Independence Day 2012

We send you our best wishes and we hope that you are enjoying the company of family and friends on America’s Independence Day.

As most of you know the annual Indies (Independent Scientologists) Day celebration is this coming Saturday and Sunday in Minnesota.  Stayed tuned here over the next few days for Independence news that will herald a trend that ushers in the end of the tyranny Indies have made such great sacrifices to effectuate.  While they certainly won’t grab the media attention that Miscavige’s latest public relations coup has, Katies Holmes Breaks Miscavige Shackles, the long-term effects of coming events will do more to loosen the tyrant’s grip on the free practice of Scientology than just about any events to date.

Those attending the Indies Day celebration will witness and participate in history making.  Remember, as you watch and participate, that these events were made possible by all you have done to date.  Keep in mind also that it will require unity of purpose and vigilance to overcome the reciprocal the tyranny has already begun to mount in response to the developments to which I allude.

I leave you with a quote from the forgotten US founding father, Thomas Paine, the most important US founder in my opinion – also in the opinion of 2nd US President John Adams by the way.   It is something that all Indies, Americans and world citizens should take to heart in these times:

These are the times that try men’s souls.  The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.  Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.  What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value.  Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM  should not be highly rated. 

160 responses to “Independence Day 2012

  1. Marty, that’s a beautiful postulate you’ve laid down for Independence Day 2012!!

  2. Interesting comment by Gary (Lurch) Soter in the Hollywood Reporter article:

    Soter responded: “The Church doesn’t comment on any individual parishioner or his or her spiritual journey. This is a private matter and it is inappropriate for comment. The Church has respected and will continue to respect the privacy of both parties during this difficult period.”

    What he should have said was: “the Church happily and routinely comments on the spiritual journey of anyone they consider isn’t kowtowing to Miscavige, including taking information out of their pc folders, but if its someone we don’t want to talk about we say we never comment.”

    Soter has become Miscavige’s new sockpuppet. Tommy bit the dust. Apparently Monique isnt doing the media thing any more, so its down to Lurch. And he just says what is dictated to him by POB.

    Another of his humorous comments was “All of these people are ex-communicated self-promoters who are sadly exploiting a private family matter for their own personal financial gain.” (referring to Marty, me, Karen #1, Marc Headley, Amy Scobee and Jenna Miscavige). Another line straight from the mouth shaking dictaphone of Miscavige — he knows the highest motivation in his universe is money, so therefore everyone must think like him. I am sure the reporter included this statement because it made him look like the fool he is — she knows she didn’t pay anyone and she reached out for comment. Nobody is around pimping themselves or others to the media — though you can bet POB will be back to his pimping ways real soon, if he hasn’t already fired Mission Pimp II to find Mrs. Cruise IV (to keep up with the Mission Impossible franchise).

    It sucks to be a “manwife.”

    • Mike,

      I concur. Dave has limited his Church “Spokesperson” to Soter and Lawyers. Man this is classic Hitler digging himself into his bunker. Time to replay that movie scene where Hitler being played by German actor Bruno Ganz, is having an absolute fit, in front of his few remaining trusted aides, while the ship is sinking.

      Thanks to the Hollywood Reporter and other US Media outlets for finally having some balls to stop being afraid of Corp. Scn.

    • Gotta love the new handle POB (aka TCs manwife) lol

    • It sucks to be Manwife Miscavige.

    • martyrathbun09

      Thanks for the pithy analysis. Next think you know they’ll have Lurch face the cameras – that would be the media feeding frenzy of the century.

    • threefeetback

      Now that Anderson Cooper has come out of the closet, he needs to set up a sequel to his Xwives Interview with Manwife Miscavage and ask him if he has “anything to say or ask.”

