The Tipping Point For Scientology Inc.

As I noted on 20 May, 2012, David Miscavige was going to face a “long, hot summer.”   At that time, I could not share details so  as not to compromise the safety of a number of important folk quietly riding the Underground Railroad. (for background on the Underground Railroad and a real time account of John “JB” Brousseau’s travel upon it, see JB Goes Mobile.)

As reported today in the Village Voice, there have been two notable departures from Scientology Inc’s international headquarters (Int base).  David Miscavige’s father Ron Miscavige Sr. and L. Ron Hubbard’s granddaughter Roanne Horwich left the Int base some months ago.  I have not reported on the details so as to afford Roanne and Ron time and space to resists Miscavige’s extraordinary efforts to corral them back into his prison camp (Int base, near Hemet California).   As you can imagine, the efforts were extensive and some of the means were ruthless.  But, Roanne and Ron (who left separately, with his wife Becky) have weathered the storm and further human trafficking efforts by Miscavige and Scientology Inc applied to them now will simply serve as fodder for more exposure on this blog and in the news media.

Ron Miscavige Sr. was the last of Miscavige’s immediate family members to remain loyal and obedient to the tyrant.   The last remaining member of L. Ron Hubbard’s family still remaining loyal and obedient to Miscavige (even while silently seething toward Miscavige)   is Roanne’s mother, Diana Hubbard Horwich.

Roanne at Amy Scobee’s July 1987 wedding

In the past several months many other Int base staff and execs have departed.  However, most of them – unlike Ron Sr.,his wife, and Roanne – were paid to remain prostrate, silent and owned.   For any of them tuning in, please read this post, Battle of San Antonio: A Review, and ensuing posts on the matter of Debbie Cook – to begin to understand a) those silence agreements you signed are legally unenforceable, b) your sharing of the truth will at worst result in you being paid by Miscavige far more than whatever pittance he purchased your silence with,  c) your personal integrity is far more valuable than any other selfish considerations, and d) the statute of limitations on assault and battery is between 2-4 years depending on the nature of the “a” and “b”.

There are a couple reasons that there have been so many defections of late from the Int base (all of them predicted for years here).  The first reason is that most of the abuses Miscavige visits upon others that we have reported on this blog for the past three years continue unabated.  The situation was exacerbated for Miscavige when Int base staff began to realize that a sure fire means to get ejected from Int base hell was to become pregnant.  Several couples intentionally conceived children, and when discovered they were routed off and paid handsome sums to remain complicit in continuing to cover up Miscavige’s abuses by remaining silent on the outside.   It became such a widespread solution, that Miscavige, in his inimitably oppressive style, banned the institution of MARRIAGE on the Int base.  The institution of marriage is now a BANNED practice at the Int Scientology Headquarters base.

Predictably, Miscavige has become increasingly paranoid as his grip loosens.  His answer has been to systematically dismantle the 500 acre Int base operation.   He has been assigning more and more international management functions to upper middle management (at the the eleven story management building at Hollywood Blvd and Ivar Ave in Los Angeles).  Further, at great expense he has been preparing to transfer Golden Era Productions functions to the former KCET studios in Hollywood that he purchased a while back.  The 500 acre Int base is becoming a less populated, more closely guarded, cult compound.  Its central function is increasingly becoming to serve as the high-tech, tightly guarded, and closely defended bunker for a dying dictator.

Meanwhile, Australian ABC news has reported on the far-reaching effects of Miscavige’s meltdown.  ABC reports that while Wicca, Jedi and Rastafarians increase their ranks down under, the number of Scientologists is shrinking: ABC Australia.

The most important announcements about the future of Scientology will not be made at the delayed July Freewinds Annual Maiden Voyage Anniversary events.  Instead, they will be announced on this blog in July.  Stay tuned.  What Miscavige will be announcing will amount to further nails in Scientology Inc’s coffin.  What we will announce will amount to the Phoenix for Scientology’s future.  In the meantime, my book What Is Wrong With Scientology? can help people prepare for the future.  Finally, as I have repeated many times, for those who care about the future of Scientology the best thing you can do is to prepare to deliver independently, or support those who are doing so.

233 responses to “The Tipping Point For Scientology Inc.

