18 Wheels of Affinity, Reality, and Communication

With all the chatter about L Ron Hubbard’s alleged shortcomings, it got me to thinking about what the effect of the unprecedented ad hominen attacks against the man were.  Hubbard was demonized by the Cold War establishment perhaps more than any other civilian figure.  One cummulative effect of it all was to to one degree or another de-humanize him in the public eye.  We see remnants of those effects to this day. Tony Ortega has even come to the conclusion that my mission – and that of many other Independents – is made hopeless by this historical landscape.  That landscape is not easy to contextualize given its long-lived nature and Miscavige’s daily efforts to make the myths into reality.  Providing context to the entire picture  is a longer term project that I never lose site of, but unfortunately I have not found the time to devote to it that it deserves.

So, in the interim I play the game of trying to provide morsels of food for thought from time to time that might ever so slightly shift a viewpoint or two.

Today, I address a propaganda line that developed some legs during the take-down-Hubbard Cold War.  That is, “Hubbard’s writings rarely mention the word ‘love.'”

For those who have studied and applied much Scientology, certainly for me personally, that one cut to the quick.  It was not readily put to rest by counting up the use of the word “love” in Hubbard’s works.  Because, fact of the matter is, you won’t find the word “love” aplenty in Hubbard’s books and lectures.  Does that fact mean the subject of Scientology has nothing to do with the concept of “love”?

Again to those who understand the subject through study and work with it,  the answer is “of course it does, in fact it is the heart and soul of the subject.”

The purpose of the subject is to free the spirit through achievement of ever-increasing Understanding.  Understanding is composed of Affinity, Reality and Communication (ARC).  ARC are the component parts of Theta (the spirit, the soul; a term coined by Hubbard so as not to confuse it with 3000 years of misconceptions accumulated in the subject of spirituality).   Theta is the highest concept of love.   Theta is life force, elan vital, the all-healing good that the opposite of love (hate, lies, evil) disappears in the presence of.

Nearly every book written (there were dozens) and every lecture spoken (there were thousands) by Hubbard were done in furtherance of forwarding the laws of Affinity, Reality and Communication (increasing them) so as to free Theta.

I once tried to explain to Lawrence Wright (Pulitzer prize winning author of the February New Yorker article) that for every fault he could dig up about Hubbard, I could trace it back to a virtue.  Yes, Hubbard could be a harsh task master. Yes, he could roll up his sleaves and fight fire with a firestorm.  Yes, his propensity to do so left indelible faults in the organizations he created ( e.g. the Guardian’s Office, and yes even Office of Special Affairs,  etc).  But, having studied the subject thoroughly and practiced it inside and outside the organization, studied the man thoroughly (warts and all), and even myself having  acted viciously over many years in the name of defending Scientology, I came to an understanding while being outside of the beast for three years. That is, notwithstanding the fact that a died in the wool sociopath subsequently used Hubbard’s propensity to fight back hard as a justification for systematically ruining lives, the Old Man cared (many say to a fault) about assuring people’s ability to benefit from his discoveries. His discoveries about the laws of Affinity, Reality and Communication, the component parts of Theta (the highest possible concept of love). That Hubbard’s solutions to antagonism during the height of the Cold War are reprehensibly dramatized by a madman and an anachronistic organization in the age of Communication does not cancel that truth.

I’ll leave you with that thought and a song that I posted several weeks ago.   I know it is lengthy and only a few people (Laura, Rachel and Christie, I think) acknowledged having made it all the way through it.  But, this song captures for me the spirit of Scientology.   When all hope is lost for Chester, something happens.  The lyrics don’t explicitly say what it is.  But the music and context of the lyrics communicates what happens.  Chester is saved by love (theta), and somehow Chester realizes his (theta’s) seniority over the mechanics of matter, energy, space and time…and I’ll be damned.

When push comes to shove, when bullshit’s had its say, when the critics and zealots are done beating the hell out of one another, whether you wind up believing Hubbard was a sinner, a saint, a vengeful dirty fighter, or whatever,  I’ll continue to think he would have been right in there pitching with Chester, doing his damnedest to coax him  on up to cause over the elements that were trying to take him out of the game.

