Kristina Royce: Perspective

Kristina has been a Scientologist during six decades.  Thus, she provides a broad view that few can share.  Read and learn.

These are my reasons for no longer wanting to participate with the Church of Scientology and why I have disconnected from it.  To begin with, here is a quote by LRH on the aims of Scientology, which I fully support.

The Aims of Scientology, by L. Ron Hubbard

A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Scientology.

 It has been my understanding and belief that the purpose of Scientology was to Clear the population of this planet in order to achieve the Aims of Scientology as quoted above.  Therefore, I believe that whatever else the Church is doing, its primary goal is getting people through to Clear and above.  Scientology is the only subject that I am aware of that expresses the above goal and has a technology that the group applies for the purpose of obtaining that result.  It is my belief that the CofS should be concentrating on this goal above all else and that any other activities that the church sponsors and/or carries out should be done only if they do not interfere in any way with the senior goal of clearing the planet and, indeed, contribute to it.  As long as the church stayed true to the above, I would continue to support it in this endeavor.  However, over the years, I have seen more and more evidence to the contrary.  I believe the current Church of Scientology is no longer on the straight path to fulfill these goals and has become out-ethics and has gone into Treason to LRH.  This is why I no longer support or want to be associated with that organization.  Following are specifics that have led me to this conclusion:

Through the years since I first go involved in Scientology in 1964, I have experienced various disappointments with organizations I was personally involved with.  Such things as mishandlings of a public person by a reg or out-ARC between senior execs and their juniors or misapplication of ethics.  I won’t try to give specifics here as this is merely to give some background to what follows.  Whenever I saw these things, back in the early days, I would consider it an isolated incident.  However, over the years, I heard similar complaints from other people involved in Scientology and witnessed enough myself to come to see there were definite outpoints in organizations, at least the ones I witnessed myself.  Additionally, I also witnessed the struggle those organizations had in trying to arrive at viability within the organization.  I believe every organization I was personally involved with during those years was always struggling to some degree to stay afloat.  There would be ups and downs, but I never personally witnessed a Scientology organization arriving at a viable Normal level of operation.  During those years, this puzzled me as LRH had written specific policies, which, if followed, should have resulted in viable orgs.

Years later, while on staff at FSSO, I believed that I got the answer regarding the problems orgs were having.  That was when we were handed a briefing sheet about Key To Life, LOC and Superpower with a number of quotes by LRH explaining why these things were needed.  In that briefing sheet there were quotes by LRH stating that Orgs were not going to make it and were doomed to failure if staff did not get through Key To Life, LOC and finally Superpower.  The “Why” that he had found on why orgs were failing was that staff were not able to duplicate policy and that the handling for this was getting staff through those actions.  If this were not done, he said, orgs would eventually fail altogether.

When I read this, I was very happy to see that LRH had found THE reason for the outpoints I had noticed over the years and was excited to see that Management was now taking the steps necessary to get these actions in on all staff.  Staff at FSSO, including me, were immediately put onto the Key To Life course.  This was such good news to me as I felt things were finally moving in the right direction and, once staff were gotten through all the actions, clearing the planet would take off like never before.

In 1990 I left staff at FSSO and no longer had my finger on the pulse of what was going on within the church.  I was active at the Boston Org, both on course and as part of the OT Committee and through this was able to witness at least the struggle that particular org was having, even with newly trained Execs of that org freshly back from California. (I don’t know where exactly they received their training, but the ED did tell me that part of her training involved training at Int Mgmt level.)  Being public again, I wasn’t paying attention to the progress of the local staff in regards to Superpower, but I finished up my KTL and LOC while I was there along with a number of other public.

In 1998 we moved to Clearwater to be near FSO as we intended to get onto New OT VII and also to be near Conan and Devin, who were in the SO there at the time.  I was already through New OT V.  Richard was a previous New OT VII completion and planned to get back on the level as he had been advised to do.  Both Richard and I had done the original OT V, VI and VII.  I wondered why these new levels were called “New” OT V, VI, and VII as this seemed to me to be a “Technical Degrade” of the previous levels.  I hoped this would be explained somewhere in the material, but I never saw an explanation.  What I had come to believe (and I’m not sure where I got this data or perhaps just came to this as my own conclusion) was that these “New” levels were needed for people to truly make it on the original levels, but have really no idea if this is the case.  Anyway, prior to getting onto OT VII, the promotion of this level was that if enough people (I think the number was 10,000) got on this level, that this would be one way we could affect the clearing of the planet.  Knowing what the level consisted of, I thought there could be validity to that statement.  I saw contrary data to this statement later on, once I was in the SO again, this time at FSO.  (I’ll write more on that point below.)

Shortly after we moved to Clearwater, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Superpower building was held.  This was very exciting for me as, once again, I saw hope for the orgs as outlined by LRH in the briefing sheet I had read.  In May of 2003, a few months after I started on New OT VII, I joined the SO at FSO to be part of the New World Corps, which meant I would be trained up through to deliver Superpower.  Once on the TTC (Tech Training Corps), I of course met other NWC TTCers.  Through several conversations, I learned that at least these people I talked to had not done KTL or LOC and I asked them why they had not taken those courses first, as it was my understanding that they must be done first before training to be a Superpower auditor.  Those two or three people told me I asked that KTL and LOC were no longer on the line up as requirements for Superpower training.  I never checked into this with anyone else, but if this is true, then someone is not following LRH’s advice, as I understood it.  Perhaps these courses were going to be done by those people later, but that is an outpoint (wrong sequence) as these people were now training without having done KTL, which would inhibit their ability to understand what the Technical Bulletins they were being trained on.  I had done not only KTL and LOC, but also had done the Primary Rundown on the Apollo, indirectly under LRH supervision.  This put my ability to duplicate way ahead of other TTCers who had not done any of these courses.  This did not make sense to me.

While I was on the TTC, I was also still auditing on New OT VII.  During my time at FSO, I learned directly from some and indirectly from others that there were quite a few staff members who had started New OT VII who were no longer able to continue on the level.  One or two told me they didn’t get enough sleep to be able to audit.  Another told me she needed a review to continue on OT VII, but had not been able to get the review for over two years.  This is an additional outpoint, as she should not be left sitting in situation where she needed a review.  Another staff member told me that she understood there were about 150 staff members who had started New OT VII, but were off the level for one reason or another.  In any case, it became a major outpoint to me that staff that had gotten onto New OT VII were not now auditing.  The way I see it, if New OT VII really does help in clearing the planet and if the church really were being true to the original goal of Clearing the Planet, then anything and everything would be done to get people (staff included, of course!) on and through this level.  In fact, it would make perfect sense to have a whole unit set up for those staff who were auditing on New OT VII whereby the first priority would be for them to be in session, per LRH specific data on this level, everyday and when not in session (which due to the nature of the level, would be quite a bit of time) could be training up for the post that they would hold once off the level.  It would make perfect sense that this would be set up and staff would be systematically gotten up the bridge and onto New OT VII and then, once completed, put on the post that they had been training for.  What a powerhouse FSO would be if they were to do this.  But, NO!  Not only was nothing like this even remotely being done, there was nothing particularly set up for those of us who were on the level.  I had to share a room, the only space left, as I understood it, where I could audit on this level.  This was in the Class VIII course room where one room was not being used at that time, so the supervisor made it available to us.  I shared it with three other people who were auditing on the level.  I was told by the Director of Personnel Enhancement (senior over the TTC) that there was nothing set up or being set up for staff who audited on New OT VII.  There were neither rooms nor a Solo NOTS D of P assigned to staff auditing on New OT VII.  We were on our own to “make things go right”!  How is that for intention to Clear the Planet!!  The whole scene for staff on New OT VII was, in my opinion, major out-ethics and major off-purpose to the original goal of Scientology.  I wrote up reports about this every week, but saw no changes occur while I was there.

Additionally, regarding New OT VII, there is another major outpoint going on.  That is the six-month checks.  As a public, I was under the impression that the six-month checks were to insure the pre-OT’s auditing was going along standardly and to correct any outnesses that might have come up.  When I joined the SO at FSO in 2003, I had been auditing on New OT VII for less than six months.  When I was due for a six-month check, I was already in the SO.  So one day, I went over to the Sandcastle and up to the Solo NOTs area and asked to see my (as a public) D of P.  While waiting for her to come out, the TTC I/C showed up.  He asked me what I was doing there and I told him I was getting ready to get started on my six-month check.  He laughed and said that there is no six-month check if you’re in the SO.  I asked why that would be, thinking whether you’re in the SO or not, you would want to be sure to handle any area that needed correction.  He said that was not what the six-month check was all about and that it was merely done for the purpose of making sure the person on Solo NOTs had not gone out-ethics in any way.  I couldn’t believe this and thought he was mistaken and told him I wanted to check this out with my D of P.  Just then, the D of P saw me and came over to find out what I needed.  I told her what the TTC I/C had just said and she confirmed that this was the case, so there was no six-month check for me.  Well, this is an outpoint on a number of levels.  First off, you have a person who has gotten all the way up the Bridge and is now on Solo NOTs, and he has to be checked every six months for out-ethics?!  A person can’t get on the level without going through all kinds of checks to make sure his/her ethics are in.  So, why this “inspection before the fact” (off-policy) check to see if he/she has gone out ethics within the last six months?  Further, this is an interruption of a major action (out-tech) enforced on the Solo NOTs auditor every six months.  This cannot be good per LRH technical data on interrupting a major action.  So, WHY is this being done?  This seems very squirrelly to me.  Something is very wrong with this picture.

To make another point regarding outnesses I witnessed, I need to go back to my time on staff at AOLA.  Most of the time I was there, I was the Tech Sec.  I had been DTS and then D of P for a short time prior to being put on the post of Tech Sec.  Later, I was put on the post of HAS.  During my time there, I got very familiar with the Org Board and how a Scientology organization works.  As an Exec, I was also part of Exec Counsel, Ad Counsel and Financial Planning, which helped me to understand the needs and wants of the various departments and divisions of the organization.  For the most part, my time there was good.  I did witness some outpoints, most of which I chalked up to be isolated situations.  The biggest outpoint to me was the lack of ARC in use amongst the staff.  In fact, I even mentioned this to the then CO (Fred Hare) who told me that ARC is not used in the SO, because you would never get anything done.  Well, I didn’t agree with that then and I never did go into agreement with that, but I saw other staff who did.  I chalked this up to their being low on the Grade Chart and out of valence.  I had already done all the way through the original OT levels prior to joining staff and thought it was just a matter of case regarding those low or nowhere on the Bridge.  But that didn’t account for others who were farther along on the bridge.  Anyway, I decided one day I would try being forceful with my juniors instead of using ARC, just as an experiment.  What happened is they became less efficient and, of course, lower toned.  I quickly got together with them and apologized for my behavior and, to my recollection, that is the last time I went (albeit causatively) out of valence while on staff.  But this little experiment proved to me that out-ARC was not the way to go.

