How A Suppressive Person Becomes One


Ron Miscavige Jr and I once compared notes on our experiences with his brother David Miscavige.  Ronnie told me that it seemed his entire childhood consisted of completing fights that David Miscavige had begun and ran to him to finish.  My response to Ronnie was, “well that pretty much sums up my entire adult life.”

As will be made crystal clear in the material I am now working on, if there was one thing David Miscavige was expert and consistent at it was making enemies; and particularly enemies for Scientology.  The process always began through his obsession with assigning evil motives to others. I have never met a person who was so quick to declare others as evil, to obsess on the alleged evil nature of others, and then to treat them as evil.

I think it behooves us to recognize that David Miscavige is not inherently evil.   In fact, that is a lesson Miscavige failed to learn about others that lead him into his current state of being.

It is a lesson very clearly taught by L Ron Hubbard in the lecture of 2 Aug 1966, Suppressives and GAE’s (Gross Auditing Errors):

It might interest you how an SP comes about.
He’s already got enough overts to deserve more motivators than you 
can shake a stick at, see? He has done something to dish one and all 
in. He’s been a bad boy.
Now, the reason he got to be a bad boy was by switching valences. He 
had a bad boy over there, and he then in some peculiar way got into 
that bad boy’s valence. Now, he knows what he is, he’s a bad boy. 
Man is basically good, but he mocks up evil valences and then gets 
into them. You see, he says “The other fellow is bad. The other 
fellow is bad. The other fellow is bad,” see? And eventually he got 
this pasted-up other fellow, and one day he becomes the other 
fellow, see, in a valence shift or a personality – whole complete 
package of personality – and there he is. And so he’s now an evil 
fellow. He knows how he’s supposed to act: he’s supposed to act like 
the other fellow. That’s the switcheroo. That’s how evil comes into 
The religionists have been very – having a hard time trying to solve 
what evil was, and that is what evil is: it’s the declaration or 
postulate that evil can exist. In the absence of postulates and the 
declaration of such, man is good. Isn’t it interesting?
When you take all of the furniture polish off, and all the cast iron 
and old garbage and so forth out, you find a good person. That’s 
very lucky, because we’re making very powerful persons, and it’s 
very fortunate that they’re good persons. Quite interesting as a 
mechanism. It would not be safe to embark upon such an activity as 
Scientology at all – you’d wreck the whole universe – if that truth 
wasn’t a truth, and it is a truth.
It is the false, mocked-up valence which is the evil valence. Do you 
All right. Well, this fellow has been assigning great evilness to 
another personality or type of personality. And then one day he got 
into it. And then when he was in this basically evil personality he 
started doing other people in. And then other people got very tired 
of him, something of the sort, and he got himself into an incident – 
after which time never advanced.
Now, this is not the type of incident of which the R6 bank is 
composed. This is another type of incident. This is a battle 
incident or some kind of an incident. He is being attacked. He’s 
being actively attacked by other beings, and he is stuck on the 
track. Now, that portion of the time track, or that point in time, 
is more real than present time.


217 responses to “How A Suppressive Person Becomes One

  1. I can only feel sorry for this guy DAVID MISCAVIGE. Having been so close to the Tech and LRH for so long and having had the opportunity to clear his fucked up mind and spirit and become a decent human being, he chose the dark path, betrayed his benefactor and became a criminal. That’s sad to say the least.

  2. morelivesthanacat

    Got this on FB today quite incidentally:

    “Secrecy is the keystone to all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy and censorship. When any government or church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, “This you may not read, this you must not know,” the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man who has been hoodwinked in this fashion; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, whose mind is free. No, not the rack nor the atomic bomb, not anything. You can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.” –Robert Heinlein

    For those who don’t know, LRH was good friends with Heinlein. Not that it matters, but damn, is that right on the money or what?

    Those of you still “in good standing”, send that around to your FB friends. But start it off with the by-line (otherwise they might be too scared to read past the first line).

