Carisa Marion Goes To Bat For You

Hello Everybody!


There’s a lot more to the story than what was in the St Pete Times. I’ll be doing a free workshop at the upcoming Freezone convention in Vegas on how to get your money back, not just the paperwork, releases and how to get those right, but the strategies as well. I also have the lines with the attorneys in Florida whether you are suing or not. (do not sign a gag order, period, call me if you need help now on a cycle) It took me 9 months and 16 days.  When you see what really went down you won’t believe it.


I am certain it was my KR on Tommy Davis and Int Execs that got him put away. It got me months of “2 on 1″ meetings with OSA, being refused service for 8 months unless I would change my mind. I assigned Int Execs treason for the lies and alteration of the most basic Scientology tech exposed in that interview by the very guys claiming to be “keeping the tech pure”. That was after I was going through hell for my KR on the gross revisions of the FPRD. As soon as I figure out how to do a blog I’ll have it all online. : )

Joe (Childs) was great, we spent months on the phone and he’s heard the real story, however I will never forgive him and Moe the photographer for not allowing me to smile or see the photo beforehand. I understand they want to make us look like we are “lost and hurt” from the suppression but OMG publishing that horrible photo of me on my 50th birthday for the world to see me as a poor victim?! Do I seem lost or hurt to you? I win everytime against them, period.


Remember The Little Yellow House? 1 million dollars, how did I do that? That’s another story and that also took 9 months of daily back and forth and threats of declare in my kitchen after 12 years of keeping that property from investors. I could write a book about the story of that property. But who won? They’ve only had a taste of me. Attempting to steal all that money off my account was the smallest crime they committed against me in 33 years. I handled that easily back in December of last year.


I’m still on post and I’m still working for LRH. They know I’m not going away. Okay you guys, are we ready to take it to the next level or what?!!! Anyone can reach me at



106 responses to “Carisa Marion Goes To Bat For You

  1. Here’s an interesting bit that you might consider.

    On of the fundamentals upon which Dianetics was based: a person does with thought which he does with MEST. He’s hit with a baseball bat, so he avoids bats because they hurt, not only in the physical universe, but in his mind. He avoids the idea of bats. simplistic example

    But, here we have all these church members giving up all they own. Why? Isn’t this stuff valuable to them? Isn’t ownership helpful in maintaining survival? How do you go out and buy apples for the kids if you don’t own any money? Kids need some food and shelter to go along with some love and encouragement. So does the spouse. So do you.

    Ownership is basically the idea that you control that which is owned. But, in the Church of Miscaviage, all ownership resides in the Church, which as has been stated, “DM is ‘scientology’.” Not scientology as we know it, but as he’s redefined it. He owns everything.

    Scientology was meant to help a person control his/her life. To own his/her life. To put order into his dynamics as he saw fit. That includes the sixth dynamic and the seventh. MEST and theta. Both.

    But, a weird shift occurred. MEST became anathema. MEST became the enemy rather than merely a dynamic. A dynamic is merely the urge to survive as.

    “Bank” became something to get rid of. Bank was unwanted mental MEST. But, it seemed that all MEST was bank in this new view. To have case was bad. To own MEST was bad.

    Let’s step back a bit. All MEST is essentially a problem. But, thetans actually enjoy problems. Thetans in good shape like to have problems and persistence because having problems is…well…having.

    And having is the opposite of loss.

    Thetans prefer having to loss.

    But, you get this oddity of having as a purpose the intention to get rid of “case.” You get this oddity of intent to get rid of the physical universe. So, you can easily convince a person whose goal it is to get rid of case to get rid of his MEST by redefining MEST as “theta case.”

    MEST is not theta case. MEST is theta havingness. We’ve just made it a little more solid than is necessary because we’ve sunk so much need and importance into the stuff. But having MEST is fun.

    Owning MEST is fun. Giving away MEST and exchanging MEST is fun. Receiving and sharing MEST is fun.

