Debbie Cook and David Miscavige

The end product of their agreement:


This instrument has no legal precedence value.

It does have evil value in that Miscavige can utilize it internally as a club with which to intimidate people in similar situations that Debbie and Wayne faced in leaving the cult – the Hacienda video-taped agreement signing ceremony.  It will have an in terrorem effect upon the clueless. No doubt Miscavige has told those in Int Management and OSA INT who know of the case that this “judgment” is the fact – Debbie received nothing and wound up with a Permanent Injunction against her.  And so it will be used to keep those folk in the pen too.

I have to take some time to evaluate this treachery.

I need to take responsibility for it.  I’m just not sure immediately how to do so – but I will figure it out.

258 responses to “Debbie Cook and David Miscavige

  1. Even if there was a huge amount of money paid, what person would sign such an agreement under any circumstances.

    She has made a deal with the Devil. There is no justification for it whatsoever. Shame on them.

    Thank goodness there are people out here with real personal integrity.

  2. Marty & Co,

    The thing is we have lost a battle (sadly)… the war will be won by US!! I would gladly donate again to the next ‘Debbie Cook cause” who spreads truth about DM and his cult.

    Truth, in the end, will always prevail!

    • I don’t feel we lost a battle at all. We helped Debbie get her testimony into the public record, we kept her from being muzzled from the start, and we helped break Miscavige’s system of muzzling people when they leave the S.O.

      And that’s apart from now having Debbie’s email message loose around the world. Which she of course has credit for composing.

  3. Marty, it’s possible that you don’t have a complete picture of the leverage Debbie had on DM. It’s possible I don’t either, but give me a call. It has to do with the mystery of why DM took an interest in Lisa at all.

  4. What a joke. Work it out backwards. End product: Debbie and Wayne sign a document that supposedely stops anyone who is served with it from communicating about DM. Forget about namby pamby justifications on their behalf. These two low life set you all up for a fall. Look at it – even when SHE posted here SHE didnt answer one communication or acknowledgement 1.1. She was in ENEMY throughout no matter what GOOD. Solution: Create Create Create.

  5. Marty,

    Miscavige was always going to spin the final outcome in the best possible light for him and the gullible, the members of I-don’t-want-to-be-responsible-for-Scientology brigade were always going to swallow his spin wholesale. Nothing has changed there. And Miscavige still captains his sunken ship, pretending to one and all it is sailing the mighty seas when its really a hundred fathoms down, No change there either.

    But what has changed is the fact that a big slice of truth is in the public record, it can’t be erased and this this court document does not change that. And the more truth that comes out the greater chance that people caught in Miscavige’s nightmare will see it and act.

    You, MIke and all those that helped did a damn fine job The truth coming out is the only chance Scientology has as long as we Indies, collectively, don’t waste the opportunity and the time and space it creates.

    • Miscavige might be doing a “happy dance” over this settlement, but he’s just nuts. Any sane person who looks for 5 minutes would know that the Scientology organization is ROTTEN to the core and is working exhaustively to silence anyone who might warn others to stay clear of that cesspool. Pretty soon, all Miscavige will have left are the pitiful cowards who gave up any sense of pride and rationality to support their “dear leader”. What a pathetic existence.

  6. There is another PR-twist in it: Debbie had in fact said, do what LRH said, don’t follow squirrel activities, Keep Scientology Working! It is not her right to speech in general that she has waived, she has waived her right (duty) to say “Keep Scientology Working!”
    How is that for an outpoint? A Church of Scientology that forbids a member to say “Do not squirrel, follow the rules of Scientology”.
    But even if she doesn’t say that anymore, others will.

  7. The same old LDW

    Two things were absent from this sleazy document. Very absent.
    1. Any “under oath” denial of the facts presented by Debbie in court.
    2. Any “under oath” denial or rebuttal of her initial New Years letter.

    I find this very telling. I just can’t imagine miscavige letting those two omissions go unless he was desperate to end this thing.

