Differentiating on Cruise, Miscavige and Scientology

I was interviewed by a very intelligent syndicated radio show host today named Michael Smerconish.   We wound up doing a little differentiating that might be of interest to you all.  You can tune in at the following link:

Interview with Michael Smerconish. 

103 responses to “Differentiating on Cruise, Miscavige and Scientology

  1. Great interview, and I thought the interviewer did a fabulous job.
    Looking forward to reading the book which I’ve purchased.

    • I hope you didn’t make the same mistake I did and order it through amazon.com as it took over 2 weeks to arrive. I should have waited a few more hours till it appeared on amazon.co.uk. Well worth the wait though – full review in a couple days when I’ve finished it.

  2. Marty – I thought you both did an excellent job in this interview. Very pleasing to the ear.

  3. Michael Smerconish; Amazing radio show host.
    That is one guy I’d like to meet.

  4. Great interview, Marty. Both yourself and the interviewer. Seems like he was genuinely interested and not out to ambush you or anything. Great job distinguishing the Independents from the Church of Black Scientology, especially.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  5. Forwarded it to curious friends. Much easier than trying to explain it myself.

  6. Excellent interview, Marty. You’re right, Smerconish is an excellent interviewer and is a frequent guest host on MSNBC (filling in for Chris Matthews this week). You would be fabulous on “Hardball” if MSNBC had the stones for it.

    • martyrathbun09

      Don, they have the stones. He invited me, but we could not fly out there and they could not arrange the technology out here in the sticks to beam me in.

      • Wow!!! That’s great news; the invitation in itself is significant and another indication that the intimidation factor is nowhere near what it used to be. Hopefully you have a future invite!

      • threefeetback

        Yours would not be the first TV interview using Skype or cell phone video.

  7. Great Interview Marty.

  8. Awesome interview.

    And, Marty, I am reading your book, and I have to say it is a milestone of magnitude. It is the first definitive book accurately reflecting not only the state of the church, but what Scientology is, that was not written by Ron. It is a hell of an accomplishment. I found myself reading, agreeing technically with what you are writing, and during this, I realized that I never read a book that did anything like this. Ruth Minshull is the closest, with her “How to Choose your People” book, which of course had a whole different purpose (and which was of course crushed by DM and the ‘Droids).

    Awesome, Marty.

    Also, what is very interesting to note is that during this whole process of TamKat and Scientology-bashing, there is a very clear understanding that there are non-brainwashed Scientologists out there, and that people seem to get that it is okay to believe things that are different as long as you don’t beat them, force abortions, put them in prisons, or steal their money. Again, a major milestone, and kudos to you and Mike Rinder especially who have really made it clear that there is a difference.

  9. Great interview, Marty. And curious as I am re TC, I have nothing but admiration for your integrity! May you never lose that.

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