” *I* will NEVER
    do “Super Power” …just because of that one rundown, alone.
    Anyways–sorry if you all are for it. To me it sounds Kooky beyond belief.

  15. Using other email adress because this is the second time my posts do not seem to stick.

    Miscavige: *A movement is a foot for an ideal Gemany*

    lol, his speech writer leaves cleus everywhere

  16. Here’s Pope Applebox’s latest OT Ambassador who’s also volunteered to harass IOB and Mike’s neighborhood……………

    And yes, Tom Cruise and Ann Archer were instrumental with this high-stakes recruitment cycle.

    • Funny Tom!

      Seems the MV clip posted by Mike on this blog has also been placed on YT so that more would be informed of the wolf packs of EU!

      Perhaps the PoB is getting his stats of “Introduced to the Tech” much higher by putting it on You Tube in order to get his production and Xmas bonuses higher. Xmas in July!

      • Sinar-

        I have to tell you that I’ve had a lot of fun with this thread’s subject matter. Some time ago I mentioned that I was FSSO staff in 1990-91. I witnessed and experienced the Maiden Voyage Event evolution, both Call-in and ship Bosun-type stuff up front, close and personal. That includes Pope AppleBox. (Yes, he was crackers back then, IMO.)

        I feel like I’ve blown some charge.

        Onward and upward.

        • Tom,
          Good deal! Been on about 6 of those and it is totally insane for the FSSO and FWSO guys, giving up their berthing for the event crew etc., while the PoB gets entertained with dive boats, excursions and wined & dined by the IASA daily and doing these events in the evening.

  17. I think I start to understand: Old Saint Hill Size is the ultimate goal! And indeed it is a valid goal! And on Source! Only, everybody has to this day misinterpreted it!

    The true “size” of old Saint Hill was: The cubic feet of all the original buildings of centuries past which stood on the property in Sussex and which through total recall of locals from East Grinstead has been established, as demonstrated by the rebuild, which was completed a decade ago. And THAT to me seems the right way to understand the right path the right leader is leading the right people on. Cubic feet – the ultimate statistic. And, as old Sea Ogres well know – Axiom 1 is: Life is a statistic.

  18. In both the posts from yesterday and today I see a horrendous absence of DIGNITY and RESPECT by this “religious leader” for staff who have devoted their lives to Scientology and to those individuals that have devoted their personal financial and other resources to reach the levels of OTs.

    Instead I see a suppressive representation of OTs: A bunch of baffoons prancing on stages doing cheap imitations of imitators while narrated in that God auuwwful droney voice that itself sounds like a cheap imitation of a newscaster’s. This is a Black PR, Joker and Degrader of OTs and staff. It was humiliating to watch this. The laughter in his voice is not because he is laughing WITH his membership; he is laughing AT them.

    These are tough times – so many major issues facing our country and the world. Rather than calling to arms the Scn OTs to get active to help reverse such situations, and to forward and highlight honest efforts in helping to right societal woes, he chooses to highlight DUMB and SILLY fundraising efforts in a DUMB and SILLY presentation. (Hey folks you too can spend $450,000 to go OT so that you too can look like a baffoon!)

    Mike I think I’ll address him from now on as The POS of the CO$. POS = piece of “sh_t”. Wow, he is a REAL sicko!

    • I suspect that he is not only laughing AT them, but also taking personal pride and joy in the fact that HE was able to make them perform like fools in the first place.

  19. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Aahhh, the joy of being an indie during maiden voyage season.

    One of the truly special things about being an indie: The absence of 100 or more phone calls and emails during work, late at night, during dinner, on the weekends, on my cell, trying to force me to attend one of these travesties.

  20. In 2001, Statistics Canada, as part of their national census (unlike the US census, Canada’s questionnaire asks about religious affiliation), reported 1525 Scientologists in ALL of Canada. The numbers went down in the 2006 census. Why another ORG in Canada?

    • Its not an org — its a building….

