Corporate Scientology’s “Global Retribution”

It would be interesting to hear people’s thoughts on this latest pronunciamento* by Corporate Scientology leader David Miscavige.  What came to mind to me was this axiom, that which you resist hard enough you become.

*Pronunciamento: translation

1 pronouncement

2 military uprising

- Merriam-Websters dictionary

253 responses to “Corporate Scientology’s “Global Retribution”

  1. Whether Scientology accomplished it or not, Psychiatry was reformed. The shape, manner and behavior of psychiatry changed markedly many years ago.
    Hello haydn.
    I don’t know where you live, but there is still psychiatric abuse around the world on a daily basis. They still doesn’t have any technology and they still have failed help in what they do (which isn’t good to their own cases, too).
    There is still medicalization where some harmless assists or a good advise or some hours of work would get the job done.
    Children are still placed under drugs in european countries. Not in US?
    They are expanding in new countries in the European Union and infliltrate the school system. They create drug addicts.
    CCHR is there for one reason. It was originally established in `69.
    But it is true: CCHR stands for: Citizens Commision on Human Rights and not “Lets kill all Psychs”.
    CCHR is still important and needs to continue the work.
    But I can agree, CCHR shouldn’t be used to get the public to pay for the IAS.

    Why this “War” against Psychiatry I can’t understand. No one wins if force is straightened against something. It’s just not the right way to be.

    “What world could we build if the powers unleashed by war were used for rebuilding! A tenth of the energies that nations consume in war, a fraction of the money that they pulverize with hand grenades and poison gas would be enough to help people of all countries to a dignified life and to prevent the catastrophe of unemployment in the world. (…) There would be enough money and enough work to eat well if we rightly distributed the wealth of the world instead of making ourselves slaves of rigid economic doctrines or economic traditions.” – Albert Einstein

    • Hello SKM,

      As I said above, the drug issue is much larger than Psychiatry, they have been bypassed you could say. So called medical doctors dispense drugs directly. I am not saying all issues have gone. I am saying organized psychiatry is not the target it used to be for a whole host of reasons so Miscavige carrying on the same old line is a misdirector.

      I know the entire history and am painfully away of the world’s problems. I was one of the guys handing out Freedom Magazines to movie goers as they came out from seeing One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest in London back in the 70s, so they realized that psych atrocities were real and not just Hollywood.

      LRH went after psychiatry because they tried to stop Scientology and no other reason, there was no way he was going to disperse off building a new civilization as he put it. As he said: “we are not even in their line of country.”

      Yes, we have a world full of problems, little real tech and a great deal of greed. I guess what I am saying is that instead of “Psych buster kits” we should have “Grief buster kits” or “Loss buster kits” that train people how to counsel grief for real and handle losses, Grief and losses are two of the greatest causes of depression and misery in the world today and the tech exists to handle them spectacularly. All RCS does is criticize defunct organized psychiatry.

      With respect.

      • Hello Haydn.
        I understand your point of view.

        It’s true, the lobbyist are not only psychs.
        The real problems are SPs who don’t want people to go free.
        I don’t like generalizations at all. I am sure that not every single psych is up to harm people. But either way as long as the most generality of psychs operate on the basis of “chemical inbalances” they won’t get any positive products.

        We as Scientologists, whether on Church lines or Independents, we know that there is a tech.
        The real shame is DM’s “Campaigns” inhibit real commitment by Scientologists.
        CCHR could bring about a real change.
        If they bring some criminal psychiatrist in jail, fine. I think that’s good. If they are really criminal.
        But David makes it a “Kampagnie” to hide his own machinations behind it. Therefore, this is all puffed up so unreal.

        Kind regards,

  2. Catholic Readers

    David MIscavige [quote]
    “Psychs are treated as the Lord treated sinners when turning them to salt…”

    [VISUAL: laser fire blasts hovering above cities and pulverizing targets]

    “…which, metaphorically speaking…[VISUAL: CGI waves of SALT sprinkle across screen] we call it ‘Psychiatry, Global Retribution.'”

    Is that some kind of promise / threat? And, say what? Using the Lord for Scientology Inc. turning psychiatrists into salt with a big sledge hammer that makes over-produced banging sounds. Okay. David Miscavige comparing himself to Jesus Christ with a threat to pulverize psychiatrists. I’ve heard it all.

