Corporate Scientology Targets South Park

Stone and Parker - Targets of Corporate Scientology

The following internal Corporate Scientology memorandum is being published as part of a series that exposes the standard operating pattern and methodologies of the Office of Special Affairs (OSA – the harassment and terror network of Corporate Scientology).   Hubbard once noted the truism that that which one knows the technology of he cannot be the adverse effect of.  So it behooves those who have decided to expose and reform the beast to know a little about the tactics it employs to combat such efforts.

To this day OSA operates mainly on Cold War era intelligence and propaganda techniques much like those of the CIA, the FBI, the KGB, and STASI of the fifties and sixties.   Their main activity entails stifling criticism by an escalating gradient of techniques beginning with quiet investigation and moving up to infiltration, identification of and use of influential friends and contacts of the target, loud investigation, threats, attempts to harm the target financially, intense propaganda to discredit and ultimately, if all else fails, utter destruction of the target through overt harassment.  While in this age of information many OSA operations result in epic failures, the well-heeled – if desperate – cult continues to muzzle many a would-be reformer and news agency.

In ’06 the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, became targets of Corporate Scientology’s OSA. Operations were run in an attempt to silence Parker and Stone.  While Corporate Scientology was ultimately unsuccessful, left behind an instructive data trail during their efforts.

16 April 2006 Report by Commanding Officer Office of Special Affairs (Corporate Scientology harassment agency, also known as OSA)(Parenthetical notations added)

Re: South Park

Eric Sherman (then-corporate Scientologist writer), who is good friends with Lloyd Kaufman (independent film maker), contacted him about South Park. Kaufman knows Trey Parker and Matt Stone and has been friends with them for years. As regards their attack on Scientology, Kaufman felt that this is the same thing they do to everyone. He said that they consider that what they do is satire and that they attack anyone or any group without any regard for who they are or what they are. They love it when they get some reaction. This week they created a new flap when they were going to show a picture of the prophet Mohammed but were censored from doing so by Comedy Central. (This  was covered in the press – Comedy Central was criticized for being hypocritical, i.e., they allowed South Park to show Jesus defecating on an American flag and George Bush, but not to show an image of Mohammed. This upset Christians in particular the Catholic League.)

To find a direct line into Stone and Parker some of their friends have been identified. One is Matthew Prager, who has been a friend since 1991. He worked with them as a writer on a show called, “That’s My Bush” which Parker and Stone created. Prager said he worked in executive positions at Disney, MTV and finally, at HBO, before shedding his tie for blue jeans at “That’s My Bush.”

Another is John Stamos who is best friends with Matt Stone. Apparently               his ex-wife, Rebecca Romijn, is also good friends with Stone. Rebecca is a former supermodel and currently has her own TV show.  In 2000’s X-Men, she had her first major movie role as Mystique and returned to the role in the 2003 sequel. 

David Goodman is another friend of Parker and Stone. He was in college with them and has co-written some of the South Park episodes with them.

These connections are being PRC’d.  (PRC = Public Records Check –an intense collection of every public record available on the target)

There are some strings that will be pulled on the PRC on Stone. Otherwise the special collections (covert information gathering such as trash collection, purchased phone records, hacked airline reservations, purchased bank records) will be debugged in order to get some viable strings that can be pulled.

It is clear that this investigation is not going anywhere and DCOE (D/Commanding Officer External OSA) is getting it debugged.

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156 responses to “Corporate Scientology Targets South Park

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  4. As the popularity of this blog continues to grow, more and more information is brought to light. A post about a South Park episode and the CoS actions against the creators brings out information of criminal action regarding VAT taxes, by Lucy James thank you Lucy, and other criminal actions by the CoS, EU Orgs run under Aussie Non existent organizations et al. I don’t think a billion dollar IAS reserve is enough to stop the momentum and the snowball from rolling.

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  9. None of this crap would really bother me all that much, were it not for the fact miscavige is Positioning the workable tech with both his savage and his utterly ludicrous actions.
    Want to know why “scientology” is generally positioned with “cult?”

    The question is retorical. The answer is just too obvious to all but the few thousand mind-numbed dupes, robots,victims and real SPs within.

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  18. Look at all the pingbacks. The internet says DO WANT !

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  20. If your belief in your religion is strong, the South Park episode should have no effect on you. If it has gone unnoticed, the episodes have hardly any truth and it’s a cartoon. I’m Catholic and there are people that judge my religion all the time, but I DON’T ACKNOWLEDGE THEM. I am a South Park fan and have been since the cartoon started. I feel that it’s all in good fun and should not be taken seriously in anyway. It makes me wonder why your efforts are not pointed towards something more important then a cartoon. If I said anything to offend I apologize. I will keep watching South Park and so will others.

    • mila,

      Marty’s efforts *are* directed at something more important than a mere cartoon. Stone and Parker produced a cartoon, and CoS’s response was to go ballistic and start investigating them in a completely over the top manner, just like they have done so many times before.

      Marty’s post is not about the cartoon, it’s about what CoS did.

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