      • Exactly Mike

          • I’m not a Scientologist, although some of my family are. I thought ORG and building were the same thing. Sometimes it’s hard to follow. Sorry.

            • Oh Cindi, the confusion is absolutely intentional. The Church tries to make everyone believe that a building equates to an org (meaning an organizaton that has personnel and provides Scientology services). Its sort of like a failed musician trying to convince the world that he does huge concerts because he is “performing” at Carnegie Hall (but omits the fact that the lights are out and there isn’t a soul in the house).

              Its not surprising you were confused.

    • Who would have ever thought that a guberment census would have ever been a more reliable source than Scn management. Sad. But accepting that, at least it is a numerical-counted statistic rather than observed guesstimates. This is documented and publishable evidence of DM turning the works of LRH into a graveyard. I’m wondering if other countries have similar census stats?

    • I would guess the total public Scientologists in Canada would be about 4-600. Hell, toss the staff into that figure too.

      Another Org in Canada?? You’re right – the new AO will stay empty for years and no doubt, if it ever gets running, it will cut across the Class V and Mission income lines with new tours. Flag Tours have ripped off public for years in Canada.

      Missions are no more than gung-ho groups, most ORGs do not have quals to be classed as ORGS.

      Toronto’s building has had drawings for renos for over a decade – yes, all approved. Toronto has trouble keeping the lights on.

      # of Students on course have been dismal for years – actually decades other than the short Basics boost. … This is the same right across Canada.

      The same few public have been drained of liquid cash, most have no savings, old timers are shut out – even after 30 & 40 years on staff.

      And don’t even get me started on the IAS …

      A sad state of affairs.

      • Dennis,

        Never fear, Tommy Davis has resurfaced (if only on the telephone, others were sent to meet the reporter face to face) and is quoted in the Hollywood Reporter. His latest pronouncement is that there are 250,000 Scientologists in the Los Angeles area!! So, you can rely on Tommy for a few hundred thousand across Canada (its rough trying to stay consistent with the 10 million around the world they keep saying).

        And yes, that is why POB annnouncing proudly that “design documents are approved” is such a joke. Toronto isnt the only org that has had them for years — so has the non-existent Harlem Org (amongst others). Quite a number have been shown as CGI “fly throughs” — didnt mean there was anything in the physical universe, let alone an org consisting of posted and hatted staff!

        • 250,000 in Los Angeles!!!!

          Two years ago I was at the NYE event at Shriner Auditorium. The upper mezzanines were empty except for a very few people who went up and sat at the very top. The main floor was almost full, but there were a lot of SO members in the crowd out of uniform.

          I think the capacity of that place is around 6,000.

          • “The Shrine Auditorium comprises the single largest proscenium style stage in North America with a free standing balcony, providing over 6,300 seats and an adjoining 54,000 square foot Exposition Center.”


            Mike, there had to be less than 5,000 there.

          • Howard,

            That’s about right. 5000 show up to events in LA (this includes all orgs and Missions from Santa Barbara to San Diego, Valley, Pasadena, Orange County) which consists of about equal numbers of staff and public. All staff are required to attend. Perhaps 25% of the public do. So, that would put the figure at about 12,500 in the LA area (may be a high estimate, but its in the ballpark — and it is far and away the largest concentration of Scientologists anywhere in the world — Flag/Tampa Bay is second and that is probably tops half that). There are maybe two or three other cities in the world where you could round up 1000 Scientologists (Milano, Denmark — due to a lot of staff between CLOEU, NEP, AOSHEU and the local orgs and SFO/Bay area).

            • That was the last and only event I ever went to in California. I was shocked at how few people there were.

            • Had to laugh at this TD line in the above mentioned Hollywood Reporter article:

              “The U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2008, reports there were only 25,000 Americans who identified themselves as Scientologists. Davis says the methods used to procure this data make the figure “entirely inaccurate.”

              It seems he hasn’t been cured of all obvious bad habits, during his vacation. Here’s a song from the Honey Bees to TD:

        • The irony here is that Tommy is evidently counting all of us souls lost offlines over the years. Only then do his figures begin to make since.