Now, jump ahead to 1989 when I was on staff at the Freewinds Relay Office prior to going to the FSSO.  While there, I was almost immediately posted as Super Cargo (with no hatting, by the way) as I had been HAS on my last post.  In fact, I was on the post of Super Cargo at the same time as being an “expeditor” under the HAS, which meant I was her senior and her junior at the same time!  An interesting juxtaposition.  In any case, I soon learned that there now were new seniors over areas that did not exist in this new capacity when I was on staff at AOLA.  That was, CMO Messengers.  I just couldn’t wrap my wits around that one.  When I was on the Apollo, LRH had a number of messengers and that was precisely what they were, his personal messengers.  LRH used his messengers to give and receive information (not orders) from staff.  I never heard of or witnessed any LRH Messenger by-passing the entire Org Board structure to give an order to a staff member on the ship.  Now, I was told, whenever a CMO Messenger comes to you with an order, you must obey it as if LRH personally was giving you this order.  So there I was, being the Super Cargo at FRO when this little 12 year old CMO Messenger came with an order that I needed to obtain a certain number of filing cabinets in a certain color for the FSSO and that this needed to be done immediately.  This order did not go through my senior.  He came directly to me.  Yet, when I asked my senior about it, she said, yes, we all must obey any order we get from a CMO Messenger as if it were straight from LRH.  When I asked to see Policy on this, she had none, but pointed to a letter from Int Management that was tacked on her wall.  I read it, but didn’t get how this altered policy.  She told me to think of it this way:  that Int Management has to shoulder the responsibility of the whole Church, so anything that they ask us to do we need to do so willingly and at once.  In fact, the person that had been Super Cargo before me had been whisked away to Int with no replacement.  Sometime prior to my being posted as Super Cargo, I had seen him protesting this order and trying to find a replacement.  I heard him trying to defend his post and saying this was being handled off-policy, but he was sent off without a replacement anyway.  Later, I became the replacement, but he had already been shipped off.

Now, move ahead to 2003 when I’m on the TTC at FSO.  There I witnessed not only CMO Messengers running around (at least in the course room where I personally saw this happen) making demands and giving orders, but now RTC Reps have been added to the mix.  Wow, talk about too many chiefs and not enough Indians.  This was, in my opinion, completely off-policy, out-Org Board, and inefficient.  Put those people on the posts they are demanding things get done and maybe more things would be getting done.  What I witnessed was a complete by-pass of the organization structure of FSO.  This means FSO was (is?) in Danger.  However, per LRH, if a condition goes on too long, it will fall to the next lower condition.  So by the time I was there, I would imagine that FSO was way down the conditions, perhaps in Confusion.  But at the same time, correct Danger formulas were not being applied.  I didn’t see any CMO or RTC staff come in to handle the area while at the same time getting it up the conditions, nor any senior over the area.  No, just daily visits to the courseroom telling the supervisors or sometimes directly to the students what they were doing wrong.  How does anything get corrected this way?

By the end of 2003, I had come to the conclusion that there was no way to correct the outnesses I had witnessed as the outnesses I saw were either being done directly by or with the complicity of the very people who were supposed to see these outnesses get corrected.  So who can one report to in this case?  I did send one report up to RTC at Int, but got a letter back stating that my report had been turned over to the local RTC to handle.  I never heard any more on that report.  By this time, my body had become the effect of the stress I was under, which I believe was mainly due to my recognition that things weren’t quite right, but seeing no solution within the church structure to handle it.  I decided I needed to get out of this organization, get some space away from it and get my body back into good health.  So I left the FSO.

During the time of routing out of the SO, I often sat in the confidential Qual study area in the Sandcastle while waiting for the routing-out Sec Check.  One evening while there, I was asked by a NOTs auditor to check him out on a bulletin for a cram cycle he was on.  The reference was, I believe, Auditor’s Rights.  While checking him out, he originated to me that in the future he would always remember this particular bulletin regarding his rights as an auditor and went on to say that he had been auditing a person on Solo NOTs on her six month Sec Check and she completed it rather quickly.  He ended the session and sent her happily to the examiner.  Shortly after this, he was told by an Exec (I believe it was the Chief Officer) that he had to take this person back in and give her more Sec Checking.  He refused at first, saying she was done.  Then the exec demanded that she be taken back in and that he needed to do this to get the hours (stats) up before Thursday at 2:PM, stat time.  I don’t know what occurred to make him go along with this, but he did and now regretted it, saying the next time this happens, he will use this bulletin as his reference and refuse the order.   I don’t know how often this happened or happens or if this was one of those isolated incidents, but I believe the pressure to get the stats up or get more money in could result in out-tech such as this.  My own brother has told me of out-tech actions being applied to him during his six-month check visits.  In fact, this has happened to the point where he now refuses to return to FSO for any action whatsoever and feels that FSO is in Treason to him.

After I left the SO for the last time, I slowly began to reflect on all the things I had seen and experienced while there and earlier while in the FSSO.  I began to wonder if the good outweighs the bad and thought perhaps there are New OT VIII’s out in the world now doing all kinds of wonderful things.  I decided to start searching on the internet to see if anyone was promoting the gains they had achieved having finished OT VIII.  Unfortunately, the only place I could find any good reports were from the Church of Scientology itself.  This didn’t feel right.  I don’t know why the church would not allow someone to speak up about their gains outside of church-controlled communication.  In any case, while looking, I did find a website announcing the passing of Mary Sue Hubbard.  It annoyed me that the church had made no mention of this in any of their publications.  After all, LRH many times had acknowledged Mary Sue’s contributions to Scientology.  Anyway, that was just one more outpoint.

The more I looked at outpoints I had witnessed, the more outpoints showed up.  One major one is Superpower.  Way back when I was on staff at FSSO and had read the briefing sheet where LRH was quoted regarding Superpower and the need to get it in on staff.  (As I recall, LRH wrote that Superpower was to be done on all staff first, then government officials and then delivered to public.)  KTL and LOC were released to staff then, in 1990.  I was hopeful that Superpower would soon be delivered to all staff.  Now, here we are in 2011 and still no Superpower.  However, there was a public person who received at least some of the Superpower rundowns.  His name is Matt Feshback.  Matt gave a talk, which I attended, about the wins he had received from this auditing.  This was back around 1999, I believe.  In any case, it was many years ago, now.  So, my question is, so what if the “Superpower Building” isn’t quite ready yet with all the bells and whistles.  So what that there aren’t enough staff to fill the required posts in the new building.  The fact is that at least some of the rundowns are in deliverable form and were delivered to at least one public that I am aware of.  Therefore, at least some Superpower could be being delivered to staff, as it was to Matt Feshback.  The fact that nothing has been set up or provided for staff to be rotated through these rundowns, speaks volumes to me.  The sane thing to do, obviously, would be to send at least one staff member at a time to wherever Matt was sent to be audited by whoever Matt was audited by so that one staff member is that much more able to duplicate LRH.  Once that one staff member is done, send another and another and so on.  If there is more than one auditor who can deliver Superpower, than send that many staff to receive it and keep on rotating staff through.  If this had been started back when Matt Feshback received his Superpower rundowns, how many staff could have been gotten through by now?  How much more sanity would there be within the organizations if this had been done?  Of course, this is assuming that what Matt Feshback said was true, that he really did receive a number of Superpower rundowns and that he really did have major wins as a result.  But, if he did speak the truth and if what that briefing sheet quoted LRH having said is real, then there is clearly insanity at the top of the Church for not having gotten these actions going on as many staff as possible.

Here is my problem with “Ideal Orgs”.  The following quote is what LRH has to say in HCO POLICY LETTER OF 12 MARCH 1975 Issue II Data Series 40 THE IDEAL ORG:

“Such an ideal org would be built by taking what one has and step by step

building and smoothing; grooving in and handling each of its functions, with

each of its divisions doing more and more of its full job better and better.

The business is always there-the skill with which it is handled and the results

on pcs and students is the single important line which makes it possible to

build the rest.

The ideal org is the image one builds toward. It is the product of the causative

actions of many. Anything which is short of an ideal org is an outpoint that

can be put right. The end product is not just an ideal org but a new civilization

already on its way.”  L. RON HUBBARD  Founder

What LRH says here makes total sense.  This is not what I see Int Mgmt doing under the direction of COB.  It is all cart before the horse.

And finally, The Basics Event, which was when I came to the conclusion that the current C of S is in Treason to LRH under the leadership of David Miscavige.  Here are the main things said by DM during the event that I took issue with:

  • “Let me be blunt:  No, you are not stupid.”  Here DM was pointing out WHY everyone had trouble understanding the basic books.  This was not true for me and I’ve spoken to several others who attended the event who did not feel stupid about the basics.  (Me, Richard, Martha, Cyndi, Steve, to name those I remember.)
  • “How is it that by survey and experience Scientologists find reading an LRH bulletin or policy letter far easier than a book?”  Then DM said that LRH hand wrote or typed all the policies and bulletins (and says this is the reason one can read the policy or bulletin easier than a book, which I find to be a ridiculous statement.)  This I know to not be true as, while on the Apollo, I personally witnessed one of LRH’s transcribers taking the data from a tape LRH had dictated into and typing it out on a typewriter.
  • Then Miscavige goes on to explain how the original books were incorrectly transcribed and/or edited prior to going to the press and that, because of this, no one in all these years ever got the full meaning of the data.  I find it hard to believe that all those years while LRH was alive and delivering training himself, that no one really got it.  Perhaps those mistakes did exist in the books, but I do not believe for a minute that this means no one got the data.  I did several of the Basic Books extension courses and did not find anything new that I had not already understood from earlier versions of the basic books.  To me, this was a major invalidation of LRH and technical degrade of the original basic books.  This event took place in 2007, decades after the books had been written.  If these outpoints really are so destructive to the point DM says in the event, that no one reading the books would be able to truly understand them, and therefore would miss the underlying foundation upon which all else was written, what a huge FLUNK on COB and RTC for not catching this years ago.  That would be nothing less than Treason to LRH and to all Scientologists, in my opinion.  We know that the books had been gone over earlier as there had been earlier new versions of the books published and pushed as the new, corrected versions which everyone should now own.
  • The event has a video where there is this statement: “the book plus the lecture equals full conceptual understanding”… Who says?  That is positioned as if it is an LRH datum, but it’s just a made up statement with no basis in reality.
  • Then, to top it off, DM said:  “I could walk off this stage in the next 30 seconds after simply telling you to read and listen in sequence and I would know that you would fly.  In fact, I’d know if you did just that, read and listened in sequence, by the end of your study, you’d know the basics of Dianetics and Scientology better than any Dianeticist or Scientologist from 1950 right up to the present time.”  This is an outright invalidation of LRH and all auditors since 1950.  That right there did it for me.

