Scientology Inc. versus the Psychs

L. Ron Hubbard was clearly not keen on the subject of psychiatry.

But, it wasn’t always that way.   In the late forties and early fifties Hubbard put a lot of effort into selling the psychiatric profession on the virtues of Dianetics.  In response, he was not only rebuffed but targeted by a well- financed campaign directed by the “very best” psychiatrists to expose Hubbard and Dianetics as  alleged frauds.  That campaign gained momentum for a couple of decades as it was joined along the way by numerous Federal and State agencies.

Increasingly, Hubbard fought escalating fire with escalating fire.  He gradually came off his original, soft conclusion from his first book, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, that psychiatrists and psychologists did not achieve results mainly because they did not possess a workable mental technology.  In the early fifties he often poked fun at the unworkability of psychiatry, psychology  and psycho-analysis (their practioners collectively referred to as ‘psychs’ in Scientology) in his lectures. Then he began to deride mental health professionals as working not to help humankind but instead to control it. His position, while stated with increasing vehemence that betrayed a personal hurt at being attacked instead of recognized by the mental health establishment, was not without support.   A four-part BBC documentary, Century of Self (available for free at, though evidencing no connection with Scientology or Hubbard, very competently sums up the valid criticisms Hubbard had been levying for decades prior to its making and airing. It documents the primary use of mental health methodologies for controlling populaces rather than in improving or curing them.

By the mid sixties the organized psychiatric and psychological associations’ attacks were so effective, Scientology was in danger of being banned in every country it had been established in across the globe.  Hubbard took off the gloves.   He created an international intelligence and propaganda network, the Guardian’s Office, and directed it to infiltrate, expose and destroy the major national and international mental health associations attacking Scientology.  So hard-hitting and dedicated were church campaigns against psychiatric associations and front groups in the sixties and seventies that Scientology survived attacks that no other organization likely would have.

By the time I took charge of church external affairs in the early eighties, there were few organized psychiatric attacks extant on Scientology.  There were a handful of expert psychiatric witnesses in damages cases against Scientology just as there were in any other lawsuit dealing with issues of emotional distress.  But the behemoth organizations Hubbard confronted and combatted (American Psychiatric Association/American Psychological Association) were no longer a factor in attacks on Scientology.

Ironically, it was after he had won the war against organized psychiatry that Hubbard issued his final salvos against it that would justify his successors tilting against psychiatric windmills as a matter of religious conviction for the next thirty years.  From the isolation of the seclusion he imposed upon himself for the final five years of his life, in 1982 Hubbard pronounced as a matter of church policy and doctrine that psychiatrists constituted a special, identifiable type of evil spirit.  That is, no person within the ranks of psychiatry or psychology was anymore simply a person who wanted to help others but was misguided into unworkable fields. Instead, psychiatrists and psychologists were a special breed of being who had been psychiatrists lifetime after lifetime, for millions of years, and were programmed to create chaos and destruction to earth.  His final pronouncement on the subject directly contradicted and tore the heart out of essential basics of the philosophy he had created over three decades in that it adjudicated a class of people as inherently evil. Hubbard pronounced that the sole cause of crime on earth was psychiatrists – “There’s only one remedy for crime – get rid of the psychs.  They are causing it!”  Perhaps by the time we move up to May 1982 (when Hubbard published this anti-psych tract) in the larger narrative of Scientology’s history we’ll better understand Hubbard’s level of vehemence during that particular period of time.

Such context will no doubt be suppressed among corporate Scientologists.  The truth might slow the momentum of a very lucrative con built on Scientologists’ fear of ‘psychs.’ The church has raised hundreds of millions of dollars from spirited annual rallies condemning psychiatry and calling for the “obliteration” of ‘psychs’ as a duty dictated by religious faith. In the year 2011 corporate Scientology leader David Miscavige announced “Global Vengeance” campaigns against “psychiatry”, receiving wildly enthusiastic ovations from his core contributors.

One highlight of that presentation that ignited a particularly raucous response was the announcement that the annual American Psychiatric Association convention that year had featured a seminar organized to try to figure out why Scientology was waging war against psychiatry.  Miscavige was clearly tickled when disclosing this tidbit to the crowd.  In fact, he was giddy in his dandy, tailor-made tuxedo standing behind his elaborate, custom-made podium.

It made me consider the irony that the head of the American Psychiatric Association probably understood the cross L. Ron Hubbard’s had once borne better than Miscavige ever would.  After all, he was in nearly the same position Hubbard found himself in sixty years earlier when he no doubt perplexedly pondered , ‘why on earth has organized psychiatry decided to wage war against me and Scientology?’

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  1. Journey Continued

    Thanks Marty for a great blog and the video link was very eye opening.

    My personal view on Ron’s seemingly contradictory messages regarding the “psychs” is not so complicated. He knew that the results of “psych”tech on the 4th dynamic were destructive and regressive to the goals of spiritual enlightenment and freedom. Whether or not there were decent individuals within the field was largely irrelevant. In order for Scientology philosophy, technology or goals to permeate the civilized world as psychology/psychiatry had done, then the two were diametrically opposed and therefore he had to disconnect them from the main power communication lines of the world.

    If I use the basis of my argument, the documentary you provided, then on one hand you had Freud who thought that the basic nature of man was an irrational and dangerous being that had to be controlled if there was to be any civilization at all, or at the opposite end of the spectrum, that man was basically rational and that it was society that forces or brings him to a state of irrationality, both have some kernels of truth, but miss the basic truths LRH discovered about life. No matter what developments in the field, whether true or not, the field itself was and continues to be used for the primary benefit of controlling individuals and their actions for the benefit of a few elitists – corporate and political.

    In all my years of reading LRH and the time I worked within the SO and Orgs, it was very apparent to me that LRH was motivated to help man free himself from his unwanted irrationalities and restore to the individual personal and spiritual freedom. He had seen first hand the affects of psychiatry and psychology on the human spirit and knew that they held no answer to achieving the goals of a freed and civilized society.

    Given his goals and objectives, then it becomes clear that both psychiatry and psychology needed to be removed off the primary comm lines of the world, even if that meant labeling them all as SPs. One does not have pity on the poor opposing soldier that was conscripted to the army when planning and executing a military campaign to win the war. Of course all the bloody Krauts were inhumane evil Nazis who were hell bent on taking over the world and killing anyone that did not live up to their Aryan standards! How else do you focus the attention of your soldiers on the righteousness of killing the enemy?

    I do not believe, nor have I ever, that every person connected with psychiatry or psychology is inherently evil and I don’t believe Ron thought that way either. If anything I think Ron was a very pragmatic man, and he could see that for him to achieve his goals, that he needed to focus Scientologist’s efforts in discrediting the psychs and that he knew that it would take a massive shoulder to shoulder effort to win that “war”.

