Welcome to “Church”

What has become of David Miscavige’s Scientology Inc.

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  1. The way to not be the adverse effect of this is to say I create the money I need and use it for what is worthwhile now and all times and keep some in reserve if I think I should. And then move up in status.
    Happy Easter Again !

  2. Sad, I remember back in the early 70’s there was a push to Clear America. Everyone was to bring one new public person into the org. Now all they want is a new 100 dollar bill from everyone. Hard to believe that anyone can still remain in this sad excuse of a church.

    Ron Minor

  3. Yea… clap clap clap… can not missed this cash cult fest !
    “Exciting event” ??? Litle prick!

    What’s your name?
    Don’t worry…
    And don’t be afraid
    We won’t hurt you

    Lost your way?
    Well don’t worry…
    Just do as we say
    And we won’t hurt you

    It’s hard
    The world can lead you so astray
    It gets harder
    It’s hard just to keep the faith

    Do you need a reminder?
    Of the love that we gave you?
    Don’t worry

    You’re walking away…
    But we’ll always be watching you

    We’ll always be watching you

    My name is Eugene OSA bot !

  4. one of those who see

    Trying to put 2 words together to comment on this. Alas, to no avail. I wish this was just a really bad joke.

  5. OMFG what the hell next are we going to see Its now bring your money , pass the message on to another to make sure they bring dllrs.
    How desperate and low can you get.
    What does that have to do delivering scientology services promoting getting up the bridge.Its one sick joke.

  6. I remember I fell for this when Albuquerque said in an email that if all the Scientologists donated $100 they could build their Ideal Org. I sent my $100. Many long years ago.

    • I admire the fact you admitted that, I think more of you for it not less.

      There will be people fall for it this time sadly. That might be mitigated if there is a protest at the event of course. Then again people get pig headed and donate to “spite” the protestors. Sad. Really sad.

    • I also remember back in the early ’70’s at the Miami Org on Brickell. A mission came in and stated that your name would be on a stone or placard for either $50 or 100, not sure, but a lot back then to give toward a new building in Coral Gables. Well Never happened. Just as well since they would have to remove it.

      Later in 70’s bought a Lifetime membership for $100. Ha,ha,ha,ha! Well, I guess that WAS a lifetime ago. Now with the help of some supposedly whale, you can get another lifetime for $2500.

      Gave $50 last year for my alma mater Miami new idle org. No thanks even, too small amount!?. Sorry for the rattle but this just tee’s me a bit! It’s not easy to face, how stupid and brain washed one can be while trying to help. Help what, is the question! Thankful for the ability to LOOK even before Debbie. But Debbie made it a reality!

      • Wait, in the 70s? I thought that sort of thing only happened under DM.

        • Yep. But — there were no flyers, mail promo, pressure. Was just done more on a personal level, small event from a nice impressive SO lady on mission. I didn’t mind, only that the promise was not later kept. Huge difference after ’80’s.

  7. How exciting!! What’s next, a squeegie, Windex, and a cup at every traffic light??

  8. This is simply destructive. What a way to black PR scientology as a religion. “You are a spirit… come give us all of your money today.” – this should be in the new TV commercials.

  9. Indie-saurus-rex

    I am going to this event and it is going to be SOOOO GOOOD. YES! YESSS!! YESSSSSS!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aiAdL8yy1Q

  10. Its Have Do Be that EP’s with Have,Have, Do Nothing.
    Then its the Publics fault for with holding thier millions of dollars they
    have stashed in matteresses (wrong who, wrong why) . Then the water is shut off and the lights go out
    Taxes in default. The place goes up for lease,Golden Pillars, Italian Marble floors, Gold fixutures in Batrooms, the whole encilada.

    • HannibalTheFirst

      Maybe that is the intend. Rent from real estate property that flows to a non-profit organization does not qualify for UBI (Unrelated Business Income) and stays tax free no matter what. This recent rush into real estate investments by DM maybe well calculated. Pillage the field to acquire real estate, secure tax free income when renting the buildings out to third parties.