    I also want to point out something. There are over seven billion people on this planet who could use our help. miscavige has a few thousand clapping seals remaining in his cult. Even though the fish smell rotten, they are imlanted well enough to plug their noses as they eat the crap they are served.
    The general population can tell the difference between a dead rat and quality sushi.
    The exodus of people leaving dave’s den is most certainly a bigger flow than anything currently walking in his door. No amount of PR bull is going to alter this flow. The folks coming out now have many different locations and auditors to select from. They are finding us and are winning again.
    More than half of the folks on our lines are people new to the subject. They like it. They are having wins. They differentiate quite well between dave’s cult and the value of the tech. We’re doing fine and will continue to do so, not because we’re advetizing much, or bragging about our glorious accomplishments, but because we simply deliver the tech to the best of our ability with a clean heart and clean hands. People find us.

    Constant vigilance is needed and a willingness to fight back aginst abuses is needed, but what’s really needed is a few dozen or a couple hundred more of you able-bodied thetans to open shop and put up a shingle…even if it’s only to deliver a comm course a few nights a week.

    The solution to everything is people having the courage to deliver the tech and letting others know it’s available.

    Just sayin.

  8. “I have to take some time to evaluate this treachery.”
    I bet, Marty! This thing is one huge out-point!
    But I’m sure we’ll figure it out, sooner or later.

  9. I believe that what is happening is what Steve Hall described a few posts ago:

    “Looking back to spot the cause of the affluence, I was astonished that all my wins were rooted in the period when I thought everything was “going wrong.” That was actually things going right — the physical universe was just reshuffling so my postulates could come about.”

    Things don’t happen as fast as we would like them to here in the good old physical universe. (But would we really want them to? Think of all the experiences we would miss out on.) I believe Steve put it exactly right: The physical universe is just reshuffling so the postulates could come about. There is a dance going on that we are all a part of. The results we are all looking for will come about, possibly as a result of something we haven’t even considered as yet and probably very quickly, when it does happen. Then we can all move on to another game.

  10. Muzzled truth is muzzled truth.
    Never desert a group to which you owe your support seems to apply here. Whatever legal beagle mumbo jumbo bs exists around this and any other cycle to do with the RCS, one thing is for sure – there’s a heap of dudes out there with mega hang up at Doubt issues on what Scientology actually is and does.
    The Church has no theta, absolute zero theta is being approached on that line. Time to call a spade a spade and go dig the garden someplace else.
    Time to flourish & prosper, that is one thing that really pisses off the likes of dm big time.
    Time to reassess what the PT workable dichotomy to sympathy actually is…

  11. My comment on the injunction, nothing in this universe can be manufactured that cannot be taken apart.

  12. The likely possibility that the she got bought off doesn’t surprise me. Perhaps she should be renamed “Debbie Crook” as when she was in the cult she specialised in confidence tricking public and coercing staff to extract money from thousands of duped people. She made large bonuses as a result and did not care what the consequences were for her victims. She also was involved in many numerous IAS crush reg cycles. She was also involved in abusing people in the Hole right up until the point she herself became an inmate. She was a sell-out and has now committed herself as a sell-out for the rest of her life.

    • Independent Person

      + 1 The cynic in me has had the thought that this whole thing may have been “Cooked” up by a person expert at playing people. Given the remarkable rapidity in which it was settled, from the point of inception – just 4 months. The cynic in me asked: could it be that when Debbie and Wayne ran out of the original hush money, and Debbie, knowing what she knew, “cooked” up a scheme to get enough money to see her and Wayne though the rest of their lives? That she knew she could get good further traction to bargain with by accepting support from Marty and the Indies, working the people and her supporters via the Internet, and the media, using them, so her bargaining hand was strengthened? It has happened before…..

  13. Many readers of this blog feel disappointed or even betrayed by Debbie.

    But I assume that Miscavige has designed his legal steps and his PR about his “victory” in the exact way to make us feel disappointed and betrayed.

    I have a gut feeling that he was not satisfied with gagging Debbie, but wanted to teach us a “lesson” for daring to come to Debbie’s assistance.

    My questions : do we want to learn his “lesson” ? Do we want to accept that it is disappointing and utterly hopeless to help someone haunted by Miscavige’s “church” ?

    • If this was a “lesson” for anyone daring to come to Debbie’s assistance, it was an utter fail.

