Debbie Cook “Blasts Extreme Fundraising”

The St Petersburg Times has reported on Debbie Cook’s letter to corporate Scientologists.  You can see it here:

St Pete Times Coverage on Debbie Cook


Reformation – Division Within Corporate Scientology

Village Voice coverage

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    • Firebreathing Frog

      IMB 116R – A MUST READ.
      Thanks, I was looking for this for months.
      Do you know it is not available in any church anymore?
      I have this on my iPad with all LRH reference to show to anyone around.

    The Code of Honor

  2. I wish that my mother were alive to see this, the day that Debbie Cook stood up. My mom was on Solo Nots, and left Corporate Scientology when the rest of our family did two years ago.

    Her name was Donna-Gail Wilcock and she passed away on October 26th. She knew Debbie was out of the Sea Org. My mom often said “The day Debbie Cook speaks out is the day David Miscavige will truly shit his pants.”

    Now that Debbie Cook has spoken out, I’d like to mail a little something to Dear Leader on behalf of my mother. I have a case of Scott toilet paper that I think he is in need of, as my mother predicted.

    • Wondered what that smell was.

    • Cheers Natalie!
      …I’m sure your mom is smiling down at you right now!

    • Make sure the toilet paper is two ply. Only the best for Dear Leader!

    • Natalie,
      Sorry to hear about your mom. I didn’t know her but from that quote, I’m guessing she had some spunk. Wishing her well in her new endeavors.
      ps. You should mail that toilet paper to the dwarf.

    • LOL.

      Debbie’s beingness was/is captivating, isn’t it? Whenever I saw her picture at the beginning of “Source” magazine, I felt compelled to read that little blurb signed by her — even as PR’y as it was. There was something wise, calm and peaceful about her presence … enough so that I overlooked the blurb’s shallowness.

    • “The day Debbie Cook speaks out is the day David Miscavige will truly shit his pants.”

      Your Mom was (is) right. :-)

    • expelled 4 Life

      Natalie: I’m very sorry to hear about your Mom. IMHO there are only a couple people left who could be game changers if they spoke out. Debbie was #1 on my list. What a great way to start the New Year.

    • Your Mom was one smart cookie! :)

    • Natalie,
      I knew Donna-Gail and I am sorry to hear of your loss. She was quite something as I remember, nice and funny. Her prediction is accurate and your thoughtfulness in sending POB a case of toilet paper is generous indeed! LOL!!!

    • I bet little Davey is shitting. How prophetic from what sounds like a delightful woman-I’m sorry for her passing.

    • Natalie,
      I like you and your Mom. Thanks for being here along with us :-)

  3. What Debbie’s email is beautifully designed to do is hook the reader with immediate reality, then keep them right on reading, gradiently enlightening them as they go along, unable to take their eyes off her words to the very end.

    The comm will get through to many still inside.

    The Radical Corporation will overreact to Dead Agent the sender.

    While the Radical Corporation may indeed remain intact, this email of hers will be momentous. Quietly, many will be pulling out and withdrawing their support as a direct result of this, in some cases the final push, which so many have been waiting for.

    People aren’t dumb. They just get themselves trapped sometimes on the track. This is one of those times. Beings can wake up. All of us did.

    • The Radical Corporation will overreact to Dead Agent the sender.

      Bryan, you’re right. As they did it in 2011 on noumerous ocasions with several Celebs and Media.
      Unluckily for them, they can’t study conceptually and they are not willing to learn from their mistakes.
      Even Ron knew how to say “Sorry, I made a mistake.” (In his own manner, of course.)
      But this novel attitude is not known by the self-appointed one.

  4. Reading Debbie’s facebook, I saw how much some were offended, shocked by her mail. While she was basically quoting LRH, and just doing what a Scientologist is supposed to do when facing out tech per KSW. She was also using the very basic reference « An essay on management ». Per the ref it should be obvious to any oberver that DM is an authoritarian personnality and that our duty is to exil him from his position. It’s an overt of great magnitude to let him run Scientology, as much as it was one to let Hitler run Germany. This is high treason of our purpose and Debbie did what is expected from a real Sea Org.
    Why those « kool aid » don’t see it?
    Why are they supporting the SP? The reason is that they follow the definition of « robot » they are entirely overwhelmed. They take only cue to SP associates. They are like super PTS.
    They have been painfully endoctrinated. Like the German people under Hitler. Same phenomenon.
    What is the tool used? This tool is confession, with thousand years of earlier similars into christianity. Give me all your sins and the lord will forgive you!
    They have been run on endless sec checks and OW write up. They are guilty! They are writing non reading overts, and giving falsely reading WH on sec checks. Any non conformity is an overt. They can have hours and hours of « no auditing » on stupids subjects like masturbation, bad thoughts etc… They have to conform. The church will issue you an eligibility if to some degree you conform to Markabians like laws. When you are more interested to upgrade you statue than your level of awarness on the Bridge.
    They shiver if someone says something which will change anything. They are robots and middle class PTS’s. Completely out of valence as scientologists. In the valence of ennemies of spiritual freedom

