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In the mid 1980’s a Class VIII Auditor named Ian Waxler headed a group called The Council for Spiritual Integrity.   He recently sent me an April 1985 newsletter The Free Spirit that the council published.  A copy of it can be accessed at the end of this post.

I highly recommend people giving it a thorough read.   After having done so myself I recognized a couple of important things.

The parallels between what was happening in the field in the mid eighties and now are remarkable. The newsletter reads much like this blog in terms of issues the field was contending with.  Though many doubt it, I had very little exposure to the “Independent” movement of the eighties.   As will be made very clear in my book between 81 and 85 I was thoroughly consumed in dealing with dozens of lawsuits and a number of criminal investigations targeting L Ron Hubbard.   It was not till November of 1984 that I was thrust into the Mayo/Advanced Ability Center lawsuit, in my position as Legal Executive Author Services Inc, as it was perceived that then-RTC honchos had thoroughly screwed it up.  Even then, it was only one of dozens of disrelated lawsuits I remained involved in.  By the time I got into RTC, March 1987, there was little to nothing going on overtly in the Independent field, at least nothing that effected the church very greatly.   I give this brief history to make the point how remarkable I find it that Moving on Up A Little Higher so parallels The Free Spirit.  Uncanny in some respects, like choosing July 4th for an annual Independents’ get-together.

Having been accused of all manner of skullduggery  – there was plenty I was involved in, just not so much in this sector – by folks on the receiving end from the eighties, I batted back a lot of nasty comm I’ve received from that sector for three reasons. First, it was full of false accusations and arguing facts seemed to go nowhere.  Second, and more importantly, it didn’t open the door to any handlings – their presumptive why for the past Independent movement having nothing whatsoever to with anything they did or didn’t do (the why is God).   The comm only reinforced the conclusion I had already drawn about the ebbing of the “squirrels” (from my church perspective) that they had suffered the fate LRH had suggested they would if they did two things : a)  squirreled, and b) denigrated Hubbard and his technology.  Third, I found both “a” and “b” to be rampant within the current Freezone.

However, reading the Waxler CSI newsletter caused me to re-think this historical era.  It has prompted me to conduct a thorough investigation and evaluation of the 1980’s Independent movement for purposes of learning from its strengths and weaknesses.

I am interested in receiving hard facts from the perspective of pioneer Independents on what went right and what went wrong from their points of view.   I do understand the impact of the Mayo/AAC going down.  I was most definitely involved in that.  But, there are certainly other factors.  There must be more useful facts for pure evaluation, that is, what did the Independents do or not do to lose their momentum, cohesion, and effectiveness.

While this process can certainly lead to important connections being made by various sectors of the Independent field, I am quite certain a bunch of comm attempting to “enlighten” me on the virtues of “a” and “b” above is going to be counter-productive. Because of the volume of traffic on my lines on a lot of productive fronts, this is a word of warning that I am not going to devote any time to such origins.  If that is the bulk of what I receive, I’ll understand my initial conclusions – though omitting pluspoints like Waxler produced – were probably right in the first place.

If you have such facts and are willing to share them, please forward me reports at

The Free Spirit newsletter


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  1. As regards to the Independent movement “ebbing” away:

    I see a tension between the policy letter “What We Expect of a Scientologist” and the perceived growth of a Church organization. To paraphrase, in that policy letter, LRH describes a scenario where “a few of us” will keep the doors open for training and the “rest of us” get on the active comm lines of the world.

    Also, in Executive Series 33 — LEADERSHIP – MORE ABOUT (Taken from tape lecture 5901CO4 of 4 January 1959 titled “Leadership.”) LRH discusses the story of an INDIVIDUAL who brought down an entire mechanized society because “he didn’t like soup.” He refused to take the soup off the conveyor belt like everyone else and the whole assembly broke down.

    In this P/L LRH makes these comments:

    “In a society where individuals are free, where individuals can be rehabilitated, where individuals can still think, you can still have leadership. One individual can be selected by other intelligent individuals to represent them, or one individual by his natural ability can at least control some sphere of the social order around him. And unless this social order is controlled, unless there is a sphere that a thetan can bring order into, you have nothing but chaos.”

    “To lay down a big plan for Scientologists and say, “This is the organization and this is what we are going to do: steps one, two, three . . .’ is saying that none of you have a right to think or plan. The only thing we can do inside Scientology is hold the communication lines of Scientology and its service in an orderly state. And we can keep the show on the road. But this is an inside perimeter.”

    The corporate Church violates these two policy letters day in and day out by enforcing their plans of what a Scientologist should be doing. NO OTHER PLANS OR ACTIVITIES ARE ACCEPTABLE. All plans are geared to get you to come in to the org, come to the event, be on course, contribute to this or to that, OR ELSE. The purpose of it is to GROW the Church.

    Compare this to the independent field, where the focus is on rehabilitating an individual and once rehabilitated, there is NO BIG PLAN or big organization that MUST BE FED and kept going.

    Scientologists were perfectly willing to act, and act responsibly, perfectly willing to put their shoulder to making a better civilization, but INDIVIDUALS are not willing to be corralled and coerced and micromanaged and told what to do.

    My take on this is that if Scientologists are actually out in the world, then obviously they are not going to be professionally auditing or engaging in activities that professional Scientology activities such as offering courses or intensives of auditing. And so of course, they are not going to be in big groups all hanging out together every day with a narrow focus on delivering or disseminating services. Their connections will be and are ungoverned. When someone goes “out in the world” and starts making a difference, they will appear to “ebb away.” They are carrying principles and solutions and ways of thinking out into the world, not propaganda and dissemination activities designed to make a bigger looking group.

    I believe that the solution to all of this is to understand that we must look from a viewpoint of being valuable citizens of the world or the universe, with the auditing technology of Scientology being a tool that facilitates people to act in ways that are beneficial instead of ways that are bank reactive.

  2. In my opinion there is a tremendous difference between the Indipendent Movement of the ’80s and the one happening now.
    The most important difference is that LRH WAS ALIVE – We did not know that he was virtually kept in seclusion by Broeker and Miscavige, we knew he was alive and well. So in the Sea Org there has been several instances of major situations BUT LRH was always coming back on lines and repair and correct the situation.
    So there is no doubt whatsoever that the insanity was rampant in the beginning of the ’80s with the expulsion of Mayo, and the whole International Executive Structure plus the GO and the entire Mission Network.
    But we “at the remote outposts of the empire” did not know what was really happening.
    The informations were not enough because of the lack of the Internet to counter the disinformation of the Church.
    That said, there is no doubts that squirrelling was rampant and so I beleive that it was that the very reason for the disappearance of the movement.
    It was also a very different situation with the Church not really a Church yet and so using the Copyright issue to fight the battle.
    Now the situation is completely different because they cannot use the same weapon (First Amendement) and shield they use to protect themselves to attack US. Is a Religion for THEM and is a religion for US – so we have all the right to practice it.
    The only problem THEY have is that their brand is becoming less and less LRH brand and more and more the Miscavige brand, and people will and are leaving in droves.
    I see a bright future for the Indipendent Movement if we learn also from the mistake of the past.

    • martyrathbun09

      The LRH factor is not minor.

