Allender and Miscavige: Peas in a Botox, Roids Pod

Please see this.  It is a an utterly racist, xenophobic, sexist, political statement by David Miscavige and his dysfunctional Scientology Inc.

Now, I ask you, is the following a more accurate, rational, sane positioning for this fellow?  I won’t condemn you if you disagree.  Please express your true feeling on this one.  John Allender has perfectly snapped terminals with his demigod David Miscavige.

If you lack reality on the latter, go here and read, and I suggest it will make perfect sense:

What Is Wrong With Scientology?

“Courageous”?  “Hero”? :

158 responses to “Allender and Miscavige: Peas in a Botox, Roids Pod

  1. Drew Johnston is one of the good guys. Hopefully he’ll be posting here sometime soon. I imagine “GAT Part II” might just send him over the edge and with him much of the Bay Area could follow. Note to Jan, Marc, Jerry & Penny and the rest of my good friends out there: You really want to throw down with the likes of John Allender? You wonder why you have’t had the #1 raw public disseminator for past 20 years out there doing a seminar lately? E-Mail him or call and ask. You know who I’m talking about. Love you guys but you need to wake the fuck up.

    • Kevin,
      Your comm was referring to Jerry Racheff and wife Penny, correct? Not sure is I spelled his name correctly.

    • Kevin, you mention the four people I love and miss the most around here, them and perhaps a handful of others I was close to. I so hope they all wake up walk out soon. If just those key players came out, many if not most would follow and the Co$ would be all but finished around here. If they don’t come out, I can’t imagine MTV sustaining that humongous empty building they’ve been “trying” to renovate for much longer. I haven’t been back since 09′, but the horror that building alone must be creating on the staff and field… truly sad.

  2. With all that’s occurring here in a short span of time, looks like the walls are cracking. DM has to be the most delusional person in existence aside from giving Lucifer a run for his money. Almost a pun there! If I were him, I start working out my contingency plan immediately. Any bets on the next Celeb to defect? Or the next big FSM? This promo piece is ridiculous!

    • Correct. The next big FSM has already “defected”. Stay tuned.

      • Well Kevin whoever he/she is, the light went on and that’s a good thing! Having been an FSM this is darn right painful to keep watching! I have got to say that after I went to check out this Golden age stuff I walked never looking back and never talking to anyone about COS services again. Just could not bring myself to go there. My viewpoint, I wouldn’t do it so I could not enforce it on anyone else.

      • Speaking of “big FSMs,” whatever happened to Barry Klein? Did I miss seeing that news?

        • I read somewhere that Barry & Tony F. opened or planned to open a wine store and had their heads handed to them as a result. Most but not all of top FSMs are great people but they are throughly invested in the church and make big bucks as a result. Tough to look at what you don’t want to when the result might be your livelihood is put in jeopardy. That being said most of the top FSMs have been concentrating fro some years on shilling for the IAS, SuperPower and Idle Orgs but there’s only so much blood you can get out of that rock. Fights between FSMs use to be pretty monumental. I can only imagine what they are like now as the rock gets pulverized into little bitty stones.

          • Kevin, you speak truth!!! I heard that Barry and his wife purchased a motor home and are motoring around the planet.

      • This is proving to be a very good week!

  3. one of those who see

    I thought this promo piece was a joke when I first went on the blog last night. This is real?????? LOL, OMG!

    • Ditto!!! I thought it was a spoof!!! ROFL !!!!! whoa, that Roman promo of John Allender is some serious Flow 0 (self to self) twisted admiration substitute!!!!! Oh laughter laughter laughter rejecting mega outpoints!!!! hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  4. Look at it upside down( the way Allender sees the World)
    looks like OOZ

  5. 300… The number of Scn Inc. members left by the end of 2012.

  6. This is just looney-tunes. I don’t know what to make of it other than miscavige’s promotion and marketing unit is more than desperate to come up with something new to spike people’s interest. What he doesn’t realize (and is incapable of doing so) is all that’s needed is for standard tech to be delivered.

  7. Message to David Miscavige

    Good preservers of life
    are country travellers,
    not fearing buffaloes and tigers;

    they cross battlefields,
    not wearing shield and sword.
    Buffaloes find no place
    to thrust their horn,
    tigers no place
    to hit their claws upon,
    swords no place
    to insert their blade.

