What Is Wrong With Scientology?

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  1. Marty, you’ve got the right stuff…..

  2. Great intro for your first book, Marty. I know it will have far-reaching effects, just like this blog has for so many. And thanks again for inspiring, by your example, those of us who are now delivering Real Scientology in growing numbers and volume. Looking forward very much to both books!

  3. I know better

    Just received an email from naturalnews.com (who many of you might recognize as the author/owner/??? title he is has been on CCHR videos in the past. Anywayzzz, the title of this mornings email is “How To Spot A Sociopath.” Hmmmmm, I wonder what this guy was alluding to this morning?

  4. A cognition this morning regarding the above ‘Right Stuff’ video and Marty’s reading of his intro.
    Ya know, there’s been a lot of talk here and there about Marty’s crimes and him doin this and that.

    What’s real to me is that when he worked for the Church, right or wrong, he thought he was doing the right thing and he “Rode for the Brand”, as Louis L’Amour would say. The Brand was all there was. It took several slaps to the face and watching his friends being beaten by he who ‘owned’ the Brand to wake him up.

    Marty is an Auditor above and beyond everything else and his goal in life is to serve others and breathe LRH tech. Just like Chuck Yaeger meeting the demon face to face and breaking that which could ‘never’ be broken, the sound barrier. He risked everything to do that. That’s called DUTY. Marty exemplifies DUTY, the top mark on the scale of motivation and I am proud to know him as he is now, not as he was. We’re talking about operating in PT here folks. There are those of us who ride for THE Brand, LRH’s Brand, not some imitation thereof.

    • + Right on, dude! I am tracking with your cog, and nicely put.

    • Wow fin I really appreciate what you’re saying.
      Such a great way of helping explain this sense of DUTY so many of us feel.
      Yep, THE Brand.
      I expect some of our Texans will appreciate your comment also, *chuckle*.

    • Well said fin. I have never met Marty nor have I had a conversation with him. But actions speak volumes. What a person does and what he says can differ and IMHO it is what one believes that guides his actions. Marty, Mike, Steve and all of the others who have gone into action deserve a standing ovation and our support.

      So as LRH would say …… what are you willing to do about it? For all those in doubt …… (and as I commented to the troll above) wake the fuck up and take a look at what a person does. That will tell you the truth.

      We all make errors and we know that we can change our conditions (most of us do anyway). The application of LRH Tech (vs. corporate $cientology) is truth and if done honestly can bring about the change we know is sorely needed. So lets do it, each of us in our own free and individual way but DO IT nonetheless.

      To the trolls, the blind, and the clubbed seals whether in or out of the cult.. …..BRING IT ON.

  5. yODa interesting eval ‘fin’. Perhaps we should all evaluate each other, and slap each other fucking silly until we get it.

  6. Just incase people lost sight of the different ways viewpoints can be “couched”, and how truth gets spun into an acceptable truth. The farce of OSA, twisting facts and Miscavige hiding behind the IAS wallet. I thought it would be nice to see a serious and emotionally invested plea from some well known faces, so BS meters can be calibrated. And I am not being sarcastic. It reminds me of the PSA’s from “scientologists (TM) (C) (A FULLY OWNED ASSET OF CofS PONZI MACHINATION, ALL RIGHTS VOID)”

    I cant wait for the book and its fallout. Independents: Winning.

    • NOTE: This is not the best example, as it doesnt differentiate between the philospohy and the corporate machine. So limited agreement, but appreciation to anonymous for putting it together.
      Independent Scientology: Winning.
      For example:

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  8. Marty, can’t wait for your book/books to come out. Your “Tool Box analogy” is spot-on!!!

  9. WOW!!! How theta and what relief it will bring-so looking forward.
    Listening to you felt like I was sitting across the table holding the cans, again, being cause, rehabing my cogs!
    It’s a miracle what an caring auditor can do, and that’s most certainly you.
    My most heartfelt thanks for all my continued wins!
    ML, Midge

  10. Marty, when you come our with your book, you also should have a book on tape reading it yourself. That would be priceless! It makes it more personal when you read it. It’s your story.

  11. I am looking forward to the book. This video is a killer. It is so true that the technology of Scientology can be used for good or evil. That said, the philosophy of Scientology is all about ARC – Understanding. Pan-determinism. The granting of beingness. That man is basically good – even Suppressive Persons or merchants of chaos. Helping people do better in life (this life, not just “eternity”).

    The gloves are off. Great work, Marty.

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  14. Hello Marty,

    as I said some moths ago, I am looking forward to buy and read your book.

    This book will help “The Scientology”. Its core concepts, the valuable tools, the aspects we love and implement in our day to day life and in the life around us.

    God bless you.

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  17. Do the price include postage? And is particularly the offer out there internationally or only while in the US?

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