      • I feel the LRH factor is the greatest difference between the 80’s and today. There were many well intentioned Scientologists booted into the field in the 80’s. They did not have a legal access to the LRH materials and LRH was alive and still the founder within the church. Today, source, the valid Dept 21 for the subject and as such for the successful Independent field is found in the materials.

        With legal access to the materials and rights for us to practice our religion the current Indie field and movement is ahead. With a pretend Dept 21 within the church it will continue to bleed and lose true Scientologists. DM is not, nor has ever been, source. We don’t have to believe dogma.

        The simple ability to duplicate and apply the materials and maintain the beingness of an auditor and the intention to help another being become more able is the key. No hidden standard and no ulterior monetary motive. The Independent field delivering standard tech will continue to expand. The expansion and success will be proportional to the deliver of the gains and wins available from this Tech.

        I agree with Jim, a bright future for the Independent Movement if we learn also from the mistakes of the past.

    • Claudio,
      And with LRH gone from that body, the “boots” are there for us to put on. A group of OTs is the answer from RJ67. The idea of the “giddy diaper days” are over, this is OUR Scientology TOO, you know :-)

      I’ve never waited for LRH to “come back”. But stepping up means at least conceiving the defintion of Full Responsibility. With a rising scale of awareness and posting that concept there to attain to, well I’ll be darned, IT WORKS.

      And here we are, assuming the status of full source and cause over the efforts and counter-efforts of the Dynamics. This is the group of OTs. There are many more being rehabilitated on their purposes and life again rises.

      • Jim, let me give a ack to very important and valid points you made here.

      • You bet, Jim. And if one could – and did – assume that Cause point (putting on the boots), one would also find they were responsible for the goodwill of Scientology as a whole:

        “It is part of every staff member’s job to help build goodwill for the organization by doing those things that will cause the public to think well of it, and by refraining from doing those things that would result in bad PR for the organization.

        Above all, it is every staff member’s primary concern that the organization is delivering the best tech quality possible. This point in is the source of goodwill.

        You must take a hand in creating goodwill. It is your org.”

        LRH, HCOPL 7 April 1983, Executive Series 25, “Goodwill”

        This viewpoint can be applied to what is occurring now towards the goal of “stepping up” and being responsible for Scientology’s impact on the world and the goodwill and good word of Scientology.

  3. It's Happening


    First, of all, great to see your name here! I knew you in NYC back in the day (though not well), along with Likki, Robin, Janet, Mike, and so many others. You were a great guy, and an fantastic musician. I hope you’re still playing!

    The next time I ran into Likki M. when she was working in a Burger King out in L.A. around 1976. I couldn’t believe how far she’d fallen in just a few years! I was in Europe for a bunch of years after that, but heard that you guys had hooked up. But until seeing your post today, I never knew about the so-called “auditing” B-1 gave her at ASHO or anything else about what came of her.

    I also have no idea what happened to Robin and Janet, or Mike– or you.

    Do you an an e-mail? I’d love to get in touch and compare notes!


  4. Marty,
    I don’t have much data on what was happening in the 80s independent scene. I was off the lines playing drums for those years.

    I can tell you that it was real to me then, even with the slight awareness that there was an offer of the Bridge in the field, that I wasn’t SURE it was valid.

    Today, I am. Today there is a library of legit material. There is that Qual Library.

    When I was finally deadfiled and had no line to resolve the various issues abundantly clear, well that difference of the material available made ALL the difference between then and now.

    Gone was the monopoly that DM craved and needed. The factor of the internet is the open comm lines got around DM’s work to cut them. He needs cut comm lines, isolation, and the lessening of reach to succeed. Otherwise, the Know to Mystery scale can be gone up and that is death for his agenda.

    The internet has the effect of making the Ideal expressed in An Essay On Management of open and real comm among the True Group Members possible. With those open lines and applied comm all the group engrams can be viewed and awareness increased as to what is going on, really, can be gained.

    But, still, for me, it was the fact that I HAVE the materials. The Bridge, the body of work is there and I can access it and learn it and use it and it IS the actual LRH material. I have no personal need for David Miscavige. He is no block on my road. He’s a yapping dog at the wheels of a firetruck on its way to a fire.

    • martyrathbun09

      Materials is a huge factor.

      • “I can tell you that it was real to me then, even with the slight awareness that there was an offer of the Bridge in the field, that I wasn’t SURE it was valid.

        Today, I am. Today there is a library of legit material. There is that Qual Library.”


        • oh, and I also think the truth about the carrots being offered by the church, OT9/10 and super power. Those are big carrots that PT kool aide drinkers what at all costs, present public and staff, they have been working all their lives for it.

    • Great post. A valuable person. And a fellow drummer. Essay on Management, being based on Communication Axioms and the foundation being ARC, leads us to a greater understanding of Knowledge, Responsibility and Control, which will re establish Theta Comm Lines as you say, Jim. Miscavige mis-use of LRH Policy and his replacement there-of is the alter-is holding that mess in place. Persistence, confront and KRC will eventually reveal the truth. I look forward to contributing to that motion on an increasing flow.

  5. Eventually, David Miscavige will be likened to the Red Chinese who descended upon Tibet in 1956, destroying over 6,000 monasteries (leaving 4) … thousands of monks and nuns left Tibet crossing over the Himalayas by foot or yak. The Himalayas are not rolling foothills :) Many losing their lives.

    Before this time, Tibetan Buddhism was not known OUTSIDE of Tibet. It’s flavor and direction is quite a bit different than other branches of Buddhism.

    Now, only a half century later, Tibetan Buddhism is practiced all over the Western World – with innumerable teachers, many Tibetan and many westerners.

    Tibetan Buddhism once cloistered in Tibet started to come to the West and the highest teachings once kept secret are now available online and in100’s of books, translated in nearly all languages.

    LRH was evolving a technology that would help with his philosophy … some of that technology proved unworkable as it did NOT forward the philosophy.

    When I arrived at Marty’s blog a couple of years ago, I was delighted to see that Marty seemed able to THINK with the philosophy, rather than robotically follow some policy and or technology that didn’t seem to work.

    I’ve been actively studying Tibetan Buddhism as well as practicing now for 7 years and feel somewhat confident that I have a passable understanding — and I can say without question — there are HUGE parts of LRH’s technology that could and should find themselves into the Tibetan Buddhist world — and I’m betting they will. And although someone refuted this — I’m here to tell you — I did TR 0 at a retreat not long ago. Very modified lasting only 5 minutes but still — this is NOT part of any buddhist meditation practice.

    David Miscavige by his stranglehold on LRH’s vision and his utter contempt for the souls of men has done the world a tremendous favor. He is destroying what he co-opted and as a result others who understand LRH’s vision through his work … have taken over.

    Bringing the workable technology and philosophy of LRH once again to the world.

    Getting the details right about what happened when, is freeing for many of us — it’s secondary in my mind to allowing the WORKABLE pieces of this technology to move forward in time.

    To restate what JM said : “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven”

    Now is our time.


    • Wow !!!!!
      This makes lots of sense !
      DM and his nonsense is the opportunity to get real Scientology into the world !
      DM is probably the last lesson LRH wanted to teach us.
      With what we all learned now, it will never happen again !
      Thanks to DM !!!
      But there is one fact that never has been discussed. just Maria giving a glimpse of it. Millions of people had contact with Dianetics and Scientology and got some wins out of it. If it’s only knowledge of the Arc triangle. Those people are using their knowledge to a greater or lesser degree and so help to create a better world, even if they don’t call themselves Scientologist or go to church.