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  1. The Back End of a Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill:

    THIS is how a friend succinctly described HOW communication gets distorted.

    I was bemoaning how “wrongly” some people were interpreting and relaying the recent letters to our buddhist community from the current lineage holder.

    My friend said — “It’s as if his message begins as a cool breeze over a beautiful crystal clear pool of water in the Caribbean and then as it passes through the egos and (reactive) minds of people arrives at our center

    Wisdom teachings have always had to contend with the misinterpretations of ordinary people, filtering those teachings through their eyes and ears who cannot see or hear.

    Those of us who work hard to see and hear are tasked with using those very teachings to help others to see and hear. Then they too can stop suffering.


  2. I never had LRH up on a pedastel, so when I would find faults, that did not knock him off some idealized picture I may have had of him. He told me he was a man, and through all my dealings with him and his family, I found that to be true. He was a man. Most people who do something that leaves and impact have failings. You cannot put that much energy of your life into ONE thing and not have failings in other areas of your life.
    he was human. Yes, he used a lot of information from a lot of previous philosophers, but he never denied that. He simply compiled what he found to be the best of the best. He told me I can take what I find true for me and leave the rest behind.

    This in now way is meant to support the abuses of the Organization itself. There are plenty of Sociological Studies that show these abuses of the group are inherent in human nature. Doesn’t condone it, but it gives us a broader view to look at it.


  3. In a taped lecture by LRH, I once heard him say that he was taking control of people with auditing in order to help them attain independence. In fact, I think he even implied that in the end his control was temporary. I always connected this to high ARC and self-determinism.
    In my opinion, this is what Mr. Miscavige really lost. I don’t think he has even the slightest notion that anyone could exceed him in ARC. In actual fact, as discuused on this blog, he has really, really low ARC.
    In my opionion, just that little shift in viewpoint to the LRH attitude, would greatly increase the number of Scientologists.
    In actual fact, in Theravada Buddhism in our local community, we are experiencing an expansion. We don’t even promote. I have received over 10,000 mailers from Miscavige over the past ten years but no ARC.

    Much loving-kindness,

  4. I was put on the post of CO of a major org in 1972 by the 1st eval done of a Cl V (then IV) org. This eval established the Programs Bureau. I can’t remember who did the eval. It was approved by LRH. The first directive in the eval echoed a telex LRH had sent to me a couple of weeks earlier. Those words were “learn to care for people”. If anyone who worked with DM has heard him express those sentiments or any like them, I love to hear the anecdote and the circumstanes.

    • Thanks for this. To answer you question – DM never uttered it, nor demonstrated any intention like that in the 26 years he was around me.

      • And I guess that’s Davie McSavage in a nutshell, eh?

        That poor soul has never learned to care for anyone.

        Michael A. Hobson
        Independent Scientologist

    • This is an interesting point. Some people, who have never had to work in or around POB could mistakenly interpret some of his actions as “caring” for people. He certainly PRs his own deeds and actions as being done for the good of everyone. His broad sweeping evaluations and programs, his orders to get a select person who is in trouble sorted out and so on. But, he is classic 1.1. Look beyod the social veneer and there is no ARC or caring for anyone. He hates people — he uses people — he controls people — he blackmails people — he destroys people.

      I had an OSA troll write to me a year ago — a former SO member I used to work with in CMO International. She wrote to “remind” me that when I had a major accident in 1993, it was DM who looked after me and came to check on me every day. She told me that I should never forget this, and to not be swayed by “lies and Black PR” about Dear Leader. I responded by telling her that I remember the time period well. After 4 weeks of a nasty bullbaiting game DM had targetted me with personally (mis-pronouncing my name intentionally and pushing my anchor points in), I had a severe accident at Flag (I had been sent there as part of the Int Honour Guard for Sea Org Day) . I had fainted face-forward onto a cement floor in the Flag Auditorium, after standing at attention for over 2 hours (an order from DM) in front of the entire Flag crew. I cracked my chin, put my teeth through my lower lip, snapped off a whole section of my top jaw (with 3 teeth) and broke both jaws. I had to have oral surgery and was wired shut for 6 weeks, losing 25 pounds in the process. When I returned to post, DM came to visit me every day after lunch, searching me out, under the guise of caring. What he actually did was taunt me and crack jokes in an effort to get me to laugh, which was painful. He shortly after ordered that I be replaced and sent to RTC — and it did not take me long after that to see without the rose-coloured glasses that any idea that he was a caring man was completely false.
      No, he is a man incapable of caring for another. I saw him work methodically to cave people in, to unstabilize staff by constant post removals, to invalidate and evaluate others, and to drive people down scale.
      Years later, when I was offloaded from the Int base for something I did not do, I appealed to him for justice. I was still thinking that somehow he would care — but I was RPFed and I later found out through my husband that it was infact DM who had ordered me offloaded and RPFed.
      My story is mild compared with many many others who have been targeted by DM. My heart with the friends who are still locked up and subjected to his emotional and physical abuse.