  11. And you need to bring your own lunch as well.
    Just unbelievable!
    Seeing this actually makes me feel very sad inside. So it has come to this has it?

  12. The best part is the “pot luck” brunch. Not only are you getting dragged in to spend $100 and then you are locked in a room to reg all your friends until they tell you that it’s OK to go home, but you’ve got to bring some food yourself and trust everybody else to show up with something decent to eat.

    The org is too cheap to spend $5 per person on pizza for the people sheep-like enough to come out for this event. Any real “church” doing this sort of fund raising drive would actually care about its members enough to spend a few bucks on food… Just shows the contempt that DM and the rest of the staff have for the few public they have left. Unbelievable.

    • and guess what, lets say the food was really good, that the church provided, like blue diamonds, would the members really exchange back. As you say.
      Wow, that was the best pizza ever, here’s my C-note.

      Four conditions of exchange.

  13. Pimpin’ ain’t easy

  14. And it just goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on … all afternoon (into the evening). Until the next C-note day. (Tomorrow morning).
    Ha-ha-ha. Waiting for Jimmy Swaggart to show up at their fundraisers next.

    • Speaking of Jimmy Swaggert …..

      I get this vision of David Miscavige going down in a pitiful Jimmy Swaggert sort of way. It goes like this –

      The police arrive to the door of a skanky motel room on the outskirts of Riverside, California upon receiving a complaint of noise. After several loud knocks and warnings the police suspect foul play and burst in uninvited. There on the bed lie two unnaturally busty ladies passed out on a huge pile of $100.00 dollar bills. The place stinks of scotch.

      Pan to the right and there sits David Miscavige! His arms are wrapped tightly around a partially closed brief case out of which even more $100.00 bills are spilling. David is rocking back and forth, back and forth clothed only in a beautifully tailored suit coat and little else. He is staring straight ahead entirely unaware of the officers standing just feet away taking in the debauchery that is before their eyes. David is mumbling to himself, “They just don’t understand I did it for them.” The cops, having seen enough each take one of David’s arms and stand him up. The brief case and a partially empty bottle of scotch hit the floor simultaneously scattering cash and booze everywhere.

      By the time David hits the doorway of the motel room there awaiting him is the National Inquirer, The Los Angeles Times and The Saint Petersburg Times. Flash bulbs are going off so fast in the night that it appears a strobe light is running at high speed ……..a very unholy end.

  15. Li'll bit of stuff

    It’s true Marty! this slime WAS conceived in the brain of the
    LIVING DEAD, the tone,colours and morbidity a dead give-away!

  16. That is the lamest. Really pathetic.

  17. This is really sad, as went so far astray from Scientology goals, which is so obvious to a sober look, but yet there still are people in the Church seeing and buying it – and that is most hard to believe, and that is really sad.

  18. Your humble servant

    There is no more generous and dedicated group of people on earth than sincere Scientologists. They are not being “suckered” to give money to a cause that they believe is important and noble. That only shows their generous spirit. They have been “suckered” into believing that what they think of as the “upper management” of the church is sane and well intentioned and will use their donations wisely and well. Their church was hijacked years ago and they haven’t a clue.

  19. Is all this some kind of weird experiment to see just how stupid or gullible a group of people can become?
    Every certified, card holding criminal must be green with envy at what Miscavige can and is doing, just add “command intention” & count the $.
    The blinded leading the soon to be blinded.

  20. C-note … but they don’t see & note what’s going on, what their church has become.

  21. Claudio Lugli

    You must be F%>&$ing out of your mind!
    What’s up with you all? Do you think I am a F%&^?in DB!!!
    Just 100 $ one C-Note!!!
    No way, THINK Fu%&%ing Big!!!!
    Get at lest $ 1.000 … no no no sorry typo…. $ 10.000!!!
    Yeahhh each one bring $ 10.000, and get a fu%&ing friend and so on yeah… this I like this is Command Intention!
    Lou …get me TC on the phone… you fuc%&ing ….