      Regardless of what anyone feels about Debbie herself and her choices, the fact is that the hands extended to her by so many resulted in Miscavige getting his butt kicked into next week. Think of what would have happened had the assistance NOT been forthcoming.

      The RCS would have gotten a Preliminary Injunction and it would have been converted into a Temprorary Injunction through trial. The terms of that injunction would have been those of the original agreement she signed. Miscavige would not have been exposed in court and in the media. Debbie would have had NO bargaining position but would have had the agreement she had signecd without benefit of counsel enforced by a court of law. They would have had damaged assessed against them for being in breach. And Miscavige would have been crowing from the rooftops about how he “squashed her like a bug.”

      NOte well the omitted crowing…. (and believe me, if he HAD won it would not only have been a press release it would also feature prominently in the June 6 junket — anyone want to take bets that if this is mentioned during june 6 by anyone they will be routed to ethics to buy another 20 sets of the “Legacy Package”)

  14. David Miscaviage,
    None of this changes your life:

    There’s one more drag left on your cigarette
    There’s one more swallow in your glass
    You’re livin’ life like dirty money
    Each day longer than the last

  15. one of those who see

    We know what Debbie believes and so do thousands of Scientologists -through her email. She then went to battle and exposed some of the crimes of David Miscavige. All of this was a huge push forward for Scientology. A very good upstat for her and Wayne. I am not sure what to make of this turn of events yet. Too many unanswered questions. One thought I had was how horrible it is for her – money or no money. She doesn’t have terminals in the Church or us. Makes me sad. Will she go under the radar like so many of us? I hope Marty or Mike gets a comm from her. Somehow this outcome doesn’t fit with her other communications. I’ve decided not to go out of ARC at this point.

    And as Steve reminded us, there is no such thing as failure. Let’s keep our eyes on the mountain. I’m glad the Indies were there for her. Some of you in a very big way. That was only a Plus Point.

    • …those who see,
      Agreed, there is no such thing as failure. A year ago she was silent in San Antonio. Her email has communicated truth and this can not be withdrawn. Her testimony has exposed to public scrutiny the ugly side of evil. For any who think she just rolled over I think a pan determined view on this will show mostly plus points. She impinged with her actions and survived. A long drawn out legal battle is not a win. Time magazine spent about 10 million and “won” the court case but it almost cost them everything.

      As Marty noted – legal is the least effective means. When the outcome in a court can be bought with time, money, or sheer devastation of any life outside of the court room there is no win. The truth, communication of the truth, is the ultimate win. We control our thoughts and our communication. The more who duplicate the less who prop up any opposition.

      A reminder – In the 8th American ACC, The Power of Consideration, lecture called “Factors Present in Good and Bad Auditing”, LRH says:

      “All right. ARC is the most powerful stuff on Earth—of course, it’s life. People would have you believe that bullets and bombs are powerful, they’re not powerful at all. The most powerful thing there is, is ARC. You can just swamp anything with it.”

      Yes, lets keep our eye on the mountain – we have our future in mind and not keep attention stuck on the past. I say all should continue moving on up a little higher. Just my 2cents.

  16. Mmmmm……… Mabye a real pro documentary feature film. Technology has put amazing power in the common man.

    Facebook helped coordinate the taking down of Egypt.

    With a few thousand dollars worth of equipment and some good editing. And more importantly, with believable and credible Independents being interviewed with inactment. It could the blasted into cyberspace and go viral.

    Students and Facebook took down Egypt for good or ill. But they did it.
    Cell phones (texting) kept communication flowing.

    Apple’s Final Cut Pro is only (their flagship editing app that edits major feature films and TV) $300.00

    Documentary anyone?

    • Damn good idea, Brian. Such a project should ping the interest of every rebel reading here. Call it The Knowledge Report.

    • thinkforyourself2009

      Brian – There is already a professional documentary in the works.. the producers were at the hearing. They are looking to interview more indies for their research so anyone interested in interviewing with them can e-mail us your contact info at And also Mark Bunker has extenssive video from indies as he is working on his documentary.. so theres lots goin on in that arena..

