Media That Seeks to Clarify and Edify

I spent a good part of the day yesterday attempting to educate dozens of inquiring media on the issues likely impacting the Cruise/Holmes dispute.  For the most part, it was a failure.   With their limited attentions spans, and overriding obsessions to be first with the most bizarre allegations, the media jammed the airwaves and cables with ill-informed assertions (sometimes even retracted) and speculation.  Reviewing the fall out I noted a couple of pieces that stood out as fair and informed journalism that served to edify.

First there was editor in chief of the Village Voice, Tony Ortega’s interview on Current TV:

Then, there was Guy Adams’ piece in the UK Independent:

Oh yeah, the New York Daily News really got it right:

The rest of it was pretty much a lot of noise.

Again, for those linking in for background, the following are key posts published here over the past three years on the unnatural level of control Miscavige has asserted over Cruise and Katie Holmes.  Few media have taken the time to study the ample documentation provided here of the dynamics between Scientology Inc leader Miscavige and his pal Tom Cruise.

1.   Target, Tom Cruise.  Details how Scientology Inc’s supreme leader David Miscavige (Cruise’s best man at his wedding) has infiltrated the Cruise household and used personal assistants and family members to serve as informants on every aspect of Cruise’s personal life.

2. Miscavige and Cruise Caught Lying.   A documented expose of Scientology Inc leader Miscavige using church of Scientology slave labor to design and construct custom-made motorcycles and vehicles for Cruise.  Demonstrates the depth of Cruise’s loyalty and commitment to Scientology Inc’s sociopathic head.

3.  Cruise at Cult Compound.  Internal Scientology Inc. document demonstrating level of control over Cruise’s life, and how it interjects itself between Cruise and Katie Holmes.

4.  Tom Cruise’s Life Controlled by Sinister Cult.  Internal Scientology documents demonstrating how cult leader Miscavige vets, chooses and controls Cruise’s personal staff.

5.  To Tom Cruise from David Miscavige With Love.   Photographs of the special airplane hangar that was constructed for Cruise utilizing Scientology Inc. slave labor, at the orders of David Miscavige.

6.  Tom Cruise and David Miscavige, an unnatural relationship.   Graphic, photographic evidence of Miscavige’s interjection of himself into Cruise, Holmes relationship.

7.  Tom Cruise’s Custom Cult Motorcycle.   Miscavige’s slave labor custom-design motorcycle gift to Cruise.

8.  Miscavige Betrays Tom Cruise’s Confessional.  How cult leader Miscavige violates the confessions of Cruise.  Further insight into the unnatural, unethical control Miscavige wields over Cruise.

9.  Tom Cruise’s Scientology Buses.    More documentation on the Scientology Inc. custom-made buses, including documentation of the internal Scientology reporting system on details of Cruise’s personal life.

10.  The Whole Story.  If you really want to understand the mind set of the best friend of Scientology Inc’s supreme leader, as Tom Cruise characterizes himself, you should read my recently published book What Is Wrong With Scientology?  It is now also available on Kindle.

193 responses to “Media That Seeks to Clarify and Edify

  1. Not sure if this is already posted above but it includes some good clips of Debbie Cook and Jenna . Of course it includes that the chuch denies anything they have to say, “Always deny the truth” basic DM PR.

  2. I think a new tipping point has been reached and that’s of the press piling it on. The fear seems to be gone. It’s almost like Rupert Murdoch gave the okay. But I don’t think we’ll be seeing Greta doing any interviews. Must really stink to be someone still supporting Miscavige’s radical cult.

    • martyrathbun09

      More like Rupert Murdoch joined the bandwagon when it became safe to do so.

      • Probably so. But there’s safety in numbers and the stops are off. You never know, maybe the IRS will decide to take another look at that 501c3 status.

        Miscavige = effect.

  3. I wouldn’t worry about media not understanding and passing on your message and key ideas which are more important than what they end up publishing or passing along to the public.

    Just keep observing and bringing up what media are missing, and it will slowly educate the world.

    It’s all inevitable, if people just do more and more media, the freezone and independent Scientologists will continue to be noticed, and the differences between freezone and independent Scientology and official Scientology will inevitably help change the bad in official Scientology.

    The zeitgeist understanding of Scientology will slowly evolve.

  4. Really, when it gets right down to it, I don’t think Cruise could care any less about how Miscaivage runs his cult. He’s getting tens of thousands of $$ in free labor on his Church-discounted vehicles, and is treated like the conquering emperor whenever he’s on base–his home away from home. I he and DM both laugh about it.