    But, you get a psychotic who is running “no ownership for you; all ownership for me,” and ownership gets all snarled up and confused as he convinces you to give up ownership “for your own survival.” He can put a gun to your head and say he’ll blow your brain out if you don’t give him what you own. Survival. Or he can convince you that as members of his congregation, your eternal survival depends on contributing all you own to the cause: all of your resources, your time, your life, your energy, your thoughts, your production.

    Now, life is all about contributing all of your resources to goals. That’s what makes life fulfilling: total investment. It could be becoming a star quarterback, or writing novels or making the world better. You take the resources (MEST and theta) that you own and contribute them to the goal.

    In an optimum outcome, resources contributed result in an increase of return on available resources. A profit if you would.

    Available profits to whom and for whom?

    Optimally, profit to those who contributed.

    Not all value can be measured in MEST. Satisfaction. Understandings. Enlightenments. Joy. Serenity. Love and admiration. Respect. All sorts of things are not rewarded as money or measured return. What profits a man to gain the world and lose his soul?

    But, back to my point. You’ve got this group that has agreed to the idea that getting rid of case/MEST is the most valuable thing they can do. In the process, they give up ownership and they give up control of their lives, because in some weird way, they’ve come to look at their lives as case manifestations.

    They’re doing to their thoughts what they’re doing to their MEST: giving up ownership. Which turns them into slaves.

    A fulfilled life is filled with havingness.

    I won’t belabor this. I just wanted to point out that there are some fundamentals underlying all this crap.

    I also wanted to point out that having MEST is not bad. Owning and controlling MEST is not bad. Having and enjoying problems is not bad.

    A high toned, productive life manifests across all the dynamics. All of them. We’re not on some weird mission to truncate all existence to the seventh dynamic. Which I think becomes more and more apparent to those who leave the radical church and become independent Scientologists.

    Being an Independent Scientologist is not a forsaking of the third dynamic. It’s a forsaking of ignorance and slavery. It’s a recognition of owning one’s life and one’s dynamics, of being self/pan-determined on those dynamics, rather than other-determined.

    • WOW. Brilliantly stated observation of truth.

      LRH: “It is the bank that says the group is all and the individual nothing”

      David miscavige IS bank.

    • Brilliant explanation! Thanks for this!

    • Great post OUT.

      I just recently listened to a lecture by LRH about processing a person’s automaticities, in which he goes right into that point by stating the liability of getting a pc to as-as his automaticities. Ron said that was only half a solution because it destroyed his havingness. He said that if you’re going to get a pc to as-is his automaticities, you had to make sure you then rehabbed his ability to create automaticities as well.

  2. OMG! Carisa, you look great! Keyed out and happy! well done on everything!

    • Thanks Jim! It’s a whole new game. Guess who I’m close friends with now? Sergio Mora. LOL! Remember the Chaplain in charge. He says I was the worst cycle he ever was involved in. He really didn’t know but he does now. He suspects DM actually CS’d me but I don’t think so. I was offloaded 6 weeks after Lisa McPhearson died though. Well, it aint over till it’s over! Richard Reiss and Alain Kartuzinski are both deceased now, but there’s still someone who thinks they got away with it all. The truth is going to come out. I wonder if Jerome Blume is still in the SO, I loved that guy, he was a great CS and not part of the “good ole’ boy network”. Anybody know where Jerome is, if he’s out?
      Thanks Jim!

      • I think I just saw him in a recent Flag promo piece as some cleaner or some such for the Super Power building. Ridiculous ad by the way.

  3. OUAT
    Beautifully and clearly stated. To your point of DM aka Scientology “owning everything”. That’s why I’ve gotten statements from those still in like “Scientology (aka DM) has given me my life and you want to take that away from me”, or “I won’t let you take my eternity”. As if one’s life and “eternity” are DM’s (aka Scientology) to give. The essential corruption is the assigning of ownership to a church, state or ideology. When that occurs, goodbye self determinism and hello slavery. It’s pathetically obvious. Thank you for your post.

  4. Well done! You’re on fire! Now let’s shake the foundations of Miscaviges limp foundation. It trembles before our growing might!

  5. For Carissa

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