        • Mike,

          250,000 in the LA area! – gosh they must be adding up every Tom, Dick, Harry & their dog over the last 50 years to come up with that figure. Amazing! If they only look at the body traffic running between AOLA & the complex … not even close to what was going on 40 years ago.

          Yep – ‘ the drawings are approved’ is just another carrot thrown out to justify yet another fundraiser – and quite often these are YEARS before a hammer ever hits a nail.

          I remember a confidential briefing I was at in Toronto in the ’80s where we were told the actual number of ‘active’ Scientologists was just over 380. Oddly, I was happy that at least someone was cutting thru the BS and giving us the real poop.

          btw, Toronto’s building is in the same shape you saw it in when you and the rest of the Int boys were there for the court case many moons ago. And yes, it was white-gloved the day before you arrived :-)

          Like you, I remember when Orgs truly qualed for Org status … not any more. Most of the Orgs in Canada today would be hard-pressed to even qualify as Missions.

          Ahh well, these mutton heads will sooner or later have to wake up to the fact that the stats they are being shown at these events mean absolutely NOTHING. They are no more important than how many times I tie my shoes in a week.

          If the true stats were shown, you can bet there would be an even greater exodus after realizing they have been lied to for years.

          I think we all got in for the right purpose and a deep desire to help our fellow man.

          Man, what a betrayal.

          • Btw, that 380 active(on course/auditing) Scientologists was the TOTAL for Canada.

          • Well geeze, David got the bright idea to charge anyone who wanted to start a group to disseminate 40,000.00. 40,000.00 for a “Mission Starter Package” which is a license to disseminate and a box of div 6 books.

            How ignorant to you have to be to cut your own income lines like that? They can’t get 10% income from Missions if there aren’t any! Who the hell thought of that one? Not Hubbard. Hubbard wasn’t doing that and there were lots of missions. So, now that DM wiped out the mission network and someone has to come up with 40 grand to supervise tr’s in their livingroom or run a co audit, where do you think new public is supposed to be coming from? He burnt the bridges to the bridge. First step of his battleplan before Hubbard even checked out. Of course there are no active public. The guy running McDonald’s fast food chain had better sense than that. There are more people working at McDonalds today than there are active auditors.

            It can only be two things:

            1. Stupid
            2. Suppressive

            Either way it’s not good.

          • Dennis

            This “number of Scientologists” stat given by the church are almost certainly from the number of names in Central Files (CF). Anyone who buys a Scientology book or service, from any type of Scientology entity, has a file in CF and they are never “retired” or culled, even though they never did another thing. HUGE numbers of them have become “ad unk”, meaning “address unknown”. Even so, they are kept in the CF. The only files ever removed are the people who are “ethics deadfiled” (SPs and such). The folders are still kept, but in the ethics area.

            Another thing. The stat, even of “names in CF”, is not derived from actually counting the actual folders. It is figured out by compiling, cumulatively, the “new names to central files” (NNCF). In the Vancouver org, for one (for two actually, as there are both “Day and Foundation” orgs that share the CF), I know for a fact that this NNCF stat was false, as many “New Names” were counted several times. The area was so backlogged that this outness was not noticed for years, and then, when it was, and reported, (by me, for one) nothing was done to correct the stat.

            Also, any error in duplicating the name or address of a person initiated the creation of an NNCF.

            When I was last there in 1993, Vancouver claimed to have approximately 7000 names in Central Files. God knows what they are claiming now.

            I would be surprised if there were as many as 500 people in the Vancouver area, and the entire west coast of Canada, active or not, who consider themselves Scientologists.

            Also, interesting to note, that EVERY org in which a person buys a book or service, adds the name to THEIR CF. You can start to see just about how accurate that “total Scientologists” stat is likely to be.

            Eric S

            • Eric,

              Not only that, but I know for a fact that the number is TOTALLY arbitrary.