  6. Great post. Most informative comments too. I think Alex said it best in saying that this time is different and you have successful actions that are working. to affect change like never before.
    Kudos to Mr. Waxler. I love and respect the man. He’s been there through it all.

  7. I am not tech trained at all and know very little about that. For the time I was in the Sea Org I was busy with my attention focus out of the Org not in it, I had no clue what was going on in the Sea Org until after I was long gone and read about it on the net. I probably with all of my experience am one of the least knowledgeable people on the subject of Scientology or the Organization. I know only the first big outpoint clear to all in the field was the Sea Org coming in and wiping out the mission network where I lived. That effected everybody local and caused the area to mistrust the Sea Org and the Church. It also meant no more feeder lines into the Orgs as there had been two missions feeding those Orgs. The truth is, although it may be many things to many people, a religion, a crusade, a womb, a mental hospital, whatever, Scientologyis ALSO a business. And a business has CLIENTS and/or BUYERS. You can force people to do a lot of things but you cannot force them to BUY something they fear. The REASON behind getting ethics in is so the space is SAFE enough for AUDITING to occur.
    The subject expands and contracts along with this datum. When the space is SAFE, and people feel the space is SAFE, they come in and this spreads into expansion. When people are walking on egg shells and paying for that experience they soon move onto other places. I know before the militia arrived on the scene the Orgs and missions were safe spaces. I know by 1987, after the mission network massacre, the Orgs were all but empty.
    I also noticed the militia cease to be clients or customers and look down on those that are. Class systems form. If you can have no case on post all at once, you can have no case in life all at once too. Real or imagined. People do not want to get smacked around and bullied in any arena. You go to the Celebrity Centers where staff are still expected to act civilized to the public and the public regarded as wanted and needed and having some value, and you will see a decent scene. Tom Cruise should not be the only one in this game to be treated in a civilized manner. When I first got involved in Scientology EVERYBODY treated EVERYBODY in the Org with care and kindness. The Church has become one huge police force with the purpose of internal revenue. STOP and COLLECT. It is nothing new to behold. It is ANCIENT and we have plenty of it from other sources. We need not go into the Church to wonder at THAT!

    • Who/What is surviving in this game? The same kind of people that are surviving in any game. People who treat others as they themselves would like to be treated. Sorry, but that is who is surviving in and with Scientology too. We are all artists in creating a new civilization. Artists attract suppression.

      • I mention the above because the cartoons in the newsletter illustrate the abuse. It was right there then what the real protest was about.

        • There is a WIDE difference between being “theetie wheetie” and having the ability to care about the guy in front of you. Sea Org Members “care factor” is an enforced one. As, at the drop of a golden rod you MUST cease to care, and at the placement of some symbols on a uniform you MUST CARE about the guy in front of you. I am sorry, this does not work in families, relationships, friendships, groups, church’s or governments. It only works in war time with militia. People are free enough to join the army or navy with benefits and prediction if they prefer that system.

          • LRH definition of sanity #2 “A tolerance of confusion and an agreed upon stable datum on which to align the data in a confusion are at once necessary for a sane reaction on the 8 dynamics.”

            In the beginning, the stable datum was to clear people. That was a help flow, a care flow.

            • You’ve hit the core of it. LRH cared. I saw his simple acts of kindness and respect for his fellow man. LRH was, and is, wherever he is now, the greatest being i have met.
              DM does not care.
              LRH actually had an extensive plan in progress to de-oppress the staff and Scientology.
              My opinion is that a major error was made in his moving to the USA. He had a safe point on the Apollo and when he abandoned that he gradually lost control.
              Marty still doesn’t get just how weak Miscavage is. Perhaps because he never met LRH. DM is far too paltry a being to be a why.
              If Marty wants to get open communication from those of us who have continued to practice Scientology for 30 years outside the CofS then he’ll have to realize that he’s got a lot to learn and is in no position to preach to those far more experienced than himself.

  8. Isn’t that beautiful ?:

  9. I see the major outpoint and a barrier to missions survival in 80th – lack of promotion and comm-lines.

    Now with an Internet the expansion is unstoppable. Scientology future is nothing but shiny bright. Look at the message from Independent Scientologist Dan Koon aka Joe Howard. Ex Int Base Sea Org Member (1977 – 2004), LRH Technical Reseasch & Compilations Unit Director Dan Koon talks about the future of Scientology.

    • Hello Tatiana,

      have seen this interview before and still one of my favorite ones.
      Dan Koon is great.

      Fascinating that Dan and Ian both said that they think that the Church could be reformed, but rather from the outside.
      And this is true for me. Without a strong “Ethics Presense” and Standard Tech outside the Church they will never reform.

      The circumstanses which started to evolve on January 1st 2012 are a new big chance for Scientology.
      I am not part of the freezone and as I come from germany I do not really understand all the different “branches” of the FreeZone (there is lots of stuff which makes it hard to say what exactly the FZ is composed of and the term is somewhat overused).
      But I’d like to thank you for keeping the torch burning for LRH. Spasiba. : – )

      And I also think that the renaming of the “IFA” to “The Association of Professional Independent Scientologists” is a wise move on the checkers board.

      • Thank you for sharing! I am so glad you watch and like interviews. I believe they make us more real to each other and so increase the ARC.

        I am not a diplomat at all, and I won’t be able to evaluate for this name-changing move. As for me – I don’t like it. Because it is a change of the significance, the label, that I could not care less about. I think if value significance at all, the right thing would be to stick with an original name “Scientology” in the first place. But If they (IFA) got born as an organization named differently, they should have hold to that name then and make it shine through their actions. In Russian there is a saying, (that you may have similar in English too) that it is not the name makes a person, but the person makes the name.

        If Marty kindly lets me do it, I’ll post here one of my favorite articles of Phil Spickler on that “label changing” subject. So, the following is an article written by Phill Spicler, Class VIII old-time auditor who used to work with LRH in Washington way back. His website (with more articles and video-interviews) is

        “Why Settle For Less?”
        December 10, 1999 by Phil Spickler

        Yes, I’ve been asking myselves this question lately: why settle for
        less? Why settle for mere spiritual beinghood, when for just a little extra you could move up to first class and start saying “I am The Supreme Being!” or “I am A Supreme Being!” which is lightyears bigger and better than simply being a spiritual being.

        Why heck, the A or The Supreme Being cranks out spiritual beings (and everything else) by the carload — no big deal. And with some of the daffy-nitions I’ve been hearing about just what a spiritual being is, I’d have to say, and happily so, that we’ve moved, consciously or otherwise, into the practice of that branch of philosophy known as solipsism. And if you want to know more about that, you’ll have to look it up, ’cause I’m short of electrons, according to the electron-counter on my Mark XXVI Super-Cybernetic Laptop Coffeemaker and Computer.

