Indie 500 Update – Brad Halsey #340

News Flash. The real action in the Indie 500 occurred at Steve Hall’s  Brad Halsey roared out of the house!

I am gonna’ try and keep this write-up short and sweet.

I was on staff for D.C. Fdn. from 1987 to 1997 (was on tech posts the entire time).

I trained as an Outer Org Trainee at FLAG as part of the Class 8 Senior C/S training program from 1992 to 1996, an Int program that drew 135 people from around the world begining in 1992.

I was there at FLAG when the Golden Age of Tech was released in 1996. At that time only 2 of 135 people had completed that Class 8 Senior C/S training program. That program was a collossal failure at that point in time, based purely on that one stat.

I saw that it was going to add two more years to what had already been a 4-year stay, so I quit and went home.

Can you imagine training for 4 years straight on a Sea Org schedule, where you never get a day off because you are overdue on course? And then on top of that, you now have to do the whole Golden Age of Tech lineup? OMG man, they defeated me with that one, for sure.

Two months later I am back at my org with every intention to finish up my contract, and a golden rod comes down from Flag that says all my previous certs were cancelled and that I have to train from Student Hat all the way up again. At that point I routed out. I was done with it.

I was already Word Clearer interned and Class 4 interned with about 1500 hours in the chair as an auditor when I arrived at Flag for higher training, and at the time I left had completed the full theory of the BC and all auditing requirements on Level O.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it was knowing that all the while I was there, they only made it harder and harder to complete.

It’s just plain, flat-out suppression.

Net result: “make it so nobody can get through.”

By obvious design, Miscavige has now made it so you can’t get up either side of the Bridge:

1. Who has the money to pay Org prices for auditing? (especially with the insistence nowadays that you give it all to the IAS in exchange for nothing in return.)

2. Even if you can afford training, who wants to be on training courses for the rest of their lives, never to even find the damned Auditor’s chair? OMG, LRH would just be aghast if he saw today’s lineup of “prerequisites” to Auditor training.

Anybody who cannot see that this is a blatant effort to KILL OFF all Auditor training is just blind as a damned bat!

And if you want to see a very nice presentation of statistical analysis over the past several decades, I highly recommend you go to the site called “Friends of LRH” and read the series there called “What Happened to Training.”

Wow, is that a good write-up! Especially from my own point of view of having lived it and been the effect of it.

There are so many things wrong in Scientology today that have all been so well documented on this site and others, that I need not go into any additional detail on any of that.

We all know how wrong it’s all gone.

Bottom line – there is a raging SP named David Miscavige at the top and he’s your WHY for all of it.

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, there is now tons of ample evidence, you just have to open your eyes to it.

There’s only one thing to do and that’s just choose whose side you’re on.

Please add my name to the Indie 500 list.

Brad Halsey

181 responses to “Indie 500 Update – Brad Halsey #340

  1. It is too bad with all the changes of DM. There is now one little baby in high fever, who cannot get fever assist, because feverassist has to be delivered with E-meter per the assist book. In 70íes and 80´ies we were delivering very successfull feverassist to kids without meter. Now an old SO-nanny is stopped to help sick child. She has given those assists in hundreds without knowing she should do it with meter.

  2. Very Well Done Brad! And welcome to freedom.
    340 is a great number, too.

    We are approaching the tipping point… :-) !


  3. Great for confronting the truth, Brad! Nice picture :)

  4. Forever Lurker

    Well it can get more unbelievable yet, I hate to say.

    I recently had coffee with an org staff Outer Org Trainee who had gone to Flag to train up to be the Senior CS. He had just gotten back a few months earlier.

    He went from the ground up (zero) to Class 6 auditor and CS (including internships); Clear Certainty Rundown CS, course supervisor training, TRs course sup, KTL sup/CS, and a few other smaller rundowns. Don’t remember which. But the point is he trained on everything he needed to anchor the technical team at his org as Senior CS. GAT everything. While he was there, he also co-audited to Grade 3 as I recall.

    Well, I asked him how long it took to do all that since I thought it was just an incredible amount of training to do at one gulp . . . one stay at Flag and on full-time training. I figured a year or two . . . or three at the very most.

    He told me. Hearing his answer, any lesser mortal would have spit his coffee out, but having been trained in the 70’s, I have pretty invulnerable TRs.

    He was at Flag for eight (8) years full-time. I’m still incredulous about this even as I write, but it’s the god-honest truth. I double checked to make sure I was hearing right. Yes, eight years.

    Forever Lurker

    • Tony Dephillips


    • As a Grade 3, he was able to train as a CCRD C/S? Well, that would facilitate Miscavige’s desire to fail to declare Clear those who had made it (or have them later given the Not Clear R factor), and declare Clear those who had not.

    • FL, it is not too incredible really – SPs are dramatizing stops, especially stops towards helping others; what else should we expect for Miscavige and his Robots??