  22. Ponzi, Bernie Madoff, David Mccabage. What a way to be remembered….

  23. Wow,that has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. And mind you, I have been watching the Co$ for almost 2 decades now. “Hey it is so great, you bring us some money—and here is where it gets tricky – after you bring us money, you call other people and then……. GET THEM TO give us some money too”, i mean this is the most amazing piece of crap marketing I’ve ever seen….. i mean WTF!!!!?????

    Who comes up with this TIHS???

    • hey bed——

      you said “after you bring us money, you call other people and then……. GET THEM TO give us some money too””

      This is called network marketing or MLM or multi level marketing. Da Church of Scientology is turning into a ponzi network marketing company.

      Did I say “is” turning, maybe that should be has TURNED into one. And when did that occur? Say LRH’s death

  24. Someone owes me a new Monitor. I just spit Mt Dew all over mine.

  25. Benjamin Cisco

    Of course it’s pot-luck! This ‘church’ never gives out a free meal — even to those who are giving their last few bucks. Un-frackin-believable!!!

    • I disagree Benjamin–when the free meal is advertised, you know it’s going to be WORSE! You eat, you owe!

  26. Wait! I think this promo is for some other get rich quick scam. I don’t see any mention of Scientology or L. Ron Hubbard on it anywhere.

  27. It looks like one of those “shoops” that the Anonymous people produce to make someone or something look ridiculous. But no. This is no shoop. This is reality. This illustrates just how far south the Corporation has taken the group down. Welcome to the Church of $cientology.

    • I did think at first it was an anon joke. Hey, look at the bright side. They are totally overt about it now. That is a plus point.

      “We want your money. We will grant you status in exchange for it”.

      It is the bottom line and the valuable final product for any Organization now, to beg for money and get it.

      Buy David Miscavige buildings for him to rent back to you. Who cares that the public will not be able to use them? This is a real estate push to keep rent dollars floating into the DM property management inc.

      • you said “Buy David Miscavige buildings for him to rent back to you”

        See this is a hidden data public do not know about. Public think the buildings are free and clear. they think no rent or mortgage payments, why this is cool. Little do the joe six pack public know that is not true.

        • No. The money goes to Int Managment and they buy the buildings and they own them. They rent them back to the Org. Look a few blogs back at that building for lease. It was supposed to be an Org. It will be leased out now to whomever want to lease it, and the rent money will go to Int Management. They are into real estate investments now and property management.

          • Absolutely criminal. Do they honestly believe that the public will never find out about that little arrangement? It’s only a matter of time until it’s BPI among the sheeples.

            • Ronnie, This is how it works. DM gets the Org staff to beg. The money goes to DM. He buys a building . Rents it back to them plus they have to pay property taxes, utilities, insurance etc. = No staff pay and they leave. The Org goes bust. DM manages to close the local Org while gaining apiece of real estate ONLY HE can sell or rent. DM is not interested in Scientology. He does not go to course. He has been blown off the bridge for decades. He didn’t even finish a class lV internship. All of the staff at A.B.L.E Int have the same stat: G.I.
              DM does not have graphs, do conditions, live in any way like a Sea Org Member.
              He is a very successful pimp.

              • “The Org goes bust. DM manages to close the local Org while gaining apiece of real estate ONLY HE can sell or rent. DM is not interested in Scientology.”

                EXACTLY, he wants $$$$ only !

    • It is getting increasingly difficult to parody the church of scientology.