        In order to push forward this idea and get some folks declaring themselves to be A Supreme Being, or even The Supreme Being, I’m making a one-time Christmas offer in which, for $2.98 United States currency, I’ll provide anyone that so desires with a lovely certificate bearing their name which certifies that they are A (or The) Supreme Being, whichever you request – allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. This will be suitable for framing and is something you can easily dazzle your friends and relatives with. Hopefully none of them will have you certified, which is to say declared legally insane in England or committed in good old U.S. of A.
        I’m sure you’ll agree that these make lovely Christmas gifts, even if somewhat belated, and for a dollar less we also have a certificate for just $1.98 that certifies that you ARE a spiritual being. Both these certificates can be copied as many times as you wish and sent to anyone you care to send them to as a final and confirming proof that you are what you say you are.

        I myself recently had my application for admission to the Society for the Preservation and Protection of Spiritual Beings (that’s the SPPSB) refused for having made irreverent remarks about this lovely idea, as well as suggesting that there’s many other states of being that can provide very interesting viewpoints and wonderful experiences that could be just as good as if not better than the one called “state of being a spiritual being.”

        The SPPSB and the few members of that organization that I know remind me a lot of an organization here in the United States called the DAR, which is short for the Daughters of the American Revolution, in which the women in this group can trace their biological lineage back to the 18th Ccentury and the war between the colonies and England. Well, you never saw a more snobbish group of people in your life, just because they would go around saying “I AM a Daughter of the American Revolution!” They went around making people who weren’t like that feel inferior, if you can believe it; and in a very childish but vicious way practiced a very virulent form of racial bigotry and religious intolerance. So I’m extra-happy now that I’m NOT going to be a member of the Society for the Preservation and Protection of Spiritual Beings. It looks like just one more way to substitute a counterfeit beingness for one’s real self, which as I’ve said in the past is something indefinable with words.

        Since this posting is somewhat of an advertisement, I’d also like to say that I’ve started up something called the Soul Shop, and here’s a few of the things that can be obtained from the Shop for modest prices (you can get our catalog upon request). But anyway, for people who are short of thetans, we’ve got a tremendous supply hanging around here, and they range from extra-fine mint condition all the way to ones that absolutely and positively insist that they are the most degraded broken-down thetans that you could find anyplace, anytime.

        We’re also having a special for folks who are sweetness-and-light types who’ve never been able to find in their entity collections or on their time tracks anything that was bad, gruesome, or evil, and so to help this possibiliby along we have packages of entities that are so evil or suppressive that you could hardly believe it; and they range all the way from that level down to packages that contain entities whose greatest crime when going to visit someone’s home for dinner was to see if they could find a piece of silverware that had a smudge on it and gossip about that the next day. As you can see, we have something for everyone, this being just a small sample of what is available at the Soul Shop.

        One of the amusing things that was quite noticeable in whole-track engram running was that human males never seemed to encounter lifetimes where they had been women. It just wasn’t the macho thing to do; kind of too embarrassing to be able to have a bi-sexual viewpoint. Whereas women running whole-track, with a few exceptions, often had little difficulty in finding themselves being men. It’s sort of like women don’t mind wearing pants, but how many men do you know that would find it easy to go around wearing a skirt or a dress?

        Well anyway, to remedy this problem, we have vast sections of time track which you can purchase and install just like any piece of software that will provide you with many, many, many lifetimes of experience and viewpoint as a member of the opposite sex. This is highly to be encouraged if you want to be a well-rounded person with lots of extra understanding.

        As you can see from this, the Soul Shop can provide you with just about anything up to and including a complete and total new case, which once installed should offer you many hours of working like the devil to get this new monkey off your shoulder, not to speak of affording you the opportunity to realize that having a case is at least as important as not having one, and provides you with all the excuses for failure that you could ever hope to devise along the eight dynamics. And believe you me, if you don’t have any excuses for failure, you have ceased to exist in any reality that’s to be found and communicated in any of the three universes (or 300, if you will).

        So don’t forget to write in soon and get your certificates, depending on what you’d like to be. Remember, they’re handsome and suitable for framing. And also let us know how we might serve you and your requirements here at the Soul Shop And as the old saying goes, where case is concerned, maybe it is better to give than receive!

        All the very best,
        A (or The) Supreme Being for as long as it takes to put the period to
        this sentence –
        Flipper Phil.

        • Hello,

          Tatiana: “I am not a diplomat at all, and I won’t be able to evaluate for this name-changing move. As for me – I don’t like it. Because it is a change of the significance, the label, that I could not care less about. I think if value significance at all, the right thing would be to stick with an original name “Scientology” in the first place. But If they (IFA) got born as an organization named differently, they should have hold to that name then and make it shine through their actions. In Russian there is a saying, that it is not the name makes a person, but the person makes the name. “

          I got your point, Tatiana.
          However, even LRH changed names of assosiations and foundations often when times changed.
          I personally think that the phrasing “independant Scientologist” will create more interest in the future.
          And the newsletters from Ian Waxler show me that this phrasing was used way back in the 80s, too.
          I may be not so well informed but was the term FreeZone not associated with the movement of Capt. Bill in the first place? And if so, then the FreeZone represents a “branch” of Independent Scientologists only?
          Maybe the term was adopted by other movements and efforts to keep Scientology alive outside the church – I don’t know the track, as I said above: it’s not easy for me to distinguish what exactly the freezone IS.
          But I have seen a lot of interviews from Independent Scientologists who are associated with the “IFA”. And I think the most of them are very dedicated to deliver Standard Tech and give their power to the cause.
          That’s why in my own view, the name is less important as the performance (of the cycle of action) and if the name change will result in more interest and more well skilled auditors and standard tech delivered I would be very, very glad.
          And honestly, I can’t stick by a name I have an MU. (And I am sure I am not the only one who has a misunderstood of the term FreeZone, free zone, fz et al.) It’s much easier to contribute to things one can understand – and “The Association of Professional Independent Scientologists” is well understood.

          All best to you,

          • Hello SKM (Sorry, but I do not recognize you under this name initials that remains to me an MU :) ),

            Talking about the word “Freezone” – it did not make much sense to me ether. It calls to associations with “Free stuff” which usually turns out to be an unwanted crap. “Free” as a concept of boundary-less freedom scares by implying free-to-alter-the-tech and does not quite fit with a second part “zone”, which is a marked by boundaries space. “Free” in a sense of freedom from say Church, something that is not a church of S. is also not a good way to define a group as an opposite of another, like defying cats as animals that are not dogs.
            I agree with you that recognizing fact of self-naming as “freezoners” to bee a mistake and correcting it back closer to original “Scientologists” is a smart move.

            I wonder, how would the world be without all the labels, that are trying to echo the essence of the origin in order to keep it in PT by mirroring. What if we could cut all the traces of lying representations, that mimicry the original actually existing in a moment of been created and so truth then, with higher or less degree of lying by reflecting through the time the origin itself. (I hate English, or, well, my disability to use it, I can’t stand how what I think comes out in a sentence of the language I have not mastered).

            I just do not like the names, the labels, the signs and all that secondary significance trash. I think labeling with a sign or name is a way of not creating it, but using a surrogate dead false replacement. I wish all the labels one day disappear with all the languages – written and spoken together. And we all are left in a clean world of beautiful silence where in order to share we’d have to actually create the idea itself, and in order to perceive we would have to be able to resonate to ideas and instead of duplicating them, simply include them into our own universe – share. No vias needed.