  3. Shelly (Britt) Corrias

    Marty, Please humor me and allow me to leave a message for DM here. For all the rest of you: CHEERS and Happy Holidays * big smile *

    Message to DM:
    Hun, your ignorance is really showing now.
    I’m no expert on the Bible or on any religion. In fact, I know more about Scientology than any other belief system. But the God I talk to these days doesn’t give a hoot about “punishing sinners”. Not even you. So I’m offended that you use a Bible story while inciting fear so you can steal more money from your sheeple.
    Of course in your world there is no such thing as a benevolent God. Sins are never forgiven, only exposed so they can be used for leverage and control. Yes, even sins that never happened. After all, GUILT is one of your best control mechanisms – it makes people so deliciously maleable, doesn’t it?
    I always heard you’re supposed to “love your enemies”. To me, that’s asking a lot. But, I’m working on it. I can’t say I’m at the point where I “love” you, but I did want you to know that it’s not too late to stop all this madness and redeem yourself. I’m guessing it’s a pretty tiny crack by now, but the door is still open for you.
    Just a message I wanted to pass along.

    • Nice Message Shelly.

    • Beautiful, Shelly.

    • The biblical God Davey refers to is the God of the Old Testament.
      Of course it is true that he is stuck on the track.
      He has the God who is touted by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount is not met. Davey is not a particularly religious person. Is he?

      Using God as a justification is another example of his own state of mind.

      Interesting Quote…

      Matthew 5:43-48
      43. “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’
      44. But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,
      45. that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.
      46. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?
      47. And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?
      48. Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

      So, what is Greatness?
      What is it for Mammon worshiper DM.

      • Sorry, one above sentence should have read:
        He (DM) has the God who is praised by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount not read in the Bible, as it seems.

  4. Marty I took to trip thru the CCHR virtual tour he refers to.. I kept seeing similarities between what I was watching and the ways of C of M under Miscavige. It does provide some interesting information and I must say I’m no fan of the Psychiatric /Pharma solution as I doubt many here are. The video clip you posted both looks and sounds pretty much the same as every other one. Same poor speaker with same speech writer with same drama video. If I were to compare POB 1990s version to 2011 POB he is far more robotic now and he is clearly more of an only one, oh and he’s more whacked out now. As inviting as it was I didn’t send any dono to CCHR, as I just wasn’t sure it would get used as intended. I must have been black PRed and third partied by the St Pete Times .

    • PS The similarities had to do with the abuses of Psychiatry / abuses of POB and those who follow him .

    • Last time I saw CCHR President and Spokeswoman was at Corpus Christi airport, along with 18 other bots, attempting to intimidate JB into going back to implant prison at the International Scientology HQ. Good on saving your money.

  5. Domestic Terrorism is what David Miscavige seems to have on his mind – according to the Corporate Scientology video clip presented here. The little guy is obviously jumping off of the deep end – while intimating that he is planning on blowing up psychiatric medical offices.

    David Miscavige reminds me of David Koresh and Jim Jones….
    I’m calling the FBI,
    You should too!

  6. This little bad boy is over the top, a whacko. Notice how the not quite bright think they are smarter than everyone else? That’s our boy out there who lies, lies, and lies. About 9 year old behavior if that. At least with our children we can get them to reason. That’s lost on little Dm. I’m happy he has no sword as he seems to be pretending he is a Roman emperor, Pharoah or something. What will he do when he has no one left to play with?

  7. We have two electrodes at a distance from each other. One is the plus and one the minus pole. One particle sitting on the minus pole is fully convinced that he is right with his opinion (e.g. agaist psychiatry) and the other one on the plus pole is also fully convinced that he is right (pro psychiatry). Both are fighting each other. Then we have another particle in the middle of those electrodes that thinks he is right cause he is neither plus nor minus but in the equilibrium of that plus and minus charge. But all three are between those poles. Who is right? I think that particle that is not between those poles but outside turning on and off the electricity.

  8. Li'll bit of stuff

    The self appointed,self aggrandised,self deluded,self
    DESTROYING individual, purportedly heading SCN,
    DID so at the outset, with a postulate to displace THE
    SCN founder, and then commandeer it’s future, through
    the use of what HE perceived, as most effective useful
    tools to ACHIEVE this!

    (1) Despite his pint size physique, he evidently learned, at
    a VERY early age, that all you had to do,was SCREAM
    LOUDLY enough and incessantly enough,that people
    in his midst, would CAPITULATE to his demands!