  17. one of those who see

    And as we move forward into the future, our movement gets stronger and expands. Just received an email from another new Independent Scientologist who is working on mastering the computer. For now I will post for him. He got into Scientology in the early 70’s.
    His thoughts:


    THE COMMODORE WAS BRILLIANT IN THAT HE PROVIDED ( sound ethical business…excellent science…and the



    Largo Paris 69

  18. And you can document the harrasment as well. I think all Independents should be issued stylish head cameras to capture misguided souls live when they harrass. Just joking……. a little.

    Head gear for everyone!!!!!!!!!

    Kids, don’t be caught being harrased without your head gear. How many times do I have to tell you those Corporate Scientologists are crazy!

    All that needs to be done is make a media event of the harrasment. Like marty did with squirrel busters. And make it into a pro feature film.

    I have no doubt that you’d get many on board, even famous people.

    This madness has been allowed to exist because it has remained hidden, unbelievable, far fetched.

    Make a media event. Marty, if you are getting thousands of hits a day………………. just imagine.

  19. I’ve had a chance to stew on this since my earlier post and I’ve come to a conclusion.

    Let’s give the Baumgartens a break: This was ultimately a ‘broke versus a billion’ situation. Never-the-less, a blow was delivered that the little psycho black pope will NEVER recover from.

    I hope Debbie and Wayne enjoy a retirement with maybe a million, two or three. That’s the price. I truly understand, i.e., anything to get away from one of the most destructive and vicious sociopaths to come along in at least a millennium: David Miscavige.

    Just consider for a moment what this unRon has done as an historical usurper of sanity.

    There’s one alternative I’ve found: I’m number 324 on the list as of today of the INDIE 500.

    I’ll go up against this turd ball any time he wants. However, that’s not going to happen because POB is a world-class coward and ‘ninny’.

    For the record let me state, Fuck you, miss miscavige, and the horse you rode in on. You’re your own executioner. Let the games begin.

  20. And interviews with a stellar cast

  21. Debbie got scared. Too much responsibility involved in toppling DM for her. Someone else will have the immense pleasure of doing so. Only help when you feel you truly can… – Code of a Scientologist.

  22. Marty,

    By the way, Mary Beth and I agree that any refund from the legal funds that we provided toward the Cook thing is to go to you with the intention to help defray that stuff associated with your costs Let me state: F&%k POB!

    Never-the-less, onward and upward!

  23. Had a lot of thoughts on this. Not knowing what went down one can only speculate.

    Marty’s prediction that some sort of private settlement must have ensued seems to be the most logical possibility. If Debbie and Wayne, for the second time, signed away their rights, not only are they disconnected from existing Scientology members (as they are declared), but now anyone in the independent field as well. With the harm already done to their own business and many prior customers having cancelled their business with Debbie, there is not much hope for any quality life for the future. Their own legal fees must have amounted to a fairly substantial amount, hence it seems utterly impossible that they would agree to something like this without some sort of monetary compensation.

    The rightness or wrongness of this is for them to judge as I don’t have any information about all the factors involved to judge myself, though many thoughts went through my head, as with most others on this blog.

    I do think it is important though to consider all the effects that have been created since the initial New Years email. From the history of legal cases I will tend to agree with Marty that legal is not an approach which brings about any amount of positive change. But the effects in the media and on public at large will have ripple effects for a long time to come.

    Maybe this injunction will help silence a few others who are now thinking twice, as no doubt intended, but, the backlash will be the ever growing doubt and fear among the Church’s existing diminishing membership as this news starts to trickle down among the ranks.

    Also, the effect on any future potential public who are pretty much indoctrinated to look up new endeavors on the net, will be devastating for the Church.

    In the end, maybe years from now, predictably and inevitably the membership support and influx of new resources and energy for DM and his Church will ebb out and it is only because of this support that he can do what he does. Take that support away and he will do no more.

    No matter what one can say or think about Debbie, her combined actions created a tremendous blow against that support and the aftermath will be observed for a long time afterwards.

  24. I was first shocked about her decision but now I think overal the Debbie Cook story was a big step in the direction of bringing down Miscavage. She was in need of help and we helped her. Real help should be unconditional. I will help the next person in need again. We have to take the high road on this one. That way everybody will feel safe to contact this group.