            Back to IFA my point was that it is not name (sign, label), that communicates, but actions, intentions and results. Unless some fools are judging by names, God help them! :)

            • Hello Tatiana,
              I agree with you.
              Names are of secondary importance. Symbols are just symbols.

              And I have the same problem with the english language as you. I am sure it’s even worse. But I like to learn more and more english as it is the language of Source Materials (and I have seen lots of translation crap, at least in the german language).

              FreeZone: when I first came across the term “freezone” talking to a fellow church Scientologist I thought that the free zone is a “management free” zone (free of management, so to speak).

              “I agree with you that recognizing fact of self-naming as “freezoners” to bee a mistake and correcting it back closer to original “Scientologists” is a smart move. “

              SKM could mean = Smart Kazakh Monk, no? :-) (joke)


              • Oups, yes. I forgot to TR2 the quotation above.
                Thank you.

                BTW. Would you mind if I translate some of your Interviews (a selection) into german for the german Independents Blog? (With subtitles to the original footage.)
                My time is very limited at the moment but there are important interviews and persons I would like to make available to the german Scientologists.

                Kind regards,

          • There is an old Russian joke: “If on the cage with tiger is written “the bear” – do not believe your eyes!”
            Or we can say: “If in the building named “Scientology Church” you see David Miscavige – do not believe your eyes!”

            • I know another russian joke:
              There was a old lady who worked all her life in the Samovar Factory. When she finally went into pension, she was asked if she has built a samovar for herself. She replied “I tried really hard, but anytime I finished I got a Kalashnikov.”

              This reminds me of Scientologists thinking they are producing a saner world whereas what they actually do is feeding King Daves Empire of Stupidity.

  10. I’ll just offer my opinion.

    I fell that were LRH alive, he’d obviously grieve and have other emotional reactions on how official Scientology’s evolved.

    But from my policy “appreciation” and focus background, I think the organizational setups he’d essentially keep.

    I think it’s almost unfortunately like some long term people like Alan Walter and Ken Urquhqart, and Otto Roos, and Paulette Ausley, who have some appreciation and respect and honestly about “LRH’s own case”, and also people like Janis Grady, Arden Hansen, Kima Douglas, Julie Gillespie, David Mayo, who have looked at LRH honestly.

    LRH did have his own case, and that unfortunately had some influence the policy rules and restraints that are ALSO part of the problem.

    Marty, I respect you so much for even going public, and doing whatever you continue doing, I’m not a Scientologist, I can’t do auditing, etc.

    But I do think policy, and when I think what LRH lived, and what he wrote, his years of experience which thus added up to the whole existing movement’s setups, I think honestly it takes really, something like the “Exec Strata”, given the leeway, and only post people on the Exec Strata who LOVE that job,, love it as much as the best “Auditors of the Year” loved auditing.

    LRH if one really looks at all his policy, really tries hard to keep it ALL in one’s mind, and really think as if one is the “Ideal Exec Strata” think tank member, who really looks over the whole scene, truly, I can tell you, when LRH ED 339R Int came out, I was 3rd dynamically in ecstasy, that LRH even thought to have a “think tank” like body as one of the top councils of the church.

    That council has just never gotten off the ground, CMO Int Pgms Ops just nit picked Exec Strata members into shredded bits.

    Honestly, I think the big solutions of the whole freezone and independents are just a huge unfortunate ramification of NOT having really good managers who were allowed just one good idea a year.

    If each of the Exec Strata members were given first of all the 5-10 years of hatting, and if they truly loved their jobs, and really understood what their jobs were, I think Exec Strata membes COULD have dealt with ALL of the problems that have gone on these last 30 years.

    Of course assumeing RTC no nothings didn’t nit pick Exec Strata, and CMO Int no nothings didn’t understand what it takes to truly make a think tank.

    And I so wish the hindsight knowledge of the LONG list of people who’ve loved the best in the tech and knowledge they gained from Scienotlogy, the people I listed above, I so wish the BEST of their suggestions and actions, COULD be included in Exec Strata member’s research into fixing the movement’s problems.

    Marty, I thank you for this forum, and allowing so much input here.

    I still am knee jerk LRH policy, and I think official Scientology rests on the benefits of the best in LRH’s policy, enough so to keep them going despite the early 1980s and late 1970s injustices and policy misapplications, and the deep flawed policies that are LRH’s fault.

    I am an ex Scientologist atheist realist, and I think what LRH built and things he approved, even though flawed, are some of the most powerful fundamentals for having built the whole “3rd dynamic” of the movement, as tragic as the post 1965 fallings outs have been (meaning so many MORE quitters and blamed faithful Scientologists accumulated AFTER the whole mid 1960s and following SP and disconnection detailed policies, and Sea Org harsh ethics, which had to this day not ceased, Alan Walter has been one of the wisest commenters about this).

    But LRH’s policies and admin have been the machine that Miscavige took over, and his tweakings have been cumulatively negative, it’s still LRH’s foundations that are under official Scientology.

    I think you aren’t the same kind of person, in my mind, compared to a Phil Stevens, nor even Guilliaume, nor even Bill Franks during those first years Bill or even Kerry Gleason, were envisioning what the future of “top management” would be.

    a lot of “cleanup” of the bad habits (most due to LRH), there has to be a true honest reckoning and laying out of the LRH flawed policy, his own bad behavior, even though he was given the filtered biased reports that Pat Broeker, who himself was too knee deep and not even up to the level of management experience that could outthink LRH.

    The movement needs people who honestly truly can absorb the history, honestly, and outthink, and order the changes in LRH’s policies, even better than LRH would.

    Your honestly stating a year or so ago, that you think LRH would just thrown the whole Sea Org out the window, to me, that is only possible if LRH is really occluded about his green on white writings.

    He just wouldn’t do that. He did too much, he knows so much about the whole history of the orgs, he just knows too much.

    I think today, honestly, in this imperfect official Scientology world, with an ignorant and draconian and nutball leader, Miscavige, plus with the last 30 years of shreddings that the Exec Strata and WDC members have taken, that it’s unfortunately gonna be a long haul to even get top personnel who even can think with following LRH’s admin principles, and who are sane enough to outthink LRH’s mistakes, and correct those mistakes.

    THey legally hold all sorts of things, they’ve pretty much started executing LRH’s intentions for LRH’s wealth (namely the CST project, archving LRH’s legacy for long term safekeeping for whatever long term digging up of his tech might long range be needed).

    Miscavige has built shinny buildings so dying official Scientologists will have those facilities to find in their future lives.

    I am an atheist, but I hope longer range down the road, that official Scientology just wises up, lets the Exec Strata do it’s job (post only people who LOVE that job and really can produce 1 good reform per year and pilot and implement the reforms by trial and error, be transparent with the movement members like the Free Spirit newsletter intones), and just be all one movement of Scientologists.

    In my years since 2003, looking over the best ideas of reform, some of Alan Walter’s comments to me,, about LRH’s “change”, and the SP direction of the mid to late 1960s, the tone of the Sea Org over the movement, these things I hope the 3rd dynamic members who would like to resolve it so Scientology is a tolerant “big tent”, I wish you all well.

    Whatever anyone does, seems overall fine.

    When LRH in one lecture said “It’s your Scientology too, you know” that’s authorization to do whatever you all agree on.