    • Journey Continued

      So true. And to add to that after sacrificing most of their spiritual and material assets to the Church, with the goals of reaching spiritual freedom for themselves and the rest of their dynamics, they are told that they and anyone connected to them will never attain OT and that they will forever be out of the game. If you are of the mindset that Scientology is only really worthwhile game in the universe now and for all your future incarnations, and your whole infinite future is at stake, then it is not hard to see why someone who believes this is easily kept in a state of denial of the truth and within their clutches.

      What is closer to the truth is that those that continue to support and protect DM and his henchmen are the ones that are sacrificing their eternity. To live a life based on such evil purpose, lies and deception by denying the gains of LRH Tech to the peoples of the world, and worse, applying squirreled LRH Tech and reverse tech to it’s members, is surely the fast track to oblivion.

      Just as the truth will set you free, you are trapped to the degree that you continue to lie to yourself.

    • Firebreathing Frog

      SO true.
      When you see all these people condoning the one quoting LRH and off-policy, you need to be a squirrel.
      To stay in the church you HAVE to be a squirrel.
      You HAVE to agree.
      Can’t think for yourself.
      Can’t see what you are looking.
      Scientology: knowing how to know.
      It has become: Knowing what DM want you to know.
      And they hope to have case gain?

  5. How soon before DM winds up “ED Int”, “CO CMOI” et al, and sends them onto a stage to prove they still exist? Birthday Event? ….

    • Yes, he will. With remote controlled puppets.

    • Old School,

      They’ll be in wheel chairs, on crutches or in caskets.

      My advice to law enforcement agencies in the relevant jurisdictions: Get the cadaver dogs ready. Psycho-boy, aka Slappy, already stepped across the line. He’ll go out in a flourish as is typical of a criminal psychotics.

      So sad, but true……….

  6. The other point is paranoid reaction to security. A kind of mutual out ruds. They think they are surrounded by ennemies, a very dangerous environment. They have been under the yoke of chaos merchants. Now, it’s like a family where the man beat the wife, they have to keep it secret. What Debbie says has maybe some truth for them but to say it loud offer some food to the ennemy.
    Someone told me : “Did you hear this that some says that COB is beating his staffs?” and I said “Really?” and he answered : “This is very entheta.” And I said: “And what if it’s true?”. And he looked very overwhelmed and said : “Can you imagine what if the ennemies would use that?”
    They are used to lie for the “greatest good”. It started when they were “handled” to be reasonable with out points they voiced innocently. Some things better stayed secret for the best interest of Scientology. Some kind of hidden data line. COB knows better. Maybe, like Adolf, he has some secrets weapons that he will issue when it’s time!
    They have a religious fervour to him, same reaction than to Stalin or Hitler. This remains still quite a riddle why people follows such character.

  7. We in RTC have been up for 48 hours straight reviewing Debbie Cook’s folders. We found that this entire matter comes down to the fact that Debbie has a crashing misunderstood on one word: Donation.

    Debbie’s long New Year’s Eve letter decried “extreme fundraising”, a term that appears nowhere in Scientology scripture and is thus squirrel through and through. Because Debbie has overts against the Church, she manufactured her false allegation of extreme fundraising.

    The Church of Scientology does not engage in extreme fundraising or any
    other type of fundraising. We are a church and exist solely on donations from our parishioners. It is only apostates that feel our regging is predatory. We do not circle pc’s like sharks or vampires to force them to max out their credit cards, take out 2nd and 3rd mortgages, or call relatives for loans. These apostates have us confused with Mafia loan sharks.

    We in RTC realize that the huge percentage of Scientologists refusing to go back to Flag and OTVII’s on Solo NOTs turning in their folders has nothing to do with the lack of standard Tech delivered at Flag, Rather, people not returning to Flag is due solely and only to the entheta and lies manufactured by nefarious and unnamed suppressive Psych-connected message boards and wog blogs.