    • I dont share your sentiment. I think Cruise trusted DM et al to be doing what he expected them to do and what they said they were doing. I think there is a huge betrayal here, and a lot of unrealistic expectations. I suspect Cruise enjoys the celebrity and hero status he gets when around other scientologists, and i think he feels he deserves it, becuase of his intention and efforts to do the right thing, however misguided he has been steered.
      He is far from perfect and has a lot of work to do, but I do not see him as a callous fathead.

      • You could be right, JF. Let’s see how Cruise responds to it all. By doing nothing would be tacit agreement.

      • Yeah, how would YOU like it if DM was drinking Scotch after hours while regaling juniors with juicy details out YOUR pc folders? And you had donated 10 million to the IAS? When the penny drops for TC it is going to feeling a ton of bricks. A lot of confusion is going to fly off.

      • I’m gonna say this:

        By now, Tom has seen DM’s abuses. Had to. Been around too long not to. Plus DM just cannot control how he talks about others “that out ethics bitch/cunt/asshole, etc”… and you know he has talking like this with Tom, perhaps Tom has joined in. Tom’s interviews make it so clear that he fully respects the cold chrome steel ETHICS-IN persona that he thinks represents true Scientologist, i/e/ himself and DM.

        That said, I also bet that DM has upped his control of Tom to the point that DM has delivered several SRA’s (severe reality adjustments) to Tom personally – Get your ethics in, etc. Tom probably thanked him afterwards and is further “grateful” for DM’s insistence, etc… Again from Tom’s interviews it can be seen that Tom “puts others ethics in” in the only way he thinks is right – his example DM.

        But, Tom has never turned around to put in DM’s ethics. Tom has never turned to DM and said: “Wait just a minute you son of a bitch, you have abused people, and that is just WRONG”. Tom has never said “But I don’t agree that I have to lose my wife and daughter over this – disconnection is just plain WRONG”…. Tom has never called DM on ANYTHING, because DM keeps Tom pretty impressed/scared/coddled/appreciated/admired. Tom’s bought off, but not by money – he is psychologically controlled.

        But battered spouses do snap out of it, and do strike back, and I’m not talking about Katie, I’m talking about Tom. He has been quite smoothly suckered, but you never know when a person reaches their tipping point. Tom can reach it any time, just like all of us did.

        The biggest difference between Tom and us, is that when Tom reaches his own tipping point he could do one of two things: He could get out, leave and start to run his own life again; he could confront DM, stand up to him, and try to stop the abuses himself. Tom is, in my view, the only person in an actual position to do so. (Not that it would be effective…. another problem).

        In fact, Tom is the only person I can think of who (if he wakes up, reaches his tipping point) might actually dare to stand up to DM. I find this a wonderful hope/thought/postulate on this day celebrating freedom.
        Why not dream of freedom, I say. Lots of things begin with dreams.

        • Very good point! Tom says on his video how he puts in ethics. Bullshit. Not when it might be an inconvenience!

        • Li'll bit of stuff

          MY goodness, there “seems” to be life in you after all!So, pray tell, why the “death” ( O.O )
          moniker? I was beginning to think perhaps
          you’d been taken away and laid to rest! (in peace)
          Nice to have you “Alive” and somewhere a little
          higher on the tone scale, ( Huh??)
          Tell you what, we’ll keep a real close watch on you,
          just in case of any “undesirable”changes , occurring,
          OK? Don’t want anything unsettling happening, do
          we? Assuring you of my best attention, at all times.
          Calvin B. Duffield

  5. Here is the latest. One for the ages. Not just “Where is Shelly?” But also coverage of the “bizarre” “Squirrelbusters.”

    Karma is more than a bitch — it’s a whacked out zombie dominatrix.

    • Mike,
      Waiting for Lurch to issue a statement that Shelly is alive and well. Yes, I caught that in your comment yesterday and it cracked me up. I immediately did a google search for him to see a photo. Yep, Lurch.
      ps. That was a good article you posted. I just wish they’d put up the Carwash video with the others.

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  7. Happy Independence Day to all independents all over the world!

  8. I wonder if DM has micromanaged TC’s relationship the way he micromanages an auditing session–like with earphones and speakers and all. “What are her indicators?” “You flubbed the command.” “Faster! Dammit! Faster!”

  9. There are a few observations I could make:
    1. selecting high profile people to carry the torch for a group is a double edged sword in that:
    a – they can outshine the group they represent.
    b – they can become the voice and mind of the group, leading it down paths they did not wish to go.
    c – if they fall, they can bring down the group with them.

    2. Media is a monster like wind and ocean, which cannot be controlled. People navigate a good course through a storm at sea, if they go against the storm they are destroyed. Who ever is handling the publicity fallout of Crusie-Holmes is a walking disaster, they are taking the ship straight onto the rocks.

    I speak from personal experience of dealing with media and having people carry my torch.

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