    As an ex admin fanatic and think tank ecstatic wanna-be helper (I wished to just work for one of the Exec Strata members as a scribe policy nerd expert clerk “helper”, that was really my top wish), I’m biased.

    Someday, if he Exec Strata members are given the leeway to become think tank experts, I hope they accomplish the major movement fixing, and take all the great Scientologists’ hindsight advices.

  11. One other point that I feel has contributed to the improved success of the current Independent movement is that we have been able to apply ethics tech to DM this time around. In the 80s there was very little leverage against the church. Now, with the knowledge provided from those who worked at Int, where the corruption was the worst, it is possible to put pressure to bear upon DM himself.

    He knows what Marty and Mike know and he knows they can’t be bought or suppressed. With Debbie now in the mix we have a formidable team against the black ops, injustices that have eventually toppled others before us. I think a large change has been a result of putting in ethics, Ethics Review is being used in full.

    As Moneca mentions earlier, when Mayo closed, the field went into apathy. This time the leaders in this movement are committed to ending the suppression so that LRHs legacy can go on. The current movement is and has been on the offense. In the 80s, there was no game plan for handling DM, permanently. Choosing to just deliver and try to ignore DM just didn’t work and ultimately put them at effect.

  12. Another great reading are the Reconnection issues:

    People were fighting for their freedom to practice Scientology back then too. They were not bad people.

  13. I think there is a major, huge difference between the Indy movement of the 80’s and present time. That is the originators and leaders of the current movement are admin trained and very experienced in the kind of dirty tricks used to shut down opposition. CSI and RTC is fighting against the actual operational heads of CSI and RTC. And it has not been going well. David Mayo and other techies who broke away in the 80’s were babes in the woods compared to Marty and Mike. Also people under a lot of suppression will often go PTS and get squirrelly. Not so with Marty and Mike because of this fact- that if you know the tech of something and use it, you cannot be the adverse affect of it. Think about what has been thrown against Marty and Mike. But it is all in an arena that they know the tech of and apply. So no PTSness, no squirrellyness, just rock solid leadership that is totally steady on standard ethics, tech and admin. Without rock solid leadership, any movement will fail. So there is a huge positive difference in leadership for the Indy movement. On the other side, the leadership for C of S has dramatically degraded. in the 80’s the leader was LRH. He was still there and was still communicating. Not so now. The Scientology website makes it very clear that the active leader of the C of S is no longer LRH but is DM. And despite his efforts to portray himself as superhuman there is an inherent knowingness that DM is not big enough to fill even one of LRH’s bedroom slippers. Scientologists know that. They are perhaps not going to rebel, but there are few darn people out there that would follow DM to hell and back. When push comes to shove, and the shit is really hitting the fan, DM will lead the charge and glance backwards and find himself looking at Lou and no-one else. I think that for this single reason there cannot be a comparison between the Indie movement of the 80’s and the Indie movement of today. There is no comparison. The current Indie movement is rock solid and moving forward like a slow train comin’ down the line. It will arrive. The movement of the 80’s, with identical ideals, was lead by techies who stood around innocently while some pretty hard ass people cut them down. It’s the same ideals, but a completely different structure.

    • Freedom Fighter

      Actually, I think the biggest difference here is that Marty and Mike worked directly with Miscavage for so many years and have intimate knowledge of the way the guy operates.

    • “On the other side, the leadership for C of S has dramatically degraded. in the 80′s the leader was LRH. He was still there and was still communicating. Not so now. The Scientology website makes it very clear that the active leader of the C of S is no longer LRH but is DM. ”


      We don’t need a leader. LRH wasn’t a leader. He was the goal maker. We need a management body.

      It’s that KSW thingie, so the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or high priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.

      And regards that and what SINAR posts above, there are 4 conditions of exchange. Which one is the church nowadays. It’s number 4 – rip off, no exchange especially with the ideal orgs and ias and other dono regging. Debbie Cook has it right. Why are the public staying away, they see it as a rip-off, only us on the inside don’t see it because, why we have had some gains.

      Regards the indie movement back in the 80’s, one only had to apply KSW and the 4 conditions of exchange and also LRH policy on don’t ever borrow, keep credit as a second cushion, to it’s indie public. Deliver to them, if they wish to do more and don’t have the money, then offer advanced payments. It’s easy. But back then, if they got too big, Mayo, why the church used their LEGAL power to shut them down or keep them in fear.

      Any regular business that is a legit business tries to offer in abundance. And when they do, they boom. How on earth could the church not boom? KSW.

      One should also realize that credit cards for the public in general did not come into vogue until the early 1980’s. In the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s there were no credit cards, people were not in debt to those plastic demons. People did have money saved in savings accounts that did earn 10% on those savings. But that changed rapidly in the 90’s and now people were in debt. I even remember somebody figuring it out and sold on TV how to become a credit card millionare by taking cash advances and then gambling in the stock market or buying a business.

    • Free and clear,
      You’re right, in the 80s scene there was that LRH factor; he was alive and he IS the Goal Maker. That pull of reach for the theta of that Goal and Goal Maker was mighty strong. It added to the decision making to stay with the Group. The LRH factor was a huge element then.

      Since that time, DM has cut those theta lines. He’s violated An Essay On Management and now those VERY powerful theta lines are coming back straight to the point they were cut – David Miscavige.

  14. I do not agree that “squirreling” is the “why” that the initial efforts of those who exited in large numbers circa 1982 did not result in healthy, growing organizations of the kind envisoned by LRH. There are several extremely intense factors in play during the time period:

    1. This is during the time period that the AMA Committee on Quackery, which began in 1964, relentlessly pursued its agenda to drum alternative health and holistic practices out of existence. Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for them, the Chiropractic field took the brunt of this activity and were finally able to get a judgment against the AMA for conspiracy and monopoly in 1987. It went to appeals and was upheld in 1990. During this evolution, alternative practitioners were AT RISK of being harassed, charged for practicing medicine without a license, and so on. It was really only after 1990 that there was any true public acceptance and freedom in the alternative health / holistic movement.

    2. The American Association of Pastoral Counselors was founded in 1963 as an organization which certifies Pastoral Counselors, accredits pastoral counseling centers, and approves training programs. From their website: “The integration of religion and psychology for psychotherapeutic purposes began in the 1930’s with the collaboration of Norman Vincent Peale, a renowned minister, and Smiley Blanton, M.D., a psychiatrist, to form the American Foundation of Religion and Psychiatry, now the Blanton-Peale Institute.” However, even though Peale was instrumental in forging this idea, he was drummed into the ground by APA members. By 1963 he had been thoroughly discredited and if you read the criticisms leveled against him, you will find that they are chillingly similar to the propaganda leveled against Scientology. From what I have been to research, an ongoing strategy of the APA is to attempt to re-designate all forms of spiritual counseling as a form of psychotherapy, which should be licensed under their purview.

    3. Not only was the Independent or Freezone field faced with the AMA and APA efforts to discredit and hound their efforts into the ground, but the C of S also worked to discredit and hound them into the ground.