      • Lana,

        Thanks for telling that story. It is a true insight into DM’s character. He exemplifies the characteristics of a 1.1. Talks apparent theta but intent vicious.

        And he probably justified doing this to you for no better reason than that you are taller than him!

        I’m glad you’re out now and doing well.

        L, Scott

    • 2hp: Thanks for posting here. Nice to have your voice added to the choir (though I know you have been a backup singer for a long time….)

      As for your question — caring for people was not POB’s strong suit. Much more on the other side of the equation — i.e. “if they can’t look after themselves it is only because they …” too weak/low toned/pathetic/DB… Don’t cater to downstats. If they need anything, its SEC CHECKING FPRD style.”

      Unless of course, there was something in it for him to appear compassionate (like being overly concerned and “moving mountains” to help a close family member of a celebrity).

      Now, I will tell you that the times I have seen him do something that would appear to be caring is when someone has been physically ill in his presence. He has called doctors and made sure they got medical attention.

      But as for the attitude of how Scientology organizations are to operate, caring for the public individual is abotu as far from the philosophy of POB as you can get. Caring for their bank balances would be about the only phrase that caring could fit into.

  5. Out of necessity there’s been a need to address adverse, contra-survival issues for some while now. Marty has and is doing a standup job and that’s putting it mildly.
    So it’s refreshing to have the opportunity to read his words regarding LRH, a 180 degree, diametrically opposed subject to…other subjects. No, more than refreshing. This post and subsequent comments are a microcosm of the Indie movement.
    Anyone who has trained in and applied Scientology tools knows exactly what’s going on. Anyone who had studied and understood Science of Survival is probably doing what I’m doing; reading these comments and reveling in how spot on LRH was in his observations.

    Nuff Said

    • And BTW, for those who don’t know, I’ve known Robin for 32 years. He was my course supervisor when I first got into Scientology in Dallas in 1979. Today, he is a Grad V auditor in the Indie field. He represents a hell of an opportunity to move up the Bridge. Go Robin!

      This post reminds me of something. I remember how, back in the day, when people got into Scientology, suddenly every good thing came their way. Scientology had that effect on people. That effect was lost entirely with the subversion of the CoS, but has been restored with the Indie movement and is restored for each individual who joins our ranks. That effect is the result of the power that exists in theta lines, the lines of understanding — affinity, reality and communication. Understanding conquers all and good things zoom into it’s realm.

  6. and what a video huh?

  7. Greek philosophers had sub categories of love: agape, philias and eros. One doesn’t necessarily exclude the other, and guess it’s like there being over a 100 eskimo words for the word snow as it’s more descriptive.

  8. Love does not exist in the thimble of words and logic. Love that needs words and explanation is not love at all. Love has no doubt or denigration, no confusion or conflict. Love rises as fog from lakes, and is as easily touched. Love cannot be held or placed in jars. Love cannot be counted in ledgers nor added or subtracted.

    Love is the essence of contradiction: to hold tightly while allowing complete freedom, to commit wholly to that which needs no commitment, to grasp so thoroughly that through which the hand passes without touching.

    No sonnet has ever been written as ship to carry forth love successfully if love did not exist upon that shore. Love cannot be shared where love does not exist in both.

    Words are but reminders of what is known already.

