David Miscavige the Cheater

One of the essences of Reverse Scientology as practiced in the Radical Corporate organization is to indoctrinate through the CULTure there that life is not a game.  No, they are taught that life is a deadly serious activity.  They are conditioned to believe that life is an arduous struggle against evil enemies intent on enslavement – and that any lapse in seriousness about this is a transgression requiring adjustment of attitude.  Adjustment toward a much more solid, black and white, us vs. them, seriousness.  The Radical Corporate Scientology view is that of its leader David Miscavige.  Win at any cost; defeat the designated enemy by any means necessary.  Become whatever it is that the leader has you resist.  And above all, NEVER question the enemy status of anyone Botox Dave fingers.  Thus, the cult has become a sorry example of that which Scientology once served as an alternative to: intolerant,  warring institutions.

Miscavige the Cheat

Those who know or knew Miscavige personally will tell you that he is incapable of the activity of games, by pure definition.  He is obsessed with using “games” to create “no-games” conditions (that is he must dominate and overwhelm into nothingness every opponent – real or imagined –  he perceives as confronting him).

Even on a personal level, there is no “game” Miscavige ever played that he did not cheat in order to “win.”    In basketball, he blatantly and violently fouled his opponents and required his “teammates” to do the same (he also always made sure I was on his team, who back in the day could drain ‘em from just about anywhere:).  Of course, because of his position no one could argue – and by violent overwhelm, against all rules, Miscavige would invariably “win.”

Even in the card game Pinochle, which he required execs to play with him (nobody, and I mean nobody, ever played any game with the habitual cheat on his own determinism), Miscavige overtly grabbed the cards of his opponents to view them whenever he lagged behind on points.

The obsession with winning at whatever cost of course applied to the group too.  Our standard operating procedure when it came to handling a new flap, was to move in and hire the local rainmakers who, with enough palm greasing, could put the church on top at the end of the day, by any means fair or foul.  I’ll give an example to illustrate.

Between April 2002 and September 2003 Miscavige had me stationed at the Clearwater Florida Headquarters of the church (also known as Flag).  The primary program he ran me directly on with daily micromanagement orders was the Pinellas County Public Relations Area Control program.  In short, use Public Relations and money to influence local leaders and authorities to protect the church from the disasterous potential fallout from the Lisa McPherson civil cases that continued after the June 2000 dismissal of the criminal charges against the church.

First order of business was hiring – at a very handsome salary – the number one Republican political consultant (in an historically Republican region) in Pinellas county, one Mary Repper.   The program Mary and I developed under Miscavige’s direct supervision was simple.

First, Mary finds out the favorite Scientology celebrity of each influential person in Pinellas County politics and government (including law enforcement).

Second, I contact that celebrity and close him/her to come to Mary Repper’s home for a dinner with a collection of those local officials who happen to love that particular celebrity. The targets are won over by intimate face time with someone he or she is giddy over.

The Mayor of Clearwater, the Mayor of Tampa, County Supervisors, the Pinellas County Sheriff, the Pinellas County Public Defender, many prominent lawyers, and a number of other local public figures attended these special evenings with a star.

Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Greta Van Sustern, and soap star Michelle Stafford each had their own special audiences appear to be spellbound face to face at the home of Ms. Repper.

MIchelle Stafford with Mary Repper

We then used a number of the people so wowed at these events to get footholds in with judges in the Pinellas county courts – infiltrating the courts indirectly with the messages that “Scientology is good and being discriminated against”, “McPherson’s lawyers and family were bad, gold diggers exploiting Lisa’s death.” For those who haven’t read the complete St Petersburg Times Truth Revealed articles, Lisa McPherson was killed on church premises on David Miscaviges causation.

We also hired laywers who knew judges assigned to our cases in Pinellas County, and paid them so handsomely they were willing to make ex parte contact with and inculcate the judges directly with those same messages.  That occured with Judge Beach who was assigned to the civil case, Estate Of Lisa McPherson vs Church of Scientology, and Judge George Greer,  Church of Scientology vs. Executor of the Estate of Lisa McPherson in Pinellas county probate court.  The lawyer involved with Judge Beach was Lee Fugate of Zuckerman, Spaeder (Tampa Office), http://www.zuckerman.com/tampa/.  The lawyers involved with George Greer were F. Wallace Pope and Ed Armtrong of Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns, LLP.

So effective were Fugate’s many ex parte, casual meetings with Judge Beach that Beach effectively extorted the McPherson family into accepting a settlement on terms they felt degraded and disappointed with having to accept.  And that is the end product of Miscavige’s “game” – no game, no rules, just application of overwhelm by any means necessary to make the other side feel degraded and so that he can stand, chest out, boot on the necks of his prey.

Miscavige the "conquerer"

As I have noted before, David Miscvige once told Tom Cruise “I wouldn’t mind George Bush being our Constantine” (the first “Christian” Roman Emporer, who converted in a deal with the “churchies” at the time by negotating what is and isn’t Christianity and then enforcing the “faith”); because Miscavige admired Bush’s alleged lack of intelligence and willingness to enforce ideas no matter how thick headed.  In other words, his “perfect dissemination program”:  force Scientology (read, Miscavige’s Papacy) down the throats of the populace at gunpoint.

