Kudos to Aida Thomas and those who assisted her in discovering and exposing the Office of Special Affairs (OSA, church of Scientology dirty tricks and propaganda wing) operative who publicly slimed her friend Silvia Kusada:

Aida Thomas Opens Up A Can of Whup Ass

In my view Aida sets a wonderful example of what friendship really entails.

As for Neil Roger Woods – aka Tim Higgs, aka truthseeker, the OSA operative very active in attempting to disrupt and destroy the lives and reputations of Independent Scientologists – he had his fun on this blog for a spell in 2010.  That was until we noted that his creepy comments indicated he was an OSA troll.

This Woods message was a dead give-away:


Mr. Rinder,

Have you ever been on the other end of one these “gang ups”? If so, was it just once or more than once? If a man spends years of his life shooting others, should others feel sorry for him when he gets shot?

Should we feel sympathy for someone who was once on the cause end of something like this but is now on the effect end?

Didn’t you and Marty Rathbun help to build the Frankenstein monster over the last 20-30 years we are now having to deal with?

Isn’t there a word for things that happen like this?

Isn’t that word “Karma”?

It is David Miscavige attempting to export the Hole right into our living room – the tell-tale “I am going to take your treasonous act of coming clean to make you guilty until you cave in and shut up”.

Woods ought to be exposed to the point where societal peer pressure forces him to confess and repent.   “Oh”, the OSA trolls will rant, “but you are proposing to do just what OSA does!”   No, I’m not.  I have published OSA programs straight from their greasy files that direct the spreading of black PR (not fact) to ensure that folk of our ilk lose their jobs and any possibility of a livelihood.   Examples, Tory Christman Program,  OSA War Against Independence. That is precisely what Woods has been involved in, going on for years now. Mr Woods does not deserve to earn a red penny from anyone until he makes good on what he has been doing to others at the behest of Miscavige’s OSA network.  To allow him to continue to harm people of good will is ethical bankruptcy.

Thanks again to Aida for not only demonstrating what  a friend is, but also for helping to put Ethics in where sorely needed.

196 responses to “Friends

  1. truthaboutskusada


    Please allow me to make something clear at this time.

    I, Tim Higgs am not Neil Woods. I and Mr. Woods are two different people.

    Mr. Woods is 20 years older than me and married. Not to mention, I hear he’s OT 8.

    I’m in my early 40′s, with brown hair, slim and attractive, Neil is in his 60′s, overweight with grey hair.

    If you look at the picture that Aida has up on her blog, you can see that he’s a man in his 60′s and that picture was taken by members of “Anonymous” a few years ago.

    Aida is just forwarding false information she got from ESBM put there by a girl who went by the nic, “HubbardTelescope” who was obsessed with me and finding out who I was.

    Why? Because she kept losing one argument after another on WWP and ESMB on the subject of Scientology. Who once said she wanted to “smother me with love”.

    She turned out to be an obnoxious girl with a serious weight problem.

    Tim Higgs

    • I see no reason to doubt you Tim. I always found you an interesting example of someone who compensated for their poor grammar, spelling and inability to use the apostrophe correctly with a considerable talent for chess.

      But why couldn’t you use that analytical skill to make the ‘Truth Seeker’ operation a success, rather than a clumsy and transparent failure?

      And why didn’t you learn anything from Craig De Fan’s ability to turn a preposterous story into one plausible enough to fool Bob Minton, at least for a while.


      Andrew (aka ‘Mr Spellchecker’)

      • truthaboutskusada

        That’s what I always liked about you Andrew, your ability to focus on the most important aspect of a post while never getting sidelined on trivial matters.

        Another thing I liked about you is that you post are always full of positive reinforcement and never write anything that contains any condescending remarks or insults.

        I love you too Andrew. :-)

  2. truthaboutskusada


    While I think it’s real touching that you and Aida Thomas are currently patting each other on the back, there’s something about her you need to know.

    Aida Thomas has an entire section of her blog titled: “Who Helped David Miscavige Take Over?” where she tears down you and others who she feels is to blame for the current situation.

    Here’s the link to that post within her blog:

    • I saw it long before I made the post. One real defect, really a sickness, in the thinking of you Corporate Scientologists is that everbody is black or white, good or evil, with us or agin’ us. It is sick, war mentality. Try looking up LRH on how a supervisor handles students: you invalidate wrongnesses not the being. The reverse certainly applies too. Another reason why your church is dead.

      • Hi Marty, I know that you are aware of my position and of the contents of that article; that is why I said that I was speechless and also thought that it was very big of of you that despite of it all, you still posted my article on Silvia Kusada.

        I guess that the only one clueless here was Mr. Woods, er, Mr Higgs no? LOL

        Funny thing is, that as a result of his warfare tactics people of “all sides” are getting united.

        Again, Marty it is big of you and thanks for the good things that you are doing.

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