    DM P.O.S has just capitalised on LRHs words to milk the cash cows of as much money as possible so as to build edifices around his golden cage. If anything he opened the door to allowing the psychs unfettered access to the power comm lines of the world while he marginalised Scientology as a bat shit crazy lunatic cult.

    • “If anything he opened the door to allowing the psychs unfettered access to the power comm lines of the world while he marginalised Scientology as a bat shit crazy lunatic cult.”

      Sadly true. The “psychs” were on the ropes, so to speak. All Scientology had to do was continue to deliver. It reminds me of LRH describing Hitlers criminality. He said German science and industry would have eventually given Hitler the world, and what did Hitler do? He declared war. We all know how that worked out in the end.In many respects LRH could not apply his own wisdom and tech to the organization. I don’t know why. Maybee because he was just as human and flawed as any of us.
      Scientology, in and with all its capacity and wisdom, was unable to put on the brakes when needed, correct itself, change or evolve in keeping with its own principles. Why? The group became in fact glib, narcissistic, status hungry and dominated by service fac’s. And then there is that virus Marty mentioned.

      • The quote i used had been previously used in reference to DM. My post may have made it look like it was about LRH. It was not.

      • The church of Scientology became an SP tisk tisk.

        Dutch Psychiatrist are Social Pshychiatrists.

        I do not aspect that you know what that means.

    • Great comment Journey Continued.

    • “He had seen first hand the affects of psychiatry and psychology on the human spirit and knew that they held no answer to achieving the goals of a freed and civilized society.”

      “Schroeder van der Kolk is regarded as the founder of Dutch psychiatry and neurology. This paper describes his vitalistic views on the relation between body and soul, as formulated by him in a series of lectures. These lectures were intended to counteract the materialistic tendencies of some of Schroeder van der Kolk’s French and German contemporaries. It is argued that Schroeder van der Kolk can be regarded as the transition in Holland from the “Naturphilosophie” approach to the modern experimental approach in physiology.”

  2. Psychs are a wrong target. Even those that are SPs are the wrong target, although it is a good idea to cast them aside and point out their abuses, as CCHR used to do.

    Here’s the problem with the Church attacking Psychiatry:

    If the entire subject is bad and should be eradicated, then the church should provide a proper alternative, which it does not. There are crazy people out there, and they need help, and most are not up to the point where they can be audited in any manner. We know some of the things to do: calm environment, good food/nutrition, etc., a rock to contemplate.

    However, what happens in reality when someone is crazy and needs to be cared for? It is considered a potential PR flap. Hell, they are called PTS Type III. They is no handling for them in the church except to get them the cuss out. To the degree they are helped at all, they are locked down, subjected to the Introspection Rundown or something similar, until they are no longer raving (or at least in between raves) and then shipped off to their family. I personally know of several cases where this was the “handling” one of which was a very, very good friend of mine.

    So, the church basically washes their hands of the insane, while claiming to have the tech to handle the insane.

    The church also has the “illegal PC” policy which effectively bans anyone who has ever been on psychiatric lines from Scientology.

    So we have two conditions:

    1. Were you ever crazy? You are an illegal PC.
    2. Do you go crazy after the fact? You are declared Type III and kicked the cuss out.

    So we abandon all people with mental conditions (despite our Code of a Scientologist) and then… demonize the people who do actually try to do something – the psychiatrists and psychologists.

    I have learned through direct observation and study that not all psychiatry is bad, not all psychiatrists are bad. Some actually do help, and some can definitely help in the case of someone who has gone around the bend.

    So, I say screw targeting the psychs. Target the bank, and get people up the bridge. I also say man up and deal with the consequences of working with “illegal PCs”. I find that one of the cruelest policies the church ever put out. I understand the reason for the policy, but really, we should be able to deal with the occasional blow out. The psychs do – they say “we got to him too late.”

    To me one of the worst things to happen that I know of in the church was the case of Jeremy Perkins and his mother Elli. Jeremy was crying out for help – was treated incompetently by all concerned, he went nuts and killed his mother Elli on Ron’s birthday. The church then tried to hush it, and continues the travesty by abandoning Jeremy to the psych ward. This cussing pisses me off. There used to be men in Scientology.

    • Tony DePhillips

      Excellent, excellent, points Grasshopper..

    • And then there was the child prodigy son of David and Marie Gale. Phillip.

      Who jumped from the highest building at MIT during his sophomore year, at 19 years of age on LRH’s birthday.

      His father, founder of RealWorld (the computer business that Larry Barnes became the CEO of – a video of him is on the prior post from Marty) died a few years later, at a young age of a heart attack.

      Marie Gale was the former AOLA registrar who left the SO, married David became quite wealthy and was THE SPOKESPERSON for CCHR.

      Phillip was profoundly depressed – very introverted. Took a year off from MIT working for Earthlink.

      He could have used some intelligent intervention.


      There are several young 2nd generation scientologists who have killed themselves. Somehow it just continues to boggle my mind that this has happened. I feel incredibly sad for the parents.

      Most continue to stay connected to the corporate travesty of scientology.

      They would almost have to – confronting that PERHAPS they could have helped their children with a different approach would be too much.

      I feel only sorrow for them.


      • Sorry — typo — David Gale the father of Phillip Gale died a few years EARLIER than Phillips suicide.

        Apparently he was quite depressed over his father’s death.


      • WH,

        I have read all the posts here and your post and for me, an old experienced LRH Data Series evaluator, a burning question has come to mind:


        Was I in between being sane and being brainwashed into accepting Authority without question and inspection? Did I not learn the valuable Data Series Tech well? Did LRH not think that he was talking to trainee evaluators who could apply the following to the hilt and question him on his OPINION and ask for hard evidence?

        “Yet a sloppy mind sees no difference between a Fact and somebody’s opinion.”

        Was my mind “sloppy” and I couldn’t REALLY think?

        People who annoy one with such weird “solutions” do not know certain differences.
        Thoughts are infinitely divisible into classes of thought.
        In other words, in thought there are certain wide differences which are very different
        A Fact is something that can be proven to exist by visible evidence.

        An Opinion is something which may or may not be based on any facts.
        Yet a sloppy mind sees no difference between a Fact and somebody’s opinion.
        In courts a psychiatrist (who is an authority) says “Joe Doakes is crazy.” Joe Doakes
        is promptly put away for ten years, tortured or killed. Yet this statement is just an Opinion
        uttered by somebody whose sanity is more than suspect and what’s more is taken from a field
        “psychiatry” which has no basis in fact since it cannot cure or even detect insanity.
        A vast number of people see no difference at all in Facts and Opinions and gaily accept
        both or either as having equal validity.
        An administrator continually gets opinions on his lines which are masquerading as
        If opinion instead of facts is used in solving problems then one comes up with insane
        solutions. The anatomy of thought, HCO PL 26.4.70R”

        Excuse my ranting, WH and all, but I couldn’t resist analysing myself giving the current subject. Opinions welcome. you are not auditing me:))


        • Alex – I agree with all you wrote. IMO (in my opinion) this was another boil the frog slowly. By the time this came out we had been through the purges, the Finance Police, the militant rise of RTC, etc and the destruction of the mission network. I believe many of us questioned what we observed. Probably most dubbed in that there must be some other data they don’t have. To openly challenge these actions usually recoiled on us and we ended up on the RPF, the decks, ethics, busted, etc.

