Debbie Cook Tells the Hole Truth

ABC Nightline Special Edition 29 February 2012

Village Voice Critique and more Scn Inc v Cook News

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233 responses to “Debbie Cook Tells the Hole Truth

  1. If you google: Debbie Cook Scientology, top return is an ad, by the Church.

    I’ve seen a couple different ones now just in the last few minutes (different buttons I suppose, surveyed?…lol), but still at the top. I wonder how much they’re paying for those “per click”… ?

    “You’ve heard the News, now get the real story”… takes you to the CSI official statement to ABC, complete with highlights and further links.

  2. Marty-you have been coming up with great titles on your posts-the”hole” truth-love it.

  3. It’s over Dave

    The haircuts, cars, gourmet meals, being worshiped and feared, the booze, the jets, the suits, the shoes, shiney new motorcycles, the servants, lavish gifts to celebrities, events that wheel out your guilded gage through which bars you seek approval that you are some Greek God and savior.

    Materialism, that is your true philosophy. A not so cleared gorrilla.

    It’s ok, one day you will remember who you are. Let go Dave, all this is an atomic dream you have cooked up. Like evaporating water once wet and liquid, all of your clingings to matter are evaporating.

    All things not based on the laws of truth will bring you pain. That’s just how it works Dave.

    May you find happiness:-)

  4. It’s just a matter of time now. DM is facing a formidable foe. I sometimes have to remind myself of key facts. I have to remember who Marty, Mike, Debbie and others are. They are highly trained and skilled people with detailed knowledge of their foe – his tactics, habits, tendencies.

    DM is fighting a battle in which every move he commands his army to make is known ahead of time; predicted, anticipated, known. It reminds me of the battle of Antietam, where General McClellan had a copy of Lee’s battle plans – but this time, unlike history, he acts decisively and strikes a fatal blow. And this time, it’s not McClellan, but Rinder, Cook and Rathbun who are not about to hesitate to command bold action of themselves.

    DM is facing a foe that for all intents and purposes may as well be right next to him in the next office. He has lost all advantage. He has no reserves to put into the fight. Those reserves left long ago to join the other side.

    He must be a very lonely, miserable soul with an emptiness inside him that can only be filled by some very deep and meaningful amends to LRH. I think such amends would exhaust most men, and I am quite sure DM is not even going to attempt it. He will go down in flames defending himself.

    DM, look! There is a signpost up ahead! It reads: WATERLOO. And this time, you are the little guy on the horse.


      Lets not give McClellan too much credit here :) He was a pretty bad general and even worse leader overall.

      (I’m a huge civil war buff)

      • Hahahahaha………..that made my day. LOL

        Yes, he was a terrific organizer, adept at fantastic feats of logistics, but without the spine to use such forces with the intention needed to crush Lee, who had divided his forces and could have been crushed by little Mac.

        Of course, this is not a civil war blog and out of respect to others I will not drone on about Antietam, but my point was to compare the fact that Marty and company will not hesitate us use intel that they posses whereas Mac did not.

        I agree with you, and Mac should have been placed in lowers and never returned to active command. A review of his letters to his wife which highlight his natter about his superiors certainly prove he was no higher than Treason.

        Lincoln should have had him shot on the spot for not boldly acting at Antietam.

        • martyrathbun09

          Howz about ole Stonewall at the Wilderness? Maybe one of the most brilliant military moves of all time; followed by a foolish venture apparently inspired by religious zealotry that cost him his life. War is hell.

          • Yes,

            You are correct that this event took place near the wooded area called “Wilderness”, but history denoted it as the “battle of Chancellorsville” where Stonewall decided to ride too far in advance of his lines at night and was shot by his own troops while trying to return.

            And yes, Stonewall was a true zealot….a devout, pious, blue-eyed killer, completely untroubled by the idea of dying. He got what he postulated.

  5. I agree Mike – it was weak and scared. My point is just that it’s better than nothing and I want to validate that. A basically obscure case is brought to national attention, that’s something.