  28. I’m confused. This type of event is not covered in the book “Asking,” which
    is the adopted tech by the CO$ in their pillaging, ehrr… I mean fundraising efforts. This book, written by Jerold Panas, was heralded as “the first and most basic recommended reading on fundraising” by the D/WUS Fundraising I/C, Abigale.
    The book has some chapters that are real gems, such as:
    Chapter 1: The Joy of Asking!
    Chapter 4: You Won’t Get Milk from a Cow by Sending a Letter.
    Chapter 6: Enlightened Givers Feel the Rapture of Being Alive.
    Chapter 14: Consistent Hard Work is the Yeast that Raises the Dough.
    Chapter 18: Triumph is Just “Umph” Added to Try.
    But nowhere in this marvelous literary piece the “C-Note” event is mentioned. This may indicate the CO$ is now also squirreling the Fundraising tech they so enthusiastically pushed, ehrr… I mean suggested.
    OT Committee members were asked to study this book, and we were made to watch a video by its author, teaching us the correct “tech” on fundraising.
    To their credit, this training was delivered free of charge; so this was the second service I received from the CO$ that was free. The first was an OCA.

    The flyer above reminded me of the days in which I felt the sheer joy of asking (and giving)! I am now going to go to the washroom to feel the rapture of being alive. I hope it all comes out OK.


    • Tom Gallagher


      You wrote, “OT Committee members were asked to study this book…”

      For the life of me, I cannot think of a more screwed-up, off-the-rails demonstration of the utter insanity of this vertically challenged, tuxedo-garbed, Beelzebub wannabe, i.e., POB in action.

      This is contagion of aberation ‘in your face’.

      Now it’s now my turn to barf………

    • Luis – you noted free test, OCA
      “To their credit, this training was delivered free of charge; so this was the second service I received from the CO$ that was free. The first was an OCA.”

      In the Jason Beghe video as I link below, 6 minutes 40 or so seconds into it, Jason says he does the OCA and he is the top of it and the person doing the OCA on him tells him he is still fucked up. Or in others words he is sane and the person is totally invalidating his case, total eval . And he gets sucked into the ponzi game created by David Mascavige, DM. Mind you, as you know and I and others when we got in.

      My heart goes out to you Jason Beghe. And you are a dog lover so we have common ARC there although we have never met.

      So I ask this question of the Church of Scientology, when OT 9 and OT 10 and Super Power is released, and when lets say another 50 years goes by by present time of now, 9 Apr 2012,,,,,,I ask this, will us OT’s come back and get the same treatment as Jason Beghe?

      Where is the tech on returning OT’s or clears?

      • sorry, I forgot to link the link on Jason Beghe interview:

        • and when you watch that video link, you will realize everybody is a robot, everybody telling him what to do is a robot to some routine. People on staff are clueless in the present time church as to case levels, training, the whole nine yards. There is no personalized service, one by one, it is all a machine. Oh lordly, I see it now clearly. This ain’t Scientology.

          • LRH says one by one we clear the planet, the auditor is the most important being on the planet.

            • I’m just talking, just rambling my own thoughts, I ain’t a know it all, I just communicate what I know and can remember.

          • Thank you very much, Captain Bob for putting up this link. I had seen it a few years ago, but it had new meaning in a new unit of time. I had some big realizations off of it, as it rehabilitated some wins I had while getting my training and auditing. Very interesting! You can ramble anytime you want! It’s O.K. with me.

  29. Joe Pendleton

    Hey – it’s only money guys and it’s an EXCITING event!!!
    Pot luck better be good. And next month……. one G Sunday!!! Miscavige himself will be spooning out the Chili that Day – tell all your friends. (Note: there’s an org in Orlando?)

  30. Hey David Miscavige, Whatever works, huh?
    BTW, don’t keep too many mirrors around. You might not like what’s coming back at you these days. Good thing none of us out here practice Voodoo. Whoops, I hope I didn’t give anyone a bright idea. :))

    • Don’t worry, KRoyce, the only people practicing voodoo in this arena are IN the church. The rest of us are too enlightened to stoop to that.

  31. Also, I remembered I was preached by recruiters how the money is the lowest form of motivation and “duty” is highest and so on. All I want to say now is: “Look who’s talking…”

    • forgot about that one, that is a point to bring up.

      • so I think,,,,,,,,,
        there is a difference between making money to survive and making enough to survive well. And there is a difference between the 4 conditions of exchange. Holy Cow. And there is a difference in one getting rich on the backs of others in a ponzi game.