          This flow of our errorr in thinking logically that you speak of, is the same coin as the current fanatically follower of RCS. Opinions stated with force are accepted as datums. These datums have never been analyzed.

          As a trained evaluator you know the omitted is the hardest outpoint to spot. Omitted analysis of this “datum” allowed an open gate for more destructive actions to accelerate. What we see is a rise of DM and a small gang of thugs. The longer term end result is what we have today called the RCS.

          It is most shocking to me, and I expect to you, as we wake up. I had the same type of question. How did I fall into accepting what I observed and knew was not per LRH references and not valid by my own personal observations. What happened to it’s true if you find it to be true for you – and not just because LRH wrote it.

        • Alex, I totally get it.

          It is impossible to have 100% of the data needed to come to a rational, 100% correct decision. This is one reason why two very sane and intelligent people can disagree on things. Hence the idea of multi-valued logic.

          The thing is that it is not “Psychiatry” that is evil. It is evil people who are evil. Evil people use whatever tools they can use to be evil, and psychiatry has some nice tools that can be used for evil – and so does Scientology.

          Ron’s data on “psychs and priests” is correct, but the error is to assume that ALL psychs and priests, etc., are evil.

          • “Guns do not kill people……”

          • Alex Castillo

            Sapere Aude, Grasshoper,

            Yes, this is all very good and informative and even educational but I can’t see how it will help prevent the general population from getting caught in the glitzy but deadly trapping web of David Miscavige’s own version of Scientology. Marty’s hard work to weed out the bullshit from what really works in Scientology is truly appreciated by many of us who KNOW the subject but I sense the effort to remove that maniac from his position of power is becoming less and less visible. I think it will take a long time for the general public to read and learn from Marty’s book (s) and after that, hopefully there will be many people who won’t come near Miscavige’s “Church”, but in the meantime, Teflon Miscavige will continue to rape people’s souls, minds and pockets while he laughs all the way to the bank!

            Just expressing my opinion here.


        • Alex, I honor your constructive self criticism. It is refreshing, because ultimately it is we who we should be finding, not Ron. But Ron is a key.

          We open ourselves up to receive information from a teacher. And as “evolved, knowing, scientific, not just believing that we think we are as students of Scientology or any study, faith and believing is still a major part.

          When I look at my own history in Scientology it simply goes like this:
          1) You learn communication skills and relations improve
          2) You learn about knowable things like the mind, have pain be relieved by auding and feel good about Scientolgy
          3) meet other people on a quest
          4) learn how to study
          5) learn how to help people
          6) have various experiences that infer or proove ( depending on the level of key out, exteriorization, out of body experience, cognition) the reality of a ones spiritual nature.
          7) determine that anyone who is opposed to Scientology must be off the mark because look at all the good that has happened to me.

          And after having these basic experiences, that lift ones life up to a happier place, the mind then concludes that all the rest of my Scientology experience will be the same, and Ron really knows his stuff, and my doubts and questions are my bank because up until now all has been hunky dorey.

          Then comes space opera. Things, realities, beings, implants, whole track Sps, destroyed sectors of the galaxy, electronic incidents, Star Trek good and evil, absolute evil cosmic tyrants that are the real cause for billions and billions of human beings suffering.
          The cause of your mom’s suffering your dad’s suffering, your childs suffering, your nation, city, country, planet etc etc.

          In a word: an absolute evil that one must fight in order to save the entire universe from becoming a black nothing.

          You don’t even get to go to a heaven, astral world, free universe with friends to play with in a world of multicolored lights where freedom, joy and power abound. You get to avoid space opera and have picking up another friggn body as the highest friggn aspiration of being human.

          The Bardo state, between lives, after death, astral worlds, causal worlds have all been booby trapped with space opera. At least theoretically because when a person actually leaves the body at death they realize that info was a BS. And the after life state can be unbelievably beautiful.

          So, all the info regarding resolving ones common life, blowing charge in the mind was great, wonderful etc.

          Then, when that person, Ron, whom you’ve trusted because up until now life got better, tells you of the absolute evil of mental health professionals and their evil goals of cosmic destruction and he is the guy to save the universe, the mind makes the next step as a student: this must be true, my life is so much better, Ron only wants the good for me.

          Then: whole track incidents that are studied become assumed certainities masquerading as direct perception and causes for states of being.

          And that’s where I’ll stop.

          At some distant time, when things aren’t this crazy, I will write:

          The mechanics of why space opera therapies can cause cognitions and, is the space opera narrative essential to those cognitions.

          • Thanks Brian, that was excellent!

          • I have more or less the same experience. I could not buy the space opera. Now, years later, I compare this with the visions of prophets, coloured by a science fiction background.

            • In any case, space opera and past lives was labeled by LRH as “para-scientology”, not as scientology. None of that need be believed to use and provide benefit from scientology

              • Li'll bit of stuff

                Correctly indicated, as you have done so succinctly Valkov, sans the embroidered
                additives that somehow always end up getting into mix.

                Q; “Duh? Does dat mean I have to dooplicate
                dis stuff in order to unnerstan’ it, Huh ?”
                A ; “…..’fraid so….compatriot. otherwise may
                …….stay bogged down by a coupla nasty mooz!” …….(m/u’s.)

              • “In any case, space opera and past lives was labeled by LRH as “para-scientology”, not as scientology.”

                • It’s worth noting one of the references for this – it’s the new “Golden” edition of the Creation of Human Ability (COHA), page 284 there is a section titled “Para-Scientology”.

                  LRH briefly describes “Scientology” as consisting only of those things we can be certain of, and that Para-scientology “is that large bin which includes all greater or lesser uncertainties.” Interestingly, he goes on to say, “Some of the classified bodies of data which fall in Para-scientology are: Dianetics, incidents on the whole track, the immortality of Man, the existenceof God, engrams containing pain and unconsciousness and yet all perception, prenatals, Clears, character and many other things which, even when closely and minutely observed, stilll arenot certainthings to those who observe them.”

                  He defines Para-scientolgy as containing “the questionable things, the things of which the common normal observer cannot be sure with a little study.”

                  There is also a lecture which in it’s Classics version is titled something like “Para-scientology – ghost, goblins, and things that go Boomp! in the Night”
                  Given April 20 1955 I believe.

                • Saying that past lives, space opera, souls leaving bodies is para(beyond) Scientology is a bit laughable folks.

                  • Sometimes the truth is painfully simple. Ouch

                  • I don’t get your point, Brian.
                    Study the references Valkov provided and get the distinction of Scientology compared with Para-Scientology.