    We in RTC staunchly defend the datum that the auditor + the pc + an IAS reg cycle is greater than the bank.

    We sometimes offer free gifts in exchange for donations. For example, if you donate $10,000 to IAS this month, the Church is offering a special IAS pen and pen holder.

    • one of those who see


    • “We in RTC staunchly defend the datum that the auditor + the pc + an IAS reg cycle is greater than the bank.”

      Nice summation. Sorry, but true.

    • OT8isGrrr8: LMAO…Hilarious!!!

    • Firebreathing Frog

      “We in RTC staunchly defend the datum that the auditor + the pc + an IAS reg cycle is greater than the bank.”


      And we in RTC believe that case gain can only be achieved when the PC go through several “Donation Rundowns” in-between sessions, to fully relief him from the MEST universe to make him more “theta”.

      That’s why, when you come to Flag, the Mecca of technical perfection, when the PC get out of sessions, she/he will go through our special enlightment corridor, where she/he will have the great opportunity to donate for:
      1. The Ideal org of his choice,
      2. The Next Ideal org COB wants.
      3. The Super Power Project – 170 millions dollars donated so far by very uptone and enthuse scientologists,
      4. The IAS
      5. The Library Campaign
      6. 25 sets of Basic Books
      7. Narconon
      8. CCHR
      All these donations offices has been nicely set up in the same corridor, where each and every PC has to go through when she/he goes out of session, or on his way for lunch.
      He will be nicely invited several time per day by all these people to have a cup of coffee, and slightly suggested to make a donation.
      All donations are made with no pressured whatsoever.
      No make wrong are voice by Donations Counselors for only giving 100.000 dollars.
      We of the church believe that case gain gotten in Scientology and freedom from the MEST universe can only be measured by the amount of money an individual is able to give to the Co$.
      Therefore, the spiritual gain, outside the church, where no constant demand for money is gracefully provided, is unattainable.

  8. Internal Handling

    A friend of mine was contacted by a relative in the SO to arrange to come in and be debriefed on the “real scene”, meaning, whatever mumbo jumbo mouth full of marbles explanation and rationalization of Debbie’s letter in an attempt to dead agent her.

    He was disappointed with the relative and their lack of obnosis. This has been the tactic for a long time. Bring someone is, gang up on them and explain the situation, explain the policies and explain that what the policy says, which is being violated, is not really what it means, until you are “Enlightened”.

    How to Defeat Verbal Tech, must be currently banned or maybe it was also revised based on long research into previously hidden and unknown files to include the above.

    • This is the public “handling” that is at the acceptance level of most Kool-Aid drinkers.

      In the Sea Org the technique is more blunt and unsophisticated. It’s “Get down there and clean the bilges until you have a cognition…” or some such.

      You can imagine what the cognitions must be in order to be released from the punishment.

      It’s easier and wastes less time and manpower than the types of “handlings” done on the public.

      • Ouch! Good Church handlings according to doctrine! (sarcasm)

        I know of an OT 8, not in the SO or on staff that got that treatment. On hands and knees scrubbing floors and tiles in public areas at FSO as amends for some offense. It is done purely to demean, embarrass and introvert. Her friends were embarrassed for her. And this is considered amends and ok? I don’t know what perceived offense was involved but this is purely punitive for its own sake. Sick and demented.

        Why is it that it takes someone outside the “church” to see the true purpose and CULTish aspects of this? (rhetorical)

        Some people refuse to see and love their chains. Others leave.

  9. Well Done Debbie!

  10. one of those who see

    Just doing some reading in Tech Vol XII and came across this Confessional Question:
    From HCOB 12 Nov. 1980
    Registrar and Sales Personnel Confessional List
    “15. Have you ever sought out wealthy public and sold them services they did not necessarily need or regged them for “donations” which were not really for any org service?”
    L. Ron Hubbard

    For those starting to really see what has been going on, I thought this would give Debbie additional back up. Not that she needs it.
    Question: There seems to be a lot of sec checking going on in the orgs these days. Are IAS, Ideal Org, Super Power, Library donations Registrars getting their confessionals??? If so, what happens with this question??????

