Debbie Cook: Beginning of the End of David Miscavige’s Tyranny?

Debbie Cook is not in imminent danger.  Her lines of defense are forming rapidly and efficiently, in depth and multi-dimensional (many she is not even aware of).  This while her  initial communication is becoming international news:

The UK Guardian

USA Today

The Telegraph – London

Daily Mail – London

Village Voice  – the latest

Don’t expect a lot of further significant revelations by Debbie for a while; but do expect significant news about efforts by corporate Scientology to silence her.  Do expect also Miscavige’s efforts opening the door to further revelations.  Mike Rinder and I have on several occasions been vindicated on major cycles over the past couple years by deciding to sit back and let Miscavige do our work for us. His responses to Debbie have thus far been vintage knee-jerk, foot bullets.

First, he directly ordered that the very first response (which many saw filtered down versions of on Debbie’s Facebook page) was to deny the authenticity of Debbie’s email.  Denial is always his first impulse.

When that backfired, he had Karin Pouw deliver this incredibly imbecilic line:

“Ms Cook’s opinions reflect a small, ignorant and unenlightened view of the world today.”

Not only does it sound like Baghdad Bob in its insane (criminal mind) transference of describing the institution she represents, it opens the door to a lot of further revelations seeing the light of day (the legal implications will be spelled out in near future posts on Corporate Scientology Gag Contracts).

The degree to which corporate Scientology seeks to muzzle and attack Debbie monitors the degree to which a number of witnesses to Miscavige’s torture camp will feel safe to communicate.  In other words Miscavige is currently rock slamming between a rock and a hard place.

Now, lest we forget that David Miscavige, while characterized as a lot of things here over the past couple years, at bottom is a human being, see this mini-bio  from Philadelphia News.


Debbie Cook Blasts Extreme Fundraising

Division Within Corporate Scientology

228 responses to “Debbie Cook: Beginning of the End of David Miscavige’s Tyranny?

  1. expelled 4 Life

    Debbie just took her FB post down and all associated comments.

  2. Report from CAMP DAVID. 3 Jan 2012.

    David: Debbie just kicked me in the nuts!

    Norm: You have nuts, sir?

  3. I just want to say that first, Debbie is to be commended for firing such a well-placed salvo. Very, very good.

    We also need to acknowledge that the REASON this is such wide-spread news is because of the work being done by Marty, Mike, and the Independents, and, as Marty says, the actions of Mr. David Miscavige himself. Debbie is standing on the shoulders of giants!

    Miscavige cannot do ANYTHING ELSE than perform and order actions that will hasten his demise. What he DOES is criminal, and he can’t help himself. He was hiding behind a veil that was easily seen through by those that worked with him (the Hole, “YSCOHB”, all that) but was not in the public eye. He was also hiding behind the “hidden data line” in which he tried to blame Ron for his own Out Tech and Off Policy. That veil was stretched way, way, way too far. And, again, is now in the public eye.

    Welcome to the public eye, OSA and DM. The more the merrier!

  4. there you go!
    at last the explanation for those weird comm lines cultivated so carefully by old DM

  5. sorry I got the italian one here’s the original!

  6. For whatever reason, the growing conversation of support for Debbie has disappeared from her wall.

    Dan Olsen has started a page for her on facebook, to show support. Suggest you like her here and comment:

    From the dissemination tape, Contact With the Public, Ron in suggesting that continuing communication is part and parcel to success, advises:

    “When they all think you’re dead; say something.”

  7. Let the footnukes roll!

    Latest quote from sockpuppet Karin Pouw to USA Today:

    Spokeswoman Karin Pouw adds that the “positioning” of Cook as a “prominent Scientology insider” is “inaccurate.” She describes her as ” ‘a disgruntled defector’ who has not had any position in the Church for several years, having left in 2007 for medical reasons.”

    “The Church refers to individuals such as Ms. Cook as a squirrel. A squirrel is someone who alters the Scripture; a heretic,” she writes, asking that “you correct this error in your headline and in the text of the article.”
    Wow — Goldfinger can’t seem to keep things straight. She left the Church for “medical reasons” but she is “a disgruntled defector”? I guess she got the “overnight” disgruntled defector title, soon to be followed by Karen #1’s now famous “overnight SP.”

    And, calling Debbie Cook a squirrel is probably not the best way to keep all those fencesitting FSO public on board…. Doubt that rings too true when she is the one quoting policy! And not a single response to the points she raised and policy quotes she cited. Kind of hard to make the “squirrel” positioning stick!

    Go Goldfinger! Setting the example for one all to see of just how to make friends and influence people. I swear this man has not come across a human being on planet earth that he cannot turn into his avowed enemy. What a guy!!