                    • Para Scientology vs. Not Para Scientology

                      Scientology is about leaving the body consciously, having soul intention power, being able to create with will, going back to basic basic in other lives and this one.
                      Their are rundowns to help produce these things. Those rundowns are called Scientology processes. It IS Scientology.

                      These things are not “para” (beyond) Scientology.

                      It’s like saying the ressurection is “Para(beyond) Christianity. The ressurection is essential to Christianity.

                      As is space opera, leaving bodies etc essential to Scientology church doctrine and practice.

                    • martyrathbun09

                      Not necessarily fully so – see my book.

                    • Brian,
                      I got your point,
                      however, LRH himslf described Para-Scientology in the above mentioned references.
                      Even the ARC Triangle is para-scientological material as long as the person didn’t experience / observe / grasp the concept.
                      Thus: Teach Scientology so it can be grasped at the reciept point.

                      David Miscavige failed to make this distinction in his TV interview back in the early 90’s. He couldn’t handle the interviewer. Epic failure.

                      Scientology is knowing how to know.
                      If you know the ARC Triangle is existent, than there you go. Apply it. If you just read about it without further inspection, you’ll become a glibby student. Literarism stem from not allowing the student to observe, to study, to make his own decisions about the data he learns.

                      I really recommend you listen to LRHs Lecture “Para-Scientology”.
                      I would give you a quote, but unfortunatley I have only a german copy of this lecture.
                      This is one of the best Lectures you can give someone in order to introduce him into Scientology so that he understands, that there is no value in Scientology unless he himself adds observation to his studies.

      • Thanks, WH – another senseless tragedy. MIT is already a very stressful environment, similar to Cal Tech. The workload is so high at both schools that suicide is a very real problem. Add to that the other stresses Philip was going through – it is very sad to hear about this.

    • Very well stated, and 100% on target IMO, Grasshopper.

    • one of those who see


    • Exactly the tragedy well stated. And there isn’t even a finite declare of who is and who isn’t illegal. Define “extensive”.

    • FCDC Class of 74

      “the psychs are the wrong target.” Grasshopper I have worked in all the facilities around Washington and Baltimore. St. Elizabeths in DC where I’m sure Ron had the opportunity to visit because up to the late sixties and early seventies it did not have or need extensive security and then they turned out alot of Type IIIs on the street. Forest Haven in Maryland, now closed down which had outdoor concrete playpens as I previously mentioned and the facility in Baltimore;Keswick. All were substandard for any being. The point I’m trying to make is that I feel that Ron was empathetic but wanted to see the project of clearing the planet excellerate and not have barriers in the postulate, but having the attacks pissed him off. The magnatude of care would eradicate DM’s “war chest” (that he would even consider using it for that purpose) and with the riff we are in, neither party can take on this splinter consideration. It seems the situation was meant to tie us up on the time track. This is indeed the wrong target CO$ is -just my pov. Bill

  3. Marty, I’m very curious what you are referring to that occurred prior to May 1982 that would help us “better understand Hubbard’s level of vehemence during that particular period of time.” Can you expand on this?

  4. Hi all;

    I did a lot of work for CCHR back in the early 70’s. One thing that we did was actually survey psychs and their bretheren to find out ‘why’ they became psychs. The number one reason was becasue they themselves were suffering and so chose that field. Kind of solo psyching I guess.

    Also, interesting enough, the GO had a super secret program, ‘The Media Program’. The purpose of this program was to find and interview every single person who had ever written or commented in any media negatively on Dianetics, Scientology, or LRH, which is why it was totally hushhush. We laid out every single attack since DMSMH, books, newspapers, televsion, etc., and proceeded to locate every person involved. We also looked for their publishers, editors, programmers and so forth. I was the GO operative for Canada, back in the early 70.s, and I was given the job to find and go see all these people. I actually found the reporter who filed the very first entheta article in Canada. I travelled across the country interviewing all media persons we could find. I was amazed at how many of them remembered details of articles they wrote 20 + years earlier, or the tv programs they produced.

    We found what we were looking for. The source of ALL the entheta in Canada was the ‘Science Council of the Canadian Psychiatric Association’, something like that. No one even knew this group existed. I suspect there was a similar group in the US.

    This group was the one who fed all the material to your local psych, who then fed it to the government, and both fed it to the medial, but this so called, ‘Science Council’ was the source of it all. I was about to be sent into that group, when several emergencies came up in the Toronto Org, and the whole thing got dropped.

    Lots of fun.

    • Li'll bit of stuff

      Bob, extremely valuable data on the complexities
      involving the ‘psyche’ question, and shows just
      what CAN be achieved when a thorough survey
      is used as indicated. Thanks for enriching our

  5. Excellent post. Thought provoking comments. Wow. What profession would someone who has a strong desire to help go into? Back in the early ’80s, that was my question. I looked around and the only profession I saw was psychology, being a counselor of some sort. Once I started taking the college classes to do this, I realized it must be whack if the teachers are psycho; besides, I just couldn’t make the info align with my thinking. That’s right about the time I found the DMSMH and other LRH books and became a Book One auditor.
    As many have said, David Miscavige & Co. have taken LRH/CofS out of the running for someone who has a deep desire to change conditions and help others like an auditor can. No young person today who felt the way I did is going to consider LRH tech as an option, because what they see is DM’s version – suppressive.
    In all these years, the possibilities were endless for how LRH tech could have become part of the fabric of the field of mental health.

    • And these young people today land feet up on the internet to check it out. After reading about the abuses of DM & Co, maybe a small minority decide to check it out only to discover that it is really priced out of reach. It’ll be long shot that very many will make it thru the cracks. There are no field auditors in the O.C. and this use to be a huge field, they are suppressed out of existence. The hope really is in the independent field unless you want to hold your breath (till you die) waiting for DM & Co to be extinguished, not likely… IMO they’ll continue to limp along somehow. So if any of your doubters are still holding onto a candle flame, don’t waste your time, get your family and friends out of the trap now. Then breath some sunshine in the independent and make out of the other trap.

  6. “So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the
    High Priests, It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our

    HCOB PL 7 February 1965, Keeping Scientology Working
    Series I:

  7. About 4 years ago our son was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. I didn’t know the first thing about gluten, so began to study the subject. I learned that gluten is abundant on the planet because it creates paralysis in insects and small rodents. It’s not supposed to be eaten. I decided to try eliminating it from my diet and see what happened. This was a lot more difficult than I ever thought because in our world of processed everything gluten is everywhere. I only just recently discovered the need to eliminate it from lotions, soaps, toothpaste, etc. If it can get on your hands it’ll get in your mouth.