    • One of those who see: Great Confessional question for Miscarriage. However, he may need about 12 Intensives until the question runs clean… :)

      • Journey Continued

        Current Reg Confessional questions probably go something like this:

        1. Have you ever failed to close a prospect for an IAS donation because you felt they could not afford it?
        2. Did you allow your prospect to keep money in their book or service account when it could have been used to increase their IAS status?
        3. Have you committed suppressive acts on DM by refusing to give all your money to the IAS?
        4. Have you at any time given less than you could have for DMs birthday present?
        5. Have you ever failed to scrutinize a pc’s worksheets to find the right butons to push to get them to donate to the IAS?
        6. Have you failed to sell the basics to a prospect because they already have more than 1 complete set?
        7. Have you ever left a prospect go without getting all their liquid assets?
        8. How many prospects haven’t you bankrupted?

        I am sure the list can be greatly expanded!

    • Fuckin’ Bingo!

    • Oh, that’s a beauty. Thanks for that one, One.

    • Confessional Question:
      From HCOB 12 Nov. 1980
      Registrar and Sales Personnel Confessional List
      “15. Have you ever sought out wealthy public and sold them services they did not necessarily need or regged them for “donations” which were not really for any org service?”
      L. Ron Hubbard

      Well, that’s pretty much straight forward.
      Anybody there? OSA?
      We want our Religion back in the Church of Scientology. Get busy on the correct target!
      Ask Mr. Miscavige to use Scientology.
      Read the original Issue “What is Greatness” Ron wrote when he came back from Rhodesia – get the concept. And please, would you do the right thing.
      The wrong thing to do is [ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ].

    • Perfect. We might not see this question included in the future prints of Tech Vols if we keep DM in the office. Golden Age of Registration is upon us…..I can see the heavy binders being designed now and forced to a done ready for the13 March event release. Hard Sell lost tech we missed out completely on.

  11. He was disappointed with the relative and their lack of obnosis.

    And many others will.
    This butterfly will have enormous effect.
    All they try to do, is to plant halucinations on the public – but they can’t fully….

    The highest one can attain to truth is to attain to his own illusions. The lowest one can descend from truth is a complete acceptance of MEST universe reality, for this below a certain level becomes scrambled and brings on the condition known as hallucination. Hallucination is not self-generated; it comes about only when a person is an effect to such an extent that he is
    almost dead.
    LRH, SCN 8-8008

    Truth may set you free…

  12. I love the shout out to Ron Norton: “Where are you Norton?”
    He was my auditor in 1979 and the most amazing auditor. When I went back to Flag a few years later, he was the CO. Very impressive rise through the ranks.
    I understand he left the Sea Org and has kept a low profile. It would be wonderful if he spoke out.

  13. Any radar flyers with the original copy of Debbie’s email out there?
    If so please contact me (
    We’ve got a couple of mailing lists in the UK and Debbie did say to forward her message right?

  14. Alex Castillo (a bit off topic)

    Hello all,

    I have just popped in to say Happy New Year 2012 to all of you and to also say
    that at this point in the time track the Real Scientology is WINNING! Thanks to
    so many people out there who have decided to stick to LRH’s dream of having a
    society free of crime, insanity and war, instead of something else cooked up by
    someone else, Auditors are still auditing, C/S are still C/Sing and PCs are
    still experencing the benefits of the Technology which was created to help the
    Human Race understand itself and become more enlightened so as to create a
    better world for us, our children and our grandchildren and beyond.

    The Church of Miscavige is falling. The Church of Miscavige does not represent
    LRH’s dream and it is rapidly decaying, showing to all who can see that David
    Miscavige is just a Con Man who has never understood what Scientology is all

    I hope that it is clear to all who can understand, that David Miscavige and his
    cult are immaterial, that all that counts is that those who are in possesion of
    the Real Scientology Tech will continue to get new people to learn and
    experience what was meant to help people make their lives a better one.

    From what I understand today, it is OK to disclose Miscavige’s crimes and
    violations of LRH’s Tech and Policy, plus violations of Human Rights and
    violations of the law of the land, but in my humble opinion, it is more
    important to train more Auditors, C/Ss and Supervisors so that LRH’s Tech can be
    delivered to many. In my view, that’s the winning ticket if we want to preserve
    and continue for generations to come.

    Out there, there are many of you who can do it!

    So let’s see 2012 become The Year of Real Scientology.

    Happy New year and Love to you all,

    Alex Castillo

  15. ‘Note the Monique-Yiglingesque disavowal of the outside world having any role in correcting the beast”

    Monique how can I get you to sue me.