  32. This is revolting. Miscavige is turning into a combo of Jim Baker and Ernest Angley all rolled into one. What’s next; a 3am tv show hawking his crap?

    • ROFL@the imagery you inspired ;-D

      Yes, he’ll be selling statues of himself at his podium for the “more limited time offer price of $1500 for this representation of the “Pope” of the Church of Scientology”.

      Next up will be a chrome version for only $5000

      And then the ultimate gold-plated super special for the unheard of $10,000 “guaranteed to earn you a slot in the Upper OT lineup”.

      Of course not many people have space for a statue, so they’ve engineered an entire line of “prayer beads” suitable for anyone from any walk of life and background. Of course the anchor piece is a bust of yon Pope-on-a-Box (Are we sure it isn’t IN a Box?). These will come in several different styles;

      Glass – $100
      Ruby – $200
      Sapphire – $300
      Emerald – $500
      Silver plated – $800
      Diamond – $1,200
      Gold plated – $1,500

      Solid Silver – $3,000 (anti-tarnish treatment add $200)
      Solid Gold Beads on a silver chain – $6,000 (anti-tarnish treatment add $200)

      Now then Prayer Beads may not be enough for the faithful, so we’ve had designed original Prayer Rugs that many of you will just fall over yourselves to aquire. Made in the purest wool from virgin lambs and camels, these rugs have the Scientology Cross stitched in gold thread several rows deep with gold colored tassels adorning the edges.

      Small $2,000
      Medium $5000
      Large $10,000

      And for those who need a little extra help in life, why we’ve started a Postulate Group who, for the small price of $200 an hour, will send good thoughts to smooth your way. Just call 1-800-BEG-HELP

      Ugh…it seems to be getting to that point, doesn’t it?

  33. I bet the public can’t wait to spend an entire Sunday begging other over-solicited public to spend more money for nothing! Do they really show up to do this? All I can say is: Go Independent and get a LIfe!

  34. If you find the You Tube “Jason Beghe Speaks at the Hamburg Anti Scientology Convention” it is extremely worthwhile watching. He is most sincere and certainly back up Debbie ‘s accusations along with others. happening.

  35. Jean-Francois Genest

    It doesn’t surprise me. This add is very similar to the picture in the 1990’s version of the Scientology Handbook depicting the condition of Treason. What is more aberating is that there WILL BE people who will go and donate generously. :-( Shame. Donnors need to know they are CONTRIBUTING to the TREASON.
    Orlando = home of Disney World and fairy tales.

  36. markthehungarian

    Wow o wow.

    This is shocking.

    So it all comes down to money…

  37. C Note Sunday – Classic Mass Hysteria


    It is a sad fact that this condition exists in Humanity, the same effect that creates lynch mobs or allows tens of thousands to go over the top and charge down machine gun emplacements on a battle field.

    It creates real psychological & physiological effects in people, that are truly REAL to them at the time, and despite the above examples it is more prevalent in the female of the species, (a fact DM uses to his advantage!).

    It is hard to control the mass stampede when it starts, calm persistent calls to stop and think, showing empathy for the emotion driving the temporary ‘blindness’ are the only real cures (LOVE).

    Thanks for this Post Marty, all of us have suffered the effects at one time or another in our lives, there is no shame in suffering such temporary aberrations, but they MUST be addressed!

    • The BBC News has just released a story (9 April 2012) well worth a read for those trying to understand DM’s control over some.
      “Rudolf Hess: Inside the mind of Hitler’s Deputy”


      “Previously unseen notes of an army psychiatrist reveal how the British tried to get inside the mind of Germany’s Deputy Fuhrer, Rudolf Hess, during World War II in an attempt to get inside the mind of the Nazis”

      • Somehow this insight of the psychiatrist re Nazis Vs Britain , just rang true for the RCS Vs Indies , to me anyway.(from the outside)

        “As their talks progressed, Dicks was struck by Hess and Hitler’s admiration of the English, despite Germany having the upper hand in the war at that time.
        ‘I believe they are trying to frighten us but are themselves frightened of us,’ he wrote”

  38. I just laugh :)
    It would be so good to hear the results. 100 or maybe 200USD?! :D:D:D

  39. FCDC Class of 74

    First I do think DM is a closet 50’s psychologist he got more Scientology then he could understand (gradient) and he just went off the deep end. Also the $ofS will also take a Fin and a Sawbuck in addition to all the gold teeth you have and your first male child.