              In the early 2000’s he asked “How many Scientologists do we say there are?” “6 million, Sir”

              “How long have we been using 6 million?”

              “Since 1993, SIr!”

              “You morons. We need to have more now otherwise people will say we are not expanding. Use 8 million.”

              That figure was used for a few years, and now its been “upgraded” again to “10 million.” I promise you, these are absolutely made up, arbitrary numbers that do not come from a total of CF (even though as you say, those numbers are fantasy as well).

              There is NO BASIS whatsoever for these numbers. They are invented by POB.

              • Mike

                Yes… I was pretty sure that they were more likely total inventions. He cannot possibly use real stats because they would show that the “church” at this point is in treason, or confusion, perhaps.

                I mean really, is the truth going to get him more income? Not in his mind, so what is the point of telling the truth. He “can’t handle the truth”. Hell, that would wreck everything.

                One would have to be a raving suppressive to suggest that he actually tell the truth.

                Eric S

            • Yes, I agree Eric.

              How many times over the years did we see an all-hands for a CF work over … yikes.

              The 1525 stat seems a bit low if the count included all CF (anyone who bought something), but ACTIVE Scientologists is another story. The only Orgs with some sort of activity would be Quebec City (Ideal), Montreal, Toronto Day/Fdn & Vancouver Day/Fdn and even so, Toronto Day usually had 1-2 on course and foundation 4-8 – and that’s the Cont. Org. The rest of the missions/Orgs are well below those figures.

              You would know the Vancouver scene – I haven`t been there since the Chilliwack/Joni Mitchell days.

              Ahh yes, visions of the ED Elsie Griffith with her gown, pearl necklace and white fluffy poodle. Fun times LOL :-)

  21. Cindy Pinsonnault

    A lot of us remember what events used to be like. We remember hearing real news and real stats from people who had the ability to communicate. No flash, no implant. Honest data from real people, not a puffed up circuit with a made up face, a $200 haircut and what sounds like a speech impediment.

    But a lot of people only know these horrid implant events and I’m not sure they understand. These events steadily developed into the wretched, hollow traps they are today, and it saddens me that so many people have never experienced anything else.

    It is even sadder to think of all those people sitting through this, what — this embarrassment of degradation — who do remember what real stats are, what true communication is, and yet stay in their seats.

    • plainoldthetan

      Cindy: I do remember what events used to be like. At one event held in about 1994, I was catching up with two people I hadn’t seen since I’d been on course with them about five years earlier. I was intently listening to one of them relate a difficulty he’d had in a session but the three of us were interrupted by an arrogant, intrusive, self-righteous, “I gotta get my stat now” materials salesman. The speaker got furious with the salesmand and pointed out how he’d violated the Comm Formula and HCO PL ETHNICS. The slapped puppy slunk away. The next day, a greenie S.O. member asked me if I’d gone to the event. I said yes. He asked me how I liked the event. I said the event was find, but I didn’t like what happened afterwards. He asked me what happened afterwards and I told him I didn’t want to tell him as it might be misduplicated. He insisted. So I reminded him that he insisted and told him the tale of the Interrupting Salesman Massacree. And how I didn’t like it. Two days later I get a copy of a KR written by the greenie. It said I was disaffected because I didn’t “go along” with what COB wanted.

      He was right. From that moment on, I *was* disaffected.

  22. The most degrading event I have ever seen. I thought prior events were bad, but this one is an academy award LOSER. It was a true test of TR 0 just to watch it! But the bright side of it is the fact that POB is showing more and more how insane he has gotten. MAYBE a few of the sheeple will cognite and see the horrendous outpoints.

  23. There is no interacation with the audience, no jovialness like LRH would speaking to an audience, just so automated and robotic and no real life behind that voice. Enough to put any one to sleep. All those props and visuals only serve to mask the lackluster personality of David M.

  24. plainoldthetan

    Isn’t it obvious that the next illegal off-policy production-robbing time-wasting Int Event isn’t going to feature DM as a speaker? He’s spent a couple of million of IAS dollars arranging for the Disney Imagineers to build an audio-animatronics L. Ron Hubbard to do the speaking.