  1. Tipping Point alarms in Bld. 70 are going aoogha, aaoogha
    red lights flashing

  2. I knew Roanna when she was in her early teens. What a sweetie that girl was. Just lovely. And Ron senior was quite a howl – talented, funny, friendly. So much fun to have him around. Davie was definitely NOT a chip off the ol’ block. Best of luck to Roanne and Ron out in the Real world. God damn Davie for making them feel like they had no where else to go.

  3. retiredfromthechurch

    Seems that there are now wedding invitations being passed out internationally for a marriage between Tom Cruise and David Miscavige, now that Katie is out of the picture. Whose going to be their best man? Katie False?

  4. Marty, will you please throw a party when this is all over?

  5. nt in Scientology history, is that Jon Horwich, someone I respect tremendously, runs in my opinion the BEST jazz station, all 10 quality shows, just the bet of the best of JAZZ, and meaning the BEST of jazz compositions and artist, can’t thank Jon Horwich for sharing his JAZZ FAVORITES on his show.

    Google and find and just listen to 5 of his shows, and believe me, THAT is the best of American jazz.

    THANKYOU Jon Horwich!!!!!!!

    • Roann’s dad is the incredible jazz enthusiast, Jon Horwich, and his shows on Robinhood Radio out of Chicago, are priceless BEST of jazz.

      Can’t thank Jon enough for sharing his passion for jazz!

      I get totally consumed listening to Jon Horwich’s selections and choices of classic JAZZ for his radio “School of Jazz” shows.

      • And another important point n Scientology History, I want to give a thanks to Ron Miscavige Snr, I loved his compositions, he did some of the “filler” compositions, my all time favorite, which I thanked Ron Snr for, was the transition several bars of catchy phrasing in the “War is Over” event.

        Realize, all you fellow Scientology minutia history lovers, that Ron Miscavige Snr, I hope, is NOW free to tell us what he composed, in all the years of his being part of the Golden Era Muscicians.

        I for one love music, great melodies, and Ron Snr did a few that I honestly still whistle today.

        But so did Rick Cruzen, Rick made a few melodies as composer that I still whistle today.

        Muscic rackets down the eons, Annie Broeker told us once, she was quoting Ron, (I loved those events when Annie and others would just quote the private LRH traffic about music, etc), she spoke once (rest in peace Annie, or come back and live again, for those that believe that) at that event when Annie spoke, at the release of the “Road to Freedom” album, much aligned on the internet, but as a true believer, I sure remember the halls of the 2nd floor of the complex FILLED with Road to Freedom, when it came out.

        When I was priveledged “ASI” staff, I bought up the then still available Golden Era Muscician’s albums, and listened to them all faithfully.

        I knew Fernando Gamboa, and shared his and the other muscians’ desires to play music. Feranando was a student from NY Org, and he aspired to play at least once with Chick Corea and later aspired to be in the Golden Era Muscicians, which he achieved both of those desires.

        Well Chick Corea comes to mind as someone I still tremendously respect.. In 1975 when “Hymn to the 7th Galaxy” was playing on my car radio as I was being driven to the airport to join the Sea Org, I took Chick’s endorsement of Scientology’s galactic viewpoint as almost too good to be true.

        I can NOT hold truly anything against Chick and I sill love Chick’s music and his efforts to play high quality music.

        Well, Scientology has had its connections to a few great 20th and 21st century musicianas, but to me, that’s just a perk, rather than an honorable piggybacking that “we” did on celebrities.

        I think the celebrity piggybacking that Scienotlogy did was a false lower principled endeavor.

        I just love good music, atheist that I am today, and appreciate and still love Chick and I really love Jon Horwich’s great jazz shows, he has incredible taste!

        Roann should be proud of her dad! Everyone should listen to Jon Horwich’s shows! Find them, listen to really quality jazz!

        Chuck Beatty | June 29, 2012 at 6:07 pm | Reply
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        Shout out to Ron Miscavige Snr for his years of being one of the unheralded pros playing Golden Era Musciian duty.

        PS: thankyou bigtime Ron Snr if you see this, THANKYOU Ron Snr! I loved your efforts and compositions that slipped into the lineup!!!!!!!
        I love all the artists who ever did any Scientology related duty, I whistle many of those people’s compositions today, for my own pleasure, so thankyou all.

