Italian Independents open up Thunder Road

In addition to our other follies, I do a lot of C/Sing from Casablanca.  The most productive team of auditors I C/S for do far more than audit.  Claudio and Renata Lugli audit, train, and recover auditors, all while also contributing to the cause of educating those still under the spell of Corporate Scientology.

Claudio has done a write up to give you an idea of how production has been accelerating down Italy way.  Realize that only a year ago Claudio and Renata had just decided that they would not be denied Scientology by a ego-intoxicated dictator.

Claudio and Renata

 Since we started putting our attention on delivery we immediately pulled in Independents that were in need of help in relationship to the Reverse Scientology received in the “Church” of Miscavige.

The first Auditor that joined the team was Giovanni Bonzani an OT VII Class V Graduate that Renata convinced to start auditing again.

Giovanni heading to Flag back in the day

He is an old timer and has greatly contributed to the expansion of Scientology in Italy and has been a key element for the establishment of the original Novara Org in where he audited several years, staff and public, not as a staff himself but as an OT.

He brought one Independent, Omar Marsiglia from scratch to the State of Clear – He is now auditing regularly on the lower Bridge 5 Pcs.

One of his PCs recently wrote:


Now I am happy and willing to go in session, I am relaxed, and I am interested in the processes, but most of all I am in great ARC with my Auditor, he has my total trust and the sessions just flow as smooth as ever!!!

……. Before I always had my attention on those things that I thought were wrong with me, and had a constant sensation of anxiety and of being overwhelmed and this was causing that I was withdrawing from life.

But now I am finally getting the REAL Scientology and right after the very first sessions I was feeling better and I was seeing that I had the chance of reverting the dwindling spiral.

The first sessions had been amazing; I knew my needle was floating and hearing the auditor saying that, every time, was really a release for me. The auditor’s TRs were natural, not robotic and he was making me feel at easy and I stopped worrying how the session was rolling along, I was just IN session.


Then there is of course Eliana Alaimo. Renata was in comm with her for a few weeks before she declared her Independence and made her feel safe and validated her abilities as an auditor. 


This made it possible for her to get back on OT VII and also to get back on the chair as a Class IX. She is making wonders with her PCs, she has 4 pcs now moving on up a little higher on their  OT IV and NOTs.  Marina, one of her Pre-OT wrote the following:


In today’s session I handled several areas, but at one point my back became straight, I felt taller and mental masses were blown … gone forever!!!!!

At session end was fantastic hearing my auditor saying” Your TA is Floating! End of Session!”

Marina Rubino

And Umberto another PC of hers says:

For almost 15 years, at least one time every week and sometime two I was getting strong headaches, it became a chronic somatic but I was used to live with it

About a month ago I did one session with a Class IX and handling an item on a list I had the feeling that I did handled that somatic.

But I did not want to fool myself and I kept this win for myself…. But today I thought “In the last 15 years it never happened to be without a headache, so what am I waiting for???  Its GONE.


And last but not least we have the ACCADEMIA8008, me, Renata and some other Independents decided to create a safe island for moving people up the bridge to total freedom.

In the Accademia8008 we audited several Pcs and Pre-OT.

Isabella Marziani: Life Repair on ARC SW

Luca Servalli: ARC SW and on Grade 0

Ifigenia: Repair of Reverse Scientology and ATTESTED TO THE STATE OF CLEAR

Giovanni Servalli: Repair and back on NED for OTs

Giovanna Ongaro: Repair and Attested to NOTs COMPLETION

Francesco Gavardini: REPAIR PROGRAM

Davide &Golia: On NOTs

Emma: On NOTs

Barbara Salvini: Life Repair- ARC SW- Grado 0 – now on Grade 1

Nella Dell’Aquila: Life Repair – OT Prerations and Set Ups

 This is for the processing side and on Training we have:


Nella Dell’Aquila: On Solo Course Part 1

Isabella Marziani: PTS SP Course

Luca Sevalli: On Student Hat

Giovanni Servalli: On Solo Course Part 1

Giovanna Ongaro: On Solo Course Part 1

Omar Marsiglia: On Student Hat

Ivan Marsiglia: Completed BSM

Bea: Ups and Down in Life and on Personal Integrity

Emma: On the Class IX Course

Ifgenia wrote this win that I like to share: 

I have not yet realized fully what happened!!!!


There is a huge difference in the environment you find yourself in.

You can be in a place where every person is there with the intention to get you free or you are in a place where the only goal is to get your money.

If you are in the right place it is not difficult to reach your  goals because everything aligns in the right direction.

I feel a great peace, inside I feel great calmness and tranquility.

I was audited with care and gentleness

My auditor took great responsibility for my case and his interest was not monitored by statistics but only by help.

Thanks to all the staff at Accademia8008.

Thanks for what you do, for the dedication you put into it.

Nobody is forcing you to do what you are doing, but you do it with passion and competence, continuing to study and taking responsibility.