    Well, for what reason?
    Because they have
    no mortal places!

    – from the Tao Te Ching

    • martyrathbun09

      What edition is that?

      • Hello Marty. This is an online edition with keys to the original (or Wáng Bì), along with a Pīnyīn transliteration and a rich footnote to each chapter (as many words have different meanings).
        (Allows for a deeper W/C’ing and understanding of the Tao Te Ching.)

        You can visit the project at:

        You can even pick up single chinese characters and clear them with “wiktionary” or another online-service:天

        Greetings from Europe,

      • I found that exact passage here:

        • martyrathbun09

          Amazing the alteration and dub in that is possible over the centuries. And it is happening in Scn Inc after only a couple decades from the original.

          • True.
            That’s why I like this version, as you can see the original Wáng Bì texts.

            Wich is your preferred version, Marty?

            • martyrathbun09

              I like Stephen Mitchell’s translation – put in modern English. Conceptual, sans mythical additives.

              • Thanks.
                I’ll check this one out.

              • Marty, thanks again.
                I checked the translation.
                As you said, it’s put in modern English and this is an often favorised version (found many positive recommendations of it).

                And still…
                “The tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.”

          • Amazing the alteration and dub in that is possible over the centuries.
            You’re very right. There is lot of things “lost in translation” (and added).

            “The nature of ancient Chinese is one reason why this scripture, for thousands of years, has ‘baffled all inquiry.’
            Ancient Chinese is a conceptual language; it is unlike English and other Western languages, which are perceptual.
            Western languages are rooted in grammar that frames events in real time, identifies subject and object, clarifies relationships, and establishes temporal sequences.
            Ancient Chinese is based on pictorial representations, wothout grammar.Characters symbolize concepts that can be interpreted as singular or plural; as a noun, a verb, or an adjective; as happening in the past, present, or future. Therefore, when translating from Chinese to English, the Chinese characters must be framed within a perceptual context to be understood-
            For instance, mist of the Chinese text of the Tao Te Ching does not identify the subject or the object. It is left up to the translator to identify who is doing the talking, from what perspective, and to whom the message is directed-and then find the English equivalents to support his interpretation. Various interpretations of the same verse can have the sage giving a message to the people, the Tao giving a message to the world, and even the people giving a message to the sage!
            In addition, there are no clear distinctions that group characters into lines or sentences; as a result, translators can begin and end sentences in different places.”
            – from “Tao Te Ching: The Definitive Edition”, part of the introduction
            (The Book can be found at and its introduction and some chapters can be looked into.)

            And it is happening in Scn Inc after only a couple decades from the original.
            Fortunatley the majority of texts exists in the original form and is written in excellent English.
            Miscaviges “interpretations” will actually help the original works to survice, in the end.
            He thinks he is such a genius, but he can’t fool Scientology and its immanent self-correction qualities.

  8. I hated these kind of promotions. What the hell does it even mean when the core practice of Scientology religion (i.e. the Bridge) has become totally unavailable through corrupt alterations, suppressive organizational politics and fees that are completely unattainable for the great majority of people on this planet? Who are they trying make a stand against anyway?

    • When you really look at it, they are op terming everyone. You don’t need a declare anymore to get fair gamed. Look at the people sold on Scientology and then recruited for staff. Only to be parked off the bridge for the rest of their life.

  9. The graphic is an interesting metaphor. 300 against the Persian Empire. Factually it was 300 Spartans along with many thousands of others. The Spartans, being renowned for their fighting skills, were obviously pivotal in the epic battle at Thermopiles.

    So in DM’s and Allenders mind is they/he are battling something or someone against insurmountable odds? There really are a lot of parallels. The Battle was lost by the Spartans et al due to a betrayal by one of the Greeks. An unknown way around to their rear (no joke intended) was disclosed by a traitor and the Greeks were now fighting on two fronts. The rear did not afford the geographical advantages they enjoyed from the front and they were wiped out to the man.