368 responses to “Kristina Royce: Perspective

  1. Kristina,
    You are exactlly the “product” LRH was postulating when he started out so many years ago. I’m so glad you GOT IT! It’s a shame Int Mgt doesn’t.

    Loved your post. You make me smile. :)
    Rehabbing failed purposes, and rekindling what Scientology is truly all about.
    Power to you! :)

  2. Thank you Kristina. It is so wonderful to hear from someone with as much experience as yourself.

    All the years that things didn’t seem quite right to me, I was often made wrong for what I thought and for not “getting with the program”. Your write up and those of others who have seen the truth and posted here have been such correct indications!

  3. Independent Scientologist

    Kristina, welcome!

    It’s always great to hear someone’s story about how they woke up to the insanity in the church.

    – Ron Matlock

  4. Kristina,
    I am so very happy to read your story. Please write more sometime. I am a public person and have heard some of these stories. It’s good that you have spoken out, as it will help many. The church needs to make some changes soon or it will no longer exist as such. Thanks goodness the real tech is available outside of the church. It is an interesting subject for a lot of us folks, so please keep us informed and know that you are appreciated.

  5. Hi Kristina – Thank you for a wonderful write-up of your life and times in RS and well done on extricating yourself from that suppressive group. Your description of what really goes on in the Sea Org was also very illuminating.

  6. I like this:

    We had to remain “fabian,” the Commodore has said, referring to the Roman general Fabius Maximus, who advocated victory by delay and harassment rather than by a decisive battle.

    So how can one use this against the church?

    • Fabian is for the Sea Organization. Independent Scientology is not the Sea Organization.

      Michael A. Hobson
      Independent Scientologist

  7. Let’s see here. When you are a wog, entheta doesn’t matter that much. You just go or say to yourself those damn politics are always screwing things up. But under Scientology, why entheta makes you PTS and you must conform to our rules, you must not read that stuff, it is forbidden. Never mind your case level, OT100, you can get screwed up. How’s that for OT? Under david?

  8. Off topic — A blind item regarding a celebrity leaving Scientology (?) was just posted on CD&N, which is usually very reliable:

    Escaping Your Church
    This once upon a time almost B+ list female singer is now more famous for being famous. Hey, at least it keeps her wealthy. She is also known for being a devout member of this church. She recently left it though after she suffered a nervous breakdown and went on an alcohol binge that would make Arthur proud. She went to rehab and while in rehab began seeing a psychiatrist. Uh oh. She also left her church which is never a good thing. However, if you are wealthier it is easier to avoid them. They knock at her door every day and dig through her trash, but she just hires more and more security to keep them all away and stays locked inside her house. It’s a stand off. Oh, the tales she will be able to tell. But what about her kids? Her other relatives who are also in the church?

    Some are speculating that it’s Lisa Marie Presley

  9. Thanks Kristina,
    The Church has been broken for some time.

  10. As an outsider, who has been and continues to question the sanity and overall competence of people currently in the Corporate Scientology cult–i keep asking myself: How do these overall GOOD people, continue in this madhouse with a cult leader at the helm?

    I have not answered that question for myself.


    PEople like Kristina Royce and many others, DO validate my thought that there ARE really decent people working for the worlds greater food and asking nothing in return except for respect and honesty.

    Scientologists are (generally) like ANY microcosm of Society and truly are filled with very honorable and decent people.

    Godspeed, Kristina and the many others who wish to be freed from the Current Corporate Cult of $cientology and its Bat shit crazy leader
    David Mismanage.

    If there is anything a peon like me in OKC can do for any of you good people, just drop me a line here or at

    Cheers and Beers,
    Friends and Neighbors

  11. Another bright light: Thanks for your write-up Kristina – very enlightening. Hope to meet in person one day!

  12. Great write-up. I admire your idealism and perseverance. Impressive.
    But I think we should be a little more fair to DM. He is very on-purpose. His purpose is to make money and he has done a splendid job. So let’s give him a break and congratulate him.
    Yeah! Way to go Big Guy or is it Little Guy. Anyway, size doesn’t matter. He’s gotten the job done!!!
    Of course it is a different goal and purpose than the one we signed up for. I think that’s called Bait and Switch. Now, that’s NOT so cool.

  13. I would love to run out the group engram with all of you of first time, first moment of encountering a CMO and RTC staff who trashed the power of org HCO’s and Quals. Remember that? There is, as you know, a PL of that very name where Ron covered how SP’s would attack the power of these org divisions first. For myself, I went blind in that exact moment when rationalizing it. Yet as a long-term staff member, can now see that it was the very moment where I caved on the, Hidden Data Line. HCO’s and Quals were eviscerated right there, right then, by the management powers who were supposed to support them. You know, absolutely know, this was NOT LRH as it went 100% against his earlier policies.

  14. Kristina, That is bang on.

    Your noted outpoints of The Basics Event are one for one what I noticed.

    It was disturbing that an auditorium of people was applauding at being invalidated, and cheering at invalidation of LRH books. Since my wins had been consistently beyond spectacular with those books and that tech, I was amazed no one said anything about the posturing of condescension.

    It took some unraveling to determine what was off the rails. This has been a dreadful but empowering exercise in confront, data series, and integrity over these years.

    • You’re right, V.
      And condescension is a good choice of word.
      The outpoints were so huge and rapid-fire, the graphics impressive but too quick to let you see exactly in detail, standardisation of font and spacing into the ‘correct’ style, and the mockery of the typo, ‘Life Continuation’ lulled me into an acceptance. I too, was bemused by the applause, but it seemed stage-managed anyway, you just weren’t allowed to notice it!

      The overall feeling afterwards was of being tired and humiliated.

      Thinking about it later, I toyed with the idea that it was miscavige himself, who had the MU’s and didn’t get the beauty of the books. That the presentation of the old books embarrassed him.

      What I didn’t confront was the sheer evil behind the intention – to invalidate not just Scientologists, but Scientolgy for not being able to correct itself until ”He’ came along, and especially for dismissing LRH for not being aware.

      Oh, I so regret falling for the spin and chucking away my precious old books, and seethe with rage at having now to touch miscavige’s work (voluntary mock-ups, mind).

      That miscavige despises Scientologists is evident from just this one event.

      Nice to see you posting here, V.

      Richard Kaminski

    • Thank you, V. One thing we can all be thankful for regarding the Basics Event. It was the last straw many of us needed to fully open our eyes. (Thanks for that, David.)

  15. Hello Kristina,

    What a wonderful summary. I applaud you for your thoroughness of reason.

    I, myself, spent 2 years after I was falsely declared, doing an eval on what I had witnessed within the “Church”. (NB: I say “Church” because what is being done now within the “Church” doesn’t even resemble actual Scientology (the religious practice) any more – as written by LRH…and I object to anyone characterizing ANYTHING that the “Church” is doing as Scientology. It isn’t Scientology and therein lies the fraud.)

    As part of the eval, I compiled a list of outpoints I had personally witnessed…or rarely that had been reliably witnessed by another and told to me. When I was done…the list was FORTY pages long, typewritten, single-spaced, 10-point type. FORTY PAGES LONG.

    The obvious conclusion I came to after doing the eval was that this “group” was not the group I had signed up with. They had morphed into a suppressive group, antipathetic to the original goals and purposes set by LRH for this group, and in truth were hell bent on achieving the opposite.

    The thing that made it so tough to accept at first was the sheer magnitude of the number of outpoints…and the insidiousness with which the ethics, tech, and policy had been altered. But in doing the eval…the actual magnitude of what was going on became evident. (I strongly recommend any who wish to, to do the same…it is quite revealing.)

    But the most glaring outpoint of all, given my relationship with the Old Man, was the abandonment of ARC by the management of the group, to be replaced with force.

    The exact reference in which LRH describes the total folly of such an action is Tape #29 of the First Postulate Tapes, entitled ARC. In this reference, he lays out why anyone would even consider trying to abandon ARC in the first place…and whether they would ever be effective in doing so. (The answer was clearly, no.)

    Starting around 1975 or so (from my investigation)…and reaching “perfection” under Miscavige…compliance to orders had now become senior to ARC…and that is the basis of a fascism, not an applied religious philosophy created to assist mankind to better themselves and the world around them.

    Once I understood what was really going on, and how the “Church” had morphed into a suppressive group by following the warped and aberrated goals of its “fearless leader”…I walked away and never looked back.

    Scientology worked and still works for me…but the basis of Scientology is ARC. LRH said to my face, once…”Without ARC, none of our other tech will work.” If one listens to the above tape…one will see what he was referring to and why.

    If one only used ARC (or the lack thereof) to differentiate real Scientology from Miscavigology (or any other perverted application of real Scientology)…one would not be wrong in doing so and it would be effective.

    And since ARC will resolve all problems everywhere, it is inherent in us as Scientologists to use ARC to understand and resolve the problems we are faced with here: a hostile (albeit covert) takeover of the Church by forces suppressive to the aims of Scientology and to LRH. Cleverly done, I must admit…took me 30 years to really confront it and realize what had happened. But like all hostile takeovers…since the ARC is missing, it will fail…eventually.


    • Well said, Chiun, bravo!
      Any chance of you posting your list anywhere? I’d love to read it.

      • Hi Poet13c,

        I sent it to a couple of friends of mine after I finished it…but I’ve never posted it anywhere. As far as reading it…honestly, it was my eval for my situation. The list was merely a list of outpoints I observed over the last 40 years…type of thing. True, it’s very precise and it was unbelievably long..but it would be better if you sat back and compiled your own list of outpoints that you, yourself, had observed…what you saw or experienced and which specific policy or policies were violated. That will most likely bring you a lot more relief than reading mine. But if, after you are done with yours, if you really still want to see it…give me a way to send it to you and I will.