    Monique Yingling you are a fraud and you aid and abbet chilabuse

    So in effect you are a chilabuser


    Sue me you cowardly woman.

  16. Forgive me.

    David Miscavige exploites children and he can do nothing about me saying this on internet.

    OSA is crippled

  17. Debbie-

    I’ll offer up a metaphorical song. And thanks for all you’ve done and you’re doing:

  18. Not long before the next Freedom Magazine comes out with Debbie on the cover accusing her of a long term history of the most discreditable acts known to man, complete with cartoon drawings and childish sayings such as “Liar, liar, pants on fire”…… “Debbie’s mother eats worms”…. etc.

    • And she beats up little old ladies and she was a nobody really. The stats went straight up and vertical when she was FIRED (kicking and screaming because she really wanted to stay) and have been doing so ever since.
      She also kicked a puppy once.
      Oh! and she’s fat! Really fat! (can we get the photo-shop crew over here pronto please?)

    • Christie,
      “Debbie’s mother eats worms” – I KNEW it!!!!

      Debbie is poo face and poo. She always was from the moment she was born. And her mother EATS worms, too. Ha, we know, we’re Frreeeeedumb. We are GOOD, others are BAD. Like Debbie.

  19. The shockwave is now.

    The real results will be in a month or two.

    The fallout will be incredible.

    Just wait…

  20. Tony DePhillips

    Thank You to Debbie Cook for doing this.
    I think this comm will be a bunker buster bomb into the sanctuary of the bots. She positioned herself very well for a comm to be recieved by the Kool aid drinkers. That message is being spread wide and far.
    I was talking with Matt Pesch and he used the analogy that she is like the Mother of Scientology. I think this is true. She is telling her “children” “daddie is crazy!! I think this will impinge BIG TIME!!

  21. David Miscavige is a child abuser of GRAND proportions. Enslavement of the youth of Corporate $cientology is only making the ‘Church’ richer. Same goes for all of his adult ‘Staff’ making a paltry $15.00/week – while David Miscavige amasses BILLIONS of dollars in real estate holdings and HE lives like a MILLIONAIRE. For the ecclesiastical leader, who consumes more than he produces, there is no shame.

    Congratulations to Debbie Cook for the bravery she exhibited in exposing the truth of the scam that the Corporate ‘Church’ of Scientology has perpetuated against its own in these past sad few years.

    Alexis Ward

  22. I just got some great news…

    I have just gotten wind of an “Ethics Interrogatory” sent to the local Scientology field, with my wife and I as “subjects”. It is good to see that my local Org is at least following policy on this point. Maybe it will at least give them some actual data rather than the rumors and lies being spread so far.

    I would have been very disappointed if I had been considered so insignificant as to not warrant an attack by the Church.

    I am on the way to earning my SP Badge of Honor. Woo Hooo

    Eric S

    • LOL, you will definitely have to let us know the outcome of this…

    • Aww how lovely!
      Congratulations to you both on the arrival of your first OSA attack ;)

    • Li'll bit of stuff

      Hey Eric, looks like the troll jackals, or whatever they are,
      have picked up your scent, maybe from your slightly
      more overt vociferations. plus, your other ‘big’ crime:
      you’re THERE!!! (LRH called it!) I’m wondering now:
      could this be the latest order from Kapitein Kamikaze?
      ” Destroy ANYONE that isn’t aligned with our (my) WAR
      to save Scientology !! What are you C%$# – S*@%%^
      morons expecting ME to do it???? I’ll have you eating
      S—-T in the Hole, in 3 seconds flat! MOVE your lazy,
      overpaid asses NOW!! But not before you bring me
      those TWO cases of scotch! DO IT!! ^&&%#%&(*&%

      • Li'll bit of stuff

        BTW, Eric, VWD on being considered for SP badge
        of Honour ( no doubt, meritorious ) Woo Hoo too !

        BTW, just an occasional ack would let me know you
        don’t consider me a troll. Yes. that would help me to
        settle down in this new home without all this darned
        suspicion aimed at me. BTW I’m enormously
        indebted to both T Oracle & Carcha for indicating the Correct 3rd pty who started the witch hunt in the
        first place………Thanks. ARC 2 you both!…… Li’ll bit

        • Li’ll bit

          First off, I do not consider you a troll.