  3. Joe Pendleton

    Marty, just finished your book. Hard for me to find the right words to express how I feel about it. It’s a beautiful book. It’s a compassionate book which deals with improving the human condition and it deals with increasing knowledge and enlightenment as a CONTINUAL activity (and a joyous one too). It’s about taking the limits off of one’s potential for thinking and knowledge (and we should not AGEE to any limits). It’s also about increasing one’s freedom. It’s a provacative book too; that is to say, it provoked me to think in ways I hadn’t just a few days before. And things are “still happening for me” – I’m not even close to being done with the EXPERIENCE of receiving your communication. In other words, you done good. Of course I don’t want to give you any type of FINAL acknowledgement, as I want more, so I’ll just say thank you again and “OK. Continue.”

  4. Joe Pendleton

    above, that should read “not AGREE to any limits” (I don’t think “agee” is a word!)

  5. Happy Independence Day! Now try getting a bank account, job, hospital visit, cell phone, credit card, brokerage account, insurance policy, utilities, phones, etc. without a socialist slavestate number. Then attempt to assert your common law right to travel behind the wheel without plates, registration, insurance, a license, etc. Then go to the airport and attempt to purchase an airplane ticket with cash. Odds are you won’t make it as far as the TSA-hole grope down artists, you will be rounded up and interrogated about where you got the cash and are you a drug dealer. (It’s only ok to be a drug dealer if you are an Eli Lilly certified Prozac pusher.)

    Yup, independence. Good thing we fought the British and won that. Who knows … if we didn’t fight or if we lost, we might all be saddled with paying income taxes, sales taxes on everything, being told what we can eat, drink, grow in our own garden, or smoke, groped for our own safety, and/or forced into a government run healthcare plan. Yup, good thing we won. Enjoy!


  6. Marty,
    By your own admission, you worked in this organization doing very ugly work for many years, believing in what you were doing. From what I have read, you decided to leave when DM sent you to the ‘Hole’. I presume he was deliberately edging you out, maybe planning on sending you to one of the remote bases they maintain. Maybe for ‘re-education’ or ‘ethics training’? Any high ranking executive in any large corporation would be outraged and embittered to find themselves marginalized in this way.
    Many years ago when I was aged about 20 ( I am now 39) I was invited by a young person on the street to have a free IQ test. I subsequently spent an hour at a Scientology center. I was repulsed and offended by the entire experienced. I had never heard of Scientology, but after going through an introductory audit and then being sent to meet with a senior manager I saw that their methods to draw me in were transparent and highly unethical. The senior manager who examined the results of my ‘personality test’ (no IQ test was forthcoming, no matter how persistent I was in requesting it), was very aggressive in her attempt to demoralize me. Her aim was to make me feel like complete failure. She advised me that my life was in an appalling state and I was urgently in need of Scientology. Clearly, Scientology was the adult and I was a child, a bad, stupid, failure of a child. She told me that I needed to purchase LRH’s books immediately. When I told her that I could not afford them at that time she disgustedly interrogated me on my financial situation. I was an unemployed full time student doing very well at university but I did not feel that need to advise her of my academic success. Right from the beginning, when I stood on the street and agreed to take the fictional IQ test, the evasive, unintelligent noises made by the low ranking recruiter sent a clear message that this would be a regrettable experience. I was bemused by the pseudo scientific demonstration with the E meter. The aggressive treatment by the senior manager was enough proof that this was first and foremost a business enterprise and a completely unethical organization. Fascism, Communism, religious cults all employ the same manipulative and controlling devices. I never forgot this experience, such was my disgust. My recent reading of LRH’s work has not improved my impression. I am especially amused by his creative use of language in creating obfuscating and officious terminology, and using it as an authoritative and controlling tool. ‘Ethics’ is one of the more blatant misuses.

  7. By the way, today I am not a Scientologist, have never been a Scientologist, and yet I have lived a beautiful life thus far, and a spiritual life. Scientology would have fed off my resourcefulness, intelligence, creativity, passion and success like a parasite and diminished me. And no, that is not my name and email address below. I would never expose myself to someone like yourself, who claims to have been exploited by the very same machine that he helped create.

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