Miscavige Cancels Hubbard’s Dictionary


L Ron Hubbard’s many spoken and recorded words that specified the vital necessity for a comprehensive Dictionary of Dianetics and Scientology have been burned and buried by David Miscavige.

L Ron Hubbard directed the compilation of the original red covered Dianetics and Scientology Dictionary.  He did not edit it nor did he approve the final edit.  Through use of it over the years he often wrote about the need for improvement.  Most particularly when Hubbard was developing the Key to Life course in the late seventies he wrote many despatches directing the compilation of a complete Dianetics and Scientology dictionary.

David Miscavige cross ordered all of that – just as he did the completion of LRH’s six month project to complete the Technical Training Films – until the mid nineties.  By that time Miscavige  had destroyed most tech veterans in the church and began a dictatorship on technical matters which continues to this day. He did that in the mid nineties around the time he announced the completion of the Tech films, after spending hundreds of millions of dollars making them cinematographically to his liking, and technically abhorrent.

Miscavige made a big deal at Int about Hubbard’s many non-complied with orders for the comprehensive Technical dictionary.  LRH Tech Compilations staff were commandeered off post to work exclusively on the dictionary project for the next ten years.  As has been Miscavige’s wont, every step forward resulted in two steps backward.  After a group of tech veterans would submit years of work, Miscavige would sit on it for up to a year.  When he’d finally get around to it, he would find some imagined outpoint, throw a tantrum, bust yet more technical veterans and brand all their work as “suppressive” and not to be used.  This cycle went on for literally a decade.

To add gasoline to the fire, Miscavige ordered that Bridge Publications stop producing and selling the existing Tech Dictionary in the late nineties because its  replacement was continually on his event release schedule, and continually rescheduled because of his decade of cross ordering his own orders to implement Hubbard’s orders on the dictionary.

While the original red covered Tech dictionary was flawed, it was a hell of a lot better than nothing.  And now those original dictionaries are so scarce they have become more valuable than precious stones due to Miscavige’s order to bury them.

Instead of following Hubbard’s advices concerning the improvement of a compiled book (the dictionary), after blowing off all veteran technical compilers, Miscavige embarked upon revising and re-compiling all of Hubbards written books which Hubbard never advised be tampered with.

Well, here we are another half decade since the decade of Miscavige sabotage described above ended, and there are still no tech dictionaries in sight.  Why?

A recently released (yeah, we get releases too – they are original documents detailing Miscavige’s crimes) transcript excerpt of David Miscavige’s 2005 private, confidential talk to OT Ambassadors at his annual Freewinds Maiden Voyage events tells us exactly WHY.  David Miscavige outright told the Ambassadors to their faces that he cancelled LRH’s strategy and plan, because the dictionary was just getting “too big.”  Of course he left out the part about it being a long term, oft repeated plan of L Ron Hubbard’s.   And like the Black Dianeticists that Hubbard warned could deny Scientology to the planet in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures (oh yeah, see previous post where I demonstrated that Miscavige had that portion conveniently excised from those lectures) Miscavige with a few authoritative, blustering words excised Scientology history and LRH’s intentions for its future.

Here are the words of Miscavige spoken to the OT Ambassadors aboard the Freewinds in June 2005:

You might be wondering about the Dictionary.  Well what we decided to do finally is now that we’re going through every one of these lectures — and they’ll be done, they’ll be actually all on the shelf within months — every single definition you’ve ever found in a dictionary is in those lectures. So we put those glossaries together and it ended up being the way to finally do it and know that we’re right, because it’s a constantly building data base in chronological sequence.  So what we now have is that when we come out with the materialsevery correct definition for that lecture or book — you’ll see in the books, they’re all in there and we keep that going and now it’s just a matter of  [snaps fingers] tying it all together. Because dictionary started getting about this big. [shows audience with hands about 1 foot high].

 Okay, so we have now two different categories: the hard-to-find words and phrases; but the technical terms are, given as theynot change, but “evolve”. Like how does …. What’s an engram in Book One, to what’s an engram in Thought, Emotion and Effort? And he talks about it being a heavy facsimile — you see he gives the new data on it.  So they all build up that way.