    I want to be as brief as possible, so I’ll get right to my results after 4 years. the following a list of what has been cured in me as a result of eliminating gluten from my diet:

    1) Stress (95% gone)
    2) biting my finger nails
    3) cracking my knuckles
    4) joint pain
    5) aching muscles
    6) flexibility improved
    7) mild asthma
    8) night sweats
    9) back pain
    10) improved sex (and I thought it was good)
    11) temper
    12) bad dreams (I just have pleasant dreams now)
    13) energy
    14) insomnia
    15) desire to drink alcohol

    I know that gluten doesn’t effect everyone the way it effects me, but I do know it effects a lot of people. I read from a nutritionalist recently that in 20 years of consulting people he never found a single person that didn’t benefit tremendously from eliminating gluten.

    I can’t help but wonder how many problems people have because they are basically poisoning themselves every day in their diet.

    • I know exactly what you mean. Gluten doesn’t affect me that way, but boy, do I get out-of-sorts when I succumb to eating anything with a lot of sugar.

      A great reference, which every auditor must be familiar with is Physically Ill PCs and PreOTs (12 March 69)


      The advances in Holistic healing, allergy analysis etc over the past 40 years is amazing. Unfortunately, the drug-pushing AMA isn’t really catching on, but they will.

      Correct use of nutritional analysis combined with competent auditing can really make a difference in people’s lives.

    • Roger Thought (LO)

      Dear Paul

      Your post is quite interesting. I had similar wins on another subject.

      From the age of fifteen on I had a huge problem that I was continuously tired, even when having slept enough and continuous stomach problems.
      I called it my “eternal tiredness” and after I became a Scientologist I thought it was a spiritual problem (failed purpose, OWs, MU’s or whatever one can dream up) and mentioned it to every C/S. But this problem never got handled definitively in session.

      About 4-5 years ago my wife read something in the Internet about Lactose intolerance and meant that I’ve all the symptoms of it. As I was an avid milk drinker and ate tons of cheese I tried it out if that was the basic problem.

      Bingo, it was like a explosion. I stopped to take meals with lactose and all Symptoms were gone in 2 weeks and I felt like a 15 years old teenager full of energy. And the whole thing is really stable. Today when I’m tired I know why and can handle it.

      I told this very enthusiastically to my Auditor of RCS. I thought, my god why isn’t C/sing uptodate and not asking those questions as 20% of the people in the western world have this problem (a natural thing, not an illness) as science found out. The auditor just gave an ack and I felt his eval about that i ‘m dramatizing NOTS or am kind of crazy.

      So I got rid of heavy somatics by handling the body the right way but RCS wasn’t interested in those wins as the sole technology that handles somatics is NED and if you have a Lactose intolerance you must do nots or handle your failed purposes..

      How crazy !

      Pls. people continue to write about it. The technology has to arrive in modern times.
      Another interesting Subject is Nicotine addiction. In the seventies or eighties this was looked upon as an addiction, neither by LRH, but it is. i hope that today cigarettes are items in the drug rundowns.
      :) :) :)

      • Roger Thought (LO)

        Sorry, I meant:
        In the seventies or eighties this wasn’t looked upon as an addiction

        • Imagine how much more productive auditing would be if people really understood their correct diet and they could address truly spiritual matters. I’m glad to hear you figured out your situation.

      • Roger, have you tried digestive enzyme supplements? In the USA there are two popular ones sold in any drugstore, Lactaid and Beano. It seems many people are deficient in the enzymes needed to digest cow’s milk, and some are deficient on the enzymes needed to digest beans.

        I have a friend who can only eat pizza (cheese), if he takes Lactaid with it.

        I personally sometimes use a “full spectrum” digestive enzyme supplement, especially if I eat a heavy or fatty meal. There are enzymes for the digestion of fats, sugars, proteins, etc and some supplements cover them all.

  8. Thomas Szasz – Psychiatrist, Co-founded the CCHR. No-one in the COS seems to mention him too much anymore…

    COS seem to have no problem with psychiatrists when they support Scientologist viewpoints. .

    Also, there seems to be a wider implication in the above post:
    – If LRHs policy was borne of frustration/anger and is erroneous, it raises the possibility that other LRH policies may be erroneous (St Peterburg Times had many issues with the later declarations of LRH).
    – This view of LRH as a fallible (yet learned) man would allow some revision of the more… ‘unpalatable’ policies AND would allow further study into/ the expansion of LRHs work.

    An uncomfortable thought for those who view him as a god, but also the light around the corner for those who think an alternative school of LRH would hold merit.

    (On another note Marty, you seem to change your argument with Tim Higgs at the beginning of the comments when you recognise him as a ‘true believer'; either his viewpoint has merit or it doesnt. Shifting the goalposts based on your perceived context of his affiliation is weak sauce)

  9. The following is taken from wikepedia:

    “The American Psychiatric Association (APA) is the main professional organization of psychiatrists and trainee psychiatrists in the United States, and the largest psychiatric organization in the world.[1] Its some 36,000[1] members are mainly American but some are international. The association publishes various journals and pamphlets, as well as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). The DSM codifies psychiatric conditions and is used worldwide as a key guide for diagnosing disorders.

    In his book Anatomy of an Epidemic (2010), Robert Whitaker described the partnership that has developed between the APA and pharmaceutical companies since the 1980s.[13] APA has come to depend on pharmaceutical money.[13] The drug companies endowed continuing education and psychiatric “grand rounds” at hospitals. They funded a political action committee (PAC) in 1982 to lobby Congress.[13] The industry helped to pay for the APA’s media training workshops.[13] It was able to turn psychiatrists at top schools into speakers, and although the doctors felt they were independents, they rehearsed their speeches and likely would not be invited back if they discussed drug side effects.[13] “Thought leaders” became the experts quoted in the media.[13] As Marcia Angell wrote in The New England Journal of Medicine (2000), “thought leaders” could agree to be listed as an author of ghostwritten articles,[14] and she cites Thomas Bodenheimer and David Rothman who describe the extent of the drug industry’s involvement with doctors.[15][16] The New York Times published a summary about antipsychotic medications in October 2010.

    The American Psychological Association (APA) is the largest scientific and professional organization of psychologists in the United States.[1] It is the world’s largest association of psychologists with around 137,000 members including scientists, educators, clinicians, consultants and students. The APA has an annual budget of around $115m. The American Psychological Association is occasionally confused with the American Psychiatric Association, which also uses the acronym APA.”

    As an independent Pastoral Counsleor, utilizing the spiritual procedures developed and standardized over the past 60+ years by L Ron Hubbard with the help of many others, I have nothing to do with the above two groups. They do what they do, I do what I do.

    The training of independent auditors who can get good, consistent results on the people who come to them for help is the game. There is no current opposition to this game except for David Miscavige and his PTS cronies. And his opposition is merely a feeble attempt by a glib suppressive to maintain a monopoly on a few copyrights for his own power hungry self-aggrandizement.

    Exposing the lies, corruption, complicity and conspiricies of people like miscavige and the more nefarious drug-pushers of the AMA and APA is vital in its own right.