    To ponder the meaning of love, to ask the science and particulars of love, is the folly of those who find gods and chariots in the configurations of stars. Love is known.

    Or it is not.

    And cannot be known until known.

    Another of love’s contradictions.

    Love is neither found nor lost. A life shattered by a friend’s passing has not lost love, but merely become confused by sundered attachments. Love exists in every cell and molecule, in every feeling and idea. That love becomes mistaken does not mean the sun disappears when a man becomes blind.

    We do not need to create love, but merely clear the rubble and find what lies beneath.

    To see love’s sun, we need only open blind eyes. Not the eyes of flesh embedded in skulls, but the eyes of one’s soul, which have no form. From love, all things spring, for love is the source of all creation.

    • Very, very nice.

    • Fantastic!!

      Love the line: “That love becomes mistaken does not mean the sun disappears when a man becomes blind”

      Love is theta. Love is buddhanature or tatagathagarbha, Christ-conciousness.

      Love by any other name or no name is still love


    • Interesting this had meaning to those attracted to Buddhism.

      “A chord plucked
      resonates where?”

      I will have to be less a dilettante in my studies.

      In curiosity, I pluck strings, listening to the dissonance, the euphony, the harmony. What vibrates in response. On every level of consciousness sounds unheard by ears are set in motion. A symphony of movement. Instruments in accord. One heart.

      Such a curious thing, life. When sight becomes melody. And heart becomes mind.

    • Michael

      Quite lovely my friend.
      Love is not lost on those who see love in everything.

      Eric S

  9. I am not writing this to be rude or hurtful. Please do not misunderstand that.

    In our culture, it is perfectly acceptable to finely tear down those in the public eye. It is done to unseat the superior nature of the target, to fleece the lamb so to speak, so one can feel the nature of a man or woman celebrity as a normal person, not elevated in any way. Our culture, underneath, has a strong current of absolutism that all people, things, happenings and experiences must be sorted into absolute boxes as predefined by opinion, outdated values and ideals, and obsolete cultural norms.

    When someone is different, unique, or beyond absolute definition the culture has a tendency not to understand that person or identify with that person. Instead, there must always be reasons to discount them, tear them down, lay waste the superiority of one person for another. No man or woman has been without aspects of their persona that are “shiny, blameless, and perfect”. There is no one person that fits the stable cultural role model of “Jesus” or “perfect” beings that so many people expect from people of greatness. The human nature that is dark and sometimes ugly exists in all humans, no matter what wisdom they have imparted upon the world at large.

    Denial of LRH the Man equates to blind worship. Yes he lied about his past and yes he lied about other things and wove intricate stories of his life and adventures. He was, at base, a story-teller as he got his start in fictional literature. The only thing that this truth lays bare is that LRH was a human, with human faults, and human nature like many other people in the world. The absolutist box that many try to cram him into fits in someways, but in others it does not, though they feel the need to shoehorn him in there as best they can. They do this because our society encourages it, for all things must have definitions that are either positive or negative in nature.

    I do not hold all things LRH has said or written as an absolute truth or an absolute lie. I do not sort things into boxes of right or wrong, black or white, good or bad. I do take what is said and what is true for me is true for me. The smallest and tiniest passing phrase LRH ever said: what is true for you is true for you, gets overlooked by the absolutist because it dismisses absolute definition and dispels the nature of absolute judgement.

    LRH was not beyond human fallacies. He was not beyond human nature. He was not perfect, as a matter of fact, he was less than perfect. This is easy for the non-absolutist to see and accept because preconceived notions of right and wrong, good and bad, black and white are not in a full spectrum of true understanding, friendship or familial relationships. The need for religious leaders to somehow be perfect (and not order Rentboys to shuttle their luggage) and blameless (therefore being without fault or imperfections) is akin to someone asking another to put away the human nature and live according to these absolutist rules that are impossible to follow (celibacy is absolutist and denies a human from procreating, thus suppressing the need to survive though pedophiles are inexcusable rightly). Not even Jesus, who supposedly wanted to die for all our sins, fits into the box of absolute perfection when he says “My father, my father, why hast thou forsaken me?” Imperfection at is best, glossed over by Christians everywhere.

