David Miscavige Kills Survival (Insurance)

For those who don’t know, Survival Insurance made millions by catering to Scientologists. When they started they pretty much ripped off the short-lived, but then (eighties) popular Survival Rundown trademark.

Survival CEO Richie Acunto became one of the elite of the Miscavige elite public.  In 2007 he completed his rarified IAS status by paying TEN MILLION dollars to the IAS.

Is it any surprise that four years later Survival Insurance has filed for bankruptcy?

Here is the filing:

Survival Insurance Inc.

Folks this is not an exception you are witnessing; this has become the rule.  So much so that several people from around the country have reported to me that “church” representatives are actually encouraging hard up, once-high-rollers that they have fleeced to declare bankruptcy.

“Secret” IAS briefings have actually provided the public with far-out, lunatic fringe justifications for filing bankruptcy, telling the public it is “ethical” for them to do so.  I’ll tell you what  they are being told by the “church.” Are you sitting down?   “The bankers deserve it.  International Bankers created the international recession for the sole purpose of harming the IAS and the church of Scientology.”   I guess they are the same international bankers they are falsely alleging are paying me (’cause how on earth else could a guy create such big effects with just communication?).  The same international bankers that dance in the reactive mind of David Miscavige.  Are you getting the picture yet?  Mike and I are not joking when we say David Miscavige is the biggest self-made victim on planet earth.  He is a died in the wool suppressive person (sociopath) fighting martians at every turn.

If anyone knows creditors of Survival Insurance and Richie Acunto, I think it would be quite the ethical thing to do to provide them with the information about where their money went – David Miscavige’s IAS.  Note that the creditors listed could be paid off with just the damn commission on the TEN MILLION DOLLARS fraudulently obtained by IAS.    If these people make enough noise, Miscavige will be forced to order a check be delivered to Richie to make those creditors whole.

I suggest that this is the ethical resolution to this Ponzi scheme.   In my opinion, there is likely more than meets the eye here.  They’ve got Miscavige bot Michael Stoeller representing Survival.  My guess is the company, and Richie, are in a lot more trouble than they disclose here, and if Miscavige doesn’t bail them out with his ill gotten booty a lot of other people are going to get hurt too.

And to think, twenty months ago Richie Acunto wouldn’t give the time of day to his erstwhile friend Tiziano Lugli when Il Maestro attempted to warn him where this ship was headed.  Instead, he disconnected from his friend and remained connected to the SP (suppressive person, sociopath) he was warned about.

Wake Up Call, indeed.

185 responses to “David Miscavige Kills Survival (Insurance)

  1. Ahh the Church of Scientology

    Again the manifestation of superior ability, intelligence, and compassion created for the world to see.

    But, alas, thank God for the Squirrel Busters {sigh} to put in ethics through the field.

    ‘Mark you this, Bassanio,
    The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
    An evil soul producing holy witness
    Is like a villain with a smiling cheek’

    -Act 1 Scene 3, The Merchant of Venice

    Leave to our friend from Stratford to call Miscavige exactly as he is.

    • BC,
      -Sonnet 68, Shakespeare;

      “Thus is his cheek the map of days outworn,
      When beauty lived and died as flowers do now,
      Before the bastard signs of fair were born,
      Or durst inhabit on a living brow;”

      Much loving-kindness,

  2. Marty,

    Interesting, there are a number of points here which may create future problems for them. It is also amazing how small a world it is.

    Survival became a home for many exso, I in fact almost signed on with them as an employee in the mid 90s, but didn’t after talking to a number of EXSO friends working there who described 80 hour plus weeks, good, not great money, but relentless pressure from IAS and other reges who were freely allowed on premises during work hours (of commission only/mainly commission employees). Also, they privately complained to me about the relentless pressure to meet quotas and up-sell in a way they felt was unethical. The worse the deal they gave their customers, the more money they made. The culture seemed to be built around a SOReg pressure cooker, which I did not need more of. I am sure Lisa Hamilton has stories of Survival being used as a “home” for ex SO who were to be monitored.

    I am quite certain with the SO culture that permiated survival 90s and later they have labor law violations. I have no idea if Richie was involved in this or not, nor if he supported/condoned it..I know one person personally who was terminated for medical conditions.