    It can even be fun.

    But not nearly as much fun as training a good auditor or doing a great job of auditing a PC.

    I for one am really happy that you’re here doing this historical expose, Marty. The fact that you are also one hell of an auditor more than doubles my ARC. I truly believe we’re on the right path and that we’ll reconfigure the game so it gets back to a game where everyone does really win.

    • martyrathbun09

      Jon Ronson notes in his book The Psychopath Test that the drug companies are responsible for creating the ever expanding DSM. But, DM sold out to the drug companies long, long ago. As per usual he is focused on wrong targets, as per anti-social characteristics.

      • Cosgrove L, Krimsky S (2012) A Comparison of DSM-IV and DSM-5 Panel Members’ Financial Associations with Industry: A Pernicious Problem Persists. PLoS Med 9(3): e1001190. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1001190

  10. Roger Thought (LO)


    I loved your post and it is totally your right to write about what you found out, even some people can’t agree.
    It would be horrible when everybody on this blog would fully agree to your viewpoint and just shout :” Yes Sir, you’re totally right !” I would instantly leave the blog.

    By slaughtering holy cows you get the people to think and to express their own feelings and experiences about the subject and thousands of other Informations are revealed that weren’t known. This is very interesting and is live communication and creates terminals that can safely outflow and can take a position in space. Those things weren’t aloud in the RCS for the last 30 years and before it one also had to be careful about holding a position in space.

    I don’t think that in the end it will be a matter of what is the ultimate truth or whose opinion is right or wrong or was LRH somehow faulty or lied sometimes.


    So I’m eagerly awaiting those 100ds of books that will be written about Scientology and LRH and all the new ideas that man will develop to embrace the knowledge about Engrams and the reactive mind as common knowledge.

    DIANETICS was called a Science and Scientology an applied rel. Philosophy or nowadays just a “Religion”.

    But those 2 subjects are in fact totally mixed up, per my own experience and understanding.
    Are they at all 2 different subjects ?

    Dianetics just handles the body and engrams on the Bridge and Scientology handles the thetan to keep the bank away, but why then is Dianetics the main things that are handled on the bridge and going over in the realm of Thetans from OT 2-7 ?

    If Dianetics is a real science and the time track is so old and the basic basic is not this life-time but somewhere on the very early track, why do Scientologist then say it’s their religious belief about the time track and the engrams on it ? No I’m wrong. Engrams are not a scientific fact but a religious belief, so Dianetics is a religion ? Or is it an apllied rel. philosophy ?

    Or is it that Dianetics is only a science when handling only this life time ?
    And when you go onto the OT-levels you are doing a dianetics that is part of Scientology ?

    Wait ! Is it perhaps that in fact dianetics is just a part of Scientology that is not religious ? :)

    I have my own answers about those questions.

    It’s so simple. An engram is an engram and it’s better to get rid of them. The guy who discovered those facts and invented a remedy for it was LRH. How do you call it its of no importance. An engram is an engram and if you believe in it or not, doesn’t matter they are nevertheless there and better get handled.

    Those facts should become common knowledge and there’ll be peace on earth !

    There is much work to do to let the people know about this fantastic discovery that was made 60 years ago ! And still only about some million people know about it !

    So new books have to be written in a language that people can understand and the rest of the world has to be invited to talk about those facts and study the remedies for it.

    Who’ll write the next book ?

  11. “L. Ron Hubbard was clearly not keen on the subject of psychiatry. “

    Admirably understated Marty! We’ll make a Brit of you yet. ;-)

    Actually, Hubbard’s view of individual ‘psychs’ was something that I had a bit of a problem with when I was ‘in’. Do you agree with the view that ALL psychiatrists and psychologists are unremittingly evil?

    It is certainly true that there were some rather barbaric practises in psychiatry and that totalitarian regimes such as the Soviet Union used psychiatry as a form of mental control mechanism, but surely that doesn’t mean we can demonise EVERYONE connected with this field?


    • Tony DePhillips

      I had a friend ( who has since disconnected from me) whose wife was told by Flag while she was on Solo Nots that she needed to disconnect from her brother to stay on the Level. His crime?, He was married to a psychologist.

    • Wasn’t he a “student” of Freud meaning he studied the material.

      Hubbard was keen on Psychiatry all right but not on it’s se to “straighten out” the ill-adapted. Personaly I think he had a few “Pshygological” dissaligments.

  12. “Ironically, it was after he had won the war against organized psychiatry that Hubbard issued his final salvos against it that would justify his successors tilting against psychiatric windmills as a matter of religious conviction for the next thirty years.”

    Yes, indeed, this is an outpoint.
    First let’s assume that LRH is not an idiot. If you go back in the seventies, there is not such an attention on « psychs ». In fact, he doesn’t even call them this way. I’m sorry not to be able to quote an HCOB with precision, but Ron talk about « the late and unlamented psychiatrists ». It is from circa 1975.

    On Introspection Rundown, as he find the tech to handle the psycho break, he says : « The last reason for psychiatrist to be around is gone »
    The feeling is that this is something which is handled, no more trouble with them. They are vanishing like an old nightmare.

    LRH was the first to attack psychiatry, and after a cultural lag, his idea won at the end of the sixties. Antipsychiatry blossomed with people like Thomas Szatz, Ronald Laing, Cooper.

    I remember I was not yet a scientologist, but I was antipsychs. No good hippy would have favour psychiatry. But, I realized later that this idea was first originated by L Ron Hubbbard.

    « One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest » was to some degree an EP in the society.

    Another point in the seventies was that you could have had a psych treatment and still be accepted on HGC lines.

    Remember this tech film with David Mayo : « The secret of Flag Land Base » The story of a PTS girl who is found to have been given electric shocks. She is audited on dianetics and therafter do her L’s !

    Some years later she would have been sent to HCO and the auditing would have been discontinued. I know even some OT’s who were pronounced illegal PC’s for « having seen a psych » in their childhood. This is insane.

    But mostly it cannot be LRH. It’s like someone like Hoover was running the church.

    So this is a very visible outpoint : in 1982 a return to middle age.

  13. Tom Gallagher

    Thanks Marty for another delightfully thoughtful and thought provoking commentary.

    As IG Ethics, your viewpoint is invaluable. I sense you continue to wear your “Hat”. Thus, I look forward to your printed publication from a viewpoint with altitude. I’m sure POB is having night sweats at the very thought (along with a few of his coterie). I humbly suggest to ‘Carry on’ but I know you will.

    Yeah, these times are a changing more rapidly than most folks can think or can consider. A massive purge is necessary for our mutual well-being and it is in process. There will be some pain. It’s the way of mother nature.

    You are one of those friends I haven’t met so far this time around. Perhaps someday. July looks doubtful. Then again you never know.

    My best to you and Mosey.