        (PS: Kant is my hero for some of Kant’s high principled ideas, snippets of truth I believe in today.)

        • “(rest in peace Annie, or come back and live again, for those that believe that)” Chuck,do you believe in that?

          • I said it out of respect for those that love Annie and believe she will come back, out of honor to all the good she did in her life.

            I’m an atheist, who believes the universe is an infinite recycling infinitely complex equation of infinite properties, including infinite euality, over eternity, infinitely beyond our comprehension other than our striving to understand the infinite possibility of infinite justice over eternity.

  6. Check out the TMZ blog on the Holmes/Cruise divorce. They are citing Scientology as the reason. Katie filed, Tom was blindsided.

  7. “There are a couple reasons that there have been so many defections of late from the Int base (all of them predicted for years here). ”


    Don’t forget, that some of us out earlier, predicted and even were pushing for you to come out!

    The whole ex member community and the whole history of reaction to Scientology’s history of abuse, stretches back even before any of us’s viewpoints of when this “new trend” of defections started or was predicted!

    I concluded it is human nature to break out when things get too tight around one, period, and that’s not even something to laud, it’s inherent in us. It’ll recur so long as oppressive conditions recur.

    Chuck Beatty

    • Chuck, I like how you put events in context. It is all about “survive” that drove us all away. The moral high ground we often claim or bestow is not the only motivation.
      And It is not a hard call to predict a continued exodus from the church. A hard call would be the opposite.
      But I want to add that the sheer numbers and experiences and abilities of the exodus in recent years seems unlike previous times, except for the very early 80″s.
      And as the church continues is downward spiral across the board, with less products, reach and vision, the ex community has found its voice through the various mass media now available.
      Practicing scientology outside of church control has gained added impetus and exposure.
      One groups stats are going up while the others is going down. Predicting how this ends is not a hard call either.
      In the end, the most important factor is having a useful practice available and a destructive group made less so.
      Who came when and did what is ultimately more important to the individuals own journey and growth. Getting a mention or even a chapter in a history book never saved any ones soul.

      • I will admit even Hubbard thinks good of people, and I think the good in us all, is what lets us finally step up, and so MANY have stepped up, over the decades before, and we all are reminded by those before us, and it’s also within us, to object to wrongs, and try to right wrongs.

        So thanks to history, history of the human race, it’s all sort of on automatic, and we share history, and inspire each other, and it just continues generation after generation. A “4th dynamic” happening that seems inevitable, our reaction and even our describing our living through this “game” of fighting wrong.

      • Two things I think, which have been noticed for over a decade, is OSA is just not going after the ex members who speak out, like they used to.

        OSA only goes after the biggies, and whoever they consider the latest biggy.

        Once the OSA tool kit is expired in effectiveness, the OSA tactics stop.

        Word of mouth is Scientology’s worst enemy, and for almost two decades, the smarter cookie critics have all agreed the internet is not only changing the world, the internet has allowed massive exposure of Scientology’s propaganda control.

        We’re a thinking talking species that influence each other with thought, and the internet lets thought do its work pretty quickly on each other’s minds to our mutual benefit!

      • I personally disagree on Hubbard’s epiphany on “survive” being a good concept to pivot all his “serious” work upon.

        Joy of creation, to me, is one of my only truly transcendent and still used Hubbard concepts. (And Precept 20, the subsection on evolving the high principled highest human virtures, is my only other Hubbard snippet of thought I think valuable.)

  8. PrettyNiceLady

    Marty, you said in your post that Ron, Sr. was the last of DM’s immediate family to remain loyal and obedient to him. As far as I know his sisters Lori and Denise are still in CW drinking the koolaid, plus he has a couple of nephews in the SO. I could be out of PT on them, but wanted to know if you knew their their current status, based on your post. Thank you.

    • martyrathbun09

      Many times there is more behind what meets the eye.

      • Li'll bit of stuff

        Marty, in saying that, brings to mind a most intriguing
        question……….. perhaps you have the answer?
        Are you aware of any physically blind Scientologists,
        now, or past? Audio, tapes and cd’s make it a practical
        reality, and we know how acute their other senses are!