          Also, thank you for any heartfelt acknowledgements, I am glad to think that something I have said may have proved of value to you.

          I do however have concerns regarding some of your posts.

          Due to the fact that I do not know you by anything beyond what you have posted on this blog since you have first shown up, I have found some of your acknowledgements of some of my posts to be unduly familiar. It raises a concern because I consider it well beyond what any actual ARC between us warrants. I have noticed similar communications between you and others, and I am often left wondering if they are experiencing similar feelings to my own, regarding it.

          I would rather not get any further into this with you on an open forum. My only suggestion here is that you weigh the communications you choose to deliver against your intentions, and modify the style and/or content to forward those intentions. Beyond that I feel that you really shouldn’t give a damn about what I, or anyone else, feels about you or your comm. If you are true to yourself and your own honor, and integrity you will be in a good position to deal with whatever happens.

          Eric S

          • Li'll bit of stuff

            Eric, A huge and most apologetic thank you, for your
            always accurate observations. You’ve certainly got it
            spot on again, much to my embarrassment! People
            very often don’t agree with my flippant humour!

            You, have,effectively and Califa, just recently, put
            me into “Qual” for cramming, on specific gross out-
            points. Although I’m brand new to the world of
            internet and blogging, this is NO excuse for just
            plain bad manners, on my part and you certainly
            had every right to feel offended. I do,however,
            genuinely, appreciate your efforts to straighten
            me out here and maybe not act such a ‘klutz’ in
            the future!

            ‘Respectfully’ yours Li’ll bit

            • Li’ll Bit

              You are welcome. I bear you no ill will. I am glad you caught my post.

              You have stated that you are quite new with computers, and the Internet as well. Here is some basic data that might hold you in good stead.

              When you are “chatting” to someone, or posting to a blog, you really have no certainty on who, or what, you are actually communication with. You have been following this blog lately so you will no doubt have become aware that there are some who do not appear to be who or what they say they are. There are hackers, trolls, shit disturbers, scammers, predators, ID thieves, etc., all mixed in with those who are there for honest and up-front purposes.

              One would do well to keep this in mind when communicating to ANY terminal on the internet. Constant vigilance is one of the prices you have to pay for the “freedom of communication” that the internet offers.

              This happens to be a vigilant group. It should come as no surprise that one may occasionally be challenged regarding one’s intent, should it start to appear a little suspect. Over time you will discover that “fire fights” resolve very little and often can “seal your fate”. Sensible, logical and honest responses, are generally your best bet.

              Also, be willing for it to take a little time to develop true friendships, and never EXPECT anyone to trust you. The quality, the content, the tone, and the intention revealed by your posts will be what earns you a place in this community, or not.

              Good luck.

              Eric S

              • Li'll bit of stuff

                Thanks further, Eric. Sticking to this and your earlier
                tips should definitely get me up to par, eventually!

                LRH…” Judge men by what they think of help……….

                Is there any better way, Eric? appreciated,Li’ll bit

    • “I am on the way to earning my SP Badge of Honor. Woo Hooo”

      With matching gold pen set by the sounds of it!!! – Excellent

    • Congratulations! Sounds like you’ve earned it.

    • I have just gotten wind of an “Ethics Interrogatory” sent to the local Scientology field, with my wife and I as “subjects”.

      It’ll just be a lukewarm “Heads up” 3P-type of casting Suspicions Action only.

      • Formost

        You might well be right.

        I am certain it will produce only one or two reports, and those from people who have already expressed “concerns” to them.

        Beyond that It will have people going “Huh?”, or “who?” or Perhaps “You’ve got to be kidding me.” or some such. This action has prepared the way for for me to fill the void they will have created, with a little Truth.

        In any case, I plan plan to have some fun with it.

        Eric S

        • I think for every Freezone Toe-Dipper, a dozen “Imaginary Apostates” are rumored to exist. It’s one of the latest OSA Strategies … lol

          If you haven’t been on any Org Lines for a while, nor been in Comm with anyone on Staff, you are push-buttoned by the Field as you run into them to determine if you are still “A Good Guy” and not fallen to the dark Side of the Force. OSA Indoctrinations of the Field.

          I see them around once in a while from afar, and you know in their tiny Universes you are pure Dirt as you haven’t attended any IAS Pastures and been VISA-milked like the rest of the Daisies. DM at some Point made Statements that those not actively Dono-hosed are Out-Ethics Cats or some such Nonsense, and it acts as a 3P Type of thing in Addition to the OSA Cautions.