        • Hi Chiun.
          Yes, I did start compiling my own lists, and like you, realised that I was pulling on the end of a very long string! The more outpoints I spotted, the more cogs I had, until eventually, I got enough of the picture to evaluate the rest. I got into Dianetics and Scientology in London in 1968. I understood LRH straight away, joined staff in 1971 and the SO in ’72.

          Since then, I’ve been amazed at the Tech, Policy and Ethics alter-is inflicted by mr david madhouse. I’ve already seen some really great write-ups by some very knowledgeable folk, for instance Jim Logan’s study of F/N’s. One day, soon I hope, some projects may get started to restore authentic LRH text in full – a very needful thing, in my view. I’m not collecting data, but the viewpoint of others is hugely interesting to me. I’ve been such a mushroom! But I’m keen to catch up.

          Incidentally, there was a recent report in the Village Voice of mr madhouse burying LRH materials in underground bunkers! This is very funny to me. But anyway, we can’t be sure that the materials being preserved haven’t already been alter-ised. After all, mr madhouse is quite insane and can’t be trusted, in my opinion.

          The best chance we have is to make auditors, and to audit, and get some course rooms set up to train the auditors and C/Ses, and get back on purpose. For this, we need the right data, or as much of it as we can get right.

          All I have at the moment is a lot of notes collected since leaving the madhouse last year. There’s a ton of stuff online, some of which is quite distressing to read. But Marty’s blog is quite safe, and the people are great, so I tend to confine myself here. Along with Steve Hall’s site, and a few others, there aren’t that many pro-LRH places to go on the net, or at least that I know of. All the decent ones I’ve discovered are listed on my page. You can email me, poet13c at

          Richard Kaminski

    • What a wonderful couple of days on the blog. Thank you, Chiun, for your contribution. Your post and Kristina’s and Robert Earle’s posts today on this page have been full of correct indications.

    • Chiun,

      One more comment. You note that things started going bad in 1975. For me, it was around 1978. I believe that this is before Miscavige started to take over. I have often wondered what the “earlier beginning” was.

      Around 1977 or 1978, the mission holder of our big booming mission went off to MOWW (Mission Office Worldwide) for about six months, I think it was. Things started to tank while he was gone, and when he got back, they rapidly got worse, with “SP finding” becoming the order of the day. By the time of the infamous “Mission Holder’s Meeting” where Miscavige summarily declared mission holders on the spot, our big booming mission was down to almost nothing.

      Of course the price increases started somewhere in the late seventies, I think it was, and they were definitely a factor. But the switch from using ARC to “heavy ethics” and force also started about that time.

      • Hey Simple,

        Interesting what you observed. For me, I believe the source of the heavy out-of-ARCness was the G.O. And it probably made many of the staff PTS to HCO.

        It is my belief (I don’t have much evidence to back this up with…but it’s my gut feeling) that government agents had infiltrated the G.O. and were using it to spread false applications and cause chaos within the Church…specifically by, for one, deep-sixing ARC by management towards staff. And that had to have started some years prior to 1977, because the FBI raid happened in 1977.

        But in addition to that…there are some not-widely-known facts apparently, as to how LRH created the EPF (Estates Project Force) and why. Just about every old timer knows that there were very specific pre-reqs that person had to have in order to be a Sea Org Member in 1972. But I am pretty sure hardly anyone knew exactly what those pre-reqs were, per LRH.

        In 1968, a person had to be Clear or Pre-OT before they could join the S.O…and also had to be trained as an auditor, if I am not mistaken. And at that time, LRH said the GI divided by Staff was $50,000 per man!!! (that’s in 1968 dollars!!!). But by 1972, the GI/Staff had dropped to $40 per man. So Ron did an eval and discovered that after 1968, the pre-reqs for recruitment had been dropped out and anyone could join…regardless of Case State or Training level.

        In the eval Ron did, he pointed out that this was the WHY on the crashed GI/Staff. So, he came up with a plan…the Decks…basic training and auditing for new recruits so they could actually BE a Sea Org member in the Sea Org. And that plan was first called the DPF (Decks Project Force) and then later changed to the EPF (Estates Project Force).

        But…the other little known fact was that there was an auditing REQUIREMENT as part of the original EPF/DPF program that Ron wrote as a result of that eval he did…in order to really BE a Sea Org member…and that was supposed to handle the exact case manifestation that was making people irresponsible. It had to be properly handled BEFORE the person was posted in the Sea Org or the new recruit could become a severe liability to the Sea Org.

        This was SO important that LRH made it a HIGH CRIME to violate his eval, and the title of the Flag Order that chronicled this eval and the EPF/DPF program was “the High Crime FO”…FO 3182.

        And again, this was 1972. By 1975, I can attest from first-hand knowledge that that case requirement had been “dropped out” of the EPF program. And “sec checks” had been substituted…now that I think about it, I will bet dollars to donuts someone in the G.O. was responsible for that.

        And what that did was it allowed recruits to join and be part of the S.O., when they were not really qualified to be a Sea Org members per the eval… (unless by some miracle, they had handled that particular case manifestation in their own Bridge actions). And it is my guess that that led to some kind of 3D agreement/aberration that it was OK to substitute force for ARC. And that is 180 degrees the opposite of what LRH wanted, per that reference from the First Postulate Series.

        There is more to this, but this is the short version.


        • Hi Chiun,

          I just saw this, and I’m sure glad I did. I hope you see my response.

          I believe that the headquarters for the GO was at St Hill, which is also where MOWW was. The EO at our mission was trained by the GO, and I have to think that our mission holder was exposed to the GO while he was at MOWW. As you say, we don’t have any evidence that the GO was infiltrated, but something certainly happened.

          As to the SO, I often wondered why so many of the people I saw in the SO were not up to what I understood SO requirements to be, and why they lived in such degraded conditions. I used to think “these are the elite?” Didn’t make any sense to me. It also didn’t make sense to me that LRH hadn’t done anything about it. Now, many years later, I find out that he did and that his orders were ignored.

          It seems to me that you and a couple of the other posters could put together quite the history of what has gone wrong. It seems to me that it would blow lots of charge and help us to be much smarter in the future.

          • Hey Simple,

            Excellent additional data…thank you. Yah…I know exactly what you mean about posting a history of what happened. I think it would be an really good idea to get into real ARC with exactly how the little dictator took over controls of the Church…and exactly how the tech was altered…because only then will we advance out of this mess stronger and with more understanding, thus not needing ever to repeat this 3D engram again. In my research of this entire mess, I discovered some fascinating things…the alter-is of the EPF program is just one. As we progress on these posts, I am sure I will outline when appropriate, the various things I discovered as to how the various ethics, tech and policy was alter-ised. As others do the same thing…piece by piece we will get the truth as to what happened.


    • Chiun
      Thank you for your input on this point of ARC. Your observation of 75 or so being a turning point in ARC decline and enforced orders increase is coincident with implimentation of Reg program #2 which had very heavy emphasis on implimentation of Big League sales. The program became the go to program to push GI. I have a long story on this topic which I will not get into right now but I will mention that by 78 the “Hubbard Professional Sales Course” (the course regges trained on) had only 2 LRH refs on the checksheet, KSW 1 and Tech Degrades. The rest of the checksheet consisted only of the Board Policy Letters written by others and the BLS book and drills for it. There was no reference to ARC or the comm cycle on the course and the drills included ignoring originations. This would be part of the lack of ARC. According to the author of Big League Sales series #1 (not LRH) LRH had commented on the fact that BLS was one of the best books on the market on the topic of closing sales. It should be noted that comments are not policy(see the data series) and I seriously doubt that it was LRHs intention that Scientology basics like ARC and the com cycle would be trashed in favor of Les Danes tech on closing. In 78 I wrote a csw to have the BLS PLs cancelled as policy and downgraded to hat write up materials, they were cancelled in first part of 79 only to be resurrected again as SOEDs later. There is more to this story but I’ll leave it here for now.

    • What a great report. Thank you for posting this.

    • ”Without ARC, none of our other tech will work.”

      Thanks for relaying this. True enough. I noticed Scientology works when at curious or desire on the CDEI scale. Curious and/or desire about, carry ARC.
      Once you get into the enforce band or the inhibit band with it, it looses it’s value. Given that it is a volunteer activity between consenting adults exploring the occult and/or the supernatural, enforcement should be no part of the package. When the social intercourse within dwindles to stalking, blackmail, beatings and torture, it’s value has flipped into an anti value situation. What you find on the news these days is that anti value being discussed.

      • Hi Oracle.

        Ron never asked me to “accept” his data or viewpoints simply because he said it. He never asked me to forego my own viewpoint for his…NEVER. He wanted me to look, myself…and verify every single datum, if I thought any datum needed verifying, type of thing. ARC to him was King.

        Ergo…calling what Miscavige did to Debbie and others “ecclesiastically protected actions” or whatever the term was he used, is such sarcasm…we should all just LAUGH at anyone who would parrot such a thing…because that’s about all they deserve…a good HORSE LAUGH.


    • awfully well said Chiun

      • Maurizio,

        Thank you. Kristina’s comm really hit home to me…I appreciated her saying all she said and it inspired me to finally throw my hat in the ring, too.


  16. Kristina, thank you for your care and all the work you have delivered to help. Thank you for your write-up.
    Concerning, “ARC is not used in the SO, because you would never get anything done”, I would like to quote “Diagnosis and Repair of Groups from January 1951.
    A few days ago I had quoted the first sentence of it: “Group repair is actually a study of the Tone Scale and mental equipment of the leader a group..”
    After reading your write-up I feel that the very next sentences fit to give the true LRH-data on this point of “no use of ARC”:
    “A group is no more ethical than its system of ethics. Ethics are a direct measure of a position on the Tone Scale. A system for measuring the ethic of any individual or group could be devised from tests measuring the communication, affinity and reality factors of the individual. Likewise a system of measuring the ethic of a group could be devised from a study of its communication, affinity and reality factors.”
    Thanks again. Please continue.

  17. MR, I recall having a chat with Kathy True at Flag in 2006 while she was informing me quite loudly of how my mother (retired 83 year old university graduate studies counselor, who also has a Psych PHD) was “THE ENEMY!!!” (her educational credential apparently the reason) all the while her eyes seemed to be rolling around in her head whilst yelling only 3 feet from me. This was my only face to face with her but afterwards I was quite certain she was insane and could not reckon the fact she was on 7 at the time. So glad to be out of that mess and not be in the position of having to justify or explain away that level of crazy anymore.

    Kristina, THANK YOU for your write up and welcome!

