President Scientology Inc’s Son Dies – Cover Up

Alexander Jentzsch, the son of Class XII independent Scientologist Karen De La Carriere and the President of the Church of Scientology International Heber Jentzsch, died three days ago.  Alexander died of a ‘high fever’ in the San Fernando Valley home of the corporate Scientologist parents of Alexander’s wife.   None of those corporate Scientologists had the courage to violate Scientology Inc head David Miscavige’s stern disconnection dictates to inform Karen, Alexander’s aggrieved mother.   Karen only learned of the tragedy through Independent Scientologists’ lines of communication into the cult culture of corporate Scientology. Alexander had worked as an OSA (Office of Special Affairs, the dirty tricks and propaganda wing of Scientology Inc.)  informant against his mother.  Nonetheless, and needless to say, Karen is devastated by the news.  Karen is at this moment attempting to overcome the LA County Coroner’s initial decision not to allow her to view her son’s body.  According to the Coroner Alexander’s body has been lying in the morgue for three days with no visitation or viewing by any family members. Tony Ortega at the Village Voice is providing ongoing coverage.

Mosey and I have communicated our condolences to Karen.

We are posting immediately so that as much collective, clean intention as possible can be mustered to assist her in her ongoing quest to determine the cause and circumstances of her only son’s death.

Apparently, the depths of Scientology Inc’s disregard for the sanctity of human life and family knows no bounds.  I think we need to make up for this depravity.  Thank you for joining us in that effort.

293 responses to “President Scientology Inc’s Son Dies – Cover Up

  1. I am not, nor have ever been, involved in Scientology. But I have followed the happenings as I am just a human being who doesn’t want to see fellow human beings suffering or being denied freedoms. I have never commented here but this was just too much for me, as a mother, as a woman, as a human being. I’m so very proud of all the brave souls here, I’m at a loss for words to express it. My heart goes out to Ms. De La Carriere, the depth of pain she is going through right now is incomprehensible to me. I hope you all will keep up your fight. I am spreading the word in any small way that I can, I know its not much, but I just can’t sit idle. Please know that people are with you, people who have never been involved with this want to help and care very much about what you are all going through. If there is any way myself or anyone else reading this can help, do let us know because not everyone instantly judges when the word Scientology is mentioned. There are people in the world who care for no other reason than we have compassion. My heart is with you all and I will continue to keep you & Ms. De La Carriere in my thoughts.

    Carry on with your fight, there are more people behind you than you know.

  2. Marty, do you know if Karen has the funds for an attorney? If not, I think we should start one here.

    Karen, I am so sorry to hear of your son’s death. This is one of the most suppressive acts I’ve heard of.

    Where was the medical help? In this day and age, people just don’t die from a high temp!

    I wholdheartedly agree with many above, this needs to go viral, An autopsy would answer why he died. And an unjunction would stop DM or his wife from doing anything else stupid. This suppression much be stopped!

    Words are not enough to fill your void. I am just so sorry for you, Heber and especially Alexander.

    You have all our postulates, love and support, Midge

  3. My sincere condolences to Karen and Heber .

  4. It may be appropriate to seek the intervention of the United States Attorney and the United States Department of Justice. I have heard reports that ‘corporate Scientology’, has infiltrated the rank and file and upper echelon of the Los Angeles Police Department, and that certain highly ranking Police Officers are more dedicated to protecting David Miscavige’s Rein of Terror than in upholding the law of the land. These reports coincide with the fact that the Los Angeles Police Department has one of the worst reputations of a large municipal police department for protecting and observing common human rights.

    If, as seems to be the case, the RTC, or Miscavige, had anything even remotely to do with this, it takes the matter from being one of local concern, to one of Federal concern.

    And, if, when notified of this travesty and the matters which need investigation, the United States Department of Justice refuses to put together a blue ribbon commission to openly investigate and determine whether there has been any criminal wrongdoing, it will be easy to infer that the United States Department of Justice, and the current Administration in Washington, D.C. are actively supporting ‘corporate Scientology’ and enabling its suppression of civil and constitutional rights.