          If they have Time for an Interrogatory on you after what? … some 10 Years plus, there obviously isn’t anyone coming through the Front Doors. Probably just a Stat Thing they got Orders from Uplines for. Besides, mention the Words “Harassment” and “Lawyer”, they get additional Stats for handling the Situation terminately.

  23. All the blah-blah-blah from the FC Kool-Aid drinkers: “Debbie is bad because she points out outpoints and wants to implement LRH policies/philosophy” reminds me of something that happened at my parents’ 50th Anniversary in 1999:

    My two sisters Gunhild (ASI) and Inge Marie (AOSH EU) had a lengthy, candid conversation the first night at my parents’ house. Inge Marie’s husband had been in the RPF for 5+ years and she had some issues that she seemed to solicit Gunhild’s help with (Gunhild being higher up the Org Board et al). Gunhild and I were assigned to sleep in the same room so before we went to sleep I asked her if Inge Marie had legitimate issues or if she was merely HE&Ry. Gunhild gave me the coldest look and if eyes could kill —–, she answered: “Bodil, use your Scientology, look who’s nattering.” When I talked to Inge Marie later it turned out that her issue was that she disagreed that her husband while in the RPF, for at least the last 5 years, could only communicate in writing with his then 13year old son and 15 and 18old old stepsons, her point being that the basic philosophy of Scientology is that communication is the universal solution. She had written KRs to RTC, SO 1 letters to ED int etc, all to no avail.

    Debbie is so right to address her issues to the outside world because all the posts that are supposed to ensure LRH policies/tech is adhered to are all being occupied by DMbots (thank you for the slightly altered term, Mike Meyers/Austin Powers). It saddens me that my own sister is one of them.

  24. Its a milestone moment with Debbie’s letter. She is joining the ranks of the heavy hitters such as Marty and Mike. It is amazing that the RCS is still standing without the heavies! It can’t last much longer-of that I’m certain.

  25. Despite her impressive background, Ms.Cook has a severe misunderstood about what the philosophy and religion of Scientology is actually about. She notes that OTs (as well as staff and SO members) did not choose to participate in these activities. Well, if a being doesn’t assume the cause point of choosing his actions at the state of operating thetan, then when does he? Maybe that’s why she doesn’t have to mention her own personal responsibility in creating the current scene.

    • Joe, any credibility you had was just blown up. What a waste of words. Your agenda, whatever it is, appears to lead no where and helps no one. Full of judgements. Empty otherwise.

  26. Anyone wanting to read the email, Torymagoo44 put a link to it on her YT vid about Debbie…

  27. Of course I also applaud her communicating what needs to be communicated to people who need to hear it.

  28. In the early ’70’s I was the Dissem Sec at the Portland Org. My best friend was Vic Scelza, the Flag Rep at the time.

    We got together and decided that we should move the org to downtown Portland. At the time, we were in a poor traffic residential area.

    We sat down together and figured out the GI targets to move the org to a big place in the downtown and I went to work regging. Did pretty good, stats went up nicely, but it wasn’t easy!

    I suggested to Vic that we hit on some of the area’s more affluent for some straight donos to get it over with. Vic just about had two cows. He crammed me on all the references Debbie cites here.

    I transferred from the Portland Org to ASHO in 79 and put in 24 years with my last 5 in the RPF and got spat out in 2003.

    It wasn’t long before I started to get phone calls about casino nights and bingo games and sing-alongs. I told them all “no” and ran them the riot act about how off policy these actions were, giving them chapter and verse.

    I think about 2006, Vic Scelza called me up. He heard rumors that I was making money. I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was IAS EUS.

    He began his reg cycle. I listened politely. For a few minutes.

    I then reminded him of our campaign in Portland in 1973/1974. He remembered.

    I reminded him of his cramming order. He remembered.

    I asked him what the hell was he thinking calling me up and asking me for money for any of this. I told him that he was a squirrel and mentioned that the cousins he was incestuously sleeping with, the building-donator-casino-night-bingo-players were also squirrel.

    He told me that he was going to have me investigated. I told him that once, that might have frightened me, but not any longer. Go ahead.

    I got a few phone calls, I wrote some very good Pulitzer-Prize-Level retorts in emails that I am determined to find somewhere on this computer (to show off) and I felt very, very good about myself.

