Remedy of Black Dianetics – Coming Soon

Front cover:

Description: The first critical treatment of Scientology that seeks to identify and correct what is wrong with it rather than to merely expose or advocate against the subject. A handbook for former, current and prospective members. The book can help to heal any damage done by misuse while rehabilitating any positives derived from Scientology. The book also serves to proof up an individual against being harmed by misapplication of Scientology in the future.  As the first simple, accurate description of the philosophy from its introductory to its most advanced levels, the book will inform those interested in Scientology as no other available work has.

Back cover:

227 responses to “Remedy of Black Dianetics – Coming Soon

  1. Joining all the people above in a collective ROFL – the absolutely perfect cover! :))

  2. Its just a matter of time before the bottom falls out

  3. Li'll bit of stuff

    Little davey, tell you what, just hand back the ten billion odd
    dollars, that you’ve ripped out of parishioners pockets, over
    the last 30 odd years, pay direct compensation to the survivors
    of your little Auschwitz, scrap your Miscavology trash in a
    symbolic making of amends to LRH, and do a steps a – e
    program to every single Scientologist that you have wronged
    since your disaster bound little plan took root in your little pea
    brain all those years ago.

    You can do this via the attorneys that will be appointed for you
    by the state, while sitting in your solitary little cell.You see,
    unless you do this, I believe your little empire and assets
    could be seized and ultimately sold off to make restitution
    for the tidal wave of damages claims which will follow in your

    If you decline this offer, we have accepted an invitation on your
    behalf, to share a cell with Bubba, who has some wonderful
    ideas on how to give you experiences and thrills, that only Bubba could have thought of, which will make YOUR own
    experience in incarceration, one you will never forget.

    I’m pretty certain that you will be reassured by that supremely
    comforting old adage; “ ye sow….so shall ye reap!!!” ”

    Pleasant dreams, li’ll davey.

  4. WAW! ROTFL! :-)

    What a great cover.
    Those apes on the front cover just get out from the zoo.

    You look great, like a happy wise man.

    Thank you!
    Great work.
    Great communication.

  5. Sorting out what was wrong and what was/is right in Scientology is a personal ongoing process. I am awaiting the book with great interest.

  6. The cover is like a third dynamic right item Marty! LFBD F/N VGIS.

  7. Allender and team are the poster boys for what is wrong with Scientology. There is not a person alive who can look at the picture and say: “Yep! That’s the correct way to do it! That’ll bust their asses!” And if this pic wasn’t enough, the subsequence months of idiocy is sure to close the deal.

    What these idiots did was so incredibly stupid, wrong, and, well, silly, that there is no rational defense for it.

    What these people did during the months of the Siege of Casablanca did more to damage the image of Scientology than pretty much any other thing I can think of. Snow White, while wrong, was at least bad-ass. The squirrel busted campaign was incredibly… insane.

    The two idiots up front are what passes in Mr. David Miscavige’s world as “OT 8″‘s. They are the supreme product of the what Mr. David Miscavige has done to Scientology over the last 30 years. And there is NO doubt about it, there is NO denying it, that these people are incredibly stupid.

    What truly amazes me is that Allender has not been declared. This is absolute proof that Miscavige approved of these actions, and in fact was conducting them. Imagine going off the reservation and doing something like this back in 1977. My God!

    I love that you are using this for the cover! You own the rights to the best evidence that exists of how the Church of Scientology has failed. It communicates the whole freaking thing so well!

    • “What truly amazes me is that Allender has not been declared. This is absolute proof that Miscavige approved of these actions, and in fact was conducting them.” Nice point.

    • Great point GH!
      It does prove the dm approved of his actions.

    • one of those who see

      Just thought of that picture of them in the little boat watching Marty and Mosey’s house. Still cracks me up.

    • GH — You are absolutely correct. This insanity was directed by POB. Believe me, nobody is allowed to do ANYTHING concerning Marty without his express permission: though by now he has issued so many orders on what to do with Marty that there isnt anything left for anyone else to even dream up.

      Miscavige sat around and got a big kick out of this. Allender being run by Dave Lablow. Lablow reporting by the minute to OSA in LA. They in turn reporting by the hour to McShane and McShane providing regular updates to Dear Leader and then issuing orders on what they were to do next.

      Miscavige just KNEW that he had it all figured out. He was going to harass Marty until he did something to respond and then he would pounce and get him prosecuted for criminal charges and that would be the end of his credibility. This is 100% the strategy he came up with. Believe me, he was telling everyone “I know how to handle Marty.” It was a massive fail — when he finally paid local bigwigs to get some backwoods justice of the peace to bring charges for taking one of the goons sunglasses off, he was SURE he had finally succeeded. When that blew up in his face too, he no doubt started blaming all the “incompetents” and “SPs” around him for failing to execute his orders. Some OSA guys probably got busted. Lablow seems to be on an extended sabbatical now (with Tommy Davis perhaps?). So he was probably a casualty too.

      You know this was Miscavige’s strategy because he tried to get Marty prosecuted in LA (when Jim Lynch reached into our car and the door closed on his arm), and in Phoenix (when Lynch ran into Marty’s luggage) and with other phony reports filed in Corpus Christi, and most heinously with the Garden Grove police department to reopen a closed investigation into the death of his brother many years ago. And these are the ones we KNOW about. Who knows how many other attempts there were (you know when Ed Bryan was arrested and charged for illegally entering the Miami Convention Center to try to harass me and others, they tried to turn this into a case of me “abusing the elderly”).