    LRH was a man. Why is it so difficult for others to understand? Societal absolution. Once that expectation of perfection dissolves (some who have friends who have done bad things but you like them anyway) and becomes logically appropriate (I forgive my friends of the bad things they may have done in the past as they obviously live a different way now) I feel the majority of the people will understand that those with spiritual wisdom are not perfect nor are they exalted.

    • Your humble servant

      While I do appreciate your perspective, I think you make a mistake in stating that Ron was giving to “lying” as though that were a known fact. Many people have been repeating that story as though it were proved to be true, and to my knowledge it has never been proved to be true. There are simply conflicting stories out there.

      One should never forget that there have been vicious campaigns to discredit Ron dating back to the 1950’s, just as The Count has described here below. Amidst a sea of disinformation perpetuated for years, one should be very reluctant to accept negative stories about Ron as unvarnished truth, even when it is claimed they are “documented.”

      Perhaps he did exaggerate or make up some things. I wouldn’t know and wouldn’t blame him if he did. However, in listening to hundreds of LRH lectures, and having studied hundreds of LRH bulletins and policy letters, Ron has always come across to me as honest, caring, and speaking from the heart. I have also heard Ron tell remarkable tales about his personal life repeated with little variation in the details in separate lectures given years apart. To me this lends a ring of truth to them. Moreover, he never insisted that people believe him, or believe in him, but on the contrary stated that people should question everything and investigate for themselves, as in the lecture Differences between Scientology and Other Studies

  10. I think love as a word had a lot of abberated baggage. I also think as with many things LRH truly defined and identified what real love actually is.

  11. For those of you who don’t know, the attacks on LRH were started by the Psych’s back in the 50’s shortly after DMSMH was published. Why? Because LRH refused to let them have the rights to Dianetics for the purpose of mind control. He made it very clear that his intention behind writing the book was to HELP people, not to “control” them. So the psych’s started feeding false data to the media about LRH and they have run with it ever since, right up to PT. It’s the same lies over and over and over. I have yet to see any reporter or media outlet come up with anything new about LRH in the 35 years I have been a Scientologist. LRH didn’t include them as illegal PC’s in A to J for no reason.
    Anyway, thank you Marty for your post. I found it heart warming :)

    • “The Psychs” this….. “The Psychs” that….

      Big fat generalities.

      Nothing but CCHR/IAS 3rd Party PR Lines used to extort money from Co$ members, amigo, too.

      You seem to have swallowed this hook, line and sinker.

      Michael A. Hobson

      • Mike Hobson, it is not CCHR/IAS 3P lines. It is info I got LONG before the IAS was ever formed. In fact, the data is in the LRH bio that DM is witholding. Anyway, believe whatever you want.

        • CCHR has been around since 1969. So, you are now claiming to have a hidden data line. Right. Sure.

          I don’t believe anything I didn’t witness/experience first hand without strong supporting documentation – of which you obviously have none.

          Michael A. Hobson
          Independent Scientologist

    • If the “psych’s” were so amoral as to want to use dianetics for mind control, and it was truly that effective, how would rights issues stop them?

  12. Marty you outdid yourself on this one. It was to me a beautiful and wonderfully written work of art. A long time ago in San Francisco, we used to get telexes from LRH for various reasons, all theta and all signed “Love, Ron”. IMO all of Scientology training and processing is based on awareness of ARC and KRC. What’s not Love about that?

  13. I cannot imagine the ability to get a pc to clear without love. You have to be willing to be there with the person and intend to assist him. I really don’t know how you could even start without love for people and a wish to make a better life for all the beings around you.

    If you did not love your fellow man you definitely would never believe that he was basically good.

  14. Speaking of love- a little Elvis-BTW great pictures

  15. There’s an excellent piece of writing on CNN today that shares some facts that are parallel to these discussion, i.e. how zealots can go so far off the rails of the practices and creeds they profess, to the point of behaving in exactly opposite manner.

    Did you know, for example, that the head of the 9/11 attacks, a “muslim”, went to a bar and did shots prior to the attacks, and others visited strip joints? (Islam strictly forbids it).