    • Thank you, Doug.

    • Doug, thank you for this comment. There are/were many public who had parents somehow involved in the mental health professions. As you discovered this can be a barrier to spiritual progress in the CofS. But wait. . . .I personally know a now New OT VIII who’s mother was a practicing psychiatrist. This only child inherited her mother’s considerable wealth and that “blood money” was happily accepted by the CofS for this parishioner’s services. Your mother just wasn’t wealthy enough or not dead yet so you could inherit her wealth. In the CofS money and not communication is the universal solvent.

  18. truly fascinating!

  19. Thank you Kristina for your intelligent, caring and insightful write-up. I found it both perceptive and validating.

    I well remember the release of the basics. I was completely disgusted and offended by the destructive and vicious assertion that LRH was so negligent and so utterly incompetent that he would have had all of us study books for over 30 years that were seriously flawed and out-tech. That the book Notes on the Lectures, that per LRH HCOB was to be starrated and M9ed wasn`t even republished. I was shocked and dismayed when I learned that there was an actual old book burning staged at one of the orgs. From that point on, I did not trust DM or any of his people. And then being told that I was REQUIRED to throw out my old books and buy an entire new set. I was further shocked and offended when I was called 15 to 30 times a day by staff from many different orgs and posts and hounded to buy the basics set. I was told that it didn`t matter that I had studied ALL of the materials they were trying to sell me, twice through as a fast flow student — that since I had not studied the new books, I was out-tech and mis-trained and needed to start over again to get the correct tech. I was threatened, had KRs written on me and told I would be declared suppressive if I did not comply with “command intention.“ The final straw was have CMO Int (CMO Int selling books!!!!) show up on my doorstep late one evening demanding to be let into my home and refusing to leave. The only reason they left was because a very large male friend of mine stopped by and demanded to know if there was a problem. Over a three month period there were hundreds of messages on my business phone, my cell phone and my home phone, calling from different numbers to hide who they were and making it impossible for me to work during the day. It was not considered relevant that I had just paid over $30K on my bridge and had no FP for this purchase. I was told I was a pathetic excuse for an OT and out-ethics to boot and since I didn`t have the money on demand, then obviously I had out-tech, no doubt from the out-tech books I had studied and I needed to get my tech in. I finally changed my phone number and I moved. Believe me, I did not give anyone in the Church my new information. I have never stepped foot in an org since.

    This was on the heels of an IAS event where we were asked what our IAS level was when we arrived and given a tag that we were supposed to wear. The purpose of the tag was to make it possible for the staff there to focus on those who needed to “upgrade“ their membership. We wanted to leave the event early, because it was clear to us that it was going to be crush regging at the end of the event, but the doors were blocked by SO members, clearly there to stop people from leaving early. The event itself was another bombastic fanfare of audio-visual lunacy, full of generalities and claims that could easily be seen to be untrue such as the orgs are doing wonderfully (yet I had just been to one and it was EMPTY.) At the end of the event, we pushed our way out, finally getting out by telling the staff that we had a friend who was an IAS reg that we had promised the commission to. It was the last event I ever went to.

    Like you Kristina, I could practically write a book on what I observed over the years as the descent into squirrel actions took place, since my involvement is several decades.

    My deepest sorrow was understanding that I could not safely send anyone in to the Church for auditing. Not without opening them up to the destruction of their dynamics and squirreled tech and admin. It was probably the most horrible and saddest day of my entire life when I fully comprehended that. And then getting on the Internet and understanding that even sending people to independents still opened them and me up to ongoing harassment, including disconnection. I have been working to get the last of my loved ones out of the Church. Just a few more to go and they and I am finally free from the insanity. You see, I was a great FSM, very trusted, the person who brought them in, (lots of them) and I had to find a way to get them back out — very difficult to do given the current management`s obsession with disconnection. I never thought I would deeply regret the work I was once so proud of, but my God, there it is. And I truly wish it were not so.

    So thank you for your honesty and for bringing the information you have to light. It helps, it truly does. And to those of you who are trying to find good ways, beneficial ways, to continue to be able to offer people auditing in a safe and sane environment, thank so much.

    • Thanks for that Maria. As an old reg, bookseller and body router, I can totally relate to the utter shock and dismay you feel when you realise it’s necessary to run a reverse flow in order to save someone from having reverse scientology run on them.

    • Your humble servant


      Thank you for this moving and important story! Take heart. One day it may all come out all right!

    • a heart touching report …

    • Thank you for your post, Maria. And to David Miscavige, OSA, Continental Justice Chiefs, LRH Comms, Internationl Justice Chief, et al… I just have to say, THANK YOU for the part you have played in helping to bring all this TRUTH to LIGHT.

  20. Hi Kristina,

    Thank you for adding your voice to and corroborating the observations of other trained OTs on this site who have been on the “inside” .

    Your postings and the postings of others here really fill in the blanks for those of us who have been on the “outside” wondering what the heck has been going on or knowing what has probably been going on for many years with no verification.

    So, I’m just going to take out my giant rubber stamp and stamp “The ‘Why’ for the outpoint of no KTL, LOC, or Superpower in orgs is out-tech, mismanagement, and Miscavige’s evil intentions.” … VERIFIED! Thank you!

  21. “No, you are not stupid.”

    When I heard him say that I thought, I must be. And then I proved that I was by buying the whole set and recycling my old books. So he was right, but he was wrong. I want nothing more to do with this cult. Whatever it was conceived to be as a group with an aim is long gone. It is a cult that needs to be examined by the authorities for its crimes and abuses. There is no disrespect to the stated intentions of L. Ron Hubbard in this. It is a worthwhile pursuit, perverted and inverted in this organization. How to get dumber.

    • Your humble servant

      Don’t feel too bad, Kevin. The true datum that David Miscavige is a complete anti-social personality and a total psychopath simply could not be credited by any Scientologist in active participation with the Church at the time. The true datum was simply too incredible to be believed. One has to get some separation from the hypnotic effect of Miscavige and his organization to realize the truth.

  22. Thanks Kristina for the story. I want to emphasis on “inspection before the fact”. The whole concept of “Eligibility” is in complete opposition to it. First issue of “OT Eligibility” is from march 1982. It was signed by LRH assisted by snr cs int. Which means apparently it was written by David Mayo. On instruction of LRH or anyone else?
    Anyway it’s false in contradiction with a much senior datum on “inspection before the fact”.
    The idea of OT eligibility seems to be a “bright” political idea to forward an unknown agenda. An arbitrary which was a solution to a problem.
    In fact, from 1968 till 1982 there was no eligibility, and it was the greatest expansion in the history of Scientology.

    Re the technical degrade of the original OT levels, same business of alter is. What a weird idea to call the OT DRD “New OTIV” and Not’s “New OTV” and son on, and to garbage OT levels handwritten by LRH with the ability to operate exterior. And, frankly, many of you will find it’s too much, but I wonder if “From Clear to Eternity” was really authored by LRH. It’s threatening people of oblivion if they don’t go up the bridge (not the tone level of LRH), this idea of Eternity is not in anything LRH ever said previously (look like a control factor to keep customer into the church). And this story of pre ot levels and real OT levels, more like a marketing idea than a technical concept.
    What about the eternity of those who did OTVIII on the first maiden voyage, how many will do OT9? Probably the half of them are either blow or dead. And still no OT 9 in sight. I wonder if those upper OT level ever existed. If it’s not a marketing invention of Miscavige and Broeker at that time to keep the customers in the shop. Otherwise, isn’t it SP to let all this OTVIII becoming “past life OTVIII” before they can get the upper bridge?
    Miscavige is a little bully, and Broeker, I thought when I discovered him on the “event” of the death of Ron, was looking to me like a sort of actor. A big show for idiots. They really thought scientologists were gullible people, which they were. Too bad…
    Anyway there is even many more outpoints and the eval has not been done.

    • For me Pat Broeker looked rather PTS. As forced to lie. Forced to maintain an agenda with which he did not agree. He was unnaturally nervous, almost paranoid.

      • I was there (in L.A.) that night. All I can say for sure is that watching Pat Broeker made me completely uncomfortable — because he was THAT uncomfortable himself.

        BTW, that night was the first time I ever saw or heard of David Miscavige.


        • Yeah, I was there too, and also the first time I’d ever heard of Miscavige. And that night was a last straw for me. Whether right or wrong I knew what I had percieved clear as day, coming from this guy and being lapped up by the audience was the end of my scn. career whether that’s what I wanted or not:(
          For all the talk about “knowingness” if you were actually caught using yours all that gained you was a spot on the hall floor in front of the ethics office. (The couch no longer being free as the queues already meandered down the hall by quite a distance at that point.)

          • Victoria,JM, SKM, Ana…very perceptive beings you are. I was there with my husband when he turned to me and said “this is the biggest coup this church will ever see”!!!

        • Same here, JM. I was also there that night, and I concur. Pat Broeker looked like a man who wanted to be anyplace else in the universe, other than that stage.

          Seeing his bad indicators immediately made me suspect that some sort of crime was underfoot. What I didn’t know at the time, was that he wasn’t the perpetrator of that crime. From what I’ve read recently, I imagine that he already knew what Miscavige had planned for him, and that his days as ‘First Loyal Officer’ were numbered.

          Another thing that surprised me about that hand-over, was the fact that the reins weren’t being turned over to someone who the public already knew. I’d never heard of Pat Broeker or his wife before that night. Why weren’t the reins handed over to one of the well-known top execs, I wondered? It all just seemed so suspicious to me, at the time.

      • “For me Pat Broeker looked rather PTS.”

    • You’re welcome, Ana. I agree with you about this “Eternity” thing. The old timers I’ve talked to about this agree, there was never an Eternity issue in the early days. I personally have never worried about my eternity and also find that it flies in the face of so much the Old Man wrote about. I agree, it’s a control tactic. The only ones who should worry are those who buy the idea that they should be worried!

      • Yea, and in “Have you lived before this life” Ron talks about how hell was made up just to make people unhappy, and that there is no hell.

    • I remember that January 1986 event so well. I saw the video in my local org. My first impression of Pat Broeker? He had arguably the worst TRs I ever saw. A comm course graduate (the OLD HAS course) had better TRs. I could not believe THIS was the person to whom LRH passed the torch.

      Remember Pat’s comm cycle additive of constantly licking and smacking his lips? Decades later in the Harry Potter movie Prisoner of Azkaban the actor playing Bertie Crouch Jr., one of Lord Voldemort’s Death Eaters, had the same lip licking, lip smacking mannerism that Broeker had in the 1986 video. Apropos.