  25. Marty,

    If it was me, I’d go fishin’. Get some space and time so that you can do the cypherin’ and ponderin’ you need to in order to solve this unsavory situation.

  26. It’s like being on a boat hunting a killer shark. Then you see how big the beast is and exclaim, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

    But in the end, the beast’s robotic single-mindedness did itself in.

    The outcome of this matter is already written in the history of the future. (I recall a Buddhist saying: if you want to understand the past, look to the present; if you want to understand the future, look to the present.)

    Huge changes are afoot, and I am not completely convinced that the Debbie Cook situation is fully over. She may for example get her health back in control, ruminate on this for some years, and then send another New Year’s letter. She is after all a woman with the courage to speak up once, and the one area where the injunction leaves her free to speak is when she is complying with duly authorized legal compliance.

    In the meantime, OSA or DM may feel that weird emotion of glee in reading the posts on this blog. But this is not the end of the story. Not even the end of a chapter. Truth will prevail.

  27. What gets me is: she slit one wrist with her email, knowing Hell would rain down. She had no where to turn but to the I.S.
    Now, she’s turned her back on the I.S. and slit her other wrist knowing this would piss everyone ELSE off.

    She has effectively pissed on and off anyone who has ever called themselves a Scientologist.

    What could possibly be worth that?

  28. Wow, if she didn’t know about many things not told yet, why would they include all this injunction?

  29. Re yesterday: I believe Debbie’s letter stated she wanted change within the church but was unsuccessful and her intent was for members only. She advised them to not give monies for extra things but to put it only toward their bridge. Her apparent intention was not for people to leave, but to look and resist. Consequently those who could see further than that, really looked and left. Can you imagine how the attorney’s would make her guilty or faulty for having so many (they surly had numbers, proof) people leave her beloved church. How criminal she could have felt. That’s my altered viewpoint.

  30. What if 10 others leave and lawyer up, then reveal more?

    Debbie is only ONE ex High ranking Exec. with limited funding.
    There is a huge crack in the dam and it can’t be patched by the Faux C of S with dollar bills alone.
    We need more Execs to help finish the job and collect a pay check while doing so. IMHO

    • Also she can always be a witness and testify with a subpoena.
      So the Faux C of S has only put a band aid on this.

  31. Pingback: Scientology Inc v Cook – Textbook Backfire | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  32. Tell ya what, y’all. I think Debbie and Wayne got ‘an offer they couldn’t refuse.’

    That is the only explanation that completely as-ises this thing for me.

  33. Right on

  34. Geez – travel for a couple of days and all hell breaks loose!

    I don’t know what to make of this. It really is not a win for the church. It’s not really a win for Independence. I would love to have been a fly on the wall.
    My take is that Sugar Ray would not have been out-boxed.
    Regardless of anything else, I am grateful for Debbie Cook for what she did do. The damage to the Miscavige regime she inflicted was of such magnitude, that I, for one, will not criticize whatever decision she may have made regarding this agreement.
    Regardless of this outcome, the church is still off policy, still doing significant damage to the legacy of L. Ron Hubbard, and is still covering up the crimes of Mr. David Miscavige.

    Truth will out.

    • I’m sorry to say it is a win for DM because he has shut her up. True, she got in some punches first for sure, but she agreed to his agenda. All is not lost or any such thing, but the evil one did silence her, and yes the church is still status quo, no matter how anyone tries to spin it.

  35. As someone who has been on the Scn-critical (of the organization, not the followers) side of the fence since well before alt.religion.scientology, I fully understand the disappointment being expressed here. Many have stepped up and been slammed down. Yet the net effect of their efforts is indisputable: the COS’s trend line has been diving like a kamikaze for quite a while now. It is a hollow shell of an organization that is doomed to be little more than a bunch of empty buildings manned by a few pathetic and truly lost individuals.

    What Debbie Cook did was a major step in this battle because it was one of the most widely impinging communications to Scientologists. Focus on what was done, not what you imagine might have been.

    If there is one thing my experience has told me: there will always be another thorn in DM’s side to replace the one he has just removed.