    • Typical response from Goldfinger, he probably has Karen and the rest of OSA heads spinning on how the fuck do we please Dear Leader with this latest flap of all flaps, while they are staying up 24/7 sleeping under their desk’s. My bet is Karen P will be gone this week.

      Calling Debbie a squirrel, is like Lenin/Stalin ordering the Trotsky assassination. This is getting truly insane, I feel sorta sorry for the OSA people still there having to live day after day through this crap to calm down Dear Leader.

      • BR:

        What is really remarkable is watching the train wrecks happen one after the other.

        For someone who claims to be the second coming of L. Ron Hubbard, POB is really deficient at obnosis.

        He convinces himself that all he has to do is issue a pronouncement that Debbie Cook is a squirrel and everyone will ignore her. He buys his own bullshit and the sickly brown-nosing of the sycophants that surround him: “Sir, that was brilliant. We surveyed the FSO public and they HATE squirrels more than anything so your positioning of Debbie as a squirrel was genius.” Because he only listens to the fawning praise and agreement, he doesnt notice that he keeps losing more and more of his “supporters” who read the drivel from the latest sockpuppet and compare it to what is being said by the person they are calling names. And his little empire crumbles around him and the only reports he gets are: “Oh, yes Sir, people are putting up comments all over Debbie’s Facebook page calling her a liar and a squirrel, they hate her.” And they show him two comments that come from OSA fools and he is thrilled to be right once again. Meanwhile, his ship is sinking and he keeps blowing more holes in the hull — while telling everyone who will listen (and those who won’t are sent to the Hole) what a brilliant marksman he is and how nobody can shoot like him. ANd they all nod their heads in agreement as they watch the ship take on more water and are absolutely frozen, incapable of doing anything to change the course of events.

        If it wasn’t destroying the reputation of something so valuable, it would be a very entertaining show to just sit back and watch.

        • Brilliant MR,

          You know this sociopath’s mind and how it works and works. I look forward to your Analysis of the New Years Event, which from reports I have had from a few the Shrine was only half full, If anyone can give a confirmation, great.

        • ugh! that was below the belt!
          m starting to understand your poetry Mike.
          a new fan

  8. Based on the article at I just might start calling DM the “prefab Pope”.

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  10. Wow, Debbie’s letter was picked up fast by major papers around the world. This is the biggest thing capable of undermining DM to come along in a very long time. Really brilliant on Debbie’s part.

    We have seen a number of dictators cave quite fast during the Arab Spring. It could happen fast for us….

  11. Hello everybody!
    I had made a website for french freezone.
    So of course I added a new page with the mail of debbie very well translated!
    You can see it here:

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  13. It is the 6th of January 2012 today. I cautiously asked some people if anybody has head from Debbie Cook. NOTHING !!!

    Sea Org members were visiting me yesterday to make me pay for whatever story again.
    I had some hope that something would change now. But it seems nobody has received the email message. My fears are that nothing will change. Debbie will be forgotten in a few days unless there is a big follow-up NOW.
    How can I reach out without being alone here? I am scared to show up as I can lose my children. I love them so much that it is making me vulnerable.
    Does anybody have distribution lists? Can anybody bring up follow-up stories IMMEDIATELY on TV in order to not let the idea die? There were nearly no newspaper stories outside of the USA.
    I would also fund some flyers if somebody dares to do something in East Grinstead. I just have no idea how to not get a conman contact from OSA.
    My ex-wife filed for divorce months ago. If something BIG would happen right now I could at least save my children.
    She always yells at me before I can even start telling anything that might be “entheta”. I paid nearly a quarter million pounds to the church. Is that the pay-off? People are panicking so much to lose the bridge, you can hardly believe it. How can anybody go up the bridge in this SP environment. How can you spot the right SP in PTS sessions without being declared immediately?
    Nobody can wear his/her hat regarding the KSWs.
    Some cannot see it.
    Some do not want to see it.
    And the remaing people are out.

    There were bad considerations I had during all the years:
    a) 24/7 if you have any overt because you hold back money
    b) 24/7 if you are an enemy and what is wrong with you
    c) 24/7 if you are PTS and/or there is an SP around you
    d) The bridge is more important than the family
    e) is Scientology only the 3rd dynamic, are there no others?

    An IAS lady that talked to me once called a Ferrari an overt. I was so pissed afterwards. I did my Patron and some days later I blew and never returned.

    – I would return if eg. Debbie replaces DM until a new structure is set up.
    – The paranoia about PTS/SP stops. Many SPs were made.
    – Prices go down and materials are downloadable on the web.
    The church could make use of eg. the Amazon Kindle.
    – The church starts an open/puplic discussion on what has gone wrong.
    No more withholds and propaganda !!!
    This must be a kind of Martin Luther movement, otherwise the pejorative
    character of the word “Scientology” will stigmatize the church forever.
    – No more regging and application of the “DO IT WITH SCIENTOLOGY”

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