  23. What a heck of a write-up that was Kristina!

    Welcome to this community!

    If one were to trace back the origins of many rundowns and services one will find out that LRH developed them specifically for staff, and there are tons of correspondence and technical hand-written notes by LRH to confirm this but they are not available in what’s publicly issued.

    The L Rundowns were developed for the staff aboard the Apollo.

    In the mid 70’s after LRH had thoroughly examined the change in the society, especially the decline in education compared to the pre-50’s era as well as the drug culture that sprung up in the 60’s and continued on, LRH had trouble with new staff members as far as their ability to duplicate and perform. Out of this developed the Purification and TR’s and objectives to specifically handle the effects of the new drug culture.

    However, the Key To Life course was developed to undercut the lack of proper education in the English language as people at large were not able to conceptionally grasp even the simplest of English words.

    The basic outline for KTL was laid out by LRH and then compiled by others, mainly Sue Koon. LRH wrote an Int Base-only ED which mandated that all Cine personnel get through KTL and the Art Course as prerequisites for being posted in Cine (i.e. ALL personnel technically involved in producing films and audio/visual products.) It was specifically intended for staff.

    I was a foreigner with a limited English school education and poor at that. I did the Key To Life course in 1992 followed by extensive M1 later and I can truly said that I recovered my past English education (from very far back) and today I not only think conceptionally but I’m more “native” in English than my mother tongue.

    It was a brilliant strategy by LRH because he had lots of problems with Cine crew from 1976 – 1981 not duplicating the most basic technical write-ups on how to do various aspects of film making. With the new line-up of the Art Course and KTL and the specific LRH issues on film making. new crew could be and WERE trained to be able to perform, from scratch.

    As an example, during LRH’s time there was only one person (outside of LRH himself) he recognized as truly being able to mix sound. The subject of audio mixing was a very sour subject and LRH usually ended up having to do it himself. One other person showed good promise but he had some issues in other areas. To help that person out, LRH developed the False Purpose Rundown specifically to aid this promising staff member.

    After the tech was available to staff several new guys, including myself, were able to be trained as mixers and actually perform to LRH’s standard and beyond.

    Huge numbers of people had great wins in doing the Key To Life course but somewhere along the line David Miscavige suddenly considered the KTL course as issued to be a squirrel compilation by Sue Koon. I don’t have all the specifics on what happened but the course just got dropped from delivery – first at the Int Base and then internationally. That was over 10 years ago and no new course has come forth to replace the old one.

    You’re also right that Super Power was indeed developed for staff, to ensure the staff had the best possible potentials to be effective on post, as then they would have the maximum effect on the public and the society.

    The Super Power rundowns were being piloted at least in the early 90’s at the Int Base and maybe even before. About 5-10 different staff members received at least some if not all the rundowns. The perception rundown was made to work with whatever they had in hand but as the majority of actual technical auditing were Grades-level processes there was no lack of skill to be able to pilot these rundowns. This was way before Matt did his pilot.

    Many have seen the slogan (paraphrased) “Super Power puts world clearing into reality” but what people don’t see on that same piece of promo is how the strategy was to first give it to staff and then government officials and then the public.

    The fact is that there are so many strategies for staff – all of which are not implemented and it actually occurred to me in reading your write-up that David Miscavige started using “RTC Reps” to personally bypass every aspects and echelon of Scientology. He always treated almost everyone at the Int Base like they were scum, SPs or DBs and that base has been in chronic Treason to David Miscavige (in his mind) since the late 90’s (which he used as a perfect justifier as to why he could perpetually bypass all over the org – because they weren’t even up to Danger) and this contempt of other staff which went along with comments that no hatting, training or auditing can work when “ethics is out” got exported to all other SO orgs with RTC basically running the show and org form became a distant facsimile of the past.

    Since 2007 an RTC Rep was personally running the Basic Sales at the FSO and I’m pretty sure the same was the case in all other SO orgs. An RTC Rep was giving the quotas and policing that people got ripped off post to go to the call-in center to sell – personally – and then policed that people didn’t go home until they met their quota.

    If that isn’t as far fetched from ensuring there is proper ethics, teach and admin within Scientology I don’t know what is – unless of course all SO members were in Treason to David Miscavige and he had to personally or through his Reps ensure even the most menial task got done – that is menial tasks having to do with making money for David Miscavige, i.e. Basics Sales or IAS fundraising or Ideal Org buildings or 6-months sec checks, which by the way are ONLY done as a means to ensure people don’t go disaffected, i.e. get connected with the wrong person or starts reading the internet, while making some additional good bucks while they are at it…

    Even now as I’m writing this and with your write-up in mind I’m realizing more and more how David Miscavige has undermined Scientology staff – he is intentionally ensuring that staff don’t get more competent or get better potential, all while making them wrong at every opportunity. I believe I can find at least a hundred policy letters where LRH writes the importance of hatting and training and processing staff. No wonder there are no technical SO people left at Golden Era outside of helpers, and even if they have the potential they are ordered not to produce because David Miscavige rather hires professionals to do all the technical jobs – ALL posts in EVERY technical area of Gold – while posting department and divisional heads that love to suck up to those professionals, especially as they get to eat the left-over VIP snacks…

    Oops getting on a roll… Anyway Kristina – great write-up and thank you for speaking out. The various views and angels of what’s going on is slowly congealing the full picture for what it really is – corruption of LRH tech and his intentions and hopefully if enough of us speak out the message will reach the inside as well!

    • Great background info, Ulf. Thanks.

      • morelivesthanacat

        Correct me if I’m wrong Dan Koon, but when I arrived at LRH’s base in LaQuinta (WHQ) in 1978, there were already about 40 auditors recruited from around the world on site to train up on Super Power. 1978!! That’s 34 years ago. Of course it turns out they weren’t up to par at the time for the training and that’s when the World Out of Comm Eval was done resulting in KTL and LOC. And those who originally came to train on Super Power became instead the first products of KTL and LOC and the birth of the New World Corps.
        So–as has been said before here, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the new Super Power carrot building that Dave’s been promising perversely for Super Power delivery to public. It was developed as a rundown for staff. Public eventually–maybe. But note that its original intent isn’t part of the plan anymore.

        • I’m not Dan, but can confirm what you say. The auditors/trainees were brought to one of the WHQ properties on Monroe St & WOOC eval done.

          Dan’s article on Superpower also has the reason that Matt Feshbach fell on his head, in my opinion:

          “Unfortunately, something else that LRH predicted also happened. He said that if some people in an org were put through the rundowns but others weren’t, then eventually those who hadn’t had the gains would pull down the others who had. And that’s what occurred. It might have taken a few years, but eventually nearly everybody, as I can recall, got into some kind of serious post difficulties. But in this regard, they were no different from everybody else at the Int Base, however, so the fact that LRH’s prediction came true in this regard cannot be taken as a denigration of their initial gains or an invalidation of the potentials of Super Power. “…

          This is from Dan’s write up at:

        • Your memory is very good, MoreLives. There was another property bought in the neighboring town of Indio on Monroe Street and that is where the Super Power trainees were brought. Greg Wilhere, Jim Sydejko and David Phillips came from Flag, others came from ASHO, St. Hill and AOSHEU. The Qual WHQ auditors were also part of the mix.

    • Firstly — thank you Kristina for such a complete history of your SO and scientology career. Wow — I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone leave and come back into the SO so unscathed.

      And Ulf — your very precise explanation how this run-down for staff led to this one to this one and the rest. I remember completely that Super Power was FIRST for the staff, government officials and the public.

      As for the purif — I delivered, while on Mission, the first purif program to staff at Toronto Org – late ’70s — the “how to” was still on telex lines, not HCOBs or anything so fancy. I feel badly as the telex said 1/2 cup of oil (not in salads or anything) and I made everyone take their oil that way.

      YEARS later someone wrote me up … which I always thought was rather funny.

      Anyway — between all of us – my very bunched up track of scientology will start to unravel and sort out and then as-is-ness can occur.

      Thanks again Kristina.


      • You’re welcome, windhorse.

      • Windhorse, I did the Purif when it first came out and I drank the oil. It was a small price to pay for a result I really wanted to achieve and did achieve. However it was “barfulous”, to coin a word, to drink the oil “neat”.

    • Dear Ulf, Excellent write up and very enlightening. I never got a chance to train on KTL or LOC but I sure used the KTL materials anytime I could while on course. I believe the KTL course to be marvelous the way it was put together just by using the Small Common Words Defined on the course room as it was of tremendous help for me a someone whose native tongue is not English.

      However I could not say the same for the LOC. I also never had the chance to do it but being a curious person I read it from cover to cover.

      In 2001 One thing about this course struck me as odd: The stated VFP on the Grade Chart for the LOC: Someone who will becompetent in the physical universe.

      I thought to myself, OK let`s pretend I FINISHED the course already. That would mean I have this VFP so now in present “I will be competent in the physical universe” (In some unspecified FUTURE) Which means I AM NOT ALREADY. There is something wrong with that and so I coummunicated. Too bad I now realize I comunicated to the WRONG PEOPLE (RTC).

      I never really got any flak from RTC for my opinions on the course (The local RTCs were receiving copies of my write ups). I do not know what they did with this information but I did noticed that around that time I had seen some promo to the effect that there were preparation in the ship for an event where KTL and LOC would be re-released or something like that and nothing ever happened on that that I know of as like you pointed out, both KTL annd LOC were dropped from delivery.

      I saw manipulations and disgreements on key points on the course like what the hat of a person had to be. Specially for SO memebers who`s SO hat would clash with what they decided on as “their hat in life”. Some people by the end of the course would decide that their hat in life was “to be an artist” or “to be an atlete”. Of course that does not satisfy executives and C/S that SO members would decide on that as their hat in life.

      Others trying to make their SO hat align with this would decide their hat in life was a “specific post” like my hat in life is to be the “Treasury FSO” or any other specific post. Later on I would see that same person on a different post. That confirmed to me that this was the wrong apprach because there is no stability in an organization which expands. People move up or down the org board all the time.

      The problem I saw with the course was that this plus many other “small details” were huge outpoints.

      I councluded that “deciding on a hat in life” is the wrong approach and I proposed that deciding on a “BASIC PURPOSE” was more aligned to what the course intended to do. Along with all of my write ups I also pointed out that I did not think this was an LRH mistake but a COMPILATIONS MISTAKE. I don`t know if am right or wrong but all of the evidence pointed out in that direction.