    Tony over at VV has a great summation which points out everything reference ABC omitted – including their own previous story from a few years ago.

  6. Davis Miscavige has elected Debbie Cook his executioner and Debbie Cook has taken the challenge and said “OK”

    In the Ethics Book the reference JUSTICE says:

    Scientologist have been completely right in objecting to the idea of punishment. Punishment is just another worsening of the overt sequence and degrades the punisher.

    By this account, what does that make Miscave?

    It goes on to say:

    People get right down and beg to be executed. And when you don´t obligue, the woman scorned is sweet tempered by comparison.

    I think that goes hand in globe with the situation.

    You see… deeeeeeeeeeeeep dooooooowwwwwwwnnnnnn Miscave is a good guy.

    • Pefect quote.
      That’s what he is doing. He just has not enough balls to go off the box without external help. And when he will be executed by her guillotine and his head lies on the earth he will still mumble: “Look at her what she is doing to me!”

      We see you Miscavige!

  7. Random Stranger




    From now on when I banish someone from Eternity, the following penalties shall also apply, no exception:

    1) Loss of one limb, your choice.

    2) Loss of the right to breathe through your left nostril.

    3) Loss of past life recall.

    4) Loss of present time.

    5) Loss of what’s after eternity.

    6) Loss of garbage.

    7) Loss of the right to call yourself a being.

    8) Loss of the right to attend any event anywhere for anything.

    9) Loss of cable TV.

    10) Loss of any hope of ever having lunch with Tom Cruise.

    David Miscavige
    COB, RTC

  8. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    Spooky to be Davey!!!

  9. Not to hijack this post but I just watched a new video the Tony Ortega has up. It’s of Sharon Weber hawking the Freewinds for a convention. What’s interesting about it is that around the 1:04 mark there’s a picture of a galaxy. On top of that galaxy picture are rapidly flashing words and they’re not twinkling stars. One of the words is FREE and it’s flashed more than once and it’s in a larger typeset than the other words. What is this, subliminal messaging????

    Leave it to DM to inject a message in someone’s head that things are free as they’re about to fleeced. Unbelievable. What skunks.

  10. Theo Sismanides

    We are now Hundreds of Scientologists finally agreeing there is… something wrong. And someone is in the wrong position if not in the wrong church (go find another church DM).

    We are getting stronger and stronger without even doing so much. Now is Debbie’s turn to come out and what a big and broad coverage she gets. She is an OT and as many more around is now doing her thing.

    In that fight we can all contribute and many here contributed financially. I wish i could have done it too and maybe i will be able to in a needed situation in the future.

    But all of us contribute by being of ONE mind. There is someONE wrong in the church. And now we all POINT at HIM.

    David you have been exposed.

    And as I say for the SPs governing the world and putting so much suppression now for many years on the populace of this planet, and all this under the cover of “Democracy” and “Human Rights” waging wars around the globe or financially suffocating nations and their natives, ONE thing they did WAS HIde… Tone Level on the Tone Scale… Hide.

    Now though we enter an Era of Light and that Hide cannot serve them anymore. As they cannot and will not go up (we know an SP who remains an SP can’t move up) they will go down.

    And down they have gone, you too DM, to Can’t Hide… in the Era of Light!

    A new Era is dawning on Planet Earth… and the SPs make their last efforts to keep us down. But this is not going to happen so easily now. The people are revolting at least on the Internet. And they communicate and agree with each other on those views they have and thus affinity is going higher.

    Somehow we have made it possible to come closer together through the Internet. If great enlightened people like the many there are will also get people together and get them to work closer with each other applying their know how.

    Because this is what LRH did after all. Got us all to work together under the banner of Standard Tech and Admin. A big safe platform to work upon. We are here carrying on now that big responsibility.

  11. Tony DePhillips

    “You see… deeeeeeeeeeeeep dooooooowwwwwwwnnnnnn Miscave is a good guy.”