    Over the years Richie Acunto was hands on and hands off his business, we were facebook friends, and to his credit, it took about 3 waves of COS FB police to actually get him to disconnect. Of historical note, Sue Mithoff is/was the wife of Bob Mithoff, Ray’s brother who was a deep cover spy in Mayo’s ranks after having supposedly resigned from the COS in the 80s, He reported directly to RTC at that time. I don’t really know Richie, have nothing bad to say about him personally.

    The other area that is a real potential time bomb is that Richie and others raised a lot of investment money almost exclusively for an intenet based insurance business in the 90s. Millions of dollars, I was at one point told 5-10 million was raised under the false premise that this would be the first internet insurance sales outfit on the net. As most Scientologists were conditioned not to use the net, they did not know that a dozen such other companies were already in that market place. Friends of mine “invested” their retirement and kids college funds with no return, pretty much a loss. They had no recourse because Survival was owned by Scientologists. I got hauled into ethics when people asked me about investing and I told them the market place had other players that were better established, the charge was forwarding an enemy line against a power Scientologist.
    I wonder how much of the ivnestment money went straight into the COS coffers.

    In part, I find the contrast in COS position and conduct fascinating between conduct towards Acunto and myself. Acunto gave the COS Millions, Way over 10 million and got spectacular air cover. I raised $100,000 from two close friends that I had known for 20 plus years, donated none of this to the COS because (fortunately, in hindsight) of an internal policy that the growth and survival of the company was paramount to profits, distributions, etc. Marty, I am sure you remember the second time you hauled me into Flag to address this issue on my friends/partners. Another investor later put in $50,000, Tow of the three were pressured to disconnect and received their capital plus 60-140% profit respectively. The remaining one received approx 300% cash back over 12 years and equity with appreciated value perhaps totaling 1,000%. The earlier ones, should they decide to leave the COS would probably have a law suit against them for torturous interference with business.

    There is a whole story here on how the COS interferes with businesses, mine is not an isolated story.

    • I am a strategy consultant with experience in venture capital and investments in private companies, among other things.

      I think a closer look at the investments in the internet insurance brokerage site would be more fruitful as a breeding ground for bad behavior than trying to make a big deal over what seems at a glance to be a relatively straightforward bankruptcy of a company that gives every appearance of having circled the drain for some time (the comment about going from 40 offices to one being most instructive, especially since only about 5-6 real estate firms are listed as creditors, implying that the contraction has been going on for a number of years).

      I was struck by parallels between the situation you describe here and the situation at the Church of Scientology. Both businesses are seeing/have seen their core business go down the drain, and both hatched a parallel enterprise of “investing” in something that is not likely to come to fruition. In Survival’s case, when the business of paying for insurance policies fell apart, the sideline was to get investors to pony up money that doesn’t correlate with tangible value received, to build an insurance web site which was years late to market against immense, well-funded competition. Such a venture would have extraordinary barriers to success, to put it mildly.

      In the case of IAS, it is quite similar — taking “donations” to build Ideal Orgs, buildings where the tangible value the donor receives does not correlate with the amount donated — a strategy begun since the original business of selling a specific “product” for a specific price seems to be on the edge of collapse.

      So Survival Insurance was trying to do much the same thing that DM is doing in the Church of Scientology to keep it going a little longer. There may be a possibility to claw back invested capital in the insurance scheme if any of that capital went to IAS (i.e., beyond investments directly supporting the success of the business). But alas, since the Church of Scientology is a religious organization, it is probably difficult to put together a case for clawing back individual donations to IAS, even if they’re fraudulently applied. I’m sure that the IAS donation agreement has all sorts of protections where donors give up such rights.

      This is simply an attempt to look at this from a legal/financial standpoint. I find it beyond the pale that any organization, especially a “religion,” would counsel its members to push the consequences of bad business decisions off into the public sector… This is just like that whack-job cult that thought the world would end on December 31, 1999, so it told its members to go out and set up new credit card accounts and run them up to the limit donating to the church, since they wouldn’t have to pay back the bank post-apocalypse… I recall a couple small rural banks failed as a result of all the bad debt.

      John P.

      • John,

        Unfortunately i don’t have much or first hand information on the raising of money for this public.survival.insurance.com, but you are right, that area would be low bearing fruit with SEC regs, Sarbanes Oxley, etc. It is common in “church/friend groups” that requirements on accredited investors are either ignored or not met.

