Maurizio Serafini Declares Independence


I Maurizio Serafini, new OTV, Scientologist since 1983, ex SO member FSO, currently declared SP by the Church of D M (delict & mischief, degradations & misapplications) in violation of justice policies of LRH; hereby publicly declare my independence from the ‘church’.  The reason for this disconnection (the church has already disconnected me) is that finally I came to the conclusion that the church has reached the ‘point of no return’ in its departure from SOURCE.

I am now convinced that the church cannot recover on its own from the depth of degradation it has been pushed into by its ‘management’ (ie, D Misadvices and his clique of criminals) through arbitraries and alterations of tech and policy or suppressive use of them to better serve their evil purposes.

Personally I have no doubts on the technology or the philosophy as developed by L Ron Hubbard; thus I stress here that in no way whatever do I intend to disassociate from them.  On the contrary it is the very dedication to what I have studied for years and lived for years that forces me to publicly disassociate with those that have disavowed SOURCE to follow ‘the new prophet’

That their choices were due to stupidity or simply evil intentions is at this point irrelevant from my viewpoint.

In the same way I have no desire to disassociate in any way from those within the church that wish to recover their integrity and feel they have a duty towards the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.

May you all flourish and prosper

Maurizio Serafini

113 responses to “Maurizio Serafini Declares Independence

  1. was going to say thank you individually to all of you but Marty’s page here came back to me with an ‘error’, it said ‘you already said that’ and didn’t allow it. alas I have to thank you all collectively in this one, do no old it against me:)

  2. Happy days Maurizio! Nice to meet you.

  3. Welcome Maurizio!

  4. Ciao Maurizio! Thank you for your beautiful, short but very precise Declaration of Independence! I also appreciate very much what you said about not disassociating yourself from those still within the Church that wish to recover their integrity. That is an excellent point; that those still within the Church have integrity problems to resolve, and that we can help them do it by not disconnecting from them. I feel the same way. There are those who disagree with what is going on, but don’t know how to deal with it. I have helped a few who are in this situation; it helps them a great deal to talk to an Indie who lets them know the air outside the Church is quite fine, and life can still be lived happily, and true technology (LRH’s) is still available.
    Wishing you freedom and happiness,
    Catherine von Ach

  5. Yes I like your strong view and announcement Maurizzio, Happy Days ahead, Very Good Luck. I am not sure your from Italy , if you are . Would you know what ever happened to Ron Loving / Silvani Mori / Maurizzio Pizzicolo ,/Thomas Bucher Swiss/ but in italy long time / Martin Garzia spanish / thow in italy long time . All were intrusmental for Italy to get on the Map and be able to obtain Scientology Services in italy and beyond.

  6. Welcome Maurizzio! Good to see you here! Beautiful picture!

  7. Ciao Maurizzio, congrats on your declaration of independence! Nice to meet & have you here :)

  8. Give ém hell Maurizio !

  9. What is wrong with this picture…
    How in the hell do so many SP’s get this far into the OT levels??

    And just how many OT’s are SP’s and and are still in the church and we don’t see them??? or do we!!

    I figure all in the church are all SP’s.. or will soon found to be.

    You would assume being OT would at least move you to lookingness.

  10. Maurizio,
    You were so very spot-on, so concise, so to the point, that I felt compelled to stand up and cheer as I read it. You nailed it that the church is beyond any point of return, due to its ‘new prophet’. :)

    That departure from SOURCE, and the choices to stay stupid or dramatize evil intentions are totally irrelevant to my viewpoint too.

    May they go row their boat, but, as you said, I am always there as friend when a choice to recover integrity is made.

    Beautiful expression of the concept — I love directness and you nailed it.

    Very happy to have you here in the sunshine with us. I don’t recall seeing where you live, but if you ever get to Austin Texas, there is a whole group of us that will show you around and give you a real Texan experience – just let us know.

    Love, Kay

  11. Maurizio! I read your declaration, thought it was awesome and got majorly distracted and and and…
    So great to meet you here!

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