    • Theo Sismanides

      You Know Who thanks for letting us about possible corruption of the Los Angeles Police Department by Scn Inc. I always look for such data as I have a very strong feeling that the corruption is not just within the police. To me Scientology Inc. is promoted and endorsed to be the next big religion of the world. So I spoke about it again and I will be in every chance no matter what. What happens here is a fight between those One Worlders who consciously and covertly try to alter Scientology and offer it as Scientology Inc. to the world so there can be a new religion on this planet and those forces who aware or unaware of this scenario are on the side of Theta, LRH, Standard Tech and the true Scientology as LRH left it for Mankind. LRH mentions the One Worlders and he had high confront of evil.

  5. A few weeks ago, I watch on Netflix a BBC documentary series about Auschwitz. This is the most detailed, and I believe accurate account I ever saw. As I watched it, I could not avoid drawing comparison between the Nazis and the drones of OSA. The total lack of human decency, the constant state of anger. The overriding attention to PR above everything else. The bad spirits and bad relationships among the staff. This was chilling.

  6. Dear Karen,

    May you be surrounded by love and support through this tragedy and unspeakable betrayal. My most heartfelt condolences to you and Heber. We all share your grief and your outrage.

  7. dear karen,…..we are so sorry for what had happened with your son,…and we will do all we can ,….that the person involved are paying for this

    Artista and Emma……Italian movement of Indipendents Scientologist

  8. Precious Karen. There are no words. My heart is broken. Alexander was like a son to me as you know. We shared many wonderful times together, laughing, hanging out. He was a complete joy. No one could spin a yarn like he could. Such a sense of humor, so animated so full of LIFE. I can’t wrap my wits around his passing. He was one of the most important persons in my life. I can’t imagine your pain. I am so very very sorry. Please let me know if there is something I can do for you. Anything..just ask. This all has just got to STOP.

  9. Cremating him is the wrong move, at least before they figure out what happened to him.

  10. If you don’t trust the police, contact the California’s State Attorney’s office and ask for help in declaring this a suspicious death so you can get an autopsy. Also, contact CA Congressional reps, City Mayor, etc. THEN, go to the local media outlets (and/or national) with your story, and let them know you’ve made those contacts…because then the media will follow up with those offices for comment, and that should get their attention. Obviously in your grief that may not be possible, and a lawyer can help you with it.

    Scientology is a hot button right now and that’ll help greatly. But you still have to compete for time, attention & resources…and the politics surrounding this. People are overworked and that’s why the adage “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” applies. Noise will have to be made so that authorities see it in their best interest to look into this suspicious death. The media poking around usually helps light a fire beneath them.

    No one dies of a high fever at 27. Unless they let it get above 105 degrees and the body begins to shut down. His caretakers can’t plead ignorance of high fevers either…not with a little thing called “the internet”.

    However, if they claim he didn’t want medical care, you will (most likely) hit a brick wall. Adult Christian Scientists are allowed to decline care and it would most likely fall in that same venue, and that would be the end of it. I fervently hope I’m wrong, and you get some justice.

  11. I sent our condolences to Karen. My God this is bad news.

  12. You just don’t die in a private home at age 27, unless it is a respite situation. This reeks of improper, or no medical care.
    I’m with you, you know who. I just can’t let this stand, because there is no reason in it.
    And Karens heart is broken, how can we step in? Any way possible. Please.

  13. I am so sorry to hear this, Karen…hugs to you…

  14. Oh Karen, – oh my…. .. … There is too much troubling about this circunstance to comment, – the numerous outnesses that flash up, ……… if I got started, it would go on and on, ……… I am so sorry this has happened to you. Thinking of You with Sympathy.

  15. This is despicable beyond words, and my sympathy goes out to Karen. I can’t help thinking though, that this time they may have messed with the wrong Mama Grizzly.

  16. Omg!!! 27 years and and he had a HIGH FEVER!? Are you kidding me!? Who dies from a high fever? Those with no medical care!! Scientology’s anti-drug stance most-likely hindered him from getting proper medical care and it’s sick and sad. And, for the coroner to block a family member from her own son. It’s dispicable! Is the coroner a scientologist too?! Sounds like a cover up to me! I wonder how many other LA area sea org members deaths have been covered up!? I’m fascinated by this Scientology cult. I cannot believe the IRS calls it a religion! I truly hope all the negative publicity Scientology is getting these days encourages the government to take a look at this freeloading group and sheds light on the horrible abuse that goes on inside to those who, in a week moment, get sucked into it. Scary.