  9. Love the photo!

  10. eileenclark101

    im·plo·sion (m-plzhn)
    1. A violent collapse inward, as of a highly evacuated glass vessel.
    2. Violent compression.
    3. The inward collapse of a building that is being demolished in a controlled fashion by the weakening and breaking of structural members by explosives.
    4. Linguistics The pronunciation of a stop consonant with the breath drawn in.

    I say definition 3.

  11. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, the HUGEST distinction between CO$ and THE
    Independent movement????
    BECOMING an Indie is a TOTALLY SANE GAME!!!!!

  12. There are still many sorting through the Jan 1, Debbie Cook email wake up call and some even now just finding out. Even some high raking FSO staff not dismissing the facts. Remember it may take months to go from the awareness that something just ain’t right to a decision to do something but the seeds of awakening are germinating and I believe will be creating affects for some time.Momentum is building.

  13. martyrathbun09

    Note: I revised the post to reflect the name Roanne is currently going by, and apparently has been for some time: Roanne Horwich.

    • I think — Good for her!

    • Good call on Roanne’s part. I never liked Chris much because he dramatized the prison guard mentality — nothing like Danny Dunnagin, THE “Percy Wetmore” of the Int base. The role of security is to provide security, but they believed their job was to prevent people from leaving. So they really did become prison guards, i.e. straight up SPs with no faintest clue as to the actual product of their posts.

      I can hear some people saying “well, he’s not really an SP.” My response is what do you think an SP is? The trolls reading this blog, you guys are SPs. You aren’t doing Scientology. You are just doing the bidding of an SP.

      Here’s how bad it gets: if any of those “security guards” were wearing their hat, their first action would be to slap David Miscavige in handcuffs and turn him into the police for assault, battery, forced abduction… the list of crimes goes on and on and on. There actually ARE hats there at the Int base who are directly responsible for protecting people. Ditto HCO staff.

      So these guys didn’t just “fail to wear their hat.” To me, they’re in the same boat as people guilty of war crimes or crimes against humanity. They ran a prison camp and are still doing it today. People actually died. Bunch of little snots — Chris included — playing Nazi instead of freeing people with Scientology tech.

      What kind of person is shown the tech and then decides to make prisoners of the top people in the Sea Org? Trolls: your first step is to wake up and come to your senses. Next: stop committing continuous overt acts by supporting/condoning Miscavige.

      • Steve,

        One reason I’d someday love to come to one of the Independent July yearly meetings, is just to hear someone like you and Jackson talk security guard history at the Int Base.

        My gosh, think of that poor Scandanavian man who is Security Equpiment in charge, he has to ensure the Int Base fences and motion detectors all work, and somehow he’s somehow removed from being blamed for the escapes, yet his motion detectors and cameras, are the front line to spot the Int Base staff who defect.

        I loved how Jackson, when Jackson was on the decks, I shared the tiny little Gold MAA cubicle, the night that the “busted” Jackson played havoc with the Int Base security system just to prove that whole fricking system wrong.

        I’ve love the whole Security Guard unique Int Base mentality and history to be laid out.

        Thankyou so much Steve for your years of excellent history telling!

    • Please people, listen to Jon Horwich’s unbelievable “School of Jazz” jazz great classic compositions and jazz performances, Jon’s shows are truly music one gets lost in.

      I’d call Jon’s shows transcendent quality, above 10 quality.

      When I got to the Int Base to do the “routing forms” project of 1983-1984, Jon was in the audio department, forget the audio dept’s name, but Jon had some of his super quality high end personal gear in his work space, and Jon played the unbelievable jazz great records after hours, in his work space.

      Really great jazz on really great equipment, was actually one of the highlight pleasure moments of my life. thankyou Jon!

  14. I agree that this is the tipping point with Ron Snr and Roanne finally leaving the base. Meanwhile just in the past month or so, Misacavige’s fortress os Scn celebs is also falling apart quickly — with Lisa Marie denouncing with a new song, recent exposé on JT and now Katie Holmes filing for divorce from Tom — which you know is a flap. But even Katie is showing enough balls to release herself from the claws of the Miscavige/Cruise duet. Good for her!
    Now I am looking forward to hearing that Shelly is right behind them, and hopefully not so paid off…..

