David Miscavige branded “violent and toxic”

Chris Guider was my subordinate in his capacity as Inspector General’s MAA for some time.  Chris is one of the most honest, conscientious, and ethical people I had the pleasure of working with while in the Sea Organization (Corporate Scientology’s elite order).  Thanks for standing up and sounding off Chris.  You can watch Chris do so here, breaking news from Australia:


166 responses to “David Miscavige branded “violent and toxic”

  1. Great job Chris!!
    Thanks for being a man.

  2. The story has now been covered by Channel 9, with Pat Jarvis and Virginia Stewart.

  3. Thank you Chris Guider!

    Whoa, I must say that this blog is HOT, HOT, HOT. I am on the edge of my seat …

  4. Gotta say that was a fantastic interview. Good on you, Chris. And Mark, your assessment of Chris’ character is demonstrated in his demeanour and through his words. Good show.

  5. Chris is definitely the very best person i ever met at AOSH ANZO and it was a lonely place without him – the smokers crowded around and blew smoke in my face because i was still an asthmatic – I routed out shortly after, then there is Ana Willoughby – a well-trained Int product officer of the f(w)irst kind. i am keeping my dynamics, tone scale, mus, and ARC up and leaving the building with Elvis!

  6. Do not take anything with the ingredient DM in it. It’s very bad for your overal well-being.

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