Massive, Straight Up and Vertical International Expansion – Really Dave?

By Mike Rinder

There have been many posts and numerous comments on this blog mocking the overhyped “expansion news” that Miscavige feeds his captive audience of clubbed seals at events.  They are well trained to applaud every time there is a loud explosion and a line bursts through the top right corner of a graphic on screen. No other stimulus is required:  disbelief is suspended and all critical thinking is cast aside. He tosses out stinking fish and the seals don’t even stop to chew – they swallow it whole and with relish.

Of late, in response to exposing the truth about the sham campaigns (“give us money so we can air ads all over the world” and none are ever seen by anyone except maybe on the Home Shopping Network at 4am), Miscavige bit the bullet and started shelling out for ads to appear on mainstream, high profile TV shows in the US.  Of course, he can’t say something different in these ads to what he says at his events, hence they tout:  “growing faster today than anytime in history”,   “more than 10,000 churches, missions and groups”, “welcoming over 4.4 million new people each year” and “grassroots groups starting every 24 hours.” Unfortunately, no matter how untrue or misleading these statements are, Miscavige knows no regulatory entity is going to bother taking the church to task for false advertising.

But , as anyone who has been to an org in the last 20 years knows, in the real world you cannot see any of this massive international expansion other than empty bricks and mortar, purchased with the blood extracted from the clubbed seals .

Even worse is the Mission network.  If this massive international expansion were to be evident anywhere, it would surely be at the entrance to the Bridge. Maybe it takes a while for everyone to flow up the Bridge to the orgs… (especially if the Bridge itself is blocked with Basics, 3 swing FNs, arbitrary blanket objectives etc etc), but it is not an unreasonable assumption to expect to see straight up vertical soaring to the heavens expansion with Missions springing up all over, flourishing and prospering.  Wow, you might even expect to see things approaching the days of missions with hundreds of staff and huge course rooms and HGCs (think Riverside in its heyday).  They don’t even have the “Ideal Mission” program rolling – JT paid for ONE in Ocala FL (it’s completely empty, Christie and I were the ONLY people in there on a Saturday afternoon other than the Hungarian receptionist who had been brought into the country at the invitation of Scientology friends).

There is another datum that Miscavige has driven home – “you are known by your nearest delivery org.” He hammered this in on the FSO – forcing them to “be responsible for” Tampa org.  This is how he got the money to buy the original Tampa buildings and now defunct test centers.  From FSO public.  He turned  CMO CW into the “management” of Tampa.  SO staff were sent to Tampa to fill posts.  FSO public were press ganged into joining staff there or sending their children to join (“It’s command intention”).   Local FSO public were put on course and into the HGC.  And it became the dumping ground for FSO reject public.  The FSO was NEVER intended to be a management org for Tampa. That is CLO EUS’s job.  But it didn’t matter to Master Manager Miscavige.  He has done the same with organizations around the world – somehow AOSHUK is responsible for London (though Brighton is closer…) etc etc.  Wherever its convenient to make others wrong, he jumps at it.

Ok Master Manager Miscavige – how do you explain this? The “Redlands Mission.” Redlands Mission RIP

Come on Dave, don’t be shy — this is (was) the closest Mission to RTC Headquarters. This is the closest Scientology delivery to your $70 million palace.

This is your massive straight up and vertical booming international expansion?

Maybe it just hasn’t osmosed from your home in neighboring Riverside County into San Bernardino County yet? Or from neighboring LA County for that matter? Maybe they don’t get TV there in San Bernardino?  Maybe they are just out of step with the rest of the world?  Maybe none of the 10 million Scientologists are in San Bernardino County?  Certainly none of the 10,000 Orgs and Missions are…. Perhaps the 2 million residents of San Bernardino are just not part of the 12,054 new people flooding into Scientology every day because there is something in their drinking water?

Dave, this building is less than 30 minutes from RTC HQ straight down Highway 10. You pass within a mile of it every time you roll by in your bulletproof armored van, or your BMW, Saleen Mustang, Mazda RX 7, Miata, Landrover Discovery, Ford Expedition, Acura RL or whatever else you have on the West Coast these days.