  40. What I don’t understand is how do regges justify to themselves their own actions of applying some method to strip other people of their funds with no exchange? I was actually helping on some ideal org projects. I felt very recalcitrant to do the “call in.” I was new back than so I thought there had to be some thing wrong with me or something for feeling that way. Maybe, it was my “reactive mind,” but what I realize now is that it simply felt unethical for me to be pulling other people in to “donate.” I always felt like the way to go was to produce and give which is the very force that kept me going in Scientology for a while. Think about it. There is really no greatness or that much meaning in the wog. You come to Scientology and you see that there is something great going on, that you can do something above the mundane of every day existence.

    I didn’t have much, but I gave some toward the IAS and other projects, and I volunteered as much as I could. It felt more fulfilling than sitting at a desk and working for a paycheck. There was indeed a sense of emergency when the Ideal Org program kicked in and that was the time when I came into Scientology. The only problem is that it did not stop. My own life kept getting worse and worse and worse, yet there was literary no one I could address my personal problems with. It even felt like it was “unethical” to do so. You were only expected to give to save the planet. Then there comes a point where you start to wonder if there is something wrong with the whole logic of “self-sacrifice”. What good would it be for the “planet” if I am myself dead or failing miserably? I started to think that it would probably be better for everyone if I succeed on my own as an individual as well, but I guess shiny buildings are more important. Maybe DM is in with Donald Trump or something.

  41. Not to say that buildings are more important than people for Donald, but at least that is openly his line of business.

  42. Staff Member think:
    1) Senior management must understand LRH better than me because they have been trained on material I have not yet done.
    2) Senior management must understand how to run orgs better than me because they have access to LRH writings that I don’t have.
    3) Some of the things senior management does seems to contradict LRH policies and tech which I’ve studied, so I must have M/U’s and (robotically) do whatever I’m told.
    4) Some of the things senior management does seems wrong according to what I thought LRH tech/policy to say so I must be critical and disaffected and therefore have O/W. Oh my!

    No doubt there are more of these. But just off the top of my head….

    • Similar to a M/W/H of nothing, a M/U of nothing?

    • plainoldthetan

      5) Senior management has access to technical material LRH produced but didn’t publish, so any tech changes have been based on that and because it’s all confidential I won’t find out about it until I join the Sea Org and audit OT VIIIs on the ship.

      (Don’t laugh. I had an OT VIII tell me this last week. Talk about a hidden data line.)

  43. BillyJackIsBack

    Sounds like multi-level marketing or a perversion of the old pyramid scheme (scam), but instead of people profiting, they get what is behind the curtain: A “MOVE-UP IN STATUS” ! ! ! ! ! And this does what to the recipient of “status” ? Is it like kha khan or is it caca con? Too many big time contributors have escaped the clutches of threats and bullshit, to buy that one. They got smacked down, kicked out, and slandered, as if they were Satan incarnates. What the hell is the point of all this? Smoke eventually dissipates and mirrors break, revealing the biggest fool of all. Who will he fool after that? The big dude in his cell on those cold lonely nights?

  44. A minor thing: On the agenda for the event, all the items have all words capitalized, except that what should be “Sunday Service” (for consistency and parallelism of format) is worded as “Sunday service” with a lower case “s.”

    If I get invited (no chance) I’d want a little tighter attention to detail before I have all my friends shell out C-notes.

    (The only communications I get these days are general promos, invitations to join the SO, and an occasional odd individualized letter of content that is light on logic and relevance.)