      I suggested that KTL should contain such references as the ADMIN SCALE and the reference where LRH talks about extensively about BASIC PURPOSES which is THE STRUCTURE OF ORGANIZATION: WHAT IS POLICY.

      I pointed out that this VFP (Someone who will becompetent in the physical universe.) was a glib expected result. I got very brave (having done my homework in reseaching the subject) and I even proposed a VFP for this course:

      “Someone who knows the basic principles of expansion because he has established his basic purpose in life, which he uses as his stable datum to handle confusions OF LIVING by alinging all effort into a SINGLE THRUST, thus generating power for self and for a third dynamic”

      If you notice the above is based PURELY on LRH key references.


      Expansion – THEORY OF POLICY

      Stable Datum – Problems of Work

      Aligning Efforts – PL on Strategic Planning and the Admin Scale


      And that in part brought me to the end of my career in the SO because these write ups did hunt me in the end and were used to frame me as a squirrel. So I was a squirrel for NOTICING OUTPOINTS and PROPOSING a SOLUTION to the outpoints.

      But what do you know. In the end compilations WAS BLAMED for outpoints on the books later on.

      • Sorry one more thing. Mind you I am doing this from memory as I lost ALL my write ups on the route out process from FSO in 2007. One key element i forgot in the VFP I proposed for the LOC:

        “Someone who knows the basic principles of expansion because he has established his basic purpose in life, which he uses as his stable datum to handle confusions OF LIVING and who IS MAKING THAT BASIC PURPOSE BE MANIFIESTED INTO THE REAL PHYSICAL UNIVERSE by alinging all effort into a SINGLE THRUST, thus generating power for self and for a third dynamic”

    • Incredible …

    • Thanks Ulf for the history-Its amazing the utter contrast of what Ron was doing for staff and what dm does. And it is amazing how Ron “whipped up”Tech to help the staff.

    • Wow! Thank you, Ulf. That’s great data for more dot connecting. Yes, David Miscavige has done all within his power to keep/put staff down. He obviously does not want capable people around him, only yes men and brown nosers, so he has used every play known to him to keep/put them where he wants them. Some people are more susceptible to hypnotism than others. I think we need to simply continue to bring Truth to the light of day and, at the same time, flow as much theta as possible to those who are still caught up in the lies in order to help free them. We can and are doing this.

    • I did KTL/LOC and thought they were two of the best courses ever issued in the CofS. I think the real reason they fell out of favor was that on LOC you truly did discover your hat in life. So many people discovered their hat did not include being a staff member or an SO member and they were firm in their discovery because they had applied thorough LRH tech in the process.

      I am sure at the executive level someone went “holy crap these guys want to be musicians, artists, teachers, mothers, physicists, ecologists, and don’t want to be on staff or FSM’s. Kill that f…ing course NOW!”

      • You’re close but the reality is worse. If an Int staff member came up with a hat in life other than his assigned post DM made them retread the course and if any flack the person would be sent to ethics and this was pushed on all the Qual terminals who did his bidding for him. Once the situation became numerous the LOC course was simply removed from people’s line-up as having something which made people make their own decisions was of course contrary to “command intention” and LOC was no more…

  24. Dear Kristin,
    thank you very much for your write-up.

    This is very revealing.

  25. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    “If it isn´t written, it isn´t true.” And “If it isn´t in an HCOB or an HCO PL or recorded on a tape in my voice, it isn´t tech or policy.” (LRH.) If Hubbard never mentioned or described a post called COB in an HCOB or HCO PL or said anything about this post on a tape, then this post was never true or in tech or on policy to begin with. From that you can deduce, that anything coming from this post will be untrue, out tech and off policy. And this man is running the whole church – off the rails. And declaring people and harrassing people and punishing people and taking them to court, if they disagree. And we are paying him to do it. It is just becoming more and more absurd by the day. – This site is indeed a wake-up call and I´m glad I found it.

  26. Thank you. I loved reading that.
    I noticed one major point you mentioned: people not able to duplicate.

    “Blind leading the blind” can be further broken down to:
    WHY are people blind? – because they do have MUs and False Data etc.
    That boils down to out study tech or left out step: primary rundown followed by KTL and LOC by EVERY staff and public.
    Study tech is the bridge to society. Imagine that would be in! No robotic GAT drills afterwards, no glibness anymore, just straight application of standard tech.
    Also I think it is very contrary facts to have all this wonderfull apparently new standard books and tech etc., but NO admin or tech dictionalry without BTB and BPL definitions….

    • And it all leads up the Org Board ending with C.O.B.: David Miscaviage.

      You’re reached the conclusion I came to on my Data Series evaluation. But imagine coming that conclusion knowing he (DM() was just 8 stories above you! How do you say it out loud? Can you? Did I? Hell no.

      One declare and 15+ years later, my confront was up enough to think it out loud. Bless Marty for the BRASS to look this SP in the eye and call him out. I often wondered when someone would at least do what Debbie Cook did. To me, that was a justifiable gradient. But it never happened. It took Marty and Mike and many others to bite the bullet and take the path never chosen. And now, that path is becoming well laid out.

      Onward and Upward! :)

      • I agree.
        One could ask:
        WHY was that primary rundown not implemented followed by KTL and LOC (and for staff the super power rundowns)?
        WHY was so far not a proper basics dictionary released with only LRH definitions?
        That would lead to the ethics why or who. And it is clear who the who is.
        IMHO …. :))

    • Hi peace, Micsavage’s blanket “blind leading the blind” was also the same as saying “well-trained auditors and C/Ses are blind leading the blind”. It was an insult to every well-trained and highly experienced auditor and C/S in the world (which included LRH-trained auditors and C/Ses, some with far far more auditing and C/Sing experience than DM). The entire implementation of GAT by DM was suppressive in my book, with not only new auditors needing “retraining” in the robo-drills, but also those with decades of experience (including LRH-trained auditors and C/Ses) being forced to “retrain” under DM’s squirrel tech.

      There have been study bugs in plenty of students over the years, no doubt, but to call the entire group of auditors and C/Ses in the entire world “blind” (and thus needing Micsavage’s re-training) was suppressive.

      Also, to entirely trust the on-sourceness of the HCOBs and HCOPLs issued or re-issued by Micsavage and RTC in the 80s and 90s, is to trust that a sociopathic criminal will “do the right and ethical thing” with LRH’s tech and admin. I’m not saying that the entire 1991 Tech Vols and OEC Vols are squirreled, but they do have a criminal’s “oversight” (and almost certainly contain lies and overt products as created through the “interpretation” of a criminal) and it behooves all of us to expect a thorough review of the entire thing before all of this is over.

      • I assume from DMs viewpoint it was a totally correct why. He knows all and the rest is blind and stupid. That prooves it. Sounds a bit like a serv fac and not as a why to me.

    • You’re welcome, peace.

  27. That is a punch right to Miscavige`s nose sure to give him a black eye!
    Take that DM!

  28. Kristin,
    Every now and then we all need a good dose of agreement about what Scientology is all about…. your high ARC both as staff and public, your persistent dedication to a lifetime of Scientology and your write up here of the many, many things that Scientologists at any level of training or auditing wholeheartedly agree with is, well, very heartening to say the least.

    You give us strength and clarity of vision to see LRH’s goals and aspirations about Scientology and about what Scientology was supposed to be…. I thank you so much Kristin, from your many, many kindred spirits both “in”, “out” and “on the fence” of the Church that can see “source” and will find in your words the courage to act on what they see. In a word, you are an inspiration.

  29. Not to derail this thread, but I just saw an article that will resonate with DM, about a guy who felt he was too short and grew six inches via some wild surgical procedure. At 85 grand, this would set org staff back only a paycheck to two to give it to DM as a gift. Hopefully, the world will look different to him from six inches higher. Here is the link:–abc-news.html

    • LOL…..Dan how dare you even consider cross targeting our future time track of jokes on Dave’s stature. Let’s put it this way. “Just think of your poor applebox maker, Dan”

      • On second thought since you know him far better than I , perhaps curing him of his “Height Dysphobia” is the fast track to getting him to slink off into nowhere with his improved height as a disguise. The sooner the better..

      • Can’t call him, ‘Your Highness,’ just yet. It’ll have to stay as, ‘Tich.’

    • retired, extremely dangerous

      Yea Dan but he’d still be ‘Little Dickie’. Now if it could do something for his ‘richard'(long for dick) then Lou might feel better about it! But seeing as how it involves pain, the coward would never do it.

  30. A beautifully written perspective and great supplementary comments! Better than the “Orientation” film and supersedes it to my way of thinking.

    I would add that if one did not buy the basics outright or through the constant regging, the price was deducted from service funds on account at Flag without authorization and the books were delivered to the doorstep but delivery was refused. This happened to me.

    Welcome Royce’s! We embrace you. L, Rachel

  31. Kristina,

    Welcome and thank you for your astute observations. Two things stood out for me at that “Basics” event:
    How on earth could it be possible for all of those “mistakes” to have existed in LRH’s books for so long. What are the odds, really? That was the first outpoint. Then, I find out after I left that David Miscavage has introduced several alterations in the materials. Aids Thompson, CL VIII Auditor lays out some of these alterations in her videos. on YouTube. Made clear to me that each new release of something was likely due to some alter-is being injected in by him — that and an opportunity to rake in more money.

    The second thing that blew me away at that event was when Miscavage talked about the glossary in the back of each book and how “all” one needed to do if they encountered an MU was look it up in the glossary. He threw standard word clearing tech out the window with that one. The staff member I pointed this out to after the event was far more interested in selling me a set of “Basics” than the blatent out-tech that was being perpetrated at the top. I was dumbfounded.

  32. I’m glad I came back to this blog. Reading so many more powerful messages.
    Thank you everyone for helping the educational process.

  33. Great write-up Kristina!
    Like you and many others, I, too, was dedicatedly serving in the SO for the purpose of clearing the planet.
    The SO and Church has been side-swiped and is in an on-going spin-out.
    Glad to hear your voice :)

  34. Wow Kristina, great write-up, thank you for speaking out and welcome to freedom!!

    I really hope that the disconnection crap will end and families can all be reunited – sooner rather than later. I remember, while still drinking the kool-aid, thinking that the safest way to be a scientologist was if you had no family (or friends) whatsoever….then there would be no one they could make you disconnect from if you disagreed!!! I should have analyzed that further at the time…..

