Who Is Joel Phillips?

An industrious individual decided that David Miscavige’s Office of Special Affairs black ops propaganda campaigns, and their Corporate Scientologist puppet executors, are overdue for a little of nature’s most effective disinfectant, sunshine.

First on the line up is the sponsor of the Corporate Scientology web rag with the Orwellian title Religious Freedom Watch.

Joel Phillips is welcomed out of the shadows.   Steve Hall has also put Phillips on notice.

I encourage anyone who has time on their hands to see to it that each and every one of Phillips’ business contacts are made aware of what Phillips has been up to.


More reflections on Phillips from Just Me and Mark Bunker:

Joel Phillips is an effing brownshirt Nazi! Here’s the crap he writes at
http://groups.google.com/group/alt.religion.scientology/browse_thread/thread/a9e3bb544f0bc824?tvc=2&pli=1 .

Joel Phillips: “So I am calling for the total elimination of Islam. Many other religious choices are available to those currently in Islam. Islam must go and no Muslim can be allowed to remain anywhere in the world.”

Joel Phillips: “All Mosques must either be destroyed or made into something else. The other day we did a title for one that was converted into a shopping center, now that s a good use for one!”

Joel Phillips: “All copies of the Koran must be rounded up and burned or otherwise destroyed. If libraries insist on keeping them for historical reasons they have to be under lock and key and they have to post a guard to make sure no one copies them.”

Left to his own devices, Phillips will be packing people into cattle cars headed for concentration camps and gas chambers. He is either completely unfamiliar with or completely opposed to the U.S. Bill of Rights — particularly the First Amendment.

Astonishingly, Joel Phillips funds a publication called (this next bit would be so funny, if it weren’t) Religious Freedom Watch.


Mark Bunker clarification:

This is an old post from someone looking to defame Joel Phillips by pretending to write extremist stuff as him. Not that I’m defending Phillips because RFW is filled with the over-the-top lies that corporate Scientology has spread about little old SP’s like me and my friends for years. Someone in the past also created a website supposedly from me and opened a twitter account in my name and spread similar anti-Islam messages in my name. I got the twitter account and website taken down. Tony Ortega wrote a piece about it way back when:


RFW is crap and the folks behind it are crappy. I think Phillips is likely just a front for RFW since in the video I shot of him talking with Andreas he seemed not to even know what he had on the site. But the anti-Islam material was written by someone else simply to cause trouble for Phillips and as a parody of Phillips own RFW site.


Now this is a test.  Phillips refused to answer my communication to him two years ago about correcting a litany of false, black ops PR he has posted on me.  He knows how to get hold of me.  If he refutes the comments about Islam, and wants them removed – notwithstanding it being posted with the opinion of Mark Bunker – all he has to do is communicate.  My bet is he won’t – because he is hiding like the little rat OSA operative he is and doesn’t want to open himself to return communication about his obligation to take down his OSA propaganda designed to destroy a number of people.

I also suggest people write to the “religious experts” who have been paid to legitimize Phillips OSA op page – and tell them a thing or two about who they are whoring out to.


189 responses to “Who Is Joel Phillips?

  1. HannibalTheFirst

    I completely understand the outrage about those hate pages and will do what is necessary to defend the so attacked. But I have a few considerations.:
    1. Independent Scientologists are better than the Taliban Scientologists, we have decency, tolerance and love.
    2. There is no need to copy methodes of the corporate church. We are standing up against those methods. And while the invitation is tempting we are better than that.
    3. I actually used these hate pages as the last nail in the coffin for any church supporters. They speak for themselves and any decent being will know what type of character is creating those pages. I hope David Miscavige never changes the style of the current “Freedom Mag” pages. It is the true testimony about what this church has become.

  2. Mark and Steve you are both fantastic examples of how to confront and shatter suppression – not to mention how to handle a fellow Scientologist when they are libeling and slandering you. Steve helped me confront Siouxie Boshoff (acting on OSA behalf) when she was committing libel and slander against me 2 years ago: http://www.scientology-cult.com/declarations-of-independence/knowledge-reports/108-libel/413-siouxie-boshoff-libelling-whistleblowers.html

    Joel/DM y’all had better take that stuff down. I wouldn’t screw with either Mark or Steve. Out here in the real world what you are doing is against the law. Plus, shouldn’t you be exercising your attention towards saving the planet since that what you tell people that you do? You got lots of work to do there, how about START that and STOP libeling and slandering Steve, Mark and everyone else?

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