The other part are all of the materials for people to be moving onto The Bridge.  We have our basic books and so forth — our beginning books that I don’t have here.  And for those who weren’t here last year, you might wonder where the beginning books fit in? Well, he did Dianetics all the way right through Creation of Human AbilityDianetics 55! , which is really bringing Dianetics and Scientology recombined, that’s what Dianetics 55! is. Then he did Fundamentals of Thought which he distilled everything down to it’s basics. And then wrote POW and the basic books. Beginning books pick up there. It went the whole track and then undercut. And you have your Problems of Work, and things of that nature.

All right. But with all of these different items I’m talking about, when a guy finally walks on The Bridge the real key here is going to be A) A/V for new people, B) co-audits.

This transcript is very instructive on Miscavige’s implant technology. Notice how he just slips in the dictionary cancellation pronunciamento and quickly changes the subject once he has implanted that little gem into his captive, tractable audience?

Pay close heed to the last line:

All right. But with all of these different items I’m talking about, when a guy finally walks on The Bridge the real key here is going to be A) A/V for new people, B) co-audits.

He goes from cancelling the dictionary, off onto a ramble about basic books, and lays in the conclusion that the Bridge is going to consist of A/V and co-audits for new people.

A/V and co-audits?

What about Books?  What about books being the first line of dissemination, establishing a direct comm line between the reader and Hubbard?  What about the Academy line that Hubbard perfected over three decades as THE route?   All cancelled in a single sentence by the man who has spent the past thirty years destroying the memory of the Founder of Scientology L Ron Hubbard.

As to the glossaries substituting for a dictionary, under Miscavige’s “logic” an Academy student would have to pour through literally hundreds of books and lecture transcripts to clear a single word.  The die has been cast, the door is wide open in Miscavige’s cult for him to indoctrinate from the word “go” with his own films full of his confused and reversed ideas.

It all apparently goes unnoticed in Miscavige’s organizations. For the simple reason that Miscavige’s organizations do not train auditors, do not audit preclears, and do not disseminate Scientology.

His thinking apparently goes something like this, the longer the runway the more time to squeeze every last dime out of the rube before he learns enough Scientology to realize what they are doing to the poor sap.

Folks, my earnest advice is to gather and hold onto as much “old”, unaltered material as you possibly can.

180 responses to “Miscavige Cancels Hubbard’s Dictionary

  1. The stopped dictionary is a symptom of an inability to complete a cycle of action. An SP uses “lack of quality” as a means to prevent completion of a cycle. He omits that any degree of quality has to be viewed in regard to the purpose the object under discussion is intended to be used for.
    Even if some errors are present the amount of effort to correct them has to be appropriate to the overall purpose.
    My first issue of the Phoenix Lectures contained simply an errata sheet. I had no problems using that or reading the book. The effort needed to print an errata sheet was minimal and the concentration to train and audit was not interfered with.
    Could the Tech Dic or the other “old” books be used to train auditors, to give people another understanding, to give them hope or give them a new horizon? Yes, they could and they did.
    To me most of Mr. Miscavige’s “products” seem to be stellar examples of WRONG TARGET. This planet and the people connected with it do not suffer under an overdose of semicolons in LRH books. They do not suffer under a lack of buildings.
    In times where some insane madmen destroy the economics itself, seed and perform more wars than in any other period of recent time, go about more viciously then ever before in the last centuries, in such times Mr. Miscavige directed manpower of Sea Org, Org staff, new and old publics to “imperfect” books? Don’t just look at the wasted effort in the production of these, look at all the efforts to sell these books and the efforts to defend against these sales as well.
    This is NOT what is needed and wanted in relation to the situation we are in. We need individuals who can listen, who can understand, who can utilize the principles of Scientology to help their fellow man, who can audit and who can train others.

  2. I just don’t understand why A.B.L.E. isn’t all over this dictionary cancellation and the crime going on in the Church. Isn’t it their purpose to eradicate crime and illiteracy?

  3. As I have said before, there is not one area of what I was taught (mostly Admin), that has not been turned backwards by this man DM.
    The burning of Hubbard Books about says it all. We need to collect as many of these originals as we can. Ebay is a good beginning point.