    4. The emergence of the Internet (circa 1994-96) really nailed them, with the extremely anti-Scientology websites coming online, and the Church engaging in strategies that did not work and worse, opened Scientology to even more extreme criticism for censorship and militancy. Scientology’s PR image and repute has been systematically damaged and the extreme actions and abusive behaviors of the C of S only served to aggravate the situation.

    5. As it stands now, unless Independent Scientology take care to steer clear from any form of diagnosis of physical or mental health and get themselves set up as religious entities, they are not only at risk from the C of S, they are also at risk from regulations governing health care practitioners.

    What is amazing is that ANY people from the earlier time period continued to practice at all for any length of time. Betrayed by their Church, betrayed by their government, and smeared beyond all reason by the Church and by the media and on the Internet, there is little wonder that they could not make any headway.

    Marty, I appreciate your efforts and the work you have been doing. I believe that without the earlier individuals that have backed up your efforts and contributed by commenting and linking and sending people to the information provided, this blog would never have gotten off the ground. I thank every person who has posted to this blog and made it a success.

    And I thank the countless people who fought back and hard against the onslaught against alternative health, holistic methods, and spiritual practices however “squirrely” they may seem to others, otherwise we would not have the freedom to even offer auditing. And that does include the many Sea Org members who worked their heart and souls out to ensure that it would be possible at all for there to be spiritual practices such as auditing free from the restrictions of medical and psychological licensing and restrictions.

    It has been an incredible, difficult and tough environment to work in, but I do believe that we are finally seeing the light of day — not just for Scientology, but for all of the spiritual and religious paths and practices that are the true hope of mankind.

    • martyrathbun09

      Interesting. But, I would say that L Ron Hubbard and Scientology were the earlier-beginning and really took the brunt – in fact, paved the way for the Chiros to prevail.

      • Yes, thanks for clarifying that! I do believe that if the C of S had not fought back and hard at that time there would be no such thing as spiritual counseling, life coaching, and other alternative practices without State licensing requiring medical, psychiatric or psychology training.

        As far as I can tell, this effort has continued as an effort to denounce many such activities as fraudulent and unscientific methods, veiled hypnotism and brainwashing methods. The Talk article on Wikipedia on the Norman Vincent Peale article delves into this operation, and its unsupported criticism based on the concept of cults and mind control, a basis denounced by the APA itself in 1994. It had been spearheaded by Dr. Margaret Singer, according to Wikipedia: “In the 1960s she began to study the nature of cults and mind control and served on the board of the American Family Foundation. She is the author of the book Cults in Our Midst. She gave expert testimony in several cult-related trials … In 1987, as head of the APA taskforce on Deceptive and Indirect Techniques of Persuasion and Control for the American Psychological Association, Singer oversaw the production of a report that was later rejected by the APA’s Board of Social and Ethical Responsibility for Psychology. Thereafter, Singer’s expert testimony in four subsequent cases was not accepted. In 1992 she sued the APA for ‘defamation, frauds, aiding and abetting and conspiracy’, but in 1994 she lost.”

        The important thing to understand about all this, from a viewpoint of a Scientologist attempting to function in mainstream society, is that the operating climate has been downright inimical to independent religious practice, especially with the constant onslaught against new religious movements and alternative methods. It has only been in the last 10 years that the operating climate has become favorable to spiritual and holistic movements and this is directly traceable to the rise of the WWW starting in the late 90s, rapidly growing in influence with the proliferation of sites like WordPress and Blogspot, (both launched in 2003) which made it possible for non-tech savvy individuals to voice their concepts and ideas.

        • martyrathbun09

          Yeah, and we (in the church at the time) helped see too it that Singer’s report suffered the fate it did.

          • Yes, and I thank you. Very much. I once remarked to a critic of the C of S that “as much as you might dislike the C of S, you should thank God that it is standing in the path of the hurricane, standing against the onslaught against your spiritual freedom.”

            I don’t know if you are aware of this — in 2007, the APA issued a “Resolution on Religious, Religion-Based and/or Religion-Derived Prejudice,” which may have an enormous impact on the changes we are seeing as regards government stance on religious practice. This may be an important factor in the issues to do with Debbie Cook’s case should the court decide to refer to APA positions on the matter.


            • martyrathbun09

              Yes, I’ve often commented on the fact that I left when it became apparent that the decades of hard won freedoms were being used to enslave.

        • Absolutely fascinating, Maria. I knew none of that about Margaret Singer’s report on cults. Thank you.

    • 5. “As it stands now, unless Independent Scientology take care to steer clear from any form of diagnosis of physical or mental health and get themselves set up as religious entities, they are not only at risk from the C of S, they are also at risk from regulations governing health care practitioners.”

      Maria, How can you avoid this when Book One is titled “Dianetics-The Modern Science of Mental Health”?

      • Consider the Church of Religious Science, based on the Science of the Mind by Earnest Holmes, or the Christian Scientists. Both are thoroughly acknowledged as religions in this day and age and both imply science.

        There is more than one definition of the word science, and the use of science does not necessarily mean that a subject is not religious in its basis.

        It is a difficult situation, and it has been for many decades, but the gist of it, as I understand it is that the medical/psych turf is the diagnosis and cure of physical and mental illness. In fact, the distinction is the subject of discussions by psychology groups, for example: Here’s a couple of quotes:

        “Anyone who is not a member of the College can offer a form of therapy, as long as it doesn’t treat a ‘serious’ disorder, which is the controlled act”

        New controlled act: “Treating, by means of psychotherapy technique, delivered through a therapeutic relationship, of an individual’s serious disorder of thought, cognition, mood, emotional regulation, perception or memory that may seriously impair the individual’s judgement, insight, behaviour, communication or social function”

  15. DM’s pay might have gone up since the 80’s. Not a bad paying job really.
    This is what he was paying himself more than two decades ago:

    • Random Stranger

      Starkey is just as criminal as DM as far as I’m concerned if he’s been drawing over six figures per year as pay while regular org staff across the world get paid sometimes fifty cents per week or even nothing at all and have to live on vinegar and wax paper. As far as I’m concerned all the fat cat execs are vampiric overpaid and bloated leeches drawing a bunch of dough and doing nothing in exchange for it, with DM being just the fattest leech of the gluttonous bunch.

  16. FCDC Class of 74

    I tried the link for the article and get an error message “the file is damaged and could not be repaired”, is there another way to get a copy or location to access a copy?

  17. The cofs became an sp group the day dm became head. Those who left in the 80s were correct to do so. More so than those who took longer. Doesn’t matter if they had it evaluated correct or not. Correct action of leaving is correct action. Whatever they did after that initial leaving is a moot point. Anyway I support the bright light of truth shining on the dm forehead and up his ass.

  18. Hi Marty;

    I think one of the main differences between the Indies of the 80s and present was the ‘hit’ that was being taken then, compared to now, the ‘shock’ effect.

    In the 80s we were being hit hard, there was a ‘shock’ effect in the ranks of the public at the time, and there was no way to communicate it, and you sure couldn’t get it off in session, confidential or not. The price increases, the Finance Police, the ordering to flag of everyone who had a body to do KSW, the degredation of the field auditors and ethics terminals by I HELP, the destrution of the Mission Network, the exodus from the Bridge, all these hit seemingly one right after the other with no reason why. We were literally left reeling! The idealism we all had about the Bridge and the future of Scientology, the joy, was rapidly destroyed, turned into fear and worry, and a very not safe environment. I was once sent to ethics because I mentioned to a friend that I thought the prices were too high.