  45. Talking about disconnection, it looks like church came up with a new disconnecting too
    The side effect of this “exciting event” – people marking their friends in their phones as “money hunter” to not pick up the phone next time they call, as they probably already do with the calls from the org, why that whole “event” is taking place.

  46. I just came to realize that Independent Scientologists whose attention is stack on the church – fighting it, ridiculing, taking pity, hating etc – aren’t that independent from it, really. The only independent seems to be those, who developed own org board and began delivering Scientology, become a delivery source point. Ron’s Org, Freemans and Warrens, Pat Krenik, Dexter, Rey Robles and others alike seem truly independent, as they will most likely go on their directions no matter what changes will happen within or to the church. While the whole lot of “Independents” will experience great deal of relief to be allowed back on lines into the reformed church from which they never fully disconnected really.

    • That’s a good question – how do you really “disconnect” from the Church? RTC (or the The Church of Spiritual Technology) is said to hold trademarks and copyrights to the entire collections of L. Ron Hubbard’s works so creating a totally separate organization and calling it “Scientology” many not be legally feasible at least within the boundaries of the U.S. Are there any chapter’s of Ron’s Org here in the U.S.? Not that I know of. I think it is easier to create an actual organization in some other country where U.S. law enforcement has no reach. However, as the world continues to march toward the creation of international governing bodies it will become increasingly more challenging to maintain “independence.” I know protection of “copyrights” is a huge topic these days, and Russia just joined WTO.

      Secondly, many persons who have been with the Church for a long time may have their dynamics inextricably intervined in one way or another. As in the case with Mike Rinder for example, he has a his daughter in the Sea Org right? I mean even if you don’t have any familial ties with someone at the Church, you can still be connected in some way if you have made the discovery and got involved in the Scientology universe as the case with me. Then there is an issue with wanting to be right, or driven by a sense of having to take responsibility once you know… and so forth.

      The ultimate solution would be to put ethics in on the official Church and quite frankly take over and reorganize its management structure. Dictatorial top-down, paramilitary structure of the Sea Org is too vulnerable to hostile takeovers. I think the ultimate power over the organization should reside in the hands of highly trained individuals outside of the Sea Org, such as an elected “Council of OT’s” or something. Each Org/Region could elect its representatives in the council. The members could be subject to ethics action and removal from the council by vote or something. There needs to be standards of financial reporting to see where the money goes and so on…

      In my view blogs like this is just an initial step helping to build awareness of and evaluate the current scene. It allows people to communicate on the subject about the organization itself, develop understanding and generate ideas. Eventually though, the ideal scenario would be to resolve this situation completely where “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” could again be a reality… This is my understanding.

      • I understand your understanding, thank you! :)
        I don’t have any family tights with the church, but I feel connected to the group by my postulates I made at the time I joined the SO. And if the management structure reformed, materials went back to original and prices down to affordable by hard working low middle class, I would be the first to go back to continue learning and practicing Scientology. I agree that reforming the church is an optimum solution, comparing to building the parallel structure. But how long does it take? It has been 30 years since 1982! It is 30 years of delivery by Ron’s Org and other organized groups and field auditors. In America in Santa Barbara there was an ACC with David Mayo. They were doing very well and growing fast, opening the centers around the world, until church didn’t come down on them and squashed out of existence. (Well, out of view as I believe, as their auditors continue to audit as we speak). But the structure, the org board was crushed.
        30 years seems like an awful long runway. There must be a quicker way do reform. Maybe there is something to be done in the theta universe? Russians were coming to the Int Base with OT mission to dis-enturbulate the area, to low the charge that people there would be more able to see for themselves.
        Is it going to be repeating the Russian history where the millions of good people were lebled SP (enemy of the state kind of) and killed or jailed for life and rehabilitated only after dictator’s death? You know that story, right?