  17. Karen, Vicki and I are stunned by this atrocity.

    We will help whenever, and in whatever way, we can.

    Please take at least some comfort in the love and admiration so many of us have for you.

    Vic & Vicki Krohn

  18. For Karen:

    Moderator: If you’d prefer I can send you images instead of using the link.

  19. Anon, but on your side

    Karen, I am so sorry about your child, my heart breaks over what you are enduring. You have rights, you must see an attorney ASAP.

    There have been more human trafficking incidents reported on this blog than I have seen reported in the American press for the past 20 years (outside of reporting on incidents in countries like Syria or Iran, etc.). Any incident needs to be reported to law enforcement, please check out If the CoS receives any federal funding at all, it is subject to a zero tolerance law regarding human trafficking. There is no religious exemption for “slavery.” Ex-Scientologists with family still in the CoS must report if you have information about individuals who want to leave and are being prevented from leaving. Contrary to what DM thinks, this is not 1950 or even 1990, the Internet is an amazing window, and there are people who will listen and help. As you have already shown, the strength of your numbers has caused the world to take notice. The strength of your numbers reporting actual incidents of human trafficking to law enforcement will force serious investigations and prosecutions.

  20. Sent to Tony Ortega of the Village Voice.
    Press Release:

    We have read with great concern of the death of Alexander Jentzsch. According to the Report Alex died of a high fever and possible influenza or pneumonia and so we have a number of questions regarding this untimely death.

    1. Why was he not given medical assistance and or removed to a hospital for treatment prior to his death?
    2. What happened to the duty of care here?
    3. Why is his mother not given access to the body, at least for proper formal identification, but also as a bereaved mother is entitled to view the body?
    4. How come the church can commit libel and/or slander by calling a person suppressive?
    5. Why have the authorities not investigated why an individual can be restricted in his movements while sick and not be given medial aid? Surely this could possibly come under the definition of manslaughter or at least neglect as the individual was under the care of the Sea Organisation which, it appears, neglected to uphold their duty of care.


    And possibly:

    I call upon the authorities to take responsibility to investigate this death as suspicious and investigate the lack of duty of care displayed by the existing regime under the current Chairman of the Board David Miscavige.

    Michael Moore
    Association of Professional Independent Scientologists

  21. Spouse do have right about disposition of bodies of their spouse, under law. But coroner has duty, under other law, to investigate in case of suspicious death. The key here is actually to get enough behind the reality that this 27-year old’s death was suspicious. That is in the legal and government arena.

    However, there is the public arena – what does the common person agree is moral and right thing to do as a human person – I say, bring on the TRIAL BY MEDIA right now. What are the issues:

    1. This mother, who tried to act as a whistleblower on church abuses that she felt she had witnessed and should be corrected, was made persona-non-grata by her church, who, it can be seen by result alone, has had no communication from her family “inside” since. And that is putting it mildly. At best, the church shows by its INACTION, that it is willing to stand by and have this human tragedy perpetrated upon another individual, who they have degraded by their label to be less than deserving of simple human kindness.

    Undue influence need not be proved. The end result speaks loudly.

    2. The multitude of others who, whether the church officials actively perpetrated this action against them or not, these church officials certainly did nothing to try to bring its members under the commonly expected mores of human compassion and respect. And the active inside church members bear witness to the fact that disconnection, whether an official policy or not, is common practice, and not discouraged in any way by official church actions. Again, undue influence need not be proved, The end results speak loudly to the actual practice.

    How many “former church members” have been “allowed” to continue to have human connection to their families, to be informed when their family member was ill or in danger of death, or has died? What are the numbers? From seeing the blogs, it seems that the numbers are at least in the hundreds of people who are suffering under the stress, strain and “punishment” that most humanity would find egriegious and unconsionable as in this case of Karen losing her son, Alexander, and not even having any person in the church have the common courtesy to care that she was informed, and even treating her in this vile manner with no person in the church standing up for common human decency at all, during the time of life of a person suffereing a terrible terrible loss of their child.