    • Well, if he spent that money it would be to have an animatronic of himself with perfect hair, tan and pronounciation…

  25. Lisa Hamilton

    Wow, POB sounds and looks OLD and TIRED. His speech lacks almost all emotion, is BORING and makes me want to fall asleep. Seems like not even he believes what he is having to say to cover up for the lack of production. In a less suppressed climate he would have been boo’ed off stage. The dictator cannot get his slaves to get real products anymore. Maybe he should try an Elvis costume….hmmm…

    • I thought the same thing. He’s starting to look starved and worn, much like E.D. Int. did last time I saw him. Elvis costume just might help! Good one, Lisa.

  26. Mike, I want to thank you for the Midgets video. I needed a good nights sleep and nobody was better at putting me to sleep than the midget. I used to go to the events so I could get some rest.

  27. I and especially my wife are freshly out and SP declared only a few month ago in Cincinnati, OH. She was actively participating in these fundraising events as a dancer (and a staff member). They had “Cabaret”, “Star Wars” themed events, you name it. The theme suggestions were coming down through the telex/email lines from CLO, even CMO. Per my observations, ~80% of public and staff participating, think it’s “a spirit of play” and a “game of creation” or something. All for a wonderful cause. And a good time of sorts… Good people SWIMMING in kool-aid. Just a bit of my experience.

    Mike, MORE recent event videos, please.

    • “Mike, MORE recent event videos, please”.

      God NO!!!! It’s psychosis. Got it. Message received. No more of this needed!

      Well done, Stat, on escaping! Would you like others to share the gains you’ve now had?

  28. P.S. It was fun and creative, most of a time, except all for the wrong cause.
    And that’s what makes it really, really fucking lame. Peace, everyone.

    • I think the events were intended to be fun. Local community non-profits typically raise money for charitable causes by having Mardi Gras, Oktoberfests, Halloween parties, etc. where everybody dresses up and participates. I agree, these are fun. I think the purpose of the events was wacky, but more so was DM’s presentation. If he was trying to present it in a good natured way, he failed. It just came off as ridicule. I think that is where most of the criticism on this blog is directed.

  29. scilonschools

    The New York Times Joint review of Janet R book & James Berry’s book of Money in the Catholic Church is ONE SERIOUS article!!
    An amazing read and possibly some vidication for the Indies (and ‘Indie Catholics!)


    The closing paragragh sums it up so well…
    “Secrecy eats at the soul. Some are surprised that religion is so corruptible. They should not be. When secrecy is used to protect a higher order of knowledge, it can make the keepers of the secrets think of themselves as a higher order of humans. Corruptio optimi pessima, goes the old saying. Blight at the top is the deepest blight. It is the sin of taking God’s name in vain.”

    • The opening paragraph shows what is to follow-
      “We do not need these books to tell us that money and religion make for a poisonous combination. But it is of some interest to see that ancient truth confirmed in both a church as relatively new as Scientology and one as ancient as Roman Catholicism. Even religious leaders develop a certain swagger when they know they are backed by bundles of cash”

  30. It was really difficult to pick my nomination for the RAZZIE award but after watching the video several times my choice is the dancing bumble bees..

  31. David's Nightmare

    Being in the Church of Scientology must be real fun.
    Joyous people all around, celebrating.
    Big successes everywhere, even in Germany.
    Everyone seems to be happy.
    Why not join the Church?

    Congratulations, dear Chairman of the Board !
    Well done.

    It seems that a great part of Scientologists and non-Scientologists do believe that the picture drawn by DM is real, not realizing that this is just a facade.
    I know what I’m talking about because for a long time I was not aware myself that this is nothing but a huge theatre performance for all the Trumans.

    Something must happen to show the public that this all is nothing but a show.

    Why not raise funds to produce an impressive movie which shows what’s going on?