The ultimate “product” of the church of Scientology is someone firmly in Miscavige’s valence, with no conscience, programmed to do the dictator’s bidding regardless of the merits or ethics of the matter.  Devotion and surrender to the “winning” SP valence. And that product is one hundred and eighty degrees diametically opposed to what the churches promise and what the technology in good hands can deliver.

Remember that life is a game.   The references within Scientology are legion on this fact.  One I recommend in particular is Professional Auditor’s Bulletin 86 Causation and Knowledge, 29 May 1956.  It is a very concise and clear sum up of what Scientology is and what it seeks to achieve.  This has all been lost on Radical Corporate Scientologists. Yet, it is so central to what the subject is about, the fact that Miscavige has put his no-games-condition, overwhelm at all costs attitude in at all levels of Scientology, is the death knell of the subject (absent an outside agent picking up the pieces).

The end object of Scientology is not the making into nothing of all existence or the freeing the individual of any and all traps everywhere.  The goal of Scientology is making the individual capable of living a better life in his own estimation and with his fellows and the playing of a better game.

- LRH, PAB 86

UPDATE 1:30 cst, Village Voice Investigates: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/08/scientology_use.php#more

318 responses to “David Miscavige the Cheater

  1. Dear Marty,

    Hard hitting data like that you supplied, showing the character of the tyrant, are vitally important. Well done and thanks.

    Please, if it fits your strat plan, publish all the actual incidents and specific examples you can – if possible, with corroboration of accuracy from others (no distrust mean, it is just that including corroboration increases belief).

    Things like that are vital in destroying the “aura of legitimacy” that most tyrants try to create around themselves, as they build their Cults of Personality.

    The tyrant’s “Aura of Legitimacy” is a top target in destroying the support for the tyrant.

    • In line with destroying this little tyrant’s “aura of legitimacy”, and for the benefit of the general public and those still in there being PTS to David MisCarnage, I think the whole story of how he cheated, bullied and lied his way to the position of ultimate power over the CofS, purposely and intentionally getting rid of or destroying all the people who were loyal to LRH and the purpose of the Sea Org and Scientology. Perhaps the story should be told anew, beginnimng with how he highjacked the only comm line to LRH, so that he could build his own twisted reality by taking advantage of LRH’s trust and ignorance of the real scene. I’m sure there plenty people here who were there and can provide the truth about the PoB’s rise to power, showing how he cheated, and lied all the way to where he is now.
      Just my two cents. I wish I could do more G…D MT!!

      • And, if he created a clever “hidden data line” between him and LRH and has been telling staff and public that he inherited the power from LRH, has secret instructions from the old man, etc, then that part of his story should also be exposed to the bright light which will expose him as a cheat and and liar..oh well, so what’s new?

  2. Marty another amazing post of clarification of the CoM ‘dirty tricks’ and infiltration into the outside world.
    As your posts continue to enlighten and heal i can’t help but be impacted of the Yin-Yang of LRH’s legacy.
    Just as devious cowardly and evil DM and his path is, you and those on this blog are balancing with opposite characteristics.
    The greater the Evil and Deceit of DM, the greater the Good and Truth to be found here.

  3. This has been the best daily report in your blog for some time. Very entertaining and enlightening. I love hearing the stories of the people who were there on the lines. I have known David Miscavige was a monster from the time he put into effect the cancellation of family time and the implementation of the “no children” policy.

    When those issues came out in 1986 I wrote a KR to DM stating that by the standard tech dictionary what was being proposed was genocide. It was a long KR and the asthmatic dwarf got the KR and sent one of his minions after me. I was ordered over to the HGB building and was threatened and dressed down.

    The following is the accepted definition of genocide by the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide:

    Definition of genocide
    a) Killing members of the group;
    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

    David IMHO is a very evil being and I pray that he will get his just rewards.

  4. I very much enjoyed this thread !
    You guys are probably sitting on endless true stories that have to been told !
    Thanks a lot for it and please continue in this direction.

  5. For me, one of the most marvelous things about the subject of Scientology is the fact that within the tenets and applications are the methods of resolution of no matter what a being can get themselves into.

    The same applies to the dramatizations of David Miscavige and the organism he’s corrupted off its essence and fundamental aim.

    It is plainly evident from this thread that there are many who are Scientologists and not who ‘got game’. A better game and that’s the whole aim of the exercise.

  6. Fellow Traveller

    (agape, aghast, dumbfounded, speechless and extremely thankful for all the individuals of good will, especially the soldiers of light)

    Bruce Pratt

  7. This post gives a whole new dimension to “panty-waist dilettante”.
    Like a caged monkey, about all he can do now is throw his poop at people (a la “squirrellbusters”).

    I think this group just “moved on up a little higher.”

  8. Ok my friends both known and still to be known, what say we truly join efforts, and as a “class” bring an “action” to truly demonstrate the power of truth? Years ago an attempt was made and it for whatever reasons was not successful. Today ex’s number in the hundreds worldwide.
    I welcome your perspectives

  9. Does anybody know what is a DM training and case level, please?

  10. Marty do you know where DM wife has disappeared too?

  11. Pingback: Why Scientologists Cannot Be Trusted | Moving On Up a Little Higher

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