    The lack of comm then, it was all rumour, people just ‘disappeared’, with no issues, nothing, just gone. Even the SO numbers crashed at that time, a very significant percentage were no longer in the SO.

    Those individuals in the field at the time were struggling with this shock. This was completely unexpected, beyond any comprehension, no way to find a Who or a Why, no understanding, just the continued hitting and hitting and hitting. There was no way to rally together. Individuals and very small groups began to form, but no comm between them because frankly no one knew what others were doing, comm lines had been wrecked. The only one that was really known was Mayo and his groups, and they were undone.

    SP’s do exist, there is such an animal, and prior to that era, people who were declared were SPs’, not all of them of course, but the percentage of those in the Indie field at the time was much higher than now, when SP declares are just part of the CofS’s daily ritual. Today, the vast majority of SPs are not SPs. Back then, as a consequence, there was a lot of squirrling going on. This continued up into the ARS era, where on ACT there was a lot of ‘reasonableness’ of people tying there own thing. I think the two main reasons for all the squirreling was the percentage of actual SPs out there, and the lack of LRH material, and the inabiltiy of individuals to form groups, and groups to form organizations.

    The internet is just a tool, yes, but it is the tool that makes the difference. Here we can all safely comm and find out about each other, where then it was near impossible to connect up with others of like mind, unless you already knew them, or knew someone who knew them.

    Also, one of the main concerns then was getting the tech out into the field. The only ones who had any were those to took their personal stuff out with them. If you didn’t have it when you left, you didn’t have it at all, and there was no way you could get it. As I mentioned in a post here a year or more ago, back then the teckies were leaving. Now the admin personnel are leaving. So, now, persons with a lot of admin training, mostly XSO but not just XSO, are out here organizing.

    The GO, then OSA, was fully operational then, destroying who and what it could find. The none Scino public, the ‘wogs’ were unaware of what was happening, there was no media of any significance. The Indies were truely alone, the ‘lonely only’s’. The best way to survive was to keep quiet, not be noticed, because if you got hit, you got hit alone. Today, that is not the case.

    Someday, someone who has a comm line capable enough, should write the history of this rebellion. It would make for a very fascinating, exciting read. If written well, it would be a best seller.

    • Hi Bob,
      I heartily agree with your comments, having been in Scientology since 1971. A bit off topic here, but are you Lynn Grant’s brother? She was on staff at Vancouver Mission in the late 70’s or thereabouts (after the Mission crashed when the successful Mission holder was driven out in 1974). I was on staff then too. Lynn was a sharp cookie who got trained on the OEC. She did leave staff and relocated to Ottawa. I know she had mentioned way back that she had a brother who was auditor trained but was no longer active in Scn. If you are Lynn’s brother, please say hi from Bernardette Strudwick, and if she wants to get in touch I’ll send you my e-mail address. (I post here infrequently as Bernie. I am originally from Ottawa though I got into Scientology in Vancouver.)

  19. Hi Ian;

    You may not remember me. We were on the BC at the same time, and as a Class VIII student you did a comm ev for me that straightened out a false report that had knocked me off the BC for 7 months. You helped me a lot, and I made it to Class VIII as a result. Thanks.

    I see your mustach hasn’t changed.

  20. I haven’t weighed in on this until now. When Ian published this news letter I was reports officer RTC. I received probably hundreds of copies of it from public. I read it, and it “spun me in” because I agreed with it enough that I required significant “handling” to do my Job. Security vetted all mail going into Int, except my reports traffic because they found it so “enturbulating” that the security chief CSWed me and Jesse Prince, I believe, that their staff did not have to read my stuff, because they had to forward everything to me anyway. The way it was written impinged, polite respectful, thoughtful and humorous. The people doing this in 1985 really are us, they were the pioneers. They even had the first indy day celebration 4th of July 19851

    One of the things that wound up souring my compassion for the indies, is I would get a smaller number of other letters, written to me personally, that did things like “let me tell you a story … insert OT III material … end story … BTW, this was OT III, you are not at that level, so I hope you die of cancer or go crazy”. I lumped all the critics together in my mind to keep doing my job.

    Lots of people comment that it is the internet … the main difference. I agree it is a useful tool, but a double edged sword. Everything written on the internet is viewed instantly by the COS, so to that degree they have unprecedented instant intelligent. The advantage to the critic side is, by the nature of this conflict, the critics, anon, etc. will take heavy casualties, but detailed information on what happened can be read and analyzed by the next wave and successive waves where they get smarter and more adapt. The bottom line is the critic community is willing and able to change and adapt, while today’s COS can’t and won’t in a meaningful way.

    The weakness of the critic community, in part created by the internet is people think sitting on their computer is really doing something, so a massive field of spectators “wheres the popcorn” has grown.

    Though I find it amazing to believe I am about to say this, and I am certain I am going to get flamed for it, I believe the demise of the 80s indies movement came from from two issues, the smaller of which is the arrogance of certain key players, or feelings or demands of entitlement, something I think also exists today in some forms.

    The main one was Hubbard himself. Hubbard was reviewing stats weekly and sending out advices in the early 80s. I am summarizing my opinion, it is just my opinion from my experience in RTC at that time. I think LRH realized he fucked up with the mission holder conferences and handlings and International Finance Police, etc. etc. I think he knew he got bad data and screwed the pooch. Jessie and Vickie Aznaran worked with me a lot, basically telling me that a lot of people got hurt, and we have to make things right, the COS has to become kinder and gentler. This came from Hubbard. I further think he fucked up by not openly saying “this was wrong, we need to revise and change our policies and structures so that this can’t happen again”. Instead he tried to quietly reform the groups that created the chaos and destruction into kinder and gentler attitudes, not limiting their power or basic authoritarian nature, so that after his death, a tyrant with no compassion could exploit the same mechanism.

  21. BTW.
    The internet factor is not minor.
    True: it’s a tool.
    But it’s a very good tool.
    It’s havingness which permitts to experience communication from one viewpoint to another and to many at one time. All over the world and in the same time-continuum.
    If this “channel” is used openly and with the purpose to reveal the truth, it’s very effective.
    Per “The Factors”, the viewpoint is never seen, but its products (dimension points, communications particles etc.).
    In the Internet Age it is very easy to assume a viewpoint and take part in the game and this blog is a great “play ground” where viewpoints from all over the world come together to put data in, to check the data, to blow charge from the time track and in this way helping to audit out the 3D engram.
    It wasn’t possible back then in the 80’s.
    Internet is fast. It makes it possible to “plug in” from (virtually) where ever you are and contribute to the communication.

    Internet is a big factor in running the 3D engram.
    And IMO it’s a big factor why the communication is much stronger and produces much more demage to DMs abuses then in the 80’s.
    And it will be a key factor in the preservation of Standard Technology for future generations.

  22. fly on the wall | March 21, 2012 at 5:51 pm | Reply

    “You state, “we should have unity not division”. Then don’t sow division.”

    Was not I who stated that :-

    “a) squirreled, and b) denigrated Hubbard and his technology. Third, I found both “a” and “b” to be rampant within the current Freezone.”

    I asked for time place form and event.

    No response.

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