    Aren’t there enough high potential people in the club who know how to make movies?
    I’d love to see Paul Haggis to write the script and to direct. And I’d love to see Jason and other actors in an impressive movie which should create an impact in Hollywood.

    Where is the problem?
    I’m sure that a lot of people participating would work for little money.
    It just needs a p u s h to START such project.

    And of course, already while all preparations for the movie would be going on we can expect a high tone arm…

    What do you think?

    Best regards

    David’s Nightmare

    In spite of all criticism: The COB has at least managed to raise sufficient money to buy all those buildings or ground and to build beautiful orgs.

    • theystolemychurch

      Ay what (great) cost?

    • Watching Eyes

      In spite of all criticism: The COB has at least managed to raise sufficient money to buy all those buildings or ground and to build beautiful orgs.

      Yeh and John Gotti, head of New York’s Gambino mafia family, took in a boatload of money selling narcotics, loan sharking, extortion etc. Should we praise him too?

    • David’s Nighmare

      Quite honestly I would far rather see the time and money spent in the Independent field delivering REAL auditing and REAL training. You know, happy PCs, winning competent, STANDARD auditors, Now THAT is really something to see.

      And by the grace and hard work of Independent supervisors and auditors we are seeing it more and more.

      Thank you all!

      Eric S

    • DN:
      Are you kidding or trolling?

  32. LRonAnonymous

    Lulz @ the BS about Amsterdam. The building they have is pretty much empty every time I walk by. Except for the first two floors which meaby have a dozen people on a daily basis. They claimed 3000 Dutch members in the 70’s, 80’s, the 90’s and in 2011… Meaby I’m so suppresive that my math skills suffer, but that doesn’t really seem like much improvement to me.

  33. This is NOT the legacy LRH left.

    I just can’t think with any of it’ the Elvis impersonators, the shuffle off the Buffalo…

  34. My heart goes out to the people of Norway. News of today’s bombing of government buildings in Oslo and the murder of children at a youth camp in Norway in protest of what, I cannot imagine.

    DM’s buildings are of no help.

  35. Expelled4Life

    Whether you agree or disagree with LRH policy one of the beauties of being a Scientologist was that we all operated off of policy and we all had access to the policies. Question: What policy authorizes one public regging another public for an activity not even contained on green on white? What policy authorizes resources at all levels of the organization being used for an activity not even contained in policy?

  36. top of the vale

    Enough! What’s the next topic? IAS Atrocities Part II? Or are you going for 500 comments…

  37. Lawrence, You asked what are DM’s stats. Actually he is very upstat with these stats. He is very proud of them.

    He is the Pope and Defender of the Faith of the new world order Church of Scientology (having salvaged it from what L. Ron Hubbard had made of it). He works very hard holding every single board seat on every single corporate “entity”. He has created a BILLION DOLLAR CHURCH for all his parishioners to feel proud of, and for the whole world to see. He knows he is worthy of MUCH admiration. He is worth every penny he steals… errr, earns including all bonuses and perks (perks not declared on income tax of course).

    Evidently, the stats are: (all kept daily and weekly, to make it easy to “manage”)
    1. Square feet of buildings that “in reality are changing the world and saving the planet and…. (hogwash explanation)”
    2. Pounds of promo sent.
    3. Money into the coffers.
    4. Money spent (graphed in US Dollars and Euro’s)
    5. Money in the bank (also US Dollars and Euro’s) (All accounts, there are no actual corporations, it is “ALL MINE!”)
    6. Glorious moment of power (self-defined)
    7. Glorious moments of making people squirm, cry out, piss themselves, or make themselves look stupid, plus etc variations
    8. Number of times “had to” bypass and handle
    9. Numbers of minutes of recognition aka: adoration by folk (bonus points for celebrity adoration or compliments about motorcycles, buildings, or any stuff like that)
    10. Number of internet postings that slime Marty, Mike, Amy and other whistleblowers so people see “what will happen to you….”