  3. How’s this for how David Miscavige became suppressive:

    1) Get born as a near dwarf.
    2) Spend your formative years getting picked on
    3) Find that the only way to avoid getting picked on is to be aggressive and scary
    4) Find out that being aggressive and scary doesn’t work with all people, and makes enemies out of those who are bigger and scarier than you
    5) Find out that you can run to others to bail you out when your actions get you in trouble

    David Miscavige became the person he is by learning to be afraid, and to manage that fear by being aggressive towards others. He is no more than a kid who grew up getting beat up by schoolyard bullies, and has decided it is better to be a bully than a victim.

    He continues to act like a bully in all aspects of his dealings with people; and he’s too stupid to think of any other possibilities like cooperation, kindness, or disregarding those who do not do what he says. He has to feel that he controls others in order to feel secure, because he is, at heart, the shortest kid on the schoolyard afraid he’s going to get beat up.

  4. Yesterday I commented that “Virginia Stewart is just about done… this may be the last you see of Virginia Stewart.”

    Tony Ortega today is making me look like a prescient genius.

    With some excellent investigative reporting he reveals that Virginia, who sockpuppeted herself into a corner when she proclaimed there is no such thing as disconnection and that anyone who breathes a word of criticism is a “liar/apostate/cheat/thief/child molester/meanie,” was in fact disconnected from her father! And only when he threatened to go to the media about it did she resume (after 22 years) a “good roads/fair weather” comm line.

    He died last year, so now the cat’s out of the bag and Virginia is going to be put into one and become the Karin Pouw “spokesperson” of Australia — assumed to be alive because letters have her name on them, but never seen or heard again in public.

    See Tony’s report here:

    • Hi Mike,
      I knew both the Stewarts. It broke Allen’s heart, the situation with his daughter. Terrible thing when a daughter refuses to communicate with her father – it was never the other way with Allen, he so very much wanted his daughter.
      Here’s a section of email he sent in Feb 10 which throws a bit of light on the senario regarding how he felt about the Church. He’s referring to CBR.

      He actually met with LRH late 1980, he told me the story:

      “Bill was the head of reno’s at FLB and got a message to drop everything and go see LRH in Clifornia. Did so, was driven out into the country in a blacked out van, ushered into LRHs room, after being told LRH was very sick and they thought was would die. LRH woke up, kicked out the messenger, said “Hi Bill, want a drink?” and pulled out a bottle of scotch.

      He told Bill that he had lost control of the CoS, all the networks cross ordering each other etc, but mostly if he put in a request for info on (say) Syd Fdn being downstat – what’s happening? he would get an answer back, “We found the SP Sir and he’s declared!”

      No data, nothinghe could use. Seemes like every level of commend the request went through, the more entheta it picked up.”

      Allen was great bloke and is sadly missed.

      • IMO, LRH was a victim of what he created regardless of motive. He made mistakes and had his own issues that ultimately resulted in his demise; namerly his increased isolation from the church of scientology and ultimatetly his death and the abuse of it by David Miscavige to finally seize control.

        • Yeah, you probably have a point.
          However, I don’t know any senarios in life that wouldn’t look a whole lot better in reptrospect if this or that was done.
          I see many complain that if LRH hadn’t created the GO – a lot of this crap wouldn’t have happened. Maybe…
          But what if LRH by doing what he did bought us just a little more time. Perhaps this window of opportunity is what it is. There’s a whole stack of SPs in Govt’s all over the world working really hard to destabilise anything that that might jepodise their agendas. Truth is not tolerated in the corridors of power – just ask the CEO of Wikileaks.
          I’m not saying you’re wrong or I’m right – all I’m saying is study any conflict in the humanities, especially warfare and just look at the ‘truth’ coverups and the actions taken to secure victory. They don’t have secret service agencies for nothing.
          It wouldn’t surprise me to find Miscavige behind some of this movement to have the censorship issue of protecting copyrights on the internet being debated in Congress as we speak. He has a lot to gain and heaps of fun to be had for his OSA bots.
          We live in dangerous times – time to apply Danger in PT with regards to going Free if that is truly what one desires.