    (2) He also, through the complete absence of conscience
    and therefore a preponderance of unabashed EVIL
    intent, learned that MOST people had little CONFRONT
    ( obnosis ) of 1&2 above and ultimately learned the
    use of the final mechanisms, used rotatively and with sufficient repetition to achieve his ultimate GOALS

    (3) i. INVALIDATE
    iii DOMINATE

    (4) As an adjunct, liberal use of modern psycho tools
    of manipulation including; sublimal implant & hypnosis
    techniques,and HYPED, mind-numbing MEDIA assaults
    and grossly exaggerated statistics. as seen at all major events, actual and “future” ETC, ETC, ETC (puke!!)

    (5) Through use of the above “mind – numbing” control
    techniques, achieving the “seemingly impossible” in
    EXTORTING huge sums of money, using “Reverse SCN
    & BLACK DN” upon adherents, to Expand this “model”
    ever wider and wider, entrapping State, IRS and the
    FBI in a sticky web of impotence through alleged “dirt”
    collection on those involved.

    PLEASE WAKE THE F— UP all Rip van Winkles

  9. I offered to go to Haiti after the earthquake in Jan 2010 to volunteer. They were like, “thats cool, but 20,000 cash money would be cooler” {sigh}

    I also found it amazing that they on one hand hate the media and at Flag any media reading/watching is frowned upon. Yet….. when the Today show did a piece on Scientology’s relief efforts in Haiti- they showed that video to everyone 20 times on the base.

    “The Today is a respected programs and thinks were legit…. now give us money”

    Then Christie was on 2 months later and they were like…

    “The Today Show? Bunch of SP DB dillentante panty waists PTS… give us money”

    It always ends with that, I noticed. “Now, give us your money and your soul, but we’d rather your money. And God your handsome” {sigh}

  10. DM just trying to clear the decks of anybody who can diagnose his mental condition and Commit him to a Rubber Room!!

  11. Marty says … “It would be interesting to hear people’s thoughts on this latest pronunciamento* by Corporate Scientology leader David Miscavige. What came to mind to me was this axiom, that which you resist hard enough you become.”

    I say … I expect that’s true. However, I’m far more interested in helping others who have become affected/infected/inflamed by that which David Miscavige has become and pronounced.

  12. Is that the European Parliament behind the, ‘psychiatry’ sign?

  13. I know this is off topic, but ut akways bothered me, and now more than ever.
    The more i have understood of DM’s efforts to rewrite and distort LRH’s original work (Golden Age etc), the more obvious that so much of the Ideal Org is large impressive public image.
    So why Trementina Base?

  14. I listened to this today – “You don’t have to worry for two seconds about crusading for Scientology” and “When it comes to crusading against Medicine against Psychiatry…no, no don’t bother… for the excellent reason that they dug the vacuum into which they are going to fall..” (LRH 3rd American ACC – Labels: In Society and Preclears 14th January 1954).

    Following this, Issue 129 of IMPACT magazine arrived in my mailbox beating the same old drum and showing the same old glitz. I’m all for Human Rights and against the drugging of anyone but this Organization, by the examples set within it, is NOT the Organization that should be tasked with any social reform. A for profit organization, such as this, IS part of the problem despite the good intention and hard work of those within it who believe only what they are told. It is wrong.

    I tried to read Miscavige’s nonsensical spoutings in IMPACT but gave up.
    Interestingly the first quote in the Magazine comes from Mr. Miscavige on Page 17 and it’s ” Since the wake-up call Scientology sectors across the world are now delivering help at a rate 70 times higher than in 2001″… another pointless, idiotic and unverifiable statement but I bet this got a seal clap at the event. How did I not see this before?
    But this slick, although tacky publication is read as fact by those who choose to believe without proof like I did. By the year it becomes clear that this is the cult of a man.

  15. David Miscavige ( the actual being himself) is not in any danger of becoming what he resists, because he did that many years or lifetimes ago. He is no longer taking any responsibility for the Dynamics at all, from his own beingness. At this point he is thoroughly in the valence of a psychotic sociopath. He IS the definition of a Suppressive Person.

    The thing that we are probably seeing now is that the VALENCE that David Miscavige chose to BE is now also losing to its “enemies” (real or imagined).

    So… which valence is he going to skip into next? Whichever valence overwhelms the valence he is currently “being”.

    Until he starts on the road to rehabilitate his own self determinism he will know nothing but defeat as a being. He will simply be flotsam and jetsam in a universe that he has given up any responsibility for.

    Eric S

  16. And this is dedicated to the “devoted Scientologists” that have donated their children into slavery in the Sea Org:,0,1583100.story

    The rest of society isn’t lending applause.

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