  5. Brad I see you blowing down the 10 Freeway one day soon near Hemet CA. and unbelievable you look over and there is David Miscavige cruising alongside you in the next lane. What a beautiful bike he is riding- an Italian custom made work of art paid for with parishioners’ money. In a flash you know just what you have to do. Pulling your own remarkable ride along side his you lift your leg and give him heavy dose of black leather boot that sends him into a spin and ass over tin cup straight into the ditch! A quick glance in your rearview mirror as you roar away delivers you an image of his bike going up in flames and DM on his ass all tore up but still conscious and giving you the finger. You smile, throttle up and feel completely satisfied with the days ride.

    Thank you so much for your write-up Brad and welcome to the Indie 500!

  6. Nice bike! Great bark and tight on the mark. Good to have you here.

    Thanks for the personal GAT horror story. A cert cancellation from DM is a badge of honor in these parts. Integrity trumps trash every time.

  7. Yep, it is clear that DM took the LRH dispatch to David Mayo which said that a Solo auditor had to be a meter sharpie and had to go through the meter drills five times and he applied that to a green Scientologist auditor trainee who had done only Student Had, Pro TRs and Upper Indocs and forced them onto the Pro Metering Course. Complete A = A. A Scientologist who has been audited up the Bridge to Clear of Power Plus release and a brand new Scientologist fresh off TR training are NOT the same breed of cat.
    I am sorry I had anything to do with that course (everything, actually, since I compiled the checksheet). I have tried to undo it by putting together checksheets for use by Independent Scientologists. These are based on the earlier checksheets overseen by LRH that had only the meter drills an Academy student needs to audit that particular level. Jimmy Rebel has a site up where you can find them.

  8. Li'll bit of stuff

    Fabulous write up Brad, Welcome to the Indies, back to the
    SANITY! There’s no getting away from it, the guy is so
    seriously sick and desperately needs to be locked away.

    Psychopath supremo! Evil personified!

    Wake up people, he needs institutionalizing NOW, NOW,NOW!

    Love the bike Brad, that is some serious machinery!!

    Calvin B. Duffield. Durban, South Africa

  9. Thank you Brad, for your spot on evaluation of the situation. Yes, designed to kill off auditors. That is what I observed in 1983 after 30 years with Scientology groups. First the E-Meter costs skyrocketed when the Mark VI came out. I had paid $200 for a meter, in 1983 I paid $2,500 for my meter…and it wasn’t that much more effective. The old Mark V’s had worked well and lots of people completed their upper sections just fine on them. But the price started making blocks for new auditors, you could buy a nice used car for that price

  10. Thank you Brad for this tearful heartbreak… My last stunt (1992) in scientology was to be a trained at Flag on this cycle, Cl viii. It was nothing like green-on-white from start to finish. Yet, the very little agreement that WAS on Source made the place quite fantastic.
    Those days are long gone… Only the fools are left? Or am I missing something??

  11. Li'll bit of stuff

    David Miscavige,

    Hear the ominous rumbling!
    Feel the tremors under your feet, as you see the furniture shaking.
    Look into the faces of those whom you’ve suppressed so long.
    Do you still see the terror that you instated, in your depravity?
    Or, are you so delusional that you believe you can continue to
    do, to human beings, what is akin to a genocide of the soul?

    Listen! That screeching, scraping sound, is the tearing of
    tortured reinforcing steel, as the structures that comprise your
    ponzi scheme gotten “real estate” , groan and contort, as
    a result of the one flaw that has been built into every single
    one of your ill conceived, lustings for power & aggrandisement.

    Every single “triumph” that you count as your “wins” was
    committed through overts of magnitude— directly or indirectly
    by YOU!


    The rumbling, creaking, fissures and cracks, CANNOT be
    stopped, it is now just a matter of preparing for the worst!

    Your empire is imploding, and will soon be crashing to the
    ground in a horrific pile of jagged smouldering rubble.

    Ron accurately predicted your coming, but also your demise!

    The thousands of souls who have lamented and wept your
    rise to and abuse of power, will breathe a sigh of relief, as
    you are about to meet a similar fate to the insane dictators
    before you.

    Sleep well, David!

  12. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Beautiful write-up Brad.
    Welcome :) xxxx

  13. Sometimes I think this David Miscavige person adopted a mistaken valence of LRH, but forgot to adopt also the wisdom and love. He has obviously not been able to see the wisdom and love. Maybe he thinks he is ‘better’ than LRH! Is there really no one that can stop him? There must be.

  14. Welcome out Brad. Great write-up; concise and to the point. Love the photo too. Definitely got the cool look! Contrast that with the photo of DM & his bike. Seriously, he belongs on a Moped.

  15. Marina e Umberto

    Brad, congratulations and welcome in the field of Free Scientologists!!!

  16. Thanks for the write up, Brad. Nice bike.

    Miscavige seems to be a real pro at know-besting LRH. For a guy who holds no auditor certs at all, that’s pretty arrogant.


    Everything miscavige does caters to the glib student. Students with real KRC for the subject, and who can get real products are shunned and declared.

    Miscavige has taken inept criticism to a truly out the top, over the ramparts, highest level of suppression that any true implanter would be proud of.

  17. Tom Gallagher

    Great commentary Brad. Thanks and welcome.

    Also, nice thrashing of ‘little lord beelzebubba’. To quote Nietzsche “That which is about to fall deserves to be pushed.”