          • Sherb,

            Read both of your above posts. Very nice. You provide an opportunity for me to add something I would like everyone to see and think about. It’s been said in many instances before: How much can anyone ask of one man? The finest minds in all history tried for thousands and thousands and thousands of years to crack the riddle of life. Ron pulled it together. That alone qualifies as monumental. But the man didn’t stop there. Most people in the western world recognize the name “Scientology”. Back in the 1200’s if you said “The world is round” you might well end up dead. The disposition of the world isn’t all that different today. Yet Ron pointed out much more than just a round world. And he got it across. People tend to revere him as super-human above it all. That’s actually an act of cruelty. The shoulders Scientology rest on today are, rightly, ours. And now WE must make it on our own. Let’s try to carry Ron for once. The first challenge we have is to admit we can rise above, and be individually, truly, great. Then rise. God knows we have it a hell of a lot easier than he did.


            • Thanks for the post Carcha. I agree with you. The next step forward could be summerised with this – the age of responsibility.
              If one really looks at it and agrees the 8 Dynamics are of equal value, there really isn’t any guesses at what to do next. Logic is such a failing as a group effort, it’s only hope hope is by the eforts of the individual. So much reliance on others is folly – but how do you convience a humanoid that they are individuals, with the potential to be self determined?

  5. Awesome, Marty!

    To me, one of the most valuable and truly uplifting things about Scientology is the recognition of the fact that everyone, no matter who, is basically good. At core, no matter how despicable someone is, they are good. This is different from “Science” & the mental health professions, which state that we are the product of mindless, accidental evolution, and that any concept of “good” and “evil” must be viewed in natural selection terms, and that people can be born without ANY conscience at all. It is different from the Judaic religions – the “fall” of Adam and Eve, and the introduction of Sin – we are born sinners because of the fall. And different from certain strains of Buddhism, as I understand the concepts anyway, which speak of good and evil as essential parts of the universe.

    Because of this view that we are basically good as a fundamental tenet of Scientology, the crazy way “Ethics” and “Justice” actions that have occurred – with the attribution of evil motives to people who are truly good – makes NO SENSE TO ME.

    Endless sec checks.
    Golden Rod with general and incredibly damning accusations.
    People showing up on doorsteps and in public places “shaming” people with profanity and a Nazi mockup.
    The “Finance Police” and the kid-led SO “ethics” missions that Miscavige started.
    “Un-friending” people in FB who have a differing point of view.
    Disconnection and paper-less instant expulsion
    The “Anti-Marty” and “Freedom” mag sites.

    These are outpoints against the religion and basic tenets of Scientology.

    The FACT is that when you make someone more themselves, which is really all Scientology is about, they get better and better, and nicer and nicer. This is one way of knowing that Independent Scientologists are truly Scientologists. They are very nice and genuine people. And they know their shit :)

  6. I’ve been in contact with a public scientologist via another social network. This contact has being interesting and educational.

    According to the data they provided they were average scientologist female with husband and kids. Rate as upper middle class. They interacted and had relationships with none scientologists. The claim was they live by LRH finance policies and while they acknowledge reg’ing they say they just say no (cannot afford it) and they do not get any hassle for that. The church of scientology worked for them.

    A claim was the church of scientology is not perfect but it is working on improving.

    A claim was that whiners are those who “did something stupid” and got themselves in to debt or otherwise in to trouble. The whiners are dumb asses who couldnkt apply the tech properly.

    As regulars here may know I am not a scientologist but I recognise manipulation and exploitation and as a result have a lot of issue wirh the church of scientology.

    Despite logical argument I was unable to get this woman to understand that the church of scientology does not care about getting people in to debt and even encourages and facilitates it; I suggested a big step in the right direction would be to stop helping people get loans they couldn’t afford; that is loans they couldn’t get through other means. A bigger step would be to stop encouraging people to take loans to pay for future services.

    She was even complacent when I gave her examples of squirreling; one of the advantages I have is access to earlier recordings of LRH lectures which can be compared to current; there are a number of omissions in the current ones.