Of course thanks to Ron.

I wish to all the Scientologist to be able to reach the peace that I found.


We have a Blog:

and there we share the wins that are achieved by the students, Pcs and Pre-OT gravitating around the Accademia8008.

We are a small team, but we are determined and growing, we are using Scientology to help raise to greater heights, we have no agenda besides that.

We adhere to standard tech, we have great respect for the works of L. Ron Hubbard and we use is legacy – there is no interest on altering it or finding or trying any substitutes . We had enough in the “church” of David Miscavige.

Your help in making this possible has been crucial.

Thank you for being there for us!

Claudio & Renata

And everybody here at Accademia8008

Oh yeah, you might be wondering about the reference to Thunder Road.  It is our inside code taken from the lyric of the Springsteen song of that title, “it’s a town full of losers and I’m pulling out of here to win.”   The song captures the spirit of recognizing Corporate Scientology is nothing but a dusty street of broken dreams, and that the remedy for that  is – even if you’re thinking you are getting old – to trade in your wings for some wheels and follow your heart down Thunder Road. 

This one:

And guess what, if you got it you don’t forget how to do it 27 years later:

177 responses to “Italian Independents open up Thunder Road

  1. Absolutely wonderful Claudio and Renata :-)
    Islands of life operating all over the place. Unrestrained and spreading.

  2. These kinds of posts are so very encouraging, they show the job can be done and is getting done and compels some of us to do likewise.

    Expansion. Maybe we can have a game here, where the game is to create a group, and/or expand a group. The winner at the end of LRH’s birthday gets a free emeter, or a set of tech vols, pt a free fare to the anual Indy gathering, whatever they want. We could all chip in few bucks into a fund, and use that fund to get the prize. .


    • Opps … pt = or in the above post.

    • Bob,
      you are right, the job CAN be done and IS getting done.
      Is a game already, and is the only reason we are doing it, is fullfilling, is fun, there is nothing better than say “This is the session!” and everybody wins. Sure hey …. can be expanded!

    • I love the idea! I also propose that we start posting an Indi expansion and COS contraction stat! May I be the first to post!

      Today I confirmed 4 new arrivals to the Indi Camp and at the same time reduced the COS roll by 4!


    • Also Thanks to my dear friend Paulien Lombard for exposing the church of Scietnology:

      • Mariella,
        Thank you for posting the video by Paulien Lombard speaking at the city council on the abuses of Corporate Scientology. This is an excellent video that could serve as a template for others to speak before City Counsels in each area that Corporate Scientology is attempting to score PR points by getting an unenlightened police chief or Mayor to support the opening or continuation of one of its front feeder groups

        • Another thought …..Are there any Indies out there that would be interested in forming up an Independent Office of Special Affairs (IOSA) to coordinate a campaign of enlightenment for activities such as the above?

          • I would certainly have no problem giving my 2 cents and telling the story of the total shredding of my family by that monster, brainwasher, cultmaster David Misgavage.

            • Richard, I don’t know if you’ll see this so late in the comments, but yesterday I was moving something on our buffet and the phone notebook fell behind. I got down under the buffet to pick it all up and odd papers fell out. On one piece it said “Danar’s friends in Oregon” and listed your Conan and Suzanne’s phone number. I think it was from the date when my son blew from the Sea Org and Security was trying to find him.
              Funny (ruefully so) that they are now all disconnected from all of us.

  3. Dear friends, thank you for being there and delivering the services, thanks for keeping Scientology working! You are setting an example to follow. The future is bright thanks to the folks like you!! :)

  4. Claudio and Renata

    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful wins. It rehabbed my excitement for the amazing results to be attained from auditing. Gives me even more reason to want to make plans to visit Italy! I applaud all that you are doing!


  5. eileen110clark

    The modern version of the Roman Legions…Italian Indies, you all Rock!!!!
    Where you are and where you go is imbued with theta. Thanks for all you are doing to keep Ron’s Legacy alive. Encore!!!

  6. Sunday Rant.


    “Good morning class! The date today is Friday 3082. Please turn to the second chapter of your Earth social studies book.

    Today we are going to learn about how the Sea Organization became so fixated on SP’s that they declared, offloaded, or tossed out on the streets anyone of any value and just declared them all for good measure.

    They retained the people that followed orders and were impotent. Literally worked them to death , some died at their desks, and became the most suppressed culture of people on the planet. Even the citizens of communist China had more rights. The next chapter will cover DEMU, also known as David Miscavige. But today children we need to understand the most basic
    clue that escaped the eyes of the early Sea Folk. They were issued beds to sleep in. This became “home”. Now, these people knew all along that they were only permitted to approach these beds for rest when dismissed as “volunteers”. That is right, if any one of them were seen in the middle of the day going anywhere near their allotted bed, they would have been harnessed by a security guard. They had to be out of those rooms and out of those beds by 8:00 a.m.. They has less privileges than convicted inmates. And they went through lives envisioning themselves as the people freeing others.