    In the beginning of the battle the Persians were forced to battle along a very narrow pass with mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. This forced the Persians to only be able to bring a very few of their overwhelming number to bear against the Greeks at any time. The Greeks, being superior fighters, were able to hold this for days at a tremendous cost in Persian warriors. It was only a betrayal of a path through the mountains around this choke point that allowed the Persians to eventually prevail.

    So now Allender and DM consider they are in a similar epic battle. One which is eventually lost due to betrayal and overwhelming odds. And I suppose we are the betrayers in their fetid minds and the overwhelming odds must be the truth (exposing DM’s distortions of Scn) they feel compelled to fight and defend against. Continuing with the metaphor, they will loose. Xerxes was murdered by the captain of his personal guard some years later.

    Sounds about right to me. Seems we are nearing that end, by their own Freudian admission with this silly graphic.

    Bye bye Dave. Watch out for those guards of yours. If history is any lesson, the betrayal comes from there.
    Time for more fences, more guard rotations, better bomb proof cars and a better vest, too bad those level 3’s are so bulky anyone can tell you’re wearing one. Damn man it really is time to hunker down and hide in a bunker. Double damn, didn’t Hitler commit suicide in his bunker. Better stay out of those. Maybe a hole, nope, Saddam was found in one of those. Man oh man there just isn’t a safe place anymore. Time to figure out, Where you don’t feel safe? Just ask yourself repeatedly, “Where don’t I feel safe?” Eventually you will cognite, then don’t go there, simple.

  10. Those shields and spears behind the wincing John Allender look more like a pincushion. Personally, I vote for the cover of Marty Rathbun’s book as the real John Allender. I always say, you can see what the real person is about when they think nobody’s looking. David Miscavige and his OSA (Overtly Sickspy Association) are under the same delusion, thinking no one sees their harassment, lies, and cyberbullying behind the goldspraypainted podiums! The cover of Marty Rathbun’s book gives them the spotlight, for their TRUE COLORS! A brilliant, liberating spotlight.

  11. Jean-François Genest

    Scientology Inc. just keeps sliding down the dwindling spiral.
    • John Allender NEEDS to be the new face of Scientology now because Tom Cruise’s wife Katie Holmes just filed for divorce, and the resulting media & “BPR” (Black Public Relations) whirlwind will certainly not help.

  12. That is sad. How awful! What a loss for them and the families.

  13. Dear Mr Allender and all others of your ilk. I would like to congratulate you on your forethought of scheduling an event so close to my home on a day when I happen to be destroying whats left your cult several thousand miles away .

    Respects to all from the Dublin Offlines event. Sam say’s hi Marty :)

  14. Type 3 PTSness is such an ugly thing. DM,John A and a dwindling bank of defensive followers apparently see only darkness where other beings are communicating. The ‘us verses them’ of religious mentality belongs to another era, best left in the past.
    Please wake up cool aid drinkers & communicate.

  15. The top photo portrays the wanna be’s, but on your cover is what they are, squirrels. Both are silly pictures of them.

  16. It says “Heros Will Rise”—- but then has a wimpy smile like Allender just realized he pooped in his pants. Hey John Allender, if you want to see real smiles and real heros check out completions-at-casablanca yesterday and see the real smiles of the 2 people who each kicked your ass last year down in So. Texas.

  17. Let’s see there were how many squirrel busters for 199 days fighting Marty and Mosey? And they had how many corporate lawyers and PI’s not to mention how many OSA opps? They spent how much to accomplish nothing? I guess that makes the battle of Casa Blanca the real battle of Thermopolae. And guess what? Marty and Mosey are still standing and the squirrel busters have left with their tails between their legs!

    • Li'll bit of stuff

      Not to mention , thoroughly bruised egos, a knocked
      off pair of sun-glasses,and cap, a scratch??, embarrassing- to-explain trousers wet-in-the-crutch area AND the most
      memorable comedy ever offered up in Scientology or
      anywhere else in the genre as “Scientology car wash”
      featuring the “SquirrellBusters”, led by John Allender and
      his Goon Squad. Hard to believe this was an OTVIII.
      What amazing heroic stories they will be able to “spin”
      their incredulous grand children, one day1 (NOT!)
      And oh! wait till those grandkids see the original video/s

      Priceless reactions, I’ll bet.

      Sucks to be Miscavige (and Allender!)

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