    If the church wishes general public to look highly upon it, then ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. Let the light of the world, media and humanity’s caring examine this matter, and let individual church members look themselves in the eye and decide what values they truly believe in, and act upon those values. Such a terrible situation as this case shows, and the multitude of similar cases also show, that change is needed to uphold commonly believed-in values of human compassion and caring, and the righting of any tragedies caused by the lack of such human care and compassion. Churches are held to a higher standard, not only in the courts of law of the land, but in the courts of public opinion.

  22. Dear Karen,

    It’s too cruel and heartbreaking to bear. I was disconnected from my daughter for awhile, so I know the pain. Remember, so many people love you, beautiful lady. Find strength in caring friends. We all are with you.

  23. I sent a facebook message offering condolences, but given your specialty, I thought I’d offer one more thing that may help. Thomas Kinkade’s work (and I know you specialize in his work) really helped me when I was suddenly widowed, especially his 1995 piece, Morning Glory Cottage. Whenever I look at it, I’ll think of you. <3 (that's a heart)

  24. In honor of Alexander, Karen, Heber and all beings who suffer under the fear of tyranny:

    I, Christine Baranay (maiden name), McDonald (CCLA SO), Gualtieri (CCLA
    Flag CW SO), Williams (public), Baranay (current), are my this LT names … but my favorite has been Windhorse because it is this name that has enabled me to reconnect or meet all of you.

    More later but for now know that my prayers are for the Jentzsch family, my hopes are with the Isreali Mission who have shown stellar courage and example and my deep thanks to Marty, Mosey, Mike and Christie who never fail to amaze and delight me.

    With a deep bow.

    (Posted for Christine)

    • Li'll bit of stuff

      Thank you Christine,( via Mosey.) Though not necessarily expressed as such, this is indeed, a most unified outpouring of compassion for the shocking, tragic circumstances which have
      engulfed the entire Jentzsch family, since the
      ruthless seizure of Heber , and subsequent mind-control, ponzi operation of the totally insane dictator, David Miscavige!

      We mourn with Karen, in this mindless tragedy!
      Calvin & Dorothy, South Africa.

  25. My heart goes out to Karen, this is why.

  26. My condolences ….. so sad. It is absolutely crazy that this can happen in the world’s richest country. The US is a well regulated country so why are there not regulations and restrictions on what a so-called religion can do.

  27. My sincerest condolences….
    Karen, All my love.

  28. Assuming the questions asked by Micheal Moore President of the Association of Indepedence sent to Tony at Village is very good
    and I hope will be followed up. Many Anxious followers are watching.

  29. Just read over on the VV that there will be no memorial service for Alexander. It’s pretty evident they don’t want Heber to know. So how do you fight that? Hmm.

    Karen, here’s a wild idea for you. Why not hire a plane that flies a banner behind it? The banner could say Rest In Peace Alexander Jentzsch. Have it fly over the Int base, Big Blue and Flag at different times of the day repeatedly. They’d never know when it was coming. There’s a chance someone would see and tell Heber. Might be just what he needs to bolt.

  30. Thanks for link re karen Vs Heber /Alexander death/ I certaintly hope justice will get served, and Karen has got legal advice to address this and have it investigation certaintly to seek justice to view her son.
    The whole story just does not add ” A Fever and dies ” something taste real bad in this story. its some how Hidden and some what sounds intentionally .
    I ask how can her own son ‘s wife allow that deniel with such evil answers saying ” she is suppressive ” she is not to see her son ” ,Thats supprssive in itself and does not sound like a real mum in their own understanding of mum and son/ or any child love / bond effection. and there when and if needed./ Sounds like DM instructions.
    I’d like to see how Dm would react if he was in that situation with a child, and his wife tell him he cant see his child / as he left and is supressive . You would fight and kick and screem wouldn’t you, and ever mother / father has that right
    Your an animal.And you have no respect to Humans and you should be locked up .( Your not living in reality and your a walking insanity time bomb and dangerous ) and for any one that thinks they are getting scientology under your watch is wrong that answer is NO/ My advice Leave.

  31. Karen,
    Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

  32. Karen and Heber,
    I am so sorry that this has happened. Please accept my condolences over this tragic loss of your son Alexander. My thoughts are with both of you.

  33. Oh this story is so sad. Sorry for your loss Karen. It must be strange to receive condolences from strangers, yet not from the church members themselves. I have taken ZERO scientology courses, yet all I want to do is reach out and hug you.