    Maybe…but maybe he is a dead thetan. An animated hunk of flesh that is all circuitry and no real Being there at all. Like lower than an animal. I actually think dogs have more dignity than this guy.

  12. This is very OFF TOPIC:
    CARTAGENA (COLOMBIA), 09.09.2011. Members of the Special Forces of the Colombian Navy [along with US Marines] , Friday September 9, 2011, made an anit-terrorist drill and a rescue in a cruise ship in the Cartagena Bay (Colombia). In October begun the 2011-2012 cruise season that touch the port of Cartagena. EFE / RICARDO MALDONADO

    The cruise ship used in the exercise was THE FREEWINDS. I wonder if the Sea Orgs on board were told this was just a drill. And of course the COS was paid handsomely for the use of the ship.

    • Tom Gallagher


      This is just another unusual solution to a ‘cash flow’ problem.

      Miscarriage at his best.

  13. Dave,
    When you deny, deny, deny it is resistance. What that does is set up a difference of potential. If there is any connection, any line that goes in to form a route between that difference – shabang, across comes the flow.

    You don’t get this. So you keep building up the difference and the lines DO go in. This is all explained in Scientology Dave. But you aren’t a Scientologist.

    Of course you don’t realize that in order to deal with this, you’d simply have to handle the difference. In other words, confront the facts, as they are. Take full responsibility for both sides of this, both terminals. But that means what you’ve done and you aren’t there yet…so, shabang down comes the current straight back at you and the smell of your hair burning is getting stronger by the moment.

  14. The admittedly slightly better than remote possibility that we might see the church of scientology corporations in court thanks the courage of Debbie and those prepared to back her has got me thinking.

    I’ve just come from another place dealing with issues around corporations being recognised as people so they can gain protection under the rights humans have. Interesting discussion. Bear with me, this goes to very long term strategy And doesn’t have anything to do with the current situation other that it and another situation got me thinking.

    Thinking laterally if we grant people personhood then surely we can start treating corporations like people. They have to post bail or suspend activity when arrested.

    If convicted of a serious crime they can be liquidated, the death penalty (not that I support killing people, that’s another argument). Failing that they can be subjected to terms where they work under administration and all profits, as determined by the independent administrating authority, go to the government and any directors are paid fixed salaries and are not allowed to leave nor is the company allowed to restructure. The same as going to jail.

    Corporations could be made to do community service, compulsory charity work which the directors must do.

    It would be interesting to see how the church of scientology would fair under such a regime.

    BTW the church of scientology has been used as a kind of “worst case senario” in debates over certain legislation in the UK Parliment. Usually in the form of how would they abuse this and what can we do to prevent such abuse. .

  15. I’m an outsider watching cause I believe in the right thing, and I see justice or maybe karma
    about to happen, There are a lot of brave people in this world, you know who you are!!

  16. Firebreathing Frog

    TO: David Miscavige, what a good present you are offering to LRH…
    all your crimes being exposed on prime time TV, and the real reason why the church of Scientology has a bad name and failing since your are “The Leader”.

    That’s a straight “up and vertical” you can be proud off.
    Doing everything possible to prove the world you are the real criminal.
    I don’t know anyone who could do this better than you.

    To: Mrs Cook, Marthy, Mike, Jeff, Steve, Mr Fairman, Amy, Dan, etc., etc.
    LRH Birthday’s just around the corner.
    It will be the best LRH birthday ever, and wherever LRH might be, I am sure that, on that day, he will feel your love and care to get Scientology back on track.
    Love you all.

  17. For trial watchers, here’s a summary of some of the arguments presented in the Headley case appeal.

    It gives one an idea of the intricacies involved in church-related cases.

  18. I agree Marty, they should not be confused. I hope everyone reading realizes this is a different case.

  19. Random Stranger


    He says he wants to expand the Church of Scientology, but he routinely promotes that Scientology does not work.