      So, you are spot on.

      Miscavige not only sanctioned this insanity, he was the source of it. He has spread the blame around to underlings internally, but the funny thing is in the REAL world, this is now the positioning he has. Synanon had snakes in someone’s mailbox — the RCS (and Miscavige — who constantly equates himself with the Church as “Mr. Scientology”) is now positioned with the idiots with cameras on their heads.

      Couldnt happen to a nicer guy.

      It sucks to be Miscavige.

      • Yes, and I want to say that the patience and confront of you, Marty, Mosey, Christie and the front-lines guys supporting you was and is awesome. This was rope-a-dope on a grand scale.

        Sucks to be Miscavige, the biggest dope of all.

  8. I wonder if anyone in the south bay will see this cover and wake up as a result?

    • Yea wouldn’t that be a treat to see Karen B. … many old timers here. We’re in the So Bay, shoot a comm if you wish. EM is on my pic.

    • It has occurred to me that what we are up against here with the cult and it’s reversed application of the tech as engineered by (as staffers and drinkers refer to him ….) Mr. Miscaviage is nothing short of an addiction. They are addicted to desiring approval for their actions.

      So what does it take for an addict to decide to change? Something major happening in their life for sure. I’d say the book qualifies………… if they see it!

  9. Gosh, how could they manage to look so dumb? Miscavige must be in total anger. I think this picture will be used by major newspapers. And Tom Cruise will be asham! I would like to see that with my own eyes.
    So good choice, Marty!
    What is wrong with scientology? Them and their boss!

  10. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, I’ve had an almost identical reaction to many of our
    regulars on the blog. I keep flipping back to your book’s
    front cover image, and I just crack up laughing every single
    time. Just too friggn’ brilliant, and be assured, you will be
    asked about it (the cover) countless prepare
    yourself! The “hook”will be effective beyond your wildest
    dreams, as I’m sure you have already realized, maestro!

    Coupled to your ( Mosey’s, pardon!) now hilariously funny
    ” scientology car wash” and your very own “goonsquad”
    documentary, now taking the above mentioned honours
    as your front cover image, you gotta give some credit
    to li’ll davey for these original concepts, I mean, he must
    have given these projects an extraordinary amount of
    HE & R and explosive dramatizations and rehearsals to
    get them——JUST PERFECT for you????(the irony!!)

    Again, I feel that down the line, you are going to FULLY appreciate, AND embrace the role of the comedians /
    satirists / cartoonists, who remind us that by being able laugh at “seriousness!” we then find that:

    ” Laughter is the BEST medicine” and has an important
    role to play in the objective of “Healing Through Under-

    Superb, delicious literary morsels, to whet our now ravenous
    appetites, mmmmm……can’t wait! Bring on the roast!!

    Calvin B. (ravenous!) Duffield

  11. Great to have this after the Debbie Cook outcome. Cant wait to get a copy!

  12. Awesome book cover…loved it…laughter is my favorite therapy :-)

  13. Damn- Now the prices on those squirrel Buster T- shirts are really going to skyrocket. I still want one.

  14. It goes to show you what an amateur hour production working for DM must be. Those silly camera hats. I mean, seriously. The tech does exist to have pinhole cameras that do not show, and can record secretly with good video quality. I mean, I know Marty would have suspected such if there were no video camera’s visible, but seriously, those things are just the dorkiest looking hats I have ever seen. Is there one person out there who knew the level of professionalism that LRH worked at, that would believe he would approve of such a tactic?

    I first didn’t like the book cover. But, then I remembered who sent those blue shirted baloon-heads to Marty’s house, and I instantly saw it as a stroke of genius.

    The ex camera man just passed his hat….albeit not down, but sideways and a little to the left of Ed Wood.

    Rock on, Independent Scientology.

  15. There was an article in Wednesday’s, 20 June 2012, edition of the Tampa Bay Times. Debbie has sold all her furniture, etc. and is moving to Guadalupe a French speaking Island.

  16. Absolutely love the front cover!!! What a contrast to the back cover… Your command of Ries and Trout’s 1981 seminal work: “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind” is perfect.

    The front cover guys lost their minds with Black Dianetics, the back cover guy recovered using Scientology.

    Can’t wait to place my order and send a hard copy to some OT VII and OT VIII friends.

  17. Great cover Marty! Insouciance!
    I love it!

  18. scilonschools

    Really looking forward to reading it Marty (will it be distrbuted in the UK)

    PS I like the proper use of the work ‘Critical’ what is Right & Wrong!!!

  19. My instant reaction to the image on the front cover of the book was “disbelief” and “you’ve got to be kidding,” even though I have followed this blog since its inception and am well aware that it is an authentic image!

    Images from “Dude, Where’s My Car” – the scenes of fervent cellophane wrapped culties come to mind. Stupid happiness and fervent obedience based on empty promises and threat of disconnection. Ridiculous, sad, and the exact opposite of what I sought by doing auditing – a photo essay that instantly communicates how far astray the corporate Church has gone.

    I love that the book offers an easing of the tension the picture conjures. Truly an awesome communication. And that’s not even the book yet!

  20. Oh, the irony.
    David Miscavige slow pitching the perfect Cover, the Story and even a hilarious Video for Marty to make a tell all book exposing just what a creep David Miscavige really is.

    I want my copy of this book signed by Marty, Mosey AND Chiquita!

    Avery Johnson

  21. Jean-Francois Genest

    Θ Awesome !

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