    She could not understand the point that scientology (by ideal) is not meant to create people who fail and yet many of those certified under Miscavige as being clear, OTx were still falling victim to such as bankruptcy and suicide and murder, attempted suicide. I said okay extreme cases but each one was a certified OTx under Miscavige, wtf went wrong?

    She could not get beyond the fact it was their fault. But they had all this awesome scientology training… Well they fucked up so they did something wrong.

    Protip: if you have been properly trained you do not fuck up so badly. Excuse the explitives.

    Such is the mind of a Miscavige Bot.

    • Their line sounds like the wingnuts blaming the trillion dollar housing bubble mortgage scam on the homeowners.

    • This is par for the course.

      The church has managed to manipulate and twist so many things in order to “be right” at all costs.

      The inculcation of select LRH quotes by constant repetition has resulted in mindless robotism on the part of many. Of course, many of these “justifiers” are in fact LRH quotes or paraphrases of them and that is what is so insidious. You can find a quote to justify anything — its harm or benefit depends on the viewpoint of the person reading it and the intention they have in its use.

      Some classics that have become canon law to avoid any critical thought about the church or Miscavige:

      “They pulled it in”
      “They are responsible for their own condition”
      “That’s just a motivator”
      “They were motivator hungry”
      “If they’re messed up its because they were out ethics”
      “They are just nattery, and you know what that means….”
      “They blew because they have overts”
      “It’s the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”
      “They failed to apply the tech”
      “They are SPs”

      And that’s just a VERY short list. But you hear the same lines coming out of the mouths of KoolAid guzzlers time and time again.

  7. Thanks Marty for keeping your blog fresh and relevant. It’s a breath of fresh air blowing away the cobwebs in the stale world of Miscavology.

    And thanks to all of you for being here and talking to one another. Over the years, I had gotten to the point of despair of ever witnessing Scientologists actually communicating.

    If it wasn’t being accused of “nattering” or “enemy line” then communication was met with “you’re self-auditing” for plain old-fashioned itsa. In the last 20 years I have not gotten any communication from a Scientologist – staff member or not – that wasn’t a bloody reg cycle in some way, shape, or form. The “party line” comm is so devoid of actual life that I unplugged my phone from the wall and said “The hell with it, they don’t talk anyways.”

    Miscavologists have neglected one very important skill dear to the (imho) true Scientologist – listening.

    At any rate, I keep having one random thought occur to me every time I see DM being talked about…

    Who is pulling his strings? Are we certain there isn’t another person(s) who fulfills the role of puppet master? I make no attempt to remove culpability from DM, his actions are his own and he is accountable for them, however, I can’t help but think that despite his madness about “all out to get him” there seems to be (at least to me) a sense that he feels he has some “air cover” for his activities.

    Who is he connected to? When he’s off on one of his jaunts, who is he meeting with? Who is he reporting to? Who makes him feel “right” about what he is doing?

    It just seems to me that most madmen like having an audience of some sort, a confidant, someone to get feedback from. I don’t think TC fills the bill, even for DM.

    Perhaps I’m dead wrong, but I just have this feeling that all is not known and perhaps we will trade one bad master for another should DM finally be removed.

  8. “As will be made crystal clear in the material I am now working on, if there was one thing David Miscavige was expert and consistent at it was making enemies; and particularly enemies for Scientology. The process always began through his obsession with assigning evil motives to others. I have never met a person who was so quick to declare others as evil, to obsess on the alleged evil nature of others, and then to treat them as evil.”

    So how does a person like this, surrounded by trained, enlightened, clear or OT Scientologists allowed to become the head of the church?

    The question isn’t that there are people like this in the world, the question is why was this type of person allowed to get power?

    ……and I do mean allowed.

  9. Jessica Bason

    I looked into Scientology about 6 years ago, I was a former drug addict and I saw scientology books in a book store. It talked about how it could help me, I signed up for a “free” personality test, took it and then it began. They were trying to charge me, telling me what I needed to buy. I started researching before I committed to anything and I am happy that I did. Thank God I didn’t get involved in this cult and that if it wasn’t for people like you all, the ones who speak out I could have!! Great article and thanks so much. Jessica Mae

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