    I think when I told off Vic I may have been F/Ning. I think I might have even got three swings!!! (But I probably breathed… can’t do that in the Church anymore while you are cogniting…so maybe not.)

    But hearing that Debbie Cook said all that same stuff makes me feel real good. Rehabbed my F/N I think.

    Vic Scelza was a wonderful friend in my early staff career. I love a lot of those guys who are still in. I don’t think that there are any of them who sleep well anymore; they all know how far off the rails things have gotten.

    I truly believe Debbie’s letter will wake up a lot of the old timers who have been PDH’d by this cat, David. It’s been a long, long time since those PLs and references have been quoted at staff meetings or anyone has been crammed on them; that’s for sure.

    But a thetan KNOWS, innately. That’s true, isn’t it.

    • “I truly believe Debbie’s letter will wake up a lot of the old timers who have been PDH’d by this cat, David.”

      Thanks Dan. I’ve been waiting to hear you speak out more about this type of stuff.

      You were speaking about David Miscavige, right?

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  30. Firebreathing Frog

    Thank you Debbie.

    Your letter has been very inspiring.
    I don’t have your altitude and knowledge, and never have been in a high position, so me doing a similar letter, will not have the same impact.

    I prefer to stay under the radar, a “Scientologist in good standing” to communicate the off-policy actions I observed on one-to-one basis.

    But I’m thinking about writing my own letter.
    I will not say the same thing, nor quote the same policies, as my life have been different in many way.

    But yours really make me think about speaking up into the open.

    Like you, I will wait for the right moment, and even if it will not have the same impact as yours, it will be another straw on the elephant back.

    = PS:
    The first feeling I had reading this post was a lot of admiration for you and your courage to stand up.

    The second thought? Oh my god, now she’s gonna get the shit from Dictator Miscavige.

    I thought: Poor Debbie: she is only one person against this big billions $ corporation.
    But I remember the story about the last dinosaur and the first snake.
    The last dinosaur didn’t believe that this little creature will survive.
    We all know the big dinosaur died long ago and the little creature survived for billions years.

    You will survive because you are true to LRH.

  31. Firebreathing Frog

    From the Daily Mail:
    “A spokesman for the Church dismissed Mrs Cook’s email as reflecting ‘a small, ignorant and unenlightened view of the world today’.

    Graeme Wilson said: ‘Her opinions are not shared by the thousands of Scientologists who are overjoyed by our 27 new Churches and what they mean to the communities they serve.'”

    To: Mr. Graeme Wilson – OSA UK

    Dear Graeme,
    When you say:
    “Her opinions are not shared by the thousands of Scientologists…”
    Do you mean that Scientologists does not share the opinions of Debbie about all the off-policies actions currently done within the church?
    I think you are not properly informed and should do proper survey of the matter.
    I am asking every single day to on-line Scientologists if they prefer to follow LRH policies and I get 100%: YES.
    Could you please comment on this?

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  33. Top media is running with this story

    Top Scientologist launches rebellion over church leader’s ‘alterations and violations’

    A senior Scientologist has condemned the controversial religion’s leader for turning the organisation into an autocratic, heavy-handed fundraising machine.

    Debbie Cook, one of the most respected members within the Church, sent a shock email denouncing chairman David Miscavige to 12,000 Scientologists just minutes after midnight on New Year’s Day.

    She accuses him of turning the Church, which numbers celebrity followers including Tom Cruise and John Travolta, into a tyrannical regime in direct conflict with the doctrine laid down by founder L Ron Hubbard in the 1950s.

    Read more:

    Cheers. Nothing can stop the power of an idea whose time has come, not to mention Truth.

  34. I heard about Debbie Cook’s email on Tory Magoo’s site on YouTube and I was looking for a copy of it and realized that Debbie Cook had probably emailed me (1 of the 12000) and I lumped it in with the bazillion other Scientology emails I get. I sent her a reply and asked her if she was afraid of DM “Repossessing her Thetan” – I also wished her the best for 2012 but I don’t think she’s going to be happy trying to stay in the Church to create change from within. There are just too many people with their noses in DM’s butt crack. We’ll see, she’s trying a different approach rather than publicly leaving she’s daring them to Comm Ev her. On 2nd thought that’s not so different, there have been many who have spoken out then got a Non-Enturb on them and then they are later declared.

  35. I remember defending Debbiie Cook on this blog, Yes ia tooting my own horn “toot

    feels good.

    I remember steamrolling some people in that procses

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