    Sub-stats (kept locked up, all kept cumulatively, proudly)
    1. Number of assaults and battery against others who “made him do it” because of their Counter intention to the greatest leader on the planet
    2. Number of Degradations of others who needed severe reality adjustments about who was really the greatest leader on the planet and who was actually wrong, wrong, wrong
    3. Number of people threatened because of needing the severe reality adjustment (as above)
    4. Number of disconnections, divorces and abortions required to teach people a lesson and make sure they stayed hooked and paying up
    5. Number of OTA’s activated
    6. Number of paddleboats purchased
    7. Number of celebrity outings (or innings if he is the host)
    8. Number of thrilling moments of utmost excitation: (Number of times LRH is thrown under the bus in any way)
    9. Number of times LRH is thrown under the bus in any way with others applauding
    10. Private or public use of priest penitent files to smear and ruin others who dare to… (fill in blank).

    Other stats are being kept (very locked up) by OTHER PEOPLE surrounding him very closely:
    1. Number of times LRH policies cancelled, altered, or “Tech Degrades”.
    2. Number of times LRH technical bulletins cancelled, altered, or “Tech Degrades”.
    3. Number of times LRH tapes cancelled, altered, or “Tech Degrades”.
    4. Number of SP declares with copies of them all.
    5. Number of people paid off with their name, address, etc.
    6. Payoffs in dollar amounts graphed weekly and cumulatively.
    7. Expenses for “fighting SPs” including paddleboats, attorneys, PIs, OTAs, bribes, gifts, meals, etc.
    Note, the people keeping these last stats also have access to his own “secret” stats – just wait until they are published!

  38. “In the 80’s my husband at the time and I became involved in purchasing one of the Mission Packages. What a scam that was. The purge of the Mission Holders was a wake-up call. I exited the
    we did leave and never did services with them again. I did go to the AAC and visited with David Mayo.

    When we left in the 80’s, I walked away and didn’t look back… didn’t want to give any time to following their shenanigans…..I was done.”

    Wait, I guess I’m confused. Wasn’t everything great in the CoS before Miscavige took over? I thought this kind of stuff never happened under the Great Benevolent Hubbard. Help me out here, Marty & Mike….

    • martyrathbun09

      If you’re still motivating 30 years later, I truly don’t think I can do anything to help you other than I’ve already done. Sorry.

  39. You continue to have me confused with someone else. I got into this in late’07 or early ’08 (the South Park thing caught my interest). It was before Anonymous, but not by much – a matter of a couple weeks at most.

    Anyway, the evidence is clear (if you look. You CAN look, you know) that The abuses practiced by Miscavige – disconnection, Fair Game, the RPF, the harassment of critics and ex-members, the nuisance lawsuits, etc. – were not only practiced by Hubbard but invented or ordered by him. I agree that Miscavige has taken it to a much higher level, but my point stands: Hubbard started this stuff. There’s testimony by people who were there at the time, as well as his own words, on paper and on tape, to back that up.

    If you’re getting something out of Independent Scientology, more power to you. But I submit that until you accept that Hubbard was a very flawed man, a brutal tyrant, a liar, a con man and a criminal, you haven’t fully thrown off your chains.

    • I’m sorry, but ROFLMAO!
      And until you accept Hubbard had a 100% positive constructive and benevolent side, you haven’t thrown off your blinders enough to see you are wearing chains.

  40. Pingback: 2011 Maiden Voyage Events: Pants on Fire

  41. So when I use LRH’s own words to illustrate my comments, there are 2 ways you can go: 1., refute my understanding of those words, or 2., simply refuse to publish my reply.

    I reiterate: The chains are still on. Loosened perhaps, but there nonetheless. Kinda sad….

    • martyrathbun09

      Django, your comments are ignorant, unthruthful and rude. You can go to any number of forums, but this is your last comment here until you can get a grip on your impulses to hurt others. Sorta like “timeout” for children quite frankly.

  42. Pingback: My comment on the Cult of Scientology: The child you save may be your own « 31 Factors

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