  34. Dear Karen,
    Unfortunately I am not surprised. I, as you know are very lucky to have made it out of the SO alive after getting AIDS on the ship and later being denied proper care. My wife was being held on the ship and it took a legal threat (not from Me) to get her off of the ship. She told me after she got off that she would not have been allowed to go to my funeral but would have been kept on the ship. I think that the only way to get the Church’s ethics in is to use legal action sufficent to get the police or FBI to raid the place. Then the skeletons will be dug up. I sincerely hope that Heber’s is not one of them.

  35. Maybw a thousand Indies with “Free Heber” signs marching around the Int Base will get the message across. I will be more than happy to do it.

  36. The Church had the “Religious Freedom Crusade to get attention to their “cause”. We could easily do the same thing for a much more worthy purpose. If “image” is that important to them that they have to cover up their crimes, then we should bring on the sunlight where everyone can see it.

  37. I am getting so that I want to get in my car right now and go down there and get Heber out. Of course, they will have me thrown in jail since they got Riverside County to pass an ordanance prohibiting persons with HIV from protesting outside the Int Base. I would still be happy to do it

  38. In 1979 at Flag the Clearwater Sun newspaper had the front page headline “CULT LEADERS DON NAZI GARB” after the GO went down to the paper in full NAZI SS regalia. Obviously, they never took it off.

  39. In fact it was Heber himself that came to Flag and briefed us on the Portland thing and got the Crusade going there. He is probably sitting down in the HOLE hoping that we come and get him out.

  40. When I was trying to get my wife off of the ship I did not know if I was ever going to see her again in this life. It was a fight to the death, my death. I won by the slightest of margins. I thought of going back to the ship with a sign and a picture of my wife saying free the slaves (or some such, my wife is black) I was all but dead then and in no shape to go anywhere. I still wish I had done it. Even if I had died on the dock it would have been better than hoping for the best and trusting the humanity of the “Church”. They were “trusting” to the fact that I would be dead before I caused any trouble for them. They were 99% right. I am in good shape physically now and raring for a showdown, with your permission of course.

  41. This is my first time leaving an official comment but I just couldn’t stay quiet after seeing this news. Karen, I can’t even begin to express the level of sincere and heartfelt condolences I feel for your loss, as well as seething anger for what has been done both to you as his mother, and by the organization I once so thoroughly devoted my life to supporting and expanding. I did personally know Alex and I can say that he was one of THE most theta beings I knew (such as I felt about Heber as well). The few times I was around Alex, he was one of those people that had such a theta presence, I literally could feel myself magically disenturbulate with just his bright smile and laugh. My son, who is in the SO now, (thus my decision as of right now to remain on the DL) is a few years younger than him, and told me a number of times how much he admired Alex and just felt he was such a cool guy. I admit to not knowing what may have become of him thanks to his influence with Scientology Inc but this is how he will be remembered by me, as I believe that to be the real him. Incredibly theta. My heart really goes out to you and it actually skipped a beat when I saw this post’s headline and teared up when I read the news. I think the PL about Courage happens to be one of my all time favs written. Although I haven’t had the pleasure to ever personally meet you, I have admired you from afar via your writings and can feel your intense strength and courage. I hope you take your time to grieve and then RAISE HELL! And again, you’re inspiring me to muster my own courage to do the same. ML to you.

  42. I have written to Karen, but I must say that I will send this information to many papers and radio stations, and if everyone does the same, this will create interest and this will help Karen in her quest for the truth.

  43. David Miscavige is guilty of Neglective homicide.

    Cornelius Anthonius Martens

  44. It begs the question, what kind of people think denying a mother her last chance to visit her child’s body is okay? When can you stand no more of this, nothing religious about the CO$ and now they can’t fool people. The more these stories come out more people will finally say “No more” I can’t participate in this and still feel clean and good about themselves. I feel for Karen, her heart broken. I hope LA County will do what a church will not. Where is HEBER? Everyone should be yelling that question out every time the CO$ issues a statement. WHERE IS HEBER?

  45. I am so sorry to hear of this loss for Heber and Karen. I never knew Karen but know that Heber loved and was very proud of Alexander. Such a tragedy. I can’t believe that the Coroner would not even let Karen see her son’s body. And I am with titanium60 on Heber’s whereabouts.

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