  15. This is quite a lot for one day: Roanne Horwich, Ron Sr and Becky leaving Int and Katie Holmes filing for divorce with Scientology cited as a factor. Wishing all the best to all of them in their new de-PTSed lives!

  16. one of those who see

    Marty, I’m reading chapter one in your book and I feel my original ARC for the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology returning. Funny I didn’t realize I had lost that original joy. I swear I’m having an auditing win! Thanks!

  17. Perhaps the “new” bridge will include the release of OT IX which will be: “congrats on making it this far, now go back to the bottom of the bridge, start all over and get it RIGHT this time you little piss ant.”

  18. David Miscavige is in a tight spot with having family who are “SPs” (blown, departed or connected with “SPs”) – that additional to the exodus of all the others. It will take more and more effort to keep these circumstances away from the remaining members of his shrinking cult. He is now receiving the repercussions and explosions of his suppressive applications of disconnection.
    The blown up demonstration of fake expansion with buildings, openings and “new” releases are pretense and will not handle this. The number of “SPs” (DM version) must meanwhile exceed the number of Church of Scientology members – DM wouldn’t dare to publish the current “SP”- list. Yes, I am sure the tipping point is reached.

    LRH from An Essay On Management (9 January 1951):
    “The most vital lines of a group are not operational lines, although this may appear so to management. They are the theta lines between any theta and the group and the goal maker and the group. Management that tampers with these lines in any way will destroy itself. These actually have tension and explosion in them. It is as inevitable as nightfall that these lines will explode, when tampered with, at the exact point of the tampering. This is a natural law of communication lines.”
    (for the whole essay see:

    And DM, you don´t get it: LRH is the goal maker for the group – NOT you! Your goals are evil and destructive. Again: “It is as inevitable as nightfall that these lines will explode, when tampered with…” (LRH)

  19. Jean-Francois Genest

    ♫ I’m a bit transgressive and suppressive as well
    ♫ Well you ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    ♫ Am I a disruption to your corruption?
    ♫ You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    ♫ You can think that I’m evil and I’m off the rails
    ♫ You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    ♫ If I don’t get with your system then I’m sure to fail
    ♫ You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    ♫ No longer elated, now you’re frustrated
    ♫ You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

  20. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, Just got back to the blog now, and
    read your “JB goes mobile”ref. above.
    Okay, that sincere, unashamed tell-all
    by JB, finally did it for me. I’ve now gotten
    the “feel” to this paranoia, being so “real”
    and recent, by those so affected, so now
    have the required understanding behind this
    suspicion, so often encountered on your blog.

    I was most fortunate, in that I did not undergo
    this brand of intimidation, instead was imbued
    with the will & fortitude to tackle different danger pointed my way, via direct death threats and
    having to confront the heavies, with straight
    courage, and knowing I COULD best the
    bastards. I used what I have learned from
    LRH, and understanding the weaknesses
    and buttons of these characters, thereby!

    People, I just want to say this,in hope of
    easing your “fears.” You really do have
    the power to rise above any suppression,
    just simply—QUIT LISTENING! and rather
    start LOOKING (TR-O,confronting) …this really
    CAN give you the ability to face ANYTHING!

    Read the above posting by JB. it really does
    put “fear” into a whole sharp perspective.
    and how you need to “do something”about
    it, and that, in itself, is a process.
    ML & ARC, Calvin.

  21. I’m really glad Ron, Becky and Roanne are out! They are all great and likeable people. Roanne was always full of life and mischief and a breath of fresh air to have around on that otherwise dead base. Ron you old geezer, if you ever get to read this, if you want to catch up on some music business, please feel free to write me at! Would love to hear from you.

    Marty, I ordered your book as soon as it came out but it seems to be taking the donkey trail route to Hong Kong :) Will read it as soon as I get it.

    Also heard from a reliable source that some other key people at the Int Base are on the way out. The exodus acceleration has definitely started!

    Cheers, Ulf

  22. Hi, I just read somewhere that Miscavige’s wife hasn’t been seen for since around 2006-2007 and was wondering if anyone knew anything and if people are “disappearing” why isn’t the FBI investigating?

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