Dave, how about an explanation for this photo taken just 3 days ago by Sinar Parman?

And if you think they just  moved to “Ideal Mission” (or any) premises, you would be mistaken – they are no longer part of the straight up and vertical world of David Miscavige. They no longer exist.  In fact, the only Dianetics and Scientology in the entirety of San Bernardino County is the CST property at Rim of the World.

Dave, I am sure there is a good explanation and we are just missing it. A small group of apostates has taken over San Bernardino?  We are leaving the clearing of San Bernardino to last because they have been hard to work with on the permits for the fences at CST? Marty Rathbun infiltrated the Mission and they became squirrel?

But wait, maybe that is really unfair. Maybe we should only be talking about Dave’s closest org? Unfortunately for you Dave, its Orange County.

Check the state of Orange County Org out here.

Now, that promo piece is sort of like the Tel Aviv org video. Makes you think that the building is really done.  All nicely lit up and looking slick.

But the OC Weekly followed up with this, including some very relevant information from Luis Garcia.

And here is an even more recent shot (this week) of that very same building your promo piece showed lit up and open:

Real state of OC org

Dave, do we have another anomaly in the big picture of massive, straight up and vertical international expansion? Perhaps its really rocking and rolling everywhere except Orange County (and San Bernardino County, and Santa Barbara county and San Diego County… )?  Funny, OC used to be a large org and things were rocking and rolling. Back when they delivered Dianetics and Scientology rather than just being a roosting house for IAS and Idle Org vultures.  There has got to be some explanation for this very public failure in the center of “the largest concentration of Scientologists on the planet.”  Surely you can explain this Dave?

Your closest org AND closest Mission are falling behind, or have dropped out altogether, in the straight up and vertical stampede to planetary clearing?

Or maybe, just maybe, you are a bald-faced liar.

170 responses to “Massive, Straight Up and Vertical International Expansion – Really Dave?

  1. The seal analogy is some mighty rich material there, Mike. One day I may have to run with that one. :)

  2. Wake up Tom Cruise and see your best friend as he is.

  3. This was fun. Thanks Mike.

  4. I think this and other articles on this blog are aimed at those still in. They should have a look onto the facts. But this is quite a difficult task. Why? In order to answer this we need to have a closer look onto manipulation. Thought is senior to the physical universe. Thus the way someone thinks about something changes the universe around him according his thought and thus his observation acknowledges his thought. This is like a vicious circle. The first attempt is changing his mind. But this does not work as he has facts by observation telling him his thoughts are correct. Then you could change his observation. Could be done by changing his environment. But this is not very possible on Sea Org members. Thus it is very hard to handle manipulation. But there is another approach. You make him to agree more with what he thinks. Usually his not ised disagreements pop up. The manipulator usually is now trying hard to not is his disagreements. You simply acknowledge his disagreements. Thats it. This will break the neck of the manipulation.

    • I’ll add this, from back in Aug 6, 2010:
      windhorse | August 6, 2010 at 5:43 pm | Reply
      Marty — perfect example why certain SHOCKING facts should be reposted/restated every month or so. (like dms life style and salary, lock down at Int etc.) Perhaps a GLARING facts section

      No OT IX and X was a topic months ago. New people to the blog could miss a post and by now the site is so huge, few are going to be able/willing to read each article AND the comments.


      ΘTater/GaryLerner | August 7, 2010 at 3:38 am | Reply
      Very good idea, WH!!



  5. Pete Griffiths

    Good stuff Marty, you may continue and you have my wholehearted support.

  6. The only thing that is MASSIVE, STRAIGHT UP and VERTICAL is David Miscaviages LIES!

    Actually his lies are in a condition of POWER!

  7. OC costs 14.7 million? I paid $14 million for Celeb Center (Manor) and got my ass kicked every inch of the way because I was spending so much money. In fact Miscaviage had a bird with me when he found out I bought a Yamaha Disclavier for the lobby for $25,000 then bought one for Int. It’s all about the management award of $1.5 million. Only Davy gets to share in it because he’s the “only one” that deserves it.

    ML Tom

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