    The excerpt lists in detail how leading al-Qaeda members frequented brothels and knew very little of the Quran, and how recruits were manipulated by “alterations” and “interpretations”, led to believe they were on a holy war.

    The excerpt is from the book “The Black Banners” by Ali Soufan, and it is brilliant, giving a true insight behind the wars that have plagues Earth between the 3 major religions.

    Soufan states, “What’s even more telling is how morally corrupt (in Islamic terms) some al-Qaeda members are. I was shocked when I first discovered that many top operatives did not live according to Islamic principles.”

    It’s a tragic irony that these terrorists—who claim to be joining al-Qaeda for the defense of their religion and because they believe in the hadith that say that the war of Armageddon is upon us—disregard the most basic tenets of their religion in the process. They’re in violation of the very Islamic law they’re fighting to impose.

    It’s time for some major differentiation and perception ability to take place with our civilization.


  16. Wow, Wow and Wow!!
    Well done Marty!! You have drawn out all of my kind of people!! At one time I thought I was alone. Not anymore.

  17. I wanted to listen to the song before posting – really great song and story. I have known a lot of guys like Chester in my life – Bad-ass boys with hearts of gold.

    Corporate DM-ites have abandoned the subject. I had a very close relative die – Scientologist – who was in hospice for the last two months of his life. It was clear he was on his way out. Alas, he was unable to get back to his “18 wheeler” this lifetime. Other than immediate family, no one from the church of M. did ANYTHING to help lighten the load, to help out when this was going on. A couple of friends visited – once. Help came from non-Scn friends – people who would come over and relieve his wife for a while, and who would bring food over, supplies – you know, the things normal people do to help in these trying times. Flag sent out a end of life R-Factor, or something, and then tried to reg the wife.

    Even the hospital helped lighten the load by not billing for some of the services.

    This is what people who DON’T know the subject see when they look at Scientology. They see self-centered and greedy, “what have you done for me lately,” “sick and dying people are downstat and PTS,” assholes.

    The response Juliette Lewis gave to Mark Bunker at Kirsti Alley’s party (and I paraphrase) “It’s not happening to me, so why should I care?” is a classic response from the self-centered DM-Ites. They will throw EVERYONE under the bus, including their family, rather than spoil their little “eternity.” Dying people are downers – “entheta” – which will pollute their little seed-sized thetans. Dying people are not really dying anyway – he’ll come back, so what’s the fuss? (unreality, not-isness). This is a COMPLETE non-confront of life, the very thing Scientology is supposed to INCREASE.

    So, Marty, when you said that LRH would have stood by Chester, you and I KNOW that he would have been there, just he was there for all of us. Remember, whatever Ron wrote about Fair Game and other policies to deal with people who would make Scientology illegal or otherwise make it unavailable, he ALSO wrote that the door back in is ALWAYS open a crack – that there is NO FINAL WRITE-OFF OF ANYONE, NO MATTER HOW “EVIL.” DM missed this one by a mile.

    And while we KNOW LRH would have been there for Chester, I KNOW that virtually all corporate DM-Ites will not be, and have not been. They will be floating on the Freewinds or swanning at the AO while Chester is fighting for his life.

    Scientology will only survive because Independents have re-discovered the Love. It is not for nothing that I quote I Corinthians 13:

    1 If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. 3 If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.

    4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

    Scientology, true Scientology, in a nutshell.

  18. For any LRH failings, real or imagined, it seems next to impossible to come to a conclusion that he had no genuine compassion, or “love” for the people impacted by his work. The sheer volume of work between, books, tapes, R&D and Red Volumes are testament to his commitment to improve people collectively.

    Anyone studying the subject would have to notice the exhaustive detail put in each step of the bridge and its corresponding training requirements. An attempt at a “quick cash grab” would not have requires all these details. The subject was a “labor of love”!

    Some may argue the subjects’ workability but the evidence shows that LRH was a serious man driven by a deep desire to get it right.

  19. Most excellent Topic, very well written up and presented.

  20. I use what I use of Scientology. Today’s “Scientology” was never written by Hubbard. I am an OEC/FEBC PR Trained and an Evaluator, working on evals in the second and last time he took over the approval or rejection of Evals.