    Ethics Tech: Does not work because SPs go undetected in management for decades.

    Auditing Tech: Does not work because it doesn’t handle the evil intentions and aberrations of those he sentences to Sec Checks, as proven by the fact that he throws them back into the RPF or The Flunky Hole time and time again.

    Administrative Technology: Does not work because those who learn it and apply it cannot get the stats up satisfactorily for David Miscavige, COB, RTC.

    Wow, for someone who says he wants to expand and promote the church and save the planet he sure spends a lot of time and energy countering his own objectives by constantly exposing the fact that he manages nothing worthwhile, really. I think he needs to punch himself in the face.

  20. Random Stranger


    Church of Scientology executives who’ve been in the Flunky Hole for eternity have something to look forward to from Miscavige, the loss of their eternity.

  21. People beyond the Church are getting pretty savvy:

    “At the core of the psychopath is a deep-seated rage which is split off (i.e, psychologically separated from the rest of the self) and repressed. Some researchers theorize that this is caused by feeling abandoned in infancy or early childhood. Whatever the emotional or psychological source, psychopaths see those around them as objects, targets, or opportunities, not as people. They do not have friends, they have victims and accomplices-and the latter frequently end as victims. For psychopaths, the ends always justify the means. Thus there is no place for feelings of remorse, shame, or guilt. Cult leaders feel justified in all their actions since they consider themselves the ultimate moral arbiter. Nothing gets in their way.

    Cult leaders live on the edge, constantly testing the beliefs of their followers, often with increasingly bizarre behaviors, punishments, and rules.

    Psychopaths are unable to empathize with the pain of their victims.

    Like small children, many psychopaths have difficulty regulating their emotions. Adults who have temper tantrums are frightening to be around.

    12. Irresponsibility/Unreliability

    Not concerned about the consequences of their behavior, psychopaths leave behind them the wreckage of others’ lives and dreams. They may be totally oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they inflict on others, something which they regard as neither their problem nor their responsibility.

    Psychopaths rarely accept blame for their failures or mistakes. Scape goating is common, blaming followers, those outside the group, a member’s family, the government, Satan–anyone and everyone but the leader.

    Conversely, there is often stringent sexual control of the followers through such tactics as enforced celibacy, arranged marriages, forced breakups and divorces, removal of children from their parents, forced abortions or mandated births. For psychopaths, sex is primarily a control and power issue.

    Cult leaders change their image and that of the group as needed to avoid prosecution and litigation, to increase income, and to recruit a range of members.

    Hiding behind the “mask of sanity,” the cult leader exposes feelings only insofar as they serve an ulterior motive. He can witness or order acts of utter brutality without experiencing a shred of emotion. He casts himself in a role of total control, which he plays to the hilt. What is most promised in cults–peace, joy, enlightenment, love, and security are goals that are forever out of reach of the leader, and thus also the followers. Since the leader is not genuine, neither are his promises.”

    From the following linK

  22. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    I love your letters, Random Stranger! They make me rise on the Tone Scale. Always looking forward to them!

  23. The thing that stood out to me in this whole thing is: DEBBIE COOK WENT TO HER LAWYER’S OFFICE TO SHOW THEM HER PUPPIES.

    How neat is that. I’ve seen videos of Marty and Chiquita (his dog, I hope I spelled it right). I have a little Puggle, Bella, that goes to work with me every day and makes everybody’s days lighter and more theta just by being there, happy to be alive, always ready to play.

    Congratulations, Debbie. If you’re a first time dog owner, it can be a challenge, but it will bring so much theta to your life. If your lawyer recommended you get yourself a dog (or two), my opinion of him was already sky high, but then it would be in the stratosphere.

    • Bodil,

      Debbie’s German Shepherd, Tessa, had 10 puppies. She also has another full grown mixed breed. She is definitely a dog lover and not a first time owner.

  24. LOL your pun gave me a chuckle.


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