    Today children, we are going to learn about the dichotomy of obedience and rulers.

    Obedience comes from the word obey. Submit.
    To rule is to exercise dominating power or influence.

    How did all of these people churn themselves together into a cultural madness?


    Who managed to salvage what was left of our culture? The disobedient!

    Now children, I want to you go outside and spend the next three hours breaking every rule! And remember, if you are not allowed near your bed until someone else decides, you are homeless!

  7. BillyJackIsBack


  8. Claudio & Renata Lugli, absolutely AWESOME!!!!!! You Italians are kicking some major butt!!! Well Done.

  9. @Marty, you say “I do a lot of C/Sing from Casablanca.”

    For what Class C/Sing are you doing? Are you Class VIII? Do you C/S in Italian?

  10. Claudio and Renata,

    Thank you for your courage, your fight and your ARC! It brings me such joy to see such a big crack you are making in the damn COS! The NTHETA will flow out quickly leaving behind LRH’s legacy for all of us.


  11. What a wonderful report, Claudio and Renata! Thank you for your yeoman efforts. You are in inspiration.

  12. Fabulous, absolutely fabulous.
    Very Well Done to Claudio and Renata.
    much love

  13. Claudio and Renata-Great wins!!! This is what really makes DM writhe with terror-people becoming stronger and brighter!!!

    • We really hope it is as you say because there is no doubt people here are become stronger and brighter!
      And we know you do your part over there in L.A. – I follow your Blog and is really those islands of sanity that will help everyone to get out of the spell.

  14. FCDC Class of 74

    On a lighter note… Oh! the declares, the atmosphere of common wins. It remined me of FCDC floating off its foundation(no pun intended) I want that here again. Thank you for the write up it was electric.

  15. Madaonna! I am behind. Congratulations Claudio and Renata. Italy always showed the rest of world how to do it right. You inspired me to organize up and increase produciton.

    ML Tom

    • Ciao Tom,
      no – your are not behind at all. Your determination and strong spirit inspired us. And we in Italy are doing this because “you” from the USA are there. Marty was completely instrumental in getting us confident in doing what we are doing. His C/Sing is brilliant and his conceptual understanding of the philosophy makes it so that the real gains are obtained by the PCs and the Pre-OT. So yes it is possible that we are doing it right, but thanks God we have your help. This is the game where everybody wins. No other agenda. It has been too long a wait.

  16. Claudio and Renata,

    Congratulations! I can’t overstate how much I value and admire what you’re doing. I look forward to hear more about your success.

    • Ciao Paul,
      thank you. We decided to do what we did because LRH tech can bring about a change and bring about a better world, and we cannot just talk about it we can have it, and we can have it now. No need to wait to get a “license to survive” from nobody … especially from DM. Is we that “elected” him our “master” and he tricked us to do so using lies and deception. Now the curtains are down, the king is naked, so why wait …. LRH spent his life to make this possible. It’s all inside 4 easy words to say: “THIS IS THE SESSION”

  17. now thats Italian!!!!
    Keep it going Italian style!

  18. Hi all;

    This may seem a bit off subject, but not really.

    I need to find some LRH refs on how to apply the ethics conditions for a new business. A friend of mine, non-Scientologist, is starting up a business, and I told them a bit about the NonE formulae. It really indicated, but I don’t have any actual refs to help them out. I do have the Ethics book, and I can scan and copy the conditions, but I do recall that there are PLs which explain more about how to apply them. If anyone here knows of them, could you please info me so I can dig them up.

    Thanks for any help you can swing my way.

    My email is

  19. Alexis de Tocqueville`

    Wanted to share a fairly unknown but wonderful rendition of “Thunder Road” song by the amazingly talented Martha Plimpton. Dig the whistler doing the harmonica parts.

  20. Kicked out Berlescphony and Kicked out David Miscavige, La Bella Vita.

    Hate the sin not the sinner, but sometimes the sinner is the sin.

    I love you both for being rightious.

    Claudio and Renata.

    I will do my best to keep you from harm on the internert.

    KittyKatspanker will try


  21. ESMB is down ? Anyone know ?

  22. Saluti Claudio & Renata Lugli,

    Viva Tech puro!

    Viva l’Italia!

    Alexis Ward U.S.A.

  23. Claudio & Renata – I’m a little late here but I just wanted to say “Thank you” and I do believe that you are actively carrying out LRH’s intentions for his technology. He never intended for it to get altered or accumulate dust. His tech is for APPLICATION and, unlike the church, this is exactly what you and the Independent field are doing – while experiencing the wonders of it! Big XOXOXO to all of the Italian Indy Field!

  24. WoW! That is just freakin awesome! Leading by example! I love it!

  25. Claudio and Renata good job guys, hopefully this will effect my life too.
    I can Independently make my path i don’t want any BOSS ruling my life. Thanks once again.

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