  18. Great write-up Brad! I can’t agree more.
    Not to be evaluative, but with 1,500 + hours of auditing under your belt, you have GOT to continue auditing. DM’s Scientology Inc is blocking PC’s progress up the Bridge and sending LRH’s training into the toilet. It’s a disaster!

    We all have to do our part to save the Tech and an auditor that can get people up the Bridge, like you, is the most valuable person in the universe…

    Great to see you here.

    Indie 500 # 285

  19. Random Stranger


    1) It makes his crotch vibrate without going out-ethics.

    2) The wind blows his hair back in a way that makes him feel extra tough.

    3) The chrome pipes remind him of his stupid RTC slogan.

    4) When he wants to thrill and impress one of Tom Cruise’s potential wives, he takes her on a daring ride around the desert, showing her memorable places, like for instance where he made Ray Mitthoff take a dump in a field.

    5) When he burns his leg on the exhaust pipe it reminds him of how everyone is out to get him and helps move him a little bit closer to present time, sort of, for him.

    6) It forwards his goal of becoming the champion of a new game he’s inventing called, “Sleezeball”, which consists of a combination of skeet-shooting, motorcycle racing, the shot-put, martial arts and serial-killing strategies, where one gains points from driving a cold, chrome steel shot-put into another person’s head, while riding a motorcycle at high speed, with the most number of people killed in the shortest time period and wreaking the most amount of havoc.

    7) He’s found he can sniff the exhaust and get high and not be too out-ethics.

    8) It’s such good PR for the Church to see such a robust leader leading a robust Church into the robust future with such obvious and visible success, as evidence by the explosion of beautiful new Churches across the world, suddenly, after his ingenious OT management juggernaut was able to gain some traction, achieved only after getting all those old-school, pesky pre-Golden Age of Technology obstinate blind twits out of the way.

    9) When others notice the bugs stuck on his teeth after a long bike ride, it helps put forth the image of himself as being a happy, friendly and regular guy.

    10) Tom so likes motorcycles.

  20. Having shifted my attention for a little timespan I am bedaxxlled by the goings on overhere. There is truelly a rennaisance going on.

    “Bottom line – there is a raging SP named David Miscavige at the top and he’s your WHY for all of it.

    Thanks to the advent of the Internet, there is now tons of ample evidence, you just have to open your eyes to it.

    There’s only one thing to do and that’s just choose whose side you’re on.”

  21. Simply Revolting

    Nicely put.

    Yep, the Church is one big ROAD BLOCK!

    Like many, I have had to do ten of thousands of miles of travel to get up the bridge in the last year and a half or so, with many more to do… That said, I am so glad some people are still putting Scientology there!

  22. The music of you and that bike arriving at the Independent’s Day party is an audible and visual vision. Hope to see you there and meet. You deserve the inflow of new friends and uncorked theta.
    Linda McCarthy

  23. Brad,
    You got it 100% and your axiom 10 (The highest purpose in this universe is the creation of an effect) is fully in as well.
    Being already a trained auditor will come real handy in the Indie world. I hope you will put that to use as fast as you can.

  24. Cat Daddy said renaissance here. I think it is called “critical mass” – the point at which there is no way to turn back the inevitable….

    Brad, you said it – you’d have to be bind as a damn bat.

    People talk about the Indie 500 list (a great list), but if you calculate that those names only account for maybe 1/100 of who posts here and listens here, and what does that tell you – critical mass – there are now more people not blind as a bat anymore, than there are those still glueing their eyelids shut with all their might.

    Critical mass – no way to stop the implosion. Step slightly back is all.

    • Critical mass – no way to stop the implosion. Step slightly back is all.

      You said it, O.O. I wouldn’t want to be inside the walls of Mordor when the thing comes crashing down – and it will. Knowing what we know, we should all be prepared to aid and assist the injured when they come wandering out of the smoke and dust of the inevitable collapse.

  25. Meant to say “blind” not “bind”.

  26. Welcome to the “light” side and thanks for your write up!

  27. Hello Brad!

    Glad to see you arrive on the side of truth. Hope all is well in yer neck of the weeds!
    ML, Zana Zeches

  28. Hey, Brad. It’s great to see you on the Indie list and away from the insanity. Rock on, brother.

  29. And while the Church is telling Germany it is not a threat to it’s constitution
    and other people’s civil rights, it is sending hate flyers with threats:

    How is that for great P.R.?

  30. Hi, Brad

    Ron from Puerto Rico here. I was in the same Class VIII program as you from 92 to 96. Good to see you.

  31. Yea for you!

    And, BTW, nice bike.

  32. Well said, Brad. You are many wonderful things, and one of them is being straight to the point and very knowlegable!!! Great post!

  33. RIP Brad Halsey. We lost a good man and Brad will be missed. I have talked to friends of Brad and he was an amazing guy – very smart, caring and compassionate.

    In honor of Brad, make an attempt to help get someone out of Scientology today!!

    Scientology is an evil cult that destroys lives! Let’s get this done and get people OUT!

    Scientology is the reason Brad is not with us! So in honor of Brad’s life – GSOT!! Get someone out today!

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