    • Thanks, Bert. Yeah, it’s funny what you said about the safest way to be a scientologist. A friend of mine just said the same thing to me yesterday. What a great “group” to be a part of — just make sure you never get married, or have children, or make any friends within the group… Oh, my!

  35. Thanks, Kristina! Wow!

    The church is losing the old-timers. The core. The baseline of what Scientology really means. It’s not like none of us paid our dues. When I was 16 I went 34 hours without sleep for a couple days in a row after the FBI raid at Pac, working to safeguard the LRH tape archives. I had my share of comm-evs and bogus chits and outlandish “arbitrations” from the WISE Charter Committees. Every person who has been a Scientologist has these stories to tell – and while in the mix, we all were happy to be doing what we were doing. I never thought of staff as a hardship, never thought of being on the foundation schedule for 5 years to do the BC as a hardship – it was fun!

    The fact that it was fun, and was generally an overall positive experience is proved by people like you, Kristina, and Marty, and Steve, and Mike, and Amy and Karen, and Sinar, and, and.

    I really don’t give a shit that I ran into some assholes when on staff, and worked some crazy hours. What I give a shit about is that the REASON we bled the blood is BEING CUSSED UP BY MR. DAVID MISCAVIGE.

    We did not go through HELL to be the patsy of the POB. We did not spend our youth on lies and bogus bullshit. We did not audit the hours, do the drills, run the missions, to have people forcibly aborted, or be physically assaulted, or to be disconnected from our families, or have our livelihoods ruined.

    It is one thing for the public, the media to not get Scientology. That is the cross we bear for being different. But when the POB actively KILLS the church, and the real Scientologists start to turn away – well, the ship has sunk.

    I never expected the beauty of the Independent Community. I am really glad it is here. Thanks, again, Kristina!

  36. “The biggest outpoint to me was the lack of ARC in use amongst the staff. In fact, I even mentioned this to the then CO (Fred Hare) who told me that ARC is not used in the SO, because you would never get anything done. Well, I didn’t agree with that then and I never did go into agreement with that, but I saw other staff who did.”

    The above comment really says it all. Without ARC what do you have?

    A WOG world? No something worse. Knowing ARC exists and not using it.

    ARC seems to be the natural way you operate after you at least get your grades.

  37. Whatever outpoints there were prior to Miscavige’s regime, no one can argue that Scientology expanded from no Orgs in the early 1950s to approximately 160 by 1980 or so. Expansion of Orgs pretty much ended there except perhaps in Russia and other former iron curtain countries.Whatever outpoints there may or may not be in LRH ethics, admin and auditing tech no can argue that 1000s and 1000s of people, whether in or out of the official Church, would gladly line up to attest to gains they have received. As to Miscavige, it would seem that his only real contribution was whatever part he played in the IRS tax decision. I use to also credit him with helping to end the civil litigations from the early 1980s but from what info I have learned now it seems he screwed them up or purposely kept them going. Then after LRH departed he paid large settlements to make them go away. That they went away is good but any good work he may have contributed to either the IRS decision or the civil suits is now overwhelmed by his actions and the destruction they have brought about. I for one to do not think Scientology is perfect. Nor did LRH. Reference: Safeguarding Technology. But I do think it’s the best self improvement technology currently available; at least that I’m aware of.

    Kristin: When I was declared my children were made to disconnect. They were both SO members. After nine months my son left and joined me. My daughter remains. You have my postulate that you are reunited with your children soon.

    • Thanks for the postulate, Kevin.

    • Hello Kevin! I never got to know you but Lisa was my first auditor and did such an amazing job! I will never forget that. I hope you and Lisa are doing well.

    • You are right. Huge expansion early on. When I first came into the Org it was mob scene. At least 300 people in the academy on training and this was a local org. Early 1980’s DM wiped out the mission networks. These networks were built over decades and were the feeder lines into the Orgs. As the decline in new starts followed, DM organized begging networks to beg for money to cover the holes. I.A.S., C.C.H.R., special properties, etc etc. These donations have been used to create the illusion of expansion through construction and real estate buys. But the out P.R. from DM’s personal actions has spread like wild fire and the street view of Scientology is now that it is a dangerous cult. A new building is not a valuable final product to exchange with the community. What is being exchanged with the community now is victims.
      They get coughed out and the news media picks them up for a story. These are created in the church and tossed out for curiosity to the community. This is the actual exchange with the community now. Overt products with interesting stories to tell. Stalkers driving in circles in golf carts creating neighborhood mayhem. Volunteers creating web sites for the Church seething with hate, degrading comments and hidden threats. Private investigators swarming about suspected targets. On television interviews the spokespeople quite vacant of ARC spitting out taunts at interviewers.
      It’s gone creepy. Street theater.
      This is not by accident. It is not by mismanagement. It is knowing and willing destruction.He has publicly op termed Hubbard by declaring Hubbard’s products as overt products. Cancelled certs of auditors Hubbard trained himself and ordered them retrain. Burned Hubbard’s books. Silenced Hubbard’s family and closest friends. Literally buried the tech under ground.
      In the end, it was not the I.R.S. or the F.B.I. or the A.M.A. that took it all down. It was the enemy within. Biblical.

      • That is do true. I am so glad to have seen the incredible theta and sheer size of ASHO “back in the day.” it used to take Paul Koval 15 minutes to call roll on the BC in 1976. It was a cussing sea of heads, and the electricity was palpable. Tape machines clicking, guys doing assessments on card tables in the back – I did my Grade 0 in the BC course room cheek to jowell with the co-audits on each side of us.

        It was awesome.

      • A new building is not a valuable final product to exchange with the community. And it is the PUBLIC buying the buildings that DM is holding up for display for applause at the events! As if these are HIS products! And he is taking the applause for the buildings the public are buying. He actually holds up for applause at events VFP’s that are not even his.

        I mean, on some level it just comical.

        What is Int Managment’s exchange with the community and Scientologists?

        “Buy us a ship we will give you OT8″.

        “Thanks for the 40 grand, go back onto OT Vll. We really can’t trust you now so you will be sec checked every six months.”

        “Buy us a building and we will give you Super Power. Oh sorry, we can’t deliver it because not enough of you are joining the Sea Org. Your bad.”

        “Give us money for the I.A.S. and we can protect the Church. Except nobody can because DM has a stranglehold on corporate holdings.”

        It is the PUBLIC providing the buildings, the bodies and the money.

        What exchange is INT Management providing?”

        They have their best staff in prison. And those “best” are not budging from that funk. They will not fight back. That was the best of the best up there.

        (Clearly, the best of the best got up , got the hell out of there, and are fighting back. Refusing to contribute to their own demise. I mean, that is healthy.)

        Sec Checks
        Out P.R.
        Courtroom drama
        Domestic terrorism
        Re issuing books everyone already owns
        Beatings, torture and false imprisonment
        False reports and disclaimers

        The above is so rampant it has festered into a culture known as International Management.

        For those of you still evaluating this theatre, you only need ask yourself one question:

        If these people cannot manage their own space, their own ethics, their own VFP’s, their own P.R., their own bridge, their own community and their own leader, their own civil rights, why are you depending on them to manage your bridge?

  38. Bravo Kristina and nice yo meet you!

  39. Re ‘management by terror’, can anyone confirm whether the YouTube video entitled: David Miscavige: Secret briefing of Sea Org recruits is spoof or genuine?

  40. Howdy, Kristina, thank you for that wonderful write-up; unique because it is from the perspective of both staff and public! The part about the Key To Life Course and the Life Orientation Course being prerequisites for Super Power was particularly interesting. I always wanted to do those two courses, along with Super Power, but did not get a chance to do them. I will be doing all of the above in the Independent Field.

    I hope that soon you will be reunited with your son. I spent a good bit of time in the last two years doing my own program for handling my son on disconnection, and it worked! We are happily reunited, and he is doing extremely well, much better than at any time since we parted. He had had some extreme adverse effects being made to disconnect from me, resulting in hospitalization and nearly dying. These adverse effects were directly traceable to disconnection. So it makes me very happy as a mother seeing him do so well. My postulate is that you, too, will experience being together and in communication again!

    Being free of the suppression is a wonderful thing, resulting in a whole New Life, new friends, and the rehabilitation of the failed purposes experienced in trying to accomplish the purposes set out by LRH. Trying to help LRH in a suppressive environment resulted in a perpetual present time problem for me, and fixated my attention. One thing that happened to me, is that I recently realized the suppression had actually made me STUPID, due to the restimulation of heavy whole track group engrams, and the Independent Movement is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. I am now able to use reason and logic and solve my problems like never before, and have experienced case resurgence and the resolution of problems that previously would not resolve, no matter what I did. Now, using LRH Tech is so easy and effortless. I know you too, will experience wins beyond your wildest dreams, and I know you will help to create the New Civilization!


    Happy Trails,
    Catherine Von Ach

  41. Marty let me know when you have digested this , take care and be strong. :)

  42. Thank you, Kristina. Your commentary struck home and gave me more reality on what one has to endure when doing OT Levels with COB at the helm – unbelievable. He’s not safeguarding the bridge, he”s the evil theta-sucking troll that lives UNDER the bridge and stops people that are trying to cross.

    • >> He’s not safeguarding the bridge, he”s the evil theta-sucking troll that lives UNDER the bridge and stops people that are trying to cross. <<


  43. Kristina, regardless of its immense value, the information of Dianetics and Scientology is hardly ever duplicated by anyone. If it is it becomes misunderstood before it can do any good due to the Church of Scientology’s chronic inappropriate misuse of that information going unchecked for many decades. The ways in which this information can be misapplied are myriad and endless, yet they are a reality in today’s world. “NEVER REGRET YESTERDAY. LIFE IS IN YOU TODAY AND YOU MAKE YOUR TOMORROW.” © 1954 L. Ron Hubbard

    Tomorrow isn’t just one night, it’s eternity.

  44. Kristina:

    I learned a lot from your post that I did not know; thanks for writing it all up and filling in the gaps in my knowledge of what really happened and how the current Church got where it is now. Welcome “out” and all my wishes that your children come around.

  45. Kristina, it is also interesting that the KTL and LOC got cancelled again on the training line up. That was also done in the GAT training line up when the first sups and wordclearers got trained and later the same on the training line up for the guys on PTS detection and handling training in about 2000 or so..

    That’s a big shortcut. Reminding me on the reference about quickie grades.
    Since when do we have no time for standard tech?
    I guess that is also the attitude in the back of it that the primary rundown disappeared…..

  46. Pingback: The Reppens Rip on March 13th | Moving On Up a Little Higher

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