    I have been sitting in the balcony watching as DM has turned 180, every single thing of what HUBBARD had trained me on.

    Even down to those big gaudy orgs.

    The very last telex I ever saw from LRH was a rejection of an Eval which had come across his desk. He said ” When are you guys going to GET it, we are trying to build a religious movement here – NOT sell lawnmowers.” then he said that the FSO (it was an eval about FSO Income) just had a few millionaires in their pockets and just fed off of them.

    Sounds like that’s ALL that DM is doing.


    • Thanks for the perspective Nancy.

    • Yes Nancy,
      Div 6 was so neglected in Scientology compared to Div 2.
      In 1981/82 the Golden Goose that layed the Golden Eggs was cooked. The mission networks had provided the vast majority of the people who went to Flag. The course rooms in the Fort Harrisson were full of students from missions who sent their good people to Flag for training.
      The attacks on and destruction of the mission network sealed the fate of the the regime but it has unfortunately taken a long time for the dying corpse to die sufficiently for the Phoenix to arise from its ashes.
      I remember you from our days at Flag and truly hope that you will carry on with us in creating a new Scientology.

      • Yes, Ralph I remember you well. And you are absolutely correct about the destruction of the mission network. There were very few people who ever had responsibility for the mission network, and could compare how they worked vs orgs. I was lucky to have been one of them. During the several years I worked in the Office of CS-6 I did several evals on Why the Missions do well, and the Orgs don’t. One of my hobby horses was Body Routing, which was one of the main differences. Missions, for the most part, were safe relaxing oasis of Scientology. Few staff, but they were all truly trained. Staff paid livable wages, as well as often being sent to Flag for training and auditing, paid for by the Mission.

        So the simplicity of it is that the Missions were much more stable and treating their staff well, as well as feeding Flag, while the Orgs floundered. These missions were sometimes very large, yet worked very well. Several of them operated on using their Value of Services Delivered for their money for the week, actually a brilliant shift, It takes an entire organization to deliver services, It only takes a couple of Reg’s and a few Millinaires to make money.

        My push (along with Diana H and others in her office) was to examine the Plus Points of the Missions and get some of those being done by the Orgs. I finally did get one eval (bookbuyer vs bodyrouting) approved by LRH and we were able to run a Pilot programme. The people that remained in Scn for years were bookbuyers and readers, not the people bodyrouted off the street.

        In any case the bottom line was that “Regular Management” had a fixed idea that the reason the Orgs were not doing well, was BECAUSE of the missions. Something that is unbelievable to me. And this was the first line of attack with the Finance Police, and I agree with you Ralph, that was the date coincidence of the destruction of all the good in the purposes of Scientology.

        Mainstream Scientology Management had some individuals in it that in my opinion were jealous of the Missions, and seeing Mission Holders lounging by the pool, while they were working 24/7. They were blind to the opportunity to use the positives in the Mission Network and place them in Organizations.

        I still can not get over that ridiculous fixed idea that was held, and led to the networks collapse. If you have two networks applying the exact same materials for management and delivery yet one is doing incredibly better than the other, wouldn’t you want to find out WHY.

        Hubbard always had a special place for Division Six, he considered us “a different sort of staff members” And he almost always backed up the office of CS-6, when attacks on missions would come from the GO or local orgs. Once LRH was off the direct lines, and only got information from DM, there was no wall of protection.

        I wonder how many people DM has sold books to? How many people has he sold basic courses to? How many FSM’s has he helped to gather in more people?

        Yes, Ralph, I have always felt that Mission Holders Meeting was the death knoll for the organization, it had been building into that direction for years.


        PS I see so many of the positives of the Mission Network in the Indie Field. There was no yelling in Missions. A difficult thing for a lot of Sea Org members to believe.

        • You may not know me but I was around at that time knowing and working with the many Mission Holders throughout Europe , working in DIV 6 / Tours / and with the flag tours. I am well aware what you write and recall a lot of what you have described. It makes one think back the good times.