        • “Russians were coming to the Int Base with OT mission…” What do you mean? A group of Russian Scientologists no longer with the church hanging around Int Base and postulating or what? I don’t think anything will be like it was before. Things seem to be happening very fast these days. We also have the Internet and blogs like this. Ultimately the church will not be able to control everyone, and with all the “good” PR that is being generated, it may ultimately fail to attract more people onto staff… though suffering economy may help with recruitment for the Sea Org. I think Debbie’s e-mail must’ve had a large impact as well. There are still many able and well intentions people at the Church as well (at least I’d like to believe). All that is not as important for me. All I am concerned is the safety and availability of materials, especially original. If you say some groups have them and can successfully go up the Bridge and through OT levels, then that is already a relief. Where are those people really? That’s my question. I also can’t help to wonder if Scientology was booming during LRH’s time and there were thousands of Clears and many OT’s made back then, where are those beings now? Are they getting reborn in new bodies with no reactive mind? How does that work? And where is LRH… truly? LOL this whole thing reminds me of the Terminator movie – the rebels against the machines. Where is John Connor to lead us into victory? That sort of thing.

          • TI certaintly think Clears and OTs are being made . but as you say in lardge volome as witnessed when LRH was at St Hill and the Hay Days of St Hill and breifing course graduates being annouced .
            ,I have never ever seen anything like since , Back then how fast that grew It was a wonderful experience and any one being there will tell you that. The materials and orginals I don’t doubt being accessible .
            I do like your sense of humour !!!!! Just have to smile .

  47. The Rons Org do deliver |Very well as you say Tatianna and we do not get into who’s right or wrong / Its been extremly succesful how its operated as
    I was with Capt Bill and the delivery of both sides of the bridge has allways been made available since very early days 1982.The Freemans / are highly respected as LRH trained.and they are complelty self operating they are in touch with Rons Org yes. Each one runs their own Org but they are not controlled or will they be told how to run their area .
    Its worked for over 2o years . they have reguler camps and loads repeatly go and it works very very well.They have conventions and over 300 show or more up.each year , and many many new arrangements get planned / and each areas excute their actions and get support from their public / friends staff.
    My last note is Just incase its wondered why I mention this I happen to have been the communcator of Rons Org under CBR and started the Rons Org with him and remained with him until his death / I support their actions and remain to do so . The loyality to LRH is tremedous. They celebrate LRh Birthdays along with other yearly events.

    • Dear Hadley, thanks for sharing. There are a lot of false roomers circulating around about Ron’s Org – the service they deliver and that if it was not LRH. It would be nice if you, having knowledge and reality on their operation, shared the truth. Probably not on this blog, but there are plenty of websites where such article could be published. It would be appreciated, I believe.

  48. There may be false rumours as you refer to about Rons Org ,But making a
    general statement of “The service they deliver that if not LRH .” can be lead to rumours and comes under hearsay and Gossip
    I have explained well how it works from my view point in practical operations .
    The Techincally deliver side of What Rons Org delivers is that of LRH Bridge both side .
    If any one has a question directly about developements of CBR,
    theirs the non confidential Tech Breifings which are widely available
    on the Free zone Indepts Website.
    Questions about CBRs developemnts can be answered and any one can Feel free to contact Marianne Hagen in the USA because she is a person reliable and definitly Eligible to ask anything on CBR developments /also LRH’s and she has a website.If you wish her website do ask for it .and it will be arranged she releases it to pass on.

  49. I just have a two-word question…


    • Exactly where he wants, and needs to be.

      • No, pazooter (and all)…this is not a glib or ‘funny’ question. I’m posing this seriously. WHERE’S RON? I asked this same simple question of two Sea Org officers from CC Int who visited my house unannounced after nightfall one evening several years ago in attempts to sell me the new ‘Basics’…the first time anyone from CoS had contacted me since I left SFO as a Class IV and Founding Lifetime IAS in 1995.

        Why would LRH leave the Church’s care under an SP/government plant like Miscavige?

        If indeed LRH’s tech (theoretically) brings a thetan to the point where it can decide to avoid/bypass any between-lives forgotter implant (or restim), why isn’t Ron back getting the show on-the-road?!

        And don’t give me a ‘Target 2′ answer! I’m serious…and I welcome anyone’s serious consideration to this question.

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