  14. Marty, The years pass. Is there really any hope of bringing down MissCabbage? Everyday I log on, hoping to see movement. There was Snow White… and then tax exemption. There was Deb Cook… and then mayors are giving welcome speeches to DM. Anonymous was gaining traction… and then more Ideal Orgs are opening. The abuses continue; their crimes continue. I wonder what the tipping point will be. It just can’t come fast enough.

  15. CCHR was co-founded by Thomas Szasz. Antipsychiatry. He had similar viewpoint to LRH. He also worked at having homosexual accepted.
    Scientology at this time was bold and courageous. Now, it’s horrible right wing viewpoint on everything in life.
    Scientology is out-valence. It has become what it fought.

  16. I think psychiatry served as L Ron’s boogeyman just as the Indie movements now serves as Miscavidge’s boogeyman (or as part of the generalized COS conspiracy theory that includes the Independent Movement as a part of Psychiatry’s attacks and the New World Order, which I’ve heard rumors of). Cults need an enemy to bring the members together. That’s what we are.

    From “The 48 Laws of Power”:

    “Law 27: Play on People’s Need To Believe To Create a Cultlike Following

    “Step 5: Set Up an Us-Versus-Them Dynamic. … To keep your followers united you must now do what all religions and belief systems have done: create an us-versus-them dynamic.

    “First, make sure your followers believe they are part of an exclusive club, unified by a bond of common goals. Then, to strengthen this bond, manufacture the notion of a devious enemy out to ruin you. … Any outsider who tries to reveal the charlatan nature of your belief system can now be described as a member of this devious force.”

    “If you have no enemies, invent one.”

    It’s also strange that L. Ron chose psychiatry as an enemy since he “borrowed” so much in Dianetics from them.

    • jas1,

      I don’t see where LRH borrowed much of anything from psychiatry. What, for example, did you have in mind when you posted that?

      DOX PLOX.

        • OK jas1, big foot bullet there, posting a page which itemizes many of the credits LRH gave to prior studies and prior researchers. Posting Jon Atack’s quotes and opinions is not DOX in my book. We’ve come a long way since then, and there have been many posts on this blog exploring those issues.

          I am assuming a “slant” on your part, by your use of quotation marks around the word “borrowed”. This leads me to believe you used “borrowed” as an euphemism for some other concept. Why be cute about it? Why not post what you really meant?

          Anyway, I get where you’re coming from, and it’s not worth my time commenting on what Atack wrote, which I have read much of before. Unlike you, he at least was a Scientologist for a good while, and knew a lot of the subject. He obviously had a severe falling out with management somewhere along the line!

          In my view, you failed to DOX that LRH borrowed anything from “psychiatry”, because Freud was not a psychiatrist to begin with. He was a researcher who came to be viewed as the founder of psychoanalysis, which is not the same as psychiatry.

          What seems key to me here, is the vast difference between Freud and LRH in developing practical, workable methods. As Atack points out, Freud abandoned “abreaction therapy”; he didn’t or couldn’t make it work. LRH developed and refined detailed methods of making it work and also how to train people to do it. That was light-years ahead of Freud right there.

          The issue of “borrowing” ideas is a red herring. Ideas and theories are not patented. Who did Freud “borrow” ideas from? Who did Buddha “borrow” ideas from? Who did the great Sufi philosophers and practitioners “borrow” ideas and practices from? These are b.s. questions.

          Is Eric Berne the “source” of Transactional Analysis? Of course he is. He assembled the theory and practice from various sources and added his own original thinking. No one else put it all together in quite the way he did, Is Carl Jung the “source”of Jungian analysis? Of course he is. You can think of it as a brand, if you wish.

          You post about LRH borrowing or plagiarizing or stealing ideas from others, and for DOX you post a page by Jon Atack. How original is that??

          Perhaps other responders here will be kinder than I towards you. Perhaps you are basically sincere, and continuing your studies, will arrive at a place from which you will have something to say. But you’re definitely not there yet. You ought to be asking questions instead of making sidewise assertions you can’t support.

          Go (and study) in peace.

          • Valid points well stated, IAMVALKOV.

            • Thanks (JW). I used to be just plain Valkov, then WordPress went through some kind of evolution and I had to re-register and now “IAM”.

              Anyway, I don’t understand why some of these people even post here, expressing opinions about a subject they have not studied even a bit?

              • Ok, Valkov, then. As to “Why people…”, you’ve surely witnessed before that there’s lots of folks out there that just like to hear themselves speak- and even better if the words are laid down in some form that conveys a sense of perpetuity to them. Additionally, it makes ‘em feel they’re part of the “In crowd”, who have been there and done that, and have the battle scars to show for it. Valor by association, in other words.

          • I say “borrow” because when you use something without referencing the source, it’s normally called “plagiarism”.

            Besides a generalized one-sentence acknowledgment to all of the world’s great thinkers, LRH fails to reference his exact sources for his methods and theories. He definitely doesn’t source any individual studies done that prove his theories and methods (whether his own studies or those of others).

            Yet even you acknowledge that much of what he wrote came from other sources. He does this and then he calls himself Source, and prohibits any change or improvement on what he’s written. This isn’t how science works. No wonder the scientific community rejected him!

            There is a certain degree of humility necessary in participating in the scientific field. It comes along with viewing oneself as part of the overall progress of mankind and not as the sole savior of mankind.

  17. I believe it is a question of evolution. There is no doubt that psychiatry and psychology have matured since the lobotomy days. And, there are so many branches of psychology and types of therapies that have emerged and are still emerging. Many without the use of drugs. And many on a grass-roots level, such as EMDR and even past life therapy. We are still learning and growing. The only thing that isn’t is the Church of $ci.

    The brute force of dogma never succeeds over time. The founders of the Constitution knew that. They made room for wisdom. So should we all.

    • This is exactly right. Psychology and psychiatry are sciences, so they prove themselves wrong, discover new ideas and become better. Scientology is a pseudoscience. It needs to be right, always, so it doesn’t get better.

      • Thanks Jas1.

        Interesting comment.

        Back in the days of LRH, it was routine for things to be changed, revised, withdrawn, modified or clarified based on proven workability. There are numerous examples.

        Since then, it has been forbidden. And the organization has been convulsing into its final death throes as a result. Janet Reitman astutely observed in her book that if the church doesnt change it is dead, and I believe she is right.

        The church will continue to try to enforce policies and practices that are socially unconscionable (let alone unworkable).

        Take for example, perhaps the most obnoxious — the practice of disconnection. The RCS will NOT change this practice. There are a number of reasons for this, but one is certainly that Miscavige is convinced that this a way of controlling his flock of clubbed seals. But like the segregationists of the last century and the slave masters of the century before, the more they stubbornly cling to their unworkable and inhumane practices, the more their flock and society as a whole rise up to oppose them. It’s a practice that cannot be justified, and rather than keeping Miscavige in control, it will be in large measure the reason he ultimately loses ALL control.