          • Hadley, I wouldn’t be surprised if we crossed paths during those years. Were you around for the growth of Italy from literally a few people doing TR’s sitting on a counter with their feet in the sink. It was very small, yet had that promise and hope that we often see from Mission Holders.
            Are you also beginning to see some of those Plus Points showing up in the Indie field?

            • Yes regards to Italy I was around then. In respect to Trs being done on counters, and feet in sinks. I have not witnessed that, but yes regards to Plus points, its nice to see hope coming through the dark times Indepts has been around for years and its not going away.

  21. Marty,

    That is a very interesting comment, and does provoke thought. One must take into context the writings and modern day, but I also think it creates a responsibility for Scientologists to adapt to the times as well. Hopefully faster than other religions.
    I must say from the outset that I am not nor have I ever been a Scientologist. I will never be audited, and my interest came about from by reading some of the terrible things posted on the internet about the official Church of Scientology.
    One of the things that I have never been able to figure out, and maybe you can clear it up for me is why Scientologists don’t remove certain writings and policies of Hubbard from practice. I know from reading “critic” and news sites that there is definately mixed feeling about you and what you are trying to achieve.
    Part of my finds this ironic, because when you were “in” many people said that should you and Mike Rinder ever escape that you would be welcomed with open arms, and that while your actions may have been wrong to the point of being criminmal, you like any other sea org member is trapped in a game and what is wrong is someone justified as being right. Now that you are out, some people are having a hard time practicing what they preached.
    But to my main point, have you and other independents ever made a list of writings and policies that should not be followed going forward, such as: fair game, disconnection, RPF, etc?
    As someone who never practiced Scientology I am not sure what it is that you find attractive about it, just as I am not sure what Muslims, Jews, Buddists, find attractive about their religions. But what I find so wrong with Scientology is the abuses that ex-members speak of, policies that break a part families, and attack critics. I think it would make me and other critics a lot more comfortable if it was made clear probably more often than necessary that Independent Scientologist belive that there are parts of L. Ron Hubbard’s creation that are to be followed and those that will not. And while you will not dictate how anyone acts, you will choose not to associate with those who act in a way that violates 2011 principles.

    • Andrew Wilson

      Perhaps I can chime in here for a moment.

      Basically the issues that you have cited here, such as “fair game, disconnection, RPF, etc….” are POLICIES. Any person or organization who has an understanding or the use and value of “policy”, and wishes to increase their survival, will need to update, cancel, or use existing policies based on whether they assist the survival of said individual or organization. This is actually what “policy” is for.

      There may well end up being many variations on just what any one individual or group will adopt as their “policies”, in forwarding the basic purposes of their specific group. The ones that adopt very survival policies, and discard unworkable or destructive policies, will have the best chance of long term survival.

      The fiasco that is the current “church of scientology” is an example of wholesale misunderstanding of the use of policy, or, perhaps more accurately, “using policy” to cause harm and destruction, not only to the organization(s) of Scientology, but also to its staffs, its publics, and the general public. The result of using “bad policy” or misapplying even good policy, will end in lessened survival for the ones so doing. If they continue to do it long enough they will destroy themselves utterly. it is the way this universe is built.

      And because of the magnitude of the intentional destruction being perpetrated by David Miscavige upon everything he contacts, it will take a lot of work and sensible application of sensible and applicable policies, in order to “right” the situation.

      Thank you for your concern.
      Know that we are already well on the path of saving the technologies and Philosophies of L. Ron Hubbard, so that it will be available for future generations.

      Eric S

    • Andrew,

      You and everyone else are just going to have to accept the Indie promised not to be abusive, destructive dickheads nor use any of Ron Hubbard’s policies to justify being abusive, destructive dickheads.

      Michael A. Hobson
      Independent Scientologist

  22. I love your thought, “a died in the wool sociopath subsequently used Hubbard’s propensity to fight back hard as a justification for systematically ruining lives, the Old Man cared.” that just nails it exactly. I know you and I don’t always see eye to eye. I still find that there will be a price to pay for using government and media to solve the DM problem. But thank you for this bit of wisdom. You must know that I will support you in the eventual outcome of your endeavors.

  23. Love is a verb. To really understand love is to love others, even when – or perhaps more than ever when – they are not lovely.

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