        This brings up a whole other aspect that while SO and COS members exist in an environment where reality is an optional extra. I believed, while in, that I was vastly superior than the facts and my performance in life following my departure might warrant. I have noticed, in myself and others, that I did not really understand the laws of the land, human rights, employee rights, civil rights, and all the rest. It took me 10 years to become fairly cognizant of the depth and subtitles and interaction. I had to re-learn management, maintaining employees in a competitive market place, where every hour is paid for, requires very different management techniques to managing people that signed a billion year contract, cost almost nothing to work, and realize if they take off will be assigned to the RPF or excommunicated and not be allowed to speak or see their family. My point is that I don’t know that many scientologists know what the law is, what their rights are.

        Almost 20 years ago I was in business with an OT VIII OT achievement award winner mission holder. I was the young naive ex so kid trying to make a name for himself selling investments. Both Larry and I got simultaneously conned by two first class con men, one in LA and another in New York and his partner in England. We lost nearly $200,000 of investor money, waiting literally for years, fatally believing it might still work out. We waited until the statutes of limitations passed. We never reported it to the police or the authorities, we didn’t know we could or should. I at least didn’t know what I could do. On a subconscious level I was embarrassed and wondered what I had done wrong, I had pulled it in. This is a common phenomena on exes, they feel bad things that happened to them were their own fault, they caused it, we are conditioned that way in the COS. It is deep and strong, almost elemental. It takes a lot of time to break out of. It is one of the greatest barriers in ending the abuse of the COS.


    There are good very blind men in the Co$.

  4. Richie Acunto told many of his underpaid employees over the years that the company was going to go public and they would all get lots of money “any day now”.

    Richie Acunto also spent many months at Flag a few years ago getting FPRD and/or Sec Checks. POB apparently got the product he wanted out of that “auditing”.

  5. ‘Monkey see, monkey do':
    EP of POB’s bridge to total slavery.

  6. Has there been complaints to the insurance board about Survival Insurance not paying on claims? I would not be surprised to see that.
    If that’s the case, the insurance board has a lot of power over the principals of the company.
    Worth perusing if you know anything about that business.

  7. If Survival Insurance were a brokerage firm, they just sell the policies, which are actually issued by a regular insurance company. The insurance company is the one that decides whether to pay the claim. The broker doesn’t have any control, and thus wouldn’t get in trouble for unpaid claims. The name Marsh & McLennan, a big insurance company, is listed as one of the creditors.

    But If Survival Insurance (or an affiliated company also owned by some of the same people) actually functioned as a small insurance company and not as a broker, then yes, there would be a lot more legal problems when claims are not paid.

    It’s not clear from the filing whether the insurance brokerage is the only company going bankrupt or whether there are other affiliated companies that are filing at the same time.

  8. You do realize M. Stoeller (Richie’s attorney) lost his law license on 09/12/11 and Richie has a new attorney handling the Chapter 11.

  9. Some one should ask Richie if he seriouslt believes the IAS is being persecuted by International Bankers? Tell him that he’s undoubtedly a shrewd (by all accounts unethical but don’t say that ) business man but he’s been taken by a bigger one aka Miscavige. And the only reason Miscavige is okay with bankkruptcy is because chances are he will have a come back and be able to give him (the church of scientology) more money.

  10. ” twenty months ago Richie Acunto wouldn’t give the time of day to his erstwhile friend Tiziano Lugli when Il Maestro attempted to warn him where this ship was headed. ”

    Richie contacted me ~4 years ago. At the time I briefed him on the Church and the out ethics therein. He didn’t get back to me. He was only semi-literate and had gross MU’s on LRH tech & references. His understanding of the law was even worse.

    He & I had many knock down, drag out arguments at his BH villa about ethics & admin tech not being applied.

    N.B. to correct an earlier proffered misconception. Richie really tried to get Slatkin ethics handling and, a couple years before the blow up, declared by the church for criminal activity….

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  12. Anyone with information which they feel bears upon any one, or any entity’s bankruptcy is always welcome to contact the U. S. Trustee (information about which is available from the internet) in the Federal Judicial District in which the case is filed, and make that information known.

  13. “No survival for you !”

  14. I’m in great confusion as to: What is responsive? or Non responsive.Respectively! Seriously, I’ve worked for this country nearly 30 years and no one has any precise answers. Thank to God Almighty I’ve obtained a (GED) General Educations Diploma) rather than a degree of higher education. “America was 1st, and will ultimately be last”. A very sad truth. Just as the real Messiah said it would be. Oh Yeah! I’ve taken plenty oaths to America and it meant nothing!!!!!!!!! Signed “TRUE TO MYSELF”. THE MAILMAN. Keith

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