        I have said a number of times here that I believe the protection of the subject of Scientology lies in the free market of ideas. When the public has a choice, the forces of the free market refine what is provided. It is a constantly correcting force. LRH said that organizations and civilizations do not endure because of a lack of Qual correction. That function located within the RCS is a joke. When LRH was around, he wore that hat as he had the humility of self-reflection. He announced to the world how he had been proven wrong on many occasions and then set about revising/correcting what had been wrong. Lacking someone like him at the top — and believe me, Miscavige is definitely NOT like that, he has never been wrong in his life — the organization is doomed. And that is the single thing Miscavige has proved to be right about in spades.

        PS: Hope to see you again someday….

        • Good to hear from you. :)
          I completely agree. Especially this:
          “It’s a practice that cannot be justified, and rather than keeping Miscavige in control, it will be in large measure the reason he ultimately loses ALL control.”
          They’re holding on to theories and methods that have been proven unworkable and false and their inability to evolve is destroying them. The Indie movement is the mutant strain that will inevitably replace them.

      • jas1,

        The big question here is, what do you mean by “scientology”? You don’t seem to distinguish between the subject and it’s practitioners at all.

        The subject of scientology is not a pseudoscience, whatever you mean by that. There are roughly 3 categories of things that you may be referring to, when you say “scientology”. 1. The philosophy 2. The applications (tech) 3. The organizations that people have created around the philosophy and the tech(practical applications). There are actually a lot of these kind of organizations, and they are not much alike, from one to the next.

        The practical applications were developed just as you say psychology and psychiatry develop – through trial and error, winnowing out what didn’t work, or didn’t work as well, and keeping what worked better. That’s why LRH called it a “workable technology”. That is “standard tech” and is what KSW refers to. I worked in psychiatry with psychiatrists for about 13 years. Scientology applications are every bit as “scientific” as any applications of the psych fields you mention. If you think otherwise, you don’t know much about clinical psychology or clinical psychiatry, either.

        The philosophy is contains in LRH’s lectures and many of his books. He was not shy about expressing his opinions on things. It appears from your posts you have not listened to very many of his lectures, if any. Otherwise I wouldn’t have to be doing this Reader’s Digest type outline for you. The philosophy is wide ranging and can be applied by anyone in any way they see fit to do.

        The organizations are not limited to the Church of Scientology. Evidently when you refer to rigidity, you must be talking about that. But even then I must point out that philosophies have no “needs” to be right or to eat or sleep etc. It is only some people who may have a need to be right, who become dogmatic and refuse to change or improve. That pretty much describes many of the people left in the CoS today. A lot of the flexible, undogmatic people who are willing to change and think for themselves, like Marty, Mike Rinder, and the others who post on this blog, have left the CoS precisely because of it’s “need to be right at any cost” and it’s refusal to “get better”. Although if you would read this blog, you might see that those issues are only the tip of the iceberg.

        There are many other groups around the world that are based on the philosophy and the applications that are quite different from the CoS. They can also be referred to as parts of the world of “scientology”.

        So why are you posting here, if you are so unfamiliar with the nuts-and- bolts of it all?

        Go (and study) in peace. Come back when you can at least tell the difference between the philosophy, the practical applications, and the organizations of “scientology”.

        • Iamvalkov,

          To answer your question, by pseudoscience I mean a subject which pretends to be a science but really isn’t.

          Definition of pseudoscience:
          “a discipline or approach that pretends to be or has a close resemblance to science” source:

          If you’re interested in further understanding the difference between science vs pseudoscience and why pseudosciences are harmful human progress, a great book to read is “The Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark” by Carl Sagan. In this book, Carl Sagan discusses Scientology as well as other pseudosciences throughout human history such as psychoanalysis, witchcraft, astrology, et al.

          From Wikipedia:
          “The chief characteristic which distinguishes a scientific method of inquiry from other methods of acquiring knowledge is that scientists seek to let reality speak for itself, supporting a theory when a theory’s predictions are confirmed and challenging a theory when its predictions prove false.”

          We’ll take just one example that displays why Scientology and Dianetics did not follow this the Scientific Method:

          LRH claimed the state of Clear was obtainable in 1950. He described it in great detail in the book Dianetics. It wasn’t described as a theoretical state of what one could possibly be like without the reactive mind. It was a detailed description of what was purportedly being attained. Even the removal of the reactive mind wasn’t described as something theoretically possible. It was sold to the public as a fact.

          Yet if you listen to LRH lectures for many years later, he’s still trying to make Clears. He was chasing the illusory state that he had described as a fact many years before. Put into the words of the Wikipedia quote above, he didn’t “let reality speak for itself”. He “supported a theory before the theory’s predictions were confirmed”.

          By claiming people could reach the state of Clear through Dianetics without any actual proof that this was a reproducible state (or even producible just once) is not scientific. It then took over a decade before “Clears” were finally being produced (according to LRH and without any objective testing), but even those Clears were never tested to see if they met the standards of LRH’s descriptions in Dianetics.

          When have any of LRH’s claims for the results of any processes been tested and proven with any objective studies?

          If Scientology and Dianetics were sciences, all of the claims would have been verified in objective studies before being advertised to the public. Those studies would be published and available for peer review. That’s the way science works. If LRH were a scientist, he would have been inviting the psychiatrists to prove his studies wrong.

          Within Scientology there has always been enough funding and no lack of willing subjects for these studies! But the fact these studies weren’t done before charging tens of thousands of dollars for services is an indication of the motive that was driving “research”.

      • Psychology is not viewed by universities as a science. I got both my BA and Masters Degrees in Psychology from the School of Arts. Not considered exact or scientific enough to be considered a science. Much more value to the audi8tor certs I got after leaving the university. Psychiatry is considered a science as one has to be a medical doctor.

        • I got my Biologcal Science degree from a College of Arts, as well. I think you are reading more meaning into whether you get you degree from a College of Arts or Science than is justifiable.

          I’m not aware of any study that LRH performed that is structured in a scientific way, so I’d also be careful of putting down Psychology as “unscientific”-as it apparently is what LRH based Dianetic upon:

        • You’re right about that. Although many aspects of psychology meet the rigors of the scientific method, psychoanalysis definitely doesn’t meet that standard 90% of the time.

  18. “Anyone who seeks to help others – whether by means of religion or by means of medicine – must eschew the use of force. I am not aware of any antipsychiatrist who has agreed with this principle or abided by this limitation. Subsuming my work under the rubric of antipsychiatry betrays and negates it just as effectively and surely as subsuming it under the rubric of psychiatry. My writings form no part of either psychiatry or antipsychiatry and belong to neither. They belong to conceptual analysis, social-political criticism, civil liberties, and common sense. This is why I rejected, and continue to reject, psychiatry and antipsychiatry with equal vigor. ” – Thomas Szasz – co-founder, Citizens Commission on Human Rights

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