    • Hey Nancy old friend,

      Great to see you around here. Yes, e-bay is good and you could also contact Terril Parks in the UK. He is in touch with just about everyone in the Free zone and can find the genuine stuff. Drop me a line when you can.


      • yes, things are shifting in my life, we need to connect – backlines.
        I once spent some time comparing the original OEC Volumes to the later ones, and could actually see where LRH would disappear and a paragraph would appear that sounded like it came straight from an attorney.

  4. I suspect that every LRH tape contains at least one technical definition. Consider this: “Logic is a method of proving yourself conclusively wrong despite of what you know.” LRH Lecture, “Confront” ca 1950.

    There are a lot of Indies now. Miss Cabbage stopped the dictionary project. Can we now start one?

    Miss Cabbage is on his way out; that is not in question. He is a loser. The real question is whether or not we can carry Ron’s vision forward. And more precisely, HOW that can be done, while picking up the pieces of whatever is left behind.

    A shared Google document spreadsheet can be created with user input if we all can get together with the goal of a new tech/admin dictionary. This would be a digital, FREE dictionary that could be distributed and used by anyone.

    Any support for this idea?

  5. In my work as a critic, I have used the red tech dictionary for many years to understand the specialized terms created by LRH and used by Scientology in its promo materials, junk mail, and recorded lectures. This is no different than having a dictionary to understand the created terms of other religions. For example, one would never understand the “Kenotic Pericope” or the “Johnanine Christology” of Christianity without a theological dictionary.

    Sometime around 2007 the Cult Promo I had been reading and analyzing for years and years — and I usually got close to two feet a year of junk mail — changed in emphasis. There were fewer and fewer promo pieces about going up the Bridge. Instead, there were more and more demands to donate to the following Cult Cash Cows:

    1. IAS Statuses

    2. Ideal Orgs

    3. The L’s

    4. The Basics

    5. The Super Power Building

    6. Calls to donate to the ambulance chasing VM’s who race to the site of natural disasters, carnage, death, and mass murders to get in front of the cameras for PR photo ops.

    7. Vaguely defined fundraising campaigns for “Planetary Dissemination” and “Planetary Salvage.”

    8. Requests for money to place sets of Basics into libraries all over the world. The fact is that libraries get free books all the time and sell most of them to raise money. I acquired most of my CoS books at second hand stores or at library sales. A complete set of Basics is now on eBay for $109.00 or best offer.

    9. Freewinds cruises for various seminars on how Scientologists can make more money.

    10. CCHR and the Cult’s ongoing fight against 1950’s Psychiatry

    The long-term drift in Cult promo clearly moved away from selling the Bridge to the raising money for vaporware such as Super Power and other intangible Cultic nonsense.


  6. Original materials, in several languages, are available for religious use from the on-line library at http://www.stss.nl

    all the best, Clive

  7. I haven’t been involved with the Co$ since 1995, when I was kicked off the Key To Life Course because I hadn’t been properly set up for it, plus I was finally $ broke. This was after spending three times the KTL’s cost on “review auditing”! (no, I never completed the course) Only lately have I discovered this enlightening website and its links, and I’m having cognitions almost daily about my years spent in the Vulture Culture. I just began researching the “independent” viewpoint and information on the “Basic Books”, specifically regarding the “Golden Age of Knowledge for Eternity” releases and possible alteration of this material. Was this project truly a scam? I watched the video of the Basics release and it all looks so very professional and promising. It made loads of sense, too, all the strange edits and punctuation, out of sequence paragraphs, sentences, chapters, etc. But the evidence against DM and current management is overwhelming and quite creepy. I’m very glad I’ve quite a good library of pre-1991 materials.

    Meanwhile, I thought others would find this eBay link interesting as well:


  8. Ooops. I’m finding out that pre 1981 materials are more likely to be original LRH. Anyhow, it’s good to have information, look about and be aware. PRICE OF FREEDOM: Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back.

    Thanks to Clive’s post: Original materials, in several languages, are available for religious use from the on-line library at http://www.stss.nl

  9. There is just one reason for people allowing themselves to be subjected to out tech: no training.

    What is the sense in getting up the bridge with no training? Don’t people realize, that to stay Clear and OT, they have to know what caused them to get non-Clear and non-OT?

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