  36. Speaking of Debbie’s original New Year’s email…I would love to know who released it to the press? It appears to me that she never wanted to violate her gag order and that she was trying to play the middle ground by promoting KSW to people who she thought would “get it”. Unfortunately, she wasn’t out for DM with both barrels loaded ‘live or die in the attempt”. She was being very careful and it backfired. Poof- friends gone. Even after she was called an SP by the church, she still didn’t reveal all that had happened to her. That is the problem with trying to be ‘reasonable’. How long did she work with DM knowing he was a nut case? How many people get beat, degraded etc and STILL forward his agenda?? She has her own big o/w’s no doubt. How could anyone work with an SP and be okay with it? You follow the orders to save your ass, and then you try to get the stats up by not following orders, but either way your screwed.
    She turned to Marty, becasue she had no where else to go, but now that she can carry on in life, that is what she wants. That is what she was doing before all this fiasco, and I don’t believe she ever intended to be forced into confonting it all, nor did she want to do battle with DM. She was forced into battle by her own attempt to be careful. She knew DM was a suppressive but she doesn’t say that in her letter. So, yes, she did “stir up the hornet’s nest” which is ironic.

  37. The way I see it Debbie and Wayne are Casualties of War. When you go to war with other soldiers, many will fall. Under the immense pressures of battle some people lose their mind, some people get blown up and physically ruined for life, many end up dead. How many former S.O. members do we know of who died way too soon as a direct result of that pressure? We all have our own breaking point when under extreme duress, and apparently Debbie and Wayne had reached that point. It’s hard to go on fighting when you have no money, no job, and many of your old friends have suddenly turned on you and won’t even speak to you anymore. Losing friends that you have loved, losing career stature, losing your very livelihood, that can trigger a major key-in as we all know. Debbie is a casualty of the War. She went DOWN on the battlefield, but at least she went down fighting. That email that she sent out was like a nuclear explosion in the Scientology community, and we all ought to be thankful for that effort, rather than question why she chose to quit, or even allow ourselves to feel any disappointment over it. The WAR goes on! There will be other Heroes who step forward out of the fog.

  38. Wayne has two sons; both are Scientologists in good standing. One is in the Sea Org. Rumor has it that he hasn’t been seen since this whole thing started and that there is concern about his safety.

    I have heard that Wayne never heard about a lot of what went on at Int until Debbie was on the witness stand.

    Someone at ESMB stated that Wayne had expressed sentiments even after the trial that he wanted to be back in the Sea Org. His facebook page declares him to be a member of The Church of Scientology.

    A possible reason for them settling? My guess is that Debbie pretty much went into this on her own. She herself obviously didn’t expect this email to go viral and had no idea what she was letting the two of them in for.

    Wayne did not have her reality, was probably never on board with it to begin with, and wanted out. I’m sure he fears for his son’s safety and is afraid that his son is in The Hole. (Hate to say it, but it’s an excellent possibility.) When someone has your child hostage they pretty much hold all the cards.

    No one seems to be looking at him in this, but he is half of the equation here.

    • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

      Unless they have another signed agreement concerning disconnection and treatment of his sons, I doubt any CoS promises on that score would be worth spit.

  39. David Miscavige proves himself to be a “Disgustingly Reprehensible Creep”.

    ; DRC>COB .

    I am so glad I escaped his, David Miscavige’s, madness…

    The benefits I have received are as follows;
    I feel free to live,
    I have less stress,
    I have more money.
    I invite each and every one of you to join me in being free!
    ML, Dennis Mulroy

  40. Bottom line. If they don’t have family members still in the S.O. (ones that the midget can torture) they got a nice BIG check from CoM. NO doubt about it. Debi’s atty wouldn’t have had them sign otherwise…

  41. poetlaureate2012


    The flock morns the sparrow lost
    To the chaos of battle
    The tyrant quick to hurry death
    High on gilded saddle

    The fallen friend, the broken wing
    One less guardian to stand
    Tall against the depraved foe
    Come creeping sins in hand

    But then a cry, sweet sparrows’ cry
    ‘tween flock and friends on high
    “We are more than wing and claw
    We are The Souls of Duty, bound
    To the truth – we do not die!

    (A poem memorializing Cook vs. COS, penned on 4 – 23 – 2012)
    Poet Laureate

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